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Dunkirk evening observer. (Dunkirk, N.Y.) 1889-1901, December 16, 1889, Image 3

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r 1 C. C ! O A L U S E , ( I S : ' I T A ! i D S I L T . p . J . M a l h o l h n i d & C o , f u r n i n o - v .,.\i).vr. DEC. 16, .18-9, — — - 'i t h e s t o k m y p a s s a g e . ' OR, TALMAQE PREACHES IN THE AN- CiENT V i L l AGE o f CAPERNAUM. 4J. wa Y8 ^ V K qsm s T c f t M 8HH*. in the i h ip ; for oU Mioso b ^ t s w o u ld havo gone to tho. bottom of G e n n e w rct if Christ untl not bem pi-eaent. Oh, w h a t a iQsson fop you and for m e t o learn I \ \ c iqust aJAvaya have C h riat in the m ip. W h a tever voyago we under- tttko, into w h a tever enterprise we 3 ^ t , let alw a y s have C h m t in the ship. All you can do with utm o st tension of Body, m ind, and soul, you are bound to do; but oh! have Christ in every enterprise, C h rist in every voyage. , T h ere a re m en who ask Qod’s Kelp M the begm m n g of great enterprises, n o has ^ e u with them in tho past; no trouble can overthrow thorn;-the 8torn;s m iglit comd down from the top of M ount H e rm o n , and lash Oen- j.nesaret into foam and into agony, but .UticouJd not h u r t them. But hero is auotber man. t ^ who starts out in world- 4 .Sernnui ApproprUt# to th« Flaco D«> llvrred on tli«‘ Banka of tho Lmko Whara Cil>rl*t .Stilled tlia Tampest So 'Many Can-,' turl«fl Ago. C-imiN u'M, Dec. 15.—The Rev. T. \Vf!t TaJuiage, D. 'D., preached b,.r«* today U) a group of friends on •fi^c Stonily Passage,’’ taking for his lti<- vtM-ses of tho gOspei following; Juiiiv VI,.17; “ E h tcred into a ship, and li/ (It <T the sea toward C k p e rnaum ;” „„jf.M.irk iv, :j9: “ And ho arose and till-w ind and the sea.” Uo Ij.re til seashore village was th.». t< iii|<orary hom e of th a t C h rist for UiyV -^at of his life was bi)rii> i<*^s. (Wrtoo site of this village, D0VI in luifi.s, and a ll around t h is l^ke, tt/lui M itnes of kiitdues.s, and'pow e r, ainl i-'lory and pathips When o u r Lord Jjwd li/'ifl It has jbeen the wish of iiiv Lift' —I c a n n o t miy the hope, for I iit'Vi^r «xp«H.‘lecl the p rivilege-.-'to stand iiTi liie liunk.s of GulUeP( W h a t a bo - k-iiiiot.v a n d what a rapture to be hei-el i ran now thiderstand tho feeling of tin- iimiuirtal Scotchm a n , R o b ert Mc- (Jlii'i lie, when, s itting on the thanks of till'- Like, he vyroto; n N not that the wyd gazelle (■.iim<s down to drink thy tide. But ho that waa pierced to save from bell «)ft wandi-red by thy side. (.'r u-eful around thee tho ruouatolna meet. Thou calm repoelng sea; * But ah' Tar more, the beautiful feet Uf Jesus .walked o'erthoo. I can npw easily understand from tin- cDfitour of the c o u n try th a t bounds tins luko th a t storm s were e asily tem p t­ ed to inaki^ theso wtitew t'hoir play­ ground. , From the gentle way this lake treated our boat When we sailed on it yestorday, one would have thought it incapable of-a p aroxysm of mge, but it was quitft. uifferent on lx)ih the opcasions spoken of in m y two texts. I cloB'e m y eyes, and the sl^ire of Lake Oallied os it now is, with but little sigh.s of hum a n life, dis­ appears, and th**r« coihcs back to mv vision the lake as it was in Chri.st'^s time. It lay in a scene of great lux­ uriance; the .surroimdirilg hills, ter­ raced, sloped, gi-ooved, 8o m a n y hang- ing gardens of beauty.' On the shore were castles, armed towers, Roman baths, everything a ttractivo-an^ beau­ tiful—all s G leaof vegetation in s h o rt­ er space than in alipost any other space in all tho ivorld, from tiie palm tree of' tho forest to the trees of itgopoug climate. i ONE WAVE OF jBEACTY. It seemed a s if the liord b ad launch- bea ity on all the idT sw u n g from ander. l^ m a n gentlemen in pleasuw boats sailing this lulce, and countrym e n in llsh smacks com ing down to drop their nets, pas.8 each other with nod and shout and l a u g h t e r .^ r sw inging idly at their moorings. Cl, w h a t a l^auti- fulscene 1 ] It seein.s as if wo spall have a quiet night. Kot a leaf wjiuked in the air; ii\t a ripple d isturbed tho face o f Genr iii xarct; h u t there seBma to bo a little cxciUimont n p the beach, and we has- ten to BOO w h a t i t is, a n d wo ^ d it a h exnburkation. I Vrom th<5 western shore a AotiHa \ sq^uadron, or clipper with mijrchahdisto, n o r piratic ves- s»-U ready to destroy everything they c-iiild sei^e, b u t a f lonlla, bearing ruea- seagers of light anp lifp a n tl peace. Christ is in tbo fro n t of the boat. His tliKciplea are in a s u iiller boat. Jesus, weary with tnucti speaking to large iimliitudes. is put iuto som n o lence % thf. rocking of the! waves. If there any m o tion a t | a ll, the ship waa t'lislly r ighted; w ind p assed from sUirb-iurd to larboardT o r from lar­ board to starboard! the boat would r->ck. and by the ^ n t le n e s s o f tho rao- ii\n putting the M aster asleep. And tiu-y extemporized [a pillow niade out '■f A tii^herman’B epat, I th in k no R-'onpr is Clirist prostrate, and his heti.l touched the billow, th a n ho is asleep. Thojbreezes-'of the lake f'lii tltefr lingers th to u g h tho looks o f :iiH- worn -si oper, a n a tho boat rises and falls like a sleeping child on tho UT-M)ln of a,sleeping mother. ( aim night, s t a r f r night, beautiful night. Run up all the sails, ply all Iho o'liN. and lot t h f largo boot and the Bniall k iat g lide oyer gentle Gennes- ttpt-t B u tth e sailoto say there is g o ­ ing to he a change | of weather. A n d cvi-n the passengers can hear- the moaning of the s t o m , ns it comes o n ''U h great strldojand all-th ^ terrors of hurries iiicouJU n o t h u r t thei aiioth er m who stai ly enterprise, am i ho de|M«nds upon the uncertainties of this life. He h a s Godrou too helpelp liira.ura. Aftfter noC l u l A a while the storm comes and tosses Aff the m asts of tho s h ip; ho puts o u t his life­ boat and thq lo n g boat; tho sherilT and tho auctiomifeructiom try to lieln him o ff; a luey can’t help him off; ho ipust go dow n —no C h rist in the ship. Y o u r life will bo m ade up of s u n shine and shadows. There m ay be in it Arctic blasts o r tropical tornadoes; I know not w h a t is before you, but 1 know if you have C h rist witli you all shall bo well. You m ay seem to get along without the religion of CTinst lilo e v e rything i tiio soul, when tho waves of trial dash clear over the hurricane deck, a n d the decks a re crowded with piratical disuse ters—oh, w h a t would you do then w ithout Clirist In tho .shipl Take God for y o u r portlpn. God for yhur guide. God for your help; then all Ls w e ll; all is well for time, all shall he well for ever. Blessed is that m an who puts in ; the Lord his trust. Ho shall never bo c h i ^ h th a t m d 8? im g to be 6f mo use to itj and tbdy |uro affrighted when- t h r e h u r e f ^ i t«Wng hold of tain, w i t u '^ v i lie ____ wheat for a c irj o, ibould lay d*y. comingU] Of deck: 'T h ro w board all th e fcafeo;\ and the 8 should say: “V*rv _ you mean? Th Oh,\ says tl e j^ptain, “ w< jieck of chair t laq ha;» g o t Into - i f t tad bo;« g o t -usand bnsl ehi of wheat, and only way to g« t t d of tho chaff b to i the uortl throw a ll the V, h r^‘ ------ 1 ■« -i* ! ----- - ic; to y ei great dc4jl wls< of a g reat m a n | Cl throw o verbna -d i tens of thou.s^id.s subjects of b<iard bcci the kin|Ui losheib' o f lom e ____ tw over* an d th e pallors iptain. wjiat do over a ll tlie ’^ o J \ ito thi)3 tlvi GkSTtoOodl «re«Ct Ws'niKcwttttMt. sJicarf evstteortw CaUIvsUiMft a t Carle. ^^f!£ « a i^o n a rtielQ o f eonveaidica o w h ich little ottentioD b com m o n lv ivatiun and inanufucluro form item i n ....................... im p o rtant iT« i ^pain. An oi Day 8 wi cturo form on ■m m the industries of iccijunt Of this from Mr tl lliai c o u n try b of Inter- The cork tree b an oak which grows brat in poorest bih I. It wiiJ n u t endure - I an-1 utust laaie «ea air. and also hijstlvo an ultiiudo iibivo the sea level It U leat, an d the ) found only ul««igail tliecoast of Hpalu. th e chaff b to | th e iH-nhi m coa»»t of Africa a n d tlie rboai-U.\ Now, j nortiu-ru hUores of the M>'<l<torrum^n ler than tho talk I Tl,»-re un- two bariot to llic trve, ihc nstiana who want to ‘ ouU r one mg stn|i|w<«| for use Tin* 11 the thou«!andis and , cork i» vulMalji-,t accordyug an it W aufl of soui.swhoaire the ' and vt-lveiv u iva s. Tlirovv all over- I The iniUiod of cultivating it is in arere broughtrougni, mnto io ' tert-.ungcrt-.ling W\ hji-i, e n lue,,e xApli>a{>lliig y a u i , i \ I t f u» I 1 Y ”1*^ thf^JU g h g fcatn- len j i i - a r H o l il i t is t t n p i n d o f l h e o u U T vivals. bccuus« t h .^ j is ujHxk o f chaff, j bark for alx.nl ta o from the of cha] f, a im it of cliaff t ’ ‘ ‘ . . . - aq n a r t o f chafr. a lm u of clm 'fff Ym y] I groun d .'‘’t h e '‘t o l « d ‘l th en U ^ a J i u l lot thoni slay tinul ihn lant day, tfio , live f i t t in di«m rti'r, oiid sav bis f»vt L^ird will div ido J lh o chaff from tlie . np to the hn,«-«'H iih xtrippirig U wheal. Do list l|e afraid of a great j worthh~j4 'II..- inner larU apiicars revival. Gh tliiA such gales from , bJf.xxl r-.-il, an J if u is split or injurrd heaven migt t »veop through, all tho tre«, di« our clmrchesH- Oh, for »uch days as .\fU r eight r-r ten years the lark ^cdiard Baxt i-r saw m Kiiglantll. and ; luw a g u n grown m. and lii Kobert M ct'leyn!i saw in Dundi-c! is hlnpixsl f. Ob, for such da.^^ as Jonathaiii Ed rts.tn. This »in;i wards saw in No jlhaaiplon 1 often l^eurd i ly fi Iher t ill of that In the i*u ly p irtof this ivui broke the lr» e ' fts-i from lh« ! riM.tn. This slrio rung is very cfianu-. I have and is u .* d us I'outs f.»r lislnng i»t is the fact -Every t«n y ar* tlu nafU r it i» | ly p irto f this century a stnpjKsl, iu..l t u h n a r two fts-t high out |t rioinerville, ,\' ’j , or up. unlil the trie is p) o ' and some pt-cplu \jtr« very nmcili tated about It T ley sauf , ”( )ln. are going to bniifg Uxi nmny i» into the ehu r h |b out-u, and “This, hn-ti B u t my subject also impreiises mo ! <^<1, be with the fact that when (teople s tart i , ’ to follow C h rist they m u st not expect i ^ 1 f ' w S s „ a » e only ,/,I N W O R L D CEd.AJ4ACEfEm&tO.PlTTSBUIiGH.PA.: m s K i m t f i n n s i T H E S H O P T W N E KhTMi* Bufaiav Kot-Jiwtiir. f ' T i l ii W ite li s i l s t Kor.’Sith Ijjg C A U T I O N S » '! E ’'£E‘S r 1 factory i tliU pn>trr<4 thr «>earcr« agi»io»t W ljh p i i o t ^ a-d ln f « r l o r gCtodk ^ o u r nni k-rpihe vtricor kind you Hunt, orofffn you shoes with ‘ W . U O u g lM nsfoc . r.a pri e vtatnprJ «n Uirm. and oars they are just g.xKj, d.v not hr d ... .red therri V, „ i , F a c t o r y for you can v.liauyou want hr rriurn mill p<«i-,gr paii lK-aU-r« make r.Iore profit inowh siw, t that arc r, -t wirranir.l .n>hHJv ; tlirrrfnn: do not be Indi n-..y ipis-s that have no repuuii >n “ ---- --- ^ nauw; and the prUc stampol on th ». ur n i o . e ^ - ^ o ^ n d s of dollars ate sased atmually In U d s \ ^ II arer, „f W . L. Douglai* Shoes laddering hr mall stale WlicUici roil wjot t.m g r-ss. UuUon or Lacr. Ixvndon tap t.scy'pb in'French toe. p / naerovt't •* U m - and Uc auic la give »ire and «ldUi yuu vicar I can fil any f t ^ t h a t .« m.l d • luouci, aa im ahoe. are irtadc in a great variety o f width*, alwa/kiid half tires. 1 —\*- I II. you then be si n r iict.ple I the gr«»und il-ll It Is 111 iLi L , uiid' in. nie, uiid may , •ry U II years from , to Ihe bninchcs. ulul will p u l i u l o n th e tll h l w t l h u iiil th e so le ! i n in i t l i l o r v . lu u l I llio lin£fi 11n.'U a rt fallni\^ i f.illing awuy fi •Oil! ed ono wayo of indnd itt h u t a i h u n g rock and hill an b gentlemen in ph p'l.sbing out.; . ilendly armani ruliiaulo The large it b ay am o n g muds'; stride,! of h u rrican e and dftrkni br^t trembles Uko a deei tho claugoif of the hounds'; g patchto of foam are flung into the a ir; the soils o f the vee^I loosen, and the sharp winds crack like pistoia; the siaoller boats like M trola poise on the cliffs of tlie wuvesfand then plunge. THE trORM. Overboard go Wrgo. tackling and mast^, and tlie dirncheu disciples rush into the back part of tho boat, and lay ' rtoKxI III ;.d hx.k.d ulilorj . luid ho \.*id_ I 111 n-alfty the tiork )d; bow I re l|(.,v ywu try to slop And he ivm tjn old m aiiricaiiing h e a v i l y o n li . h slu i t' a v e r y o l d m a n . smootli suiliii'r. * j A.nd he lift .'d that wUiif, ainll tiM.k don ' t EXratT SMOOTH BAIUNO. ^ ‘'“‘1 Tlie.se disciples got into the small boats, and 1 huVo no doubt they saidi: ' ,u„ ,, boat! And aa fur tho waves u u d o r the £5 ,i., , . 5 S * . 3 i - ' , , K ^ ................... have had such a departure and .,',i Ht. Jam e s lost hia head. },euple afL St. Philip was hung to death on a pil- , hud ixun... lar. Ht, Matthew had Ilia life dashed , ... m J.,,, , out with a halbert. St. Murk was . “ ul*?, dmageU to d eath through the atrecU. coi.hm-nt.1: fllie ,» ' j - x \ : i , struck through with a spear. They did ' , A.Nujii.vv Iv o \ , . i - eu - min not flml following C h rist smooth sail- Aguiii. myj HubSc. t ,mprea-v. d me ing. Oh, how they were all tossed in ,“ ‘c f.«-6 thutU, siw w,i.s (n^xl and the temiKatl John Hus« in the ilrd; , “ T;,' T Hugh MoIGul in the hour o f m artyr- M* “ ‘\ buck [ifu t u m h e hint. Olli, hnw d o m ; th e A l b i g o u s e s , th o W a i d e n a e s , ) “ reU h o w l , a t sa d d r e a m s i.e theticotrh Uorenanterfr- did they And ' **“ y‘*.' lii» rouiiie«iance; it smootfi sailingi But why go into b«j^hiiiliing of tho ensw to history when wo can draw from old. wh( tho grot ch jh nut-n, and tiny la l v.ars It h «l»>ul lai-iiiy Nevij Bruii-swu-k tin pn-l .vearn l« h.rv an) ihiiig ran be r«-alu»d igston Ijo stop the revival fn.ui th * I m . and f< r this reason ttt<< e \ us Uo bi t l- r soul Hi all I Bp.iuujnl., who un- not foml of loo* tha tl J o h n 1,1, iiigsioii Ho * m g after i-o-ilcnti. plant few n-w went and lo< ked Ijit the r t n i v a l , tliey In ^ s Youth s t'..unwiii<m. tiled him ntop It. ib* rt.uovl si-nt down Jolin LiVII W ell, lliere ifrus tho world tlii^i J o h n Li v m gsion TI ib \\IUir ol lleawn.” , (*1110.1 fis-h j-ist ii-iv< uiiib r ih e d in v l pU asure of heavi n, maiiifi-Htc«i hv e lire at tin- m>wt Racrrd build | of Die eiiipm-, the “ .\lUir of vcn.*’ at }‘tt.in. and tlic bretn-h f>r- 1 tween U» ' k l Km r am rv a t till I he “ A1 iiiil cnijinsev Till' J i forCvsf to m arry ! 'liipn-sa dowagv-r, t i.ave pn-fem sl quito i.»l. m the utilnrky Voiiiig eiii[iiV*,i 1, -I .lis t ly equal to lii« dignity of h T |M-tiUoti. hn.»nglMi ref ist-i to hi r. (Hid has q i u m d id vvilli lin\ cinj.rr*« u«>.»ag.-r .\r*-ord liigly llie lUjxi-sliUoiis ( hill ll'-v «• tliat ill.- Irui..(e trhvff MtUfactlon or mop^y refunded e,wii ^ W. I„ IMJIJOLXS, Urockton. Mas*. W . L . I ^ U C L A S 8 3 3 E o i n ^ I S m e n . ntir ahno, win* Donsnla i^her bottMoa. Tliry acv ton and Laeo on txio- Cop To*>, and Flnln .. 1 1 irinaubv. oi t. I r » . Mail KTATIt'Na i ,c. >5'iss.is 'l i t : : ; ; I S jS f n J f f i i i i l l s : ; 1 1 Mill! K*.{ n m « roj 3U 7SS1 8 5 47 7--a Are 7 jiirp in 9 13 a ui 700 1 U, .... 651 1208 H t 4i0 11 40 AeoJ 4 !■ io a ;’j3r. i?* tv Ipw] 1 » 94-J a rio iw ! ISO ... f 1 UOO.UJiu 3 Rit-n mill It I Trains. 13 ao-t H run Sunday only. Oth» ' -cra-cs run daily osoc|it Sunday. ha.« adnssrUaMl. a IM. Itcnatalaa Mtl. It la more luCadurvr. ctsiins^r thla sbon over all o tbrr 06 beyu-r laatpriaL atyllah, iM-ner (llltnK »i>d S i H S & S S i S ! - ' UtViMtu 4»n I o\i iJrmlc <t)Vifium. 14t*tci%Mi •t-mllf ackt*u ^%U\ fit two «enU * I. !■ TIIO 'U»» ij N. Gen Cnas. .ta-t. U.H-h-*te ID -' W. llVMTI.hrT Uen. S-ii-i.. I'-r df nl ihi-ugii he V’.iiuld g i t ‘>d fallinjif. u n til tlie lie (.vlruck Mr Livi lie,' ami ulnes-H nil through iHtrdoiu und , i.iifiog away frotj fulling as ct-rlainly “ ing thn-ugh my Illy, Ihnuglli ja r A jk I the rano li.-i,.. tlu»l the t was biiriit d< gh John laving as a ynlgnim t. ..hbu-igh the U oy religions(-HKilllou III uppaienlly can . . | 1,) ini-eudum A ov..r;x.w.-nu|i;. and h . , , sacred .\ltar of Ileav-ri,” was Ih* ir doom, iw the a Ixaiilifnl lri|>al circulnr lernifo of | while marble, willi ihrts- nxifa of blue ' tihs, (irnl close to the 'Tem p lo of ' lliu i i n , \ or ' Ft tnple of Prayer for* the Vinr ” It was errs-ted aU>ul the * year IM, nml was usnl for the annual iiiipenal spring sitcnllce in February, j .•\ hull-K k MO.S liien burnt beforw the altar, while the i iiiiM-ror proslraled htniH<-|f iM'fore tho Labiet of the au mveric, and ufUir- •.»tral tablets, an 'lug killed for each t'iiij-*Tcr c prayer was was sul-vMj'ieiiiG burnt uihi . tar, III ord--r th-il the p> Utl- UMCtsnd III llaiije to h«-.iv«-ii. |x'o»r Will yierfijmi llie H.itnn ci-i n e t t spring befon- Uio tuui(-d L-Uidou Graphic 8Uu Itaa*ranior«nton<o forth^eonaiu.ier Stlu It^ m sold by more (icalvra throuKliee' Till. It-s Kreat aur-rrsa « dne to merit. ftth. II ranntif be duiiUraird by op; •alo<i mananw-tumr. Mill. ItlatBe arat In tire world, and ha* n larger demand tiuin n.nr ulber M3 ahiM) itdvarUsed. CS.OOO wUt bepnld toaay paraun wte-i wlU prom tt>a atmm stniemrnta to lw< untnir. The F«llowln< LI bm mt IU be (huad to Ve of ltw> Kxme Quality of Etet-ltcr.ee. 8 5 . 0 0 - - 0 > 1 o A O U / V e f rU E OKIOIhAL A%U ONLY iIAYlk.8En'i:i> WEI t ^ 9 a S ^ ^ C a •» HIIOK. ii(]ual*Ati>tA«> made &1>- mcv cmttnK fr.»n JAI. f v I S O Q I J # % C 7 n m POEICEMKN. JUiW I Mma^l Icltcj Cs-r.- ... aSl<3aO V # wrarlta-.i Sta^«s|l. iiullr a< 4 llatid Sewol Mu. *• > ! ii t i or Was 7 t.xrsl l'» itw- le.-t. I g Q S H O E WEAIt. lh;*t(» l I... S 2 i 2 6 S H O E ^ B f ! ^ O U # > e r IS KQf ALTO S lI O iar’HATtVlSTEItOM •3X0*3 Jh.. ajyaaa ■ w3raH*i^Sio < hw p*tr k I< wra. loncc-r tiua anr shoe evar sold ai thr |.<. c FOK IlOtH I* tliC bed Stiiuol Mu» in tho wvrld StOttAN-H. I* U»e Iwal Is U>e w wl 1 I s r-.*.,;'. v iijlhi t'j m u t taut a year wua U B uy * jbchAnc^ v 82.00 SHOE' 11. Ail rnado in tUsttoa ami la**. W .L DOUGLAS $3 AND $2 SHOES odiea' bta* « a>c CiaOc It- » aa « sle-rA i ' you , , , • i-rem -- r u l i y o f th e tj m g th e r v A o .i l w o r ? P ' «>h, w .in U Is-f.-re h i s I'd f r o l j i beitjvei, to H W i-e p iill t h e hiiU o c k bei uj;^».r tlH'diuri-'h ~hr »*«ll art romroA ------- - --- ----- — 'll Utieni la rropt later, «m *9 Sh«>a enly, *I»« oa 1 rciiwvjts-r liial Vt. l_ HOI'I a LAS Is Uie huvrtl and only Shoe Mahufartiirei to, su; t lru-8 •h-'cs Livit tram buXury, mydOtesuCT^. pruhls to the FOR SALE BY W* C. HEUSER & CO. mii.cu»>n*l*'d. Finally n i-ad from n grroU, wbu'li itio n m ight I. Tho em- 'i-reni«jny a EncaVra •rtm fubMtlllMr; bonoof our Bymmthiao of Nazaretlri mal m an, a m anj Bq luatory when wo cau draw from our aw n memory illustrations of the truth of what I sayT Some young m an in a store trying to servo Ood, while his em p loyer ttcoffs at (Jhristianity; the » n .. young men in the somo store, antago- ] nisUoto tho C h ristian religion, teasing aj .him , torm enting liini- a b o u t his relig- i ion, trying to get him mad. They sue- ceed m getting him mad, saying, “ You’re a pretty C h ristian:” Docs that young m an find It smooth sailing when ho tries to fol­ low Clirist I Or you remember a C h ristian girl. Her father des^iises the Chri-stiun religion; her m o ther de­ spises the (Llhrrstian religion; her brothem and sistors scoff a t Iho Ciiriii* tian religion; s h e can hsuvlly find' a quiet p lace in w h ich to say h e r pray­ ers. Did aho^ find it sm o o th sailing when she tried to follow J esus C h ristI Oh, no! A ll w h o w o u ld live tho Mfe of the C h ristian religic p e r ^ u t i o n ; it you do tho answ er cam e back: “These aio tiloy w h o ( » in o a p o q i of; ^ a t , t r i b u ­ lation—great flailing, aai the original has i t ; ppt;at Sailing, great pounding —an d had their roroa washed tod* mode w h ite in tho blood o f tho lam b .” Oh, do not be dM % aftenedI Tako courage. You are ih glorious com­ panionship. Qod Will BOO y o u tbroogli all trials and he%vrill d eliver y«Nj. My subject also impresses mo w ith tho fact tliat good people sometlmca get very m u c h frighConed. M ifo t 4nun>- In th© tonoB o f tfae^ disciples as they rushed into the b a ^ port of the boat, 1 find they or* y ^ h t e n e d alm o st to death. They wiy\: * ^ laater. esuwst thou not th a t WO perish:!’* Tbev had no reason to bo frightenod, for C h rist was in tho b o a t I suppotoif wo had. been there we would have been just aa nnich affrighted. P c rhnpi more. In all ages very good people get v e ry m u ch affrighted. It Is o ften so m o u r day, and m en s a y : ‘•'Why, look at the bad lectures; look a t the various e rrors go­ ing over tho chUroh of G o d ; we are bo Uf( m u st suffer yo u do not find it in ray you will get it in anothe ’. Tho q uestion, was n aked: “ Wh< tliosd iKMU-wt th§ tliroueJ\ Aiv iswer cam e bac k : “The— -~ lOB , huaii a n uiy aiu i 1 UAAUA, I* mi4u ; a J<xi, a God. { i I learn onlo mo « from this subject ; 1 to a t C linst enu h t sh a tem p est It (lid waaA l i i( e v e rything m u st go lo to ruin. Thb diaCiples h ad given np tho idcu uf |m » n ||p n g the ship-i tho In g ov er th o ebUroh o f G o d ; w e a re going to founder; tlio church is g o ing to perish; she is going dow n .” Oh, how m a n y good people are affright- ^ by Iniquity ra our day, and think the church of Jesus C h rist is g o ing to bo overthrown, and are just aa much affrighted as were tho disciples of •my text. Don’t vforry, don’t fret, a» though iniquity whre going to triumph over righteousnesa. A lion goca into a cavern to sleep. Ho lie* down, with his shaggy mane co-vering th® paws. Meanwhile tho spiders spin a wob across th e - m o u th of th* All around him driven in the ten s the crvkif comes the %■ 0 sm aller boats; | done;*^th« r.YYYi ;♦ jj, - 3 h a s h ' ^ ^ __ - V,,.. calm brow of (Christ as*” tho spray | UMS u o i e ^ ^ iraoiw tnorom o ri'vre di-oppcd from hid beard. H e has o n e ! spun, and with his voice he shakes the wura for the sky another for the ! m o u n tain. So m en come spinning waves. Looking upw a rd he cries: their sophistries and skepticism about “Peace!\ Ixxikm g d o w n w a rd hesays: Jesus Cffirist; he seems to be sleeping. ‘‘B o s tilll” ' I They say: “\We have copturea the The waves fall [flat on th e ir faces. Lord; ho will never come torth again the foam melts, m e extingfuished stars ' upon the n a tio n ; C h rist is captured ^ i g h t th r i r t ^ l i e s . ThetezDjMstfhlls forever. His roligion wilj n ever m ake dead a n d CJhrist ptands with This feet , a n y conquest a m o n g m en.’' But a fter on the n eck o f the stonn. A n d while f » w h ile the Liofi of the tribe of Jpdtib the sailors are. bauing out the boats, ; w ill rouse him self and come forth to and while they oi» t i r i n g to untangle shake m ightily the nations. \What’s » the cordage, thd dnksiplet it# n d in ipider’s web to th e aroused Jionf Give amazement, now[ looking into th e ; tru th and error a fa ir grapple and calm sea, then iatp the c alm sky, th e a tru th will com e o f f victor. | tnlo the calm Saviour’s countenance, ro o u s a FCAB9. ® tod they cry qutj “Wh*t_ maimer of I But t t o |re .* g m mPJ good apiders s a y ; “Tho lion is le lion is fast.” A fter a while ion h as got through sleeping; he « himself, ho shakes his mane. r it, and through it , ?y I rouses himself, ho shakes his mane, ho jlightniug I see tlio he wal'ks out into the simlifl-bt: ho irist os tho spray ooes not even Know tno roiucr s weo is man who ha.9 tnc»l i t ” cays lijat wiMxlrui piMiL'* tr*.»Ud a.1 fcillArmi, a t a rm t uf i»|?cnny npjri-v, will Kk-it no lung tli.Al the jxTwm ua 1 ap > U uz It will uot j live to are hts poets decay. Take boiled liiiBecd (itl, and sUr in pulver- [ * ucd charcoul to the coim-.U-ncy o f i paint, mid put a cunt over the Umber. A nulmwd dug, who travel Oitrr in tlie cab cif Al h i m . h o bi a m a n — 'lie. flesh of our flesh. Tired, ho falls ho w a man. But thea I llnd (lim t at the pirow of the bout; I hear h in say: ' Pi«iwe, be Btilland 1 ^ tli f storm kneeling a t ind the tcj I)posts folding t& ir ings In hia iiresei co; he- is a (Jodi | If I have L irru r and trouhlle, and | ^imt s y m p ^ y , I m and, kucell down his ruoSitcr in tJ.o c»b of a at the back ff Grnndo loc«pioUre, b nor “Oh, C h m t ({wear - one of (Jcmiiemn-t, ha h ighly valuable ih m anv ways. flip my sorrows, m an , cun «.cnt callto on the track whc.. or the cr»m. A they cannot be seen and dnvrs them •Gi f * con- ,jf when tfeeyaro uulbposed to g et tiff. quer my spiritual foes, if I want to --------------- - ------------ — ---------- ------ 1 get tho viotpry o' -er ato, deatlh, and floU; I (x«n«to U 0 front of tho boat, and I kneeH^dqwi . and I say: “Ob. I ^ r t l JcMua C|hrMt, thou who dost hash uah|all rayl*^“i*l* ril’LCl \ L NXlTICi-k) ; ts4fmtst roo.l-'* Til's huttl I . Li UAH tliLh r--K !■* • A• • T • A ^ |. « II J I bH> - \ Iv-I . l-h I'wiittii* l\> 'i ->i > r* ImiiL I l-«>ul>Y Abt I.*- \ r g r-i.trs i*l.i r ft l*-«k 3 . I oil In *1 11 ri> <* i-ola>a(.u-Ai-Al la* l, J.* 'hi stotulily ^ I *' ** —' Six*--irii«'i M-Itlit .«ta i I>caver I k J r>tt tm'e l»Y • ■-.I <.n B re'll atioa. StH. < f»U)'»t, , llruM*kl« o. N. Y4 , iho itorra, Oh, yWl c nng tho shiip-j r demoralkfiia: Sand h e p u t s h b f o o t o; M it crouches a t liiis f(«?t iHatfirat canan huahuah thiho , , Cf c h t tom| You h a t e had trouble, rerlltaos It waa tho ehtld taken aw ay from 1—the a w * et^,chfld_ of the' boi thecmi (M trst ti iq q n s , ai^d s t o o d a r o a an Q T t S ’o u » q o r s n s , ai^ d s t o o d a r o u d y o u ith tno giiat(!3li fondness, and the >ade c u t d o W n tl t r o u g h y o u r b le e d - i Y. t , ^ ^ ifa evoir since ! are- been like a t^esolafed castle, tho tw ls j y of tho uigbt'hooti ig among fhe fallen | gila u> u I 1 « lAj-l • T (• JO.NE.'i .rlJ* the 1 i rat •»! »«ir*-no tbvi Icals in poi best and A> PLEASANT,SAFE For Worta* tn children si n d •dulls. W amuil- to cuutou (^!% el Ihcf BiSVKli You alw a y l wel t to troubles. »ho - ms ii to woleome yi ur lifo, and v ^ e n tho; Ih e ^ tl ••ta'' I '1^ » 'll r l'j< ! 1 i' f' ■ ♦, \I b « r i 'i h Ii<«t. t.tt-1 riY r i i « 1 «»t! ar»*»***Ml **r- 1 «-8u*»,la • wf ll* » • ■ giijn wh'i N h t |v - i t H l>i»r i-*»i^Fnr iblri I waa u(lllric\t w tb Drrvi.ua prirstra nl»o y » e r and K idn-y ('-ttnidaiat. h a v e [m d o u t b u n d r e d a o f d o lla j iMioJC of Ibe b<*»t pb>’ritriaL.N witi I benefil Oti ibr ‘tJnh of A u gusl, I iMiiigUt s bottle of U srostns, or Bcbe. Liver and Kidney Core, am I three day a aficr laking. the pain be; 1 1 le a v e m e ao d I h a v e b e e n g r o a I'Vllvr cvrrv dav. I would v U v -^ Inqly have fc’iveil 11(10(10 n bollle if 1 J,' —^ xj I w h a t U n ro s m a w t.u ld d o lo r J I wan, an wrnh I luulilbarUly d r w iny j »«'lf. tiraii w h i l e a* d e a l b Biui c o u ld m l I iifl li'jn p o u n - la w i i b u u ' pn*o. b u t r-»Tr i<n r»«(r‘c. llj free from paia and canjllfl la m q r b a» iu - hi I m e n , A (' M(C<»bSFI ^ Hwbro an-1 aubtciilicd lo before t-bKMVAn i , mmi AND CERTAIN w Worms In children a ■ ^ I •1’«*WK|I. \\vewl tjvaii, on* at wbJcb »»• that of a lars' to vtledila esuvs i<reuber.'*-£«t. /. A Cte»/h. MU. mklc ! •** lrt*^»*ran. I e u s ite x>r catO. SSo. prepaid. Prtr-ared oal^ b y ■■ ■ E . K . T H 0 M P M H » S f . 5 S f K : X HEALTH IS WEALTH! tim- \f r- -I-1» __ * vr’ f / f • 1 ! >• * rxUstar* , ant if* , f,».* r NifliiU!!. If J J H IDE! Bolil by drud s J f* B H l»a K. C. W e « v * s N ehvr asi > O kxui T lUtATMesT, a |f\»arantrr-t »|>r—Ole-tor Ilfss*- — - (onvuUto-i, Kill. Nervoui arches and the ( rum b ling Btaiirwaya. Perhaps it | wns an agiw. miolher. You alw a y l wel t to her with your u II - « . o*. • I N k L i -V B i V Un.YW more than half * ’ Ibrrl i d ‘**toce around llu vrorl.l bUc left ^ ■.■rd . ! e t/ber 14. ami If »Vie could m ake tbe (QlHRl k : : . r x ,n your home wolcom^ yi u r ohildren Into ny died she was tliat old hand will that whit it* I'J wh*t b. In Ital * • '• ll-e «<tl< » r tliv - .»«* n I* . ulicr to ihe l» li ».* «r« --.«IX3iKl luuineaa; of had- yo i p a t away , o r the locket d idn’t lally did I hen she brusl away from] h e r ' rrinkicd brow i hom e c irclelor id the c o u n try lohiurch Or your prppertj have BO mbch m any go* BO many farniH -4^ au Uio Itur their Umnlicra, have n o t bCon Worse than this to you. ; Yet you 1,| i ivo _ ] qo I been completely ' f .1 l» li *•. «r« -^«iX3lKllvl ' a.. • .1 for rurr »'i. -«* • i Wt nmn • .f, ts* f a«*l to h«r '\ oi;jd itrfvi • ‘ hito I «ta in the * fc*T ffc* ** f*. •' i-ifi-*- i I. j iK*r,- uifoKM at cfin . look a.a ' \Kavonti I’ l-or i-r a« ‘ U a li-xtlir.atc nwill- u -lit -ur . ......... • - iip lt I ht T, eiperlrncv*! ^ U e d It ai*)l •kill!-I ( I. ' tl-<-i ui.'l a<Ja|><e*l to vroman a w in Uie I -klKair *.n,-;»-..,t ■ - •- ----------------------- ■y loh ' J\ gone, youiKiid: “ I | ik stock. I have so it sseuritiea, I have I <> .„„*i J T ”- I ------------------------------- £ E s E 5 ; Dr, PIERCE’S PELLETS ivo Qol been eumpletely ' n-srulaU ..i. l lU um- ito im-r, muzith and can cam fur him os well as you bettor tian you van. O '- a I' m n n K o t AUA^ri.r;. no 4 er!” Hualiing tho berMved tempest. ai.'l adai-ie*! lo vroman a Kalr It la iHireljr vecetabie in tu lei-.#*'& n an-l pcrfertjy hanritrs* In >!• 111 91 > «t >. Iiih.n *»f tr.e kvttmi. lit l<y iirug^^»l». ur tXM buU k a tue « • PTT»ir'.v. I T M -1311 ■» f*ta. Itzn, Asa'a. time Ibe rc*i of ibe ijuinoce. abe vpuld make ihc |rt|> int -le of nfiy Ibrev T hk prea* reprrarnlall vr« in ibe greu galIcrtea number'O c bundm ^ aod ti»cD ty*«p»cn. ibc lorgMi lum b er granlcti that prlvlicge. The pa*»co;rerii on Erie lr*io 8 jvcrc treated la a eoupliT of ur Tiinrsday Tbe b r a in reaudiav In Iniiantiv nnii Irmilltig n»i«iei-T. dn-mv au*l l*rematnj-c Old A m ,' B sitc rxm. Ix»» at P--vrrr in cillicr ec«. tji voluntarv G-uet ard S|«crm*t .rrhira by Yi>pr-<-s<-rUoii nt the brain, moil abu«6 ot ivt-r-indulg'lirc C a r b linsr«nl.-|lnioiirpinnt|ir irealtncnL t l 00 • b n x .o r a jx i o x e - to r 13.00, -wot b r mall iirepaid on receiiH ni WE UtlARAKTRE *IX UOkES T o c u rem n y caae. W ith each tittltr r%mttrta by 0* for »ft b o s c i, a ccutniM iitto « iU tta o o .» e will »oi«l Iho pnrcbnacr owr W'Tmen xonrnnb c h> refund tbe Dumey if Iho trv-atmcnl -Iwa col r * effect a p «-». O uarantec* bi»ae<i onlv by E o s . ; ROK’n rdARW ACT. Sold A a roi, stn C o n tra/ Arc, *»ni)k rk. N, » m s 'i Kuiili- lo Mew Ytrk, Philadelphia, Baltimpra Washington, Elmira, BlngVni- tc-n, Bradford, Jamvstown A M - \X.l I*«»INTa EAST ANU SO C T II. TIME TABLE. On an-l a 't T N-.venil»cr IJUl, IflHU. Iralns ICWVI Djiikirl* aa K u a'rni ;<bii)da.rd Unto: 7 : 0 5 A. M . K ' . : 7 a i ' : a ! M . ’’; s r cllAvillr Aiifi n a r h f ^ New York Hi Ifta? p m (V)n‘t04Uu( Y. for .liftirslftUMh^lan wan Ifl Hiiil nutTiilo amt »t t^urrulltan fni S o P M ., -aloi-a oi all -laUniie b- ’*alaumiK'a. erii I’aswiiijci Agetil, UiilTaln, N. T. u c n e ^ r .^ ^ ! « ; ^ « o n u W. J, Ml Rl'flY, ueucruI S j,,crinter.drnt. Chautauqua Lake k. B T-roo tablQ— S ot . 4. 1«*> , Eastern Tlrhc, (TMh Ucridlan.) In coDDCcp^n with L 8. & M. S.-Ry- pm I kto > 4 SO 10 (X) BIT __ J bi - ~ ‘ a-'to _ _____ Bom Vi H ......... DeiTwruvniS!.:::::. trr axxonh . BracstoYn ....I t 6 S ou 3 4 ooi i u . .'o 7 ti 1 ... .v.s?ir.r”\ - - - , .... iiS s ; __________ ^ _________ ±p«B_ isIlS;. m i i ■ ; S \ ’1 * 1 \ u In connecUon wlUi W. N, Y. & I*. Uy. ‘ -------- - iecc<Ts o n 1 isun! eipcf- ^iln Afterwards ■ lunaih- wbo was ea i from Montana lo Insl- n. cseap-d bis keeper and »ron-*hed lw«» of ibc ws In a Pull-iiao <oatb befcae be » A* V. k P. RAILWAY. Take* cffoci t*bncUy, June IS, lH£),ai 4o’clock S. ra. Trstey-tun by Eaatcru BUndard Tirae. 8 ^ j j M 4 3^ 10 U *•••»•.. MJix^tlle ...... — - ....... Unnkirk... .... B a ffglo... could besuMfiCil IfoV ^S^s\iioT Ko 3 Ho4 Ko il jcij your propoirty went j away, Godlsaid “Thero a re treasures , in iicavon, in bq iks th a t n ever break. ” i Jesus husbi to** let go of take hold all tho gnt Christian i of death ; seem let swirlin ig 110 tempest Thero is ilo I hich wo will all have [’ho moment when wo kliis world and try to bf ti lo next wo m il want JO pcRjaiblo. Y'ondcr I see a Tbiirnlay i a n d A n n a Bejll » 'd 0 year*. J I'uestuwn 8 c aimetl to I ivc bern uk town by a wumon Danu-d Flnnnlgah snd lb D abandooed It was Inter Ickrocd ih«l lb t »ury WJ8 not true, bulj that tho cirls bsd run away They were given lodging and yettenlay tcDi tjorne. nighi tw-i young girls, e r o f B r n d f o r d , opr V picked Up od R r e e ls by | » iK ^ O ieo. T h e y U k e n to J'snies- {»S fw i i !, thunderof tho skv. • ' \ “ '*..1 ' li».ii«e»t:.«>, (s>n>tipaboo. ___ _ , Fd'» ‘b>** Irfalfflj’j}. _ _____ op3 b.ii^’' amU‘\ i u . ^ n f a n t 4 ‘vi^c'^ ICO- each boz. iteware ol wwthle*# iratmtoca unilo togcflion but that soul is not ..J**' “*’* **■* *011^ m ----- tronblcd are no t< room a t tl fiS; » U % ito n a you ij ’ S ”, i ' f ; £ r £ £ E ~ ; llenty of toons in tho ,roveiy, F i P v *t»is lrratffl:-nl tor r..c-to tar dc lariuro. but ho weens ! (E'* j . P eee- one .aatar r gul^Q. salisiled and peoc ^ By tho floaih o f tho t m harbor l u s t ahead, 04 kfnir to r tfial harbor* Jesus belog o u r ttetbaiarfaa otfbeareatKMMimc WaYa&Gst t l u t l i i ^ i t l M t lAbMww^A fiii* Xli« 4 ^ XsjflUi. Om§Mukm WJUr, PEARS’ SOAP, H E V L R T A I L S . ZMvrtvsi 05 r*cx axu xeex. After Rif&ttnj! ffcr elsU nxr.ibi with s|ti bkaocteemrikia ca my tanx end neek.an 11 Ins all *Qtt*cf rwaedlpiL f wa» Cnally ct taktes a few touka df ftwta * SwetCc. ciwwJcty wrlghl tmsa R5 to IS Macd A. W. exocx. Ouawa, BiuniATaM txamuTO) rtes m s m ica 1 s n fsffsScd drat a a a tstto beet s s s a a s i s t a j s f f ” ””*® I*. X. ib»KX2,H>emaat‘ OAtt ejum..mwwm onx. \LTradlis tn IKofta sad tUn Diiw^al AU l-alDS dally esexpt Sunday. L. a ft M. S. mUeaso booluaccspted fsi* psi' «a£u on UiU lino. w. E. gbioos , j , H crrat A frica , a. P. A., Gcn'l Msnsfsr, JaraeaUiwii. N Y. WdsawM Sln^air^li B o u % J ascUoB rresrahar* reBtoaTlIie •JorthWarrr. 0iw!HiVimc7 ! KkatTltasTUie ; TitiuriUe I S ’ T H E N IC K E L ELATE. Nsw VosK, C hicago Aito Sr. Louis F ails iao C o ^efoUowInf it Urae correcisd to Jnsi n t : Trains d epart (row aad arrive a t tfaioa Eai r “ D ^ , tSns*dJT except Sunday. GOiaC WEST tawnMI :l4feT ! l l o n k l ^ L S i l f p‘m T r o ? ^ * t ? ^ ’ a^t^ ^ T h o way I r c ljlil n-irUi re-vches D u n k lrl D c r j t s n t x * FaxDomft 8 t „ R. tl. . i ’iS.VSSiKSSS.”' ■ ficrxDJtt iTftiitm. ‘ TyesVdcM ^ M «f Jj Ka»l is 40I I lOj ; E n e 5 jd -'S tsj I C o n sesut *•2*54 O^sfewri 9 to! t r i o Fostarja • ^IS^AkcitfekKOii I'M »wf, ^

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