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Dunkirk evening observer. (Dunkirk, N.Y.) 1889-1901, December 12, 1889, Image 3

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m COAL jJi!E,CE!lim AND SALT. j [ \ J . M v d h o l t a n d (S? C o . '^^havo told. into tljc c r TEI.EPHUNK NO. efl. - k ' • m mce !;l tajc-.,.. ■ ■ i i m % * ; ie l c s V i h e j ; i n g . , l! JK ’s . ' ^ 6 r e f o i l aad »u’i l a lv e ' 6 ts» s any aas. g s j ri ^ u r n i t t 0 @ h 0 t v v r r * llin U S p A Y . D E C , ,^3. : the ATHELSTONS; [ ^ \ i ( T O U A^<D V A N Q U I S H E D . BViMABY CECIL HAY. l l >-ao.(b - |j 1 1 i Marjorio 8 prolonged coolneaa and ab* from lilgh Atlilcston had worried A tbeison ,m o ^ th a n «be wottld and to gj) tlic c ro w d e d toWi Without Marjorh W'n and court to>mor thanhan .Hhnhn couldould hiave tore t ,H c h at- 1. W hy, pchplo m ight actually K h'fr son and . and no oof such girl as Marjorie, ) could 80 much u '$ ( l i m p ^ g h U h i m ^ M n d a n S llS ''thinkina again how m uch mora*iSootIif 7 the taoo ahe bad always known hfa had Dutaad. and how much moca i r ••I/on’t ho Barca.stio to-night. Mar- i.>rie,” plead d Sir Neil «i h an parnoBtneaa which ,was foreign to bw iwaally -lazy tones; •“ I hm as miserabU as she is herself. YoU win all her gratitude, I all her oontoiqpt. I own it w natural, but still It ia rather leM eaaj to bear than you can ihaagine. Wlior 0 -*-wli*rt you wish to pleosp. it ii> iiiu-d to find that yon always hurt. \^Nell inquired Marjorie, abruptly, ^ •• I low long ia your.mother going to per- ' ii.tt in her inveterate anger agoinat Miaa Chester?'’’ “ I doh’t know^’ he said, and' ae spoke, tile lamp-light showed a u>ai ai ety on t)ie face sh e had always known so oiiT«|le8B; \1 have told you again and sgliifi that I think yon conld con­ vince h«r, if you would try.\ “ I i^on’t go to lier again’ to try,” was tJio (iftink answer. “ I said I would not ' until the trial was OT«r. and I will * o i . Hho was unpersuadable and bard and' dogmatio in h e r argumnnti' u only « woman oan-b«. I said I wouldn't en­ courage h e r again to spy tilin g that put me in a passion, and made her bd.) U.w -y>h yes, she did b ellow. N o il; don't iu ter^ p i ^ I've never been bat that once» and I dbn't intend to plead for Miss .Cheater tg»in,,nntil to-morrow is over. Barely the horrible faroe cannot last longer than one day.” ; \ -You never break your! word. Mar­ jorie, 80 it is of no use asking you. ’* “ No use, Neil;\ she intom ipted, im- petuoualy; “ butoh, I do break my wurd 1 l*vo broken it a hundred tim es siiico'' (she checked horsolf hnrriedly) . ~ —'• • since I mude even that one roselu- tion. Bpi I have not broken it in that, I will not sloop, a g ain to L a d y Athel- ■ton. Miss ObosUur ean live w ithout your mother u w e il i i without my sist^ . Ijat them go.” \Polite BD)ilo3 N fiil \ B u t do von obanwe YOur opinfona. If you do i\(H brcitk jour word, or do you sUH th in k —’\’ ■” I still. ^Ivink everything I used to think,’’ thii' ^firl ttii‘«wcrcd, lm.stily; “ I Htill thirtjk I would g i'o all 1 have (thoupffi that isn't much) if you and I hadn't been so idiotic a,s tix, go into tlie reetory sK-uly tl»at, day with laniusa. Oh, if*I h a d b e e iii^ iit miles awav! It Hcenis that even h»i»l,v is to be able to irtfll somethin;; to heljipn tjjliit »^ne story, ' and is miide to d o i t , tool. And fonnuost of all, Neil. I slill think Kustaee Jellrey i.s,not dead.” “A h , Marjoriev’\’ he said, gently, “ the very way you say it betrays how weak ■your benef really is Ydn have no eon- liiletiee in yoiir own opinion. No; tho » impos.sibilily of sueh an idea must bo ' patent to us all by now .” > “(iood-niglil,’’ .she »tnick in. Bb- nipllv;| “D o n ’t com e in. I don’t want to lieiir'Lnuisatalk about tom o r r o w ; and I don’t want to talk about to-day. 1 have fancied all day that I could hoar the Bl«-aborough bells and the tninipet.s— a deafening larcel Good-night. .She stood upon thestep.s looking after him a.s he rode away. “ Poor N'‘d,. “ she said to herself I with a smile ahd a'sigh together.’’ will any­ thing ever teach him how to act In real, nohle self-forgetfulne.S-sP I feel so often maddened bv him, yet never hopeles.s. 1 lie idea of Lady A thelston’.sold fallacy that I du,hiin ‘good! I—think' of w onder w'hiit g ood I could ever do t one, even if I loved them. jio.se that Is Uic motive-pi - wanted. If I loved Nell, shot le.s.s inisernhle to-night than I niorc so, I wond’er? And if I love Even the unbreathed thonj^ht was not finished. Standing then* in the- bu.sh and darknes.s of llie night - stdnding there alone at^d unseen - tho color yet • rose slowly arid vividly in Marjorie’s jifaebks, and. know ing what thoughts ’ had sum m oned it. she put up both her hands to hide it, sobbing as she npvef row W.I.H moi tempted. W hy, pcqpli say that the match betwet-n li-vr son Ml-ss C'astillian w*a.s broken otf, or sdmo- thine equally absurd or untrue, and one k now what barm mljgbl com e reports with such a girl as M* whose freaks no on e c protend to ui>derstnm|. “ Marjorie told me she would go with you, m other.” said Neil, speaking Into the Uplifted trumpet, \ami f promised that you would lirivo around (or her. Loaiaa fa g o ing with the Bnrtonai ahe h o p e i; ahAfliida Umai kindred ipizlti more than ever now. L ^ y AtheUton breathed freely again. Her mind woa aet at roaf on its moat oazioua point;l m g reat load tfbr bar who hftd i }0 loodii tb bear but utciM dl bet own , roiaing) had been lifted;' and abe oontd/ afford to b« a little hormleaaly ricioua now—ra gm o d reeoturoe ol the aelfieh whmx the^ own jieraonal plan* have! takjm. a favorabla turn, and Mliarsd them from any preMing anxiety. “ I shouldn't think of going witfaont Mtrjoria, N e il/’ oh« amid in a melan­ choly tone pf reflignation ; \ bat it will be very paiblnl in any caao.” Neil al^vered in anticipation of.tb e inevitable, oiiaubdaed aobbjng to whicn pho WPS ooonaUHning him. \ I don’t know how 1 shall bear to loiA at that decpitful girl, who let m e confide in her, and iwfltended—” . “ For H eaven’* sake, mother, don’t be s fool I ’’ apoke Noil, a n m lr. “ I f yon don't care about ker, wnat’a the use of orying over her, and making such a ridiemoua scene } If ypli do our* about her, whet’s the mae of calling her •ad bqckta toft. I l i i pulm'use o f every M a r atenoi^pby *« Ugsms^ II j r p a I io - |e -jo m c a l^iad ittiay itfo d€mKUUsa upon \But when A Chorlca began, faeostUl 1 is alway* ouAsetl to Iteep it, yea ire golaff to •; y.'» jtho genUetuan inter- pted. “I’hat I; atkff ajid nonHeniML « '^Kh|pl(fcti Boel om b tttoaand ** * oncy left total of “ tak-i* a ^romonawaoco.bl* poraiy and If you are atfjvwJ a 4 - 1 .. cb a po leal' and uaanbi'.aas • ilu-atlon you A n b'..k» your ji.-iboiem- “ ■ * briif, -V!-t »•! a »»i j you a re alnYwi'a s.-* j-.i-jir •itloa, c r too tn-h work Into Sf cnethiag hatte.r I' rot, g aecw» It. then you are ni4« .vorin •a.Ila*,’ ad i tliU the gen u:irijt!i turned (ttriy id t vedty gve cent* of la mta pocket. Tui* wa* hla eajrthly poAScaaloni. I w h lih tJUa gentleman looked »rlde ivhijih tpade htmi hoBltaio ocMpUngl Ih4'prisjUen of cor-coa- ■eemed ckpreCuon a t aU ba»»- «B men from h|s n 1 icle to U>e pr<K»«nt one. '‘Well, whit ya I aayl\ the gUaUemaa Inquired, retumi|iir i i moment to> speak to “If yon will a! ow me how to a ecara tha aUualkm you spoke of„\ CbarUa repUed, With a Up wbtcl^ wi old quiver a liu ls in Wi The way In w h l|h 1 upon the pi bright tho great hotuta bod felt, whe Lina Oheeter'a beautiful face and'dainty ftgnre were to be m et about it. Ab. how won and b o ^ e o * was the beentifui taoe just then; noi juBt t h e iy 1 the dainty 4fgTiro I iw drooping and tired (•rt} BK COnTINUKD ] W I N N I N 0 H I S W A Y . Uaol by all . sorious conversation .iwlth his nept 'Charles, Charles hod Mst his temper en ­ tirely, and Undo Adonlram had at last rcaayhed the utmost. Uxnlt ot forbearunce Tho quostloH uiuler dlicusslon waa the ad- visabiltty-of tho yoaagf cauar*a seeking some oceupat toil In which he would be sure to earn Ms living. Charles.wns twenty-one. and bis uncle un to this tiaifl tuul ai.riptod him In over/ pos­ sible mao nor, but, strangely oooueh. thongb possessod of a tine Inielteet, earclully culti­ vated. be hud June nothing to earn hla own living. Ho bad been uawiUlng to study for a prufosaiun, and at tbia lime hod amall proHpt-ci of ubtaiiiiug a siluaUdn, and sniaiJ. r prospect of koopiug a puaiUon If ho found “IT I could only t Clmrlcs began again, alittlo, and wits dm pc * tritlo further. “1 c eltirk or book koopor, aad you know aawell os I do that 1 am utterly lacking la mechan- rorst o f nil Is, rUarlos, you oro i^terly lacking In tho quality of appllca ifob,” Uncle AJouiram replied. \You talk about y our loclMaa If they vvoro •oraelhinR to bo proud of. If von have ^ t fair corp- mon Bonse and a make a good dork and 1 sup- lawcr mo.st iifld I bo [ am. or' vod ------ ” .sobbed w h e n uny eyes could could hear ‘ ,nd Ni'il thoughts up both her t she npvef icn uny ey es cou ld see o r oars : h ef. ‘ And N i'il went slo w ly on hi.s way back to High Atheist >n, thinking, more' that bo imaginei’l.s^ttboiil tho girl who has dismissed him so smiilenly, but for such thilughta sue m ight have been giad and gviUefiil in her tiean. , “ I, too, wish that to-morrow were over,’’ h« s a k lt o himself; as the gate.s of High Athel.ston were loekod,behind 'or that tliey , have picked'; Bui High Mierilf instead of nu. savAgi’lv. as he cantered on tbiing if the law s are^to bo I lifri iinpun'rtj undi 1 him. I B u rton for High Mierilf instead of me Yet I don -1 know why I m ind.’’ hc.atidcd. d, ^ m o s t broken and lor our very li.stening. half'll , to the,' rel I* a f terw a rd he wai I'd and half indiffer ■hearsjvl o f th e p n g e a n ;o from H igh. A thelstoi minutoi* nniu.se N eil, if he would iiyto her dressing He was good enough to step Into dre.saing room, and there ho saw her, sitting tretfidly bosido the lire chafii a t his d elay, and a t Fhstcheris a w k ' delay, and a t FI and a fancied m inor mi.series. ing- ?’s a w k w a rd- im u lation 'of was never ‘ so w h e n Miss C h e ster ere.’’ thoiigfet'Neil, the long,, laxy leir intent brightnesa^iVion eyes taking Aheir’inten t brightnesa^wiou, at this tnonA 'ntury thoughffeofLm a , a|itK the thought g iving him patjerice onongh to listen in lilo n c o ^o r teb m inqtos tq L a d y A thelston^s coipplam % . ■But'whett th e s e a ll resolved into one 'teaiSfuL in­ ju r e d com p lain t of the com p a h lon in w h o m sh e -had “ b lindly tru s t e d ,\ an d been “ b a sely deceived, vhesppke, ip^g^himself from his m d o lenck . ' “ W^is thi.a nil you * had J -'4 ‘W-as this 3 'rP\ 'No, I wanted |to speak about to- rrow,” she wbintfti, taking his bint; must have Marjorie to g o with me. You’cannot sit with m e in the court, and «o I m u st have M arjorie.\. “You intend,to go then?\ B I intend t Of c o u rse I intend to go. Of coarse it is m y duty to go.\ she said, querq- 2 4 \ ' A p p r o n t io e a b j p B l t 7 TaijdE-] w i t h N e o o a - 'Maotjor. would starve first :V ten s tarve !’'T , fie Adontnim Barney, as'ho wsa called who knew him , bod been havuiir u hi* nephew sptta o f ol aMty and h* cc^ld lo. “ SMiab lut L” wtU go unmedi. od for you ’’ *^ 1 hi* compoatoo. “1 _ 0 with y o t l i n d tha rich m archsut passed bis sm f fhi ouxb th s t of hts strug- gllug, poverty-! U Ii4en compahlOQ, and In this way they tc tigla tbp ofilce o f tha great roilroijd oompsny. I. few brief 'irords and the ugly busine: a « a> settled. Iflia young mas would talct bis p tsco tho noait, morning St six o'clock, vtib , a aw stl but aulOcteni .VO the b St fworks on shiorVbsad,” 'bf Ijontletnaa Uild (’harles aa tbey were shout to part, “ indllf yofu will step arouuJ to tbo bouso wt h tao I sbou>d bv hsppy to lend you tho bbi ksi My daughter itudiod •tonography foi fob. ft tooic her one y ear to loaru the Bysuiin by studying a little every dsy. VcM opghtvto be able to beat a girl at the bustaosi.”' Cuarles BmlU'd. , Application I T h a t woa nrhat his uncle s^iid be needed more than toy otbur quaUjv 6 ho»id bo take t b b mao’s nooks and pnnnisjh hup to speiiil bis spare Urn* In,the s^ d y of ttODo-^ntphyl How ttrangoly his were being U ken o j t If nis hands. |rhe ><n;|ag man Iliad always holtovod (hat t i e gyeat business \of the uni­ verse was tak i» ^ r e oif, but ihils was tba first time he bid elver fplt that bits small af (airs were In imy way eponagrd o r d irected. Row It seemecSto him a* If hla ways were n BOme IncoiiprhlMo^lble mainaor being irdered. T i Of oourae tf a r f wag neither generdaity oar juatiee' u i ttw m atter, and every thing wsa all wro«gi\ sclu sofne power outsldo of hliDBeif waa rMpnasiDte, and iMi wondered, M be looked iovfir th« strangai obaractors that evening j^tn th e bo->k bis new fn e n d Lh'h struggling mark tils lOme p.irnsi 'Which stood tbo oQo of sn Interrogation '^Mehadhod raatnlng twei munoy wm problem wha ** 8 u Oil-lent af thojiiiirn lips before ropraiod Wit evident dus his good Bug j PrtjmpUy young man Hrst thing Charles Bn broom to the work, anj and you couk to. It \s all fa that you hav I fair oducutlon you < r a good book-keep ;o a good d o rk o r a good book-keeper, and you could loam a tradeI If you wanted bosh, every come to }ught to bo asha lertlash. 1 have given you the best advice [ could under thootreumsianoe*, and whoth-' sr you follow l,t or not is your own afhllr ” ‘•Dcotdodly,’’ said Charli If you wa t of it, and 0 to m an's estate yon 1 of BOob child tih Dal­ les, rising in a white heat. ‘ I alwaya supposed you cared lometbtng about me; but when a fell only relative, and that relative a rich : sdvlsea bim to look out for a situation os conductor, ihoro can corulnly b« but opinion atiout I t.’’ You nrq right, Charles,” said D n d a Adonlrum, “there can bo but one opinion, f docflne, for your own good, to go on sup- porttog y o u a n d , taking Into consideration vour c o n stant failure to support yoursblf, I advlso you to try for a oar-conduolor’B-. position. 'You will learn to be a ccurate and ittenttve. Yoq will kno-w w hat It Is to wqrk for your broad;* and thl», In roy itfinlota, you need to know more than any Ihlngetae.\ . “Then you d o n 't c are for the humiliation, m, (that win be the in- such an occupation 1 “ the on you d o n 't c ore tho ,B ciai o stracism , |tl tvitablo results of such an occupal foung man inquirpd, as he i lurncd tho knob 6 ( the door be noa just iponod.' . “Not a red cantl>’ Uncle Adonlram i«- plied. ' “ If a jnan Is going to bo cu t' by his friends for e s m lng, In the only w sy-tbst Is )pen to him, an Independent living, ttupn lociol ostracism Is tbo h o slthleat thln|f 1 .hlpk Of. Tho only thing that Bbeuld Hate on able-bodied man U depend- ___ upon others. You have become so ao- justomed, Charles, to b eing looked out for shat the a ltofnatlve seom i veiy u n d « lr- tbio to you.\ This was “P u tting It hard,” Adonlram told(himself afterwards; b*i » s e was desperate and heroio (reaCiHent the. only kind that would answer. “ Yoqr eharUy iball not bo further ti'ei* passed u p on,”'w a s ihs proud answer. “If I over tak e 'a relajivo to b r in ^ u p , Uncle A d o n lram ,!w ill be sttU w ere geaeroui, and refrain from tw itting bii» with bow much he hat boat me. Her* Ii the you gave me yeatOrday, *nd which mean enough to U k e,” and the young tm ptied the flpa&eUl ee n t io ti • ! lU ■ ----- on hi* nnola^s deeh. “•iaoe you ■ ‘ I prefer im waa on the point e f oaU- ing b is nephew bock, b u t thought bettBiy of It and s a t perfectly qniet as the angry m sa ilammed the door and walked down the \There wa» a good deal of tei which was tq> ICO from HigI on the m o rrow . “ We.had to-day the best show thoro'a been in BleaborouRh .sinee last an Ath- “My lady was waitinij np to soo Sir ill, if he wou ld bo goixlenougb to stop qto her dressin g room .” , H e w as goo d enoug h to step in her 1 d o n 't Just see how the boyfiagol to get along v ritbon^m o n ey; but I snppose fie won’t BUnre td hla watch l*»t».\; n’t Btanre hla watch lasu.\' old man w as right, Charles pavroed' atob which bod b ^ left him bjt h ts father, and then tearebed dlUgenUy job. Ho loft n otblng nndone to seenre.-what he oonsidered, • lUiUible ittdetifm t'but bin effort* were useless. Tpere was a call for mechanics amt employment edough for pro- tessibnal men, but for him., there braa-abso- Intely nothing. ” There wore fib hundred derk» end Bpok- keiCpoiw to^one situatlJqn,. a gentl.eman to whom bo told hith, andiwUh a touch St pity for the ^ I d t n t dlacoufagemdnt of hta applicant g s l ^ few sensible q«es- tion's. ' i . , ' “Novr, i f jotiAirideptood atgbogrw^jf ,** ho aal^ a f t e r a catechlam, .“ I oopld abdw you/orime cottr% work which worilal be very rem unerative.’* Cqaifies'snook; bis bead. Hi* experiences were beginning to m§ko him reelj.very “ I should bo glad to help you/* the geoUo- qaan wont on klnd^, “ b u t I rcalljrdon’tgee any way to do it. I know of a posiUott you oodid have a t once os cur-conductor, ** Xbe young m an's fsco was ablaxe and his eyes looked a» i f they wonld s tr ik e fire. ‘ l^ut whatl*’ he asked, as h is cm jm u ioa did not finish thO senteaeei. “U you wore a rclStJ ve o f aalne,” the ge»- ‘ sman repUed, \aad had tried for ether •iflons and failed OS you UU meyott nsve, out fo n r o rtde In vour oockes T ^ y [, 3 m t Or him woi Alnst oct-ouDi poifil, bi\ I bout raggllmi m a a n t i xlgzag c luld dimil It iinli;h igUl; surely character ibllc-ta bo • J S ' . T ' i i ' r L i a j s A . - Poor, unfiqlimale ffairscbinnl In whs* a U V ’.'r'‘r £ V l S f 2 i ? w ’’'t i . - i l w . . . . . . . T h I. . \ 1. n —, U -. w a n t j=w*-s*)f l a i i i i . II I'M Il.ao. IM niaUiar of .1;; - i*r t* •• by niii^inir ** 1^1 I- U* g a o ryii«ee4 to .i£> js 'n f.a-*«r whicbhich It ia riiro lu j.l f w r iVostn'* Uis. Man. AaA*s. Or.PIERGE’S PELLETS S S r 'S .'-p .A 'K r ^ ly h u e a 0««c. fidJ by A ABaawaakvfV Ktrtk*. WoBm.v, Haas, Dsc. Ul - At ttooe ysatM- day all the men smploysd by Euitso*. Cus»- Oiliigs A Co., and tba 1 'ber Laat UanafOceor- pany's fartorv wars orOorad put by lights of ‘Labor on o c raost cM M lackli^ sod r X factoriaa mow ■ ■-11^5^/ ! and uie prtco atsm p ^ on H e botSom. your m oney. Thousands o f doHs S Me ISV wearer* o f W . T m . D o o f l a t s f S i <>••- In want CongM ii, Button or Lsce. L oodoi toe. and t e aure to give slse and t d formed, a* my shoe* are mode In k guaranteeuarantee a QI.l prompt dcUrery a » g a u m u n y o f the al . ....... ........... ................................................ . .. ,— . I n f e i r t o r . i , mmmmimmtL T H E S H O f t T L I N K n w v i j i i ) » i i j j i j i MU. . '■ / i m i yoM o re to get fiiU value for kved toBHtljr In thff I l f ordering by mall stti jltlo Frendi m ptdeUvcry ahd perfect astlafaetJeo o r tno«ey reitmaed upon In good coodll loo. W. 1» 3 >OUai:.AS, smarittan, K*4a. W . L. D O U C L A ^ S 3 . S H O E osi AIS min . Xsn am* apswjaaa eeSf aAwk w*tSiJDwncala liT 1 lawwitof w y ti Onr afaOM Sar Utia shaa wT*r a n .wtbar rfteee wivwthtrit, ojni ttf. tt Mwlalw tiatfiir—— l«i •e . Btta aasF* atyiiali, baUar atUag atul 4lh / • 3 , 0 0 0 wfU b e fwM teo a y I Wetav e a n a ral satlafaeUan. ______ isa»wew»»**ytf e«Ik. Uaav*BMkar*HtiNM»fl*rtl»*ewMui • i k . I t toaaM fcy w»«waiaalatstau 2 ! i; bib. lit* lb s iMWt ta tba World, and M * * n tarewp d ewifcsd tbs* any atacr KS Ob-M aAvarUaad. T b wbe wfU iMwve tbe sbeve a tetam riits t e M eaorue. Ikwae t* b* *r U l * ftama QauaHy ag ExoMenaa. 5 5.00 SH O E ^ “* 94.00 SH O E Bed Cill .‘•'ha* voriJ (or rougti wcai i IMW3TOS3.&W Bridal Ihc pn^c. •mall Bor* s cliaiHc U> a hi It the best Is cua a ycri new work i It was no| ueatjnns or ntrejvt o4'a mOKl that day. Hia ra- tydlve ceots mum bo saved t|o oovi inopuiflisf. Hot# ha ur a lull weuk without auy llijtinri lin'd (fiiqtli''a]sUi si a WHH pot oqu,i.l to. o tha tt«y“ and --Th*Bl« no; sro itvilaat worda on lita to »Ic«-p . and lh«-y warn im ii rcvor niico and s i-h to gi't hxld of tbo fa.; i y dawiung upon h oi. il.ai tust ituvo folt ciriafuite 1 HI* th« next m-jm-ng th«' 4^ ills |>Um on lids car Tho I do vria Ui HWctp it Out i4y bud never bauUlnd s ■ « t ho gttVB bis mind to, liod 1 1 1 uppit'oring murb U . 1 fell Thoro waa a Irn. Indroii. much more than it bo listc-icd to tbonumor- wi b Bitoiiiiion, and bis btlO, it waif .ho pooq fbll dreudrut os ho snp- (listaAUHtil enough, (vond are 111 if bO should At noon. IDO Ids return now fnond w “1 had an Ji tome tlm e.|i “olfyii [ireasioa,'’ tl isiid, “thsl you I o u t of money, i tried once aut y our ago to Uvo wUhoui I’t work. 1 am aaro t l won’t I rtae. Como tin and seo ma ha VO leisure. JKi stick toi yi ^ could be given to stut ’■tour hours o f bis DO! tusl bay*, II was with real m- you bavo leisure. Keep and stick toi your stenog- •wUfel I put away bis book f( rofrosbfflont Instoad o f ty b is book for months atopped > puU bia mtng Undo Adoniraoi ^ first Impulsa tho first tl but this tl-, a dr*#, ^ d ; the Bleep ’ tuctanco. when one on his car. first Impulsa was to hat dawn oifo| bis eyes and avoid retxtgnl- tloa if pomible, but Charles Bamoy was issrolngm iniincaa a s well ss spplim lob, and b* Immediately thought better of lu Tba old min. did not look up when his nenbew g a |« h lm fits change.; but Chartos said, a o ftl^l f “ Good rooming;, un d e ,\ and than ho a p fasg to bis feet. “C h artosH he oxctalmed, grasping tb sonductor’tharid. “Oharlos, my toy, hot do you i‘ ■ ihsro was of this a al the old os platfoyu bean Vror you nol going to k |i p my po\ answDred,|!Jand beo (0 rici 01 Abundant love and heartinesa Idntnim’* volto and manner, and jqmething more that was new to lb k new now th a t for the first qo.really respected blm, a n d o n t ibgor courage w»a to m . On very lonely without you.\ \ Said, oa be aloodl on tbo bacg tllb bis nephew, \and 1 haye I about you, loo. \Yby fiSve . home, CliarloB 1“ I wanted to see ii? 1 -voS/ircally illt'Oi',’’ .. c ^ g m a n you a g a in \ I you stand In the bzattor nowT” Ufide Ad 4 ilrsiin iaqutred, M ho brushed • tsar from ji|s cheek ’ ' “AlmoaWn ray fcoi,\ (^ irlsq replied. “ Are yoadooklng for an y thing else, my * ^ ^ t l» il|4 j r l 0 f I t d o f f i p l l j t l t l 111 fiijp adabt, asejs. and lAm gatUng along finely. By sad b || I akajfi bare mastered It. am! <!han t ean]hl#sya Sod employment” Tbe youifg qmn m e o t honno, tho next day, fsrk s feltlihkt’hts unde heeded blm; but poatUon a* cor-coaSuetor y spare‘moment. H isuscla ;bod at the atrange mod und e heeded btmi but atUon as cor-coaSuetor Ivory spare' ........ , and laugb eDaraclerjb”he so deftly pot. on paper, mod .as this ta n n e r a year w ent by. 'Tkaa Cborle* Bittncy found moro congenial ean- ylnTffleat,lolped to it by th(» merchant who bad beeaMbla steadfast friend. ’ H e had asrred s o livaluablo apprentbroeblp to tbs laxorsbHataaJcmsster. neciBasiiy, and had tea an a s •chulab, not onlly leonilng dis- itcb and|pp]icatlop, butflodiof o n tU i s ts a n e n ^ b t o the Uowlissb labor.— k, in Youth’s OtomiktoloQ. There w e twodTorms of chronic rbeo' mstlam ohetn which thejolota oresw o l- len and rid without fever,. In the other the jointiSire only allff stud psictfull. In eitber f o t ^ Balvatlon Oil may be-rellcd ao to cffe& • euro. It killr path. 2d ceois, ^ Popula|dUcrim iDattoo lln favor of Dr. BuU’a C o i f b Syrup has g iven it a larger aste than a n y other remed; Prtco 23 <§nta. of its class. luenti b which Rales,. Accoi iced th^Xom ( and RorgJI- vinoaW y fie siU io** S q t r o i ioQ. cohstats of l^peaher Reed, itivet M d n o ley .jio d Cannoo, \k e r a ta r l l s l o iiad R a o d a ll, The coifunl virtoalij ‘ ^‘e i r m h the KnIgbU of -Labor on firms tb/pplog further bls< ituiTing. This mskM itx closed, tbrowtog from 000 to BOO employment THE m a r k e t s , Nsw York Uommy Marks*. tloBsy tcsiMid at ■tiiogest rsu* ol Ua torOsy. lbs blgbcKt'irsM was 9 aad Mi I The cbwtng rate was 4 per feet Exc-bangn dOHnl •tosdj’, pusuH Q t a^ual rstra. |4 daya. and St si'-t'.l tSI>, for dsmand. Uorornmenu atesdr. curreocy St I II bid. tecuapL I v; i-ia «%• >bx I (Ht* t'td. f^ctfle raUr««>l bunds cicond as fuUowsa Vaum Qnta 1 13 but, Jo ainktog fuada, I de S 3 . * S O S H O E ^ J S . ^ . S S . C K > 8 2 . 2 5 8 2 a 0 0 8 H O E \ ^ f S S ^ * ^ » w T h a r i « , r 82 OO S H O E i» the beri SdioolSbOe in the world. 81.75 SH O E ro*‘ 2 .S’SS 2 !::J!r’\ All mad* ia CangrcM. Bsttoo and ^ W.LD0U6US$3AND Both Ladles’ Shoes am mads In aUxsfScKn i tor. Indadlog I ------ OK IM fZXJT Trataa U sad 16 rtiS S a a b y Oitly. a<ai ruB daily exeept Sanday. «OKNBCTlOltofm^ Kaataad W etV a tein^ n ILicbMler, with New York Cealrat *»d W M .hor>' ltk'a..at Butrato^ithN;y.C.AU.]l^lLft. .< lUcbican (Antral K. K. and CIrskd Trunk X'y - <jr ai; polnto la. Michigan and ^ Wjat, ai j ialump.-«, at FallTcreek -with Allwpimy Vat cymilixadfor H r ^ r illc, tteyn^T ilia sto tsUuDB 0-1 Isiw Urail^lvialoa. Tbuusai d-tailo tickets^sold attvrooonta — I. w BAUtLHW SHOES unr* lEEwidlli*. sites, ibd 11. C.D. Band •nris* yveorii Oa«i»,* -jsuss,” —TW. Ksdlnsa . ..... .................... Also, F tsbc M Opens ta Fvest lA**» • • • * rs shonU rcn^mher that iiV. L 00U( L sapplrtog ibacs ibmR lint* factory. CsjCLKomcrt tl U *ba wxjtid, t: haw York I'reditc* Ktehaac*- FliCnTfh-rjQied fairly artlv* and steady yet- _nl «7 Fta« tfrmdmw wunmtr^ $4. dw '•pn««’. 9 1 7dt^40: Mupmrnem arUM’. •pftaier ttlf» Sa I irmufa do «pruac. S3.^s£S.0ty mmtrm I wtnSe*. 9^09419 4 do •prtzaic. 9^' mnuK WIISAT-'Trading la .iptlots wat on a very notlnra.u> wmla. ITUrwm Wmn flna, bowerar, OS sod ci wed HWHr blgbrw. Spot of fio. trad ebfier. ois cliHted lutl ttpul 3 rad. siV*o moderstsly actlra do. 4i'i%c. OATH -Optloca wars quisi bat Rna and dased btgber Spot lots ctoHed B m OpoC seigk •if .So I while, mo. No. S do. MMoi Ko. t Bdxad aOo So • do. LAJUX-^Oesed dub sed weak. De&. tAXt; Jaa. lACT. r«ib. SAMabiM. QUTTKll—fitesdy, ervoasery aMtsva, n is Ms; weeUkrm id to aVo. ClUfiDtK-Qulat. fastory Xsw York dhsddaa 10t4AU5i<-. wedtaaa «at, t^8Ii«. EIKJB^qulst asd wssk. frask ssators prKs, M ®S7c, gostora a*. »H W tSe. Ck,aa.ll,aS do, m BalM e Uv* Stssli I aaTTIJB.-TMHa wmaJauT Sm m, lACto bead. Od|MaaalA durtag Oe lAlta bssd. a Issda csasfgasd lArsagk; AlsaSa OS aal*. MarkeC fairty activa. Wmarn/ sgpsci Hcsra. gMd do. lan s A a f t eksto* iMsry kutoosss-. ti«o«a*»r Ugka d*. akt>«a«>-. oows and bsifan, satra. SAto t* im-.Mo onaamcoj to good. fXoOAS.40; Gslrsa. grassaiyC tASSAXS*; vM ikH i»«xaA / BBkZP ABO LAX 8 «-T*oa rfeilpa tw ttw week, ea.«eobead; ■klpmisw t o /nts u s ss psrisd, BlriOO basdi 4 Issda ossalgasd/Stoeagtii tS tasd* Markat ■trosg; ckrioa to extra aheef, ). eoaastos is g ^ So. aASS«4JO: Bzare lambs, leim&ae; msmmom %m good do. IdSO^&JO; ceasdlas laosba HISAaML BOaS-Total rsostplsAr the past weak. M.Taa bead; ibl|NM«H tar/dm mum petled, 0,M»i * tesOs caauIgMd ttoirack. ICB Issda w eels. MarkeC alow CMM ksary asedltnni. laT*-. Yorksns tdAfit mb tR lAlfi B a n d / rrevlafsa Market. . / Bevvato, Deo. IX WHBAT fittanr. Na I bard, 10 ta K ^ . td I Dortbera. nhac No 8 do, aCH to Mo. Wlstsv wbaU - Noyc red avao. gs. 3 do, T7c; Ko S wktts; rv»>C -8 DlHgAHj *flhfte*i wMb nervous prrislratlon. y^Llver aud Kidney I'oHirili loL end I'c pa'd out bun Irrda of .fine of the l»e-.l pbyaUlana . w „ . u v ...... ................. - - Xlcnefil. On the 2lUb o f Aogui L 18NU, I effect r cn- . uoaraotccs is»u«'d «<n » by Mo* ^o n g h t^a bottlr^of^Baroflian. »r B*ek- | X^f'^jli'sktr'k^Nry. three days after inkIngi^l choice to exSr% a lambs, taro COB-V^tom; OAt^-ioira* aad klgber; Mo. t vkBs, MHc; H*. ^ txad. aaiia ca track. KAIUXT -Xsrkec niiseuled: He. I Casads. MUo; Ho a do. sadtHu; H*. I extra, MOM* /TIXWK—steadvi sarfag erksas—heat »sfssk /d r MA. |XM«X«9i grad*, ptm WMur wksa* —bast fanUly, l i l M liJ t : pakaiM, HTk ■irrrejt—Ossraory taoev. MqtXSe, d* eked**, ^ S t o l wesurs tascy. IBaaaid; CSir (* ges< *^QCM-mmU sad OaisA*. lUtetty Craab *rat«t Urn: W aM M do.itto& COJCEai^raoey faU anaaa 11)4 to UMW ohoiaa a«K layk Mito The RDOUol ball of tbo BalnmaDra Hwtu-bnien will ibla year b e conducted by Lodge No 137. Brotberbood o f Railroad Drnkemen. Ilwtl Fellows Ifail No; iwltchracn a d»ii principle event* Rmodolnb Orche til ho bold I d ibe Odd BW Year's eve Tbo mco U always one of the I of the year Tbo Baal I w ill forolsb moaic. Tbo w ife o-f Wm H. Austin of French Crceji died on Baturd&y mumlnK., aged about Sb. She boa been ill about a week w ith plcoriay. H er basbaud and eight cbliijrco Burvlvo her. The iday incenuii ___ Jones dsMl a lFraoklin waa-bomi Friday night. I om itO.OOO. w o rk of i THESHOEBRUSHGON 111 ^ & I w o n 't m i s s ft, f o r t b a v e i o i i g » 9 in<» a d o j ^ c d « n e a s i e r an d cle a n lie r w a y . A b o t ^ e o f andf ,8 f o i n y sltp e * % €kM l o t M u r a ' i POR SALE BY W. s iM BsU o a i s Ike Lstori fi • / ^ y - U the ItriMt and wily Shoe ManuUritin kzivlngsUlhe mkulr-nu-ji's pmbU tu tl AT a . IMkUOZAA. Brockto*. kSssa; H E X I S E R & C O . - t - m . yurw ryw w v t Ci5i|»5 s ills cTbfkcm—u .S P K r i . ^ L N O T I O ~w*c»rr*s Inrsnl Tll* OaSAT OSKMA* R ood >K lerA^ht XM> C i i l ^ u a * —A rehkhl* •absttlatr for mollwrre- nallV; Pus I -c V r LI I.I.— A pb ^iD* buertijiibx (nnl. V«n Dv nrai-DK-o-i-yistsUle abO )rxulv di* ■ J T ub Auru-ArjrebgUiebii^ detr lutu f tir » 4 lc Ui id ‘tl 344’i'T«Tv C JONKS •rit\ u*»‘ heal ndUcbo.p of Biriofic that IroU in p<»ultry J..V cat of Biriofic that Ira oyatcni. yfrr^b \ and : Ball or UrrJ HEALTH IS WEALTH! M i>» K, c \VK?rr*t| h'KllVK AWD nmXXJt TUiATMirnT. i (r«w*niwUM o for rtm, Insuoviak, Convtifototiik. H u, NcrVOUl SeuraiiRA. ilraU«rl*Ce NerTfii* Pro«lraUo»» * * * ‘ nr WiiX^ ler takingi tbe and 1 have been growing If day. I w« uld wtll- ifcc dayi to leave me rapidly belter every day. I wduld w ill­ ingly nave given lluO (iOaboul e lf I bad known what Bnroanm would d > fur me. I was to weak I could hardly c rcaa my- self, was w h ile as death aoif qould. bot ,lfl ten pounds wttboui am perfectly free from pal aa much os most men A C. McCi SHXU.. worn and aubscribed to b) forts me. It 7. 1H80 - - “ He. Pa.. I ofcr-iiHlul|b B«- K , , ir»«in>enL 1100 a b..* i or Ibt \ly years ' »coi bjr mail pn.-tiai<l mi stratum , | vyKODAiu Itoiwiof i»«,»rcr lu Cilber sr*. I|a aljimc.ne m Uid.H pain, but now pain at d can lift SepL . - J J lic idig*. J P. n tu s v , Bold by dru| tlggislB- ’Tbo Corry Oon Club will h iv e a trap- looting C'Oi stead of ai _lub on T h u rsday lual bunt. your use of Ayer's Bsmapsr 11 a ’i Ume-bonored remedy silU teat a the ' It Inaprovadlgesilon. puriflea. Jtobli iceks may bi ve all isted rbeeks maj I and bloom of b« It Inaprovadlgesilon . purifle and Invigorates lUc aystfim. •cslho b lood. Give U a W. Darwin Phelps of South at Cattaraugus w o r k io g io O .. law office. THE OLD MAfi F ) • era tba t.r<:bg, or r cb, or a Taat sba.*'wiUi ibes Uis ri^ * No t m'<oa sfcan Iby tsoanrocni Hot, n, .oy fail ibrlr Cay hall t | et t!— TUy sycibol, ool of tear* sod g .*1. Of 1 <y loLeod, a tlpeaed ibtrf. T fs ib'oo a b gb and ro.l aorve Froa tint to lu t , of Iffo’i loot And ibra* ll all. moat clear to 4 Qod’a toviag band o-er l-adtnx i *Tt« Lbtao to txaro 3oeo eacli dmj •fremod trotb »n4 (« iW m t^ vitbllesrio'^rtCeciM JkJxA cIiMced to day tby trooblc 1 n g:bL. r'?T« ’Ttt tblc* to bar* tarvf d both Tbrunsbhnt t te't full aUetted i Acd lay op prtoel-a» treasures And atore them tor t i t upper T a thine to have teaa. 4s see Tba marvala ihal oar God eaa The mnstord-ased of tAilb and Grow to bogo trees of woedroi Tia thins to bar* aesn, not sre i by alL Qod’a work go os, tbo* workaai « bdlt Oo 03 ont^adored Ikro’ tb* agi W ka#f*nttagood,.u»e»wvoi \ T ts thtn<^ a t tsorik. swhit* t* Rjreno be*:do ib* pesriy gato Tbi gal*. wboM poriAS *33B • And erewn w ih M-»a !*-y HIM it* hope. —R« t . baa. U th. u Wsu-kaii 3 through llA ’rb i s D arton is Pow e lli keat cload. to to abxxind. I|h». }»d aafiaisM I J r taw, \hMuhl. T E t a t . Y O U I t N E I G H B O R S lAROSMA - H B U C H U l i ” LlyER^&iDNEV K EUSl * faltr trlsl. Otenambev, u NEVER FAILS TOiVE 6 RELIEF! ■•OMtiMttoarftErwnu csrrl NT 9^ • hmt\ tUsTf vfcUk haA trovblwd Krr t»f «»«f i W m “ T»«flS8 UiMkNl&8«» wlkr» I W’Jl UlA LR. THOMPSON A PO»lVIVB*Ot’AnA,NTKK. ^ “ for rick sn.l Nerron, ilraJarbc. renaii W eilkeii, In<hge«tian, conriipauon, asd ahenmatuia. We will refund Ihr t>rice of U»«-first trial'Box that fall*, to bcm-Ot pnr- chitaer. I>o sot let prejadtee aland In your llgkLhotxo at once kbd puiehaao a box, onO ta BuScIeoteot too teat the a cr rito iloll uvi*vi* ralnafale dis- BuScI t teat the a c u rail covery Fifty day* treatment for o Fifty pills in etch box. Price ocfi < roH«P illy pills In etch' box. Price oua ”} per box.. K obo n&ulBB without the a1»o/eciiton •ctxch box* Bcwxro of w«rtlsl<r88 tmitaUoaA. D a A a T a A F . K A I L W A Y . • Tikai fifed 8uBdty.JnnelAl89ldlHo'clOC* m, sbYIXtaias ma by gastern Standard Time H E A L T H J J I h W X ^ X J T T , •wlft^ flpaeifio ktfi e « a wbUo twriUccortbasronl tyijb ICoratlta twenty p k eeaeftooeeswoott fberlig; fiha WMD0iahlfii9iraaii>raii|ht» niHaiHlsra* omeraMmmyatm, TtoStoetom livkiis * f ipw. 4*8*0, kwt t wPeiiit, gotytit M**iK8.St8. m m M tm r m w r n tm d a lm fm t taaqraiM . Mm tm m fimmum, <? <>•« ItoMiiiawMaat m i ijtttJl mnwnBH t tm H m m C»o tm rnM , l i l i jg'sl • all! Ik ;s t £!8 « U 4 » iilp« IlliB l i i i l M iM l l M • s a i l 47 f w u t d l U I t t t •kUUawN jUly_D 4 d* M i^tlrrilii S?; JaimloB , rrvmibtirx fmumrrn<i SorthW^ t XrrUatoa r o ^ a v aie avroJTwiey » • it Mot Kb t tta pm p a tl 90 « 45 .1 or 11 10 e S3 jO - io l i «'w io » i0 44 4 10 1 g » . 10 9( « 00 10 » , I « , 7 « X ■WH. 1 ll a p , m ‘ j. ty ^TantMica or I W ‘ O f ^ t d p t r i i •r gtOEaio ty li J 'i m a t f b k a OiV„ fcx. jHalt- STATAOafi. taas!\ Kradibrd ?! ’ll* liio w M flO- MijJOkwtt IS U 1 • 3 t o t im i s Ii l/lrwt Uoute to N e w Y o rk, P h i l a d e l p h i a , B a U im o M W f ish ln g f o n , E lm iri, B inghhfflv to n , B r a d f o r d , J a n t t t t o w n LNI> ALI- POINTS E.\ 8 T ASU SOUTU, T I M E T A B i I e . 0,1 and Hfter NoTOtnber J7lb, Ifisa. traiBB leave Dunkirk b S lolio.vra, Kas'em.Standard Time: <7, Ai; A M Ptlly-No. iM itf Bf|piy»s- /■iUO A , m , Sbqtaatall ataUona to llom- ellaviilc and rcachc* New.York a t 10:37 p m. “finncruai ina\'Um,N. Y. for Jtmcttown.'Oo- w ^ d s Bud Buffalo ai>d at CarrriUon tor Ursd-- 0 , O A D M Kxoftiit S n m U y N o . T J - CtOU f a iVI KrtslK^t amlAccommodiiUun— Htu|>8 nt All 8tntiooa to SalfttaxnGX* O iQ C lO m i* l>afly-No I8-Atl«ttt(c fix- r • If fat pru»M BtntM At prinrlpAl a<^ti««nB to noniRiUvUlo And reAcliet >iewYor9 :i| i*V2 A« ID. rtUltnau 8lcemtig C aih - fr4*m ern I'anBCtigor Agent, ItuffalOiN. T, kuii* ■ T i f f t FURNITURE CO. ^iA L iriM l Chautauqua Lake R R.| Time u b le—In- effect'Nov. 4 ,18». Eos tfirn Tl me, (76th Meridian.) Is oranactloB with L. S. A M. B. By.. » r STATIOtfg ;» aT S 11 ? I' W*ra'r:;:r.rM^:;;:r 8 ^ * 0 ^ ilfp f i g - pki la eonbectlon with W. N. T. A P. Ry. f i r l?l g£S*:»L All trains daily except Sunday. L. 8. A M. .9. nulatge books accapted for pt o )— ■* ------- *---------- ' J. kfdxaAT avkica , I a . P. A.. Oen*l Managar. Jamesto»rn.N Y. ' T H E N W K M X r P L A T E . New Vouc, CfUCAOWAito S t < LovJt I tli^ A n ITie frilowing ia U b * eertMtad la Jui l^ t i n i deptri trM and amra tt U nhw J way Depot. Van Uurae-SuChkaga, aad N. L. f t a Tt’X Depot. Buffal*. All traiaa 4 except Suaday. LdlriTfioriNoj' fOOo| 1 ftuflAlA^ fojO R a /V I vw 10 4 I 1 IdlCWAO^l :?§■ i s , ^ 3 i s i : * Dunkirk Otnnmut A F sedoxu 8 t .. B. K w .‘<a*a. aw*. Sto, Wcalfield Nofih Bati Erie ’”.J - - {diS %gs? •$IS.W .C ii>cag*.-i »»fiil>tari»ffw4' 1 \. ■v-to g s i l j '\ ' ......

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