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Lake shore news and times. (Silver Creek, N.Y.) 1946-1960, July 02, 1959, Image 9

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ed this: R.t\'l:nual Creek: to be- 29, at :b. tail'lnan e. 'I'he- P. ll1 bar be~ a 5 to ' golf :tt 1'ti- ) thos~ _Robert : entel'- - oNE OF THE MOST POPULAR EtVENT~ ATiHO. COUNTY FAIR OF 50 ~EAR5 AGO, WA$ TflEIEAM PLOWING CONTE H. ALTHOUGH THE CONTEST$ REMAIN ON lH~ PROGRAM AT SO.\iE COUNl'f' FAIRS TODAY, TKE WORK HORSE$ ARE KEPT FOR )E1'111M~NTAL REMON$ OR \HOBBY\ PURPOSES. · Nfiss 'Kelley Takes Vows In Church af Geneva · , Th& First Presb:y:terian Church of Geneva was the scene for I yel.low roses the marriage of Miss Nancy semble. . E:elley, daughter of Mr .. and ' Fr;d~>nck P,. Bowden III o~ i\Irs .. Jo1m .D. Kelley of Forest-)Barrmgton., R. I. was the bes\ vill~ and Ellis s Hammond man and ushe1·s were Anthony on- of ]';fr .. and M~·s. Harr; G: T. G. Pallet of New Rochelle, Hammond of Hartland, Vt., on 'ian~· Georg.e ~~1ller of Rochester. Saturday, June· 20 at 2 p. m. · _he br1de s :t_Uother chose. a I The double ring ceremony \po~der blue chl:ffon fu. ess fee- was performed' by the Rev. tun7'g an ~mlH'Olde~ed organdy James MacDonnell, pastor of ~o.diee a~d 'full_ ·prmcess cock- the church. . I '~ length ~h\ll't. She woTe ·\ Given in marriage by heT I whTlte acc:dssm:les. ' . . • father, the bride wore a -gown he bn egroom-s _mother ,e- of Chantilly lace and nylon.. tulle , !ected r::avy blue ch;ffon, fash- b ·a 1 '-'-· 'th b f' 1oned. w1th a lace tr1mmed bod- over n a saccu, '1\\1 a ou- - . d t h' · fant cocktail length skirt. fea- lce an . ma .c ung accessorre_s. turing_ a tunic overskirt a'f sat- They both wore a wh1te orchid corsage. n overlayed ;with scalloped lace Follow'ing the ceTemony, a re- scat-tered with seed 'Pearls and - -ception for about 75 guests was ~quins; a tUlle_ dust ruffle out- held at the Geneva Country line~ the hemlm~- The b_asque Club. , .. 'bodice was f:'sh1oned . mth a For. a wedding trip to Bas- scalloped sabrma _ne.cklme anc11ton and the ·New England short _ sl:eTes. A Juher. . cap_ of states, the bride selected a j,;ck- matchin~ .ace etch~d Wl~h oee~ [ et dress of crushed linen pow- p~arls held_ th_e f:ngertlp ve1l der blue with white accessories o~ French silk 1llus'J.n . .She car- and a white orchid c-m·sage. ned a spray _of wll'lte rosebuds The bride is a 1955 alum11a and stephanotis. of Forestville Central Hio11 Miss Barbara Yeager of B'uf- School and a 1959 o-radnate ~f OF MORE PRACI:ICALINTEREIT TO FARM lOR~ ATTIONDING f 1 ~h . d f 1 1 She ~ COUNTY FAIRS TODP.'Y ARE THE TRACTOR CONTE)T$ POWERFUL a 0 Was '' e n;m 0 lOno ·. '~ 'William Smith College, Geneva. ~RACTDRS AND MOTOR FUEL) t<1AKE n<r:> COMPETITION wore a. coch-tail length gown o~ The bl'idegroom is a 1957 zradu- EXCITlN&.HERE,:UREXAMPLE,AN LP-G<A> FUEL TRACTOR powder blue taffeta which fea- ate of Hobart College a~d at PULLS AH~Ao. ~P-&A5 .!!'&ROWIN& IN POPULARITY AS tured a ·v -neckline, cap sleeves, present is assistant to the direct- ~:;;~~s~~~:TEEC:~;0~di.O PLUS OCTANE RATING and bouffant skirt. Harmoniz- or of Admissio~s at Hobm·t. ~==========================~- ing blue, tr~ accented the_ neck Ivir. and Mrs. Hammond, after - and wa1stlme. A blue J:nllbox their wedding trip, will reside hat, blue shoes and a spray of at 480 Washington ,st., Geneva. Summer Youth , r c~ty was b\)sieged by Mon- land structures o:f Wood cbuild- popery. The N orthern£l'S exhi- · gals, ~he defenders cooked up :plaster had 'been added;.' bited. their firework~ before the a bate~ of saltpeter, sulfur and i In 1520, w'hen Henry Vill show, for ali to admire, and charcoal and frightened their, met Francis I on the Field of, then made -them the important attackers wj.th \arrows of fly-J the Cioth of Gold in· ·Northern Jart of the display. ing fire.\ ., iFrance 1 the historic moment was · W'hlle the two scliools fumed Arabs were' quick to copy. 'celebrated by the appearance of over their firecrackers, , fire- these. weapons, which p1oobably !a huge dragon that thundered . works crossed the Atlantic a11d were rockets. The CrusadeTs j across the sky breathing fire. becarne an American institutioff. brought them back to Euro-pe, 1 B'y the 1600's, fireworks had ment in Gem1any, . *'----- where the Italians discovered :dev:eloped into such an art that Italian procedme SHOP IN SILVER CREEK that they made fancy exhibitions 'two schools of thought had.' 7;-Z=.:;-~-c;:<;::;::;_;:~<;;;:;:::~;::;:=;::~<;;;:;:::~;:<c=;::~:<:;:.<::~;:.:<c=;::~<;;;:;:::;;; 1 as well as formidable weapons. m·isen to argue oveT methods .By the time fireworks sp1·ead of display. · .. England and France, ·figures The Southern school, -centel'ed New Dividend Period STARTS JULY ·1st Deposits on yqur savings account made by July 1Oth earn dividends from July 1st. Current Dividend . Systematic Savings Accounts 11f: 2 .0A· ·. 0 . A definite amo1.mt each week or month until maturity. Regular divi- dends compounded. Savings Accounts On which no xegulax payroents are Tequired. iSave as you v.rish. Divi- dends compounded. Income Accounts Issued in multipl~s of $100.00. Dividend checks mailed. Savings received by the 1Oth of the month· earn dividends from the. first ~ay of the month~ JAMESTOWN SAVI'NGS·AND LOAN Per Annum at Maturity . Per AnnUm ~ld, ~rcbard · 2095 Blakely Rd., East Aurora A Place of Charm ... , Where Good Food is· Served NOW SERVING BUFFET SUPPERS Every Wednesday E,;ening \ Serving From 5 to 9 p. m. Phone; Cypress 4664 for Reservations e Luncheon Daily- 12 to 2:30 ,P· m. Forestvi Progra111 to en Monday John A clams Gets Credit ASSOCIATION 0----.......:....------1 ~or t:J~Pt::iUI.or 1 ''S l~-\ A-m· e'~~'/·1\.3 SILVER CREEK .OFFICE SAVINGS ACCOUNTS The Forest,·ille Youth Rec:,-ea- r~ rJ l II# t'ir 1 1/f, II !J J i.U and 41 Dinner Daily - 5 to 9 p. m. e Sunday Dinner - 12 to 9 p. rh. tion Summer Program will start KINGSTON TRIO COli!IING \A Part of All You Earn CHARLES and JOYCE ROOF Monday-, July 6. TO CHAUTAUQUA JULY 11 Who put tlle fiTewoTks in the\ . is Yours to Keep\ F!RSl MORTGAGE The program wili Tun for Fomth of ~ 1 \ Chinese. LOANS INVITED se;-en weeks, l\Ionday through Clhautau qua-'\W e . want to Much ofJ ut~~ credic g·oe- to I _'I=n~l:2:3~2~·tiA.:::.D':.::.,_':~:=__.':.__:C:=hin:::· :::-~-============================~~:=::::=:::==:::=:=:::=::=::::==:::::s::=:=::::=:::=2::::S::=:=:::::=:::==:::=:::=:=::::=:s;. Frl .daY throucrh A.uo-. 21. Hou1·s +na r:e each song· hve,· 1 says Dave . ;:;, - \ ~ ~ - G d f T K' c - Jolm Adams accorchno· to The .c 0 r the pla\t\!!round '\\ill be 1 to n~r 0 ·b:e 1ngston Inol! v;- l ' o . 'l 1 5 . -;,_ -anc't6:30 to 8:30 p. m.lan~ how well they succeed in 'lord_ Book LEn~yclopec:m- -~e j} ~· r' --• •. ll •. ·•· _ domo·. exactlv thac 1 · 8 -on ethi 0 . Founding Fachei. declared tl1<,t For we .ul:~L L>1n1e a actiVhie~. ~ ~ L- ;:, l nb - , d D \ . 1 t t · - ' - \. f b - b - 1 . Chautauquans can 'nav~ +h 1 a .lnaepen ence ay oug 1 o ne wTrh :ne e....\\:cePdOU o a::::.e aL 1 1 . ,... \ e P e - 1 · d 'th l '.' b l' ld ~-.!.. \\'-h El .... -. - sure of ·hearino· 01\1 Saturday so emmze WI pmnp anc pa- wili e .e ~' ' ~ em en caL~ , J 1 o • ' rade with shows o·ames sports SchooL Baileball \nil be at the~- u_y ll. rr ' ll f: .b .J • 1 . - · 1 b 11 d' d For theh· aupea\'\nce tl • ~uns, be s, bon ues, and Ilium- high ::-cnoo a_ 1an1on . . . - -\ .La. laL · · · ·· ~ l f \-1; - I e,·emng m the Char•auqua A.:tn- matrons, nom one enc o , 1 .s 'Ihis year tl1e sunune1~ _pro- phitheate·~ \-:.-e '\frio lt _\t::le - ~ continent to tl;le othe1·, ~rom this gram will be under the direc- G ·d }3 j;\ Sl ' n,::- ·d u.p __ 0 ~ time forward for evermore.\ lion of :.'IIr_·-.~- Gei·ald Belote as- I RU~ll 1' l 0 \11 dlane all c':cl.. So n·om that time fo'\ward •.,.;:... 0 ~ b 'f-- J ~ ]:; h ·t e.fllO C S;r \\\~ _ ra\\r 011 a \VIC e , , . - ~ , H\''a ' \ Lb. ame_ .Li,er m - I- . ., . · · · £ -he bn-thday of th U S has 1 C · 1 -· 1 b · 1 1 .~..·ange o.... tnateTial ll'Ol11 1nanv L _ e . . f - \' , -U •cL\ o ror a nc 1 ptog-ram. _ . . Pan oo.ey ·\YlU e m c large I conn' r.->e- \ . . · 1 . . • been marked by brilliant explo- o bv.~eoa ·. ~ Son 1 e of it ~-ill be familiar~ s1ons of color and no1se . . . -. As 1~ past y;aTs there ~1ll be I fro 111 their recordings and TV and the _deaths ancl accidents ~any torms OI arts,. crart.s and appearance.s; hluch of -it \\ill be that invariably acco1npa11Y then1. EJ)Orts offered.. I fresh n1ate1ial tl~eated .. in their 1 A.mericansl ho~<vever 1 got the The Red Cross swi1~uning I c'i.stinc\':.i'.-e s-;:: ... -1~. 41 I idea for fireworks fron1 Eu:::op~ da3i:eS a~ the T?\ 1 -n. of Hano\t\ei' f And of courae, they]l. sing 1 eans, who got the idea fl:om. the Beach 'In!! also ne a part. o_f the i their sad tale of Tom Dooley.j-'Uabs, who merely cop1ecl the su. mn:e1· ~rogTan:t~ T}le nunm:1un1 1 Their Tecording· of that ha;; I -7lt ~~-----g; age Ior the SWJ.llllTilng pr-ogram I nov~~ sold OYer One n1illion cop- - is se•en years old. Transporta-l ies and is still o·oino· strono-. For Information on hon v.ill be furnished fron1 the __ ' -~-~- <:o '=' . o , HOME DEUVERY Fore.ot>illa High School and re- i tum for the morning and afte' no-on elas.s.es. The morning bus .till leaYe at 9 a. m. and return at 12,30 p. m. The afternoon classes will lea'e the high school at 11:30 a. m. and return ' at 3 p. m. l For Fl?EE .book:~~ wr;!e+ ' 1 AMERIGMi C:l.DlCi:R SOCIETY DaHy and Sunday !n\!uire at DEWEY SEllER Old lake Shore Rd., Irving . Fhone YE 4-3908 'fl!e minimum age for the playg-.cound Vlill be fh·e years. Smaller children attending the playground will be sent home J ~=============-.J~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ immed.iate1v and 'Parents are j - asked to cooperate '\vtth th1s I rule. Older children bringin\ I pre-seho. ol boys and girls to the :p:ayground will haYe to be in complete charge of chem and the Recreation Commission and its leaders \\ill in no \Ya;; be responsible for them Ol'. any accident that may occm:. Boys and girls attending ar:e a:'o reminded that any persona1 I p~operty they may bring to the playground with them is tr,eir Teaponsibility and not that of the playground personneL The director and leaders are respon3ible for the conduct and a\ti'itie$ of the children attend- ing the playground and anyone uot abiding by the rules and regulations of then1 »'\ill be pun- ished accordingly. Parents are reminded that manv times theil· children will be on. and off the playground se-veral times during the day and that the personnel cannnc, naturally;· be responsible fm· them when they leave. The Youth Recreation Com- miss:on will welcome all adults v'citi: :;· t2e playgTound to see the rhJ! -~ren pa-rticipating In their activltie.~. Any.;r.e desiring information 1 on the ;ummer playground rnay contact Mrs. John Bradigan, chairr;; an of the Recreation Comm~~Blon or any one of the following members.: Mrs. Lee T. Adams, Mrs. Theodore Peterson, 11rs. Fred Payne or H. L. Wendell. Come in a~d see ·j I Our Bet~utiful New ,. f 1 .. me o ••• PERSONAUZED NAPKINS FOR AU. OCCAS10NS ® Birthday II Anniversary ~ Showers Cocktail, l.uncheo~ and Dinner Size Napkins, Matches and Coasters 271 Central Ave. Phone YE 4-2677 Setting the Dote? ... THEN IT'S TIME T-0 MAKE ANOTHER- t l - .. .: ::-. for our camera to cover the' story of your ·~adding J Yom entire wedding story told in enchanting pictures! From home- to church-to reception-our photographer captures every highlight in a series o£ happy, unposed, natural eandids that .preserve the beauty of the day forever. Set the date with our studio now .. ; stop in today or call for an appointment. J LIE STUDIO NEW LOCATION - 6 BAYVIEW AVE. Off Central f>,_ve ..:._ Near State Police Barracks ' Enjoy the bright taste of Genesee . ... take home a six-pack tonight! ·Only Genesee _ b(ews exclusively with the pure \Water of spring-fed Hemlock Lake. It's water. that's naturally pure ... natu·rally soft.,. naturally perfect for brewing fine beer. That's why Hemlock Lake water makes the difference ... adds i:he bright taste to Genesee beer! It's the beer that gives you·· a good reaso,n for being better. Why don't you pick up a six-pack of Genesee ... tonight! ' :rH£ GENESEE BREYii·HG COMP.ANY 1 INC-.1 P.OCHEST.E.R, fi, Y.

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