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Lake shore news and times. (Silver Creek, N.Y.) 1946-1960, October 10, 1946, Image 2

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1 ;l:J;) 19-±0 l!l+l 194:2 1q.+:r __ lfi44 1945 12.16 91 88 = 1!146 220.7fj• ·-Treaduly figures not a'a1lable for 194S. Th1s 1s only an estimate. You hear many people tall: glibely about the \la>Y of supply and demand.'' ~Ve wonder if 1t ever oeeunecl to any of the,;(' g-ood people that the so-called \law or supply and de- mand\ also effrc·ts the value of our dollars. lt is of c·ourse reeogni zt'd that the amount of mottf'y 1)1 aeec1 in ('ll'Cl 1 lation by the government i . ., not the unl.) fac-tor tlMt l'egulates the Yalue of doll an; The amount of c·redits a1 ailahle \As clehaied b:y Dr. Ernsi P. Boas Chairman, Phy.:sicians Forum. for Studr of Medical Care; ;issistant Professor of Clh•ical .~!edicine, Dr. iW<>rris Fishhdn EciltoY, Journal, AnJ.e..d1.J.rn ,1J edicrrl A11sodatimJ.._ and B:rgeia. the lleaith iH aga.zin.e Columbia Universit') :___-~-~---.: !JR. FISHt;I;;'~' CHALLENGES: Tnts 1' ~be fi1..t -pue that anyone nas ever had the efhontery to ins1nuate tbat med1cal practice is conducted onmanly for \-' benefit of. the doc- tors 'lhe peool~ of the Umted States are the best l'lsured people in the wor 1 d ror ltfe msurance; already al- mosl 25 000.000 aJ e covered with vol- untary s1ckne~s t•1surance That tech- nlque 1s growmg rapidly and should be g1ven a thorough trial before~lt Is scrapped rn benal1 of a state-con- trolled system It is qmbbllng w1th wctrds to ms1n ua Le that fed era 1 com- pu1sory sickness msurance 1s not state med1cine, those who hold the purse conti ol the acUvities. Dlt. BOAS REPLIES! It must he our ailn to prov1de adequate med1cal service to all. Repeated suneys dur- mg the past ten ye~~rs have shovv-n that fully half of our population, un- atded, cannot afford to buy such ser- Vice, and that actually they do not recewe it. Voluntary health insur- ance cannot s)lpply this need, tor complete medical coverage is too ex- pensive for most wage earneu. The plans Dr. Fishbem discusses are very lncompleta and madequate. The only alternative to compulsory health in- sm ance with contrlbutozy payments by employee and employer Is a rapid •xtens!on of tax-.rupported medical serv1ees, which leads directly to state med1cme. DR BOAS CHALLENGES. lt Js con1fort1ng that D1 F1shbem has d1s~ covered that the dJstnbutlon of medi- cal care 1s inadequate; that rnecUcaJ care should be ava1lable to sll H1s advocacy of the va110Us vo1un t.,ejr-Y 1nsu1 anc:e plans shows his education has jltSt Degun. Voluntary plans cover abottt 10% of the populat1on and w1th few exceptlons provide very Incom- plete medical care. To say alteratwn m method of payment for med1cal care Wlll cause deterlmation ot medl- cal practice mtlmates doctors wor\k for profit only. The medical profes- sion has not assumed leadershin-\t has been pushed mto unw11lmg. ex- penmentatwn with voluntary health msurance, and Js st1ll trymg to de- feat a thorough reorientatwn of medi- cal prachce to the needs of today. DR. FISHBEIN' REPLIES: Actually most of the more recent surveys in- dicate that at }east 30% of Amenca's workers are now covered by hospr- tahzation 1nsurance, and more than 20 milhon others by voluntary surg,. cal and other sickness plans. Who can say bureaucratic governmental care would be betrer than that prov1ded by voluntary sickness insurance? Has bureaucracy ever 'demonstrated the efficiency that is inherently associ· a ted with private initiative? Dr. Boas' proposals merely mean more politi- cal jobs and more political controls. The constant tear of loss o! benefits already paid !or, ~epeat, would com- pel obedience and servility to the bureaucra~y in power. . m the first full peace-time ~seal year, WJth na:boJJal it1come oldnlg close to th-e war-l::ln1e Jeaks_, t11e governn1ent is stilJ perati11g in the red. As a~ resul1;1 bus1n ess In en and cononnsts are urging 1 nore s+rong- v thar, ever the achievement of a :la,nced budget to aid the rdurn t tne natJOlJ to econmmc stalnlity The unbalan~ecl budget 13 re~ a1:dcd by economists as one of the tam_ sources of the inflationa~y l&e m pnces. The Chamber of Commerce of the Jmced Stdtes. :representing busi- ':ss V1ews m the natwn's capJta], alls the 19,.6-47 burlo-et \dl. . . ~~ sap- J,mntlngly high\ and u..;..gcs cuts in ,, ederal spendmg as the key to fi- stab1ht;,T. Not Fiddle, But Bagpipe, Played by Nero in Rome T '0 rain Phone 39 Representing TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS A preferred, ;;otal par $50,000.00, retirable Yalue $50,000.00 IRate of dhidends on retirable value is 3% l (b) Class B prefened. total par $25,000.00, retirable ntlue $25,000.00. (Rate of rliVldends 011 retir:able value 5%1 (cJ Common st\ock total par $75,000.00. Smplus Undivided profits Reoerves (and retirement account for TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 1 I Jl. ' IL\RiLl

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