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Lowville leader and Lyons-Leyden ledger. (Lowville, N.Y.) 1953-19??, March 18, 1954, Image 1

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GiV Support The Cross Red Cross Goal Lowville Leader yons- For Relief From THE BEEF TRUST handicap is on Charlie Cruepe and. I weighed in at Curtis 3 Market Monday morn- ing- ,The bet is to see who can lose the most in two weeks and I t'linl- that Charlie had horse shoes, in his poekets because he tipped -tipped, he darn near broke them - the scales at 267. Me' A tmj 198. He says he's moved his belt up two noteb.es already but I tlunk he's mmctang new holes N E W YORK, BOSTON and Dublin had nothing on Lew ls Couatj on ai St Paiucksetaj There «eiepait.} Mls John Mumfoid les at the Hitching 1 Post Cioss- JHaip Mjs J(jlm M roads] and the Elks, at, wall as, .many othei places At the [Elks Alvin Coon O Buikhard Vi'atei McBandj-ch and Ken Q J Foid|w.eie to wait until next M •r. - 'v /••;• : The :: .19.§4.'. : go.al-.-bf •• the;-: American Red Cross fund' drive in Lewis Co- .mty which, got underw:ay last .vyeek : and.-will last until April 1,. . . —„—-. ——-— . • ... , - - - has been;set'at,$68&^according{ B b^ e ^.^.^g I Sg I g' COP^fcNTBW; gQifflji,.l^sday/jaarch^g,;#&; N*. .16, jj^Veci^t^ .D. y ;0aTn%,:Zlj6y/v0e t JoJnty Chairman. A, total of 41.2 . ,.j£ cent, of, the..-money .collected, v.iil be kept \in the-county; ' •'.' .... Area chairmen-; are. Castorland _and'''Naumburg;,\'- Mrs:' Jack Nus-- pligexj..-Beaver -fe'alls, • Mrs.\- Elbeft p-alton;. Gribgh,an, .Mrs. Francis .'A.' Duflo';, Harrisyille* ancUthe townv. of Diana,. ;Mrsl,,Gladys Van . Wy\ke.; Port \Leyctenl and\ Cpnstabjeyflle, LVoris'Falls, Turin, and Lyohsdale, Mrs. v ,;Ken;neth- ; Slifefc: Gienfieldi MartinsbLu-g-;; ..Greig' arid Watson, Mrs. Qrace'Howeil; LowvilleivMrs., Gerald 1 ..Allen and. Eow.vjlle;. : rural f area;-.Mrs.' -JdnhfRpss-' ' : \ v . ••;' ' towyiHe;; village district • chair-- To Leave For New | petition signed by a dozen resi- [ dents of River street urged the milage board for action on the 'problem of v\ater which floods eel- ~f~t Willaid EL Cronev who has been soil suivevoi and has done soil conseiviation v> otk in the Low- distuct office foi the past five >eai& hat, ttaxisf cried to the flood contioi unit of the soil conseiva- tion sen ice of Ihe joint Ene-Wy- His of the village during heavy lam oi thaw The village board expects moie petitions to be &u.b- nutted as. indications have been, made that more aie being ciiculat- ed The River Street petition. \vas •siibmiited at thc» board meeting held Tuesday aiternooi um ing the ejection in the fire hall 17th to end the ball Harry To Wi ;T#O ; ; eBEA : iV;to&_tr.e:_treafs. in-; •^eHras-jOSun.ty;v Jiasi-. vV'eek^ndjwittx ':jthe>%str; M_lft'.at' : the ;iica|einy:i- : -The •WMertovvn : Male IChcfus •.^ndji'^e^'' 'B:btfk, : -a«a:;.(3&tdie.\ r -&t j fertth tlie • Women-; e>f : Song -will. ap-. ; : ^^JPi^jo^s^;ait,'.COQinsvl!Jei;' f^\ pear ,%.^^V-Eo^Qe^f-Acaaekiy^ ;fie4ira^,iothln^-M^-raves' f^ *'of,/i6^^iy-3g!yieii:;/ir^-ocple : S#ho> ;were yipt patents of -one^Jof; tfe members , : of'/the: casfVvvere praMng- the Red •WfiQ prodtioiionii \Mis§ Van Brodk- ^linj'Sfiss^'ScTKasib/ -tiie: c^st and ;ajl oming'.\ cons eKvja.tioii; ;: . diStiuct' at 'East 'AurotarHe Wajj^a.Ssujdie''his' neysf-, AAt e ' 3 i ^Sy ; ;'5V iliS- )iti(jft»?<if-' gt;^th^;;fpcifl•\pf'|ice;;Sa3'.•ript^bBt!tf^•: : namfed..'.;.•;.;';\;'.. v.;.;.'• : '-[,: : '..;'• • : -':\;.l;r ...• 'Miv.-Gropev^.-a'.gradiiite' of -the'-j.' llnive'i-s'ity.' oi I5''eiavy.'a.r&.. -wiieie\ ; in..s'c>.ii. .te0hijo)o.gy' and •'.e.ii-,| : • _^vv^;rii<)ye:-Kis/wife, ;tii&|' r-^PVe th-aiilSO ~pffrs0m 'atteJrd>d; : V 'E-iteen' '•VV'!sfe/:,.a^\daugi^V.'th'R ;anniai ;Coin^n'iQ».;lM : eaKfa;st'- £inda,3;.V&aa-:-Lielse;^;;f;;;tbV ©P-iaife^Kni^D^^-bl'/GelijmSu^ A'nroF^^sVmj^inie'.lBa^^prii;. ^••A^' : .^smk:^^^-yki : ..-St < - after^.sisiling M& izpiAe-, oM ;Cli#on, ^e.-ter's^ .fchflxch .hall. guaday* movp.--,. y lm, Mss S, the others that worked so hard aie to be congratulated. Mary Bammage uas fine, om the iemjn- me lead as were 1;he others m their roles. WEEKLY EDITORS' don t usually get the loot that comes to then big city biotheis, but this week the Dell Publishexs sent us a copy ot a pocket book, Fever Heat' by Angus Vickei, a stoiy about stock cax racing Foi the two Dit book well give it a good reccomenda- tion It sure gives the picture ot the races and the lives ot the men who risk their all ior little or no- thing It would make a great mo- vie too FJREMEN made a St. Patrick's night run to the home oX Mrs. Har- old Donnelly who Irves in the stone house near the park, but the fire was onl> m the kitchen stove and no damage was done. PANTHER MT DAM lost by one vote in Albany Wednesday But it will be biougnt up again, accoid- mg to its supporters ANYO-CE WANT TO SIOX a pet- ition to get Pinkj Lee oft the TV Clarence Kilburn Announces His Candidacy In Race Rep, Clarence E Kilburn, Ma- lone Republican, said today he is a candidate for re-election for the 33d Congressional district compris- ing Franklin, Jefferson, St LaW- rence, Lewis and Oswego counties Ham Dxake, ot Port LejJen Oom the town ol Lev- Stieet J deacon of the Mfemey,..; ^ andiieiiglpn. :^Rt RevCa TOvv:n':ipeh;arid\;\>vomen have : be'Sn' iftOk-^rodiKeFS.'.;pK5iblems;'and : ^ili|toittee: aM if Noah's^'Ark! & is j f^tcf, '.gave. organized.for;.?5^yjears; and'haye ^ e et';^th\:Sfeeretey,of:AgJCicuitufe;^ sored;by ;^he.L^koian-^atf) ;l-;; \ .^^ ••\ The; -.chopus-, 'a-giioup^of^atfrf-jfQf 'ffie' ; ?%cutive..U coinjiiuttek:! ori||s'^ appealed, most lecently, in Low- ville m 1950, sponsored by the Kiwarus club The group features a Fred Waung type of progiam dnd is very popular all over the \\Nojth Country and m Canada . Under .the. .direction of, George E. ,EEayes, the -two choral...groups. wiL. present \Concert for Spring' accompanied by Mis Magdalene York. Soloists are Henry. Parker and Graham Stone The concert wall begin at S 15 Heart Committee Members To Be At Confab In City Representatives of the Heart Committee of Lewis County Heal- th Association will attend the 3rd annual New York Heart Assembly m Syracuse, March 19-20, it was announced today by Mrs Artnetta Boyd, executive secretary of the association Attending will be Mrs L P M Gaylord, and Mrs Boyd Mrs Carl Shaver, Mrs Bernard Ba'bel, Mrs Michael Curley, Public Health Nurses will attend and Mrs Brad- ford Bramhall school nurse on the board of cooperative services, Dr Elbert Dalton and Dr John Myers SENIORS TO HOLD DRIVE SATURDAY AIX DAY The Lowville Academy- seniors will hold a paper drive this Satur- day, March 20th and ask that any one who has papers to donate, to leave them at the cunb, bundled up; Ezra T Benson on March 24th m j Troop 68 Ithaca to piotest the cut m parity from 90 to 75 pei cent Benson will be in Cornell to speak when the inter-county committee will take up the issue with the Secretary Dave. Roberts., Board of -Supervisor chanman wtll also be piesent at the meeting Dinner To Honor Engineer Tonight Chamber of Commerce President Mark Zehr and R K Walsh, with attorneys George -S and George E Reed will attend a testimonial dinner Thursday night m the Ho- tel Woodruff, Watertown, honor- ing Asa George, engineer of the New Yoik State Power Authority The dinner is being given by the Jefferson - Lewis chapter of the Society of Profesional Engineers 1^4^:'.%^ v.|*4*» •¥. i i*J.-G;-l;* •;•:.•••\ - ;•'.' ,','/A group .'of six ;Levyis.; County • meii left ;ffir inductionJ• into;,the j Afiny We<3nes3ay. mprhing at 'ths j Syra'ctvse' induction arid\ examining 1 ^station.;';/ .;.-..,•\ '-• ':•: : \ y':\[ : •:-'>./. ,', Leaving. Ior voluntary. induction, were,6ran Gj p.rtlleb,.Martlns.bui-g, ' Jess'e S.; Schahtz, Lowryille, RD. .1 •; Douglas, F, Robbins, Cai-tlage,. RJD; ^;'..^i;-lia^ence^R;. : ^ar0fey,;-Sarr' tJiage:Rp,i.. .';,\'.•.. .'\\;'.. .'\..\-'.;/•'.'>';\•' :.'••• Als.o.;iekying. : fprj'inductipii'.were Howard E,.,: Hopttel,; • 'Cas.torlahd;.; arid. Edward\ 'C ; ?pahisheyski, Low-'. viifelu> ; 5r:;\'-'-'^:: ? ' ;s ;;-'':'' : iv \\- .Jo^n'.:A;/:-Cfit|e^ r ,:\.invo.caiion. and.\ 0 | |Mso : : .spoke;' SJigs'ts it ;the. bi-.eakf ast : inc|u;deij tfie| Golun\bJa.n,.:\Squirqs r ' :©&y^;Scput;;-;T'^p:.'-7i; :: \ina'33tar : ! .b©ys'a.iid' : rne.n'of • the; .garish;-;-,.,,, •\• LLOYD COOK HOME OTtOM CHICAGO BUSINESS TRXP Mr Lloyd Cook, son of Mr and Mrs George R Cook, an account- ant for the Continental Casualty Company, recently returned from a business trip to Chicago K of C* and D of I ST. PADDY'S PARTY SET FOR SUNDAY The St Patrick's party for the iKmghts of Columbus and the Dau- ghters of Tsatella will 'be held Sunday, Ma.rch 21 at the K of C rooms Members are asked to bring a covered dish an|3 table service Supper will be served at 6.30 Cof- fee and rolls will foe furnished. Slate Elected In Village Vote Thirty-eight voters turned out Tuesday to elect two trustees and a police justice m the annual vill- age election Everything went ac- cording to caucus and Leon Davis and Robert Lyng were re-elected trustees and Kenneth B Wolfe was re-elected as police justice The Voting was an increase of six ovei last year YOUTH FOR CHRIST TO HEAR WACHINGTON SPEAKER Rev John f Lumfi)rd of Wooley, Washington \Will be the guest to speak at the Lewis County Youth for Christ rally to be held in the Nazerene church Monday night at 7 45. son Home From Navy, Lawson M. Virkler, son of Mr. and Mrs, Maurice N Virkler, 128 Park Avenue, returned hojne Fri- day aftei completing nearly three years of active duty in the navy. He was released Friday with the rate of second class hospital corps- man. Duiing his tour of duty Mi Virk- ler was stationed at the U S. Naval hospital, St Albans, L -I. and was also attached to the Mili- tary Sea Transport Service, Atlan- tic Command While with thin cam mand he made nine trips to Ger- many and several to Mediterran- - ean countries aboard the U, S S. General H F. Hodges. j A graduate of Lowville Academy Mr Virkler attended Hobart Coll- ege and was graduated from Cm.- cmatti College of Embalming He has now joined the Virkler Fjxner- al Home

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