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L i k e N e w ■ y T a r r y O a k e s n e a a Campaign Kick-off Rep. Ogden RekJ, D., Purchase, has become the first announced candidate for the 1974 election campaign for Governor of New York. Since next year’s election of a ' Governor will be one of tbe moat crucial campaigns to come before the yoter* In some years, the JOURNAL, In an effort to keep' tha public Informed about the can­ didates and Issues, will publish the announcements of all candidates, as they are made available. The following it the text of Rep. Reid's announcement: Today, I am announcing my decision to seek tha gov­ ernorship of New York. Such an announcement Is part of a tradition as old as liberty, from tbe beginning, can­ didates have offered themselves for public office and their felkw citizens have accepted the responsibility, to reckon and choose. And from this process of fair competition and free election came a sure confidence that we did con­ trol our own destiny. But our politics Is different now. It has become a citadel ot mistrust, bounded by walls of suspicion, built high by , — ---------- politicians who believed that they could fool enough of the at the top of a Ust of the faced again, however briefly. In the past year tnd ahalf, we have semi an erosion of public confidence ln many tradltlonaUjr American t- deals. A recent Gallop sur­ vey has revealed that pub­ Uc esteem for the office of the President ranks far be­ low that of garbage collect­ or whlcb, perhaps unjustly, ls way down on the list of occupations and professions. In another opinion poll con­ ducted by the same agency, news reporters were rated bitterness toward the mem­ bers of tha press when he announced that they “ wouldn’t have Richard Nixon to kick around any­ more.” It does not require much to remind us of tbe days when the President un­ leashed Spiro Agnew to vent the full fury of his wrath an the newsmen who pub­ licly disagreed with Admin­ istration policy. And during the press conference last October, tbe old Nixon sur- people, enough of each election time. Great purposes have been degraded by a mall men. Great principles have been debased again and again. Yet those purposes and principles remain the only de­ cent reason for power ln New York and across the nation. In this next year of controversy and campaign, lt wtll be easy to apeak against the polities of the past. What will be harder la honestly to offer something more. And what win count ts not just what we are against, but what we are for. So the endeavor we begin today will be pledged to an end beyond partisan victory at any price, to a service beyond tbe self-interest of candidates and contributors. We win seek and serve a politics of the future, where the people are heard and their leaders will listen, where victory is worthy anti voting is worthwhile. Wo will open the doors of government and bring the people of this State back to. Only then will we be able to call government truly ours once again. to tbe way we wage this campaign, we will stand for toe politics of toe future. We will disclose every dollar we raise and every penny we spend. We wtu begin the difficult job of election reform by example. We »1U work toward reform of financing by drawing our support from the largest number of small contributors and ultimately, we must look toward a real measure of public financing. We will not promise o r provide any favor in return for any contribution or endorsement. I wtll have no commitment to any person that I do not bare to all the people. For our effort will depend upon the people — not only upon their generosity aad their votes, but toeir voices, to tell me what they think is wrong and how things can be made right, not only during Ihe campaign, but during the next administration. In recent months, 1 hare traveled 8,000 miles tn this state Into more than 150 communities and talked with lit­ erally thousands of clUaent. la toe coming months,! will ask New Yorkers to every village, city and town and In every county to meet with me and to work with me for success In toe election. And ln toe years ahead, I will ask the same groups to meet with me again and to work even harder for the success of government. Too often, once a politician la to office, tbe people are without power. But tbe Governor’s office is not his; it is theirs — and a Governor needs to see and beed them more after he baa woo than before. And to what wa pledge to the people, we will stand tor the politics of the future. We will make this campaign a time of candor. We will state -facta frankly, recognising that while a fajjhiul accounting of our problems may be most trusted men InAmerfa ca, with CBS anchorman Wal­ ter Cronldte heading the Ust. It now appears that to toe last few weeks, the Ameri­ can public has been tbe tar­ get of a .concerted effort to smear toe Image ot the news profession. This latest campaign of mod-slinging was officially set to motion at a Presidential press con­ ference in California at ths end of October. Addressing himself to the press coverage of recent scandals involving numerous members and for­ mer members of his Ad­ ministration, Mr. Nixon re­ marked, \ I have sever seen sucb outrageous, vMous, distorted reporting to 27 years of public life.” Later on to tbe press conference, be added, “ Don’t get tbe Im­ pression that you arouse my anger. You see, one can only be angry with those be re­ spects.” These words, uttered by a President of the United States drew gasps from toe members ol the press who were present In tbe audience. And rightly so. Alter all, a rtgorlous tree press ts one of .tbe cornerstones upon which this nation was found­ ed. indeed, the Founding Fathers considered freedom of toe press so vital to tbe existence of democracy that they wrote It into the First Amendment to the Constitu­ tion. The very' thought ot a President who does not re­ spect a free press conjures up frightening pictures which belong removed from the borders of the United States. Whan viewed In a historical - Jaaflnfllf, it tSe’ tie ginning ot~ any- ftuittul effort ts -perspective,'txm-ean readily solve them- . So many 4 d i r difficulties are^Sb different than 4 or 8 fears ago. fhnr York la almost bonded op and taxed out yet it la atfll tmdsrsenrtcad. Too many cltlaens are pri­ soners to tbelr homes because thetr streets and parks are unsafe. Too many of our sons and daughters are turning to drugs and turning away from their families. Too few of our children have the kind of early education, nutrition aad health care they need and deserve. Too many cities are without enough work, enough livable housing o r enough resources for thetr school. Too many senior citizens are living — or more accurately, subsisting — ou cold cereal, in fear and hopelessness. - Too many family formers are losing their land, Too many who ale sick are still left without care. We need new answers where the old have failed.. But we must remember that a program that is grounded In reality Is a failure before its begun, however dramatic it may appear. As our difficulties are the same, our answers cannot be. Yet the usual political practice is to offer some program, any program, for every problem. Such promises only perpetuate our distress. They are com­ mercials to win elections, to real solutions to real problems, to four different campaigns, the governor of this state has pledged to win the war against narcotics; and in each of Ws four terms, thousands more among our friends and families have been lost to addiction. In some campaigns, he has promised “ pay aa you go govern­ ment’’ and yet we now have the largest debt of any state in tine nation. to others, he has prom Wed an end to tax increases and yet we continue to pay more and more until we are the most heavily taxed people In the United States while our services decline. H* has talked of economic growth and prosperity and our economy has grown more etsgnant and Industry has fled. We must have an end to grandiose programs, unrelated to people, programs that have not only failed but have created new problems by eroding public confidence and raising the coat of government. Now 1 do not have an the answers. No matter what others may say, no public servant does. 1 do have some programs which I believe will work, and I wlU take them to the people. Bui I will not offer program* which will not work merely to win votes. Let ue be candid enough to admit that sometime* we do not know and let us he courageous enough to insist that together we will find a way. For the politics of the future does not include easy Illusions or a candidacy of convenience. It tells m that the news ts not always good; but lt also reminds us that wuat makes us great ls our capacity to join with each other in a patient effort to deal honestly with hard reality. So my pledge to the people- of New York is that together we will mark progress toward our common hope*. We will come closer to toe day when fair faxes pay for quality services. We will move la the direction of effective drug abuse preventions, education and rehabilitation. We will develop Incentives to start making New York's economy more competitive, to provide more jobs and protect our standard of life. We will seek to secure the rule of law — not with tough lfoetorlc -- bait with true reform — ln tbe offices of government a* well as neighborhoods of our cities. We will undertake an overhaul of our entire criminal justice system, including judicial reform, which must not be merely art excuse for courl-paeUitg. We will ask what we can do for senior citizens who have done so much form, for the formers who feed us, and for the environment which sustains us — and we will do more. Yet,nowhere will we da as much aa •we want as foat as we wish, For this is the work of a decade or even a generation. But let u s be on our way. Let us build a state where government notices those who call a hovel their home discover that the current President baa always har­ bored a strong dislike for toe news media. Is hta famous “ last press confer­ ence\ held after he tout the gubernatorial election In California ln 1962, Mr. Nix­ on did not even attempt to conceal his contempt and to register ills ritualistic denunciation of toe press. AU this should not be taken lightly. While it is true that a few national corree- pondenta have been guilty of slanting toe news against toe President and bis aides, they account for only a handful of Urn total number of news reporters who by aad large are completely dedicated to the ideal of free and un­ biased coverage of all toe news, not just that which is pleasing to toe President o r any one segment of society. The President's tarsh criti­ cism ol toe news media is totally irresponsible and re­ prehensible. It should be declared in the popular Nix­ on terminology as \no longer operative.” ; There is gwd reason tor becoming alarmed at tbe President’s recent attempts to degrade the press corps. One should keep in mind that it has largely through toe ceaseless efforts of a dedicated, vigorous and free press that toe so-called White House Horrors were mads public. How much would we know today about toe corruption centered in toe Executive Department were it not for toe newa media? Little if anything,' becauae the President bss steadfastly refused to VOLUNTEER even one piece of information, one shred of evidence fat toe whole Water­ gate mesa. A responsible press, tree of any form of outside cen­ sorship or pressure control, la one oi our most valuable weapons in protecting S- gahut - tyra m r lB-govern* meet. Once we surrender tbe basic American free­ dom, we consent to prevent­ ing toe free flow and ex­ change of Information and Ideas, Once we forfeit our freedom of the press, we assign our signatures to tbe death certificate of American democracy and liberty. Dear Uncle Elmers WeU, what do you think of the President now? Wilton Dear Wilton: He’s driv­ ing my BUGGY1 CncleElmer -O- Dear Uncle Elmer: Is It true that the federal govern­ ment just contracted wtth the Ampex Corporation for mil­ lion* of feet of blank record­ ing tape for use ln govern­ ment offices? Tefflr Dear Jetfle: Yes, it is— although I do consider lt rather a waste considering the amount of blank tape already tn Washington. Uncle Elmer Dear Uncle Elmer: During this energy crisis It appears there is a run underway on various commodities. What seems to be to demand the most? Katie Dear Katie: Campbell’* Pork and Beans. Uncle Elmer T h e W o m a n ' s S i d e B y A n n B l a i r 0 * Christmas is » beautiful threats of toe months behind os and the many months ol hardships before us. WesUll day of toe year for many people. Unfortunately, this year, many people do not have toe Christmas Spirit. Too many toings have happened this year; there are too many ■hortagaa of necessary com­ modities. But even though numerous unfortunate Incidents have occurred and we have tob« mors careful how ws « • certain fuels, etec, no one can totally taka away the spirit otChrlstmasDay. Yes, tills day is a special day - Dear Uncle Elmer: What does ARC stand for? Peggy Dear Peggy: I believe, Another Relative Connected. Uncle Elmer , -o- Dear Uncle Elmer: I have 8 severe case of lumbago. Do you think Ihe state will finance the opening of a bor­ dello ln Lowvllle if 1 care to open Jonestc Dear Joneste: Why not. As I understand it, they can finance dirty book shops and llqpor stores. Uncle Elmer -O- Desr Uncle Elmer: How can the President, who earns 1200,000 per year,plus J50,~ 000 expenses, pay less ln In­ come taxes -than I do when I earn only $7,000 a year7 Boots Dear Boots: Perhaps that ls why He Is President. Uncle Elmer room for them, in the Albany Mall, Let us buLld » state where retarded children are not lying helpless on wooden beds at the Wlllowbrook Hospital, where two thousand families In Elmirs arc not forced to live In •trailers long afterHurrlcane Agnes, where polU cmen are protecting communities rathex than wasting ten hours in court for * single arraignment. Let us build a state that i* not only economically Mrong and self-reliant, hut more nearly self- sufficient In energy and In agriculture. r.ct us hutld a state where government concerns itself care and remember that Christ died for us and thus we have someone watching over us at ail times. We still have a sparkle in our eyes and a quickness in our step for here is one tradi­ tion nothing can change. Maybe, we can not hare all the lights and trimmings this year to help us celebrate, but that does not change the miracle o t toe day. Perhaps, we do not have the money to afford quite so many gifts I m m n l anb p u b l i c a n 7556 STATE STREET, LOWVULE, N. V. 13367 Journal Established MSB Republican Established ii Jour Merged 1800 D„i,n.hcd weekly by ths owner* and publishers i o ^ n e Printing and Publishing Co., Inc. Michael J. BUtr, Editor carol Smith, Advertising Manager carol Dykeman, Offtc# Manager Tony Urbantak, Staff Photographer National AdverUiingHepreaentotlve iNIik pendent newspaper MARKETS, INC, New YiU-ctocago-Detroit-DaliaaJan FrnncUco-AHani Entered at Post Office,Lowville,N.Y.,aa«ec«id-clws matter ' SUBSCRIPTION - PAYMENT IN ADVANCE $6.00 Year New York Stele $7 00 Year Elsewhere In Continental United States $9.00 Year Alaska, Hawaii, Forslsn Countries rv » „ V . to l tbs ones we love, but the birth of Christ. Over to* ^ <**, not change the fact tbat it is much more fun to many hundreds of years this day has been celebrated a* the day - the day of HI* birth. No one nor no crisis can cover up thla tact. Commercialization has become a part of Christmas and folks have been saddened aad feared that Christmas was remembered only for the aspect of receiving gilts. Bat this is not totally the case. Christmas has been com­ mercialized to a great de­ gree, but not to .the extent that most people have for­ gotten the true meaning. Think of bow many people always go to church on Christmas. Remember how beautiful church is then. Don't forget either the sparkle in people's eyes ss they fight the crowds to get a certain something for a special person. No, not everyone has forgotten the true moaning of Christmas. And this year in particular, people realise the miracle of His birth even more than in many years before. People this year a re thank­ ful that we have s faith to carry ua through the winter, through all the problems and give than receive and giving love aad friendship is a much more blessed gift than anything material one can buy. And If we can not be with the ones we love, lt does not mean that we do not love them or care for them less, hut that we are with them aa always inspirit snd thoughts if not in person. Yes, we can make up fox s lack of gifts and s lack oi trimmings with slot of spirit. We can remember just what the day ls for and why even without the trimmings it is special. No one or nothing can change that fact. We can still all work to­ gether to make a better hap­ pier world to live in and play In aad pray in. We can be thankful that we have a day which we can share with people all over tha world. We can give of ourselves yet and not continue to ask what we get out of life. And we can he thankful for the love of the brotherhood of man. These things never change. We still have them. Pray that they will continue on and on. ’•What’s the use of toying down . . . when ws can sprightly ^ walk for in a larger sense we know . . . wjwn somepne says' what's true. . . Se Master of a ll ««■«>*? . ■*- from out of the blue . . . ^ ^ ,!*,,« w . . . in this borrowed life . . . and to the end Hwlll |» . though interims may mein s trife.. . so manyiotltejt iora thetruth . . . unless It « tt; their wny. . .■ this and ln the end »h*v will have to pay . . . » t unless It tits their wsy. . , . . they will have to pay . mix. toe freedom ■ . God meant tor ua all ■ « ■ w e n i and say whit’s In our hearts. . .though It will not rieesa i II.' W E D N E S D A Y , D E C E M B E R 1 2 , 1 9 £ j A C l o s e r L o o k B y M i c h a e l J . B l a i r s t : CHATTING WITH AUNT ABIGAIL r»- » ra i u e wweesai i i u.»i - j f - te>.> y ~T ^ At CM time ! was s rnxkin v!*t» diplomatic and pracii- Twenty days of bitter and costly warfare In the Middle East have had a potentially far-reaching impact' on American military and for­ eign policy, according to the V.F.W, American Security Council Reporter. The potential effects in­ clude fortifying Pentagon Budget claims and demands tor preparedness, silencing many in Congress normally critical of UJ3. overseas aid programs and strengthening the hand of top military chiefs who have remained suspi­ cious of Soviet intentions despite the era ot detente, the V.F.W. officials indicate. The US, has been alone among Western nations tn Its willingness to provide overt --Tteus atehStattftiiih asSI>H>. Is be. This year stn’tgoains -- - * - - fa* like test Chris (mis. Things is two tffe cus money jest woo’t stretch like tt should anymore. Course the holidays ain’t like they wtu anyways. Years ago folk: took a heap ov pride to mak­ ing homemade gifts fer all the friends and ktn, I ktn remember nlttlng so a nit- ting mittens an matching scarves fer all the young­ uns. lt was a heap ov fun an they looked so dang nice. It felt reel good ter make them somethin with my own hands, two. An t mtde a heap ov fruit cakes and reel nice homemade cookies fer all tbe neighbors. They thought they wss the cats meow snd finally theys was a pa yin me ter make extree once fer gifta fer them. And I made aprons mud matchin pot holders fer sum folks, I could make em out ov sum ov my scrap material an I believe would be s dang dus level...” lo his view detente **4* perception, rather than r \objective fact” and that) can change \as quickly j perceptions change.” Abrams Is the most 1 regarded American fit commander. Be makcea public stateme Thus his speech ondetenf the first jaibllc criticli coming from within the , ministration . ts wfd$ viewed within the Pentx as expressing the views jof the Joint Chiefs of Sfa Thus, even as the St Department mores losalv as much of detente as lt < it seems clear thatsuaplc j iltie^hjo-e. my dVn cahdjes snd ,a dec­ orating them all up reel nice as purdy like. Folks used tar go fer them. Sum of the kids msde pencil hold­ ers out of cans - jest a dec­ ora tin things up a mite - and give ’em ter there folks. Sometimes I made centerpieces out of maca­ roni or candle holders out of birch wood. Oh, what ton It waa I An ol Uncle Elmer done made shadow boxes ter the wall - reel nice. And he made nostalgia boxes an I put ihe materials In,I made doll clothes and dollllea snd put up jams In rite purdy containers . , . Today folks goes out aa buys real ex­ pensive things like we used ter make. Gifts come from tbe heart an are rite nice, but they Jest don’t have that homemade touch - that spe­ cial somethin that sets ’em apart. But then . , . ’l e a s e G i v e qal ” risks abroad - aid '^ W m itto n . poeafbly at home. The role But despite these risks, support of Israel Is general­ ly backed by many previ­ ously divided factions in this country in sharp contrast to the Vietnam war. Thus, the lessons and d ir. ections, arising from this out-break In the Middle East, may prove durable and in­ fluential - especially tbe new opinions formed about the Soviet Union, One noteworthy sign Isthat five days after the war broke out, Houae-Senate cdnferees restored most of the money that bad been cut from the Pentagon’s budget Inpre- vious Congressional action. Further, the UJS, shipped massive amounts of arms to Israel within two weeks and the President has asked for some $2 billion to help pay for it, all with Uttie or no opposition from Congress. The arms Included the same kind of antipersonnel bombs that drew lawmakers* com­ plaints when used against of Amerlcg’a Western European allies'In the present crisis has also caused considerable est­ eem. » One top Pentagon official says: “ There la fust J o t one country in Western Bu- rope that, If pushed to foe wall, wouldn’t let Israel I * pushed into the sea and that Includes some countries tgat had a hand fat helping set Jap Israel 2Q years ago,” t Schesinger alluded to til* in his recent speech, ! “Ths Middle Eastern «x* perlence exemplifies the we- spomslbllltles which confront the United States as wteli a* the dilemmas that flow from these responsibly* ties. ” he said. < \we must recognize tlat the United States today ta foe •sole and tadUpeasaBle source of support fo* tese societies scattered afoiixl the world,” ! ; Europe clearly ls mare dependent on Middle Easjpll than ls the UJS. And, jx . N e e d s Y o u r S u p p o r t L E T T E R S TO THE E D I T O R not only with $13 billion In spending, but wtth 18.3 million Individual* — and where Individual* count, not Just as one of millions, but one by one. Let us build a atate where government listens to the people, not jus! the politicians; wheregovernment deals wtth the problems of people Instead* of making deals with poli­ ticians; where democratic institutions may once again flourish. Let us have a new governor committed totally to the needs of thts state, but not silent on the great moral and national Issues, Let us create a new administration of open access, re­ sponsiveness and accountability to every area and all the citizens of New York. Let us In the end create a state where we trust our leaders and know that there Is no because our leaders trust us with the truth. There Is a contest on — not alone for votes — but for the vision of our tiroes. Despite our troubles, we a re stlli a rood and decent people. And New York Ls still the Empire State of ihe nation. So I eay to every Democrat and citizen of this state: do not think of what New York has been, though lt ha* always been great. Think of what New York someday can become, if we together make tt so. And join with me now not just to change the politics of the past, tint to shape a bettPt politics .ot Ute future, and a writer itfe fo; oi.rcelv. ; and for onr children, - Rep, Ogden Reid, D, Purchase, Editor, Journal and Republi­ can: I am a native of Lowvllle, grew up ln the State Street School and Lowvllle Academy and the Methodist Church there. Music has been s big part ot my life and I have long wanted a copy of the old Academy Seng Book ire sang from In chapel an through my high achool days. The hymnal, “ Finest, of The Wheat,” a treasury of church hymns, quartettes, etc., outmoded even when I was growing up, 1* another book I would like to nan down. Would you put such a re­ quest for me in your paper? Thank you, Mrs. Lula Leland Moon, Meadow Hill Cottage, Cazenovla, New York 18035. Phone 855-8305. Editor, Journal and Republi­ can: One of the most benefi­ cial and outstanding accom­ plishments ln the Lowvlle area has been th* completed football field at tbe Lewts County Fair Grounds. Dr. John Schlleder and committee of many volun­ teers have done a great ser­ vice to thla community, get­ ting thts very enormous pro­ ject to its present state and the beautiful green grass growing so well. We know that Ml work has extended (far beyond that which was expected and that he lwa devoted many hours of his own time to the community and our Fair Society’s In­ terest. Often times In these days of automation we overlook the chance to thank those who give so much of their enthusiasm and Interest to be of service to others. We would like to take this op- porhmttv and In this manner to express both our, and on behalf of thecommuntty.sin- cere appreciation for the splendid Job by Dr. Schlleder and hts committee, which Is already being reflected by the much improved appearance of the Athletic field on the Lewts County F a ir Grounds, S Incerely, Lewis County Ag. ricultural Society Directors. North Vietnam. Israel got Pfrt* hero say Europe tas them - without outcry -fo r neither the future a l t e r * - use against Egyptian crews Lives nor the technologyJto manning Russian-built sur- develop other source* a s foe face-to-alr mlssle (SAM) U.S. j sites. But other factors s u c h is Aa Defense Secretary tbe arms sales bus inesajre Ja mes R. Schlestnger noted also seen as Influencing s o ^ e ln a recent speech, “ There European decisions. * may be some irony that it The British a re Involvted has been typically those on in a S t btlllon arms deal|in the Hill who have voted r e - the Persian Gulf, mostly with gularly to reduce defense s *udl Arabia. Although most expenditures across the Israeli tanks a re older Brlt- bosrd who have most vjg- Ish-buUt Centurions, B ritan oroualy pressed tbe Depart- establ fashed an eml ment to supply fully all or which kept spar eengine Israel’s stated needs,” from Israel when the war Schlestnger went on to say broke out. that \there Is not, and need The French, selling Mfo not be, any consistency In age Jets wherever they tr dovishness - and we welcome whatever the reasons,great­ er understanding regarding why thi* nation maintains a defense establishment.” Another clue to thinking within the Pentagon came 10 days after Egypt and Syria crossed Into Israeli - oc­ cupied territory and a heavy Soviet airlift had begun. In a little noticed but Important speech, Gen. Creighton W. Abrams, Army Chief ofStaff, said of relations between the V S . and the Soviet Union that “ the word ’detente’.,, for some people evidently colors everything rose and torra thetr perceptions away from even obvious threats..” Abrams said “ detente fat expressed by some a s a tact' It Is applauded by still others aa a policy; saluted by still others as a new era; and it provides the basts * at least the semantic basis . for some who would reduce military capoMHtteS to what apparently have been unarae o r unwilling to stop the tran­ sfer o f these jets fromLtbjr* to Egypt In the current Dint­ ing, Despite Frenchdenjab, UJS. officials say there ta l o doubt that such transfers nave been made. To Americans the numb of tanks in battle ls almd unbelievable. Probaby • 4,000 Soviet-built tanks V, to the Middle East fo sfc wtth and a t least some l , - placements have been drawn from the roughly 17,O00Rui- Stan tanks in Eastern Eurog*. Hundreds of Russian antialr- cralt missiles and mobile antiaircraft guns also are tn toe Middle East, , Collectively, the impact id these wespona - relatively Cheap by 0 S , standards - U almost certain fo r*elnfor« critics who say the U.S. remit learn to reduce the coetbf lta weaponry in o rder tocDnfe anywhere close to producing (Continued on Page 1 )

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