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G lim p s e s i n t o th e p a s t . . School L u n c h Week P lans BY SUE BURGESS Tbe trtangular-ehaped town of Denmark oo Lewie 000017*8 northwest boundary contains tbe traffic corridors into Jefferson County and the freat St. Law* ranee Rirer valley, lncludlnc little forest land, Hie town's beautiful grove-dotted landscape reflects the farsightedness of its axe-swlnglng settlers who vis* uallced the needs of generations to follow, when they so wisely withheld the destruction of sel­ ected stands of sugar maples while in the process of clearing TOUHNAMKNT - Lowvllle Ten­ nis Cl«b ended its i m sum m er season on Sept. 8 with a H ar­ vest Festival tournament. The winners of the tournament fol­ low: M en's singles -Doug Anderson, first, and Bob Giordano, second; Men’s doubles, Doug Anderson and Dick C h a rtrand, f i r s t , and, Wally Lamble and Bob Giordano, second; Mixed doubles, Doug Anderson and Linda M a rrlot, first, and Dick C h a rtrand and Dot McCne, second. Honorable mention went to John Parker who took third place In all Hires categories and played good steady tennis throughout the entire tournament. The Lowville tennis club end­ ed Its play against Watertown and Carthage hy beating both clubs by a score of 6 - 1. The executive com m ittee flunked all who participated and hoped that even more will come out nest year when ladles’ tennis and Junior tennis will become p a rt of the club’s activities. ta the first photo, men’s doubles winners are shown. Left to right are Wally Lamble, Doug Ander­ son, who ts presenting the tro­ phies, and Bob Giordano, ta the second photo, men’s singles win­ ner, Doug Anderson, is shown re­ ceiving his trophy trom Dick Chartrand. ta the second photo, men’s singles winner, Doug Anderson, Is shown receiving his trophy from Dick Chartrand. ta the third photo. Bob Gior­ dano receives a trophy for sec­ ond place ln the men’s singles from Dick Chartrand. In the fourth photo, Dot McCue and DtckChartrand received their mixed doubles trophy from Sue Parker. (Photo b y Nlal Phelps) the land for agricultural use. On s tate route 26 between Low­ vUle and Carthage Is the village of Denm ark, This village was the birthplace of both Lewis and Jefferson counties. It was here, ln the sm a ll fram e Inn of F ree­ dom W right, that 3 delegates from each of the towns that wished to make a p a r t of Oneida county Into two separate counties, met In 1804. After a lengthy d is­ cussion, a motion was made pe­ titioning the State L e g islature to establish two counties and name a com m ittee of d isinterested and non-resident cltlaena to define the boundaries snd designate sites tor a c o u rt house snd Jail ln each county. This motion waa adopted by a vote of 20 to 18. The a c t establishing the counties o f Lew* is and Jefferson passed both bouses of the ISOS Legislature, receiving tbe Governor’s signa­ ture on M arch 28, 1808. Also a s a result of a meeting of Interested persons at Free* dom Wright’s Inn. was the o r ­ ganisation in 1808 of Hie Orient Lodge No. ISO F . A A.M., the second oldest Masonic Lodge in Lewis County, P r io r to the lnaugeratloo of railroad s e rvice through the town ln 1871, Denmark had been a pop­ ular stopping place and transfer point an the old plank s tate road that had carried the e a rly traffic to and from the north, ta 1888 , the stage route between Denmark and Cartkpge was under the charge o t E. H tugerford, a for­ m er driver on the Carthage- Utlca run ln the days of tbe plank road that had carried the early traffic to and trom the north. In 1888, the stags route between Denmark and Carthage was under tbe charge of E. Hungerford, a form e r d r iver ou the Carthage- Utica run la the dan of the plank road and during the years when the Utica and Black R iver ra il ­ road was built ln Lewis County. Possessing a well-kept tavern with a friendly and popular Inn­ keeper, Denmark became known as the gsteway to the North. Along wtth Blodgett’s Tavern, built by Jesse Blodgett In 1824, following the burning o f a wooden tavern acro s s the road, other businesses flourished. In the tavern was a country store; a general store conducted by D a r­ win Nash occupied the prominent site tn the angle formed by the fork ln the village road. The Cook Bros, cheese factory re ­ presented the business activity in the southern part of the ham­ let, and when lt burned ln 1906, was replaced by the CrownBrand Milk Company plant. Milk was brought to this plant from as far away as H arrisburg and Copen­ hagen. Cream was shipped ln large quantities to Antwerp and New York City. The company again changed hands and even­ tually becam e Queen’s Dairy Plant under the direction of Jacob K archer. Other businesses of the day included a blacksmith shop and t harness shop. The town boasted a physician who e s ­ tablished his office In the Blod­ gett House. Tn past years, f a ir s were held ln different ports of the county, Including Denm ark, but since 18- 11, the county exhibitions have been held in Lowvtlle. Many of the village’s attractive lim estone buildings are still being used as private residen­ ces, and faint strains of days gone by still whisper through the streets of the village of Denmark. (To the readers: If you have historical data, photos, e tc., you would like Included ln this column, please send same to Nlal T. Phelps, Town of D lana Historian, Box 121, H a rrlsville, N.Y. 13648) C i a i r t l t i n W t t H t e r At a recent mpptinjp of Low* ▼tile Grange No. 71* Raymond Gordon was re-elected m aster for the coming year, Installs, tlon of officers w-ill be at Har­ risburg Grange on Oct, I*. The meeting win be preceded by a covered dish supper at 7:30 p.m. Kach family should Uke a dish to pass and their own table ser«. vice. The regular Oct. 12 meet­ ing of Lowvllle Grange has been cancelled. l.owvllleGrange mem­ bers are planning a public chick­ en barbecue Oct. 0, w[lh serv­ ing* at n and fi:-70 p.m. There will algo be a \This and That\ sale and drawings for two quilts. The week of October 14-20 will be celebrated throughout the na­ tion as National School Lunch Week. The theme is \You Are What You E a t,\ The Lewis County School Food Service Association participates tn the National School Lunch p ro­ gram which ls adm inistered na­ tionally by tbe UJS, Departm ent Of A g riculture, and ln New York State, by the S tate Education De­ partm ent. The schools receive federal donations of abundant agricul­ tural products and cash assist­ ance which amounts to more than 23 per cent of the total program cost. Children’s payments and state and local sources pay the rem ainder. Each school lunch manager ln the county d irects the lunchrooms and plans menus, argely using foods bought on local m arkets supplemented with foods donated by U.S.D.A. Menus for National School Lunch program s a r e planned a c ­ cording to Type A pattern de­ veloped by U.S.D.A. to Insure each child one-third to one half his dally nutritional requirem ents at lunch. Included tn the pattern are two ounces of protein rich food, three-fourths cup of two of m ore vegetables and/or f ruit, (me teaspoon b u tter o r fortified m ar­ garine, a portion of enriched o r whole grained bread, and one- half pint of fluid whole milk. Last year, a total of 6,250 lunches was served dally, with 1,125,000 lunches served yearly ln the county schools. Six-hund­ red and twenty-five loaves of bread, 8,700 pints of milk, 190 pounds of butter and 775 pounds of meat o r fiSh are used in the coirnty schools dally. School and lunch m anagers a re as follows: Lowvllle Academy and C e n tral School, M rs, L ila Yousey, manager; South Lewis C e n tral School, M rs. B e v e rly Flckbohm, m anager; Copenhagen Central School, M rs. Arlene Scovllle, Beaver River Central School, M rs. Virginia B u rr; H a rrlsville Central School, M rs. Gladys Young and M rs. Helen Franck; West Leyden C e n tral School, a part of Adirondack Central School, M rs. P e a r l Zagurski. The Type A lunch program l s helping to teach many youngsters to enjoy a variety of food from the productive farm lands and most Importantly, lt contributes greatly to the health and well­ being of the children. A d u l t E d u c a t i o n S e t A t A c a d e m y Adult Education C lasses at Lowvllle Academy and Central School will sta r t the week of October 15, Most classes will run for a period of ten weeks. Any adult 16 years or older and not to regular day school will be eligible to attend class­ es. T h e re will be a lee of $5 for a ten week course. Adults from other school districts are wel­ come. The school is abxlous to m eet the demands and needs of all the people to the adult program . If they desire, a course taught that la not offered, the should contact Edward Watkins st 376- 3544, A minimum of ten ls needed to s t a r t a c lass. The following courses will be offered. C lasses may be can­ celled due to lack of registra­ tion. Monday, October 15, 7 to 8, Physical F itn e s s ' fo r Women, swimming will be taelndsd to the program . Instructor Is Linda Lelcbtwels; Monday, Oc­ tober 15, 7 to 9, typing to Room 212, instructor ls Bernard Swartomaa; Tuesday, October 16, 7 to 9, Life Saving - Red C ross Program • Man and Wo* men. Instructor Is Gerald B in- sch; Wsdneaday, October 17, 7 to 9, Fam ily Swim, this program Is for chUdren snd their par* Helps ting parents; Wattosedty, October 17, 7 to 9 p.m ., Art ln Boom 185, M rs, Tool S h arp, In­ structor; Thursday, October 18, 7 to 9, High School Equivalency, the class will prepare to take the equivalency test given I n late spring. Room 101, instructor ls Nancy Schubach; Thursday, Oc­ tober 18, 7 to 9, Sewing to Room 122, Instructor is Janice L e tch- twela; Thursday, October 18, 7 to 9, Recreation Basketball, In­ structor to Bruce Hallenbeck; Wednesday, October 31, Men’s physical fitness, instructor Is John Hayes; Thursday, Decem­ ber 6, 7 to 10, Snowmobile Re- * a l r , Room 184, instructor, Ad­ rian Flath. M en'i Physical Fitness and Snowmobile Repair start at s later date. Those Interested to s D river Ed class should c a ll M r. Watkins s t 376-3544. S ’ m o b i l e L i c e n s e C h a n g e o v e r S e t Alexander Aldrich, commis­ sioner of New York Slate Parks and Recreation, and Vincent L. Tofany, commissioner of Motor Vehicles, have announced the transfer of snowmobile and boat registration functions from Parks and Recreation to the Depart­ ment of Motor Vehicles, effec­ tive Monday,October 1. Original registrations of snow­ mobiles and boats will then be handled by 13 district offices of the Department. Registration r e ­ newal applications should be mailed to: Bureau of Marine and Off-Highway Vehicles, De­ partment of Motor Vehicles, South Mall, Albany, New York. 12228. All o ther functions and respon­ sibilities of the New York State Navigation and Snowmobile Laws will continue to be administered by the Bureau of Marine and Re­ creational Vehicles within the Office of Parks and Recreation. These responsibilities Include: education of young motor boat and snowmobile operators; a navigational aids program ; a marine and snowmobile enforce­ ment p rogram , Including accident reporting and m arine inspection; and the licensing of commercial vessels and operators. The add­ re s s for any of these functions rem a ins: Bureau of Marine and Recreational Vehicles, Parks and Recreation, South Mall, Albxny, N.Y. 12223. The transfer of registration functions was authorised by an amendment to T itle XI of the Ve­ hicle and Traffic Law. One-year snowmobile regis­ trations will continue to be issued on a staggered monthly basis for a fee of $5. Motor boat registrations are issued for three-yeer periods with the fee based upon boat length: 33 for boats under 16 feet: 36 for lengths to 25 feet; and 310 for boats 26 feet or longer. Commissioner Iofany said h is departm ent wtll continue the policy of mailing renewal appli­ cations for snowmobile and boat registrations, and that form s for new registrations will be avail­ able at 13 d istrict offices through the State, Including, Utica D is­ tric t Office, 207 Genesee S treet, Utica, N.Y. 13501. They also reminded snowmo­ bile owners of a new law which requires that all registration numbers placed on thetr vehicles effective Sept. 1, must b e made of reflectorired m a te rial. j o u r n a l a n i l & £ p t t h l f r a n L O W V I L L E , N . Y . 1 3 3 6 7 W E D N E S D A Y , O C T O B E R 3 . 1 9 7 3 • t i * NEW PRINCIPAL - I owvllle .4- cademv and Central School’s new asstsiant junior-senior high school principal, Panlcl Duke, In shown with a number of stu- t Photo by Dale Moody) denis. I.eft to right are: Randy Lucas, M r, Duko, David Ortlleb, and Arlln Smith. All o! the stu­ dents are members of the fresh­ man class nnd a r e members nfthe R.I.P. Club. RAIDERS - The Lowvllle Aca­ demy Red Raider football teem dropped i t s second game in three outtogs, losing to a rch-rival C a r­ thage 12-8 to opening F rontier League action. The locals were unable to sustain any offensive drives o t their own during the first half and at the sam e tim e could not contain the explosive Comet wishbone attack, espec­ ially quarterback Bob Relph, Relpb scam p ered 57 y a rds on the fourth play of the game f o r C a r­ thage’s first touchdown, then scored the Com ets’ final touch­ down to the second quarter on a one-yard plunge. The Raiders came to life during the second half, dominating the game both offensively and defensively. Ex­ cept for a referee’s \Inadvertant w h itle,\ Hie locals might have won the game. Defensive end Mark Tabolt plcked-off a C a r­ thage lateral and raced 55 y a rds for an apparent touchdown. How­ ever, the ptay was called back when It w ts ruled that one of the game officials had blown his whistle by m istake. In the fourth period, the Raiders put Washburn At Eekerd Mark Andrew Washburn, son of M r. and M rs, Byron A. Wash­ burn of Lowville, has enrolled as a freshm an at Eckerd College to St, Petersburg, Fla. He ls a graduate of LowvUle Academy and Central School. This year’s freshm en, number­ ing more than 260, a r e pioneers in a new program at Eckerd called Autumn T erm . Designed to smooth the transition from high school to college, the three- and-a-half week special term gives Freshm en a comprehensive orientation at the sam e time they take one course tor academic credit. Reversing their usual ro les, new students at Eckerd will welcome som e 700 returning upperclassmen Sept, 14. Founded as Florida Presbyter­ ian College, Eckerd has Intro­ duced this year, tn addition to Autumn T e rm , an academic pro­ gram centered around faculty m entors, who guide and advise each student, and a modular c a l­ endar divided into seven-week p e . rlods during which each student takes two c o u rses. Daggett Speaker At Heart Dinner D r. Willard M. Daggett, prom­ inent Boston surgeon and pro­ fessor, will speak at the Eighth Annual M embershlpDtoner Meet­ ing of the American Heart Asso­ ciation - Northern New York Chapter to be held Wednesday, October 3, at the North Side Im ­ provement League, 633 Mill St., Watertown, according to D r. Bruce Ebbels, Watertown physi­ cian who arraged D r. Daggett’s visit. Born in L a C rosse, Wise., tn June 1933, D r. Daggett received his A.B. from the University of California In Berkeley In June 1955; and his M.D. from the U- nlverslty of California School of Medicine In S anFrancisco In June 1958. While attending college and medical school, Dr, Daggett was Initiated as a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Alpha Omega Alpha, D r. Daggett was m arried In August 1956 and Ip the father of three children. D r. Daggett, certified by the A- mertcan Board of Surgery and the American Board of T h o raclcSur- gery, Is presently an associate professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School and an Assistant Surgeon at Massachusetts Gen­ eral Hospital. together an 86-yard d r iv e , capped by Senior M arty Hlrschey’s 15- yard touchdown. The two-point coo ver*Ion w u made oo a paea from Rick V irkler to end Mark Tabolt. , Game at&tlstlcs showed Low­ vlUe with 12 f ir s t downs to C a r­ thage’s 9, The local* gained 183 total y a rds, 159 rushing while the Comets am assed 301 total yards, 234 rushing. In the pass­ ing departm ent, LowvlUe was 4 for 12 for 24 yards snd C a r­ thage was 4 for 5 f o r 87 yards. The locals lost the b all twice oo fumbles and once on an Intercep­ tion, and were penalized 4 tim es for 40 yards. Carthage gave up the ball on fumbles three tlmee and were penalized 7 tim e s for 72 yards. Quarterback Marty Hirschey rushed for 61 yards on 14 c a r ­ ries and fullback John H a rris gained 59 yards on 8 ca r r ie s to lead the Iocaltsttack. In the.irsereow , left- to right, a r e Dennis J ^ g e rsoll, son of Mr. and M rs. George Ingersoll of Martinsburg; Marty Hirschey, son of Mr, and M rs. M artin Hirschey of Lowvllle R.D., and Kevin Peebles, son o f M r. snd M rs, Charles Peebles of C a s tor­ land. The back row shows Coach­ es J e r r y N e v e r ts and N eal Aubel. Commenting on the gam e, Coach Neal Aubel was especially pleased with his charges’ second half performance after being down 12-0 at tbe ball. \W e w ere a - frald that there might be a let­ down following the big win over Beaver River last week and I think that may well have been o u r problem during the first half a - gatnst Carthage. We sim p ly lacked hustle oo defense early to the game and made several mental mistakes on offense. The boys never stopped hitting though, and we really out-played them most of the game.’’ The Raiders travel to South Jefferson (Adams) this Saturday for a 1 p.m. game. GRAND OPENING - The United Status Navy had Its grand open­ ing at the new Lowville r e c r u it­ ing office on Friday, Sept. 21. The ribbon waa cut by retired Chief Yoeman Robert McCue, Lowvtlle Chief of Police. The Lowville office ls located at 7491 State Street tn Lowvllle. It was opened so that the Navy can b e tter serve the residents of Lewts County. In the past ii potential enlistee had to go to Watertown to see a Navy representative. The office will be. open from 9 a.m. tn 4 p.m. dally and at oth­ er times by appointment. Petty Officer Klshbaugh ls the local Navy representative. Petty Offi­ c e r Kishbaugh can be reached by phone at 376-3814. Everyone ts Invited to atop In and meet Petty Officer Kishbaugh. In the top photo, pictured left to right are Petty Officer Kish- beugh, Chief of Police McCue and CW02 David Thomas of Sy­ racuse. Tn the tower photo, U n d e rsher- Iff Llewellyn M. Ltnstrvth is shown being presented a certi­ ficate of appreciation by CWO Thomas for his assistance dur­ ing Ihe Lewis County F a ir .

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