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The journal and Republican. (Lowville, N.Y.) 1929-current, February 14, 1973, Image 5

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REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE LEGAL 1525 1 A . M . mm U til H® w N R ESTATE E FOR SALE: with garage on iellent condition, re e t . Cali 376- .m. 26—2—p E FOR SALE: out the weather? Justtble in each .IvlngandDInlng- rge them o p a n e s valley. With two two baths. Edge lonths of loving ig Is built right ee It now. 376- •gency, R e a ltors 26-1-c •E FOR SALE: im home, 1 2 /3 tchen with dteh- s. In Castorland. after 4:30 p.m . 25-2-p erlng news and peels of REAL ilsg of t h e d l f - r Real E state ily B roker may T com m ission, may s e ll p r o - hls own and not f may work or. s own p roperty an open listing your p roperty a t no sale will < he Is bound to ipetltlon never tom e rs always laying, Setting, put any obliga- T 26-1-c IG 10 room s, 4 land. $13,500. with living 500 worth o f s If y o u w a n t to ire Information oof, ploaso call ppofnfmenf only a off iectsn ln\ > r In th » lew irjn* > ZEHR man i 346-1265 d. N.Y. EDI ge o r coir,try lands for re - s It Is not h a rd a selling real m rehasers who ris County. We lo you see WE petty i s priced <mr p ersonnel, rty, we feel we , one of the f c l- » and selling 63M TOM 386* « M h * 3525 BUYS HRANTtNGHAM LAKE - Vear round 4 bedroom home located directly ou the w ater, 2 full baths, fireplace, 3 stall garage mid. much m o re. INDIAN RIVER - 60 acres prim e hunting land surrounded by 22,000 a c r e s ol s tate land, plenty of water. $6,000 WATSON • g bedroom home on 80 a c r e s . $23,500 CARTHAGE - 40 acres next to Carthage Central School. 1250 ft, road frontage. $75 year taxes. Asking $16,500. LOWVILLE - 3 family apartment house located on quiet s tr e e t, food annual Income, live tn and rent pays taxes., etc. LOWVILLE - 3 bedroom ranch on quiet stre e t , excellent con­ dition, owner will reduce price for quick sale. We also have building lots, traile r lols, and farm s., for appointment on these or any of our fine listings call the pro­ fessionals. D0NEY REALTY Michael Doney Salesman ______________ 376-3151 _________ REAL ESTATE FOR SALE: Four bedroom home with new carpeting idtchen, Fireplace, bat water heat. Hard wood floors. Showing for limited time only. S e e it now. 376-2323. Du- Flo Agency, Realtors and In­ surance. 26-1-c LEGAL AUCTION AUCTION Lewis County Livestock Market Report Feb. 8 & 12,1973 c o w s BULLS ( G O O D . 2 9 - 3 4 1 / 2 ( m e d i u m . 2 4 - . 2 9 I C A N N E R S . 1 6 . 2 5 G O O D .3 1 . 3 8 L I G H T . 2 5 . 3 1 CALVES 3 5 3 i H E A V Y B O B S . 4 0 - . 6 0 L I G H T B O B S . 2 8 - . 4 0 RECEIPTS C O W S — 1 5 2 C A L V E S - H e i f e r C a l v e s U p T o . 7 5 S A L E T IM E S M o n . - 5 : 3 0 P . M . T h u r s . - 1 : 3 0 P . M . i - a r p ' S ! ection | Of Springing Heifers j J On Hand At All Timesi * I I I I I I O M E O B R O T H E R S Coff/e gealers _ P l e a s e c a l l e a r l y f o r t r u c k i n g . 3 7 6 - 3 1 1 2 o r 3 7 6 - 7 2 0 9 EMPIRE LIVESTOCK MARKETING CO-OPERATIVE LO W V I L L E 5 7 6 - 7 2 2 1 R E g u I a r sales auction every Monday J O H N M A H O N E Y , B a r n Stipt. A L D O D G E S a l t s tim e 1 : 3 8 p .m * P.S. C o n s ignm e n ts W elcome BEEFS * CALVES SELLING MUCH STRONGER THE WEEK Please call y o u r trucker early or call 376-7*47 for truck service to the market. to t l TRUCWWG TO WATERTOWN MARKET THURFDAYF CALL Lowvtite A rea - DICK BUSH -S7S.J378 O r CLEMENT MARSHALL - C-vill* « 197-2508 CtMMhtgMt Ar«a - VERNAHD DONLEY - 688-2849 TOWN OF NEW BREMEN SUPERVISOR’S REPORT FOR 1972 SUMMARY OF CASH - ALL FUNDS BALANCE JANUARY 1 RECEIPTS CURRENT FUNDS General-Town Wide 6889.60 34118.80 General-Outslde Village 382.08 461.00 Federal Revenue C 4001 0 11004.00 Enterprise Revenue Repair and Improvement 1272.25 54016.25 Bridges 680.68 0 Machinery 7309.73 17933.60 Snow and Miscellaneous 21.06 18441.39 Improvement Program 0 Special D istricts: New Bremen F ir e D istricts Beaver Falls F ire D istrict T rust and Agency TOTAL ALL FUNDS REAL ESTATE FOR SALE: T h ree bedroom , 1 1/2 baths, two story home on Lanpher Street, Lowvllle. Phone 376- 2684. 26-2-p CURRENT FUNDS General-Town Wide General-Outside Village Federal Revenue C 4001 E n terprise Revenue Repair and Improvement Bridges Machinery Snow and Mlscellaeneous Improvement Program Special D istricts: New Bremen F ire D istrict Beaver Falls F ir e D istrict DISBURSE* MENTIS 37780.19 378.76 3129.90 54261.04 587.07 25231.07 18279.02 3000.00 1161.75 1705.81 700.00 716.62 11,152.79 98.526.68 BALANCE DECEMBER 31 3228.11 464.32 7874.10 1026.46 93.61 12.26 188.48 Alt of the above parcels oi land are in the Village of Copen­ hagen, County of Lewis and Slate o f New York. Now, therefore, notice Is h e re­ by given that pursuant to Sec­ tion 126 of the Village Law, I Shall on Thursday, February 22, 1973 at 7:00 p.m. In tbe Village O ltlce, In the Village of Copen­ hagen, New York, commence Selling at public auction the a - foresald lota and parcels to pay the amounts due for taxes, Interest and charges. The pur­ ch a s e r at such s a le shall pay the amount of their respective bids to the Village T reasu r e r within ten ( to ) d ays from the date of the sale and receive c e r tificates of sale, which shall bear interest a l the rate of tw elve ptrcentum per annum, and a f ter the expira­ tion o f two years a r e entitled to foreclose the sam e and receive a conveyance of said property unless redeemed pursuant to law. VIOi A B. VARY Village C lerk and T reasu r e r 25—3—c SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE O F NEW YORK COUNTS’ OF ONEIDA Plaintiff designates ONEIDA County as the place of tria l. The basis of the venue Is Plaintiff’s Designation CPLR S09. Summons with Notice Plaintiff resides at County ol Lew is. DORIS A. Smith, Plaintiff, against, CHARLES M. SMITH, Defendant. ACTION FOR A DIVORCE To the above named Defendant You a r e hereby summoned to se r v e a notice of Mayor Trustee term of 2 years term ol 2 years to he voted on at the annual village Election on March 20, 1973, and to transact such other business a s may com e before satd caucus. Dated this 8th day of February 1973. By o rder oftheVtllageCom m lttee SHIRLEY JOSLIN, Village C lerk 26-2-c NOTICE OF TAX SALE . Village of Lowvllle, New York NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that, in pursuance of the pro­ visions of the Real Property t a x Law of the State of New York, and ol a resolution of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Lowvllle, Lewis County, New York, passed at a meeting there­ of held on the 6th d a ; o f February, 1973, I, Harold F . Woolshlager, T reasu r e r of the Village of LowvlUe, will se ll at public auction, tn the m anner provided by Law, on the 5th day of March, 1973, at 10:00 o ’clock In the forenoon a t the Municipal Office of the Village of Lowville, State Street, In said Village o f Lowville, so much o f each o f the foUowing parcels of real estate upon which Village taxes rem a in unpaid as will be sufficient to discharge the tax, f e e s , Interest and charges which may b e due thereon respectively a t the tim e JOURNAL AND REPUBLICAN, LOWVILLE, N. V. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1973 l y opened by the Courts and Law Enforcement Com m ittee. Dated: February 8, 1973 EDWARD RYBICKY Chairm an Courts & Law Enforcem ent Com m ittee Vmmmmmmmmmm— ammmamJmmlSiin NOTICE TO BIDDERS Notice Is hereby given p u rsuant to Section 103 of the G e n e ral Municipal Law, that sealed bids a r e sought for the purchase Of one (I) new 1973-automobile, 4 door sedan, color white, to be factory police package equipped, for use by the Sheriff’s Depart­ ment, Specifications a r e available to alt interested dealers at the Of- by Creek, South by River, East by Kopezlnski, West by Main; 1/4 a c re; Tax, penalties, Interest and c h a r g e s ..................... .$153.40 Parcel No. 16, OSTERHAUDT, FLOYD, com m ercial, bounded as follows: North by Creek, South by River, East by Nortz, West by South State; 1/8 acre; Tax, penalties. Interest and charges • . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42.73 Parcel No, 17,REED, LOTTIE, H e irs of, apartment building, bounded as follows: North by F reeman, South by Water S treet, E a st by Kafllne, West by Rus­ sell; 1/4 acre; Tax, penalties. Interest and charge $167.24 Parcel No. 18, SCHOFF, LOREN, house and lot, bounded as follows: North by Highland Avenue, South by Peake, E a s t by {tce toe Clerlt o} tte L ewls Yousey, West by Church Street; county Board of L e g islators. L/4 acre; Tax, penalties. Interest Court House. LowvlHe. New and ch a r g e s . $230.39 York, The Sealed Bids will be re­ ceived until 10:30 A.M. on March 6, 1973, at the Office of the C lerk of the Board to be opened by the Law Enforcement Parcel No. 19, STODDARD, RONALD and BRENDA, house and lot, bounded a s follows: North by Allen, South by As kin, East by Park Avenue. West by Bol- ulv U v er; 1/4 acre; Tax, penalties. Courts and Interest and charges . . . .$316.68 Committee P a rcel No. 20, SUNDERHAFT, EUGENE, Heirs of, house and Dated: February 8. 1973 lot, bounded a s follows: North by Reed, South by Bure h ard. E a st by Lyndecker, West by South State S treet; 1/4 acre; Tax, penalties, Interest and charges Courts of such sale, and s h a ll continue ............................................$217.04 - - - — Parcel No. 21, SUNDERHAFT, EUGENE, H eirs of, vacant tot, bounded as follows: North by Stanton, South by Railroad, East the sam e from d ay to day until tbe said sale shall b e completed. The purchaser o r purchasers at such tax sate will be required to pay the amount of their respective bids to the under- EDWARD RYBICKY, Chairm an and Law Enforcement Comm ittee 26-1-c NOTICE ______ Notice ts hereby given that the by R o s s ,\ West\ by Baker; 1/4 Village Caucus will be held tn T rust and Agency TOTAL ALL FUNDS 3000.00 1161.75 1705.81 700.00 716.62 11,152.79 151.177.64 within 20 days a l t e r tbe service of this summons, exclusive olthe day o f s e rvice (or within 30 days alte r the service is complete if this summons ts not personally delivered to you within the S tate o f New YorkJ; and In case of your failure t o appear. Judgement will be taken against you by default for the r e lief demanded In the notice se t forth below upon the term ination o f concOlatlon proceedings o r 120 days after filing of a Notice o l Commence­ m ent ol this action with the Con­ ciliation Bureau, whichever, is sooner. Dated, February 2 , 1973 ERNEST J WOLFE JR . Attorney ( s ) for Plaintiff Office and Post Office Address LOWVILLE NY 13357 TeL. No. 315-376-6622 NOTICE: The object o f this ' ' >— — — — — — — . — — action Is to obtain a Judgement NOTICE Residence on Main S treet., 1/2 01 divorce dissolving the m a r- Notice is hereby given that ^ bounded cm N. Ltaeum, rlag e between the parties on license No. 22 - TL - 43 h as been E> Llscum , N, Jam e s , W. Main grounds o f abandonment. P u b lic- Issued to the undersigned to sell stre e t atlon made pursuant to order at b e e r , liquor a n d wtne under t h e valuation 11800 $167.13 Suprem e Court Judge J , Robert Alcoholic Beaverage Control Law Hoshell, Nancy A.: Residence Lynch on February 2, 1972 and at Salmon River Inn, Mary S t on Mechanic S treet., X acre; filed la Oneida County C lerk’s Town of Osceola, County of L ewis bounded on No. Robde, E . New- office, Utica, NY. .» v — - for on- - - — e a notice o f appearance, respectiv e dios to tn e unoe r- the Plato till’s Attorney ( s ) signed Village T r e a s u r e r , within Tbls is a sum m ary o f the Annual Report of the S u p ervisor. The detailed report ta on file tn the office of the Town Clerk at New Bremen and may be Inspected by any p erson d u ring busi­ n e s s hours. Certification of.Town Clerk I, Bernice Eaton, certify that the annual report o f the Supervisor for the year ended December 31, 1972 h a s been filed In my office and that the foregoing Information which has been abstracted from such rep o rt represents a sum m ary of the data contained therein. Dated: February 13, 1973 BERNICE EATON Town Clerk Town of New Bremen 26-1-c ten days after the s a l e , and upon such payment shall receive a written certificate of sale de­ scribing the real estate pur­ chased and tbe sum paid there­ fore. The following is a list of the parcels of r e a l e s tate to b e sold, together with s statem ent of the amount of the tax, fees, interest and charges thereon, to wit: acre; Tax, penalties, Interest and charges. ............... 178.31 Parcel No. 22, SUNDERHAFT, ROBERT and VIRGINIA, bouse and lo t, bounded a s follows: North by Back, South by N ortz, East by Penn Central, West by Park, the Village Hall, ConstablevUle, New York on the 21st day o f February 1973 at 7:30 p.m . for the purpose ot nominating a mayor In the place of A lbert Kraeger and a trustee In place o f william Greene whose term s Avenue; 1/2 acre; Tax. penal— expire, to be voted on a t the next . . . —. a n n u a l s I a a M m A m « n l h n w K n c l _ tie s , Interest and charges $178.31 Parcel No. 23, THOMPSON, ROBERT and PAULINE, bouse and lot, bounded a s follows: North by Woodlawn, South by Wfodover, E a s t by Young, West by Reape; P a rcel No. 1 ACORN SEATING L/4 a c re; Tax, penalties, Interest ' $91.43 C O ., com m ercial, bounded a s fob lowa: North by F o rd, South by D elies, West by Penn C e n tral, E a st by Railroad S treet; 1 a c re; Tax, penalties, Interest and ch a r g e s .................. $963.91 P a rcel No. 2 ALLEN, CECIL and JUNE, bouse and lot, bound­ ed as follows: North by Bost- wtck S treet, South- by School, E a s t by M eyer, West by C h ris­ tians eij: 1/4 acre; T ax, p enalties, interest and charges . . . .$ 146.21 and charges . , , Parcel No. 24, THOMPSON, ROBERT and PAULINE, bouse and lo t, bounded a s follows: North by Lyman, South b y East T rinity, E a s t by P e trovitt, West by B rit­ ton; 1/4 acre; Tax, penalties, Interest and c h a r g e s . ...$164.16 Parcel No. 25, WALLACE, FRANCE and DORIS, bouse and lo t, bounded a s follows: North by Egloff, South by Arthur, East by Park Avenue, West by School; 1/4 a c r e ; Tax, penalties, interest P a rcel No. 3 BAKER, PETEK and DOROTHY, house and to t , and charges . ' . ............... .'$359.54 bounded as follows: North by Wldrlck, South By Bostw tck,East by ''M o rse, West by Reape; 1/4 Parcel No. 26, MILLER, ANSLEM, Heirs of, bouse and lot, bounded a s follows: N orth by M e r- aer«;T a x , penalties, intareetand ’ r e l l , South by Allen, EastbyCaU , charges $234.69 W est by Collins; 1/4 acre; Tax, State of New Y ork, prem ises consumption. Mechanic S t., W. comb, N. Crowner Valuation $1300. ............... $123.48 D /B /A Salmon River Inn LaClalr, Jam e s.: Residence CONSTANTIN NICIU ajxj garage on Mala S t., 1 acre; Mary S treet fcomxied on No* Maiden Lane, E. Osceola, New York Sm ith, N. Vogt, W. Main S t. 26-2-c valuation $3400 ................. $294.21 M anchester, Douglas: Res­ idence on Malden Lane, t/4 a c r e ; bounded on N . C lark, E. Clark, N. Malden Lane, W. P a rker, Valuation $900 ..................... $75.96 Moore, Richard: Lot and trailer on Grove S t., 1/2 acre; bounded on N. Flem ing, E. Grove St., S . Battle, w . Battle. Valuation $1600 ................... $98.74 Peck, Vernon H. J r . & H ar­ riet H.: Residence on Cataract S t., 1/4 acre, bounded on K. Fhalen, E . Hubbard, S. Cataract S t., W. Crowner. Valuation $1609. . . . ...$ 1 0 6 .9 8 Persons, G erald J . : Residence 1/4 acre, bounded on N. Colvin, E. Eastm an, S. Alexander, W. Colvin Valuation $1409. ............... $!4L94 Scovllle, Niles W„ J r . & Sandra J . : Residence on Washington S t , 1 acre fccucdcd cn N„ B n icr, E. Phaleo, S. Colvin, W. Washing­ ton S t. Valuation$1800. . . » ...$ 1 2 8 .6 9 Rumble, David & Mary: Re­ sidence on Main Street, i acre, bounded on N. Johnson, E. Mata S t., S . Marine M Idland, W „ United Church Parsonage Valuation $2400 .................. $231.35 village of Copenhagen Tax Sale Lands to the Village of Copen­ hagen, New York to be sold for a r r e a r of taxes. Slate of New York County of Lewis Village of Copenhagen Office of the Village Clerk and T reasurer, Copenhagen, New York February 8, 1973 • W h ereas, a r r e a r s of taxes for the year 1372, duly levied and assessed pursuant to law, rem ain due and unpaid on the several parcels, lo: o r pieces of land described In the following list: Cooper, Robert W.: Lot on Main S treet,, 1/2 acre; bounded on N. Agway, E. Main Street, S. River, VV. Agway. Valuation $200 $16.71 Doyle, Maurice J . 4 Jane: Res­ idence on Maple avp ., 1/2 a c re; bounded on N» Davis, E. Hall, N. Maple Ave., W. Snyder. Valuation 51300. . ____ $154.60 Hayes, Donald J . 4 Mae C.; J . — . --------------- ----- I fo r Herd Owners & Technicians sp o n s o r e d by A M E R I C A * B R E E D E R S S E R V I C E , IN C . FEBRUARY 1923,1973 TOWN OF GREIG RETURNED TOWN OF GREIG RETURNED TAX SALES Sealed bids to be received by Town C lerk until 5 P.M ., March 9, 1973 on following properties: Lot 181 Baalow, Robert and PhyllM , Branttngham T ract, 1/4 a c r e ; Bd. N. H artley, E , Hoad; S. ’by H artley; W . by Hartley, Valuation $ 7 0 0 . . . . . . . $614.59 147 C o g a r, Inc. 2 1/4 acres; Bd. N .b y Em e rson, E . by Em e r­ son; S. by Jones, W, by Tucker. . . . $227.37 37 La Buz, Alfred, Brant- togham T r a c t, I 1/2 acres; Bd. S . by Rogers, E . by Rogers, 3 . by Burdick, W, by Rhone. Valuation $ 1 0 0 0 , ............. $259.26 39 Dunn, Norm an A and Judlih 1 a c r e . Bd. sr. by Rudd; E. by Hardy; S . By Road; W. b y Cobb. Valuation $100 ...................... $48.88 17, 19, B a ttles Riff L. and others, 6 acres; Bd. N. b y Town Line; E . by Evan’s , S . by State, W. by R iver. Valuation $129. 127 La V a ltee, Theodore, $ 8 acre; B d . N , by Farney; E, by Channel, S. by M cBride; W. by Road. V aluat!on$1590...$611.59 127 MandevlHe. Gafcrelle, .96 acre, Bd, N. by N o fteler, E. by Hoag, S . by Rhone,W .by P roctor. Valuation *1000 . . . . . . ..$170.96 73 Tuttle David and M argaret, ,50 acre; B d , N. by Asztmis, E. By Road, S. by HIgby, W. Skin­ ner. Valuation $ 2 0 0 ,. . ,$125.86 129 La S u re, C h a rles, E s t. .59 acre; Bd. N, by Kepler, E. By Z im m e r, S . by Paragl, N. by Fltogerald. Valuation $600. ................ . . . . . $ 2 4 7 . 9 7 Parcel No, 4 BENCE, FRANK, Heirs of, bouse and lot, bounded 25-3-c as follows: North by M iller,South by Dayan, E a s t by Brodte, West by Posello; 1/4 a c r e ; Tax,penal­ ties, Interest and penalties, interest and charges - ................................... $128.50 Parcel No. 27. MILLER, ANSLEM, Heirs of, bouse and lot, bounded ts follows: North charges by Beck, South by MUler, E a s t .............................. $103.60 by Stanton, West by Railroad Parcel No. 5 , DELLES, Street; 1/2 acre; Tax, p enalties, ALFRED and AUDREY, house and Interest and charges . ..$ 1 1 7 .4 4 lot, bounded a s follows: North P a rcel No. 28, PENN CBN— by Stowe, South by Matula, E a s t TRAL RAILROAD, Land Inside, by Matusxeak, West by County * acres; T ax, penalties, in terest Home; 1/4 acre; T a x , penalties and c h a r g e s ....................... $85.13 interest and c h a r g e s ..$ 2 7 6 .8 6 Parcel No. 29, PENN CEN— Parcel No. 6 , EBERSOL, LEON TRAL RAILROAD, Side T rack’ and MABEL, com m ercial, bound- 8 .® ®Ues; Tax, penalties, ed ts follows: North by M th a r, Interest and charges .,$ 1 2 7 .6 8 South b y Lowville P .P . Company, Parccl No* 30* PENN CEN- East by M abar, W est by State RAILROAD, T rack In Street; 1/8 acre; T a x , penalties Corporation; 1.59 mUes; Tax, interest and c h a r g e s . . . . $ 2 2 8 .11 P«B*JHes, interest and charges Parcel No. 7 GILLIGAN, RAY- * • • * • • - . . . . . . . . . . $359.20 MOND and Katherine, house and si» JPEI* CEN- lot, bounded a s follows: North RAILROAD, Tangible P r o - by Ja i l, South By Water, E a s t Tax> Penalties, interest by R u ssell, West by Lewis County ^ ch a r g e s ...................... $199.53 R F . WOOLSHLAGER T reasu r e r Village of LowvlUe 26—-c 3 Welfare; 1/4 acre; Tax, penal­ tie s , Interest and charges ........................................... $100.84 Parcel No. 8 HILL, RODNEY and ELIZABETH, house and lo t, bounded as follows: North by Stowe, South by Matula, East b y NOTICE ■ — . . . . . . . . . ___. The foils* log reaoIuUuS was pf c tlU ° s ‘ P*ssed » f e t i n g of the Beard Put*. West by McDonald; 1 /4 charges . . . . . annual election. Any o ther b u si­ ness as may come before the meeting will also be transacted. Dated: February 9, 197S PHILIP BRONSON MARY KRAEGER • Caucus Com m ittee 26-1-c NOTICE OF COMPLETION OF ASSESSMENT ROLL Notice is hereby given that the A s s e s s o rs of the Village o f Con- stablevUle, New York have com ­ pleted their assessm e n t roll f o r the current year and that a copy thereof has been left with the undersigned Village Clerk where It may be seen and examined a t any tim e by any person interested until February 20, 1973. On that date, at the Village Hall in Con- stablevltte between the h o u rs of 5 and 9 o’clock to the evening, Ole Board of A ssessors will m eet to bear and examine all com­ plaints to relation to such a s ­ sessm e n ts on the application o f any person considering him self aggrieved thereby. Dated: February 9 , 197S PHYLLIS WENDT, C lerk Village C lerk 26-1-c VILLAGE REGISTRATION DAY At a regular meeting of the Board of T rustees of the Vil­ lage of Lowvllle, New York, held on the 6th day ol February, 1973, the following resolution was of­ fered by T rustee Z e ller and s e ­ conded by T rustee M iller, who moved Its adoption and tt was duly c a r r ie d unanimously. WHEREAS, the next general Village election f o r o fficers w ill b e held cm March 20, 1973, and WHEREAS, no person shall b e entitled to vote a t any Village election whose name docs not a p ­ pear on the r e g ister, and WHEREAS, the B o a rdofT rust- ees o f the Village o f Lowvllle, h a s determined that m o re than one- half o f the voters qualified to v o te a t the forthcoming Village election for Village o fficers w e re personally registered at the last preceding general election, and WHEREAS, the taking o f registration for the forthcoming election will be accomplished m o re efficiently and economical­ ly through the appointment of a Forms and Information can be Obtained from Town Clerk any lim e Ira n 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. - Monday through Saturday. Sealed I bids to be opened at Greig Town Hall, Friday, March 9, 1973 at 7 P.M. s h a r p . o f T rustees of the Village o f _ Lowvtlle, New York, held on the CHARLES and MARION, house ^ o f February, 1973: w d lo t, bounded a s follows: North r e s o l v e d , that the next an - by Park Ptoce.Sonthby Methodist nuaj ^ n e r a ! e’iw tloa will b e held E Z ' ** 20tb o{ March, 1973, - single Board of Inspectors o i Wert By Boshart; V4aeW ;Txux, and It to further Election to conduct such penalties, Interest and ctotrges RESOLVED, that the polling registration, and * \ w i n i o for 039 v m *Kp election WHEREAS, the Inspectors o f Parcel No. 10 . m a m a k , 3 naii be the Lowvllle Municipal Election have commenced the HAROLD,- H e irs of, com m ercial, office, State Street, In the V il- preparation of the reg ister fo r bounded a s follows: North b y G en- tagp 0{ Lowville, and tt I s fu r - the forthcoming Village election, erai Telephone Company, South ther by E b e rsol, E a s t by Masonic RESOLVED, that the polls shall Temple, West by State S treet; be open a t 12:00 o ’clock noon and 1/2 a c r e ; Tax, p enalties. Inter* a t d o s e at 9:00 o ’clock ta the e v e n - and c h a r g e s .................. . $1,000.03 Df „aid <jay, and It Is f u rther RESOLVED, that the offices to fee fitted and the term s thereof a r e as follows: lit E m p i r e Liv e s t o c k S a le s L o w v l l l e , N . Y . for Information and registration contact LOREN WIDRICK Low v ille 3 7 6 - 3 3 5 2 DISTRICT OFFICE T lie r e e a 629*4811 24 - 3 -p MABEL BE.ADORE Town Clerk Star Route Gtenlteld, N . Y. 13343 376-2049 7 6-3-c OFFICE Mayor Trustee Trustee TERM Two Y e a rs Two Y e a rs Two Years NATHANIEL B, MERRELL C lerk 26-1-c • rueree* 243 - -p a P M M i a i i i n i i i n i M i i t ( R H i M i « M H i a « i l VILLAGE O F TURIN TURIN, NEW YORK ; NOT*CE OF UNION ’ VILLAGE CAUCUS The qualified Union Electors of the Village of T u rin, New York, a r e requested to m eet to a Union Cauoat at the Village HaU located In the T u rta E le- rnmtary School, in the Village 5 ot T u rin, New Y o rk, on T u e * . I d»ys February *7, W7S, at S-M P.M?, for the purpoa# of placing to romsna.tlorr the following; and WHEREAS, the Village Law o f the State of New York require* that every village hold * registration day for every vil­ lage electton. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that FIRST: A single Board of Inspectors of Election ts hereby appointed to conduct the r e g istra­ tion of voters qualified to vote a t the forthcoming Village e lec­ tion. -SECOND: Registration Day f o r tire Village shall be held on S a t­ urday, the 3rd day of M arch, ..— ...- ..,- 1 - 1973, NOTICE TO BIDDERS THIRD; Such registration sh i l l Notice ta h ereby given pursuant b e held a t the Lowvllle Municipal BERT and BARBARA, house and to Section 103 of, the General Office, State S treet, Lowvllle, lot, bounded a* follows; North Municipal Law, that sealed bids New York, from 12 o’clock noon by Creek, South by River S treet, a r e sought for the purchase o f to 9 o’clock Us the evening o f E a st by Cook, West by Snyder; one Cl) new 1973 automobile, « said day. 1/4 acre; Tax, p enalties, in terest door sedan, color g reen, f o r u se and c h a r g e s ....................... $92.54 by the S h e rlfr# Departm ent, Parcel No. 14, NUSPLIGEH, Specifications are available to WALTER S ..bouse and lot, bound- *J1 interested dealers at tbe O f. ed m follow*: North by Boat- n e e of the Clerk of the Lewi* . . . .. ... . wick. South by Moore, E a st by County Board of Legislator*. « , „ „ Watooo, West b y G rau; | / 4 i e r « ; C o u rt H o w e, Lowvllle, .N*» L a r d P a r f y Set Ta*, penalttea, ftitereat and Y e ti* Chargee. . . . . . . . . . . $ M 8 . t e The 3 e a M Bids wtM b e TW CMgMer* o f famballa Mm Parcel No, 15, O’CONNOR, received until 19:30 A 3 L tm *#eeeoring a jaM le sue taw een t RAPHAEL, Heir* of, house and M arch a , 1973. at the Office o f jwrty laSL Peter** Clmreh Han, lo t, bounded a* follows: North the Clerk of the Board to b e UawvHIe, February *1 a t * jp,ir Parcel No. I I , MAROLF, VER­ NON, vacant lot, bo anted a s f o l­ lows: North by Rural Avenue, South by Llscum , East by L a - F lesh, West by Kolakski; L/4 acre; T ax, penalties, tnterestartd charges ..............$37.39 ■ P a rcel No. 12, MATHYF, HAR­ OLD F . , bouse and tot, bounded as follows: North by Bowen,South by Rural Avenue, E a st by Csm- nsa, West by Gleb; 1/4 acre; Tax, penalties, Interest and charges ............. $78.70 Parcel No. 13, NORTZ, HER- NATHANIEL S. MERRELL Clerk 26-1-0

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