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ASCS Feed Sign-up Set \A' -V (' ■X t i u * Y I . i A ■ V ' ' ^ .,J 4 M *' BOND G5SUE • Funds totaling $3.1 mllTfon for new pollution controls at Georgia-Pacific C o r p .'s Lyons Palls paper mill have been received and placed In a construction trust fund, ac­ cording to Gordon A* Suitings, assistant to the vice president of the Northeastern Division, Stam ford, Conn., and Everett P. Ingalls, general manager at L-yons Falls. The step concludes a long effort to provide protection fo r the Black River and continued employment for Lyons Falls, the officials noted. Final action on the $3.1 mil­ lion revenue bond issue for Lyons Falls Environmental Im­ provement was completed r e ­ cently tn New York City. At the ceremony were, from left to right a r e Ed Kozlowskl and Ntr. Ingalls, Lyons F a lls, Mr* Still- tngs, Stamford, Conn., Joseph Pm R o g e rs, Jr., and Robert C. Rosenberg, New York Ctty, and Attorney Ray Dorr* BoonviUe. i * *■> % , Seated Is Ray Jedrlch from Con- stabtevtlle. The Industrial revenue bonds were sold by the Town of West Turin Industrial Development Agency, and underwritten by Blyth, Eastman, Dltllon, & C o .,of New York Cltv. They are dated to mature December 1, 1992, Trustee for the funds Is Com­ m erce Union Bank, Nashville, Tenn. The funds w ere raised by the sate of industrial revenue bonds Issued under the New York State Industrial Development Act and sold by the town agency. Construction wilt provide a sanitary system , treatm ent of bark fines from the woodroom, treatm ent of waste fibers and spent liquor from the pulp mill and facilities to treat ail waste effluents from the paper mill, the latter units accounting for almost half the total ex- endltures. Work on the project ts already well under way. Under NEW MEMBERS - A team of past exalted rulers of Lowvtlle E lks, headed by Past State vice President Edward Watkins, tut* Uated ten new members Into Low. vtlle Lodge 1005 on Wednesday evening, February 7. The ceremony was held In honor of Past Exalted Ruler, Past State V ice-President and Past D istrict Deputy Allen Rush, Past exalted r u lers conducting the Ini­ tiation Included Walt Bamiych, F red Zsm p erettl, Richard Cum. m tngs, Lynn W estern, Richard Riant, Harold Hoffman, Henry Sqhabb, RolDan, Martin, with Ed Watkins a s exalted r u ler. Shown In the above picture are nine of the new m e m b e rs. Left to right in the front row are Frank Kozloskl, BUI Reynolds, Tom Sctiantz and Tom G am sey. la the second row a r e Don Gil­ lespie, Tim O’Connor, John Brown, Andre Blrchenough and Tom Rogers, Absent when the picture was taken was Vinton T a rrant. A roast beef dinner was s e r ­ ved, prloi to the meeting, by Gilbert Stoffle, entertainm ent chairman, and Ms staff. the handing agreem ent, Georgia- Pacific wtu repay the con­ struction trust over a twenty- year period. Commenting on the program , tngSlts satd \O u r employees and our neighbors In this area have made common cause with Georgia - Pacific In findings viable solution to Improve pol­ lution control at the Lyons Falls plant. Local people, officials at all levels of local government and the agency In particular have cooperated splendidly In the pro­ ject. It is this so r t of attitude that creates a b e tter community with a better environm ent,as weU as protecting Jobs and the local economy.” The officers of the agency a r e Raymond L. Jedrlch, chairman, Henry Taylor, vice chairman, Edwin Kozlowskl, ’ secretary, Harold Hayes, assistant sec­ retary, and Leo Northaro, treas- »»r»r. Schedule Academy Musical Senior Class of Lowvllle Aca­ demy and Central School will sponsor the Broadway m u sical, \K iss Me, Kate,” on March 15, 16 and 17 a t 8 p.m. In the school auditorium, i Several -aniMons for the spring m n a lstj .w ere held In De­ cem ber and IBs following cast was chosen: Ronald Lyndaker * s Fred G ra­ ham, Z t z t Mallette aa Lois Lane, Sara Rice as Ltll V anessi, Rtck Young a s Bill Calhoun, Mark Washburn a s Harry Trevor, Ro­ berta Lynch as Hattie, Collins Kellogg as F irst Gangster, Jon Miller as Second Gangster and Paul Edtck as Paul. There will be a chorus of twen­ ty members and a ftfteeen-plece orchestra, •‘Kiss Me, Kate” Is m e rry, melodious and sophisticated. The score ts one of the g r e a test, Including such numbers as “ Another Openlrt,” “ Another Show,” “ W underbar,” “ So In Lave,” “ Brush Up Your Shakes­ peare,” \Tom , Dick or H a rry,\ “ 1 Hate Men,\ and others. The various committees have been selected and the play Is now well underway. Holly berry Benefit Set Stgn-up form s , helpful assis­ tance, and a pleasant atmosphere are all on tap at the Lewis County Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (ASCS) office, ready for the farm pro­ gram stgn-up period which be­ gan Monday, Feb. 5, and will continue through March 16. So reports ASCS County Exe­ cutive D irector Amos Dykeman, who anticipates that approxima­ tely 200 farm e rs tn Lewis Coun­ ty wtu stgn-up for participation in tbe 1973 feed grata and wheat program s. “ If stgn-up Is tn line with pre­ vious y e a r s , approximately 30 percent of the eligible farm s In the county will be sfgned up in one o r more of these p rogram s,” he satd. He pointed out that there has been some revising of program provisions since initial an­ nouncements were made, and he suggested that farm e rs should keep a close eye on mall and news announcements from the ASCS county office to be s u r e they a re up-to-date on a l l program de­ tails. Once a producer ts s u r e of his program choices, then It’s a wise Idea for him to come in and sign up at the ASCS office a s soon a s possible, Dykeman said- “ It wlU save the farm e r’s tim e If he comes ta early — before there ts a line-up. Even a short line can mean a considerable wait, since It sometimes takes half an hour or more to complete one sign-up. F a rm e rs also were reminded that measurement services — which a r e provided al c o s t— may be requested at any tim e from the ASCS county office. \A farm e r doesn’t have to watt until he signs up to put in for measurement service,” Dykeman said. During the six-week stgn-up period, Feb. 5-M arch 16, the ASCS county office will maintain Its regular hours, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m . to 4:30 p.m ., except for Monday, Feb. 19, when the office will be closed ta observance of Washing­ ton’s Birthday, a federal holiday. The county office Is located at Reed Block Butldlng, Lowvtlle. D m m u tla n d l & r p u h l x t m i WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1973 Girl Scout Cookie Sale The weather outside may be .School. Mtss B e a rs has vol- flightful, but more than 1O0 Girl Scouts looking forward to the eighth annual se r i e s of Polar Bear weekends are more than willing to “le t It snow.” G irls and leaders from throughout the Thousand Islands Girl Scout Council ore readying winter gear for three February weekends a t the Council’s e s ­ tablished Camp T refoilnear H ar- rlsvllle. During the three-day events they’ll have the opportunity' to meet girls from other parts of the trl-county council, as well as to test outdoor sk ills, create snow sculptures and participate in winter s p o r ts . A se r ies of film s on several stages of skiing will be featured before the Scouts take to tbe slopes at Juniper Hills Ski Cen­ ter each Saturday. Additionally, baste Instruction ta skiing will be offered by Mtss E. Shirley Bears, physical education in­ structor at Carthage Central unteered her talents yearly since the firs t Polar Bear weekend In 1965. A bus from the H a rrisvllle school system will be on hand to provide rides to and from the skt area. At Camp T refoil, two perm a­ nent facilities—the nature center and t t e lodge—will be used during the encampments. Approximately 40 eighth grade Cadettes and thefr leaders be­ gan the first Polar B e a r, which ran from Feb. 9 - 1 1 . A second Polar Bear follows on Feb, 16 - 17 for ninth grade Cadettes and S enior Scouts,while the third Polar Bear weekend Is set for Feb. 23 - 25 for the same age group. Coordinating the three week­ ends will be field advisers M rs. C a rl B, Alden, M rs. J a m e s F ish­ er and Miss Ann C. R itter, as­ sisted b y staff m em b e rs and vol­ unteers. St. P e ter’s Cites Honor Students RECEIVE AWARDS - Two stu­ dents of the Farm Production and Management Class conducted at the Lewis County Area Oc­ cupational Center recently d is­ tinguished them selves by winning a first place trophy at M o rrls- vllle, David Moody, a Junior at the Lowvllle Academy and Cen­ tral School, and John Markham, a Junior *1 South Lewis Central School, shared the award. They l i r j i n d w T o M r r l Past Noble Grands Cluh win meet Tuesday, Feb. 20, at the home of M rs. Gladys Austin, Sharp S t., Lowvllle, beginning with a covered dish supper at 6:30 p.m., with business meel- to follow st a p .m . Members should take i covered dlahof food and thetr own table service. attended and competed In the 54th annual judging contest In tmtterfat testing and milk fla­ vors al the Stole University of New York, A g ricultural and Technical College, M o rrtsvllle. Moody ts the son of David E. Moody a t Shady Avenue, Lowvllle, and John Markham Is the son of John Markham, S r . , of Const*- blevtjle. P r t t t i c ! P i t r r n f * Mr* and M rs. Douglas Fam ey, Toriaa^raJa, are th^proiKlparents of a KPtrn pound«tv.'o oimer son, Steyen Douglas, bom Feb* at Tonawanda. Thp couple ban two oth?r cWMren, L is a , 7, and PhlHpg 6. Mr*, Fam e y Is the dsujhter of Mr* and Mr*. Ed­ ward Markowakl* LowrJIie. Plans for the IS 73 hoUyberry bipripfjf WPft rtl^YMte ci&rt ta1 * • - — - - v l- -- - - j tii'tew 7 meeting of the auxiliary o f second Lewis County General Hospital, M rs. Bette Schoff, president, presiding. Co-chairm en w-ju he Air*. Joseph Sfcowyrs and M rs. Sam VUIantl, M rs. Thomas Rogers will handle decorations and M rs. Edward Finn, publicity. A special event will be a bridge luncheon and a new feature wtu b e * men’s booth. The auxiliary has purchased a cash register for the- gift shop scheduled to open In the new nursing home facility June 1. M rs. Richard Fatck and M rs, Nan Johnson are co-chairm en o f the shop. A special com m ittee attended a gift shop session tn Rochester to obtain Ideas, The Denmark Twig I s making \pinky” dolls fo r pediatrics. Discarded nylons are needed, A new twig (B irch- h asbeenform ed in Beaver Falls with 16 m e m b e rs. Applications have been sent to school guidance counselors on nurse scholarships. H ouot roll at St. Peter’s Parochial School, Lowville, for the second quarterly marking period has been announced as follows: Grade I • F irst Honors - Thomas Cataldo, Karen Boshart, Elizabeth Hanno, Jill Hoffman, Jeffrey Kovach, M arla Nortz, Michael P ierce, Held! VanZandt and Kimberley W aiter; Second Honors * Jana Dosztan, John Gorczyca, Gordon Snyder and Held! S chneeberger, Grade 2 - F i r s t Honors - Theresa Allen,, Thomas Hall, Philip SzaJach, Jim Burt and Dlann Darmody; Second Honors - Ronald W alter, Katrina Stoffel, Laura Lee WaItgot-y,Lorf Kelley, John Zurbrzyckl, Denise McLane and John L.-tmbJe. Grade 3 • , F irst Honors - Jill Albertson, Richard C a sirlna, Beth Hall, Rebecca Hanno, Mi­ chael N ortz, P a trick Pound, An. Reape and M arta Want; Honors » Kathy Baker, Brenda Bol liver, Suzanne Bos­ h a r t, PhUJp Brown, Wand* Bush, David Gracey, Michael Stoffel and J e r r y W aiters, Grade 4 - F ir s t Honors - Catherine APm tre, Bethany M elss, Lori Mulltn and Sharon Peto, Joan Percoskl, Sharon Waligory, John Lynch, Dantel McGrath, Andrew Matulewlcz and Bert Burnham; Second Honors » Patricia Cataldo, KeUyDavidson, Deborah G racey, Marie Sw artx- man, David Kovach, Edward Sptnsa and Michael Schnee­ berger. Grade 5 - F i r s t Honors - Marianne Hitchcock, David Dean, Timothy Young, Jennifer Cast- rlna, Bethany Hanno, Richard Rozanskl, Gerald Nortz, Judith Houppert, Mary Ann Judd, Elizabeth L a m e lla, Joseph Blrchenough and John Cataldo; Second Honors -M a ryZubrzyckl, Denise McGrath andColleen Har­ ris , Grade C. - F ir s t Honors - Theresa Stoffel, Jana Rhubart, Laurie P o rreca, Eva Kill, Mar­ garet Catrina, Michael Percoskt, Thomas Lynch and Robert Hanno. Second Honors « Ellen Skiff, Laurie Schneeberger, Darlene McGrath, Shelia Kampuey, Mi­ chelle Beagle, Richard RJanl and William Gorczyca, 1 H o l d S u r p r i s e D i n n e r A surprise dinner wax given M r, and M rs, Phil G reene I t John’* G rill on Wednesday even­ ing. Those attending w ere Mr, and M rs, F o ster A rcher, M r.and M rs, John Kalamas, Mrs. Ctndy Urbanlak, M rs. Vera Hall, M rs, Mae O’Leary, M rs. M agnetite Rhubart, M rs. Viol* Bus hey, M r*, Mary Lou Morse, M rs. Lura Banner, Miss Grace Mill* and Miss Pauline Lehman, They w ere presented with tfts. SNOWMOBILE RACES - Lewis County G rind Prix Snowsled Races will be held Sunday, Feb. 18, starting a t 11 a.m ., st the Lewis County Fairgrounds, Low­ vllle, under the sponsorship of the Lowvtlle Fish and Game Club. The races are open to all d r iv e r s from Lewis County and all will qualify for the County traveling trophy, presently held by Edward Yancey. Entry registration wilt open a t 7 a.m , and will close at 10:30 a.m . Classes will Includestock.free air, modified. Juniors and powder puff for women. T h e re wtu also be a 25-lap race for the traveling trophy and .snowmobiles must he 0-660 cc. The pH meeting with Leo W alters, chairm an, wtu be at 10:35 a.m . Some 75 percent of the entry fees will be returned to the first, second, third and fourth place winners. Refreshments will be avail­ able, and there will b e free p ark­ ing, Those desiring more In­ formation may call 376-3t0? or 376-7146, FILM SERIES - Fifteen years ago, the Bell Telephone System produced for television an ex­ cellent se r ies of nine science film s. The films proved to be a tremendous success, not only for public Interest, but as an excellent media ta education for all science classes. As a r e s u lt, an a s sociate com­ pany with the Bell System made 16mm film s available for AMF Up In Income AMF Incorporated gained new highs tn earnings for the fourth quarter and the year, Rodney C, Gott, chairm an and chief executive officer, reported today. Mr. Gott noted that the results were prelim inary and unaudit­ ed, with final audited and more detailed figures expected In about three weeks. Net Income climbed 10 percent for the 1972 fourth quarter and set a new record of $14,4 mil­ lion or 77 cents a com m onshare, compared with $ 13-1 miHton or 71 cents a common share for the corresponding 1971 quarter. Gross revenues for the 1972 fourth quarter were a record $261 million compared with $235 million for I97I’s final quarter, an increase of 11 percent, percent. Net Income for the year rose 28 percent, to a record $55.4 million o r $2.96 a common share compared with the 1971 Income of $43.4 million, or $2.35 a com­ mon share. Gross revenues for 1972 in­ creased 23 percent to a new r e . cord of $924 million compared with $753 million In 1971. Backlog a t December 31, 1372 amounted to $181 million com­ pared with $201 million for the sam e date Las! year. M r. Gott stated that although government backlog declined, com m ercial backlog was well ahead of last year. Commenting on the results, Mr. Gott said, “ This was our fourth consecutive record yew and an exceptionally strong one. It p ro­ vided u s wlthunlqueopportunltles to plan ahead for 1973 and the future by undertaking program s Specifically designed to Increase the thrust of our leisure product activities and establish somenew directions In our Industrial pro­ duct m a rkets. These program s, combined with the strengths of AMF and the Inherent growth of the Industries which the company serves, should enable us to achieve higher levels of earnings tn 1973, and provide a solid foundation for continued profit expansion tn the future.” AMF Incorporated Is a world­ wide producer of leisure tim e and Industrial products. Fourth quarter leisure time products revenues, Including bowling revenues of $46.8 m il. lion, Increased I I percent and to­ taled $156.2 million compared with $141.0 million In the 1971 fourth quarter. Revenues from Industrial products and s e rvices were up 9 percent and totaled $81.1 mill Ion for the fourth quarter, compared to $74.5 mil­ lion for the corresponding per­ iod last year. For the year, revenues for leisure tim e products ro s e 28 percent to $562.9 mill ton com­ pared with $441.0 million for 1971. Revenues for Indus tr ial products and services Increased 9 percent to $278.5 million com­ pared with $256.2 million for 1971. Fourth quarter revenues for government products Increased schools, f ree of charge. Recent­ ly a decision was made to phase out the film program , but r e a liz­ ing the value ot th e films ta schools and community organi­ zations, a decision was made to place the films In certain ed­ ucational organizations through­ out New York State. One of the Centers chosen was the Lewis County BOCES Him Library. The staff of the Lewis BOCES A-V Department Is g rate­ ful to the New York Telephone Company (Otica Office) and Fred Enos, public relations staff, as a recipient of the films. Shown above, Mr. Enos, right, presents these film s to the Lewis BOCES media coordinator, M rs. Marton Wetman, and director of educational communications, Burt E . Creen. At The Churches TRINITY EPISCOPAL Lowvllle Rev, Ladd K, H a rris Wednesday, 2:45 p.m ., Junior and Junior High Church School; 3:30 p.m ., Ballet instruction, Thursday, 7:30 p.m ., Vestry. Friday, 3:45 p.m ., Junior Choir. Saturday, 10 a.m ., Communion Instruction. Sunday, 8 a.m ,, Hoty Eucharist; 9 - 9:45 a.m . Adult Class; 10 a.m ., Holy Eucharist; 7 p.m ., Y’outb Group. Monday, 2:45 p.m .. Prim ary Church School, Tuesday 3:30 p.m., Brownfes; 7:30 p.m ., Senior Choir; 7:30 r-m.* Duplicate Bridge. BETHEL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Lowvllle Rev. John. E. A lder Wednesday, 0 p.m ., Impact team m eets; 7:30 p .m ., Midweek prayer service; 7:30 w n .,Ju n io r quizzing. Sunday, 9:43 a.m ., Sun­ day School for everyone; 10:50 a.m ., Morning Worship service; 7 p.m ., Evening Service, Wed­ nesday, 6 p.m., Impact team meets; 7:30 p.m ., Monthly Mis­ sionary s e rvice, also junior mis­ sionary meeting;. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN LowvlUe Rev. John K. Sharp. Thursday, February- 15, at 6:45 p.m ., Chancel Choir. Sunday, February 18, at 9 :45a.m .,Cburch School and Adult Bible Study Group; at 11:00 a.m ., Morning Worship with reception of new m em b ers. Tuesday, February 20, at 7:30 p.m ., Session will meet to the Andover House, also at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, February 21, at 3:45 p.m .. Children’s Choir; at 5:00 p.m .. Junior High Fellowship will meet in toe An­ dover House. CASTORLAND BA PTT5T Castorland Rev. Albert Coffey Services, 10 a.m ., ' Sunday School, 11 Junior Group practice, Monday, 7 p.m ., at Frances Burlingame’s home. Senior Choir p ractice, Thursday! 6:30 p .m., a t church. UNITED METHODIST Glenfleld Rev, Charles S. Austin Sunday, Feb. 18, 9 * . m,,Church School for grades 5-12; 10 a.m ., Church School for kindergarten to grade four; 10 a.m ., Morning Worship. to $23,3 million compared with $19.7 million (»*t yew . Full ye*r revenue* from government pro­ duct* were $83.0 m illion com­ pared with $55.9 raUlton to 1971. UNITED METHODIST MarUnsburg Rev, Roherf F . Nay Sunday, Feb. 18, morning wor­ ship, 9:30 a.m ., sermon by Rob­ e r t tv. Lewis, lay speaker, on the topic, “ The T h rust of Key ’73.” Monday, February 19, 7 p.m., MYF meets a t Karen Den* tog’s home. Saturday, Feb. 17, 10 a.m ., Choir practice. BIBLE BAPTIST Lowvtlle Rev. Thomas F. Kingston Independent and Fundamental, “Speaking The Truth In Love.” Eph. 4:15. Sunday, 9:45 a.m ,, Bible School for all ages; 11a.m., worship service; 7:30 p.m ., Evening Service. Wednesday, 7:30 p .m ., Prayer and BtbleStudy. Visitors a r e cordially welcomed, UNITED METHODIST LowvlUe Rev. Bruce W. Chapman Sunday, February 18, 9:45 a.m., Church School Classes; 11:05 a.m ., Dtvtne Worship with serm o n and music; membership votes on Plan for Use of Build­ ings a fter the service; 6:30 p .m ., Junior High UM Y F;7p,m.,Senior High UMYF; b p.m ., Sharing Groups adult and youth. BEAVER VALLEY UNITED METHODIST Naumburg Rev. Bruce W. Chapman Sunday, February 18, 9:45 a.m ., Divine Worship with serm o n and music; 10:45 a,m ., ChurchSchool c lasses;6:30p.m ,, Youth Choir rebearRat<7:30p,m,, Youth Fellowship and Men’s Chorus. UNITED METHODIST Lowville Rev. Robert F . Nay Sunday, Feb. 18, morning wor­ ship, II a.m ., sermon by Robert W. Lew is, lay speaker, mi tbe yopie: “ T he T h rust of Key’’) 3 . ” Week-day activities for work and Worship this week: Monday, Feb. 19, 6:30 p.m ., Boosters meet. Wednesday, F e b .2l,7p .m .,C h o tr rehearsal. T Snow Blazers’ Cookout Planned Port Leyden Snow B lazers held a regular meeting Tuesday, Feb. 6, at the Cold Brook Campsite Restaurant, with 30 m em bers In attendance, A trail ride and cookout has been planned for Feb. 17 at 7 P.m., weather permitting. If It’s necessary to cancel, a picnic wUI be held on the Cold Brook Campsite grounds on Sunday, Feb, 18, a t 1:30 p ,m . The* next meeting will be M arch 6 *1 7 p.m„ T h ere wlllbe a covered dish supper before the meetfe*. New mem bers a r e always welcome.

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