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k H iu y w w i'iaA 'j A lbany, N .Y .12203 L s w i * € c m M ty ’< iV». I M a r k e t p l a c e ALDAiOr' TAa Fattest Growing IFeekly Newspaiter In N o r thernN e w York j o u r n a l a n d S t e p u b l t c Serving the greater Lewis County area since 1830 143 R D Y E A K N O . I S L O W V I L L E , N . Y . 13567 WEDNESDAY, 24. 1973 Fast-Aetion Classifieds 376-3525 W I S WEEK,22 *AGES • >5 CENTS Maple Producers Elect Officers Over 40 maple producer* at* landed the annual meeting of the Lewis County Maple Producers on January 6 at Croghan, The program began with the showing o f the movie \Roofs of an Em­ p i r e , \ which shows the many aspects o f agriculture tn New York State. Les Lyndtker and Lowell Vir* kler were elected to three-year term s as directors of the as­ sociation. The following o fficers DRUG COORDINATOR - D r .K e n . neth E, Ford, Lewis County BOCES executive officer anddls- trie t superintendent of schools fo r the Lewis CountySuperrlsory D istrict, recently announced the appointment of John P. Cook as health and drug coordinator to serv e Lewis County Schools and som e schools In, Jefferson County, M r, Cook received his B.S. from Niagara University, where he was football team captain and a dean’s list student, HI* name appear* In \Who’s Who In Ameri­ can U n iversities and Colleges.\ He was awarded an M.S.in health education from Syracuse Uni­ versity. Presently he ts complet­ ing a second m a s ter’s degree In Health and Drug Coordination a t C o rnell University, Mr, Cook will assist area schools In the Implementation of State - mandated program s In health and drug education. The position Is funded through fed­ e r a l , county, state and BOCES r e ­ sources, Mr, Cook comes to the area from the West Genesee School D istrict In Camlllus, where he served ns a health education In­ structor. Mr. Cook Is m arried. Mrs, Cook has served as a public health nurse In the Syracuse area. were elected by the Board of D irectors: President, Lowell V lrkler, vice-president, Charles O’Brien; secretary - treasu r e r , Leland Ryan; and representatives to the state association, David Lum and Les Lynda k er. The association voted to send the Lewis County Maple Queen to the State Maple Queen Con­ test at Jefferson, In AprlL They also decided to award $20 to the County Maple Queen, $10 to the Second place contestant and $5 to the third place contestant. The following prices w e re set by the association a s a guideline for producers In LewtsCountyfor the coming season: $8,50 per gallon, $4,74 p e r one-hall gal­ lon, $3.00 per quart and $1,15 per pint. The New York Farm Bureau Marketing Cooperative Is offering these prices: Fancy or AA at 60 cent per pound. No. 1 o r A at 55 cents per pound, No, 2 o r B at 50 cents and No. 3 o r C at 45 cents per pound. The prices a r e equal to last season’s record prices. Anyone interested In joining the Lewis County Maple P ro­ ducers’ Association may contact Leland Ryan, H a rrlsvllle. The Association asked to remind all maple producers that the annual maple school wilt be held on February 6 a t the United Methodist Church In Lowville, The school I s sponsored annually by Cooperative Extension. Dog Tag Deadline M rs, M arie McCue, town clerk of Lowville, today ad­ vised the more than 200 dog owners who have not yet purchased their 1972 li­ censes a® tags that they m u st do so by January 31, the extended deadline for r e ­ newals, . At that tim e , according bo M rs. M c C up , the law re­ q u ir e s that a list of delinquent ow n ers be com­ piled for presentation to the town Justice, who wilt then issue summons for the a r ­ rest of those harboring un- Lliensed dogs. The owners then risk seizure of the anim a ls, plus $10 In fines and c o s ts . There are 612 dogs listed for the Town of Lowville, which Indicates thatapprosd- rrstely one-third have.not yet teen licensed. HEADS TEMPLE - Robert C. F u ller, of P a r ilh , executive vice- president of P a r is h Oil C o ., Inc,, was elected Potentate of Media Temple on Monday, January 8, Mr. Fuller, center, was nominated hy his father, H. C, Fuller, left, for the office of Potentate and was appointed a 7 n the works...^-Buckley U S D A T o C l o s e A S C S F a c i l i t i e s JANUARYf - No one could really believe It was January in Low- vllle and Lewis County last week, sa tem p eratures Jumped into the fifties and the landscape began to appear very much as If spring had made an early a r ­ rival- la the top photo, taken from the steps of the Journal & Re­ publican, the complete absense of snow can be noted, which gave som e merchants an opportunity to clean-up their atore-fronts, to the lower photo, the nearly snow -free lawn of S t. P e ter’s Church and the property of D r, Henry A. Geldel alongShady Ave­ nue Is pictured. The U $ A A ,-sanctioned snow­ m o b ile races scheduled f o r Sat­ urday and Sunday at the Lewis County Fairgrounds in LowvlUe w ere cancelled by the sponsoring Lowville Fish and Game Club, when the track was ruled unsafe tor racing by Ron Bourgeois, Boonvllle, U.S.S.A. secretary. Came Club officials said a later date would be sought or a coamty snowmobile event sched­ uled If possible. Other events also had to be postponed, including an lee skat­ ing p arty planned for Wednesday, Jam. 24, from 1 to 8 p.m ., by the Lewis Neighborhood Junior G irl Scouts at the Lowville Mun­ icipal Skating R Ink. It 1ms been confirmed that the United S tatesD epartm entof Agri­ culture will In all probability be closing the Lewts Coamty Agri­ cultural Stabilisation and Con­ servation Service (ASCS) office In Lowville by June 30, unless one of sev e ral moves to block the m easure succeeds. It has been reported that the Departm ent of Agriculture In­ tends to close o r consolidate som e 800 local offices through­ out the United Slates by June 30, with definite word on which of the offices will be closed to be announced In April. The probability that the Low- vllle office would b e one of those on the list and that the closing o r consolidation of the 800 of­ fices (s \In the w o rks\ was confirmed late last week through U.S. Senator Jam e s L. Buckley, C -R . Senator Buckley relayed to the Journal and Republican through Leo K esselrtng of his Albany office that he bad been Informed that the office closings were *‘ln the w o rks\ within the D e p a rt, xnent of A g riculture In what ap­ peared to be an \ economy m e a sure.” Senator Buckley had contacted the Department of A g riculture after being asked by the Journal editor to check into the exact status of the Lewis County office. At that tim e, a complete report on the Impact the otfice closing would hare on Lewis County, along with the impact of the alreadydlscontlmaed R u ral Environmental Assistance Program (REAP) In the county, was presented to S enator Buckley by the Journal. Portions of the report to the Senator can be read In the column, \ A C loser Look,\ on page 2 of today’s edition. Senator Buckley advised that It was \Im p e rative” that every­ one concerned about the fate of the Lewis County ASCS office write to him and the Depart­ ment of A g riculture Immediate­ ly, outlining th e ir opinions a s to why the office should not be closed. All mall to the S enator should he addressed: Hon. Jam e s L. Buckley, Tbe United States Senate, Washington, D.C, F o r the Departm ent of A g ri­ culture, mall should be a d d ress­ ed! Mr. Kenneth F rick, d ir e c tor, Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service, • United States Departm ent of Agri­ culture, Washington, D.C. It Is believed that If the Lewis County office In Lowville is closed, It will be consolidated, along with the office in S t. Law­ rence County, with the Jeffer­ son County office In Watertown. T h is , however. Is not definite but appeared today to he the most Ukely p rospect T h is would mean that some Lewis County farm e rs would have to d r ive as far as 60 m lles-plus, o n e way, In o rder to reach the ASCS otfice to W ater­ town. rt was pointed out to Senator Buckley by the Journal that this would create an extrem e hard­ ship for county dairy farm e rs during the w inter months when driving long d istances Is difficult and som etim es Impossible, as well a s during the sum m er months when the f a rm e r s ’ heavy schedule allows them little tim e to travel from their f a rm s . Im p e r a t i v e ! \Im p erative” was the term used by UJ3. Senator Jam e s L. Buckley indescrtb- Ing the need for L ewts County dairymen to w rite to his office and the U.S, Depart­ ment of A griculture about the USDA plans to c lose the Lowville office of the Agri­ cultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (ASCS). The Senator was not exag­ gerating, and he was em­ phasizing the fact that the response from the public about the probable closing will have a great deal to do with the ultim ate decisions to be made by the Administration and the De­ partm ent of Agriculture. Dairymen, In general, have always found it difficult to band together to protect their interests and prom o te their needs. Now is the tim e, If there Is to be any chance of saving the Low- vtlle office. Can It b e saved? Perhaps, m o re appropriate­ ly, we might ask: Are the chances that it will be saved greater If we a c t—now?Sen- ator Buckley said \Im p e ra­ tive;\ he is to a position to know. UF ELECTS - A t the annual mem­ bership meeting of the Lewis County Untied Fund, the follow­ ing officers and directors were elected: President, William Hunt; rice president, Richard Rian!; sec­ retory, Helena Kuhl; treasu r e r , Rodney Persons; executive sec­ reto ry , Jam e s O’Connor; Di­ recto r s , term expiring 1974 - Joseph B o lssy, M rs. Martha Smith, Paul Forte, Amos Dyke- tnin and Franc I* Cox. D irectors, term expiring» 1975 - Douglas Brodle, Robert McCabe, Richard Plan) and M rs, Helen* Kuhl. D irectors, term expiring 1976 - William Hunt, Rodney Persons, Jam e s Judd, Frank Phelps and Jam e s Burt, In the picture, left to right, are Hunt, M r s . C a role, Mrs. Kuhl, Cox, Rlani, F o rte, O'Con­ nor, B u rt, P e r s o n s , Phelps and Judd. Jam e s Burt, chairm an of the nominating comm ittee, p resented the slate. In other business, the res­ ignation: of Jim Shea was ac­ cepted with much regret. Gen­ eral campaign co-chairmen,Dick Riant and Bill Hunt, reported. Details of this report will b e published tn next week’s Journal and Republican. President Doug Brodt*. In his last official m e e t- (Continued on Page 1-B) representative to tfcs Im perial Session In Atlanta, Georgia,, by Mr son,. C, Fuller, Tf, rlghC Tht*> la orif of the first tim e s Jn fnrtnry when thre^grrw ralions of Fhrlners parMMpatwi In fho election of a Pr>ietitah\ T?ie other rpprps^nlatlvns to (Continued on Page 2-B) Fr*?<3 Arsdorsori, Croghan, d is­ trict deputy of th*- 92nd D istrict, Knights of Columbus, a .member of K. of C* Council 2175, C ro- gfian* who was fnrouM to New York CIfy to attend a mtdUyear d istrict deputy meeting to b e held at the Sheraton LaGuardfa Hotel In Nrw York, was one of three out of seven passengers whotrig- gefed an antl*hyjacklng m etaldr-«* tecflon device J u s t prior fo board­ ing a New York-bound f l i g h t at Watertown International Airport on January 5. A head-tovtoe search for evi­ dence of weapons was performed hy Allegheny custom er service agent* Francis Pechey* who used a hand-sized metal defection de­ vice which uncovered a coat hanger, w rist watch and a c ruci­ fix attached to a r o s a r y , encased tn a metal, box. The first passenger scanned head-Io-foot with the hand-sized device by M r. Pechey carried a green suck* As M r. Pecftey brought the device close to the sack* a hlgh-pllched bleep sound- leading to th** discovery of a metal coat hanger. A s the second man was scanned* Mu w rist watch caused the device to sound Its alarm again. Finally, EAGLE AWARD -T h o m a s T u rck, J r . , son ol M r, and M rs. Thom as Torek. S r.. was awarded the coveted Eagle Scout Award at a Court o f Honor held b y Lowville Boy Scout Troop 162, Sponsored by Lowvtlle American Legion Rost 162, on Thursday, J a n . 18, at T rinity P a rish House, Lowvtlle. Shown in the photo, left to right, are: Lee B a s s e tt, Jefferson- Lewts Boy S cout Council execu­ tive; M rs. Torek; Mr. Turck; the new Eagle Scout, and Alien Ray­ mond, scoutm a ster. A dinner opened the cere­ monies at th e P a rish House, It was prepared by Jim Beaty of the dietetic staff o f Lewis County General Hospital and tocludeo covered diJTies taken By p a rents of the troop’s m em b ers. Both the scouts and their fam ilies attended the event. Following the dinner, the C o u rt of Honor was held, with the following adults participating: Mr. Bassett; Richard Raymond, district com m issioner; Joseph Porreca,Sr», Institutional r e p r e - (Photo by J a y Russell) sentatlve; William Raymond, a s ­ sistant scoutm a ster; C a rl Kel­ logg, commander of American Legion Poet 162, and D r. John Hermann, council m em b er. Turck, the first member of Troop of 162 to earn such an award, lotos the elite few from Lewis County who have been thus cited. About one out of 106 Boy Scouts ever achieve the Eagle Scout status. M r. Kellogg pre­ sented the youth w lthacertiflcate on behalf of the American Legion. Others receiving awards In­ cluded: Joseph P o rreca, HI, son of M r. and M rs. Joseph Por­ reca, S r . , and Mark Bero, son of M r. and M rs. Allen Bero, who received Life Scout aw ards; John Turck, son of M r. and M rs. Kevin Turck, S tar Badge; Robert Wallgory, son of M r. and Mr*. P e ter Wallgory, Donald Voyer, son of Mr. and M rs. Guy Voyer, and Mark Hitchcock, son of Mr. and M rs, Clinton Hitchcock, F u a t Class Badges. Larry w o o d , newest member of the troop, received his emblem. AFS Officers Elected At SL At a recent South Lewis Cen­ tral Am erican Field Service Chapter meeting, the following officers- w ere chosen for 1973- 74; President, M rs. John Hughes, treasu r e r , M r*. Jam e s KIos- ner; s e c retary , M rs, Duane P a r ­ rish. A ten-month \experience” to International relations with­ out leaving town Is what A. F . S. International Scholarships Is of­ fering South Lew is School d is­ tric t families. A.F.S. South Lewis Chapter president, M rs. Hughes, is searching for a fam ily that will host an overseas student for the coming school year. The young­ ste r will live with the family and attend c lasses at South Lew­ is Htgh School. \T h e main requirem ent for an A. F . S. host family i s Use parents' concern for and Inter­ est to young people,\ M rs. Hughes said, A_ F. S . international Head­ quarters to New York City c a r e ­ fully screens candidates who ap­ ply for a year's stay in the United 5 to les. Students come here from m o re than 60 coun­ trie s . T h e re a r e 2,622 students from abroad currently living and studying to America this year. \The A. F. S. program can be no! only beneficial to the student, but also extrem ely re­ warding to the h o st fam ily,” M rs. Hughes added. It helps to ac­ quire new perspectives about another cu ltu r e ., experience the fun of a new and continuing friend­ ship, and help a student d iscover the life of a community and a na­ tion. Aside from food c o s ts and pos­ sibly som e sm a ll Incidental ex­ penses, the host family incurs no debt to hosting a student. The (Continued on Page 5-B) Persons Trustee Rodney E , Person*, 75*1 Church SL, Losrrllle, was ap- pointed to fill the unexptred term of the late Louis F. Meda as village trustee Jan. 16 by the village board. The term expires to March, and it 1s expected Mr. Person's nam e will be p resenledatcaucua. M r. P e rsons, a 1957 graduate of Boonvllle Central School, has been employed by the Lewis County T rust Company since February, 1964. Hewaspromoted to treasu r e r to 1972 to assum e responsibility of personnel pur­ chaser and assistant to op­ erations. Kenneth Maybew, Richard Bush and John van Zandf, represent­ ing the Lowvtlle volunteer f ire­ m en, asked the board to con­ sider the purchase of a new pumper with 1,000 gallons per minute capacity and to consider (Continued on Page 1-B) (he device warned q} metal ma­ terial a third tim e, leading M r. Peachy to the raincoat pocket of Mr. Anderson, which revealed the crucifix attached to » rosary In the m etal box. After a ll passengers were sec­ urely cm board, FAA agents con­ ferred with Mr, Pechey on m at­ ters of security. \In a *et-up like this” said one of the agents, \w e want to see that the carry-on luggage Is searched just prior to board­ ing. If this is done at the ticket counter there’s a chance to pick­ up a weapon before boarding,\ VJSrT COUNTY - Herman Har­ rington, New York Department com m ander of the American Le­ gion, and M rs. Raymond Welling­ ton, New York State Department president of the American Le­ gion Auxiliary, made their of­ ficial visits to Lewis County oh Jan, 7. They were honored at a dinner at Lowville Memorial Post 162. Shown ftom left to right tn . the photo a r e M rs. Kenneth P a r k ­ e r , Lewis County American Le­ gion Auxiliary president, Mr*. Wellington, Mr. Hnrrtngkm and 'M e rritt Reed, J r . , I ewls Coun­ ty American Legion commander.

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