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Pearl Brown, 78, Lowvillt? M m , Pearl M, Brown. 78. Da- X * S t r u t , U n n iU t. widow of Kdwta G. Brows, died Dec. 1» la L a s ts County General Hospi­ tal, wherw he had been a pa- tts a t » days. She was born in the Town of Watson Dec. 31, MM, daug- « e r of Augustus and FleU Palm­ a r Austin and had lived tn the Lowvtlle section all her adult Ufa. She was married to Edwin G. Brown Dec, IS, M17 tn the Town of Martinsburg. Mr. Brown died July SO, 1170. M rs, brown was a member of the Watson United Methodist Church end the Lowvtlle Senior Ctttsena Club. She la survived by seven daughters. M m . James (Mauaey Bur gave, Carthage, M m . Rich­ ard (Anna) Miner, Pulaski, Mrs. Donald (Beulah) Hoch, LowvUle, M m . Stanley (Elva) Maclejko, Turin, Mrs, Julius (Doris) Lsha- sky, M rs. Floyd (Dors) Belnsp, both of LowvUle, Mrs. Charles, (Barbara) Pleskach. North West­ ern; a. sod, Albert E „ Lowvllle, 24 grandchildren and 16 rreat- grandcKudren. A sad, Gerald L ., died May 22, 1970. The funeral Dec. 21 at tbe Virkler Funeral Home, Re'v. John Sharp, pastor of the F irst Presbyterian Church, assisted by Rev. Robert Nay, pastor of the United Methodist Church, of­ ficiating. Burial was to Beaches Bridge Cemetery. Social Security ForVeterans Beginning with benefits payable for January 1973 or later, mem­ bers -of the armed forces wtll receive additional soc ial security wage credits of 3100 for each month of active military duty alter 1956 and before 1968, Charles E. Reynolds, Watertown district manager ol soc lal security, said today. Under the Old law, these ad-, dittonal c redits were granted only for active duty after 1987, to compensate for tbe fact that only a serviceman’s basic pay ts covered by social security on a contributory basis. However, the amendment pro­ vides for the gratuitous wage credits beginning with 1957,when servicemen started paying social security on their basic pay. No contributions are deducted for the extra $100 credits. Persons receiving social security retirement or disability benefits, who were tn the armed forces between 1957 and 1967, or the -urvtvor beneficiaries of those who served during those years, should contact tk^ir social security office to see If the ad­ ditional credits will Increase thelr monthly payments. These beneficiaries should bring the discharge certificate or other official proof ol the serviceman’s active military servtce In the 1957-1967 per­ iod. I0 I H U L ft lE M I ir C A N , IftV V n iE. K t M i l e 0 IKESBftT, lE C E M E t 27, 1172 9 ~ D Beaver Falls Man Expires fresh and Cows 6ECMD SIMMS Carthage, N.Y. 493*1583 Backhoe Crawler - Loader BUCK DICKINSON P .O . Bo* 283, Lowvllle, N.Y. Phone 376-7412 WANTED : CATTLE & HORSES Dead or Alive $5 to $25 If called Immediately Ph. 639-6895 Play-Do-Dog Food Co. Dexter. N.Y. Lyle Martin Schneeberger, 55, Beaver Falls, died Dec. 17 al home of an apparent heart at­ tack. He had sustained a heart attack three years ago, but had been well and working since. Boro at Croghan, March 28, 1917, a son olJacob and Charlotte Martin Schneeberger he had served ln the Army as a master sergeant with the 0,5 .S. in the European Theater and was a paratrooper with the 82nd Atrbooe. For the past 88 years he had been employed as a stock clerk at-J.P. Lewis Co., Beavw w«it« He married Juanita Holland, May 10, 1943, at Camp Carson, Colo. He was a member of tbe Lewis County V.F.W, and a retired member of the 479th Engineers Batalllon, Leso-Leano reserve m p p v m m m m GREETiING ooo checkerboard farms-rock C o r n i s h H e n s U iM . CHOKE m m s “ VA Ib. Average ALL PRICES EFFECTIVE THRU SUN . DEC 31 197? QUANTITY B o a s t and! S t e a k S a l e ! 3-4 5 th ribsoven ready first c u theef R i b R o a s t C h u c k S t e a k RIGHTS RESERVED- I ) . vend union Boilecl Ham n S ' 9 9 * marvel w/cib— 2 to 6 Ib. Avg. Turkey Breasts i b . 8 9 * Roth Bologna' .<, 8 9 * osctr mayor _ _ . Sandwich Spread Con t. 45 ^ Hired Sotim\\ reg. 791 or pepptKMt r u m * Tambelini Pizza pkg 9 9 * J semiboneless'beef anna. : Chuck Roast * 89* » u.s.d.a. choice-roast ^ ^ ! Boneless Chick n>$l 09 • . boneless beef . • , « : Shoulder Roost ib$l 19 • u.s.d.a. choice-for flanken « ^ ! Beef Short Ribs ^79\ boneless beef : Shoulder Steak * boneless beef : Top Chuck Steak t boneless-chuck : Cubed Beef Steak beef-for fondon broil • Shoulder Steak IU M M ,\{ > M f -\T Wieners 7 9 F r e s h P ro d u c e ! juicy slicing i ni s h i l a ; . G r o u n d C h u c k pineapple SHOin c u r Rib Steak JW'A'T mm ■ # T o m a to e s i D o le Ju ice grand union Cello Pkg. S , o , * 1 14 oz. ■ Cam ■ Pork & Beans 4 5 Egg Plant fresh firm Ib. 29* _ - the sated fruit ^ f l ( t Avocados e*i, t • grand union • Coffee * grand union * Tomato Juice Tfb. Can 79* l-Q t. t « a A d oz. Can v » ” Anjou Poors m.29* j Wilson Sausage c£t29* 3 lb. 4 oz. Can Swam Wrap I0D iwi 59* grand union Akim. Foil 209 5159 italiar, d rening Seven Seas 3 Jan ^ I grand union-boneless C o n n e d H o r n g * 4 W 9 9 nb. 5 $ | 4 9 Can hygrade Kielbasa swift's-eanned Ham Patties Q 2 . Can oscar mayer-atl m e at o r _____ Al Beef Bologna £,“7 9 ‘ oscar mayer B or. AU . .. Brounschweiger IS 85* a * I « oscarm a y e r O O C Link Sausage tkinleis _ , m m m Pilgrim Franks 2 b 39*139 Sliced Bacon 8 9 tea p o t T e n B a g s grand union Tomato Catsup g.u. stems & pieces Mushrooms 14 oz. Bat. 4 oz. Can 23* 33 AH 6reitd Union Supermarkets closed New Year’s Day, Jon. 1 st Open Sundays 9 a.m. til 5 p.m. How fro Shop for Food A c o m p lete guide for every housewife... 9 5 Each A 5 02 . Pkg. Schuler's Corn Chips w/purch. ot (1) at reg. retail LIMIT ONE COUPON PER CUSTOMER with this c o u p o n and purchases of *5 .0 0 ok M o r e Offer Ends Sun..' Dec. 3 t„ 1972 LIMIT ONE COUPON PER CUSTOMER < I ■ ONE P£ R CUSTOMERS a college inn _ Chicken Broth 2 C am 39* I50FIH 20 0FF ONE PEACUStOMERe^j “ I I 8 w-rh coupon ft purchMtof I COMon D ft, pircNaM Of { I - Pkg. of 25, Storage Jl2l Pfc*.. Gen. Mills-Variety* > BAGGIES j? SHAPED I IS rood W rap l« SNACKS I~ Offer Ends Sun.VSnw 1*8 Offer Ends Sun.. | 2 Dec-at. 1972. V V | OO*’ONE PE ft CUSTOM Eft •■Ohfia* ONE P lft CUSTOMS**' I W ! 50 BONUS BLUE S T A M P S IO O B O N U S BLUE STAMPS _ _ _ _ _ _ | U i ■ w, lit coupon & ■ ««ttt cowpeo Or (Hifchm o» | • Arty Size F*fcg.. Grand Union* 251b. Bag, Grand Union ■ H e a lth A B e a u ty A id s I tablets Alkq Sehxer 25 . £ , . 4 9 * fablers Buf levin 100 grand union-dayiim e ^ ^ _ Disp. Dippers S’arM3’ reg. or m int to o thp e ite _ ^ _ Uhrelrite ' . - 5 9 1 grand union -crema grand unton-creme . ^ m me. Rinse er Shampoo £ 4 9 “ CMMreS?s Aspirin\;»374 spT»y>on Brock Rinse com $1 *9 vitaiii Ory Texture ^ 5 9 * N a n c y L y n n B a k e d G o o d s ! fresh bake-white sliced King Size Bread 1 ib. 4 oz. Loaf nancy lynn English Muffins 4otf$l plain or ripple F r o z e n F o o d s f o r y o u r H o l i d a y C e l e b r a t i n g ! grandrana u nionion ■ _ _ Meal Pies C l e a r a n c e S a l e ! SAVE 50% TOYS, GIFT WRAP Vl‘ C. HOUSfc v’.AHf s >. HOLIDAY HEMS _ g u n « lemonade 8 . - * l Certs B mack tray 7 V , o z . Q | | ( Jeno’s Pizxa OV g w d union-‘thoestrmg 4 PBr>t>.H^O| French Fries 3 1 E x tra S h a r p j C S E D D A B I Offer Ends Sun.. | Dec. 31, T972. • mm ONf PEB CUST0ME«w [ G r a v y or C ream yf _ I S t y le B o y F o o d j W l Offer Sun.. V S S B l | Dec 31,1972. | --------- I»£fl CUSTOMEfteim« or tuna grand u n io n grand union-straw Berries 2 o 9 c grand union Orange Juice P hat kan-beef chunks, chicken part* J lor stew* Dog Food _ sunsvwat . . salad o r c o o k ,ng * ■ Prune Juice ^ 5 # : Crisco Oil - U 6 5 grand union on l-Q t Cont. Cold Water with coupon below tiyitT ONt coupon PER CUSTOMER coupon % putchasr 1 Ou*ft Conf trquirt C o ld W a ter \ M il i Offzr Encft Sun .1 MRADSVR 3 1 . W 2 LIMITONF COUrONff R CUSTOMER Cream Cheese 9 LlWlt OKt COUVO»r PfRCUStOMfH 3 oz. P k g . m e « • Hquid A|ax Cleaner : m with coupon below w/(hti coupon 8t purnh *r n/ Cont Rt’golAr rtf UrUcr-nT.-tt ' Ultra B a n 5 0 0 0 - W i O ffrr t rttk Sun MRftOSYfl Dnf 3 1 , 1 9 ? ? LIMIT ONF COUPOM PER CUSIOMFR LIMIT OHl COUPOWPt RCUSIO^ER IdjJ LIQUID A ja x C lea n e r IPi t? 7 | | t ^IR^D oi Cont w/fhis coupon Off pi Ends T t f s y Sim . D e c em b er 3 1 . 19 7 ? W V LIMIT OfNE COUPON PT S CU^TOVf R _______ ^ _____ [*PP LIMIT ON E CC.tJPQM>in7CU:>TOM|Rl»yn This Ad Effective Only a t Grand Union Supermarket in: lowville 5 ”e $ | Tiny Talers 4 ^ ^1 5 0 B O N U S BLUE S T A M P S G OZ. Can 27 f cru hrivvaiidn Punch mighty higti strawherry mm o n Shortcake 2 9 9 i m’JBii.iiiixi i e yritn coupon ft IHirchM* of I [f ib 4 oz. pkg. Froz C*!este* | C H E E S E J J P IZ Z A I I Offer End, Sun.. 1^2391 | Dec 3t. 1972 | OamONE PERCUSTOMSRamMa I » 50 BONUS BLU E S T A M P S w th cotipoGftc purcPimeaf Z lb. t 02 . pikg.. Frozen Sara L e e Pu m p k in Pirn Offer Ends Sun. Doc. 31,1972. ■ ONE REfi CUSTOMS Wi 50 BONUS BLUE S T A M P S w*iK coupon ft putxhjs* d 14 oz Container of LEMON PLEDGE Offer Ends Sun-. Dec 31. 1972. W! w* coupon ft putttoewa* g 10 on Pkg. Froz Grand Ooio»v J Asparagus j I SPEAKS I Offer Ersch Sun. Oe< 31. 1972. qriintJ union Green Beans CUT 1 'h 3 of Fr»;ni;b 1 lb 4 ol or AS 2 lb r T - ' gingetr ate. fenron. cola or club grand ^ ^ ^ l u n i°* oz. Bot in no deposit b o ttlo t bath tissue SODA! 2 0 Soft-Weve 2 Rolls C in Pkg. 'J t >M11 ONE COUPON P{ H CUS1QME FT WHJTf AND ASSORTED 1 B o u n t y T o w e l s BIG ROLL < MRRtD SYR vv flmcotijionr OJfnr Ends Sun., Dpc^ml>«?r 31. T.97? W tilM lt OMECOUPOWPERCUSTOWER P I gffe, Ent},San.' MH&O-SVR. °6C.31. 1972. f LIMIT ONE COUPON f*£H CUSTOMER wAlfn* ctaupon. ® purthM* 10 oz 3m. Mapwill Houm IN S T A N T C O F F E E w grand union B H D cmo1 D E C K LESS THAM detergent Lux Liquid wi th coupon below 1 ^ t |lwt ONE COUPONPE R CUSTONIER'fl 01SH DETERGENT L u x Lia u x d . ?M l< MRftD t Ot Con. J f SVR w/thiL c o u p o n Offer Ends T O l V Son , Dncmrbcr 31. t-372. B V m . LIVTT ONt COUPON Pt B CUSlOiMER CTB unit, Watertown. He waa a l i e u - urer of the boy scout troop In Beaver FaUs. He ts survived by bis widow, Mrs. Juanita Schneeberger; his parents, Jacob and Charlotte Schneeberger, Beaver FaUs; a son, Allan, LowvUle; two daughters, Mrs. Dale (ponna) Moser, SUttvUle, and SheUey, at home; a sister, Mrs. Mary Mc­ Manus, Beaver FaUs; three brothers, Francis and Gerald, Beaver FaUs, Gary, LowvUle, and five grandchildren. The funeral was Dec. 20 a t tbe Virkler Funeral Home and In St. Stephen’s Church, Croghan, Rev. Anthony Moore officiating. Burial will be ln St. Stephen's Cemetery in Ihe spring. Couple 50 Years Wed Mr. and Mrs. Conrad G„ Peterson observed thetr 50th wedding anniversary Dec. 16 with a family dinner at their home oo Church Street, HarrisvUle. Mtss Lalah Rose and Conrad Peterson were married Dec. 16, 1922, at Duluth,. Minn. They have a daughter, Mrs. Frederick E. (Dorothy) Wheeler; two grand­ children, Gregory Wheeler, Car­ thage, and Mrs. Carol Latin ville, Plattsburgh, and two great­ grandchildren. tn 1966, Mr. Peterson retired at the Jones and Laughlln Steel Corp., Benson Mines, where he bad been employed for man; yeafs as a maintenance superintendent. He ts a former Pitcairn Town Justice. Both are active in the Methodist Church. PAST WATCH REPAIR FREE LOAN OF A WATCH We specialize tn remountlr your old jewelry to s m a rt, mo era settings. CARTHAGE - LOWVILLE T H E R E J S A HEALTH INSURANCE THAT HELPS PAY FOR LIVING EXPENSES TOOI Many health Insurance plans a r e designed to help pay your fiosptta], doctor and medical expenses. Mutual o f Omaha’s Wide-Range Paycheck Pro­ tection plan goes further. It can pay you up to 51 , 000 .- OQ a month when you’r e sick o r hurt and can’t work, while you are In the hospital o r at home. This ts cash you can use Id any way you choose. Paycheck Protection can help pay your medical blHa, If you wish, o r can provide you with the cash you need to help pay everyday living expenses - to r food, rent, clothing, whatever purpose you choose. It’s truly flexible health In­ surance protection you need when you’re sick o r hurt and can’t work. Call today to g e t full details cn this outstand­ ing protection. BRAND? L CHAFFEE Bn 487 C a rtfragt, N . Y. a 493-4599 M u I uo I j C n TteC u p j’Hrb.MpuyT

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