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8 JOURNAL AND I I M l U C M . LOW V ILLE. HEW YORK WEDNESMV. i M E 7. 1172 F i l m L A C S P h o n e {Continued **»•\ P»ee O who has served OB tbe Board since 1967, b e t a s opponent from Watson, M rs. Donna Bunke. Joseph B o issy of Lowville ts running for tbe posldon being va­ cated by Lyndsay Fowler. In other business at tbe Board meeting', the resignation of Miss Bonnie B e rger, a primary teacher, was accepted. Miss B e r­ ger ls planning to be married, and she Is seeking employment near her finance's home. Mrs. Patricia Burke was granted a year's leave of absence from her position as an Englis . teacher. Thomas Kingston was approved for appointment as a substitute bus driver. The end-of-year activities of the Senior C lass were approved Special notice was made that all seniors have been informed that the practice of spending a ll night on the school lawn is prohibited. (Continued from Pane 1) ghan. With AMI, the calling party's number ls automatically Identified, so tbat the operator does not have to obtain that num­ ber after the c a ll is dialed. Conplete Instructions on DDD are available ln the new tele­ phone directory and In a new four page leaflet being Included with this month’ s telephone bills. The million dollar DDD project In the Black River D istrict, coupled with tbe conversion of General Telephone’s Ontario D is­ trict, later this year, will make the Company 100% DDD through­ out New York State. General Tetepboae ts a sub­ sidiary of General Telephone & Electronics Corporation (GTE), and serves over 115,000 tele­ phones throughout New York State. N E W jM o d e ritW a s h e rs a t I Duplex Laundry and Dry Gleaners ^ 35c p a r t e d - ^ Cheapest and Best Wash In Town Fa r id a ! F a r easterners Only n r a f Stata A V a t a r Strcat Low ville Duplex Laundry end T I M B E R * L O D G E GLEN FIELD* N.Y. Every SaL fo r the Sum m er DANCING To Music By Jack HalVs Trio w i t h B o o m e r T o w n s e n d Y o u lakes y o u r choice. But n o c h a n ces! {with these F irst o l S p ring V a lues) 69 C h evelle 2 Dr l / l 69 B el Air 4 Dr ( 6 ) a /t 69 P lym outh Fury hf\ v i 69 C u tlass S u p rem e 4 Dr NT (9 O ld* D elta 4 Dr NT Chevrolet E s s e n t o h r M o t o r s In c . UtScs Blvd. Icw v lneJI.Y. Plane 378-6568 (Continued from Page 1) 250 being students. Initial r e ­ ports In the news media Indicat­ ed only about 150 had attended. School officials, however, later pointed out that the figure was 250 o r beyond. One adult who had attended the Him observed that probably If tbe film had been shown without mak­ ing “ such an Issue of lt,” the attendance would probably have been much, much lower. “ Creat­ ing a storm over its sbowingonly made people curious and encour­ aged them fo a ttend.\ A number o f students and a- dults were Interviewed after the showing. A non-teaching mother, who wished to remain anonymous said, “ 1 thought it was great. Maybe lt w ill wake up some of these kids and show them what reallv happens.” She said she was not tn favor of abortion. Another mother said she saw nothing wrong wtth the film. A third woman refused comment, but was heard thanking Rev. Sal­ mon, who Is pastor of St. M ary’s Catholic Church, Glenfield, for presenting the film. One student, Marsha Sweeney, said she saw nothing wrong with the film , that Indeed it should have been “ more gruesom e,\ Stating she ls against abortion, sbe thought the film made good points. Candy Pheonlx agreed that lt was not strong enough, saying the film \Mechanized Death” shown tn d river’ s eduction i s worse. She thought the uproar over the film ’ s showing was ridiculous. She said she favors abortion only when the mother’s life t s endangered. A girl who did not view the Him, said her mother, a teach­ e r , would not sign the perm is­ sion slip. “ I t ’ s a waste of time anyhow. Pm for abortion, and the film probably showed the exceptions.” She wished to remain anonymous. Three boys also were not of­ fended by the movie. “ IPs like getting permission to go see the Ugly Duckling,” one said. They agreed they went more because of curiosity than any other reason. As fo r abor­ tion, they thought ft should be up to the Individual, although each said he would not want his mate to have one. \Why can’t they Just put the child up for adoption?'’ one a sk- eo. A number of Individuals wbo had objected to the film ’ s show­ ing stated tt was a hoax and de­ manded to know the source of the film , which Father Salmon readily supplied, ft was pro­ duced by the Am ericans United for Life of Washington, D.C., and distributed by the Society for Christian Commonwealth, War- renton, Va. Lowville. After completing aU the requtrments for Eagle Scout, he was examined and recom­ mended for the Eagle Award last fall by a board of review, con­ sisting of Pete Grogan, assis­ tant district com m issioner of the Black River D istrict, Al Ray­ mond, scoutmaster of troop 162 John Denton, Black River Dist­ rict executive, Boy Scouts o f A - m erlca. Bill Crossm an, district commission of the Black River D istrict, Boy Scouts of Am erica, Martin O’Hara, institutional re­ presentative of Troop 162 Rev. Willard Newman o f F irst Bap­ tist Church, LowvUle, and Dr. John Herrman, committee mem­ ber of Troop 162. Tbe Eagel Award and charge was made by Attorney Lyman Perry W illiam s, left, of B oonville and Turin. M r. WtUiam was the first boy to recieve the Eagle Award In Lewis County, having been made an Eagle Scout in the year 1924. Mr. Williams also congradulated the parents of the new Eagle Scout and presented to njrs. Smith the miniature E a g le P r i m a r y (Continued from Page 1) Bouchard, Watertown; Kim M ar- tusewicz, Evans M ills, M rs. Jane Kurz, Fulton, James Monroe, Canton; M rs. Noreen Ryan, Sar­ anac Lake, and M rs. Zena Wolfe, Plattsburgh. Alternate delegate candidates Include Robert Park­ er, Oswego; M rs. Mary Hanna, Waddington, and John M. Parent, Malone. The McGovern-pledged dele­ gate candidates are Arnold L Shaplro, Watertown; Martin B. Mannlx, Plattsburgh; JohnT.Sul- livan, J r ., Oswego; M rs. Norma A. Battle, Oswego RJD.; M rs. Helen A . Leppert, Potsdam, and Margaret S, Englehart, Platts­ burgh. McGovern - pledged alternate delegate candidates are Edward C . C larke, Heuvelton; D r. Edgar M. MUler, LowviUe, and M rs. Elizabeth A. Hatt, Elizabethtown. There are a total o f 6,465 v o ters eligible to vote in the Republi­ can prim a ry, an Increase In enrollment of 83 above last year. EUgible to vote IntheDem ocratlc prim a ry are 3,339, an increase of 252. A total o f 10,279 voters a re re­ gistered tn Lewts County, up 605 from last year. V F W S c o u t (Continued from Page 1) the scoutmaster. After 1 year of scouting Smith transferred to Troop 1605, spon­ sored by Lowville E lks Club 16Q5, his father, Phillip Smith, right, being scoutmaster. He has been a member ot Troop 1605 fo r three years and sltll ts active tn the troop. He has served as a s s is­ tant patrol leader for one year Patrol leader for one year and Senior Patrol Leader for one year. He has earned a total of 21 scouting badges. His troop 1605 has been awarded a NsttonalStan- dard Troop Award for three years running. He has attended sum­ mer scout camp at Portaferry for three years and is a mem­ ber of Ihe Scouting Order of the Arrow. He ts a honor roll stu­ dent with a 90% average and a member of the Baptist Church of [ H u s h * I \ i p p i e s - » - r r a n d SHOES' BLARNEY MEN’S AND WOMEN’S Hush P u p p ies ' new golf shoes might Just be the most exclusive shoe of them all. If you don’t believe It, check out U ip price. They’re so Inexpensive you can save enough money to buy two pairs. And they’ re fine golf shoes, too. The pigskin sued® makes them easy to clean. Comfortable. They dry soft. And they won't scratch or scuff. T r y a pair. You’ll find they’ re really worth It. Clarke’ Shoe Store “ YOUR FAMILY SHOE STORE\ STATE STREET LOWVILLE M o d e l R o c k e t C o n t e s t H e r e CORNELL GRAD - Allen W. M atuszczak son o f Mr. and M rs. Anthony M atuszczak, S r ., o f Low­ viUe, New York received tbeB.S. Degree from Cornell University of Ithaca on May 26. Matuszczak was previously graduated from LowvUle A - cadtm y and Central School. WhUe a t Cornell University, be played four years of footbaU and lettered on the Varsity for three years. He was on the first Cornell U n iversity football team to win the ivy league tiUe. He is a member of the Theta Chi Fraternity. L i t t l e L e a g u e AMERICAN DIVISION Elk’ s Stars, 2-0; Farm e rs C o - Op, 1-0; Rossdale Homogenf- zers, 1-0; Young’s Yankee’s , 1-0; V irkler and Sons, 0-0. NATIONAL DIVISION Payne Jones, O-O; M obllers, 1-1; Kraft food, 0 -1; Watertown M attress, 0-2; Nortz Distributor, 0-2. Yankees, 10, M obllers, 6; Whirlyblrds, 8, Kings, 5; Mobi- le r s , 13, Kings,8;H om ogentzers, 14, Mets, 11; S tars, 8, C r a c k e rs, 6; Stars, 8 , Mets, 6. FARM LEAGUE Klwanis, 2-0; Henry’ s Hotel, I—0; Lewts Comity Trust, 0-1; Colts, 0-2. Hornets, 38, C o lts, 0; Kids, 34, B ills, 0; Kids, 18, Colt,12. H e a r t (Continued from Page 1) Bush, patriotic instructor; Mar­ garet McDonald, color bearer; Dorothy McVoy, musician; Jennie Hulbert, treasurer; Mertie N o r- mander, banner bearer. In the bottom photo, left to right, are: James Colwell, senior vice commander; Raymond Han­ no, commander; Herbert Oren- dorff, junior vice commander; Robert Buell, judge advocate; E r­ nest Petrovitz, surgeon; Danny Bush, quartermaster; Edgar Normander, guard. FoHowlng the Installation, a dlnnei -dance was held. The out­ going commander expressed his appreciation to the auxiliary for Its hard work during the past year. Past auxiliary presidents, Georgina Nlezabytoskt, Ann L iss, Mertie Normander, Edith Lyn­ daker, Jennie Hulbert and Mar­ garet McDonald were Introduced. Also introduced was Esther Gaudy, a charter member o f the auxiliary, who was visiting Low­ vUle from Oregon. Recognition was extended to Pauline Longway »s a 25-year member. Gifts were presenledtotheout- golng commander, President Orendortf and Margaret P e f- rovltz. A model rocket Building con­ test ls being sponsored tn the area by the Lowville Sport Shop. The contest ts open to anyone, wtth three separate division: D i­ vision I - Open C lass - any a ge; Division H - 14 to 17 years of age; Division in - up to 14 years of age. The models, which do not have to be launchable, will be d is­ played In the sport shop win­ dow and w ill be Judged on four points: Quality of workmanship, authenticity, Ingenuity and over­ all appearance. There Is no limit on the s ize of the models - as long as they can be taken into the s tore. F irst prize ta each category will be a $10 merchandise c e r t l- (Contlnued from page 1) mody; secretary, M rs. Raymond W oolschlager, and Ralph Hoyt, treasurer. Left to right in the photo are Mr. Hoyt, M r. Myers and Mr. Darmody. Elected directors fo r one y e a r were Dr. E a r le E . Barnes, J r ., LowvUle; M rs. Levi P.M. Gay­ lord, Lowvtlle; M rs. Clinton Hitchcock, LowviUe; Lawrence Peacock, LowvUle; Wilfred C r o s s man, LowvUle; M rs. Don­ ald Field, Port Leyden; M rs. Har­ old W oolshlager, LowvUle; M rs, Lawrence Peacock, LowvUle. Elected directors for two y e a rs were Dr. Albert Dalton, Beaver Falls; M rs. Elbert Dalton, Bea­ ver F a lls; George Pierson, Low­ vUle; Homer M yers, LowvUle; Clifford Relnhard, Lyons Falls; M rs. Flortce V lrkler, LowvUle; D r . George Pierson, Copenhagen. Elected directors for three years w e re Richard Anderson, LowvUle; Ralph Hoyt, Lowville; M rs. Edward Sleber, Lyons Falls; D r . Richard L. NeU, Har- rlsvUIe; Alan Raymond, Lowville; Charles M . N o rtz, LowvUle; M rs, Anna H. Shaver, Lowville; WU­ Uam Darm ody, Lowville. M rs. B e tty Boulio, Copen­ hagen, is an ex-officio memher o f the board. M rs. Harold Woolshlager re ­ ported that memorial gifts for the year have amounted to $1,103. 81, and M rs. Betty Boulio,county coordinator, said that the total o f the Heart Fund drive to date is $6,893.32. The Heart Association wUi ex­ hibit a cardtom eter at the Lewis County F a ir this summer. M rs. Hitchcock and Mr. Darmody were appointed to take charge of the exhibit. M rs. Viola Lyman and G. Ken­ neth Kilpatrick were presented special Heart Fund Citations tor their service In supporting and assisting the program . M rs. L y . man has been a Heart Fund votun. teer for 20 years and a director for eight years. Mr. KllparUck has been a volunteer for five years. FACTORY!! FRESH!! H OM E S ARRIVING . D A I L Y 25 NEW & USED IN STOCK D A V E F O S T E R ’ S I ]i! } HI \n HI! I j lie mj - ficate and second prizes wUi be $5 merchandise certificates. The results w ill be posted ln the s tore window on June 23. Closing date tor entries ls June 21. _________ Prescott S , Young, East M ar- tlnsburgk was admitted to tbe Lewis County General Hoapltal, LowviUe, cm May 29 with a heart condition. He is slowly tm p rov- NOTICE THE LOWVILLE FIRE DEPT. WOULD APPRE­ CIATE ANY PARADE UNIFORMS, NOT BEING USED BY AN ACTIVE MEMBER, TO BE RETURNED TO THE FIRE HALL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE OR CA L L 376-2724 o r 376-6929. WIN! WIN! WIN! Enter our M odel Rocket C ontest Details available at the store Camping and Picnic Supplies 24 Quart Pic sic Csifer .99 Saa Rats .79 9 OHice Plastic Trailers Pkf. af II .59 5 Qiart Utility Pails .25 14 Qaart Pieiic Cioier .79 Coleman Parts Headquarters L o w v i l l e S p o r t S h o p 376-7443 LOW V IUE S l Thomas Billfolds with & without change purses A r r o w Shirts with half sleeves C a r t e r s Underwear loxer knit shorts In t e r w o v e n Socks lavender, purple, and smile , S u p e r b a lies rejiltr t cliypar M i l d r e d ’s . State St. I n c . Lowville, N.Y. NOTICE: Heurs. t u u , t « 5 J i jmw . Monday th r o a # Friday Closod Noon on Saturday* fo r tko Saam or LOWVILLE LAUNDRY •ffa r s t u t foitowlag s e rvlcac Individual Box STORAGE Garaeeata d e a a e d a e d M ath P r p a f a i NO CHARGE ON BOX R ig C le a n in g A t T h e P la n t O r W a ll T o W a ll A t H o m e WE f i l V E S a MOREEN STAMPS FR E E Pickup and Delivery L o w v ille L a u n d r y a n d D r y Jl O P E N EVES TILL 9 PM 5453 Elm S t C le a n e r s , m e . t m n d M ' V . t

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