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- i o A W f l K L V m a j o r m a r k e t N E W ARAPC R T h e F a a te a t G r o w in g W e e k ly N e w t / t a p e r I n N o r t h e r n N e w Y o r k a l a n d S t e m t h l t r a n I.oral l . r o i l r r t h i p , ( h r m 1 rah i p R P a r ie s C orn. t « * itemhto Hndg<^ * H .-vor K-.! I A Indian t. ivi r A KirsrhniTv ill*1 A I nwvit'T'’ ' # Ivonsrtde « R e lfor * F-t mtingftae. * Castorland * Constable v llle * Copenhagen .C r o g h a n • D a d u lle * Deer River * Denmark * Glendale * GlenfteW * Craig , HarriJvtUe • t.vo n s fsU s * Marttnshurr * Naumburg • Nev.- Bremen * Osceola • pme Crow A Port Leyden • Talcottvllle A Turin A West Leyden * West Lowville A West Martinsburg I 1 2 u i l > K \ U - 4 2 L O W V I L L E , N . Y . 1 3 3 6 7 , W E D N E S D A Y , J U N E 7 , 1 9 7 2 2 4 P A G E S — I S C E N T S S o c i e t y , C o u n t y C l a s h O v e r F e e s INSTALLATION - Installation o f officers of the Lew is County V.F.W. and Auxi­ liary was held on Saturday, May 27. Shown, left to right, In the top photo are: F t r s t row » M argaret Pefcrovlfz, senior vice president; Isabelle Orendorff, president; Edith Lyndaker, , installing o f­ ficer; Dorothy Brown, chaplain; Dortne B a k e r, guard. Second row - D olores Raymond, color bearer; M arie Buell, flagbearer; Dolores Dean and Viva Hall, color bearers; Georgina Nlezabytosfcf, Installing conductress; Margaret (Continued on Page 8) A notification was made to the Lew is County Board of Legisla­ tors by the Lewis County Medi­ ca l Society that If the county would sot pay $10 for physi­ ca l examinations to county doc­ tors, the fee being set by the society a year ago, then the doc­ tors would discontinue giving county physicals. It w a s an­ nounced at the regular meettngof the Board of L e g islators on T u e s­ day by Clerk Dorothy KoteL —— According to M rs, Kotel, she Annual Joint nad been notified that the c h a rge for physical examinations had been raised from $8 t o $10, but that she had been advised by County Attorney KennethB. Wolfe fo disregard the new rate due to the President's w a g e-price guidelines. The new rate went Into effect on January 1, 1972, but the coun­ ty had continued to pay the $8 fee, although tt was billed f o r the *10. 2 P r i m a r y C o n te s ts O n L e w is B a llo ts There will be two major con­ tests on the prlm a ryelectlonbal- lots in Lew is County on June 20. In the Republican prim a ry,R e ­ presentative Robert C. McEwen, R .C ., Ogdensburg, !s facing E . mersoo V. Laugh land, Water­ town, who Is backed by a liberal splinter group known as the Peoples* Republican Caucus, for tie GOP nomination for member o f Congress. Laughland Is not expected to present a serious threat to McEwen** nomination, although since it I s the only contest on the GOP ballot, there Is always the danger o f a sm a ll turnout at the polls, which would benefit Laugh­ land, McEwen represents Lewis County one* again through a reali­ gn ad 30th Congressional Dis­ trict, which now encompasses »«T*n counties. Until ihe realign­ ment, Lew is County was repre- P a g e a n t Applications for the 1972 M iss Lawts County Beauty Pageant a r e now being a c ­ cepted from unmarried girls from 16 fa 21 years of age and must b e filed by June 16 to order to qualify for the •vsnL which w ill culminate with the crowning Of th* new qussn on Firem en’s Night at the Lew ts County F a ir on Tuesday evening, July 18. According to M rs. Mary v a r k e r , G r ieg, pageant chairman, applications are available a t all LewisCounty School, the Lewis County Trust Company snd National Bank of Northern New York in LowvlH* and the Lyons Fall* National Bank. seated by Congressman Alexand­ er Pirnie, R ., New Hartford. P lr- nle Is not seeking reelectloiv this year. On the Dem ocratic ballot, the only contest will be a major one- between two sets of d elegates to the Democratic National Conven­ tion in Miami Beacb in July, where the Democratic candidate for President wUi be selected. One slate, which i s being backed by most o f the party regulars, was committed to the nomination of Senator Edmund Muskle of Maine. However, since iheSenat- tor has withdrawn from active campaigning, the slate of dele­ gates and alternates Is now un­ committed and not pledged fo any of the candidates. The other state ls openly pledged to Sena­ tor George McGovern, South D a ­ kota, the current frontrunner f o r the nomination. Indictions are, however, that the uncommitted slate w ill win. Delegate candidates on the un­ committed slate are Robert A. (Continued on Page 8) M o s q u i t o s B i g A r e a P r o b l e m If you’v* bssti stepping p u r w rists m o re than natal lately, you sr* probably aware that the mosquito season Is back. The State Health Department ts predicting the worst summ er tn six years fo r New York State residents, who a r e already be­ coming aware that the mosquitoes ln thetr back yards a r e biting more than usual. The problem Isbecom lngsobad that the state's top expert lit mosquito control ls cot ruling out the possibility of encephali- tis outbreaks. State Health Department offi­ cials In Syracuse stated that the problem waa particularly bad in the northern part of the state, including Lew is County, where the spring ha* been particular­ ly wet. They added that In some sections around the LowvlHearea mosquitoes will not be present but fo r a few weeks, white is others they will p e rsist long Into the sum m er. They continued that EAGLE SCOUT « Martin Edward Smith, center, son o f M r. and Mrs. Phillip Smith, 53-49 Dayan Street, LowvUle, was presented the Eagle Scout a w a rdattheThird Annual Father and Son Banquet, sponsored by Lowvtlle F lka Lodge No. 1605, on May 5, The youth is 16 years c f age snd a tenth grade student at Low- yllle AcadwmyandCentralSrhool, where he served 1 year on the track team and two y e a r* on the swimming I earn. He 1st member of Junior and Senior bands, and was a member of Boy Scout Troop 77 - for one year. Troop 77 was sponsored by Lowville Lyons Club, Burton Walker was (Continued on Page 8) the same problem exists wtth black files and sand flies. Meanwhile, home and garden stores are reporting s a le s of In­ sect bombs and spray guns being slightly higher than normal, but also a noticeable increaselnsaJea o f fogging machines as home­ owners launch all out serial a t. tacks against the flying stingers. From the local lawn and g a r ­ den centers to the State Depart- irieuts o f Health and EhTirctimsn- tal Conservation, thoseconnected with mosquito control a r e Mam. tog the spring's unusually heavy rainfalls rather than the ban on DDT tw a y e a rsagoascausingtlils year’s outbreak of bugs. “ This year’s situation is the worst we’v e ever seen in the past six years, and what we’ re seeing Is only the Up of the Ice­ berg,” warns D r . Thomas Bast, the State HealtfcDepartment’s e x ­ pert cm mosquito control. The department is monitoring some 200 points acro s s the some 200 survH tace points across the s tate, investigating the possible sprad of encephalitis viruses to animals, b irds and hu­ mans. At least three regions across the state - which he would not Identify - are ‘ 'very, very high” In their mosquito pop&la- llons and susceptible to disease cutbreaks. Mosquito control is handled jointly, on the state level, by the Health and Environmental Con. serration Departments, En Con issues perm its if spraying of water, to kill the larvae, Is In­ volved and the senior pesticide inspector, Raymond MalSdewTcr, says few such licenses are being given out. \The mosquito problem -was always there,” he said, \But now there are m ore people in the s u . burbs to notice tt,’ * Mosquito eggs cm lie dormant a s long as 17 years, Bast notes, and hatch within a matter o f hours after they gel wet. Com b ined*beavysprtog rainy season with junk and auto­ mobile tires discarded in the country, and you have the wood­ land poolsof stagnant wRt#rwh«re breeding larvae thrive, he says. The society notified the legis­ lators that the doctors would d is­ continue giving the physicals tf the county did not comply to the new $10 fee. It was pointed out by the society that the county w as the only employer not com ply­ ing wtth the new rate. The board decided to get along with the new rate of $10, L e ­ gislator Eugene Patterson, R ., G r e ig, remarked: \1 guess w e had better give In fo them; they N a b B o y , 1 4 , F o r B o m b H o a x A I<-y*ar old Lowville youth was apprehended last T hursday by LowvUle V illage Police after calling In a bomb s c a r e a t Low­ vUle Academy andCentrtl SchooL According to LowvUle Police Chief Robert McCue, the youth called the school at about 11s 18 a,m ., stating: “ A bomb I s going to blow up the school.” A r e ­ ceptionist received the m essage. VUlage police Immediately went fo the school, which was promptly evacuated. A fter about twenty minutes, the students faculty and other personnel were allowed to return to the building and c lasses w e re resumed. Under interrogation by police, the youth apparently admitted he had been responsible fo r the hoax, which, was toe second to have occurred a t the school this year. E a r lier in the year, two teenaged boys were responsible for a hoax and the evacuation of the school. The boy could offernoexplana. tion as to why he had made the call. C h ief McCue stated the youth said he \doesn’t know.” According to C h ief MeCue the case l# being referred to toe Lewis County Fam ily Court. Chief McCue said that In this incident, like the previous one, the responsible parly was sppre. hended the sam e day toe bomb call had been made; irt n e t within hours. He said that various mean* can be employed t o snare the caller and that very few of such callers today a r e able to *- vold apprehension. probably need it.” Legislator Elwln Rowell, R., Glenfleld, reported to the board that the board of managers of the Lewts County General Hos­ pital was recommending that county doctors be payed $100 per dsy fo r emergency room duty a t ihe hospital. In this way, be D D D C o s t S e t A t $ 1 M i l l i o n Although direct dialing a long distance call w a y be a s simple a s “ ABC” , the work necessary to Install this modem communi­ cations system is much more complex. In fact over one mUHoadolIars In construction costs have been necessary to provide DDD s e r ­ vice to General Telephone's Blapk Rtver D istrict, which has begun converting fo the new system . Three exchanges. Old Forge, Raquefte Lake and Eagle Bay, had DDD service available to them a l 12:01 sum. last Sun­ day morning Juae 4. The ex ­ changes of ConstablevlUe and Lyons Falls w ill convert to the new system Sunday, Juae II at the same time; and BoonvUle, LowvUle, Crogfia* and F o r e s t , port will complete the D istrict- wide changeover o* June 18, a lso af 12:01 a.m. The one mtUton d o llars to con­ struction costs for this project taclodas money for building ex­ pansion, aew \ticketers” , new long distance trucks to outlying exchanges and other pieces of specialized equipment vital to the DDD process. Center of the long distance operation is theBoonrtlleswttch. tag center, housed In th# General Telephone building on Erwta Street In BoonvUle. One of toe Initial steps In p re­ paring for DDD was to expand and remodel the main floor of the building to accomodate the new equipment. This Included the Installation of an a ir conditioning system , special fire prevention apparatus, added lighting and other necessary features. Construction was also needed to other areas of the buUdlag, such a* the cable vault, which had to be expanded to accom o ­ date the additional DDD Uses en­ tering and leaving the mala switching c e n ter. Once this project was com ­ pleted the equipment I tself was moved in. Longdistance \ ticket­ ers,” the h eart o f theDDD switch­ ing system , were Installed. \Ticketers” record all thedlglts dialed, send them alongtathesext station, and record call detsUs such as leagth of ca ll, day, and time of day. Along with the Installation of this equipment trunks w e re also run to the tributary o ffices, to link all other Black R iver ex ­ change with the DDD network. The specialized equipment add- tnaUc Number Idenflcatloa (AND apparatus, ANI will b» avail­ able fo one art! two party sub­ scribers to the exchange* of Boonville. Lowville, and C r o - (Contlnued on Page 8), L A C S B u d g e t S e t F o r V o te rs The Hoard of Educe Hoe o f Low­ vUle Academy and CestralSchool officially approved toe proposed budget for 1972-73. at its meeting on June 5, The budget will h» voted on at the annual school meeting on Tuesday, June 13, at 8 p.m. The budget totals $3,004,500, an increase of $39,049 o v er last year’s budget, ft Is anticipated t o t the am ounttohe r a ised local­ ly Will be $689,700. L a s t year local taxpayers raised $654,460. District Principal Robert M e. ftettiy estimates that the true tax key will increase about ninety-five cents per thousand of true valuation. Only an esti­ mate can be made at this time as the final tax key depends on the reports of theasaessors through­ out the district, on expenditures during the remainder of theyear, and o n toeeqiaiizationratestn the thirteen towns which have land fn the district. In addition to thebudget,voters at the annual meeting will be asked to approve three additional resolutions: the rental o f * cla s s ­ room to the BOCES, the purchase Of three schools buses for tbe 1973-74 school year, and trans­ portation of students tothe BOCES . ta Gleoffeld. Sam Villanti o fLow - vllle has been appointed to serve as chairman of the meeting. Voters will also select four trustees. D r. WUUam C a r r o ll of LowvUle will be running to com­ plete an unexpired term to which he was appointed lastypsur.Doug- tas Robbins o f Denmark w ill be running for re-election to a three- year term , as w ill Aaron widrick of Martinsburg. Mr, Widrick, (Continued on Page 8) said, the hospital would probably sot have the difficulty lt ls now having obtaining doctors for the emergency room . He explained that many of the local doctors are becoming old and are cut­ ting down on their emergency room serv ice. He said the $100 rate would be an incentive to get the doctors to handle the em e r­ gency room detail. At the pre­ sent tim e, the patient pays the hospital a fee for the use of the room, plus the physician’s fee. No decision was made on the matter- Under other b u siness, the leg­ islators approved, subject to lo­ cal taw, the establishment o f a Lewis Cotmty Traffic Safety Board, which w ill promote and encourage street and highway (Continued o o Page 6) C h u r c h D e d i c a t e s C a r i l l o n A new carUIou was dedicated on Sunday, June 4, at the s e r ­ vice of worship a l Forest Pres­ byterian Church, Lyons FaDs. The dedication ceremony was conducted b y R e v . F rancis O'Hara pastor. The bells are a gift to the church and to the com­ munity in m em ory o f M rs. May Richardson Gould and were pre­ sented by her daughter-in-law, M rs. Florence M cArdell, and her grandchildren, M rs. Jane G. Al­ len, M rs. Mary G . Markham, M rs. Nancy G, C a r r , H arry P, Gould and Gene B . Gould. M rs. Gould, who died Decem­ ber 12, 1970, was the widow of Harry P. Gould, form e r presi­ dent of the Gould Paper Co. She had been very closely identified with Forest Church having been a member for 68 years, to 1955 she presented a pipe organ to the church to memory o f her hus­ band and two sons, Gordon H.P. Gould and Henry R. Gould. The carillon Is the \Corona­ tion” model and Is a develop­ ment o f Schulmertch Carillons, toe. ti may be played e lectroni­ cally o r trom a special key­ board located on the organ con­ sole. HEART BOARD - Homer G. M yers, executive vfee-prestdent of the Lewts County Trust Comp­ any, was reelected chairman of the Lewis County Branch ot the Northern New York Heart Asso­ ciation, Inc., a t a recent meeting at the community room In the Trust Company to L o w v tlle. Other officers named were: Vice-chairm an, William D a r- (Conttnued on Page 8) A b o r tio n F ilm In C o n troversy The showing o f a controversial Olco on abortion at South Lewis Central Schooi last Wednesday has boiled down to little more than a tempest to a teapot, with many regretting they had made an Issue of the subject. A few w e e k s ago, the Board of Education of South Lewis Cen­ tral decided to a 7 to I vote to show the ftlm , \T h e Reality of Abortion,” presented by Rev. Al­ bert Salmon, Glenfield, lo stu­ dents o f grades 9 to 12. At tbe same tim e , the board paved the way for the showing o f any film s depicting the other, pro-ahortion, side of the issue. The film , the board decided, could be viewed by the students on an optional basis. Some tim e later, the South Lewis Teachers’ Association re­ quested a viewing of the ftlm prior to its being shown icr the students. A number o f teachers then viewed the film and som e found It objectionable and c ir­ culated a petition to ban Its show­ ing to the students. The petition was presented to the Board of Education through D istrict Principal Edward Sleber and listed five points of objec­ tion to tbe showing of the film . Basically, the points were: (1) The film was contrary to the school’s policy of no sex edu­ cation; (2) The parents would have nothing to say about wheth­ er or not thetr children should view the film; (3) The film shows a \ v e r y dram atically and b iased view” of a controversial two- side subject; (4) The film was designed for \shock value” and not for showing to students who lack sufficient knowledge of the subject; (5) The film would ope# the possibility for any \ splinter group” to use the school to furtb- «r Its controversial purposes. The film contained the signa­ tures of 94 individuals, which Included 84 teachers » a number of whom admitted they had not viewed the film - and ten non- teaching members ot the school staff, which to total numbers well In e x c ess of 150 persons. The petition waa reviewed by the board at a regular meeting, at which tim e a motion was in­ troduced to delay showing the film until a pro-abortion film could be obtained. A number of members of the staff attended the meeting to pre­ sent their views. Those in atten­ dance included M rs. Faith Mur­ dock, Albert Hlgby and his wife Ltods-Rae Hlgby, William An­ derson, Owen W illiam s, John Dryden and Richard VanRy. Not a ll, however, made statements to the board regarding the show­ ing of the film . When the vote was taken, the motion failed to pass, 4 to 5. The board decided later to show the film only to students who had obtained permission slips from thetr paxetas. Between 250 and 3Q0 persons attended the showing last Wednesday, about (Continued on Pag# 8) ' AWARD TEA - The annual Candy Striper’s Awards Tea was held May 21 at the Trinity Episcopal Parish House, Low v ille. Thirty- two girls from .area high school* participated this year tn the Candy Stripe program at the Lewis County General Hospital. The girl* offer their s e rvices to various sections of the hospital; the main desk, the snack bar; the library and on the floor as­ sisting the nurses. The Award Tea to r means of exspresstog appreciation to th# g irls forthelr help and to award them ptas for toe number of volunteer hours accum fitted during the ypar. M iss Diane Hanno, daughter Of M r. and M rs. David Hanno, 7653 J a m e s S treet LowvUle,was given a bracelet and to engraved charm for 1,000 hoursofservfee. She to graduating this June from LowvUle Academ y and Central Schoot and has been fn th# pro. gram for three years. M rs, David Har.no was awarded a c o r ­ sage, donated by Gulgnard’s Flo­ wers o f Lowville. in the top photo, left to right, ar#-. f irst row - Candy H lrschey, Clndi Reed, Katrina Lyng snd Leigh .Iordan; second row - Amy Brown, Beth Trom b ley, Amy Hitchock, Twttit Zehr and Rene# Chartrand; third row - M rs, Brenda Stodard, awards tea chairm a n , Michel# Burnham, Diane Hanno, Linda Walseman, Peggy B e z to, M r*. Judy Harris, Candy S t r ip e volunteer chairman. In th# lower photo are, let1 to right: David Hanno, Ml** Dlan# Hsus\ M rs. Hanno, f H a rris, /

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