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vgk T h e F a t t e s t ( G r o u s i n g W e e k l y N e w t p a p e r t n N o r t h e r n N e w Y o r k A W C E K U V M A JO R N E W S P A P E R j j t m m a l r n t h 5 R c p u L o r a l t . v u t U > r $ h i p . . . O w n e r s h i p * Itorm-s c oriMT-i * Ht..„ i,v. In idq. * 1 .11. * to-ltor * B i «htm,;h.in » c.fstorUnd * ConMtotovllto * Copenhagen n Croghan * Uadvllh- * Deor Rlv^r * Denmark * Glenda If A G k n fn M * Grelg * H a r r lsviile * lwti.Ht luv<>r * K irsih n r r v ilto * lnv,vilt< * I ioi.s<f.,li- * toons I-ails * Martinsl-ui^ * N.tumlurq; » Nt-v. Bremen <* Oscpula * pine Grovi * Port toyden * TalrotivlUe * Turin A West Leyden * West Low v ille * West Martlnsburg I I2n«l W H It — X...31 l-OWMI.I.K. N.V. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 22, 1972 20 DACES — IS CENTS A p p r e h e n d 5 I n P r e s e r v e Aerial detection was linked with, ground patrol by forest rangers to apprehend 3 party of snow- mobilers engaged in illegal travel on Forest Preserve lands. Local rangers,underthedirec- Uon of D istrict Ranger Robert N. B a i l e y supplemented their usual snowmobile patrol with a racfio coordinated airplane and disco­ vered numerous tracks on por­ tions1- of Forest Preserve lands where travel bv any motorized vehicle is illegal. A group of five people on snov.- mobiles in the “ Mud Hole** sec­ tion of the Town of G reig were detected from the atrplar*** and directions as to their tocation were radioed to Hangers Hamlin and Henrickson on the ground. The group was apprehended and are cited with violating Conser­ vation Regulations Sec. 306.2. Those cited bv rangers were: Ronald and Nancy F a r r , Lyons Falls R.D .; Shepard and Pafrlcis, Hull, 27 Herkim e r Street, Mid- dleville, and Ronald B r in c k , Mo­ hawk RJD. 1. After a long warning period that Snowmobiles may not f-e used on Fo r e s t P r e s e r v e lands except on marked snowmobile t r a ils, and on frozen lakes and ponds, when ac­ cess to sam e may lie gamed by public highwuv o r by trails de­ signated and n.*rket the depart­ ment as a Snowmobile T r a il, Fo rest Rangers and Conservation O fficers are now issuingcitations and summons*** when illegal use of the Fo r e s t Preserve is de­ tected. CToss-counirv travel is legal on State Forest areas outside th*' Adirondack Park pmv id“ ij no state* propwtv is deMroved or damaged* Sriowniobites m<*\ onh trave l across Forest Preserve lands, howt-yt-r, on marked snow­ mobile routes. In order to preserve the en­ vironm ent of the F oreM Pre- serv e , rross-f onntrv travel is il­ legal and violators are subject to a penalty of $10 - S 100. There are over 146 miles of marked tra ils in Lew is County tn. the F orest Pre s e r v e east of iheBlack R i v e r and on State Forest land on the Tug Hill Plateau where travel h\ snowmobiles is encou­ raged. S e r v i c e S u r v e y S e t B y B O C E S A comprehensive plan to survey services availahle to the handicapped has been announced by C h a rles E . Turcatte, district superintendent, St. Lawrence County Board ofCooperattveEdu- catiortal Services (BO C E S ). The survey is one of 13 regional sur- '» t \ s being carrier ft* J throughout New York State at the request of the Stale Education Department. Locally, the survey w ilt include Lew is, St. Lawrence and Je f f e r ­ son counties. According to M r.Turcotfe,who represents the BO CES of the irl- counfy area on thp State Task Fo rce, these surveys .ire being conducted so that each region can develop recommendations for the State Education Department as to how the handicapped can best be served in the region. These re­ commendations will eventually serve as the basis for a Regent’s position paper and possibly for fucure legislation. “ We are presently tn th** pro­ cess of compiling for the first tim e a list of a ll known public and private resources in the re­ gion who provide services for the handicapped* Th^> will then he contacted and requested to provide re-cessary information,” he stated. Heading the study is E . Stan­ ley Hewlett. HI, D irector of Pu­ pil Personnel, Ctnfon Central School. He is being assisted by a 25 member regional taskforce. Also assisting are Thomas Gut- han. Ja c k W a lker, and W illiam Kellerhals, assistant BO C E S su­ perintendents respectively of St. Law rence, Jefferson and Lewis counties, and W a lter P ie l, d ir­ ector, On.Urio-Eas.1 Regional Planning Office, Potsdam. Members of the Task Force Include - S t . Lawrence Countv: Frank Rergau, Govem e u r; C a r l­ ton Bressett, Ogdensburg; Rev. Law rence M, Deno, Ogdensburg; D r. Clavfon G. Farrall,Potsdam ; Dean Fish e r , Massena; K. Dan­ iel H a ley, Waddington; Mrs. KaU Klein, Collon: Miss Althea K ra­ ker, Gouverneur; Richard Lau- fContmuedon Page l-B* FIRST PLACE - Rnzver River FFA won flr s l place in both thn C h a p ter M v rllnp and Asrrleulftiral Forum contests of the Lev,Is Group FFA held on Marci» I I af f—’ Lev.-is County Vocational School in C lenfM t). Adirondack FFA placed second In hath con. tfs l s . The rncnibers of (hp Chapter Meet! nr tram a r c shown in the top photo, loft to right: Standing. Rhutjejl B u r r ls s , son of M r . and M r s . John M a rolf,C 2 rtliae«?.Ric. hard Campany, J r . , son o f Mr. m i M rs. Richard Cstmpany.Cro. Khan R.D .; Glenn Belief, son of M r . and M rs. Thomas Bo lter, Carthago H.D.; Loren V lrkler, son Of M r, and M rs. Lowell V lrkler, Crophan, Jt_D.; Donald M e d i c a i d C o s t s R e a c h $ 1 0 7 , 3 0 9 M A P L E Q U E E N - M iss Maureen Be r r y , Copenhagen, was c rowned Lewis County Maple Queen m ceremonies held Saturday night at Low v ille Academy and Central School, The new queen is eigh- _ teen years of age and was spon- ’ sored by the Floyd Lyng A m e ri­ can Legion Post No. 723, Co­ penhagen. She is the daughter of M r , and M rs. Robert B e r r y .M iss Wendy Leichw e is, last year’s queen, presented the new queen wtth her crown and a bouquet of roses. First runner-up was Mtss Karen Hirschey of Low v llle and second-runner up was M issShir- ley Maring, also of Lo w v ille. T h e Low v ille Klwanis Club, sponsor Of the event, presented prizes ol $50, $25, and $15 to the top three contestants. In addition, the Maple Syrup Producers A s ­ sociation, represented by p r e s i­ dent LowiHI V irk le r , presented prizes of $20, $10, and $5 to the winners. In the top photo, left fo right, are M iss M a ring, M iss B e r r y and M iss Hirschey. The center photo shows M iss L e ichw e is, left, congratulating her successor. The lower photo shows M a ster of Ceremonies P e r r y Hughagen conducting the program. The Be a v e r R ive r Stage Band, under the direciiorr of Bud Snave, entertained during the pageant. Judges for the event were Mrs. (Continued on Page l - B ) M o v e E n v i r o n m e n t a l O f f i c e T o T r e e N u r s e r y in v-hal was. d-’S^nVi'd as: an ecoTtomv Puaisurv, thf- I.nv.villf office Of ;h>* Nt-'A York Stale De- pa.rtmt-’ni of FnMronrm ntal C ob­ servation (EN C O N ) A ill jt.ovp from Its preM.n? location in ?iv> Meda Block, State Street, to the former bur?*»rv m ana c o r's resi- dunc*-\* af tb'- l.owvilfo T r r ,ri P u r ­ sers . Tlii* building ri beins; rr— novaf<-I ‘o wi dr-crei’ h-, ENCOX emplo;, t-ps and should bo road;, for occijpanny bv tfip movjni? dafn, h-ntalivvjv sru for Mondav, March 27. TF- F r . m r t office har> situat'd at varinu* location.^ in La’AVilU' sirn-p 'vbprt it -.vas established uriih th*:- appolntm* at of Grant Powpli as district for- rs t r r I\ th-' Cr-c r v o }- v Hr- part'Ti-nf. Th-- nifico has t*. adranisr’-rt-1 vnr.toj? programs jrwolvin^ ou.Nb_d\ jr ,<\ mana. rrent of some '3,CC> acres of Forest P n st’Tw- in i.fv, is C fjn t v . plus thf 'T,anac>-mt-n! of rr.ort-than 100,000 acr* > f*f Sfatt- Forest An-as in I.--’vis Jff F r s o v coumips. In aridities, advice- and Svr.uce-s about reforestation and for*-st manacoment is providedfo pnvatK tan-!o*A-ners alone, ’.vith thv pmvvnticn, detection and sup- pressjort of forest fires. Addi­ tional r« spotasibilitt^s are being dovelofod for various pluses of EXC O X procrams' dealioc Aith r-nvironmenDrl impact studi^sand onvi ronmvruaI Ta fion. Tfi** Lo'.ivlUv Office is a field offtc v j n F N COX *s Rep ion 6, vh I ch headquarters a i H be located in th’* completed Xfafe Office Butldinc in Watertov.T> under IT jp over-all dirt-c'tion of John WUson, r»-,.iiC’nal d liv-cfo r * Ti,** 1)1— Office handles forestry opera­ tions m 1.'*' a I s and Jefferson Cf.--jn.ttes under the supem slonof Fred Jobr-son, rennnat Forester. Meinl - P--> Of th- local sL.df Abu i.vojp. tie- Lo ,r, Hie office a t e brav, JU , as.socutu fores­ ter; Robert Morrteon, David Lum and Edward Gammon, senior for­ esters; Robert Baile:,, district rareer, Jam e s Davey and Jam e s Field, foresters; Ruth Yoder, stfcuograpber; Lau ra Sm R Ming, account rtr'fk; F Wtsner, L'ale Moral andW iUiam Reynolds, sho are for«jstT> technicians. The form e r d istrict shop on R ive r Street in LowvtUe w ilt also be moved to existing building's at the free nursery, wh.eret.here will be adequate repair and storasy* facilities for alt EXCO N pro­ grams in this pari of the region. Seedlings wilt contmuetobeship- ped from lhe Lo iw JU e T r e e Nur­ sery* in 1972- and 1973. Plans are under way tqconvert Oils valuable property for other statepurposes aiter ih*-- pro*-Juc(ton offo r e s ftree bewjTln-.m fs terminated in 1573, I M i l k P r o m o t i o n V o t e A p p r o v e d Cterrion.% son of M f . and Mrs. Frank Clemons* Lowvrlle R.D. 3, Seafed-Randv M a rolf, son of Robert M a rolf, Casforland R.D.; Wifflam Mover, *=on of M r. and Mr*5, Gr-opf:^ Mover, Castorland R.D** Catjvm Marolf, son of Mr, «Wi M r s . Euqen^ Marolf, Carth- ace RJD.* C a r l R i t ? f J r . , son of M r. and M r s , C a r l R i i 2 , Croghan R J ) , ; Kandy Sclvveifrr-r, son of M r. and M rs, LoaI.s Rchweltaer, Croehan R.D .; MRhael Tabolt, son of M r . and M rs. Rus*pI| Ta- bol( T C r o c h a .n , Mem b ers of tbe Farm Forum (r-arri are shown, left to richf, in thn lo w e r pbofo; C a l v i n Marojf^ Randy M a rolf, Randy Sch.u-oltz«r^ Lor-n Y i r k F c and WiUiam ’ !h\ e r . The TTTV. t lar.s of l.<.7,- v iilf Acudemv and Central School w ill present iLsspnnq auction V* cdm:‘Sda\, !* la rch 22 (today) af 7 p.m, in ihe ac3d*j m\ elemm farv cafe­ teria. Th*- students have c«d- If^cp-d larpe* q jantififs r.f household both new and us^d - evprvthin.? from s i l v e r v a r e ar d e R c irjc M en- <o sk is anlsno-'.-m o blle s f 3 rkplu A uc lion op r -. j ill b e Waldo W illiam s. Th*-' proct-'i-'ds -.HI ro for the students* planned trip to Washington, D .C ., in tho Sprfmr. Anyone -.vishin*’ to donate anythin?; for th*-* auc- flonr refardh as of thevalu«--> may call 370-3313. AU do­ nations \aill be preaUy ap­ preciated b> ih*-' class* Af prtf.-ii of a mulU-mUIicn dollar X fv . York S t a t c D a in Prn- .\nVio.i Ordnr has £tven bv rt\-*rl> 3 ' percent th* -S t a t e ’ s datrvm* n voflnc ei a threc--mo-ith refer* ii'him Ahi>'h closed beb- n u n 2;:k Auricultur*-’ and ^!a^kef.s Cum. m K s iener Don J . Wickham, >vho sfcr.vvf ifim o n . F r ->R e rannour.cirrq filial tabulation m ih» referi-f dum, s .'id 37.0-1 i -rc^ n t o f a l l p n « J u c e r s ift voh-’d in the o r d e r . T7ie promottorr order is the ftrrd statewide order n> (he Northeast, s r v r r a j other nearby stales ;*re currently considering such an ordyr. The continuing decline of concumfRnn of flufd mlH: ha> leen cited as the mam re.i.son for such promotion. T h * rmv. o r d e r , to be t fft cHv^- M a y !, p r o v id e s fo r an ,asec>q;*t- rr.or.l asaHr.t d e \rytr.r n of up fo fiv e cen t s f o r each hundred pounds <TC.S q u a r t s ) o f m ilk rnaH m L According to the report of the Lewis Coutitv Department of So­ cial Services, §107,309.72 was spent in February for Medicaid for 1,170 persons Ofthtsamount, 565,046.91 was for 098 persons who were not on the public assis­ tance ro lls, while 542,260.PI was for 472 persons who also re­ ceived cash public assistance. During Feb ruary, 94 persons in 24 households were accepted to receive Medical care and 63 persons tn 24 persons were re­ moved from the eligible rolls. The breakdown by type of pay­ ment was as follows: Physicians* services, $1!,- 604.34; dental care, $2,403.36; hospital care, $57,545.92; nur­ sing home care, $24,743,38: drugs, $9,690.60; eyeglasses and appliances, $811.32; laboratory fees, $224.26; transportation, $1 f0.90; all other services, $175.64. Of the total spent for hospi­ tal care, $53,463,15 went to L e w is County General Hospital. The present daily rate for ca r e of Medicaid patients in this hospi­ tal ts $62.65, all Inclusive. Payments during Feb ruary for 363 public assistance cases amounted to $54,106.56, categor­ ically spent as follows: 92 old age assistance cases, $8,637.- 50; 65 afd to the disabled cases, $6,202.31; three assistance to the blind cases, $378.06; 149 aid to dependent children cases, $31,801*30; 54 home re lie f ca ­ ses, $7,087.39. R e s t r i c t V i s i t o r s A t S c h o o l A regular meeting of the B o a rd of Education of L o w v llle Academy and Central School, .waa held on Monday. M a rch 20, with Donald Bach presiding. ; The Bo a rd of Education adopt­ ed a policy requiring all visitors other than parents with definite appointments to report to the school office and obtain written permission to rem ain to school, toother policy was adopted which Slates that strangers or visit­ ing students who loiter or cause disturbances may be prosecuted. Lynn W e stern, vice-principal of the elementary school,report­ ed On the results of New York State survey tests thalw e retaken by third and sixth grades. The overall test results were very favorable. A decision was made to up­ grade lhe television distribution system In the school by adding (Continued on Page !•*> Listen-ln i i This 353*55 m*ni Is. corpsetr-J. fo >l*Td up to $4 m illion, tJep^r tfihq upoy th^ rcR* sat. Tfy* funds, w ill I *? used for advertising, promotion, educa­ tion and publicity of dairy pro­ ducts, for marketing and product research anrj for informational 5 r rvRr-s. A d m In Is Ira tl ve c o Ms cent \f funcD ivaKabTf*. Of th* 20,943 producers m tF* state, 12,139 voted in favor of thp ord^r, either through th'=ir individual ballots o r through the vote of their cooperatives, a foOl of 15,500 vothS was cast. Fo r approval, th^ referendum r e ­ quired a majority of producers rather than a majority of those voting. Of those who actually voted, 78.3 percent favored the order. Rote eon now and the May j effective- date, Commissioner Wickham w ill appoint a 16- mcmber advisory board of dairy (Conltnn\d on P a r e l- B ) .Assemblyman Donald L . T a y lor (R-Lew is and Je f f e r son Ccur.tjrs) will sound out public opinion on ihe 1372 Legislative issu*1 irt 3 s e r ­ ies of two “ Leg islative Llsten-lns,” the first to be held af the L o w v ille Academy Hlqh School Cafeteria on Thursday, March 23, at 7:30 p.m . The second w ill t o held in the Watertown area with details to be an- rotmeed later. Ass e n> M y man T a y lor, serving fils fourth term In the Legislature, said: C,A good representative should reflect the |nr >| opinions of his constituency and so I am looking forward to these ‘Legislative I tsfen-tns’ to give the reM d e rJs of Lewris and Jefferson counties an opportunity to express their opinions on vital Issues of local and statewide im p o rt­ ance. 1 fepj that thts will be an effective means of com- municatinn which will pro­ vide me with an indication of the sentiment of my .Assembly D istrict and will enable mc^tobelter represent It in the Legislature. “ T h e general public, as well as toTvji, county, school and local government offi­ cials, are invited to attend Ihp 5 a ‘ L e g i s l a t i v e L i s t e n - ins* and all are urged fo ppenfc out on the subjects m which they am InterpsD-fjj' M r, T a y lo r concluded. l i s t year in Feb ruary, public assistance costs amounted to $63,203.57 for 391 cases, and Medicaid payments were $77,- 022.76 for 1,109 persons. On March first, there were 355cases tn the active public assitance caseload as follows: Old age a s ­ sistance, 89; assistance fo the blind, three; aid fo the disabled, 67; home re lie f, 50; and aid to dependent children, * 16. Of the lota! caseload on M a rch first, 57 cases had an employment p e r ­ son ln the family rvho had to pick up the assistance check ai the New York State Employment Service, In accordance with the law which became effective Ju ly 1, 1971. Board for foster homechildren amounted to $4,775.88 ln Feb ­ ruary and clothing payments for a six* month period for thesechll- dren were $3,898.00. Board for children ln private Institutions cost $2,731.15. Four burials cost ,$2,179.00. Paym» : ts for services to recip ­ ients, which included services of four department homemakers, a- mounted to $2,292.10 for the month. County Home operations cost $2,771.36. F I L M G I F T - M r s . Mary G a l­ lagher, executive director of the Jefferson-Lew ls Unit of the A- m erlcan Cancer Society, Is shown presenting new cancer film s to Burt E . Green, d irecto r Lewis Fiim Lib r a r y and Mrs* Marion Welman, \m a terials coordinator. Left to right a r e M rs, Weiman, M r , Green and M r s . Gallagher. The American Cancer Society, Jeffetson-L^wis Unit in W a ter­ town, New York, has donated two more film s to the Lew is Courtly BO C E S AV Department. This makes a total of eleven film s donated to. the Lew is Klim Lib r a r y f?y the Am e rican Cancer Society. Although the film lib r a r y Is p rim a rily designed to serve stu­ dents and teachers of the Lew is County Schools with educational film s, these film s are also for the general public and adult o r ­ ganizations are welcome to use and see them. Through the* s e rvices ofthe L e ­ wis BO C E S F ilm Lib r a r y and the Public Education Program , L e w is County ranked seventh In the New York State Division which In­ cludes 54 upstate counties. H E A R T FUND H E L P E R S -These Industrious members of the Hill- View 4-H club worked hard at the Le w is County Championship Snowmobile races selling candy bars and potafoe chip-s. A ll pro­ ceeds were for the benefit of the Heart Fund. A total of $30 profit was realized and turned Jn to the fund In their names. This is only on e o f man y pro jects wh 1 ch is undertaken by 4-H members under the title of Community S e r ­ vice Frolects. The photo shows, from, left to right, club members: Front r o w - Judy Rowsam, Debbie Francisco, Dawn B e y e r , Diane B e y e r and Linda Rowsam* second row’ - Marcia W e ller, Duane Rowsam, Jam e s B e y e r , president, Ricky W e ller and Tony Beyer. T A L E N T SHOW Lo w v ille P a ­ rent - Teacher Association w ill present its annua! talent show on Tuesday, March 28, at 7 p.m ., In the auditorium o f Low v llle A c a ­ demy and Central School, Shown in the photo are some of the Low v llle youngsters r e h e a rs­ ing for the event. The various a c ts a r e a s follows; G rades 1-3 -Beck;* Reed,sing­ ing; Susan W tdrfck, organ; T racy M a rks and T risha Hollenbeck, coke song; Elizabeth W atkins, gymnastics* Sam ViUan.ll and Mike Ocampo, singing; M a ry Beth Sweredoskl and Theresa: Ross, U p dancing; Lorfe Persons, piano; A licia V lrk le r , piano; and Sarah KUbum , piano. Grades 4-6 - UvbiMc Carter piano; Ju lie t t e Shapland, singing; Stephen Sweredoski, D a ryl M y e rs and Jo e l M a n z e r, singing trio; Kathleen and Amy Skowyra, sing­ ing; Ju lie acd Wendy Valvof sing- Ing; Lucy Heed and Robert Phelps, singing; H e idlM lUer,piano;D a w n Zehr, singing*, D a ryl Akin and Jam ie Davl*j, u p dancing; Nancy C a r r o ll, piaxtojCarmeleU M ille r , piano; .Micky Flnen and Ja c k ie Pom inville, Updanclng; M e g M tl- ler* gym n astics; Kim Mar'shaH, U p dancing. G rade 7-12 - M a ry Lou M c is% piano; Jan c lle Lehman, piano; Anne Young and C h ris Hanno, U p dancing; Paul, Pat and Rot Stanford, Stanford T r io 0 0 eb'rt- rfc fTuiurs; Diana Leslie, C h ris­ tie* grr-'j Ldrte Noody, Nood> O u o rtot rin g in g I Tapp J o e c s . t 4'.' \

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