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hain vator a z a is C 2 yard 2 yard 2 yard .99 $2.29 $2.29 U - Boys H a s t e n hard- we're ON f n g i a r t W . B e a v e r R i v e r S c h o o l H o n o r s S t u d e n t s D R IV E - M rs. Sheldon Daggett's h u m a n ities c l a s s o f L o w v i ll e A c a ­ d e m y w i l l sponsor a paper drive S a t u r d a y , M a r c h 25. Students w ill be about the village all day, p ickin g up papers and magazines. It w o u ld be h e lp fu l if they cou ld b e tied and separated, but it is not necessary. There w U l he a truck at the school bus g a r ­ age parking lot for the papers fo r those who would like to take them themselves. Those who have papers they would like picked up, may call 370-2342 before Saturday, March 25. Used books will also be Collected for a used- book sale at the school- The class would appreciate any help village residents might give in either area, as the students are try ­ ing to raise enough money for a trip to New York City. R E V I E W REQ U E S T S - The Lewis County ASCS community com m it­ teemen met March 14 and! re ­ viewed 521 requests for R E A P conservation, cosi-st. mg p r a c ­ tices. The initial enrollment date for R E A P practices was March I I , which was also the final date for signing up in the Feed Grain and Wheat set-aside program. Shown tn the top picture, teft to right, ts Ph y llis Edick, ASCS R E A P clerk, and Gilbert Zehr, Copenhagen, and Andre Birchc- nough, LowviUe as they enroll,*d in ASCS programs. In th, lower picture, mem­ bers of th” ASCS county com- rntttev are shewn as they were approving tree plantingandwood- land improvement cost-sharing requests. They are, left to right, Charles Peebles, Castoriand, Clifford Chamberlain, super­ vising principal of Beaver R iver Central School has announced the honor roll accomplishments of students in grades 7-12 for tbe second quarter of the current school year. The following students have earned a place on the honor roll with an average of 89.5 or above: 7th Grade - Vicki Rosiczkow- skt, Carolyn Marolf, Deborah Wright, M a rie Boliver, Michelle Chartrand, Doris Sherwood, Carol Lehman, Thomas Morrow, Susan Peters, Deanna Worden, Stephen C . Zehr, Rebecca Cle­ mons, T e r r y Taube, Charlene Zehr and Pamela Zehr; grade 8 - Irene Stanek, Patricia M a r ­ tin, Steven Martin, Myrna Yan­ cey, Gayle Donaldson, H. K a ­ trine Hansen, Mary Ann Nortz, Bethany Anderson, Beth Austin, Rebecca Kampnich, N’ancvRobin­ son, Nancy M a rolf and Anita Zehr; grade 9 - B a rbaraG ilbert,C o n n ie Genzel, Jam e s A. Monnat, Kim- merle Evans, Sheila Lyndaker, Mary Lou Marolf, W illiam Mon­ nat, Ann M a rie Stanek, Eugene Bates, Christina Brtot, Teresa Generous, Michael F. Nortz, Glenn B e lle r , Robert Chamber- lain, Cindy Peters and D a rrell Roggie; grade 10 - Robert John­ son, Charlene Sherwood, David MarlUey., Sandra Bush, Nancy Campany, Raphaelle Sullivan, Melody Houppert, B r ian Ander­ son, Ju lie Burkhard, Marilyn Lehman, Susan M. Lyndaker, J a ­ net Z e h r , Carolyn Lee, Dennis Nortz, Susan Nortz, Monica Schaek, John Steria,Cvnthla I ar- nev, Pamela Herzlg and Susan Taube: grade U - Stephen P e ­ ters, Timothy Peters, Jeffrey Claude Bardo, Turin, and Neil Burns, Copenhagen R.D. The county committee has ap­ proved 58 enrollpes in the tree planting practice for $9,194.80 and 47 enrollees In the wood­ land Improvement practice for $8,967.50. Last week many farm e rs and rural landowners enrolled in the R E A P and feed grain programs. However, the county committee will still accept requests for any of the R E A P cost-sharing prac­ tices and approvals will be grant­ ed I f funds are available for the late requests. The County Committee will meet today to approve or d is­ approve requests for those who enrolled through March t l . F a r ­ mers and rural landowners will be notified by letter by the la t ­ ter part of March of the appro­ val o r disapproval of those r e ­ quests. NATATOKS - The L.A .C.S. Swim Team ended its season with a 10-7 record, postfnga win against Holland Patent on March 3rd. In the top photo, left to right, are: Front row - Coach Gerald Neveras, SteveGordon, John H a r­ ris, Henry GefcM, Frank Phelps, Ken Johnson, John M ille r , Paul Edick, Je f f Davis and J i m Sch- leider; back row - M a rty Smith, Joe Hamilton, G regStnlter,Chris Hearn, C raig McCue, Jim C a r ­ roll, Mike Baxter and Tim Dag­ gett. The 400 yard freestyle relay team of Hearn, McCu*, Baxter and C a rroll set pool records at BaM winsvilte, Carthage, Beaver R iver and Holland Patent. Many excellent times were turned in during th* season. John Harris was the most improved swimmer and clocked his best time of 1:02,1 in the butterfly. Henry Geidel cut his time in the backstroke to 1:08.3. The 200 yard medley relay of Geidel, Johnson, C a rroll and Hearn im ­ proved throughout the year and fumed in th«jl r best tim e a tLSO .6. Paul Edick, pictured Jn the lower photo, broke the school diving record set hy B a r r y Pad­ dock in I960, with a total of 220.33 points and was undefeated Widrtck, Particia McCabe, Carol Schneeberger, Jam e s Taube, Samuel Chamberlain, Linda Don­ aldson, Robin Lehman, Douglas Pom lnvllle, Joseph Stanek, Rosa- lee Burkholder, Lynn Everard, Elwood Lyndaker, RobertK. Lyn­ daker, Kathy Moore, Jayne Wake­ field and Bethany Zehr; grade 12 - Gwenda B a tes, Joan B e lle r , Cyn­ thia Campany, Philip M e rry, Linda V i r k l e r , David Evans, Su­ zanne M a r ille y , Patrick Broutv, Ja r k Bushey, E r ick Hansen, Marv McCabe, Teresa Nortz, James Zehr, Cynthia B r lo t, Thomas Meyer, M a rv Jane Morrow, C a l­ vin Roggte, Mark Buckingham, Paul Cherbini, Janet Clemons, Kathleen Lehman, Barbara Nortz, M a ry Z e h r , Brenda Becker, Don Clemens, Patricia Edwards, Linda G runert, Patrice I.ynd3k- er,. Calvin Marolf and Carol S Moshler; post-graduate - Debor­ ah W idrick, Katherine Davis and Brenda Lee. Those on the achievement roll having an average of 84.5 to 89.4 are as follows: 7th grade - Vicki Hall, Reb­ ecca Honer, Bethany Wtdnck, Nancy W id r ick, Nancy Chapman, Kathryn Houghton, Robert Kent, Kathleen Becker, Davtd Buell, Judy Bush, Brenda Kloster,John Monnat, Rosella Brown, Lucy Hoch, A lfred Hoffman, Rpnee Lyndaker, Michael C. Monnat, Linford M o ser, Dawn M, Mosh- ie r , Lynette Roggte, Barbara Wakefield, W illiam Becker, M e ­ lanie Duffer, Dean Keefer, Scott Lyndaker, Dawn Plantv and John V irk ler; 8th grade - Michael Burkhard, John Chartrand, Su­ san Em e rson, Karen Gtordana, Denise Lyndaker, Cheryi Manzer, W illard Moser, Tammy Schind­ le r , JohnG . W idrick,Sharon Cow­ les, Denise Duflo, Cindy Moser, Joseph B r lo t , Judy Campany, John M a rilleVj Karen Peters, Linda Mathys, C h e ryl Rehodin, Brecda Wetmore, Randall Bushey, Mary Ann Campeau, Peter Duflo, M e r ­ lin M o ser, T e r r y J , Moshier, Stephen Peck and Tina Spagno- Ili; 9th grade - Judith Clemens, Randall Flem ing, Jam e s Mar- Elections (Continued from Page I) village In Lewis County where there appears to be a contest. Harold Hoover, Republican, and Bernard Shinnlck, Democrat, are ln a Contest for the office of trustee for a term of two years. Lloyd Dashnaw has been nom- plated B y both the Republicans and Dem ocrats to succeed him ­ self as trustee for two years. Both parties have also nominated JacTc Hathaway to succeed him - self as village Justice for a two- year term . CASTO R L A ND In the village of Castoriand, Ez r a Moshler has been nomin­ ated to succeed himself as mayor for a two-year term , and Richard W idrick has been named to succeed him s e lf as trustee. Leigh Kean was nominated for the office of trustee for two y e a rs to succeed Maynard Edick, who chose not to suceed him self. CROGHAN tn the village of Croghan three seats a r e uncontested. Mayor Bernard Bergmann Isseekingre- election for a two-year term . Running as trustees for two- year term s are Robert Snyder and John Egan. Hospital (Continued from Page r» Hospital Committee* m a ttw ris liaison between tbe Board of L e g ­ islators and tbe Board of Mana­ gers. Members of tbe Leg ­ islator's Hospital Committee and the adm inistrator attend board meetings as ex-offjelo members. appo’rfrrnr.ts forlT/2 are as follows: Executive Committee and Joint Conference Commute* - P r e s i ­ dent Doyle, Vice President Cum ­ mings and Secretory Shea; F i ­ nance Committee - Hunt, ch a ir­ man, Cummings, Doyte, ex-offt- clo, and John TyrnbuH; Personnel Committee - Sh*a, chairman. Ford, and Snyder; Buildings and Grounds Committee - W illiam ­ son, chairm an, and Loson; Con­ struction Committee - Ford, chairman, Cummings, Hunt and Turnbull; Professional Relations Committee - Cummings, ch a ir­ man, Fo rd and Hunt. Th* committee structure ena­ bles detailed study of each area of concern so that the best course of action can be recommended to the board. m league competition. in Section ifl competition at Rome, C h ris Hearn earned sixth place in the 100 yard freestyle, Paul Edi.ck placed fifth fn a fu-dd of 27 d ivers, and McCim, Baxter H a r r is, and C a rroll took* fifth in thp 400 yard freestyle relay. Seniors seeing action fn dv-jr last meet were Ken Johnson, Tim Daggett, Co-CapUtn Jim C s r r u ll, who was a team leader through­ out the year. Returning letterm*-n will Jv* Henry GejdeJj Mike Baxter, John Wolfe, John M liter,C r a ig McCu«% John H a r r is, Je f f Davis and Paul Edick, illey, Deborah Moore, Cynthia Chartrand, Cindy Donaldson, Ro­ xanne Lyndaker, Jam e s McCabe, Debbte Z e h r , Ellen Zehr. ^nt- ricta B o ll v e i , Denise Farney, Nancy Grunert, Kay Nortz, Kath­ leen Ritz, Robin Schmidt, V a ­ lerie W id rick, Dawn Zehr, Rich­ ard Campany, Bruce Chartrand, Paul Dowling, Diane Golden, Lor- rie Sedloek, Stephen W idrick, Stephen Zehr, M a n Barker, Michele Lvndaker, Starv M e rry, Thomas Monnat, Debra Schin­ dler, Susan Ann W idrick and Judy Yousey. 10th grade-Linda Brouty, Col­ vin Genzel, Diana Kirch, Douglas M e rry, W ililam Me>rr, Cher>l Schweitzer, Paula Wakefield, M i­ chael Walsem an, Michael Hoppel, Linda Kohler, Darlene Streeter, Michael A. Tabolt, Yvonne Zehr, Renee Chartrand, Carol Farney, Wayne McVeigh, Leonard Peck, Kim Slayko, Kim Streeter, Ph il­ ip Turck, Barbara Zehr, Ju lie Campany, Cheryl M e ister, Judy Mellnitz and Janice Zehr; 11th grade -DonnuDny,Barbara Hoch, Jennie Kuhl, Richard Stuhl, De­ borah Bru c e , PeterCam p any, Kay Farney, Joseph Monnat, Kevin Moore, G a ry W idrick, J i l l Leh­ man, Je ffre y Duflo, Anthony G r u ­ nert, Jam e s Tabolt, T e r r e Took- e r , Susan Young, Michael Chart­ rand, Lonnie Herzig, Vanessa Hoppel, Michele Lehman, Lau- reen Lyndaker, Karen O’R e illy, Linda Ostrowski and Eileen Row- sam; 12th grade - Stephen B e r g ­ mann, C lare Chartrand, Sandra Kalamas, Robert Kirch, Sharon Marolf, Jam e s Martin, J r l l M a r­ tin, Wayne Moore, Roger Roch, L a r r y Delfes, Diane Grunert, Doris Hoch, Donna Lyndaker, Hortencia Salas, Randy Schweit­ zer, Joan Turck, Roger Burrtss, Elaine Hirschey, Kenton Hoppel, Amy Kohler, Jam e s W idrick, A l­ len Wood, Je f f r e y WoolschJager, Karen Z e h r, Kim Zehr, Donald Dewey, Ellen B. GrunerJ,Dona!d Kohler and Michael E Monnat; post graduate - JeanBuckingham , Jayne P. Shaw and Linda S. Wcd- rlck. Phone Rate (Continued from Page 1) fall on the taxpayer. An increase of 40 per cent would put an In­ crease of nine Cents on the true tax key. W e have good service except at Castoriand school, which Is on a party line.*’ M rs. Jeanette Peak, LowvUle Star Route, said \W e Just moved here from the Finger Lakes sec­ tion where we had New York T e l­ ephone service. Rates are much higher here, local service Is not tlons.” M r s , John W e st,Glenfleld, pre­ sented a petition with 35 signa­ tures asking the commission not to grant the increase on grounds that It was unjustified. She noted many persons are on fixed In­ comes, unemployment Is high sod, although wages have stabi­ lized, the cost of living con­ tinues to r ise . Raymond D u r r , Boonvllle, attorney appearing on behalf of the village board stated the state had mandated s e v e r Installation at a cost of $ 1 , 0 0 0 , 0 0 0 , and land­ fill operation at $60,000 . \T h e village, ’’ he said, “ is now over the set debt lim it and the board feels the Increase entirely too much.” Lawrence Pfaif, Lyons Fa lls, speaking for Georgia-Pacific, said “ the company’s telephone bill now runs $25,000 to $30,- 000 a year. This Is out of ’ tne with other Increases. The plant Is now under a mandate Cram the Department of Envlro- mental Conservation for a waste treatment process costing $2,- 500.000. These burdens affecting people In Uieaream ake the nature of the increase excessive,” Edward SJeber, Lyons Fa lls, speaking for the board of ed­ ucation of South Lew Is Central School, said “ we are protest- Ing this increase as unwarran­ ted. Records show rates in 1972 twice as much as In I960. Two ypayS ■O C We fc« talt« d -00 11(~--1 equipment designed to save money, but due to service calls and addlllonnl costs this h is not been the case.” Robcrl J . tVlTcox, Consiatde- vllle , speaking for Law Broth­ ers Construction Firm ,sa td \ o u r telephone bill Is $10,099 a year on the corporate level. Since October, we have kept a listing of problems which lnctu.de oper­ ators tn Boonville stating this number Is no longer working the number has been dlsconnec-’ led or this number Is unlisted. Me operate on j right row, need lo know basis. This typo nf s e r ­ vlet- Is bad for business,\ Lewis County Legislator Sam Vtllantl, LowvUle, representing Payne Jones, said “ I can’t See how General Telephone can ask for a 40 per cent Increase when Industry must maintain wago- price ceding of 5.3 p.-r cent 1 ask they review their program the Same as everyone else,” Villanli Hied wuh the tom- mlslon a cop-, of a recent Jo u r ­ nal editorial opposing ihe rate hike. Approval to file the ,-dl. torlal was granted Vuinnlt at i meeting of the Board of Leg. islalors (ii\ day before the hear­ ing. Russell Tabolt, Croghan, said “ people in county employ are keeping within the legal Increase, ff a 4 0 per cent Increase j o u r n a l a n d S t e p u b l t c m t MAVVII.I.E. N.Y. 13367, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 15,1972 allowed, county employes, m ill workers and retired persons wilt be ln serious trouble.” Rev. Robert Nay, pastor of the United Methodist Church, said “ Initially we need, the service, but the caliber of service leaves a lot to be desired. Projected Increases would raise our bill to $64.74 a month, business rate. Telephones are needed for s e r ­ vice to the parishioners. This raise would N- a hardship and Is not Justified.” Carl Kielmann, Summttt Ave­ nue, speaking for the Lewis County Trust Company, said “ the company should he com­ mended for Its adequate se r ­ vice. However, ah tncrease of 40 per cent at this time ts In­ opportune and not tn line with wage-prlce celling. I ask that, If the Increase Is granted, the area be given more toll-free service than Just to Croghan.\ Donald Colton, Boonvllle fa r ­ m e r, stated he was forced fo pay a high rate for Installation because of the distance from Boonvllle. He said, “ I have to make all calls long distance. Ko sizable businesses t deal with are within dialing distance. We reed better service and more territory coverage.\ Urban Karcher, speaking as Castoriand village c lerk and trea­ surer, noted the village has been required to install a new sewage plant, thus exceeding the debt lim it for the village. “ These types of Increases,” be said, “ cause lifetime residents fojeave to se»k life eLsewhere. W e op­ pose the increase without bet­ ter se r v ice .\ Awards (Continued from Page 1) Doney, physical education in­ structor. In the center photo the F L M S Ju n io r V a r s it y Squad fs shown left to right: Front row - Mary Louise Strife, Kathy DIcoh, Carol Pom lnvllte and Diane Demo; back row - M a ry Jane Turck Nancy Golden, Colleen Kloster and Wendy Bosh. In the lower photo the FL M S V a rsity Squad Is shown left to right; Front row - M a ry Jane M a rtin, .Maureen McCabe and Stacy O’R e illy ; back row - Anne M a r ie Walseman. Charlotte Po­ m lnvllle, Susan Anderson aod L o r i Buc&ingham. Absent when the picture was taken was Susan Demo. The cheerleadtng demonstra­ tion. was Introduced and conduct­ ed by M rs. MlchaelDoney,physl- cal education Instru c to r a tFLM S . M rs. Doney remarked on the hard work which the girls had done to prepare (heir cheers. It was evident from the pep, pots\ and enthusiasm of the seventh and eighth, and even sixth graders, that theyhadsccompltsbedagreat deal In a short time. F L M S cheerleaders now wear a very at­ tractive uniform - yellow and white panel sk irts, yellow vests and white turtle necks for the V a rsity Squad and yellow and POPS CON C E R T - On Wednesday evening, March 22, at 8 p.m. tn the Beaver Rtver Central School auditorium, the Annual “ Pops'1 Concert will be held. The public is Invited to attend and there w ill be no admission charge. Thp concert will open with the Beaver River Senior Chorus, Shown tn the top phofe, under the direction of Joseph P t r r v , p e r ­ forming \L o v e Theme” from \Rom e o and JulM e f,” “ For All We Know,” \W indm ills Of Vnur Mind,” and highlights from \Pain t Your Wagon.\ The Sen­ ior Band, shown tn the lower photo, under the direction of Lionel Suave, w ill perform highlights from “ Jesus Christ Superstar,” selections made famous by the Carpenters, “ Aquarlous” and “ Let The Sun Shine,” and “ Put Your Hand In The Hand.” The second half of the concert wtll feature two prem ier B .R .C .S, Musical Groups, The State Band and the Choraleers. The Fre s h ­ man Vocal Ensem b le and the Vo- calalres wilt also perform . Featured vocal soloist will be All- State Chorus member Stephen Bergmann. Among the vocal s e l­ ections op the second half of the concert w ill be “ Bridge O v e r Troubled W a ters, “ King Of The Road,” “ Something stu­ pid,” “ Somewhere,” and “ The Cruel War Is Raging.” The Stage Band will perform many currently popular selec­ tions such as \Candida “ F e e tinl G roovy,” “ Hawaii Five - O,” \C a liforn ia Dreamin’,” and several other selections. white jumpers with white turtle necks for tte Junior Varsity, Congratulations were extended to the students who received the Presidential Physical Fitness A- wnrds. The certificates w ere presented by Howard Nortz pro sl- dent of the Home srd School A s ­ sociation. F L M S boys receive physical education Instruction from RlchardStetnerand Michael Doney. Tug Hill (Continue from 1) fUgMA t«> locate wintering iueras presently tteing; used as ivd l -is areas possessing; char- aeterJsUcs which give them thp potential lo ca r r y hvr&s successfully through w inter per­ iods. The biologists are now conducting fTOundehpeksjLn a reas lo c a t e by helicopter. Many of thfi nrpar- wjthi wintering deer and some with potential for win- terlr£ d e .'fa r e located on state- ownM reforestation areas In the Tur HiH tra n s it io n Manappmenl profflmms that w ill rvoive from these may intlud° th*'1 following:: ( I ) Trnp- plnq and teCfTinr: of deny, R r - teas-'-d de»?r win provide infor- mattei) regarding movement of deer* Some trapping and tae;- jrinc may take place n*ar Lafce Ontario to determine whether deer wintering there travel to the Central Tug Hill Area at other times of the year; (2) Deer yard improvement - selective logging may b® carried out on Stntf-owr^d lands to Increase deer winter food supplies wfmre CM v M . The logging would In- crM.no supply of young trees tjsrd .is browse by <je.>r; ( 3 ) Dog control - Department em­ ployees wJU attempt tb document <Jorr tosses caused by dog de­ predation. Tills information w ill be used fo publicize such pro. blcitis and lo secure dog qnar- •Injnes when needed. Results of thee... studies and management programs w'lll be useful to overcome problems 11 - mitlng deer numbers In much Northern New York as well as In the specific Tug Hill Area. C O M P L E T E S . COURSE; - Thomas P . F.tduski, J r . , a central office supervisor for General Telephone Company of Upstate New York, Inc., m Boonvllle, has completed an advanced course on the oper­ ation, testing and maintenance of automatic toll ticketing telephone equipment. This equipment, makesposslb!*' the Individual dialing of stiUcn- fo-.Ntitton long distance telephone calls (direct distance dialing). Held In NorUiJake, 111,, a sub­ urb of Chicago, the specialized course was pari nf a continuing program by the company lo give Its customers oonstanMy Im­ proving service through the use of the latest telephone develop­ ments. Fndu.skt, shown here with cen­ tral office b s tb l equipment, will supervise the maintenance or this same type of telephone •- Itching facility when direct distance <3 ial- Ir.f: (D D D ) goes to the BoonvlUe area in June. A graduate ofBoonvllb-Ceniral High School, Fnduskl has been with General Telephone for ten years. He IS m arried to the form e r Linda /urhrinTg of 1 . ons Falls, and they are the parents of a son and a dnutrMa-r, David and Kristine, . -y*

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