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LOWVILE OPERA HQISF wm - MAT SAT—2:30 YOUR THEATRE EVE—7:10-9:10 TO NIGHT—TOMORROW—SAT. MAT. & NIGHT All Talking Singing Dancing MUSICAL REVUE \WORDS AND MUSIC\ LoisMoran Tom Pat Ricula David Percy » A Ripping Romance of College Cuties and Boy Friends V itaphone Vaudeville—*' Van & Schneok'' Fox Movietone News MON-^TUES-WED THURS—*Rl4-SAT A PICTURE OF 1000 THBILLS \4 DEVILS\ •v Adapted from the Saturday Evening Post Story— \NO BRAKES\ It's a Wow from Start to Finish GUIDO-DEIRO— World's Famous Accordlnlst Extra FOX MOVIETONE NEWS \ CLAUDE A. DEKIN Lowvtlle, N. Y. LICENSED TJNDERTAJLEB AND EMBALBOEB, COMPLETE AUTO FUNERAL EQUIPMENT. AMBULANCE SERVICE. Our Service la Hlfh-Grade With Tears of Experience. Night Call* Promptly Answered. Americanism: \UL.4L laboring to pro- vide luxuries to make their.women happy; women bored stiff because life is too soft. Call at the State Street WEARING APPARE SHOP And view the round table laden with BEAUTIFUL GIFTS FOR THE HOLIDAYS And Also Bridge Prises M. M. FINCH 37 State Street Lowville Phone 288-W Typewriters Adding Machines SOLD - RENTED - REPAIRED Remington Portable Typewriters Victor Adding Machines THE TYPEWRITER SHOP Charles IS. Robb 230 Franklin St Watertown N,Y. The troublesbme child may be mere- ly the tired child. CUmux -Manufacturing Company Fuvor Their Employe* With Nlnety- l£tght Turkeys— Entertain at a Thanksgiving Dinner—Many Resi- dents Home for the Holiday—NoU-» and Personals. (Mrs. August Krueger, Correspond!.) Albert Linstruth spent Thanksgiv- ing with Mr. and Mrs. Adin Linstruth at Carthage, Mra. J. P, SJelnhllber, of Carthage, spent a day ^recently with Mr. and Mrs. John Bach. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Willis, of Car- thage, sjient Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Farney. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Beyer spent Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Engle at Watertown. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Pfaff and family spent Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs.! Roy Farney at Croghan. j Amilda Llnstruth, of Madrid, spent Thanksgiving with her parents, Mr.J and Mrs. F. J. Una truth. j - Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rohr and sons spent Thanksgiving Day with Mr. and; Mrs. H. Ross at Felte Mills. I The Climax Manufacturing Com- pany distributed ninety-eight turkeys to employes for Thanksgiving! j Pauline Herzig, a senior at Syracuse University, spent Thanksgiving with her mother, Mrs. Ida Heralg. Lansing Petrie, of Rochester, spent a few days last week with his par- ents, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Petrie. , Mr. and Mrs. Wlaon Mere spent Thanksgiving with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. Virkler, at Croghan. Mra. Grant Wilson/ of Hannibal and Mrs. Jacob Pfaff, of Carthage, spent Tuesday with Mrs. Lillian Beyer. Mr. and Mrs. Burton Egnew and sons, of Carthage, spent Thanksgiv- ing with her father, E. C. Dlmtck. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Waugh and family spent Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. J. Brannigan at Carthage. Miss Helen Woolschlager, R. N., of j Norwich, spent Thanksgiving with Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wool- schlager. Mr v and Mrs. Fred Nuspliger enter- tained on Thanksgiving Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Nuspliger 'and son Stewart, of j Naumburg. - ,. Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Farney en- tertained Mr. and Mrs.. Ben Smith and son Donald, of Carthage, on Thanks- giving Day. Margaret Monnat, of Oswego Nor- mal spent the Thanksgiving, recess with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Eld- ward Monnat. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Karcher and sons and Ezra Karcher spent Thanks- giving with Mr. and Mrs. John Kar- cher at Carthage. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Davis enter- ained on Thanksgiving Mr. and Mrs. George Wilson, of Lowville, and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Chubb, of New Bremen. lf» and Mrs. Edward Linstruth en- tertained on Thanksgiving Day Charles and Arlene Pfaff and Mr. and Mrs. Llewellyn Linstruth, of Car- thage. Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Everard, sons Robert and Richard and daugh- ter Vivian spent Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Everard at Croghan. Mrs. John Woolschlager and daugh- ter Rosalie have returned from Pitts- burg. Her grandmother, Mrs. James, accompan>eaher and will spend the wintej^ftere. Vincent Hirschey, of St Lawrence ,Hniversity, at Canton, and Harold Farhey, of Clarkson Tech, Potsdam, 8pent the Thanksgiving recess with their parents. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sturtze, Mr. and Mrs. John Hirschey and family, Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Kohler spent Thanksgiving day with Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kohler at Lowville. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Herzig and daughter Katherine and Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Nuspliger and son Jack were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Weir at Naumburg for Thanksgiving. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Virkler had for Thanksgiving guests Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Virkler, of Syracuse; Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Virkler and daughters and Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Virkler and family. Mrs. Anna Hirschey entertained at Thanksgiving dinner Mrs. J. W. Lins- truth and children, of Watertown; Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Hirschey, of Carthage; Mrs. L. C. Beyer, Mr. and Mrs. Wil- liam Hirschey and family, Mr. and Mrs. Loren Louis and family. Mrs. Anna L. Hirschey entertained at a family dinner Thanksgiving Mrs. Anna Elnb&ck-andjl&ttghters Augusta, Emma and Ella, Mr. and Mrs. John Merz and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Eimback, Naumburg; Mr. and Mrs. William Virkler, of New Bremen. Individual Investment Problems! Securities purchased without definite plan usually result in unbalanced investment which has needless disadvantages. One of the Services which we render is to aid in planning your particular investment needs. . • • *. Now Cheaper Money is stimulating bond buying and prices are advancing. Take advantage of the many favorable opportun- ities that exist today. We own and offer a broad list of bonds for your consideration. Ask for our Current List. BLACK RIVE NATIONAL BANK LOWVILLE NEW YORK - • Bond Department (Mrs. W. F. Nuspliger, Correspond't) Mr. and Mrs. Everett Pelky, of Carthage, were Thursday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Barker. Lansng Petrie returned to Roch- ester Monday after spending Thanks- giving with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Petrie. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Kohler and family and Mr. and Mrs. Francis Sturtz spent Thanksgiving with rela- tives at Lowville. Beginning next Sunday, December 8th. Services at the M. E. church will be held at 1:30 p. m. Sunday school follows the services. Miss Amilda Linstruth returned to Madrid Sunday after spending Thanksgiving vacation with her par- ents, Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Lipstruth. HER CROSS LITTLE BOY WOULDN'T EAT OR SLEEP \My little son had poor appetite, couldn't sleep and was cross. I gave him Vlnol and it ended these troubles like magic,\--Mrs. L. Du Crest. Vinol supplies the body important mineral elements of iron, calcium with cod liver peptone; This is just what thin, nervous children or adults need, and the QUICK results are surprising. The very FIRST bottle brings sound sleep and a BIG appe- tite. Vlnol tastes delicious! Horace Bush * Son, Lowville, N. Y.—adv. The A. J. P. Saved My Foot. Tupper Lake, N. Y., Nov. 22,1001. I have had rheumatism in my foot for 12 years. The doctors advised me that I would have to have it ampu- tated. I have taken hundreds of dol- lars worth of remedies and doctors' medicines, but have never gotteny any relief until I took the Famous A. J. P. Rheumatic Remedy which has cured me. I cannot say enough in its praise. Mrs. Stephen Hull. It is guaranteed and your druggist has it.—adv. Scientists have discovered that hash contains vitamdnes, which doesn't sur- prise us much, as we already knew that the cook put about everything in- to it. —OPEN EVENINGS— COAHN'S Every Day is Bargain Day AtOoahn's LOWVILLE - LYONS FALLS We wish to impress upon the people of this vicinity, that it is a real saving to trade at Coahn'B in Lowville, and Lyons Falls, New York. Here are a few of the real savings that we have iu both stores for your convenience. Fleece Lined Unloatult* . Fleece Lined Two-Piece, Extra Heavy . 7Co Men's Ribbed Unlonsults ~tJA0 Men's Wool rants . . MM up Men's Extra Heavy Win- ter Caps -$1^ Men's Newton Shirts . . -t9-M Men's Heavy Overcoats -JI?- 00 Men's Leathered Sheep- lined Coats . . - Overshoes for all the family Ji M op WE ALSO CARRY A COMPLETE LINE OF CHRISTMAS GOODS 1 All Merchandise we sell is first quality and no seconds. We pride our- selves upon this fact. We want you to take advan- tage, of these bargains. We also have numerous other items low priced not mentioned here. c o AHN's LOWVILLE - LYONS FALLS —OPEN EVENINGS— NEW PRICE Rubber Gase 13 Plates Fits 80% of all cars AN IDEAL RADIO BATTERY Allowance for old battery A. N. VIRKLER CO. Lowville. N. Y. Women Sufferine Bladder Irritation If functional Bladder Irritation disturbs your sleep, or causes Burn- ing or Itching Sensation. Backache, Leg PainB, or muscular aches] mak- ing you feel tired, depressed, and discouraged, why not try the CystQX 46 Hour Test? Don't give up. Get Cystex today at any drug store. Put it to the test. See for yourself how, quickly It worki. Money back if it doesn't bring quick improvement, and satisfy you completely. Try Cystex today. Only 60c i GOOD MEALS AND LUNCHES • at reasonable prices FELBER'S RESTAURANT 208 State St. opposite The Town Clock - WATERTOWN, N. Y. Also Church St, Adams, N. Y. Another good way to keep the waist trim is to stoop down so the broom will reach under the bed. 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Y. r Agent for Pine TIM MUUBC M»ohrim» BENP FOB GATAJLOOUK Worth While Blame* WiW \Weak nerves,\ said a New York doc- tor recently, \ in my estimation wreck more happily married lives than any other cause.\ Besides making the sweetest disposi- tion sour and irritable, nervousness is a terrible drain on your vital forces—it saps your youth and your strength and dulls your beauty. What a difference from the bright-eyed, vibrant girl be married. No-wonder married life seems unbearable I But you can g«t rid of your nervous- ness—speedily too—and become the steady-nerved, radiant woman you once were. Try the effect of Tanlac after meals and before going to bed, and if it doesn't toon make ft new-woman of you —doesn't rid you of that tired, strained feeling—go back and get your money. Co to your druggist now and get a bottle of Tanlac. 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Free to Pub W^i .S. or prcxhKteui be oUaio«dFt««aa4 OMtsAfckNaJ* tlui AaMtieu ifal W f B A* Writ* far BUMSMM Advert***. Mattw fm. iatamtad in: MM will bapeom&bfi**m AHEtlCM 1IBBST1IU L!5 WILLUMS' DIURETIC rui | A •;>\>? For Sals by + ..; HORACE BUSH «t SON, , : ;f- CALL AT C. H. ARTHUR MOTOR SALES For Demonstration of FOR ALL MAKES 5 Reasons Why North Country Bonw Folks sboold d# their Cbristmas Sboppi^ HERE! l.—Our EASY GEEDIT TERMS simplify your Ohristmas Gift Problem. 2.—A fleet of NINE Trucks will give prompt and FREE delivery. 3.—HARDIMAN W00LW0RTH CO. has the largest and most complete Fund- ture Gift Assortments in Northern New York. 100,000 Sq. Ft. of Floor Space— - 6 Floors and a large Warehouse-- Chock Full of Gifts. 4.—Our enormous volume of buying power enables us to sell HIGHER QUALITY Merchandise at LOWER PRICES. gift of GOOp FtJRNITTOB will be treasured in the home for years and years. 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