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The Adirondack mountain sun. (Lowville, N.Y.) 1992-2004, December 24, 1992, Image 14

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?. ^^'i^^V'jv^p S 14 Adirondack Mountain Sun hursday, Dec. 24,1992 »'\' j i - tie , y ;V\\j:. Christmas is a time of wonderment. Now true, most of the wonderment is reserved for the kids, but I've wondered about a lot of things pyer ; the years and the holidays always seem to, bring out my favorites. '•'•'••.•. G'mon, admit it.You've got some favorite things you wonder about just like I do. like for instance, I wonder where that small crew of aluminum siders is now. You know the guys I'm talking about. The ones that picked that big old square house in every town you've ever been in -and sided the bottom half of it with bile green aluminum siding and the top half of it with white aluminum: siding* That's right, and left the old wooden casement windows in there to rot Every single town in America that I have ever lived in or driven through has one of those houses - only one. One big old bile green and white monstrosity keeping property values down just as you go out of town. Where axe those guys now? Are they in some remote area where atuimnum siding has just been discovered? Do they have two trucks? One. for the green, siding and- one for the white?. Have they ever gotten away with doing two houses in the same town? These are questions I sometimes ask myself . Especially around the holidays. And did you ever wonder \who on earth is it that always knocks your side view mirror out of adjustment? The one on the passenger's side? I have. I can check that mirror just before pulling into the driveway, reassure myself that it is indeed adjusted perfectly, go into the house, sleep the sleep of the innocent and when 1 get back in my car the next morning, the darn thing is pointed up at the neighbors dormer. Who's responsible? The cat? Believe me, I wonder more about that mirror than I do about the Immaculate Conception. I guess that's not very Christian, but what do you suppose happens to it every night? I live in a rural area, there are no strangers passing through. What does the darn thing do? Adjust itself? Is there something or someone in my neighbor's dormer it wants to get a better look at? And I wonder how busy the switchboard gets at 1-800-257- 1257 this time of year. If you've ever watched cable TV, you know the number I mean. It doesn't matter what you want, whether it be a subscription to Sports Illustrated, a 40 volume set of Best Loved Classical Masterpieces or Well Loved Sounds of the Fifties from Heartland Music, a Nordic Trak exerciser or a Michael Jordan video, you can, by gosh, get it at 1-800-257- 1257. Operators are standing by. I just wonder how many of 'em are standing by. I'll bet that's one big room there at 1-800-257- 1257. I wonder how often they get confused. This year, I've sort of been hinting around that I'd Hke to get a subscription to Sports Illustrated. With my luck I'll probably wind up listening to Shep and the Limelights an awful lot in 1993. You see what I mean? People tend to examine their lives during the holiday season, to put things in proper perspective. They ask themselves if they've been good to their neighbors, their friends, their families. They wonder if they've worked hard enough, have they been good providers. For many, the holidays are a time of self assessment and evaluation. I just want to know who's been messing with my mirror. Western Auto 7577 State Street • Lowville 376-3011 Christmas Gifts for the faintly from truck and car accessories to bikes, trikes St wagons Open 8-6, Moh-Fri * 8-4 Sat • 12-4 Sun by Carol Empie, Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Counselor Didyouever stop to think that we still allow one of the worst, most costly and most deadly drugs in America to be promoted and advertised on radio and television? We have been exposed for years and now our children are being exposed to alcohol promotion and use by seeing it glorified on television and hearing it on the radio. How can we in all dear consciousness tell our kid \Don't Do Drugs\ When they see and hear drinking depicted in such a positive way. RATHER HYPOCRITICAL\ Let's do both. Let's tell our children the truth about alcohol and also work towards ridding our airways of alcohol commercials. Granted,the majority of alcohol commercials consist of beer promotion, but remember, that alcohol is a drug and beer is the drug of choice. Please don't misunderstand. I am not advocating the banning of this product or places that promote it or sell it. I'm interested in banning its advertisement and promotion on the airways, just as cigarettes were banned several years ago. Have you ever asked yourself why the cigarette manufacturers didn't demand that alcohol commercials be banned also (as they are both killers and very costly to society)? The reason is that drinking and smoking often go hand in hand. How many smoke free bars have you beenr into? Plus, cigarette and alcohol promoting industries have extremely strong financial ties to each other if not total joint ownerships. A potentially discouraging fact was brought to my attention recently and that is that several of President Elect Clinton's cabinet members are major stockholders of R.J. Reynolds Corporation which has a part of everything from cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, potato chips, pretzels, cheese and ice cream. This means that if money talks, as it has in previous administrations, the legislation to protect fee general population in regards to health matters involving alcohol or smoking Willfall on deaf ears. Hopefully, we won't let this happen and the campaign promise of change and genuine concern will prevail. This all-powerful monetary system is currently in control of our airways to promote their product that is financially and socially draining our nation. The radio and television networks have a vested interest in keeping alcohol commercials on the air as it is a large source of fevenue for them. I just hope that you become just as sick and tired of being used, manipulated and brain-washed by uncaring, money hungry, greedy corporations and power hungry, high- ranking self-serving politicians that dorft care about the citizen^ weH-beihg. The people m power are making millions of dollars at the general population's expense. Alcohol misuse is a tremendous economic burden Sustained by society. Just how much of an expense is alcohol to us? The most recent estimated cost curves I found were done in 1983 arid 1985; This was reported in the January, 1991 edition of the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. * 1983 - Health related costs - $116 billion. t * 1985 - Costs for criminal justice system, social welfare administration, property loss from'vehide crashes and fires, loss of productivityarid imprisonrnerit-$10.5 billion. These costs were forthe mid- 1980s. It will be ih^estini; to see what the 1990s bring, These estimates may be fairly low because there are many - situations that are related to alcohol use that are very difficult to track, injurys tha^ are treated ih the emergency room, spouse/child abuse/neglect, traffic accidents without fatalities, etc. These costs are ultimately paid for by us, the general population, in the form of increased medical costs and increased medical insurance costs, increased auto insurance and increased taxes. I think we have earned the right to \just say NO to drug advertisement on the airways.\ As a taxpayer i am whbie-lieairtedly supportive of people and programs to assist others in need and would willingly pay more if I believed it would help, What I dbrft like is the rich and powerful padding their pockets at my and my neighbor's expense. Since there is so much information on the effects of alcohol misuse in regards to health and wellness, I would like to reserve a small portion of the Lifestyle column on a weekly basis to educate the public on this matter. Cigarette smoking will also be addressed. The only reason I am addressing this issue -is that I ani genuinely concerned and understand the devastating effect that these two drugs have on our Nation as a healthy, well functioning sodety. * . . . Smoking and misuse of alcohol are the two leading causes of death in our country. If another nation wanted to control our country they would not have to plan a nudear attack, They could simply support drug use in America and destroy us from within. Only we, the people, can change the role government plays in the health and well-being of our country. Your comments, pro and con, are wdcome. Questions, too. Send them to Lifestyle, P.O. Box 345, Lowville, NY 13367* 'cuds •K & Linda at the ive?* Vailey inn

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