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2 S«c. I — Th« CoaT«nMur.l4 Y January 3. 1973 \ Harrisville News Natural Dam News Fowler News Notes DeKalb Junction mas morning of thejr son Charles and family. Natural Bndge. and called on their son David and family Christmas day v Mr. and Mr* Robert Scott. vouverneur, were dinner guests Dec 24. of Mrs Scot's borQwr in-law and sister, Mr and Mrs Charlie Coloney Mrs Bilo Hooper received Christmas \ greeting* early Monday mornKig from her son Leland and family. Battle Creek^ Michigan \ Mr and Mrs Charlie Coloney received Christmas ureetings from their three daughters and families- Mrs Harvey ^Gloria* Conant. Mrs Robert iCaxoi> McClmg. Columbia, Perm and Mrs David (Barbara) Schryer, Hudson Fails Nfiss Mary Carol Fowler. Sunmount, Tupper Lake, spent from Dec 17 to 30 with her mother Mrs Mavfred Fowler By GRACE HOOPER Mr and Mrs Edward Hooper, Karen, Kevin, Wayne and Miss Ann Pike, wej;e Christmas dinner guests Saturday evening, Dec 2$, , of Mr and Mrs David Hitchmaa, West Hermon Mr and Mrs Bruce Dusharm and family, Harnsville and Mr and Mts Donald J Valentine. Cartha/e, were Christmas dinner guests of Mr and Mrs Donald * Valentine Mr and Mrs Everett Valen- tine, were Christmas dinner guests of their son and daughter* in law Mr and Mrs Jean Valentine Mr and Mrs Vincent Willard. Gouverneur. Miss Ann Pike and Mrs liilo Hoopec->vere Christmas dinner gu^sts^of Mr and Mrs Edward Hooper. John Burr, Gouverneur, called on the Hoopers that afternoon. Mrs Blanche Valentine was a guest, Dec. 22 to 25, of her daughter Mrs. Dorothea Randall. Watertown Mrs Gerald Mclntosh *nd Mark were guests, Dec 22, of Mrs Bilo Hooper and enjoyed popcorn and wax on snow Mrs Bilo Hooper had her complete family home for Christmas dinner Sunday, the 24th, except for her ion Leland and his wife and son. John, Battle Creek. Mich Those present were Mr and Mrs Melvin Hooper, Waddington; their daughter Jane. Watertown; their daughter Jane. Watertown; their son and daughter-in-law, Mr and Mrs. Kenneth Hooper. Endicott; Mr. and Mrs. John ODonnell, Suzanne, Melvin John and Kathleen. Jamesville; Mr.\and Mrs Edward Hooper, Karen. Kevin and Wayne and Miss Ann Pike, and Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Willard. Gouverneur. Mrs. Bilo Hooper was a dinner guest, Dec. 26, of her aunt Mrs. John Valentine and Mrs. Bertha Baker, Mrs Valentine and Mrs. Hooper called on Mr. Valtentine Ithat afternoon. SeveuJl of the Community ChurcHSSunday School children, Dominic, Victoria and Valerie Bango and Lisa, Edward and Scott Mclntosh, escorted by Miss f Kenneth LaPlatney, Regena Vrooman and her brother Gregory, were Caroling, Sunday evening, around Geer Corners. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Coloney were breakfast guests, Christ- Mr and Mrs. Malen and three children,^^orth Syracuse, called Dec 25, on Mr and Mrs Gerakl Mclntosh - Mr and Mrs Gerald MeIntosh _ entertained, Dec. 23, 18 members of Mr Mclntosh s family; for a Christmas party and tree Those attending were Mr and Mrs Paul .Mclntosh and three children; Mr and Mrs John Mclntosh and three children; Mr, and Mrs. Calvin Mclntosh and two children and Mr and Mrs. Matthew Mclntosh jmd two children. Mr and Mrs David Coloney and two children enjoyed a -J Christmas dinner Wednesday evening, Dec. 27, with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Coloney at their home. _ THURSDAY THRU SUNDAT JAN. 4 — 5 — 6 — 7 SHOWN AT 9:Z5 FJK. YOU HAVEN! SEEN ANYTHING UNTIL YOU'VE SEEN, EVERYTHING * Miss Karen Hooper was a guest from Djecr.JS, eveMng to the 29, of her brother-in-law and sister Mr. and Mrs Vinceflt Willard, Gouverneur Christmas dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Fuller and her mother Mrs Edna LaPlatney were Mr. and Mrs. Don Fuller and four children, Harrisville; Mr. and Mrs. Dpvid LaPlatney and son, Canton; Mr. and Mrs. Roger and Jane, Mr and Mrs. Richard LaPlatney and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Canfield and three children, and Mrs. Annitah Catlin, and they were all at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth LaPlatney in the afternoon for the family Christmas tree. - Miss Linda Canfield was an overnight guest Dec. 25 of her grandparents, Mr and Mrs: Kenneth LaPlatney, and her aunt Jane; and her sister Tammy was an overnight guest the 26th of the LaPlatney's. The Community Church Sunday School was very grateful to the Harrisville Volunteer Fire Department for the nice Christmas gift of candy, nuts and fruit which was distributed among the children The teachers made several sunshine boxes for the shut-ins. * Johnstown Road By MABEL BAIL£¥- Katie McCracken of Canton, Arrived Dec. 22 to spend until Jan. 14 with her parents Mr and Mrs. Charles McCracken. .* Mr and Mrs Bernard Hall, Jr and daughter of Gredn Bay, Wise Rose Hall and Paul Finegan of Albany spent the past week with Mr and Mrs Bernard Hall Sr j»> SHIRLEY BESAW Mr tad Mrs Paul Matice received a telephone call from their wn, Donald, from Korea Dec 21 _ Mr and Mrs_ Earl Phillip* and son spent Christmas eve with Mr \and Mrs. Dejbert Gates Mrs Phyllis Seekty of Heuvelton spent Thursday af- ternoon with Mr and Mrs Delbert Gates S Sgt Robert C Gates ajid JJfanuly called his parents, Mr and Mrs Delbert Gates Tuesday evening fronrT«xas Mr and Mrs Joe Gates and familv syent Christmas day with her pifrenu. Mr and Mrs Arthur -McKmney Other guests were \Joyce McKinney, Mr and Mrs Jioberi Pearson, and Heather, --and Mr >and Mrs. Dale McKin- ney ^ Mr and Mrs George Mclntyre visite<f Mr. and Mrs Joe GatesT TTiristmas eve. Mr and Mrs Jack Andrews of the River Road called on Mr and Mrs Delbert JGates one day this week \ Mr and Mrs Delbert Gates attended th$-*uneral of her Aunt Bernice Russell in Brustoo. 'iTueJBay. v Mr and Mrs Bill Hosmer and family of Fort Ann spent Christmas and a weeks vacation with their parents, Mr and Mrs. Lyle Besaw and Mrs. Alice Hosmer.-Connie and Cristal Hosmer spent Saturday night valh their step father and mother Mr and Mrs Morris Ellis in Balmat - . • • Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Besaw, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hosmer, and Mr. and Mrs Bob Hance enjoyed a family Christmas supper with Mr and Mrs. Ben Tattle, Sr in Macomb, Saturday night, Dec. 23 - Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hosmer and family enjoyed a Christmas ^dinner with his mother, Mrs. Alice Hosmer at the Cambray Court. . — Mrs Velva O'fteam, Mrs. Belva Church and Martha Waugh Hermon By SHIRLEY BESAW Mr. and Mrs. Roger Young and Roger, Jr. of Macedon were Wednesday luncheon guests of Mr and Mr Leland Young, Sr. Mr. and Mrs Jimmy Walrath wish to announce the arrival of their new adopted son Samuel, this past week. Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. JDean Blandin and.Freddy were Mrs. Irene Hewlett and daughters Mary Kay and Susie of Russell;--_»Ir and Mrs. Jack Andrus and children Cathy, -Johnny and Sheri and Mr. and Mrs. William Blaif; Jr. and daughter Tammy of Gouverneur. May all my readers have a very Happy New Year and a prosperous 1973 . - Mrs Clara O'Brian and Alton Charter called on Mable Vigeant. Carthage on this past Sunday. Alton Charter and Clara O'Brian spent Christmas af- ternoon with Mrs. Robert Brown, Sr. at Efandale. Christmas eve guests of Claw O'Brian and Alton Charter were , Mr and Mrs Ray Martin of Canton and Douglas O'Brian and friend of Gouverneur. Miss Tammy Blair, Gouver- neur, spent the past weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Dean Blandin and Freddy. . Christmas dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs Seymour Westum were •11 of Edwards, visited Mr and Mrs Ronald Tuttle and family Thursday Mr and Mrs Ronald Tuttle and family visited his parents, Mr and Mrs Ben Tuttle Sr Saturday Mrs Bertha Kirker and \Jane Jones and Mary Alice children attended the Christmas play and chorus at West Side School on Thrusday evening Jimmie and Jennie Kirker were in the chorus, Jennie Kirker and Penny McCracken were in the play . Mr and Mrs George Shaw, Karen and John Hal pin of Oxbow were Dec 22 dinner guests of Mrs Blytha Jeffers Bnffett Evening callers were Mr and Mrs. John Green, Rich- ville Mr and rs Seymour Westum, ; Mr and Mrs-William Green and daughter Elizabeth. Mr and Mrs Eddie Carpenter, Jane Jones and JMary Alice Breffett attended an open house at the home of Helen ..£mrth. DeKalb Junction on the _ _ evening of Def 27 PLTO AT 7:tO PM r mr\mrtm FKL. JAN it MO> Ttiai KXD * THTTt* O?CLT — THANKS_ TO ALL Of YOU WHO WBtl OUt LOYAL CUSTOMS* WHM.C WE OPERATED • - - THE \; PARKS 1IQUOR STORE •'\- INC ' 151 W. MAIN STREET V • WE APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE- AND Wi WISH OUR SL>CCE$SO*S A NO-NEW OWNERS DON AND R'JTH SMITH. A SUCC6SSRA RTTURE A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! . Dinner guests. Christmas da> at the home of Mr and Mrs George Youngs and family were Mr and Mrs Lyle Besaw Charles Beaaw Mr and Mrs Bill Hosmer, Billy. Crystal and •Conine Hosmer. all of Fort Ann, and Mr and Mrs Bill Kirker and four girU. of Brasie Corners Mr and Mrs Vincent Besaw and Donald Besaw and JaiMind Tina Wilment visited during trie day Christmas eve dinner guests of Mr and rs Ronald Tuttle were Mr and Ms William Church and family and Mr and Mrs K^ger O Hearn also of Edwafte, Mr and Mrs William Parker of Gouverneur, Philip Parker and Sharon Bowman and baby of Edwards Mrs Dons Tuttle of Macomb and Ginger Scott of Gouverneur were callers the same evening Mr and Bdrs William Parker of Gouverneur were Christmas dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs Ronald Tuttle Other callers that day were Mr and Mrs Ben \Tuttle, Jr. and family of Macomb. Sharoni Bowman, Phillip Parker and son Sam Debbie Tuttle spent a few days with her cousin, Carol Tuttle, while Mike Tuttle spent a few days with Ronnie Tuttle, Jr Rusty Tuttle was overnight guest of his. grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Ben Tuttle Sr. of Macomb on Dec 27. , Ronnie Tuttle Jr. spent a few \ days during vacation with his grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Ben Tuttle Sr. ^ Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Besaw was supper guests of Mr and Mrs Lyle Besaw and family New Years day Mr and tors. Lyle Besaw, Mr. and Mrs. George Youngs, Mr. and Mrs Kenneth Young, Donald Besaw and Jan Wilment attended a New Years party given by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mclntosh at their home on the Dailey Rd. Piskor Continued from page 1 . emphasized that we must have faith and trust in God and Heaven ' although the modern thinkers tell us that God is \dead.\ He is not dead, Piskor declared, and neither are those values which enrich and uplift us as in- dividuals. \We must develop the art of seeing, the art of reason, and the art,of thinking. He who learns to see is awakened; he who learns to read is enriched and he who learns to think is emancipated.'-' \Now what I'm trying to say to you is that if you leam to do afrof these, in balance, you become humanized and become -real people You will become the kind of people you want to be,\ he concluded. In his remarks, Dr. Piskor cited the fact that \art\ is ap- plication of hard work and discipline in keeping with a standard set Jby the \artist.\ Whether it be a sculpture, a . painting, a novel or just plain living, we must apply hard work and discipline in accordance with high standards which* we must set for ourselves By this, he said, we enrich not only our lives but the lives of those around us Paul Sprague, president of the Gouverneur Luncheon Club \expressed his appreciation and that of the assembled guests and ^members for Dr Piskor's in- spiring remarks and also thanked Charles Pickard who introduced Dr Piskor Sprague observed that Dr Piskor r s remarks pertain not only to the younger generation vbut also hold truth for u>ose who are older as well One Luncheon Club member commented. \Dr Piskor s .remarks have truth and meaning to all of us It reminds us as \A ^often need to be that the vaJues whuch some people say are old fashioned' are not dead' but make us all better people if we adhere to them \ * B> CINDY Fl'LLKR Christmas day callers at (he (ilt'iin Colo home uere Mr and Mrs James Hanratty and family. \h\ Z5 guests ri Mr and Mrs iVnald Salisbury were Mr and J lrs Kay Kttowiton. Pope Mills, nel Richardson, Heuvelton. Mr id Mrs Robert Salisbury and Mr and Mrs Harry Salisbury Gouverneur Mr and Mrs Marvin Backhaus of Oklahoma telephoned at the Salisbury home to wish everyone a Merry Christmas * Mr and Mrs Alvin Phelps called at the Salisbury home Christinas evening Wendy and Penny Salisbury. Star Lake, are spending a few days with their grandparents Mr and Mrs Donald Salisbury Danny Kelley spending thhe holidays with his parents Mr and Mrs Ross Kelley Mr and Mrs John Kendrew and Jehn Roy were Dec 23 dinner guests of Mrs Catherine Ken- * drew, Watertown \ Mr and Mrs Howard Shippee and family were Dec 24 dinner guests of Mr and Mrs. Claude Powers, Macomb -Mr and Mrs Mike June, Syracuse, afe spending, tbe -holidays with her parents Mr. and Mrs Alvin Phelps Mrs. Alvin Phelps and Mrs Mike June called one day last \week on Mrs Carrie Sullivan, Edwards Road • Mr. and Mrs. Mike June, Norman Ashley, and Evelyn Phelps were Dec. 25 dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Phelps Mr and Mrs Ralph Phelps, Carthagf—and Mr and Mrs. Richard Rose and Tyler of Maryland, called Dec 27 on Mr. ,and Mrs Alvin Phelps. Mr. and Mrs Floyd Hayden, 'Goaverneur were Christmas morning callers of Mr. and Mrs. William Lutz and boys. Later in the day Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Lutz Jr Edwards called at the Lutz's. . - Mr. and Mrs. Willima Lutz and boys called Dec. 24 on Mrs. Mary Lute and Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Hayden. Gouverneur Mrs. Mary Lutz, Gouverneur called on Mr. and Mrs William Lutz and boys, Dec. 26. John Lutz stayed overnight Dec. 26 with his grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Flayd Hayden, Gouverneur. * Dec. 24 supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Streeter were Mrs. Loya Church- and Harry Streeter. Fullerville; Mrs. Lillian Thompson, Potsdam, and Mrs. Nellie Link . ~—. called l>ec 23 on Mr and Mrs Donald Campbell, Rensen Mr and Mrs IX»nald Firtley Mi and Mrs Glenn Cole and Scotty and Marion Hanratty called lVc 2A on Mr and Mrs Marshall Phelp*. Kdwards Mr and Mrs Glenn Cole and Scocty. Mr and Mrs Donald Fmley. Dick Cole. Susan Sim inons. Ken McGuinne&s. Sally Fuller and Marion Hanratty spent New Year's weekend at camp, Boyd Pond * Mr and Mrs Francis Boney. Hailesboro. and Mrs Freida Fierce. Gouverneur were Dec 23 callers of Mr and Mrs James Fuller and girls They all at- tended the Christmas Program at Fowler Baptist Church, earlier Mr and Mrs Clay Boney. Somerset. N J called on Mr and Mrs James Fuller and girls Dec 24 Dinner guests of the Fullers were Mr and Mrs Francis Boney. Hailesboro, and Mrs Fre*da Price. Gouverneur . Mr and Mrs Thomas Andrews and family and Mr and Mrs Pedro Soto and\ Tony, Mid- dletown. and Mr and Mrs Robert Andrews, were all callers of George Andrews and Larry. Hull Road. Dec. 23 Mr and Mrs Pedro Soto. and Tony, Middletown arrived home for the holidays. Dec 22 • On Dec. 24Mr. Mrs. Thomas Andrews and famUfc Mr. George Andrews, Larry' Andrews and Mr and Mrs Pedro Soto, and Tony called on Mr and Mrs Curly LaPierre, Gouverneur. Dec. 25 dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Andrews and family were Mr and Mrs Robert Andrews, George Andrews. Hull Rd Mr. and Mrs Curly LaPierre, Gouverneur. Dale Johnson, and Beth Kitchin and Mr and Mrs. Pedro Soto and Tony- Pat ti Andrews spent Dec. 28 overnight with grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Curly LaPierre. Christmas dinner guests of Bessie and Floyd Perrigo were Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Day and family, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Goodnough, Massena, Miss Barbara Goodnough, Gary- Montgomery. Herrings; Mr. and v Mrs. Steven Bressette and Steve Jr., Hailesboro; Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Perrigo and family, Douglas Weaver, Gouverneur; Mr. and Mrs. Edwin PerVigo and family, Richville, Mr. and Mrs. Elwin Fuller and family, Harrisville and Mrs. Hazel Fuller, Hailesboro. Callers later ,in the day were Mr. and Mrs. Michael Maroun and Harold .Laeey. Gou^erneur and Carol Mr find \ e and Shirl, Mr Mary On Christmas day Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Streeter were morning visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Streeter and family, Richville, and dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Chambers and family, Massena. \ Mr. and Mrs Lewis Gaudin spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Russell Brown, Ogden- sburg * Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Gaudin and Mrs. Mildred Hemenway called Dec. 22 on Mrs Kay Dempster, Watertown. Dec. 24 Mr. and Mrs. Jamea Fuller and girls called on Mr. and Mrs Robert Moore, Jr. and family. Island Branch, Mr. and Mrs. Smith Fuller and Mr. and Mrs Vernon Fuller and family, Hailesboro Mr and Mrs James Fuller and girls called on Mr and Mrs Orvis Fuller and family, Richville, Dec 27 Mr and Mrs James Fuller and girls were Dec 24 supper guests of Mr and Mrs Francis Boney, ~ Hailesboro. An exchange of gifts* took place Those present were Mr and Mrs Terry Caswell and girls. Ogdensburg, Mr. and Mrs Gay Boney, Sofnerset Mr and Mrs Larry Cole and family. Antwerp were Dec 24 supper guests of Mr and Mrs Glenn Cole and family Mr and Mrs Glenn Cole Dick and Suzie. Marion Hanratty. Su.san Simmons and Sally Fuller •were Dec 25 dinner guests of Mr and Mrs Kor.aid Hartle. HamsvilJe Mrs Marion Hanratty,,. Kichard Cole. Susan Simmons Day, Balmat. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Carl Culbertson, Antwerp, on the birth of a daughter Weighing 9 lbs. 14 oz. on Dec. 19. Mrs. Culbertson is the former Pauline Woodward, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Byron Woodward Somervili Brenda Laidlaw, Watertown, spent Christmas visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs. Wendell Laidlaw. . Sgt. Gary Laidlaw, -U5AF has been transferred to Taiwan, Republic of China, he is the son of Mr and Mrs. Wendell Laidlaw Mr and Mrs Cecil Sawyer and girls spent the evening of Dec. 26 with Mr and Mrs James Sawyer and family at Richville . HAVINO TROUBU WITH YOUR HEARING?, Over the U.t 20 yea», we have helped — H> MIU.IMAHSt MVK The\ Willing Workors 4 H flub met ih\ 23 for thier Christmas party and members anil helpers* *')u handed Kitts Members, Dawn Noto. Cathy and Karon and Sh*»r-.•* MeHobbie\. Kathy Ka> Kht.nda. Ond> and Amy Nevkeumbe took a fruit basket to Mr and Mrs Karl Bush The next meeting is Jan 13 Christmas Day and evening dinner guests of Mr and Mrs •Hay Flight uere Mr and Lawrence Flight and daughters Mr and Mrs K FisAer and Steven. Janet David Flight \ Mr and Mrs C,u\ Alguire Were Christinas dinner guests of Mr and Mrs Merrill Miller Christmas guests of Air and Mrs James Carvel and Hugh uere Mrs Bea Peters Claudia Wakefield and Mr and Mrs John iVtersandTom, tyatertown, Mr and Mrs Donald Peters. David arid Diane, Potsdam, Mr. and Mrs Joe PeterV Jeff and ''.Michael. Richville; Mr and Mrs Jrwin Hundley. Heading. Pa ...and Mr and Mr* Albert Hundley. Mr and Mrs Joey Cougler. Mrs Allan >OstrandeT and Mrs James Ryan. y Anne and Tom. Mr and Mrs. Clark Carvel and Timnry and Lee Carvel, all of Canton Mrs Carvel was born on Christmas day. and also celebrated her birthday Mr and Mrs Donald Hand. Bobby. Donna and Julie, Mr and .Mrs. Richard Hand and Amy Jo and Betty Hand were Christmas Eve dinner^ guests of their mother. Mrs Dorothy Hand During the evening they received a Christmas phone call from Hubert and Jean Hand. Michael Nand Steve, from Reno, New Mrs Lena Smith was a Christmas dinnr guest of her daughter, Mrs. John Bishop and , family. . The Community .Center Committee will meet Jan. 8 at 1 p.m at the Center for their regular monthly meeting The Neighborhood Center Advisory . board will meet at 8 p.m. at the Center. Jan. 8 for their regular monthly meeting Mrs. Bertha McDermott of Ogdensburg was Christmas , dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs Walter Worden. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Clement of Fowler were afternoon guests Christmas dinner guests of Mrs. Frances Gilbert were Mr. , and Mrs Richard MoYrow. -and family. DePeyster; Mr and Mrs. Eugene Gilbert and famify. Mr and Mrs. Milton Durham an^l family, Russell, and Donald Gilbert, Star Laie . vJanet Flight left Dec. 26 for-a . two-week vacation in Florida. * Mr. and Mrs. Guy Alguire were E)ec. 24 visitors of her sisters, Mrs. Luella Cook at the Cedars, and Mrs. Anna Chambers, Ogdensburg Mr and Mrs Kobcrt (Jolhain and family uere Chrihtmaa dinner Kiiests of Mr and jMr» Thomas Manner and family, Potsdam Mrs Margaret Kdwards and Carl (nlrnour. Kensselaer Falls, were Christmas dinner guests of Mr and Mrs Robert Thornton imd family. Kdwards. and called on Mr and Mrs Allan Thornton ol YVanakena and Mr and Mrs John Hamilton of Trout l^ke Mr and Mrs Utmard Moqum and fanul) . Canton * were Christmas guests of her father, John Slamski The regular monthly meetings uf the volunteer firemen and the JUidies Auxiliary of the fire department will both be held at 7 M) p in on Jan 8 at the fire station Christmas guests of Mr and Mrs Claude Menthew were Mr. and Mrs- Harley Menthew of Baldwmsville Mr and Mrs James Smith and family. Russell. Mr and Mrs Richard Fletchers and daughters. Can- ton. Mr ami Mrs Robert Menthew and daughter. Canton Mr and Mrs Richard Menthew phoned from Texas Mr and Mrs, Marvin Cobb and family wttre\ Christmas day guests of Mr and Mrs Alton Cobb, Hermon Holiday weekend visitors were Mr and Mrs Lloyd St John and family Oneida, Mrs., Laura St John. Hermon and Mr. and Mrs MichaeJ Ferero, and family. Potsdam Mr.\ and Mrs Gordon Brabaw and family, Antwerp; Mr and Mrs Bruce Bacyn and family, Hermon, and Mr and Mrs John Coffee. Pyrites, were holiday weelyund visitors of Mr and Mrs Roy Brabaw , ; Chistmas dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Herb Risley and Mr and Mrs Everett Risley and family were Mr and Mrs.Obed Risley and family. Odgensburg, Mr and Mrs Clarence Gardner and family Mrs Vefa Gardner, and Mr and Mrs William Mc- Martin and family v Mr and Mrs Lloyd St. John, Wayne and Michelle, Oneida, arrived Dei: 23'to spend the holidays with her mother, Mrs. Catherine Rowland and other relatives m this area - Attending the Senior Citizens County Council meeting in Waddirrgton on Dec. 14 were Catherine Rowland, Lena Smith, Margaret Carvel and Elmer Elsey. Mr and Mrs Lawrence Flight and family were Dec 24 dinner guests of Mr and Mrs. Harry Ellis and family and Mrs Mae Ben way. Gouverneur. About 70 attended the Senior Citizens Christmas dance on Dt^c. 20. The next dance is Jan. 3 and there will be a Pedro card party on Jan 10. The next meeting and covered dish dinner of the Senior Citizens is Jan 10 at noon COFFI > • FRIED CAKES • BREAD FRESH SE 10c • DOUGHNUTS • ROLLS DAIIX THE DONUT SHOP - OPEN 6AM 274 W. MAIN ST. 1. UNTIL 5 P. M. PH. 287-1829 Ouditone Oft VA.NCO Hearing Aids on tile ear, body Instruments. Come In or call on to your home lor free Mdtagrun and consul ttfUon. ' ALL GUARANTEED _ REASONABLE PRICES John P- Hardy DtetrttHrtors, Ph. 287-0620 72 Part* SU, Gotrvei-Deur, NT. >»»»»»»»##»»»»»#»»»»»»#»»»#####» DROP IN AND;ENJOY THE NEW... FRIENDLY SPIRITS THE ,.. RPO N GOUVERNEUR- RICHVILLE RD. PHO*NE 287-9878 NOW OPEN UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT CUUJDE AND RUTH NOBLf ALL LEGAl BEVERAGES SERVING LUNCHES, SNACKS, lit SECOND CUT CHUCK -ROAST 84c * NE.CK POT ROAST 74c is WINSOfi BACON ROUED OS ROAST $1.09 LB SHOULDER ARM ROAST 85c iB LEAN GROUND BEEF 65c LB CHICKEN 10 LBS OR MORE CUT-UP OR WHOLE COOKED SALAMI o» ITALIAN BOLOGNA 79c LB CUBE STEAK $1.39 LB CUTTING DOWf li<UUY PHELPS MEAT MARKET tOUTE 58 - COUYHMEU! . HAIl£S»OtO ID J r

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