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N.J. where they both il 1964. He coached •re for 25 yean. They Hilton in 1W member of the first m Church, the Canton >,St Lawrence Lodge and was active in the ce University Alumni ions may be made to fund of the Canton in Church. er he automatic 77-888 it'$ M7-27M OILS • BATTERIES pntf PJI. . 31 in a II ear ss %7M \ CHILDREN OF ANTWERP SNOWMOBILERS were feted Friday at a ChHitmat party. In upper photo, they are shown receiving Christmas candy. In lower scene, they wait by the tree for distribution of gifts. DEAR Page 7 Sec I — The Tribune-Preaa, Gouverneur. NY. December 13. 1972 SUPER A FIELD TRIP was taktn rtctntly by tht seventh gradt science class of St. James School to tht farm of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Desormeaux. Undtr tht direction*** Sr. Constance, tht class furthered their studies of ecology As a result of tht trip, tht children made terrariums which art currently being display*) in tht Science Lab. Dear Santa Claus, My mommy is writing this letter to you because I am only 24 years old and cant write yet. I have been a good liUle girl. For Christmas I would like some cloths and something to ride \a toy.\ Mommy tells me if I am not good that you wouldn't come. My address is Irma Jean Bullock, Star Rt., Hermon, NY. In Care of Elmer Bullock Your little friend, Irma Jean Bullock PS. Leav^: some milk and cookies and sugar for your deers. RONALD THOMAS welcomed parent* to the carpentry shop, daring the open house at the Junior Senior High School on Dec. 6. Dea Sanata Claus, This is for Denise and David and Donna and I. Denise wants a barbie and Mrs. Beasley David wants a truck and a toy gun. Donna wants a radio and a busy Barbie and a Barbie Beauty center And Diane wants a Barbie grow pretty hair and tearful baby tenderlove and a tape recorder. Thank you for the toys last year. c How are you and Mrs. Santa Claus are you fmde I hope so. I will have some cookies and a glas of milk If you are tierd you can sleep on the sofa Love. Denise and David and Donna and Diane Dear Santa. J want some Sesame St. records and a record player a drum, a guiter. a popcorn machine a snoopy tootbrush. and a Big Jim Sports Camper, a close and play, and a Sizzler Fat Track and Tivoli Roller Coaster and thats all David Nicholas Dear Santa Claus, My name is Renee Lashbrooks and I am six years old. I have been a pretty good girl this year. So for X-mas could I please have: Which Witch Game. Barbie Doll Camper, Table and Chairs, Sweet Cookie. My little brother Paul is three and he has been a good boy too. Could I please have a Rot-o-Tot, Hot Wheels Sizzlers, Carage, Color Form Rub-ons. We will leave a surprise for you. Love, - Renee and Paul Dear Santa. I love you! When I get up in the middle of the night I will hug you. Please give me a: new puzzel, cash register, clock, record player, tape recorder, suit case, radio. Ken doll, perfume, book I thank you and I Love you! My name is Heidi Smith My sister is writing this for me. Love, Heidi PS. I am 5 years old and have been very good! Dear Santa. I would like a G I Joe and some games and a toy piano and some books a talking doll and a doll that has a ball, a guitar, a Har- mony doll and talking baby tenderlove. a Malibu Barbie, a set of dishes, and a doll carriage and a Barbie beauty center and a watch and a Hop Toss game and anything else you care to bring me J will leave you cookies and milk Christine Fuller Dear Santa. We are too little to write our own letter so our mommy is writing it for us. I, Cbri, am 5 years old and would like a new pants suit, a coat, a lunch box, and a play sewing machine. Next is Timmy who is three years old. He would like a shirt and pant set, a play baler or elevator, a truck and a coat Tricia who is 2 would like a new coat, pants set, a musical toy and some un- breakable play dishes. We would all like a toy to ride in the barn. Have a safe journey Christmas Eve. We will leave you some cookies and milk and some sugar for your reindeer., Love Lori. Timmy, and Tricia Atkinson Route l.Richville, NY. Dear Santa. I am 7 years old. I would like Don't Break the Ice game and Rock em Sock'em Robots. My brother Tim would like a hockey game and Cootie game. My little brother Danny would like a Chatter Phoneand Play Family Bus. We will leave a snack We will leave your reindeer some sugar. Charles, Timothy & Danny Fuller ^ Fuller Edwards, New York Dear Santa Claus. My name is Herbie Denton and I'm six years old For Christmas I would like a electric train, ski- doo. fire truck and anything else that you would like to bring me. Merry Christmas Santa Love. Herbie PS I will leave you a lunch and some sugar for vour reindeer Dear Santa Claus, We are two little boys—Peter age 34 years, and Patrick, age 21 -months. Mommy is writing this letter as we are too little to write yet. We have tried awfully hard to be good boys. For Christmas, Peter says he would like a big dump truck, a farm set, a bowling set, a Cookie Monster puppet, a fire truck, a pair of mittens, and some clothes and anything else you wish to bring but be sure to remember all the other little boys and girls, too. Patrick says he would like a bulldozer, a toy cow that moos, a little bike, a pair of mittens, some clothes and any trucks you think he would like. He just loves trucks We will leave sugar for your reindeer and a lunch for you but remember we will be at Nana and Papa Hosier's and Nana and Papa La Page's the same as last year. We are sure you know the way to their houses. Have a Merry Christmas and thank you. Love, Peter John an4 Patrick Michael LaPage < : ^*-- .*..-••*-.** PS Please don't forget our buddy, Donnie, and cousins, Christopher, Michelle, Scott and Kelly Ann. To Santa M My Friend.\ Please bring me a Snowmobile Sled. Big trucks, bang-gun and lots of books. Please bring my little foster brother Billy lots of Baby toys. We will be at Papa and Nanny Green's, so please leave our toys down there. Thank you, Corey John Dear Santa, 1 would like a game and a baby doll and some story books and a set of dishes and a nice dress. Thank you Santa. I will leave you some cookies and milk Karen Fuller Dear Santa. I am 7 years old and in the 2nd grade I would like a doll, play store shoes and some clothes and anything else you have I will leave cake and milk for you on the kitchen table and sugar for all the reindeer Sherry DeShane Rt 2. Gouverneur STVDIES MEDICAL ASSISTING — Donna Spicer right of Rt 4, practices blood-taking wita fellow student Beverly Spearman in the laboratory at the Careerco School for Para-ProfesskmaIs in Syracnae Both girls are enrolled in the schools medical assisting program COMPlfT! LM OF IMPORTED AND AMBtKAN WES i LJQUOtS. QFTS WlAPt© FOt CHMSTMAS ECKMANS LIQUORS 23 OJMTOH ST OffOUTi A 4 P Hi 217-3320 SER VE SUBMARINES JUST DIAL 287-0800 TWELVE VARIETIES DELICIOUS SANDWICHES AS NEAR AS YOUR TELEPHONE • ROAST BEEF • HAM • TURKEY • HOT MEAT BALL • ITALIAN SALAMI • CHEESE • PEPPERONI • MIXED • TUNA • SPICED HAM • SAUSAGE • COOKED SALAMI OPEN 11 Ait TO MIDNIGHT DAILY OPEN SUNDAYS -1 PJl TO 9 r\M. Sub •LJL f SANDWICH SHOP STRUT KAMANS HOW OPEN EVERY NIGHT (EXCEPT SATURDAY and SUNDAY) TIL CHRISTMAS OPEN EVENINGS DECEMKR 13. U. 15. 18. 19. 20. 21 I 22 FARM & HOME STORE ONLY HUNDREDS OF GIFTS TO CHOOSE FROM • TOYS • TOOLS • APPLIANCES • WEARING APPAREL WCLUDWK WOtK AND SPORT WEAR • HANDSOME SIFTS FOR THE HOME GOUVERNEUR CO-OPERATIVE FARM & HOME STORE DISCOUNTS GOOD THRU SATURDAY, DEC. 16 SAVE 91c Criity SPRAY DE - ICER » ... V67 e . 157 VALUE Re • usable- CMtnister 1.29 VALUE SAVE 62c ^r ^^ ^ ^^ FRUIT CAKE 7 67 SAVE 51c Kodak CX -126 FILM 1.40 VALUE 12 EXPOSURES 89 10 ounce box Delicious I SOPHIE MAE PEANUT BRITTLE 39 SAVE 1.81 CHRISTMAS CARDS Horthome • SowMrfitM 2.50 LIST Ant of 50 SAVE 6.07 PROCTOR - SILEX Pastry Toaster Delight the family with toasted pizzas, waffles, French toast, etc This toaster specifically designed for 'Toaster Variety' foods. Chrome with black trim and wood-grain end panel. Model 20627 8 88 14.95 LIST SAVE 45c KENTHOLATUM 2 M. Deep Heating Lotion C 98< VALUE 53 DISCOUNT QUANTITY KKHT? RESBVB OK* IB • 5 P M. mm. TMtU SAT. FUDAY mm 9* P. M. 87 MAM ST.. tOWBMEUt

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