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The Gouverneur tribune-press. (Gouverneur, N.Y.) 1959-1973, August 09, 1972, Image 7

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juse Mr. andKera. I an lnvitadoQ uivea of their bouae in honor ding aimlyar- ug. 13, at the , SoroervWe. all plants on thweatern ex* ire water than be north alia. H gekliii9t at ft* first cofti- \r for Lori, 12 Cherry's Children SbewMlSandtbdnotHveloM enough to have childra of her own. Yet Cfcerryl knrtd other children, all children, and even aa her own hours ebbed away they were in her^toughta. She wanted for other children what was to be denied to her — a chance to live and grow, to love and develop. Cherryl lived with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kenyon ia Chico, California. One day, before she was ill, Cherryl waa deeply moved by what she saw on the teldvison screen — the thin bodies of hungry children, the heads and hollowed eyes that appeared so large on the shrunken bodies. She was moved to start saving money to send te CARE, the international that feeds 24,000,000 each day in SS countriea. Eve* when cancer attacked her young body as malnutrition assailed theirs, Cherryl continued saving that other children might live and grow up with healthy bodies * and alert minds. For moat people blessed with time love can be expressed ia many ways over many years. But for Cherryl all her love had to be poured out quickly, fully, now. Her parents wrote to CARE: 4 'She was so concerned about our lack of sleep in caring for her, and always had a Thank you* or 'I love you' for every little thing that was done for her. \As long as we can remember, Cherryl wanted to send some money to CARE for the needy little children. Our daughter is no longer with us. God took pity oa her and took away her pain. Bless Him. Her last request waa that we be sure to send the money she had saved to CARE. So we are filling our daughter's last request. Please take it and feed the children.\ Thert are countries where more than half the children are malnourished. Some of these, ia very real terms, will be Cherryl's Children - children who will be fed because a young girl waa filled by a world of love. Pertape some readers will want to honor Cherryl and multiply her love by sending a gift of life in her name to the needy chilfean. Five dollars can nourish five children for three whole months; 110 serves lunch to 900 school children. Contributions marked \For Cherryl's Children\ may be sent to CARE, 660 First Avenue, New York, NY 10016, or regkm! offices. Cherryl Lynn Kenyon. Sbe rests in peace. ^ Hermorv-DeKalb Carl Manchester and l4urie Oftkee, Norfolk, were married July 22 in Ogdenaburg. On July 23 a party in their honor waa held at their new home* Attending were Mr. and Mrs* Eugene Gil- bert, Mr* and Mrs. Norbert Whltsford and Scotty, Antwerp. Paul Manchester, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Shattuck and Nancy. The Rev, andMrs.VtntonBow- ering, Diana and Allan, Exeter, KM., arrived July 24 to spend some time with his mother, Mrs. Allan Bowexing. Dawn was un- able to visit her grandmother, . she i s a summer junior counse- lor at Clara Barton camp for diabetic children, Oxford, N # H. Dawn will be a freshman at St, Lawrence University, Canton, this fail. The Hermos DeJCalb Central School census for the ooosftag year will be taken by Alteeoa Bishop, starting tppradBietftiy Aug. 1U Mrs* Wayne Deneaba aad fee- pbanie were July 21 guests of Mr. and Mrs. Walter At the Pedro card party,, fit of Senior Citizen* oo July 26, the ladles high went to Ada Benware, second high—Lucille Guascone, mens high—Ernest Swaraftgure, second high—Di- ana Baxter and door prize— Mildred Preston. There were eight tables In pUy. The next pedro card party will be Aug. \Hie Board of Education of HermoD DeKalb Central School will meet Aug. 10 at 8 jxm. in the elementary library. This is a change from the usual meet. Ing night. July 22 weekend guests of Mr, and Mrs. Claude Mertthew were Mr. and Mrs. John ZahorUa, Cl«v. Mrs. Arthur Turabull spent July 24 to 26 in Hepburn Hoa- jpttai, Ogctensburg* tor surgery. Mr. and Mrs. Maxweii Short, Mister*, were July 24 afternoon callers of Mrs, Ailtc Bowering, Carol ftchofell was a Jury 22 guest of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Ai- gutre. Mrs, Mae Benwy, Gouver- neur, spent the July 22 weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence iRHgbt and family. Lena Smi± tad ArtHssr Mc- ' bitoat attended the Morkty Field Day ctarran barbecue oa July 23. C41\* Perns caiied OB Waiter Wordec oc July 2S. About 12 from this area weot IOO tne GocBzcmnlty Toaar to tbe play ta Pasmyra rue*- , N.Y. 1*. aad Mrs, and family spent Jury 77 |B ad visaed The Stoker went or s da there vt* to© mucfa collateral 9, 1972 NEAR-YOU DISCOUNT- DRUG STORES KMHEY HUM PUKES AT AU \NEAR YOU\ SfORES THRU SAT., AUS. 12... QUANTITY RIGHTS RESER SAVE 4 23 SKITTLE HORSESHOES 14 Horseshoes, Stake Skittle Ball pitching horse- riffat in your living anywhere. 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