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E » - V r EST r ~ EST S r rzsrr* ** • t'r is • • IE S (VRD ONS ISE SERTA . i :!• THJS SUGAR HOUSE was meant to become the family garage but Ray Zira Jr. of the ScoTtti Set- tlement Road, about one mile from Bigttow, talked his parents into letting him use the building as a sugar house. Although the Gouverneur High School student is only 16 this is his fifth year of making syrup, and his first with enough to sell. He gathers the sap after school and boils nights or on l RAY ZIRA borrows his father's tractor to gather the sap so he can begin boiling. From 30 to 40 gallons of sap >s needed for one gallon of syrup. . • MIKE ZIRA, 12, assists hts brother Ray, 16, in the gathering of sap to be boiled and made into maple syrup. Ray has 100 buckets that must be emptied every two days. ... ADJUSTING THE PLUGS in the evaporator. In this particular instance Ray is letting more sap rvn into the back pan. . , , . . Bigelow youth operates own maple syrup business TEMPERATURE control is very important in the boiling process. Her£ Ray checks the thermometer through the steam. THE FiNAL STEP IS PACKAGING the product. The syrup is put through the filter tank at a tern perature of 190 degrees which provides an automatic seal. ' A 16-year-old high school student. Ray Zira Jr. of Bigejow. is probably the county's and one of the state's — youngest maple-syrup producer. Although his business is on a small scale, this enterprising young man has built it up over the past five years. His first attempt at making syrup was five years ago when the family lived in Connecticut. The ll- y ear-old youth learned about the business from a neighbor who had 4000 trees tapped Ray decided he wanted to make syrup so he \stuck\ spouts in three red maple trees. For boiling be used a five- gallon pot on an outdoor fireplace. His total har- vest was one baby-food jar full of syrup The next year he expanded. A neighbor gave him buckets and spouts and his evaporator was a drier tub used over the same outdoor fireplace When the family, consisting of Mr and Mrs Ray Zira, Sr and two younger brothers, moved to their present home on the Scotch Settlement Road near Bigelow. Ray was still interested in syrup making In his third year of boiling Ray used a 4 x 4- evaporator pan propped on cinder blocks He produced enough syrup for the family but the pan was so badly scorched that it was no longer usable This incident only servedto spur the youth on Last year, what was meant to be the family garage, became Rays sugar house A 3 x 6-foot evaporator, rebuilt from parts donated by neigh- bors and friends, together with parts purchased at auction,,was set up and Ray was in business for himself - fc . . This year Ray has a hundred buckets, also all donated by persons interested in the boy's business venture These people include Mrs. Leona Clark. Bill Reynolds, and Clarence Me Adam He tapped the last of February \because I couldn't wait to get started.\ To date he has processed 25 gallons of syrup. He gathers the sap after school and does his boiling either at night or on the weekends. His younger brother. Mike, assists with the gathering. Mike likes the syrup but isn't as in- terested as Ray in making it. . Ray has received help from his grandfather. Frank Zira of Rockville. Conn . and from his school-bus driver. Bob Pratt Mr Zira helped financially by sending money to purchase wood for the evaporator. Mr Pratt donated wood, and Mrs. Leona Clark. Bill Reynolds and Clarence McAdam . gave the boy materials for his sugar house, without which as he said \I wouldn t have a business \ * He is presently experimenting with the making of sugar add plans to make this a part of his sales next year An ironit twist to this |oung business man's story is the fact that Ray is a diabetic and cannot enjoy his product GOUVERNEUR TRIBUNE-PRESS Northern New York's Greatest Weekly VOL. 85 NO. 32 — GOUVERNEUR, N. Y. \WEDNESDAY APRIL 12, 1972 18 PAGES. 2 SECTIONS — Fifteen Cenu Unclaimed pictures at TP • Several pictures with no identification have been unearthed in the process of rearranging the filing system in the news office. Some of these pictures are very old. and some are more recent, in frames. There are also a few books, including a ledger. Dean- onians and a scrapbook. If the owners of these pic- tures and books would stop by the Tribune office (upstairs) thev mav be reclaimed. Anti-shoplifting workshop in Methodist Church tonight Scouts plan KAB Day scoutHandbook Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts in the Gouverneur area will be working together April 29 on a joint project to Keep America Beautiful KAB day is being sponsored on the National level by the Girl Scouts of America Plans for the project in this area are being made by Cadette Troop 253 under the leadership of Mrs J H Phillips. Miss Nancy Blood and Miss Diane Kelsey Committees Named , Serving on the Organizational Committee are Cathy Cavallaro. chairman. Elizabeth Stevenson. Kim Watters Sheila Todd , Chest X-rav available here next Tuesdav m The TB-RD Association of the y Area Inc is conducting ,a Chest XRay Survey the week of 'Monday April n through Fnday. April 2T\~ircoTdIhg to Herbert C Harwood. president The survey is sponsored b> the Seaway area m co-operation with the New York State Department of Health and the Health Departments of the Schools Colleges and Lndustnet which have requested this terviee There is a nominal charge of S2 00 per x-ny The mobile unit will be ir Gouveroaur at the fcngr. school from! 30pm to4pm Tuesday. April It Employers are providing thjf \fringe benefit' aad :t a hoped chat all school cotiege and ir>- idustria! personnel w:ll take advantage of thtt opportunity to Ihave a qux£ tad ear. be*,tfc check -up' . Mr Hanrood &a>d s. ftfc anaora Publicity Committee. Julie Ellison and Kathy Phelps Refreshments Jodi Gonyeau. Brenda Griffin Stephanie Phillips and Lisa Burke Purchasing Committee. Ann Brodnck and Maria Hamilton Tree Committee. Alice Kapfer and Sherr> Dal ton Area Designation for Work Committee Gouverneur area Christine Marsh Amy Burke. Christine Hendncks Bahnat - Fowler area Emmy Grout Eilie Jo Besaw Margy Grout Debbie MacTurk Kath> Bartell and Kathy Baker iEquipment Committee Mariiy Leonard Beveriy Drake and Tamrr.N McQueen Or Saturda> Apr:: 29 litter will be picked up more litter barrels vnij be painted and placed in need\ pjaces around the village cemetenes w-11 be raKed as we*i as lawns of eiderN people who are unable to do their lawns Safe Driving Class Saturday #• Three hours of classroom training .n safe dnving practice* is required a? a prerequisite for ob'aining a dr;ver 5 iicerse Proof of compiled training T.JS: be preservtad when scheduling a road *es* appointment The next Three Hour Saie Driving Practices Class mil c* g:ver/ at the Gouverr>eur JufDor ffigfc School an Saturday AprJ 15 sn Room XTT from 9 a jn ante 17 oooc TV fee » f;ve d6u*r% and certificates at cacipiet KT. ,m-J} t* issued it the CXOCSUSKC of tbe three hoars of instruct**. enter through tbe Jur.>ar School par1r.ag jot mated or. Roc* Island Street Trees Available The Tree Committee has an- nounced that 200 six to eight inch Scotch Pine trees have been received from the New York State Department of Con- servation Anyone wishing to have a tree planted on their lawn or on the lawn of their place of business please call Alice Kapfer at 287-2174 or Sherry Dalton at 287-2899 The committee asks that a green suck or facsimile be placed where the tree is to be planted wire or screening should also be available to place around • the tree ;or protection Richard Foster will be issuing instructions *o the Scouts on the procedure for piaming young trees Children urged to register for boating course Keg:strat,or. for the Ne* York State Young Boatman s Course w:ii &e r>eid Monda> Apr.4 :\ at the s-emor r..&. school cafetena Ch:>dreR be*»^ew the ages of 10 and It are ehg.!»e • Bays and g\r\% r. this age group Tr.ust complete tr*i§ course :o 'operate a powerix** ak»ne or Ne» York State »ater»ays Upcr. sausfactor* carr.p»et^or of th:s course each >ovir.gs:er is a certifKate tc operate or rier SCA: &afe a-c-*: s Rally Saturday Competition for first, second and third place awards in each event and over-all first, second and third place awards will -be held Saturday at 2 p m when Oswegaichie District Boy Scouts of Americas Handbook Rally gets underway at Gouverneur High School auditorium The • public is cordially invited District Commissioner A X (Red Marchione general chairman announced inviiations have been extended to the following Boy Scout units Troop 20 Haiiesboro Troop 25 Ed- uards Troop 29 Newton Falls Troop 36 Cranberry Lake Troop 37 Star Lake Troop 42 Rjsseli. Troop 59 R->ch\iile and Troops 21 22 75 and 90 Gouverneur Members of Explorer Posts 2: Gouverneur 9\ Edwards and 92 Star Lake have oeer. .r.^ .ted :o ass:st r.embers of the rally committee. Mr Marchione an- nounced vCoirpe'irig units are jrged to arrive at the school> i 3( p r. to permit the raiiy tc &eg:n promptly at 2 pm ' Mr Mar- ch; one $A>6 Refresr.mer/s w-.:i ^e a% a:lat> in :he scnoo: cafeter.a ihrcugr. the courtes< of Mrs Lace> Jones and members of Senior Gir\. Scout TrMp-a: . Tr* ralh wZ\ feature cor.- ipet.tjor. -J-. nanc boo* &«.-is x- Ciodr*g knot tying s^rar.ng compass relav r.ap syr.t-o. 're*a> first a>d undress rt,ay land WXATHER H L M«» Parer>i< are arg^d % x 'this ref:<trai>oc ?-&.: ic §,.rps for thej- ch^Crer. Fr^ay 2* S*r^riay .... 3. S.nda> 4. 41 ? A State Commerce Department anti-shoplifting workshop, in cooperation with the 4-H councils of St Lawrence and Jefferson Counties, is scheduled for tonight, • Wednesday, in the United Methodist Church. • The session beginning at 8 p.m. is conducted by Mark Thompson, president of the St. Lawrence County 4-H Council. Introductory remarks con- cerning the seriousness of shoplifting and its impact on the State's economy will be given by- Evelyn King, senior business consultant of the State Com- merce Department's Bureau of Industrial. Service and Corporate Development Applications available for camp sponsors Lake Cott>> Environmental Education Camp will be open this summer to young campers in- terested in participating in this excellent out-of-door experience according to John E Wilson Reg:onal Director Department of Environmental Conservation Water!own . __ This summer program is for both girls and boys t>et-*eer. the ages of 11 and 12 years Ap- plicants must 5e sponsored 5y a responsible orgar.:zat:or. sjch as IF.sh and Garr.e Ciuos Serv.ce Ciubs League of Women Voters \i-H Cubs (tra terrai organizations Parer.ts-Teacfiers Association sncwmoDie groups etc An> crgar..za*.or rr.a> sponsor :»o campers per .*eek at a :>e of $45 pe: nd.v.c^a' Ar. inform at; or jea:>* 3rd application form :s a*a..**£.* at itr.e Departmer.: • of Err- v i r: r. rr. e r. t a. C or. s e r •. a *. o r. Reg.^na. Office V* PSOCXK St or Box &4 LeR.a> Srreet P.-e 3\ Warertowr. N Y Spor.sor-.r.g ergs r. \ih t. jr. s iho-;d crioose app.:car.ts tor tr.e:r irtere*t ir. ir>e *fwt-o:'-6:ors arc the.r eagerT'ess to part:c:pate .r. a program oc\ this r.rr^r* A.ter-a*e apo.'Canis shouid ^e se.-ectec r. c«s-e ir>e :ir%: a pp.; cart car.*:t attend App'.xarts seiecte-d >r a f:rs: corr.e-f!r«: ser.-e ^<:« Mr *M*or: ^La tec tr.i' az p..cat.cris -*-•.!; ^e a:rend Apr.. F-'T rrjrt .rJ Following showing of a motion picture dealing with various aspects of the shoplifting problem, members of the two 4-H councils will hear Gordon Mc- Pherson. president of the Gouverneur Chamber of Com- merce and Preston Carlisle. St Lawrence County Assistant District Attorney. . Mr. McPherson will discuss shoplifting from the merchant's point of view, and Mr. Carlisle will review the legal rights of both merchants and shoplifting suspects A question and answer period will follow The 4-H members making up the councils are ages 15 through 18 They meet monthly to discuss topics of community interest and to strengthen leadership within their own 4-H clubs For this session, the Jefferson County 4-H Council will be the guest of the St Lawrence County group Three courses added to BOCES curriculum $» m mons At Monday e\^r,lnc^s meeting of the Board of Education members heard Daniel C Murphy•s^report^fh the annual &OCES meeting held in Canton The meeting was neld April 3. at which time the past present and future of the BOCES program were reviewed Three new courses have beer\ added to the curriculum and three courses have Deer, expanded The St Lawrence Cour.'v BOCES program is expected to include I2 f /.' students and IOOO adults next year Tr.e res.gr.a*:or. of Board member Curt.s G Err.p.e *as accepted arc Ciirtor. W Gates Cour.tr> Ciut: hoad HaJesc>crcr **as named to i... tr.e jr.exp;red term of Mr Err.p.e Ir. other ihjs.r.es? board jrerr.berf d:>cu>sec tr.e rr.ajor repa.r pro^err; o; tr.e riot «*ater i-a-.K> at ?*-.e Ser.;or 'r\.& Scbooi *r.d *ne East S.de Eler.er.tar> Scr.oo! Tr.^ comm.ttee repr-ted T.ta* tr-e -.ar.K> are :r. r^ad r^ya.r and sr»ojid r>e repiaced as -oor a* prvs:C*-e The pr-^.err. *-.:! r^e ire^e^ec ar.s a >oJu::or. iec-dec \jpc,r. at a ,a*er sa*e Contracts ^ere apprv-e: arc 1 2-><hrZ~± to tr.e icowng tor • rasr. rerr. :* a. M-<ier' r.^r: sr. JX >:- -o; cat'eter a a*: sr *p Ju-.z: H.gr Scr :>:•'. Ea?t S i e E>r\.er.tar> Sc.vo\ ;-:.j-.r.« *-.e t^s ia-age &r.i tr.e *est >..:* E.e*r.*r.tar.. S<\.:*c. a* SI •\•* :^r tr.e '>ea* Larr;- F *~ m tt^r. F \•» *er ? err *r.t ar. >c r.-v-\. tr \*^ t.r.es per *«-e* at $-• >?r p r.z a*- Kc* • >** E.err.er.tar- N:>:O. *^* t.rr.e* pe* -ee* s' S. : >e* \r.& Jor.r. S.'.ts E-a.se C:r-.fr* Klemeniar. School, two times per week at S3 per trip snow removal contracts were also awarded to Richard E Seaman Senior High School. Junior High School East Side Etec.entar> School, including the bus garage West S.de Elementary School, and Fowler Elementary School at Si] per hour as needed. Edwin L Perngo RicriVilie Eiementary Schooi f'.O per nour as needed Tr.e Doarc accepted tr.e resignations of Norma Rossoff. elemental 'ftjchville Sneiiar. Murpr.> speech therapist and Mrs Faith *Pas::zzo teacher aide effective at tne enc ot tr.e year Reque?*s for materr~:\ ieave uere granted to Mrs Virgin,a Pdjrr.a:.er e.emer.:ar> East S;c3e a-nd Mrs Jar.ce' Peters eierr.er.tar> <Eas* S:de Mrs V;rg:r.:a 0 Hearr and E'.iis Dent on A ere approved as sub- stitute t-»s driers Stephen A,,er. eierr.er.tar> ar. 3 Mrs Lucr.cs Aiier. e>err.erjtar> uere appointed a\s teacr.ers Mrs Ka'.r.er.-e BiscKSurr. *as dp- pc nted a ?ui; time ^s ar.ver The t>%ard regretful accepted tr.e ret.reme-r.t of Clarence r. Fjijer z*s ir.ver effective Apr.. at Mr VanSant pra:se<3 Mr F^Aer for r.s years of exceijer.t Tre expar.s:or of tre dr.-.-e: tf.K-&s^= rur-her :> s.e B.oar: ui cashes z*.74 fc e.i a*ter sc.%>:,. Rescue Squad to distribute cards locally - In its continuing effort to raise funds to meet operating costs and to b\i\ r new equipment, the Gouverneur Rescue Squad will conduct its bi-annual coin card drive this spring • The squad is planning to purchase a new ambulance This will be equipped for long tranfers and car accidents, and will serve as a command post during searches Money collected through the coin cards will be used for this purpose, as well as JJor other needed equipment. . A breakdown of the 128 calls answered by the squad is as -follows Gouverneur 96 Fowler. 15. DeKalb. 5 Oxbow 7; Macomb 3. Edwards l and Russeil. 1 Transfers. 29— Watertown 20; Carthage i. Syracuse 2; Ogdensburg 6 Car accidents. 5: snowmobile accidents, 2 St Joe 5. and In* ternauonal Talc. 1 Auxiliary plans membership drive ^Comm.ttee chairman and board rr.err.rjers made reports concerning :he auxiliary projf c > and activities ai ihe April Board meeting of tbe E J Noble Hosp;ta. Aux:i;ary President Nor. Grout presided ^ Tr.e re**A ;ormed Action Cor-, rr. :ttee stresses .that auxiliary members go out in;o tr.e comrrjr;:> Th.s corr.-r^ttee u-;\ij be vTK.Tig or. ne* methods of keeping me public informed about hosp:tai Jeg:sJatior >.t.ai functions and aaxiliarv Chairman of tue dar.-ce com the \Arts Bail\ 1 to be ?)»*£ Ma> fttr. at tr>e Gouvemeur E^ks Out) Th;e Cross C-our.tn B^Bt »-i provibe ir.e music and tivere ».J be a m.dr?igrit buffet V oi ur. t e^rs ir#c i joirs senior c:ti2er.s are *ont.r^ ?AT£ a 1 the 'K.rj-.e> Nj,rs.r«g Horr.e L*\ har. iGu:;es s'-atec *Jva*. %-oiurjteers are A corr.r-..: A ~r*~7.z w.2 t»e Tr*er* s sor-.-e »«> jr. e-»-er>-3r» ir tr* corr. car rwip x V-rr.e 'ut\ u

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