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Variety talent show Saturday, Jan. 22nd The annual Variety Talent show sponsored by the Gtouverneur Luncheon Club will be launched this Saturday, January 22nd, at 8 p.m. sharp. The Gouverneur High School auditorium will be alive with music .,. . instrumental . . . vocal . . . rock . . . classical and a variety of dramatic presentations, - .• • - , *•„. ' - - * Cxrme nnd M local talent in action along with a go,od ^ selection of advertisements drawn by local high school artists, ; . - , v •* - t . The booklets containing the 'art -work and a listing of the performers are available-at your favorite grocery store this week. Be sure and pick up a copy! . Tickets are on sale from any Luncheon Club member md will be available at the door on Saturday evening. \ '2,600 set , in HeartxFufid drive -• v /. * •i-y .The Gouvernetir Hea Association has set a goal of 12,600 fo be used'in the fight against heart and blood vessel diseases which annually are responsible for more than 54 per s cent of the deaths in this country, according to Stephen R Hay den, Heart Fund Campaign chairman. \These diseases claim more than a million lives, striking men and w6men of all ages/' said Hayden. \Heart attack, alone, kills more than 674,000 persons a year. ' . o • / \Current statistics also reveal that one out of eight Americans suffers from some form of heart and blood vessel disease,\ the chairman added. However, since ld50 Jthere has been a .decline of approximately 18 per cent in the • ••• / -. • death rate from heart and blood vessel diseases for persons below ihXage of 65 . ' *»' D eVpi te remarkable achievements in combating this number oneN^ealth problem,\ Hayden said, \greater efforts are essential to reduce o^e death and illness which result rNun heart 'and blood vessel dii \The Heart Fund Campari will be conducted throughout February,\ Hayden said, \and will reach its highpoint on Heart Sunday, February 20, when two- million volunteers throughout the nation will visit friends* and neighbors to distribute heart saving information, and collect funds to support--the fteart • Association's yital work.\ / / HEART FUND CAMPAIGN for 1972 is getting underway unter the chairmanship of Stephen R. Hayden. A meeting was held Jan. 17 in the community room, Bank of Gouverneur. Seated left to right art Mrs. Ruth DesnoyerS/ chairman of genera I busintis solicitation; Mr. Hayden, and Mrs. Ellen Winters, schools; standing from the left &j£ Mrs. Judy Peck/ hospital; Mrs. Marten Dtn*£ia, county coordinator of the Heart Fund; Mrs. Clarence Poor, Mr. Poor, past county coordinator, and Mrs. Judy Carson, house-to-house canvass. Absent when the picture was taken were Mrs. Arthur Head, memorial gifts; William Martin, rural house-to-house; Joseph Netto, clubs, organizations and big business; Leo Hughto, special events, and -John Burke, publicity. Class of 1962 lans reunion ^bers of the Class of 1962.. of 'Gouverheur High School plan an organizational meeting Sunday, Jan. 23 at 7 pNo. at the Clearview ^Restaurant. All class membeVeare urged to , attend to help formula<e plans for the tenth reunion of thesclass. Brooklyn priest to speak at Auxiliary meeting - Mothers' March Jan. 27 Three more couples have been added to those seeking king and queen crowns at Gouverneur's First Annual Winter Carnival in February 1 Ralph is a member of the Baptist Church Besides snowmobiling. Ralph interests include hunting .fishing The Gouverneur March of Dunes committee is finalizing plans for the Mothers' March against birth defects to be held in Gouverneur on Thursday, January 27th. Mrs. Jean Leeson and Mrs. Thelma Pernice, coordinators of the March of Dimes activities in the Gouverneur area, have an- nounced that Mrs. Leo Hughto and Mrs. Martin Sadler, march chairmen, are jorganizing the campaign to solicit monies with which to aid the March of Dimes in its fight against crippling birth defects. / Those aiding the campaign include: Mrs. Don Corapo and Mrs. Paul Wells, rural co- chairmen; Donald Fredenburg, treasurer; Mrs. John Scozzafava, business chairman; Mrs. Larry Todd andjvirs.Mike Sube, school chairmen ;\Mrs. Sue Wollman, Richville chairman and Mrs. Howard Kirty. Hailesboro chairman. Serving as district captains in Gouverneur will be Mrs. Clifford Tibbits Jr , Mrs. Leonard Gaumes, Mrs. JohnJacozzafava. JMrs. Mike Sube. Mrs. Marion * . /'Hopper. Mrs. Meryl Appleby, £\£ Mrs Arthur Tibbits, Mrs. afla kichard Scranton, Mrs Roger Dodds, Mrs. Glen Bowman, Mrs. Ella Smith, Mrs. Larry Whitton and Mrs. Brian Taylor. Mrs. Leeson and Mrs. Pernice reminded workers that there will be a very important meeting for all march captains on Thursday evening, January 20th at 7:30 in the Community Room of the Bank of Gouverneur They also wish to remind rural and business donors that they piay return their mailers with any contributions to Mr. Donald Fredenburg in care of the First National Bank in Gouverneur. Residents are asked to leave their porchlights on during the evening of January 27th to demonstrate that they are willing to contribute toward the March of Dimes and its campaign against crippling birth defects. The Proceeds from the Mothers' March on January 27th will be combined with the $630 gained from the successful Bread Sale held earlier and will aid in financing research into the cause and cure of birth defects which cripple so many young children each year. Senator Barclay to speak at School Boards meeting Gouveraeur Lodge, 217, Free Donna Ueldon. the former itnd Accepted Masons, is spon- Donna )Vhite is employed by soring Robert Siver and Terry International Talc Company and . p| ., Cochrane; the Stormers is a member of-the First mOVIfig t0 HOflOS Snowmobile Club, Inc., is Methodist Church, the Edward J sponsoring Mr. and Mrs Ralph Noble Ho&piUl Auxiliary and the Weldon and Bishop Navagh .Stormers Snowmobile Clut^ Council, $B10, Knights of She enjoys sBowmobilmg* with Columbus. Gouverneur, as her husband knitting, and be*ng sponsoring Ann Kapfcr and a busy mother Steven O'Shaughnessy. <* + ¥ * \ Other candidates previously announced include Mr and Mrs Bishop Nsvagh Council S810 of' A** Charles Hyde, Elks Club. Mr. the frights o/ Columbus, and Mrs George Ramsey. Gouverneur have nominated Luncheon Club; Mr and Mrs itheir candidates for king and P 0 ** 1 * 3 M * e ^^^ T^ * Gouven>eur-. Winter Johp r ^ ^ Commerce. Mr. and Mrs Josepo Camiva; Weekes. Rotary- Club, and Dr Seeking the queer s throne is land Mi* George Hanlon, VFW Ann Kapfer daughter of Mr And Mrs Ksrokd F ••Tony\ 1 Kapfer. ?C Barries Street Gouverneur Candidate for lung is Steven Mrs Jean D Blair iRjchville of the since April 5. 1967 has resigned her position effective Jar. 26 Mrs ,Blair wife of Uoyd J Blair became employed at the Tribune Press as a member of staff m >964 Following the resignation of Mrs Phyllis Tremlett. news editor oc Oct 15. 1965 Mrs Blair was named Poat, The Stormers Snowmobile ^•^^^SS^iro\? O-ShambB«y. soc of Mr Mrs lUlpb'Wato RTD 3. j^ J&rr)ei o^Shaughnessv » Qub s CAD * Rock Island S-rt* Gouverr>ear Both cand>da xm are IT yean of age an<2 seniors * Gowemeur SchooJ, whert they art both serve m fchooi actjvjt»e* Mm Kapfer Jpor frtduibor. pi*-* or. pursuing courses ha»tcapped - •0'Shaufi&oesry piam on on der\-a*.:ig a career IT law er.- Road at for ^>e Winter Kin$ and Qweee lor.'t^: —- Tr.^ Weido-BS Gocverneur njrrvt are boch gr&duates at Gam err>eur rfcgr School Baipfc tc :fK3 ar>d Dorma in 1*65 Lea s tt- managing editor She became acting editor on* Jan 19 196\ wher. Mr Jones resigned to become editor of the Sir Bui Patriot in Johnstown She became editor of the Tribune Prem oo Apr;] 5 19T Mrs Blair is a 1934 graduate af Gotrvemeur Ki&. School and a 39i6 graduate of Watertowr. Schoef of Commerce St* had beer. empioye«d previou&iy at Ba^hmore Paper Compar.y. N'atural Darr. Gouverr.ej-r Ho»er> M-ius. J C Per-rey Cornpanf ard W 7 Grar:t Company, boifc c£ Gajverarjr ar»d for a srior. t^rr.e ty IT tt 7k.z Corr. par.y. In a -short meeting Monday night the Gouverneur Board of Education resolved to borrow the necessary funds upon approval of the Comptroller to meet the expenses^ the operation of the Gouverneur Central Schools during the period of the state roll- over, January to April The Health unit plans ~ workshop Jan. 22nd A county wide planning work- • shop for the total membership of the St. Lawrence County Health Planning Councu. Inc and others connected with health services m St Lawrence County has been announced for 9 30 am. Saturday Jar, 22 by Chairman Judge j'George Foiiett It will be held in the S: Lawrence University Noble Center F.reside Lounge Accord:Rg to Judge FoUett the workshop is designed ro update members at the Council and other? on the current status of health care services & the County followed by deliberations vr.ch will lead to setting \\priorities or. health care needs .arid initiating planning to meet them -The morning genera! in formauor. sess:or. *-.;>. feature ipresentations By repre^er.ut;ve5 cpf var.ous areas of r»eaith set vice? Community health w^l De •discussed by Dr R.D6er Barorr. Reg.ona! H^a.th Officer -Syracuse Dr Majr.-ce E.-^*- ;pres>der:t St La*-~er>ce County Me<tca. Sooety w Jj preser.t the ictarus of pr.y-Dcar. rr.ar.pcw-?r .amount to*be borrowed is not to exceed $352,000 • A resolution, re-defining the bargaining unit of the Gouver- neur Teachers Association ex- cluding the administrative staff \members was approved Cecil Steele. board member. reported on the recent New York State School Boards workshop in Syracuse Mr Steele said some changes can be expected in salary schedules and added that it was pointed put that \it is time to take a realistic view of salary' schedules\. He noted that it was suggested that salaries should be taa&ed on performance and men* - Several members o( the Board are expected to attend the St Lawrence County Schdbi Boards dinner Jan 21 at the Hermon- DeKalt Central Schooi.. Senator H Douglas Barclay w-J be the jguest Speaker The Amerxan Association of 'School Administrators w:ii nold a cor vent IOC Fefc . 12 to i? «-. Atlantic City N j an<^ some members of the Board plan to attend The res.gr.at:on of Clarence Young custodian at Baim'ai ^as accepted Mr Young has oeen ifippc.nted as rr.ahr.tenance :rr*echar.ic at Cambrav Cour\ in Gotjv erryeur . \ ' Ap^r.ntments of \1J& Kar\r 'Ir.'.e.d as secretary ^n bus .ness off.ee e->d PaJ as custodian at Baimat d M:ss lafieid *~^> JsateV.e Jrr.es «hc re:e-t-ry and Mr \fr Youn^ r e * as granted :?s a teacSer -.'.i\ S»:n->:.'. rep.ace g M: r^. Reverend Monsignor James H. Fjtzpatrick, 49, Director of Government Relations for the Hospital Association of New York State will speak at the E. J. Noble Hospital Auxiliary annual meeting-January 26, 1972 at the Gouverneur Elks Club. Monsignor Fitzpatrick, a lyn native, was Associate DireWpr. Division of Health, CathoI^Tharities in the Diocese of Brookr^n for 17 years, until 1967 when-he^came Director of Catholic Chanties until January 1969. Since therK^he has been Director of ^^ delations of theN^iospital Association of New York State and on a subcommittee ^ National Center for HeaXih Services Research an! Development. He is also on the Hospital Review and Planning Council, an important committee for New York State. - • Monsignor Fitzpatrick was ordained in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn in 1948 following graduation from the Cathedral College Preparatory Seminary and Immaculate Conception Seminary. He was Associate Pastor of Fourteen Domestic workers to come under state - minimum wage law . Effective January 15. approx- imately 120.000 domestic workers wrtt—<rome under New York \*Stat£ s Minimum Wage Law, Industrial Commissioner Louis L Levine said today The State's hourly minimum wage is $1 85 Governor Rockefeller.signed a .1971 Siate Legislature biil into la* last Juiy i extending m;n.mum wage—coverage to domestics Indus*)?, of these ' workers brings to approximately •4 89v 000 employees who are benefiting from the States Minimum Wage La* Exciuded froir. coverage are p^rt-:;rr.e D*ty sitters and persons **hc live in the home of an err.p:over tor the purpo&^-of ,serving as a companion to a sick convalescing or elderly person. ar>d whose principal duties do not incijde housekeeping Corr.rr^ss.OjT>er Lev t ne pc.nted out that r>at> sitters work.-»g for ^err.p: rary r>eip agenoes are not \eicert/pt because their work *s not performed »r, the home of the employer <*So m this case is the temporary neip ager*cy Or. the •other r^n< l>e said par.-time baty s;tters referred by aD enrp;oyir.ert agency would be exerr.pt i>e<:sj$* they are em d ty tr* r*ojser»o»6er ir. James H. Fiti pa trick Holy MV^yrs for before becoming Director and Charities. two years Associate of Catholic Monsignor Fitzp&tock was a trustee of the American Hospital Association from 1965 s *) 1968. chairman of the Council Term Care from 1963 to 1965 Aid is currently on the Council Legislation. He has-been a Trustee and President of the Catholic Hospital Association and the Greater New York Hospital He was a trustee of the Hospital Association of New York State prior to becoming Director of . Government Relations. Monsignor has also been a director of the Hospital Council of Southern New York and a director of the Associated Hospital Service of New York Besides the Health Services Demonstration Grants Review Committee of the National Center for Health Services Research and Development, Monsignor Fitz- patrick is a member of the Health Insurance Benefits Advisory Council of the Social Security Administration. Monsignor Fitzpatrick's broth- er, Gerald E. Fitzpatrick, is law partner of Goetz and Fitzpatrick in New York City. Reservations for the 7 p.m dinner meeting may be made with Mrs. George Hanlon, 287- 1262 or Mrs. Charles 2926 by January 24 A WEATHER L Motet. Tuesday Wednesday . Thursday ... lay Sal -12 .06 tc d^rr.est.cs w... coer as .rr.a.cis a* £.s.$: V: T*rra-;e Zzr. S.ie r.->: - a te m \ of these young, pec-ple partsciptted c bocfc etne GiFT FOR TME &» St Joe at tft«r home or. t^e Rxt.vuie arx? w-.S r±cvt to Fionda x the ar>c reu rz& :. or >j-rjss.-or -**; fen — CA.VDfD.%7ES r.-orator s-:^ 4ea.es r. s *r effect - WORKSHOP — r^r* *-r? YJ^-tyrr.er ar.-d r 7r.z>.:;*Z * *-T* b:r p.: y er R^f .5 t«rec r. j WORKERS — P*** # a by

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