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Half of Kinney's Business Come from Farmers It is generally agreed tha't Gou- verneur is dependent tyxm dairy- men and their families for much of its vigor as a business center atvd fts economic well being. Many businesses are almost wholly dependent upon dairying the farm supply stores, etc This . is obvious, but it is suipnsuig to note that farmers ami their Famil- ies represent about half the sale> of stores like B.O. Kmney. lric . Friday is generally considered \fanner's day in -town and Kin- ney's two modern drug stores in Gouverneur find' farm trade es- pecially heav>-at thks time. Farm ifotks enjoy coming to town to shop, attend the movies and. j*»r- ' nape, do a little \i^iting at Jones' Farm Supply ,an$ some ol the other stores. * Although store names and per- sonnel have changed with the 'passing of the >t-ai\ and 'farm- er's day** .is now Friday\ rather than Saturday, farmers have en- joyed Gouverneur as their trading center for more than 150 >eai> Kinney's hits seived trw> indus- trious, enterprising group for moiv than 56 years lrom its 'J9 Main •street location/ During this lon^ tenure, the founder and dean of 'Gouverneur merchants. B.O. Kin- ney. has personally attended lo •larm folks drugs and sundry needs. He still performs this ser- vice six days a weVk. More than l.t>00 customers visit- ed the y a nous departments of Kinne>'s headquarters More .la>t Friday a tvpical \farmers day\ in many respects. • J Many of them, like the \Sprague- N ille couple that visited the store about noon, purchased One Cent Sale merchand.se A dairyman from Fine stopped in abouf mid- day to ha\o a prescription filled Ho also bought rubbing alchohol and CarbolaUHi Petrolatum foi \veterinary use • . . -=- Still other\ farms vrsited the ci- gar counter for* tobacco and the latest newspaper. One of the fav- orite departments with farm fam- ilies* is Kinnev's candy .section here chocolate bars and Russell >ver and Fanny Farmer boxed carfdies are popular 'The fountain is open from S n.n\ until 9 p.m. daily, and fami famil- jps frequent it lor lunches and toi J Bmvynvlie coffee and soda \breaks\.' through out the day- and evening. Farm THE TRfBUNEPRESS S©«. £A, Oouverneur, N.Y. Thursday, Oi tober 23, 1959 Edwards Champion Of Soccer League Pl BILL <;RIFFTTH, Klmdale dairyman, look*-over a 85 mm. automatic camera at Kinne> '% Friday. Bill «to|»|>tHl to ]H< k up pictures of his children from Dick f*op|>le. left, at Kinnt»y's* photo finishing department. , . , . . - James I. Merritt, 76 Succumbs October 23rd Funeral services lor James I. Merritt. 76. of 19 Trinity avenue were hcU4 Monday at 2 pm at the Burr and Green funeral home with ihe Rex. Frank Brown, retire'd Methodist Burial Antwerp 4-H Clubs Elect New Officers; Receive Awards at Achievement Night , : By MRS. TKl MAN Antwerp Mr. and Mrs Wallace Stone ot Gouverneur and Miss Stella Hicks of Watertown were hist Tuesc!a\ guests ol Mr. and .iK on the home field Thursday aftern&on, Hal Gillette's Kdwards B<x)ters took the meas- ure of Norm Whvtes Colton com- bine by * 6 to 0 M'otc. This win KiiM' the .Kdwards team the cham- pionship of the Oswvgatchie Val- le\ Scx'cer ^J.ea^ue „ x Kdwards scored on its first shot of the %'dTThr t'ruburu punched one through from his left winjf posi- tion At half time the score was still 2-U. Midway in the third per- j Iod Dusharm scored on H Jong j shot to make the score 4-0 I'ru- I bui u added the tinal tall> for the | Kduards Hooters earlv\ m -the! Vourfh JHM ILK! . , ., Kdwards defense was superb in r shutting out the Oil ton Boojers This wa$ the third shut out o! the season for Hall, the Edwards goalie. _ \ - m Kdwards jinished its season with a 3 won. 1 loss, and 2 tie record. U T I I b. O»n; ml «t T t'nantv -,! u.n^ |iq L »,, nd«'i the Am»h« * h-»ie: Main Ri»»it H K I> f s» Uwitmt 1 . N Num- arxi rttk,t> We- Aiii- . fur Dated Hi i«n.v» , L«iPir:rt> Antwerp N numsler.% officiating, j Mrs Andrew Woodward. Mrs Wit.* made in Haile>bero H bis home at *?:<chjxvn Mr Merritt died at 11pm IH-tobor : ill for a *horf time. - . » Mr. Mriritt is survived by his wile. Mis i^rota Liscum Merritt; ii\e sons. Irvin. Lntle B<.AV, Nor- mnrv llai'estx)! o. Rev Walter Mer- ritt. llarn>\ ille. Witliam. Toronto. Ont . and Harvey, Pennellville: six damjMtei-s. Miss Mai ion Mer- nM. \\ tteitovvn .Mrs Leslie «Helen* Karl. Leeshurj:., Kla-. Mrs. Karl «Kathleen' H^IJXT and Mrs B> ron i Nellie > S.mders. both of Mls> Irene MerriTt, and Mrs. H K. Rome; Msters. Mrs. . 1-jllian . -H housewives and daughters I Brounvtlle. and Miss Harriet n are among trie best customers ot ! nrt - ..Kinney's Jarge cosmetic depart- j and ment which served about 160 p»r- ^ ^ sons last Friday Many rely or Harry Farden's watch repair ser- vices, too \ fc As we draw closer to Christmas\ farm folks will buy and lay-awav •bout half the toys and Christinas C&rts sold from Kinney's big •tocks * . Kinnpy\s and all ot Her Gouver- , neur businteses. are fortunate tjiat many farm families look upon our community a> tiieir fiust choice as a shopping center. C'haumont; 3(1 grandchildren 17 gre^t'grandchiWren was. horn A|>nl 6. 1SK^. ' at Pitra-irn. son of John W. and Elvi- Grinnup Merru. He attended iteajjn schWiIs Mr. M«rnH mar- ied Mis> M<ii lha Muna\ o[ Bello- Stone and Mrs Hicks are sis- ters of Mrs WocPdward. The Modern Mres 4-H club met at the home of Mrs. James Whit- | more. WVdnesdav evening. C>cto- lbi>r 'J\. Flection of officers; were l held as* follows: Miss Katie Whit- jmore. president: Janet Payne. \ ice- | president:-1-onetta SvCartout. soc- Leona Kirkb>. treasurer; Kamtz and Sally NJcGill. sons and recreation leaders and Janet FullinnJon. news reporter. Thr next regular meeting will be held at Mrs James Whitmores Ni»\emb*T 4, at 8 p.m. The leader is Mirs James AVhit- ahd assistant, leader, Mrt. d Kirkby . Tuu i Recent guests of Mr. and ^^r^;. e's'oiM 1 ^ nar ^** ^°^rs was Claude Wel- \I,, r ici»me ot Claik Summit. Penn. William* John -Culbertson wast admitted Monday. October 19. the House of the Cood Samaritan. Wa ten own. and the following Tuesday underwent surgery. Mr.jfend Mrs CharJos Rocers were F\nda\ dinner guests- of Mr. WILLIAMS Mrs. Lamberton is on the gain N from her r-ecent illness. j ^ rs : { The Williams al>o were guests c -ioer* for two da\s with their son and i ^ daughter-in-law. Mr and Mrs. E. rt-ruv J. Williams and. two sons ot Black ' Dated Ri\er and friends. Mr. and Mrs. j Vern Francis.,in Amsterdam. o T i c r ait' Ijit'nv Nurn- e^1 I•• the UJI IT liet*: and St N SUr c'«»unt>\«»f Mil- i \ ille 1924 Ont. in VWl She died in f NOTIC t K Is }i OK RIlWilT Ht.AK!\4. He then mamed Mis> Leota I Li^rum Nov. 22, 1947. ; .j KOT many\ \rar% Mr. Merritt worked AJT-\ house decorator .cit HHLTIS\ ille He* ai>o worked in ! Canada a? a painter tor a few j y»-ar< He came 10 this village 18 years a^o when he .u'ent to work fen- International Talc-cgmpany..j and Mrs. Raymond Kellogg ol Gouverneur. • Agriculture Club c The Antwerp Agriculture dub met -at the home of the leader. Ward Fullington. October 9, and elected the following officers: Perry Lynch, president: Weldon l,\nch. secretary: David Desxir- mo-auv ^ice-president: Sterling Achievement N»g:ht The 4-H clubs Achievement night was held Friday night. Oc- tober 23. at the Kvans Mills school house M(x1ern Miss 4-H club mem- bers of Antwerp. !>>retta Swarf- out and Janet Pa> ru\ were ^ward- ed pins tor their clothing project. Leona Kirkby won a pm lor bak- ing bread and Salh McGill re- ceived a pen lor being an honor secretar\. Mrs* Ph\llis Whitmore. leader of the club. rece4\ed the charter for th» % ciuh Katie Wmtmore led the iecrea tion t»>r the meeting.* John Hall, vice-president of the Chamber ot Commerce ol Water- to |to\\n. opened the meeting. Robert Bovce, W'atoi vow n, 4-H agent, was also present.. 1 Miss Jani( 4 e Pa> ne also uas awarded a cert it irate with a gold seal from the talent contest. A largo crowd attended this above meeting. • - The Antvsern Ai:r iculturo Club 1 under Ward FulliMg'on. attended .11 tha Achievement Ni^ht The club received a third \ear piaque for ho'nor society and S'nlins Swart- out receix ed award plaque ior honor secretar> __ The club also received a plaque for having all record^ in on time Swartout. treasurer and John Ful- land Sterling received an award for' 1^ IT tkf^nrr^.i: Jar.w<ir> POS TUh lh*» office o! :he T chic. N V . where b> *r\ -liter it i Ol Ht AKIN*. t'KM.|\||\N \K\ B1IM.IT *J <>\rr\ lincton; nev\ s rerxn'ter. Pw v next meeting. wiil take p'aco at David D< -November .the home a\a\ : «Jbi£. t«»r jr>- Fl'KTHKR the T\«n i^ t and rt- \r\<- • •.»« r. nf Kir.e -.a JWV.TVRHIA S Tov*n O r Tit T pm mar be h 4 rmnarv PI T RS1ANT ^\- or a£:^in!«! th* s »tirr;. 1 »o<l or Ii or iterm' ihemn K are fvrefn Kr»*< r \ .,._.._*-\•• J 7'U the Pf-nc* 2** \he Ftnrt ^^ . .. 4^ Cour> nm«n . . . - •'*•• -- - v* ur ci»n- Y vr|>!t> an\ inle: u: f K' tne it is C'\*' *I \Ho; N< >TI(*K > h«rrt)\ t <T i' xrt 4 . \'. Thf \ <>* n i»f H-'v r»*'. w\\ s.iia ;r*»!;rr. • .»r> r»ui: h putiiii he-nnj? • thertMf: it the TUWTI Cer k nn Th-' s r r t 1'JS-\ 1 *i'h D m ana h Li**-..rr ing Town Towr CJerk item* P jr !hf» p>f ipxwr! Srt )ffifvrv ar t U lr>fnph\ r\ • h#«.v tn Supt nu BR OrrJ»- • if 1/>r Tt«T CK B WILiJAMS >I Fine V lO-'i:-^ ;R<;IK B Tmn of RO**K- N V IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE IN THE TRIBUME-PRKS GRANTS OFFERS YOU A CHOICE OF 3 CONVENIENT ACCOUNT ACCOUNT T!ie pas^ nobie crands ot Krnest I K^bekah lodge No 16 met with !>.!:<. Li7/ie Wilson. \October 2'J. v >jTlie president, Mrs \'ondilee Pike conducted the meeting Election of officers for the coming year was held as follow? Mrs Yida Miller, president; Mrs Lizzie Wilson, vice-president; Mrs Klizahrth PtM<erT. secretary .and Mrs Martha Pitts, treasurer . Thosp present were Mrs. Edith Oxlry. yMr<. Mayfred Dusharm. Mrs .J^thH Rogers. Mrs Aenes Ta\inr. Mrs Vvda Miller. Mrs. FIOSMO Graves. Mrs Pike. Mrs Pickert and Mrs Wilson . The next meeting OR November 4th. will be at the hime ot Mrs Edith Oxlev ' ... Sandra PiTTv daughter of- Mr ' and Mrs F ' Alan Pitts, was ad- ^.itTed • October IT. for an emer- cency apprndrctomy ai the E J. 'Noble hospital Shr is recuperat- ing at the Gouverneur hospital. at P : the .vr^* Rebekah lodi:*^ No \If Monday p\cnine. October 19 tV'TOOF hall. Mrs Ruth ** DotAe rrand. had charge of busir»ess meeti^t ine ^h** rr^eenne were ser\ei H> apnculture Mrs Jennie Whitmore is still ill at home. Mr.v Flos>ie Graves is caiinc lor her. TM( i:t\ The church vouth croups at Antwern .will ^irtieipatp in a I'NICKF collection Friday night, October 3<\>th. at 7 p.m. The \ounc fKN)p!e will v-ear UN. armbands to indicate their part jn the fund collection for needy children in foreign lands. American Kducation A sp^^i^l American Education Week procr'irn vi!I be held in the Antwerp Elementary schrKJi of Indian Ri\er Central on Monday evening. No\-err.h»T 9 TYiere i> Jo he an \Cip<-n H<\i>e* from T-(if) to S KI pm F^Hr^ntv are invited tn visit their child's ro*^m and meet with their teachers AH parent? ar** - w»>ued to a Panel I discussion loilowinc in the e> ro of tn*' school; t . The following p»*>pio will clve \\er\ short talks on \anou> aspects i of educ«*ion S^'akmc for th^ ' parr>nt> will bo Mrs Jule> Mail- ette; the tf-arhers -Mrs I>oris r>jr.£:rt-ian the adults Mrs. Edith S'c* \r>r: *r»e i^-d of education. Pwa> MernnrTir trci voters Grant x y is cnfid P M: F*e'd> Anar > 'p rjk \ nncipai 'school the Mr and Mr- jr J =i and Th»'y rt*v»*ier Sr % fo-mrr M- e Cha^e* f a >or.. h F J N » is <nar\>ed W After •'->? an or* r disc»js>»'*r. .it'-'d 4 o *ak> psr* f A tr«err will E»-er>one i> pt resume r.ts : ar»d m- Wilder is hos- ' ^rifl. ri«ier. adu]:^ are urg«xi to at- end the farrr tractor ac- ran r* cut dra>:icalJy if e! brake* arv aid the on Mr lliarr D p ^f a <~~' FV>\ d Sr^-*\ at t-^ H Oiod Samaritan. * Fo-ne base g-r**. oi F Bu«> Ofnb*T 19 for iT force He ^'* for 7exA« He Mr \and Mrt Bu*h m-flj a fare- of ed f^ of f 'Ear Mr and Mr ATTENTION Outboard Motor Owners Let m $3.95 35 NESCO 19 C V > 4 Turn Lakt- Hotel S: St<tr Lake N Our private chapel for the immediate family is shown above'. Our remod- eled ground floor provides three large! connected rooms for funeral services. A. FUNERAL HOME TO OUR FRIENDS IN THE DAIRY INDUSTRY: Kinney Drugs suggests you call your vet FIRST At the first sign of disease in your herd, it's smart ^o call a veterinarian. His years of training and expensive education qualifying him for his DVM degree are your assurance of proper diagnosis and treatment. ... ^ \ • .-••.. Be assured, too, that your veterinarian uses only reputable, quality drugs and.health aids from na- tionally recognized firms. •» . * Kinney's is also proud to Jiave had an acti in. guarding animal health for more than century. A large stock of Dairy Health Products is maintained to help dairymen meet emergencies and problems. - *,'):'* We salute you, Mr. Dairyman, and hope your herd will enjoy the best of health. < . Ixtokinj? over the Dairyman'* Special li*l#Ml Jx*}<av nrr Henry 4. Curtis, and Fred Clark, who for year* have served dairymen and their familim. They are aattMH'lated with Kt*oey'* Gouverneur .store*. SERVING FARMERS WITH DAIRY HEALTH PRODUCTS 56 YEARS DR. NAYLOR'S CARIOLATEO PETROLATUM for Yeterinmry 35 3 PINTS $1.00 PT. M«i & Clark UDDER - OINTMENT 1.00 I s Hast Mostiris! \ TAtftOT MASTITIS SUSPENSION Dairyman's -Limited Offer iN DOOR-OUTDOOR THERMOMETER WHEN YOU »UY 12 Pen-FZ Syringes for Mastitis and One NFZ Puffer . *j\\m*\+ aiul pet* PRODUCTS 10 UDDER LINIMENT $1.00 10 ounces UDDER BALM . $1.00 4 ounces DEHORNING PASTE SJ.00 Teat Dilators 50c !r« ! Box of U SULMET SULFA OBLETS SQUIM , Penicillin OINTMENT witli %\ri\ St.10 • !*•• 54c $5 grmm 10' SQUIBB Veterinary PENDISTRIN It* t<K> BSIU prr rrmnn 75c Jl St.10 7 for $1.00 AftSOttlNE Veterhkar LINiMENT 12 *L . 10* TWO STORES 17 L MAIN 2* L MAIN KINNEY DRUGS

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