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M: ' ws^r&tffM! -S 8 * p<l ^ c ^» Uriahs M. Y 5E3E3 Phont Molra 7652. Il» Hi UltlWlfcl <•»>*!!! [ ,f [Sugar Is A Girl's Best Friend!/ i EMiag is fun .... but ea^rtfn^^ . • - season of fun, relaxation and fibMSES™!• TJ. ts of e ™*&™ eating isn't. After a size 44. Any ideas as to how to do uX IT^T?^ >: ou ' re U P *W Mtieomfortable — ^ NOT TH7S ^-M* of sl,mmil, e dow ° ? It takes a lot of energy, will power and real hard work over a long period of time to get even slight results from exercises alone. How and what you eat is all im- portant ... no matter what else you do. AND 4$ Cheating at the refrigerator o* anywhere else robs just one person of beauty and good health ... and that's yov. Why not try a sensible and scienMc way of living —by eatifig the right foods m the right way for good health and a good figure*^— TRY THIS . . .< tfcS A sweet trick that you can remember always 7~f. that will keep you from getting, hungry, is to nib- ble a sweet before you eat. What's the reason? This will raise your blood supar level and curb your appetite. Healthy people get hungry when their blood sugar^el js low* m(i , . Sugar taises the blood sugar level faster than any other food, So ... to keep from overeating, eat or drmk the good foods arid beverages that contain sugar. One tea- spoon of sugar has only 18 calories. Put a teaspoonful into a cup of coffee or tea around U AB| arid see how easy it is to refuse second help1ftg^a%3htf% ©O the same thing an hour or so before dinner./ [ AND, LOOK At*/ .«*^* : wti^U*s jf^ THIS ... Of course you have sensible and honest about your diet. A workable re- ducing diet, one that doesn't - set you apart from others f at mealtime must include all j of the-basic foods needed for , m . a balanced diet. Yousimply l) ... ** don't eat as much of each .Ti thanks to having sugar beforehand. See how you can have your cake and your pretty figure tSo! Awtumn Treat: Carolina Hallowe'en Pie uoiowul grange and black yam-and-prune pie is especially appro- priate for Hallowe'en, but the Carolina homemakers who have car- ried this recipe in their family cook-books from generation to generation use it any time. For a hearty dessert, it's a timely autumn favorite; that's when the old crows are flying at their noisiest, and maybe they remind a back-country mother that it's time to treat the family. • Here are the \mixin's\: ~~~~~ I cups of cooked yams, diced (two cans, or about 3 lbs.) 1 cup of dried prunes 1-1/2 cups of sugar 2 tablespoons of flour 1 teaspoon cinnamon ' 1/4 teaspoon all-spice 6 tablespoons melted butter' 1-1 19 rims of quffar ° uioiespuwn? »«=i.,= u ««\v 4 . Your Sro pastry mix for 2-crust 1/2 cup Old Crow bourbon,/ , pie (o? 1 pkg .prepared mix) 1 /4 cup prune juice • Prepare uastrv mix, using half the dough for,the bottom shell flicine- raw vams shou d be boiled till cooked, but firm, ^OOK tne S lTpi££e dtocto. drain them ^^^^SlSSi juice. Sliced or diced yams and prunes should be arranged m alter nate layers in the unbaked pie shell. __,_ M ~ u' met each layer. Mikp a sujrar-flour-spice mixture and sprinkle it over eacn '*ye r * \* 'K thelasky wUh \utt of&Vmelted butter «d bake at' .™ / if»5K mites As the CartHipa women, say, \You'U. golden brown and the pie is bubbling hot.. NO MONTHLY CRAMPS*.. of pain, b«k«d«.«, n«vow '••«\»« •Woaen^^JjS 0 em m action. It exerts a «- n^fcabiv calming effect ott &««terus~Wotrt the ute w _i .*..-.*«^on<iRs of Lva every month—may be ««/- ^^what it may ao w j«- ierina Suite needlessly! '^JteLydiaKnMmm'siSee ^ sSch is the conclusion JftS* get the, sun*»re- from tests by doctors ^ £|^ «-\gS^Sft. «iit nf 4 Of the cases . • • T * w ?~' pmMiam's te won- •MHHMHH haiMiMUiiffef- feet on thq uter» in* ecmtractioni (seecbart) which may often cause ttteuttrUot pot®' ^Debuitker 6Y 'XsMSS^M&kui b 'Many people erroneously beHexo that if a board or wood obieGt be^ gins to rot. an application of paint before applying thW paint. 4 The same is true of painting iron ob- jects that have started to rust. They wiH continue to rust unless the rusted partis removed before painting.: DOREY'S ATTEND TV SCHOOL Mr. William Dorey and son Edward have received their cert- ificates ol attendance at the Burl- ington TV school Which was arught by Mr. Davis of the New Hiatmpshire Technical Institute. for QUICK RELIEF of g^Sl iAgfetf*,-. Z.^ffi&, Neuralgia - Neuritis with Quick Acting STANBACK. Test STANDACK against any preparation you've ever used . . . See how quick; relief comes. SSPf^^^lKS^^ Hfllloween Tricfcs For Your Table Vyucu wm UWJUCII uuga XVJ. Ljiiun. or treat,\ invite •the'- ywng revelers:, inside for a table masquerade. Serve open.-fac'e'd sand- wiches' out in the shape of masks, spread them with'\flavtf»ful Apti- cot Jam^and top with a dab of cream cheese. Make minia-tara Jack o'-lantefris too by removing the pulp from oranges-and- grapefruit and |ill with other jams and jellies ready to spoon over Cake ot ice crea-rh. • . ; I|ave a clever trick ready to serve as a treat for the. you&gs'te'rs, so trf this recipe for Apricot Jam or select from the recipe; jtasejti that'dittoes with each purchase of natural-fruit pectrSv At thifitime; of year,* you'll especially like those using dried or frozeni fruit &n& bottled juices. vs*.- ' •;. Apricot Jam Yield: about 10 medium glasses 5 cups prepared fruit (1/2 lb. dried apricots) 6 cups sugar ' : '' 1 box Sure-Jell powered fruit pectin • .;^., . First, prepare the fruit. Add 5 cups water to 1/2 pound (about 1-3/4 cups) dried apricots. Cover and let stand 4 hours or -over- night. Drain, reserving liquid. Grind apricots or chop- very fine; combine with liquid. Measure 5 cups into a very large saucepan.;. i Then? make the jdm. Measure sugar and set aside. '.'Add pow- dered fruit pectin to fruit in saucepan and mix well. .Place over M|jh heat,and stir until mixture comes to a hard boil. At pnce^ir in sugar. Bring to a full rolling boil, and boil hard 1 minute, stir-? ring constantly. Remove from heat and skim off foam With meiajt spoon. Then,stir and skim by turns for 5 minutes to cop.1 slightly io prevent 'floating fruit. Ladle quickly into glasses. Cover Jam at once with 1/8 inch hot paraffin. \^-V-''« »*$» - \*smSffiBB&g*$&. i »^^m^^^^^^:^^^ r»-i-\.\v.'* WITHOUT tflEW STAINLESS FORM nevS ALSO AVAILABLE! ?In 90% of cases 'of simple piles— tested by doctors — amazing Pazo Ointment stopped bleeding,, re- duced swelling, healed cracking... shrunk piles WITHOUT SUR- GERY! Pain was stopped or mate- rially reduced. Pazo acts to soothe, relieve itching instantly. In tubes, also modern Suppositories at all druggists.- Get Pazo® today for Wonderfully fast relief right away. *

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