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Neil Brush • Court H, ; ^ Facts & Fa I lac ies Vol. 1 No. 16 BRUSHTON, N, Y., THURSDAY, September 24,1953 PRICE; Three CENTS Facts not Fallacies By Neil Brush, From the\ issue of the Facts for Thursday, August 28th, 1949, the folldwing is taken; ' v Northern Neiw York was visited Sunday morning by an electrical storm that was ithie most destructive that has been known in this section in recent years. It began late Sat- urday night and there was more or less electrical display and rain the rest of the night, the storm reaching the height odLiits fury here a little after seven o'clock Sunday morning. There was a terrific downpour of rain and the village streets looked like rivers. Much damage has been reported ' from all parts of Northern New York and this county seems to have sniffer ed most, buit pro'bahly ! the\ largest loss was the large cow barn on the Woods Bros!, farm s a mile east of this village and which is carried on by Henry Russell. At seven o'clock Mr. Russell had finished milking tand gone t'o carry the milk, leaving the cows in the barn until 'his return on account of the storm, when the barn was struck and tte fire seemed to be all through the building at once. (Mrs. Russell, who was alone with the children, saw the buildings burst into flaane's and she rushed to the barn and succeed- ed in driving part of the^cows out, but fiftteen of them were cremated and part of the ones turned cvt were bndly burned aibout the head. Mrs. Russell, with the help of her little son, was also able to save a new au- tomobile that stood on the barn floor. Besides, the cows and the bit il ding, Which , wag: a moder^i dairy barn, a hog and J'OO tons of hay. be- sides feed were destroyed.,. A mdlfe tog tnaohine and gfasolfoe fengine, <£hfe • property of Mr. Rus>sei|, w^as^aifso destroyed. 'TJhefe/ wip soia©:-,.'i*(Mt?' ; anee on piart ai the burned p^Qjj'ie^ft; bu*.not neat enough to-' eio>iM• Sie '\ 1^F,<$, whiich is estimated at aho#i N. Y. Women To Aid Liberty Shrine. Looking Around The North Country The New York Federation of Wo- men's CltutJS announced it will par- ticipate in the General Federation's campaign to restore Independence Hall to its authentic 1776 condition. Here, in the historic hall in front of the Liberty Bell, Mrs. Oscar Ahlgren, Washington, D. C, president of the •General Federation receives \fr6m S. D. Arms, New York, vice presid- ent * of American Can Company, the first of> thousands of coin banks to be Dresented hv the company to wo- men's clubs throughout the United 'States for use in collecting coins from school children, Club women and memib'ers of service and com- tnunixy organizations. The hanks are small slotted cans Mthotgraphed With a scene portraying tiie signing of 'the Declaration of Independence. The Federation estimates that at I past $2<50,000 ! will be needed to re- place \wrong period\ furnishings With authentic antiques and restore to their original condition the rooms where the Declaration of Independ- ence was signed, and the constitut- ion adopted. N^-H-h Russell: Fire caused by an overheated sipace oil burner took the Hie' oif a,29 ^ear^ old father, his two sons and a • nephew. The victims wife, father-in-law and niece escaped from the flaming house,, The lives taken were. 1 Herbert Hells 29^Bruce Wa'yue Eells, 8 months; Rerford Ar- thus Hells. 2 years; and Leo Irving Downer, 10. ' , ( Canton: The E. J. .Nobel has re- ceived it's third gift check of $i,00Q this year from the Hospital Guild. *** Fart 1 Covington: The Canadian Na- tional railroad has aamoui&ed that it will dis continue the pa,sse<nger train andr express gejyifce between the< Font and Moin.tr.eial on s'ep-t* 2.7th. Zt is rumored that the Hew Yiorfe Gen* tral wm take over the line from the- Font fcp Massena. ^Mmm^^S^MBSiSm^ttA •From the S-e#t. 18th,- 191% iMsiim A« redesjjttioh was tendered Mr. and tMm Cleon Hoadley' Friday \evening;-. Sentemiber ISth,, at the home of Mr. •and Mrs\. L.. S. Rice. The, guests, afequt sixtv in numiber, were, enter- tained during the'etenihig With \ e smusicial proigram by Mrs. \A. W. Stoeals-and Mr&. H. S< Potter. .Re- freshments constating of tee cream and- cake were served. Many useful *\* &h4'\ ; beatttiftif <gifts' word reo'elvesd fey the young jBOttplei among theto wsas a . J&rf & imagoany t&mbisn& gimfc, a gliitirom 'their * many friends* 'wh& . wish them a long and happy-' M& ifc gether..' • .:•;'• From the- Cooks Corners note's- In the\ December 1, 19M iS'sue-i • • • - fc •' ; T*he Mlowipg' .story 1 wag,, left ife Bttf3% mail hole so dpn't bigopse It to hiih; Readers of this paper slSMtf realize 'i3Mt ihere are Others- Resides Bh;b'whO''stMteh the truth/ .<Ke.nry Jock, of Paul SmttS,, ' fer- ceived a big reward'for' Wt<0®jg a Mind bwck thas Ml. ' this is %0i%; he . siayss he oa|tght''it. .lie weht'lh-feo'^e' woods' htintihg and. saw a deer COM-: \ ihg towards : him ? a touok H^ag fofow>:tejrhOOli Ihg' €l&m behih4 and «had the. dee^g tiail ,in ; his miputh; itye buck WM\ bliiid. ^M Mr, Jock did aot waatj the deer but • did really want ' the budfe, he shot fehe deer's tail -.efif, and j ran the deer but the bMnd bttek stood still with the 'de@r% tail in his' mo^fca-.. iMf. Jock weat tip, took hold of iho'['dd^issslons • deer's tail and led the fbuck uj> to the; oaniip. the Brtt&fcton Klgrtm Holiness Ohiinch ' is holding $t& mllmtcmurf convention, froia. Oo^ibttr 1st to 4th this year. - it witt lecture ifcwfr guest ^peffl-kejrs. ^m, R, Q, #]##&, &t mdia-napdlis, ihd:, and'/jjfls* l Daily BuJby, of Puerto Rico. lle.v t Mexom is the 'General Seer^- tary, in Oharge of Foreign Missions ^nd Miss Butoy is Principal of the Training School in Puerto- Rico. v ^w^Ki^l:! 11 ^?^ &fcn?n ^Lloyd, of British delegation to tW/ge jstures\toward Addrei Ltoyd lashed out at Vishinsky' m:mmm%m£& ! the sSoe^of tte Ko«SrpS;r?ST* ee - \?y«» out »t VSsMndcy mmc i-vjr Hpy .Foreign dMomats are inereasitti: f&eif .Soviet tMon. travel. ' Howard W. Potts, {Jr/ah-d Lecturer \j$jptJmdt Lodge, Free and Accepted [.'ItaiSOffls ,of the Sifiate, wSt visit Sar- aimc Lake on Mondiay, September 28 r^ud dhiateaugay QQ T^eisiday^ Sept- .ejrhber 29: to hald the- annual' Crand 'Le.ctiir'er's Coft^ntiions at^ the res- ; p^cfiive Siaratnac . Lafce and Chateau-^ .fay''Ma$ohic ^anpies during the af- aiid eiteriihig', T*he' afternoon &0S'sion of each coii'yenffcl'Oii will be- gin at • 4:6ft p. m. Bihher will 'be .served, ateaeh feni-ple at,'6:30 and the CiOhverptiOli Will sita-rt . its second sessdon in ea^ch oase^ at 8:00 p. m. Arranigieffnents for* the two conven* tiotas, whdich will be given over to of Mias'onic ritual and e^emp-lifiioation oi .the work were *»Me by dheister Jotoxson, of Tup- g,er Laifee; JElarriy ft. •'Pfhiam, of Ma- llb®!©, Assistant Ora-ted lecturers of ,'Fltip!klin-Plam.i!tfeon JSIaigonic District, and by Ross A. Farquhar, of North E^ingor. Appiroxianatcilyi 60 pjersons acre expe'dted to attend the Saranac Lake and Chateaugay conventions. Mr. Potts, who lives iri Fly Creek, 1ST. Y., was appointed Grand Lectur- er of Grand Lodge this summer upon the retirement of Henry G-. Meiach- am, of Seneca Falls, who held the 1 !post for 27 years. During the •'com- ing year, the new Grand Lecturer will visit coznnrunities nil over the State and rn^uy be consulted by any of the 303,000 members ,o£ the Fra- ternity on questions concerning the ritual. A graduate-of Yale \Uhiviorsity Mr,. Potts is 'a veteran of Worlld War it, where he served With distinction in the European theatre. .XJpon his re- turn, he beciame office mianaiger .of an automobile dealership, which,post he resigned'to take xtp his present duties. He is a member , and Past Master oi Otsego Lodge, 13-8 in Coo/p- ©rstown and a member of Otsego Chaspiter, 26, Royal Arch Masons. He ha# served as Assistant Grand Lec- turer since 19'48. Among the Lodges which will be represented at the Saranac Lake and Chateaugay conventions are: North Star, 107, Brushfeon; Northern Con- stellation, 2dl, Malone; Aurora, 383 Fort Covington; Frontier, 517, Chat- eaa.gay; North Bangor, 556, North Bangor; White Face Mountain, 789, 'Saranac Lake ; J Mount Arab, 847 Tup- per Lake; Blue Mounteioi, 847- St Regis Falls; and Mount Sabhatds, 10il<5, Long Lake. f There are mine Masonic Lodges in the Franklin-Hiamiaton District with a me!miber,shi.p of 3,000. M>. and Nlfsl Fr^d Orton Celebrate 50th Anniversary. About 75 elatives and friends ga- thered at their home on Bacon Road in Bang'or Wednesday afJternoOn and' eveaiiHug to help celebrate their 50th wedding annav#t»ary. The home was- decorated with vas- es of yellow roses, gl'adiolas, gold color-ed pompoms, asters and plants. ' Guests were served from a white linei covered taM'e. It was decorat- ed with yellow roses and lovely wed- ' ding cake with gold -sheath with a golden wedding bell. Ediwin Orton and Elmer Atwood served the f punch and Mate. Edwin Ox-ton, the cake. Mrs. Elaney Atiwood registered the guests. Mrs. Gert- rude Avery and , Mfes Fanoes Ortott aJlso assisted. The honored eouiple' received many cards, purse of money and lovely gifts, They have two children, Edwin, who is associated with his father on the farm, and Mris Elmer (fEJvelyn) Atwood of Dickinson Center. Two grandchildren, Gerald Atwood and John Orton. Lord's Acre 'Next Saturday, October '3rd at 1 P. M\> the Brushton Methodist chur- ch will hold its first annual Lords Acre project, Auction. The Lord's Acre Project is a plan that enlists- Dhe aid of everyone. Individuals and groups are asked to produce some- thing with their hands and give it to the Lord'tg work. It may be the crop from afl acre of land or a few raws of vegetables from the 4 garden. It may be a calf or a puppy. Rev. Little put the plan into operation last spiring and many pledges have been received. ^aNTow that the grow- ing season is over 1 'everything 1 -yrti.1 be gathered together and sold at public auction for the benefit of the Metho- dist Church, hf you have'anything* you wish' to donate to th£ Lord's ac- re proje«ot you may do so, call Clay- ton Winters, North Bangor for tu(r- the information. Will You Smile Not True \I hear you and your\ husband are hot getting-, along well together /' \Of all the silly, vicious wimors It's true we had an argument and I shot him—ibut that's <a# far as} it event went,\

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