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i,„. .„ •-^-^mmaixmaaa^eaiaaaiiiisam. .MBmaoenBia***!* jmsa&mxzs*. '»^m m^F;imm) 4*C' mMfc*fr*Wm*M»£ •WMBtCiMMiri jimi-i.M ^_ _____ -j>;. .'-fJMS-.r s -1.«uS»> l *. = .«SSiSso >-^**;s s « ^Ca_ Mil JUHB H, mst ;_»?; . S?:\ Copy fllf SH0tTI*I>ts&W-' S-- A**_*,V__*J '« cetwd at this p^ffcaa **©**£\ Mo4-«iay .asoa- t© Isg-3x&.' «p* ||.^$a3a-at«© %s Ihs'mext isssie*: tills esfc-ap- j§ : :irles partttetiiarfy to wpp &X- ©hang®- ©f tv, -SwSftH^ v » or .m«w , RftAltars ay« iavtt^d to s«ad letters to 6&9ft£er, Yoi©l«g seasonal opinions or ««i%U£si_ts.of itttarat to the publi«, for p^leatlou, 411 letters, must be in good 'ta&tfl a_d devoid of unpleasant person- Ckir desir© is to provide a forum for tfefc I©t*al public and promote si* exchange .af-thoagfet on piblie opinion. -ember? • Regents examtn&ttaiit Best w^fe, - Mrs. Allan Brcrara aad ittte tartar,, Marios, went to §yr&e*3s$ Tuesday to visit relatives a few days. Mrs. Hatfcie B&vfe hs® ret8*m«et 1&I&& from We^ivile whsure she has feesaa fer st number «f weeks. Uoyd H-ttchiosarrsred home Crcssft Qsl iforaia test Wednesday, He drove 'teae by auto in eleven days. Miss Mary White, a student at'St. Lawrence University, is home. Mis. H. A. May left tasfc Thursday to Join he? husband, Coiaajaiider May, sad daughter K&tfaerine m Saa Diego, CaL 5a YEARS AGO County Court convened in Malone this week, sad a large Bomber of oar eittsena have been esBed on the Clary and Cole Squor ease- Si. A. Roweli, of St Regis Falls, offers the Adirondack News for sale. N. Y. & O. R R. between Moisra and §t into first ela-^s shape. D. D. Daly graduated from the medi- cal department of Syracuse Daivetsity this- week. Commissioner Maedssald has been In town the past week conducting es&ms of the training class at BHS. SCO! OURS 1 0. S. I^QCX&JL* -Z JLI&JMIS 3_^p«U ass* week - then vacation! Mrs* Kfelth Brittell, Moira, underwent a aiaj^r* operation Monday at the Alice Hy4# Hospital^ The State Conservation Department distributed 660 pheasent ebieks yesterday to twenty Franklin County 4-H member?. These ehieks in sewn or eight weeks win* be released in farm oonimuaittes through- out the eoanty. Four from Brush* on are taking part in this program: Jobn and ICetti. Marshy and Janet and Bernard 'Clwfe. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Durganare the par^te of a daughter born at the Alke Hyde Hospital Sunday. Mr, and Mrs. J. Harold Burkey are the pare&tsof a daughter, Ayesha Joy, born Snnday at the Alke Hyde Hospitals Mr. and Mrs. Etarris Kimbafl of Scotia are parents of ason, William (Jonant, born Tuesday morning in Schenectady Hospi- tal Mrs. Laura Kimball is the paterBal ^aadmother. Kern-it Sax ton has been accepted as a member of The Holstein-Friesian Assoc, of America. This association is the lar- gest dairy eattie breeders' registry or- Regis Falls is about to be refitted and pnff^ 3312 ^ 011 and membersfci P tetal s over ,s No one knows whether the United States is as close to war today as it was this time tea years ago,\ says a recent issue of \GHC^\ magazine of Western Eieeixie Company, manu- facturing and supply organization of the Bell Telephone System. \But a heartening aspect of the grim parallel is that United States industry is now in far, far better shape to prod-aee^— either for oeaee or war—than, it was in 1941. \At the start of 1941 the rapid in- dustrial btiiM-iiB ferotigM on jby the war emergency was stipexiiiiposed on the long depressioB of the IS3Crs dur- ing which production had been geared down to a low level of con- sumption. Today, we have as a start- ing point as, economy which has been continuously strengthened through the booming 40*3. As a result we have more and better tools to work withy : more efficeint techniques and many more experienced people.\ GHQ cites Western Electric as:as example of America's indsstrigil structure at the begioiiiag of 1351. The company had 88 per cent more Soor space then devoted to manufac- ture than it did in 1941. Western's plant — its lands, buiictmgs, tools, machines — valued at cost, has risen from $145,000,000 to $333,000,000 over the same period. Today Western has about. 70,000 employees, §7 oer cent more than ic 1941. \ 4i,8€©_ Jacqueline EL Finnegan, of Moira, and HJafiterine Dunn Rockwood, of Brash ton, re^e|3Eed Bachelor of Science degrees in elementary education at commencement ceremonies Sunday from the State Univer- sity Teachers College at Potsdam. Fletcher Bonn and family have moved to Schenectady where he has a position wish General Electric. Principal and Mrs. J. P. Reynolds and daughter Dolly have returned home after spending the past year in Syracuse where Mr. Reynolds attended Syracuse U. Mr. Clarence Ward, who has been a pa- tient in Ray Brook Sanita_4um, is now home aad feeling much better. Lawrence Allen was injured Saturday morning when his motorcycle went off the road near Westville. He was taken to the AHee Hyde H ispital suffering from head injuries, and Ms condition is still very eriticaL Mr. and Mrs. T. Wiles and family took a week end trip to Quebec, Ont. One hundred and twenty five Grangers attended the June meeting of Franklin County Pomona Grange held here Mon- day evening. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Farrington visited his his aonfc and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Clark, this past week. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lyon and daughter Bottle Jean visited Mr. and Mrs. J. Clark DeLong last Wednesday and Thursday on their way to Pittsburgh, Pa., where Mr Lyon has employment for the summer. The Eastern Star will hold an ice-eream social Wednesday evening, June 20th, on Mrs. Clara Flint's lawn. 0 Hobert BeLong and Jason Wagner re- ceived Masters degrees in education last Sunday at commencement exercises from St. Lawrence University. fm _, *. ms^ Since it was established in 1S25, the second oldest prison in the State, Sing Sing Prison at Ossining has be- come world famous. Not only have legal executions for capital offenses been performed in its death house ever since 1914, but through its long history it has reflected the technical and social progress in penology. .^ In the beginning, the men -were treated harshly, with flogging con- sidered the most humane of all pun- *+ i case of ',a violatioii, an inmate now is given a fail\ <»portt_nity to speak in his qwu behalf and the most frequent discipline is forfeiture of time being credited, toward eventual reduction in the length of his sentence. The result of tlae more humane treatment can be seen in the fa# that escapes today.are a rarity. 4 %. In regard to the death house, since the fisst man was electrocuted *at Sing Sing in |891, approximately 540 fc * - »\>|«r 1-t _ _- * ff 9 * * \*£ <« \VST-*-.-- _£r ^ W*_ -^K» &~ ¥** ^While yot. w&te wmking I &ee&He& t*tat the telephone simsM loaks laesUex met %me? Sagging &i MfUm s ? Gauge, m njl&n immeny, redezd. to the number of kmiting needles 'used per inch nnd a half ;the lr>wer •the gauge, the eotset the knit, :I3enier applies to the size of, the yam; the smaller the denier, the finer and more ^m^rthB stocking. Try to r^ss^mher names. If T<m forget, hcmmm* Smfi he ba«bf«J .about apologlmm- £&€ asking for th» •'other person^ some* 'Tm sorry* I dMn't get y&m G&m&*** fn 1888. Q@m&?e£ Mmt A* U>m® ordered feat May W h% Bet mM& eaefo year to &%ema&e the mMi&zs' 'ggsves mSh fkm&m* t,ogmi was ' eommsMeT-im^M^ ' ©i Oa& Orsufif Army of the Jte&a&l&e* The Drmfc&td'M Ifeteli, fe»»^ •dtieed m 188Z, mm tfestteA Wit: chemicals to extfogpisfc' UmM v&um £ the flame reaeheel midp&iM of the stiek fhm pro&pettog e&mims tm$ vmmis from &mmmi %m$mM* • It may be mme rigftBesace mm a decade ago, fetKffft&riaff j« umm^ • gz&d BM Moscm/ wm& muwmg *«® mmt powerful efemt&m fo Bttrc^e &YgmizmH1m Grange. The M&Umml Gimg& : eahtm O* of Pa&tmm. et. „•„, „;, ( n-gij '.,.:; i '-^v-»'i^\^-__ » Inside Sing Sing's grounds, the convicts are shown returning to their eell blocks freia work in the various shops. Right: Opera tor at prison switchboard, nerv center of the institution's varied activities. ishment. The inmate's day began wi\ his going to work and ended 10 or 1_, hours later by his being locked in h cramped, uncomfortable, unsanitas cubicle for the ensuing 12 to 16 hou of darkness. On week-ends, from tl i end of the workday on Saturday un til Monday morning, the men we: locked in their cells. Today, each man spends the first 14 days in prison undergoing a period of reception and orientation which is designed, in general, to \get him starjed on the right foot The inmate is placed in some work activity con- sistent with the needs of the institu- tion and, so far as possible, in an occupation for which he i s individu- ally suited. The prison is really a city in itself, with a wide variety of in- dustries. There is an extensive pro- gram of vocational and educational training and a comprehensive recrea- tional program to occupy the inmates 1 spare time. The progress also is reflected in th * __* «• w* •T » * ,rt, *#___* **L _<*-. ^ •i* cr *- *«, * * ._ <_• _ -*— v' « »«u_n _r t «b_. •****. *4 r***g *&•$ men and women have (ped in the chair there. In the present system at Sing Sing, as at other penal institutions, the nerve center of the prison is the tele- phone system, which constitutes the principal means of communication within the walls and also serves as the link to the outside world. There are two switchboards in the tele- phone room, one for prison use and the other for use in the administra- tive work of the institution for calls in and out of the prison. If,* as rarely happens, a prisoner should escape, the telephone pro- ^^ vides instant contact with the out- dis'dplina^measu^ authorities and quickly organ- East Dickinson Mrs. Hattie Foley has returned home from Filton, Delaware-, where she visited her daughter, Mrs. George Clark. She ateo visfced her *on Clifford and family at Chenango Forks, N. Y. Mr. and Mrs. Alex Dann spent Sunday with relatives in Lawrenceyille. Mrs. C- A. Petty and children of Par- iah vtUe w-_*© Tuesday visitors in town Mm, Baymend LaCbance and children weae Sunday guests of her parents, Mr. md Mrs. Mirl Griffin. Tax Collectors Notice ing to note that in the early days the punishments included such things as yokes, ball and chain, flogging and similar harsh measures. At that time, there were sometimes two escapes a izes a dragnet. The head of the prison is Wilfred L. Denno, who became' warden De- cember SI, 1950, upon the retirement of William K Snyder. He began his career at Auburn Prison in 1925 and day in addition to numerous other j has also held posts at Attica and offenses.' Nowadays, the infractions are minor and not as frequent. In Wallkill. He came to Sing Sing Apriji 16\ 1950, as principal keeper. Army Meeds AI!-Purpose Rubber For Operations AmericcUi chemists, who engineer- ed the synthetic rubber miracle during World War II, must now pro- vide the- army with rubber equip- ment which will withstand all weather conditions from tropical sunlight to Arctic cold. Because it is not possible to ear- mark rubber items for use under a given set of climatic conditions, all, equipment must be designed for successful operation from 6.5 degrees below zero to 130 degrees above. Items intended for tropical use might encounter temperatures be- low freezing during airborne tran- sit, indicating that the Army needs rubber items which, when out of use, can be stored at temperatures, from minus 80 to plus 160 degrees. ' Even greater extremes than this have been experienced. Four low-styrene modifications of the standard GR-S synthetic rub- ber — two of them made by the \cold rubber\ process — or blends of mem—fulfill the requirements of non-oil-resistant rubber for mili- tary purposes. The use of these types of rubber would also tend to relieve the nation's critical short- age of styrene. Aid* to Beauty Even malady's lipstick case pre- sented a challenge to industrial finish engineers. Their task was to find a finish that would not be dam- aged every time the user took the top off. They solved the problem by developing special finishes that withstand constant friction and the natural moisture of a hand. The re- sulting finishes also keep their new look longer. The Busy Phone For every minute in the year 1949 the Bell telephone companies — added 3.9 telephones; handled 83,- 000 telephone conversations; paid $2,843 in wages and salaries; re- ceived $1,116 from old or new in- vestors; spend $2,055 for new con- struction; and paid out $659 in taxes. Take Notice; I, the undersigned, Collec- tor of Taxes for the Village of Brush ton fove received the tax-roll and warrant for «M mti@£&&» of tees for the P re s eEft year, m& I wtQ attend at my home, in the VBlsge of Brashton, on June 1st and each wmkday thereafter from 9 o'clock in the f&sm&OB tS»tJl 4 o'clock m the afternoon for the purpose of receiving taxes asses- sed open -fucb roll Bat-*d Jnae 1, 1951 A. D. Armstrong Collector After July 1,5 % will be added mt& i of 1 % «saeh memtb thereafter. J^IIIJI.J n,-;— ___^____ . !___j*„.\'.°~*\l'j'.'' 1 '';,\.' \ V •' \ - . •* fftofc feerit, Wmm&, f&lp^fo* Sale ®M »*Jl» tffe* m&Mem vmot^eA under - 4xi& Ml*! fof 08-*. fieo* * word ^iipei-, 0mh wlitofcliar. Students Getting Better The average age of the fresh- man dental student is dropping and his grades for predental studies are getting higher, it was reported by the Council on Dental Educa- tion of the American Dental asso- ciation. More than 81 per cent of the 3,079 freshmen in the last year's class had a grade of B rninus or better in predental stud- ies as compared with 44.5 per cent in the post-war class of 1946, the report showed. According to the study, reported in the Journal of the AkiericaB Dental Association, last year's new class was also noted for its youth. More than 62 per cent of last year's group were under 24 years of age as compared with only 13 per cent of the 1947 class. First Visual Messages Probably the earliest method of visual communication between far- x separated points was by beacon fires. Homer wrote of a chain of flaming beacons spreading the news of the fall of Troy, in the 11th century B.C. Etiquette. Hint On the street, if you stop, a mo- ment to speak to someone, you know, you'need not introduce your companion, who usually walks ahead a little. You may feel, how- ever, that it is more friendly to make the introduction. Can Impeach President The House of Representatives has the power to impeach and the Sen- ate to place on trial and to remove from office all civil officers of the United States including even the President.' Quick Blaze Here's a way to get a quick blaze when you build a picnic fire. Soak an unglazed brick in kerosene for a day or two before you'll need it. The brick will burn for a long while, and will ignite even damp logs without any kindling. ?m Of Fertile Is The. lies cmldreii tell are not al- ways lies. • • >••-,. ..-[ According ta OjMcraft Advisory Service* they\ are- ^fiei-fcSigns' of a lively ImagipaMon t -'^0dk,- parents would do well to-esmurages. \Without Jmagmafioii, there is neither sympafey nor creative tal- ent,\ authoratatrve writers for the Service point out. Imagination can be developed to build bridges? and cathedrals. It was people with imagination who invented television, bicycles, can openers and the, other countless wonders and. conveniences of mod- ern civilization. \ Yet imagination in the very small child is often discouraged by well- meaning parents who mistake his perfectly normal \flights of fancy\ for lies. Imaginative tales^ of childhood can also reflect desires which are un- fulfilled. For example, when a child has no other children with whom to play, he often creates imaginary playmates whom he talks to and about. Siiyday LowPirte -SKS_ Ingenious Solution The filing of papers and refer- ence material usually presents a puzzling problem to the household- er. One man who does a great deal of his professional work at home which involves the fping of letters, papers and drawings, recently solved the problem by buying two second hand golden oak commer- cial filing cases and- removing the metal hardware. Instead, strong but attractive wooden knobs were used as drawer pulls. Then, placing the files parallel with the wall—on either side of the double door lead- ing from his - study to the living room—he had a carpenter build bookcases on the sides. Enameled to match the woodwork, the filing cabinets now- disappear almost completely into the background of the room. Phone 2052 F. A. CLARE 4 CO •« (roshtoo, §*. I Gasoline Bejng Tested The Agriculture department in ..North Carolina is conducting tests of gasoline to provide better protec- tion of the public against adulter- ated or illegally blended* gasojine which has a flash point so low that its use might be hazardous. The tests are conducted M twelve labo- ratories on wheels. Retail outlets, terminals and sour<*es» of distribu- tion are being checked. says M*s* AJWi'^^it.^^^^ Textis Speed amazing relief from isiseries of simple piles, with soothing ^Fazo*! i_cts to relieve pain,.itching instmOiy— soothes inflamed tissues—imbricates c&y, haEd- -eried parts—helps preveM«*_J*d-ai-g, sore- ness—reduce swelling. You get real com- forting help. Don't suffer needless torture from simple piles. Get Pa_£of6 f r\fast won- derful relief. Ask your doctor about it. Suppository form—also tubes with per- forated pile pipe for easy appKcatiea. ' *Pezo Ointtnent and Suppos&JTzestS} I Corae Is and Visit Our I I FURNITURE DEPHT * I Beds Mattresses springs I INEIL C. FLINT I General Insurance I Phase 2631 MOlJfL^IV.Jf, j | THE VILLAGE STORE* • jj | Qe»ei^^siir|Bcel| When feet barn, sting, itcii-stpd s%*gs feel-as if they were ca^sg* prghf^ mia the flesh, get a small bottle of \liSbone's -JSmerald Oil and rub well oatf^l^pil ankles r-torning and mghtfor aj_€#_iays. A.real discovery for thousaa^%J-0 have found blessed relief. il#}ase?s Emerald Oil is easy and plfat#t#-li use-=-stainless—mosey back iff got $j0r isfied—good druggists e^erywfee*ei^ - w^ Moccasins and Malaria Wonder Drug Aralen is known chemically as 7-chloro-4 (4-die\thylamino-l-methyl- butylamino) quinoline diphosphate. Clinical investigation has shown\ it to relieve acute attacks of malaria much faster than previously known drugs, and to cure falciparum ma- laria, a type of disease that !s non- relapsing but often fatal. Arthritis Pain For qaicl-, &IigJaa_lly' cbmfomng fielp fSr aches t a3ad •fca&S of Wsgffintfism, _\_e_*_iit_s \STeuriras- Liunbfep, _^iajp%\te_STe_iaJg_a try Romind. \WqfJ^piougSnme WQgfJ. *_\$-§* dojia usQ^y'sfertst^Iev-aBDg pais. s> you cart -jtrork, e_dWsfe^a\£l*«I^n^^*coxafoftal3ly. Get RofeilndWcinfgSi^lot^. ^jSa^com,- LOAFERS At Factory Redaction rile*?* Several Styles and a Wide Varitety o? - Colors to Select from. j Medium and Narrow Widths. Loaf=Mec- Moccasin Co, BRtJBHTON - '' - If- Y. Paint-Up Programs In Tall-i-Bakun, an excavated settlement near the Persian Gulf, some houses had as many as seven rooms. This was unusual for such early times — about 3800 B.C. In some cases, house walls were painted with red or yellow. Ap- parently, the color was . kept fresh by frequent coats of paint. Ears Are Valuable A hooked sidepiece going behind the ears seems to us a natural way to hold spectacles\ in place, yet it was centuries after glasses were in- vented before this method was used, says the Better Vision Institute, Early glasses were held in the hand, or tied around the head with a ribbon,, cord, or leather strap. St. Peter's Episcopal Church BIGGEST SMffl§ BARGAIH EVER! BUY A Gilleff SUPER-SPEED ONE-PIECE RAZOR WATSON MANNING Has been appointed to serve as om local representative in Brushtoa and Vicinity. Every Kind of Insurance Eseept Life. 0*liEiL St HALE, \insurance Maione, - . - - - jg^ Y. THANK HEAVEN'S! Most attacks axe Jusfcaeid indigestion. Wlaen it strikes, take BeH-aais tablets. Tiiey contain the fastest-acting medicines known to doctors for '.lie relief,of heartbjua, gas BU€ similar distress. *2S<J. Rev. John Cotton Holy Eucharist Sunday 9:15 a.m. Church School 10:15 a.m. Park Methodist Church Moira f0g ; $ MM- TSJwftoKoua bolbs, dahlia fellJfe% ^fm$®&J pteat*, eabbage plants, t#^#|##^fe ft *Jci m%vy perennials. W^imMMmnmg, Bio**© 2008, Brushto imOWM iBtdOD'TBSTBD CHICKS: ^|S^'^f»' mmm W^ wn& <F*- '--AX-i--' \ 7 ' ;:: -§ff§0M^B t t^A^&^tm W. Hr ifiSl^^wat^iiit-i'saK\*? The Question of Iron The American Iron and Steel In- stitue reports that the United States has access to an Estimated, iron .ore reserve of 8,09S,a00,000 gross tons, Including deposits as far away as Brazil, Venezuela and Labrador. Estimated ore reserves available to Russia amount to 6,- 060,000,000 gross tons and include only those deposits behind the iron curtain. The institute notes—in the interest of complete clarity — that the Iron curtain, itself, is not in- cluded among Russia's iron ore reserves. Milk Perfect Food The food in your diet which is most often taken for \granted is milk, yet no food is as\ complete or nearly perfect. It i s a veritable gold mine of vitamins and other food nutrients. An added attraction these days, milk has an attractive retail price. J. Harold Burkey, Minister Sunday School 10 a. m. Morning Worship 11 MYFSp.m. Mid-week Serviee: Wednesday 8 p m. Brushton Methodist Church Rev. J. Harold Burkey, Minister Morning Worship 9:45 Church School 10:45 Brushton Christian Church Morning Worship 9:45 Sunday School 1&:45. - Prayer Cottage Meetings each Wednes- day at 7:30 p. m. Pilgrim Holiness Church Rev. O. W- Lawrence, Pastor Remarkable Record Dade County, Florida, of which Miami is the government seat, has a population of 489,830 and sold 220,- 084 automobile tags ha 1950; In 1949, Oade County ta&ed Nassau County- New York and Genessee County, MIA. In Nassau there was a car im meh .8 family or 2.8 persons,*- in Ctefiessee for each .9 family or 3.1 peilssis. Bade County had a car for'each IS family or 3.3 persons in 194&. •••'\••.' Chrome Care Take care of the chrome on your ' car for it will be hard to replace for some time. Clean the chrome and then apply a thin coat or two of fresh white shellac. The. chrome will stay bright and clean under the protective coating.* Bees toerease Clover Bees increase red clover seed yields by about three bushels per acre, says Iowa State college en- tomologisiSi ? Welod, IfseJi :: ftf : Kaali Noah'a ;'Arki. wf$si. made? from \gopher ^ob€y K * saill to be akin to a re%ihpij^' wlaoS-like ' cedar of cypress or'%ir Assyrian reed. Sabbath School 10:00. Morning W» rship 10:45, Evening Class Meeting 7:30, followed by a Preaching Service at 8 00., Midweek Prayer Service Wednesday evening 7:45./ Young People's Serviee Friday nigh* at 7:30. Christian Science Services Sunday, 11:00 a. na, at USE. Main Si Maione. June\17 1951 . Subject:. Cod the Preserver of Man Golden Text: II Timothy 4:18. The LordV shall deliver me from every evil work, and wffl preserve me unto his hea- venly kingdom. f -— • ^ Here's oae of the greatest iron tonics you can buy to BUILDUP toGETMORf jf you have SIMPLE AttfMIA You girls and wois&n wlio suffer so from, sinijpe an^^La feat yoi're ^^fe ? #«^|:, stop to tl» : ™<pipte ma-f be #%!S^pil8- ironf'? Ttiea do W-WfM E. P^oMiamf*#^^^P#rare one of tlie :$p0~b§s0Wi^Mms to help bum up redMe^Jto get more strength ana ^m^. — in sixeli .ei#&»|S^^^M a doubt &.W; &&\%%M can don't r%Aa|^bJ a *«e# pleasani tonic! AH drugstores. Lydia £, Pinkham's ~\.7r. tiR-ni mz.: Wm. Titcmas, Ji% ELECTRICIAN r>oes a particular cl&ss of work for a particular class of peop'e. Floor Surlaclng Contractor We know how and do tt&m right for those who care, MOIRA, N. Y. & B .Designed to sEfrsedlly nSeve sS^*^-faeadach# ifiM..:'\ \\\ ol^dfnforts of neufWg'% Measured doses- form for quick ' \mi. BroM of merit. Same ip-pe for- f mula oyer gm-$bh& '£§&&$$* Standaard. V. 0. R. mgreafents. »:Sa3KS*atery tested, -^ea^o^ed. I let pE#e rangs of &?eryone, ••Wei;peB&-25e sSes-. C&uti9iis.pse : am^-as dfeeefeea. •Jt l • .1 !f——I -;----J--5f*.:- i !r> F is. m: I -a \ bfr'A ;¥? II i\ ^ >jpliWUl) H**f>1* O^v ^>}si\^- -V. „ Y 1 ! ^ 4 e I 1 ~ I j ) 1 p * «*' K:%'. 1^' ?•- •it.*'.; J'-i'*- 1 Z* 1 ,* f| \@J : «?i ^- •-! •KJ4 •»»\• i %\*£* ^fit • _^ -a -^-^ajt- _~.«* jfa^T *_?-->-' «t •o^fSST--,, „ .. . .-.WK;^ S h •*1 \v •*^y^| t .?>#* r \ Tf •

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