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**\.\\ -v' - , , - \ ' \.'•'U . ..\.T? \**••-. * « - '%>• . 1 * M A J f-r'-'- Facts and Fallacies Brushtcmdaru JOB TBIKTIKG of all kinds executed promptly^ and at reasonable prices, at tMs office* LOCAL NEWS * * Of The Past Week Fn Brushton and Vicinity, 0, E. Bunions' photograph gallery at Brushton open December 21-22. Half a cent a word will let people .know what you have for salg if you use our u Want Column.' 1 . 1 Joseph Mbntany is home from North He.ro, Vi. and is now employed as night \operator at Moira^ A son wa& born to Mr! and- Mrs, Henry Oaks Wednesday afternoon, Jfoyember 29th. : George Goodrich has returned home from Clayton where he -has been work- ing since last April. Mrs, C. H. Warren and little daugh- ter returned to their home\in Brighton,- Mass, last week Friday. - i Howard Potter arrived home from Syracuse University Wednesday morn- ing for the Thanksgiving vacation. ^Mrs. O. O. Taylor, o£ Burlington, Vi.\ visited at Charles H. Smith's last Friday and Saturday, Mrs. Eunice Ayres went to Lake Pla( id 1 Saturday to remain with her son during the winter. EfO- Kiley has purchased of Felix Bombard his house and lot -two rnile^ east of this village. This lot adjoins Mr. Kiley's farm. Mrs. Qy H. Potter accompanied her son Ray to his home in Hartford the HTJ& of the week. She will remain there with him. Iu P. Cb.an.dler, of B-rennan Post, G. A. B'., of Malone, inspected £L r L. Aldrreh Post of this place Tuesday afternoon. / ' ~ 4 Next Thursday, Dec. 7th T Cyrus Bake* 1 will sell at auction at his farm in Brandon, his horses, -hamess.es, sleighs,,and farming implements. ..Sale to commence at one o'clock p. m t James Ifinnegan will sell at\public auction at the Best farm this Saturday forenoon, commencing at ten .o'clock, his fine dairy of 26 holsteiri cows, besides a number of young cattle, sheep and horses. A. I*. Donaldson, E. H. Potter, and J. O. Allen, of this place; Jas. H. En- right, Moira; Greo. Kerry, Benjamin Southworthj -Eddie Delfcng, and Geo. Mottj Banger, are among those drawn to serve as jurors at the next term of county court, which convenes' in Mal- one on Tuesday, Dee. 12th.- Michael Hourihan/formerly of j^orfch Lawredtae* while enroute fifota Spring- Held/ Mass. to Burlington, Yt» last week Friday was taken suddenly ill with pneumonia at Bellows Falls and died there shortly after. JEEe was to have been married to a lady m Burling- to.n» _ . JTerry 1/IcOarthy, a respected citizen south of this village died last Saturday after a short illness. The funerai was held, from St. Mary*s church Monday morning. A .few weeks ago Mr, Mc- Carthy broke his leg while butchering a beef, after which pneumonia set in, which was the direct cause of his death. The Star 1 bazar occurs next week Tuesday affcemooo and evening in the new grange hall and promises to be an . affair well worth attending; an inter- esting entertainment will be given in the evening and there will be booths of many nations where fancy articles-, iee cream, etc, can be purchased. Sup- per will also be served at ten cent. An admission fee of ten cents will be charged. Fortune telling will> be a specialty, an t expert reader of the. future having been engaged. « . The board of supervisors- adjourned last Saturday for over Thanksgiving ^eek to meet again Monday; the wor.k ~of the board b nearly completed, The report of the equalization committee beej* agreed upon. It adds about to several towns, made neces- sary on the account of the increased assessment in these towns, * $5\O0O } is &<-\d&& to Moira, not quite the increase ii the assessment this year over 1904, Mou-ate assessment \ m 1904 was $662,594 and m 1905 $667,73d,.ae this year $666,500. Mozart Symphony Club of ^few York at Moira Friday-evening, I>ec. Sxk. BORSMNov. 26th, a son to Mr. and Mrs. John LlVIaville. Mose Jock has rented his billiard par- lor and fixtUres'to a Santa Clara party. Miss Kassie McCarthy was home from Potsdam formal this week. 7 There wdx4 about sixty couples at the dance in th^, Quinn opera house Thanks- giving nigtajfc. ~ The Franklin County Pomona &range is in session here this Priday as we go. to press., there is «a good attendance. hisses Ethol Pe'ckand Sarah Hulett are home from St. Lawrence Univer- sity for the Thanksgiving recess. Miss Dorothy Smith went to Burling- ton, Vt. Wednesday evening to remain with her aunt, Mis, O. C. Taylor, until Saturday night. . ' . Ii. Schneider is wearing a broad grin since Thanksgiving, it is a ten pound boy and was born Thursday evening, \November 30th» _ . There^will be a soeial dance at Hotel Eldred, North Bangor, next Friday evening, December' 8th. Tickets' 50 cents. H. M. Knox, of Canton, was here adjusting the insurance on James Fin- negan's recent loss, which was insured in the grange. The lore was adjusted at $3,000. Miss Gertrude M. Sholes of the Brushton BTigh School faculty went to Burlington, Vt. Wednesday evening to spend the Thanksgiving recess' with friends there. - Windsor Bowen returned Wednesday from the Adirondacks where he has been working this last season; he goes to Burlington Monday to resume his medical studies at the Yermont Univer- sity* Mr. and Mrs. Fred • Wagoner, who have been visiting friends and relatives in this vicinity for a couple of months returned to their home in Chicopee Falls, Mass., this* week. Lewis and Charlie I^aFortune accompanied them, the boys expect to have employment there. The Mozart Symphony Club of JSTew York ,will-give one of their fine musical entertainments at the Lawrence hall, Moira, next Friday evening,. Dec. 8th. The Mozarts are one of the best orgar- izations traveling and all lovers of music should make it a point to attend. Tickets 55 and 50 cent. Barrett-Mulholland. A very pretty church wedding - was solemnized at St. Mary's church oi this place at six,, o'clock Thanksgiving morn- ing, November 30th, when'Rev. E> Gk' -Briee united Dr. P. J. Barrett, o$ Faust, and Miss Mary E. MulholMnd o£ this place in the bonds oi matrimony.'. Miss Nellie - Quinn, cousin of the bride, was bridesmaid and D. Foley, of Faust, wag best man. After the ceremony- the bridal party returned to the home of the bride's uncle, James Quinn, where a Wfedding breakfast was served, only relatives and near Mends being present. The couple took the early train, amid ^showers of rice and good wishes, for a ten days trip to New York, TJtica, and other cities in this states They will make their home in Faust where the Doctor has an extensive medical practice and conducts a phar- macy in conjunction with Mr. Foley. Miss Mulholland was one of the popular young ladies of this place and her many Mends will join in wishing,them a long and happy wedded life. A>$k Your OwnDoctor If he tells you to take Ayer's Cherry Pectoral for your severe cough or bronchial trouble, then take it If he has anything better, then take that. But we know what he will say; for doctors have used this Icough medicine over 60 years* \ I have Tised Ayer's CJiewT 1 Pectoral for hard colds, fca& coughs, and influenza. Jjfchas done m& great jrood, and I Relieve it is the best cough medicine in the world: for all throat and Jung troubles.\-.-ELrC. STFABT Albany, Oregon. ' Made by J. C. Ayer Co., Lowell, Mass. Also manufacturers of ers SARSAPARILLA. PILLS. HAJR VIGOR. ^•^^^^^^^^^H^^^^^^^^^^^B^^^^^^H^^^^HHHp^^H^mPmpPmP^ Keep,the bowels open with one of' Ayer's Pills at bedtime, just one. Notice to Advertisers. The holidays are corning, the best way for mercEants to call attention to their wares is through an advertisement in Facts and Fallacies/ Advertisers desiring to use extra space for the hoi!-, day advertising should make arrange- ments for same at once; as OUT space is limited, the late comer is liable to be too late. Malone village Will have a special election December 12th to vote on a $200,000*00 appropriation for establish- ing a water works system. • - A man in Syracuse was arrested for stealing his employer's time. It was decided at the trial that the man was as guilty when loafing Behind Jiis employ- er's back and drawing pay as t if he-had taken money out of the money drawer. This ought to .put a stop to- some \soldiering;\ York Thrice-a-^eek World and; JFacts and Fallacies, both papers one year for $1.25—208 papers on]y RICE'S LOOK HERE' Are you going: to subscribe for any Magazines ox Newspapers this season? If you are, write for my price on any combination.« I can save you from 10 to 50 per cent on your periodicals* Here are two excellent offers ; Success Magazine $1.00 ) My Price or womem's. Home Companion Cosmopolitan - - $1*00 or JPearson's Normal Instructor $ .50 or^World's Events ( d*f *) tf Success Magazine $1.00 < «P*«^«> vr World Today McClure's is going up in price in a very short time. Send me, $1.00 now* and you will receive McOlure's for the remainder of this year, and all of next year* I will duplicate any o$er made by any responsible agency. Ask my price before you subscribe through anyone else* I can save you money, time ana trouble. I can furnish Standard library Books bound in handsome maroon <$o£h* highly polished back, gilt top. The most desirable moderate prieect 12m6, on the inarket. Price only 50 cents per volume postpaid, \Write for full list of about 300 titles. If you cut this ad out and mall it %o me with 27 eents before December 13th, I will send any one of the following books postpaid, TM$y* are well boim& m cloth, and very attractive, BX KABY J. HOIiMES, , BY AUGTOTA'J. EVAN& , Gouftu Mau&e* . ' Beaulah, , . Bora Beaaa, t Inez, Edy£b %le J s Seoret * Maosm,. English Orphans, BY BXTLW^B I*YTTON LenaBiyera, ' Xtasfe Bay^ of iPompeli, I can furnish any book in print. If you want any of the latest fiction,, a Prayer Book or » Bible, ask my price before you order of anyone else* SUITS I Overcoats AT AT That Equal . t, ANY ' $12 or $13 Suit Sold Anywhere That are d» WINNERS # for Style a Durability •]'• • ..(- • - McMann's Reliable Clothing Store Brushton, _N. Y. New Buitings, New Silks, New Dress Goods, Up-to-Dafce Styles,\ Fancy Waistings.in Silk and Aberdeen Flannels in all the latest Nwelties. New line Fancy Neckwear and Biftbons* Underwear in Wool ox Fleeced for Men and '. • • -\ . Women* * > Overshoes; Leggins, ' and Rubbers—Men^s, Women's, Boys' and Girls. Nice Lirie \Ladies Furs—and they are Cheap. •• ' Our Shoe stock was never In better shape than now, we carry both the Queen Quality and E, P. Beed's. Full line of sizes and prices. \And right now I ,want to call' your .attention to the Queen Quality College Boots, the newest Queen Qual- t ity creation, have caught the town. They are the hit of the ..season. A distinctively smart manish style with low rakish, tops but with that daintyness characteristic of all Queen Qual- ity Shoes. A- cordial invitation is extended to* you to coine in and try on a; pair and see how they look on your feet, you incur not the slightest obligation in so doing. $3.50 the pair. Many other styles and pmces. , Teas and Coffee^^,,.,,,^^ % We have the goods, just try a sample pound. Full line of nice and staple Groceries. J. S. QUINN, Brushton. Fal Winter ampai Now open to the public and we invite .you to call and look over our stock of General Merchandise WE ARE STILL IN THE LEAD •i , Hats and Caps, I and Gents' Fur Coats, Bubbers Leggins, Boots and Shoes. * 5 ••**€> F. A. CXABfif'* CO., Briisliloii, \T. , 1905. J. DEAKE, Moira, 1ST. HT me 3 two cent stamps and I will send you 6 comic post '•* A BETTER COURSE MEANS Fosmots SAtART BUSINESS It h«i %n Visit trained teacl»et«» sonx* of wlto^t axe College as4 Kormal gradttates, tO ° 3K2^ tw * e1 S rili ?» «^ h3n ^ Several *%&&%; ad bag $100,000 School building. Send for tiew catalog. H&&, AXh&wr K. T V - v ^-

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