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Facts and fallacies and Brushtonian. (Brushton, N.Y.) 1899-1905, December 02, 1899, Image 2

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, 1 /, .'•• •• • t. \ •'I ' C«*iIf*IS B. SMITH, S fe'S, V, TBEMB* - FIFTY • CB*WC6 4-IRAK, Oil wf all Ma* «3f -for ' SHOUW* be rewrtved at To. each .new gubB&tfNf . l» roeeiveiby tts'l i'v witfe SO opstes, a. year's' sub* f lioa price, we wffiseiwf FACTS A2O> from th« <tel$ the name* ii until Jan. 1st, 1900, and for a full: year frojgi that date. Tli# person sendteg in the largest fcicqri-. bei* of tbe foliwiag dOttpotircm or before Jaaitiary Srcl* 1900, will receive free a .J3reecWoa4igg .Shot Gfun, as foBows^lS^-gang^; single barrel .-with .•pistol grip, nickeled frame and mountings,, walnut stock, rebounding took, patynt fore-end witli double bait, top snap action, weight six and three quarter? pounds, lu addition to the first prize of a gun ©very contestant who is credited with 100 coupons or more yrili receive a handsome present. This contest \Will be subject'to the fol- lowing rales: ATI coupons must contain the name of the contestant to whom they shall be credited. • — — No coupons shall be transferee! from contestant to another. These coupons will appear in every issue of this paper up to and includ*- in«? issue of December 80th. • (fun Contest Co-upou. Thin Coupon will Count One Credit Ihis Coii-fon to 20 t 4 ,-dfcr- J GunXbntest Coupon. 50 4~ : This Coupon,-when fillechoutandaceonip-. anted with Fifty cents tor one years-sub- scription to facts and .fallacies counts the sarne sis fifty single coupons, Pltsuse simil Facts and Fallacies for one year to the following address, 1 enclose £0, cents in payment of sanre. iffV AddresH , OrcUt Coupons to will be a chicken pie supper and enterfeakiment consisting, of Hilts!©, speech .ftmldng^ etc* in Q, A* IV J Tirarsctay evening, D<*o. 1tii t fm t of the post. '. €krir§ $«#..' fitli. A swelal boar mi will %t #¥«.»* - The W* 1 C. T. If. gtaocTs today '%' ' paKi whom are ransffltearf &£ tU«. ^ KiMittoft to tfetu siie»e«yft #- heltei* il sMi»s % food sewing k the maatnlnery of oxir th-e better wa can do our work. But, what of the ftitmre? Is there £nx- the* Beecl ol the W, C-. T. U;? never was greater need than . Born B\ov 24th, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Guy Feck. Remember that we can club this pa* per with any magazine or papei' pub- lished at deduced rates. \ J -- Bunions, the popular photographer, will he at iDicMnson, Ctr, Pec, 11 mid 12; Bmshton Dec. 13 and 14; and Brasher Dfee. 15 and 16. Aim to keep your customer by giving him exactly what you promised at ex- actly the price you asked. Don't forget about the sale of fancy work to be held in the basement of the M. E. church, next. Saturday afternoon and evening by the Yoftng Ladie^ iliary. to In the Heart of Africa. Arabassadof Choate transinits Secretary Hay from London %he delivered by Lord Kitchener at opening of the bridge'over theA i-iver, in the §ottdan. In the e4 Ms remarks JLord Kitchener pid : i **As regards this magndificent' bridge, I think we may 1 airly\ tflaim thai it is, a record achievement. It was only Well into last October that the credits, were authorized for the extension of the line to Khartoum. The sites of \the bridge' had then to be determined, the boring, soundings, and sections of the river had to be completed, and eight. solid d.cmble piers to carry the superstruc- ture had to sunk down to the rock be- low the river bed to meet the Afbara flood, which arrived 25 days earlier than our experience led us to expect. But this did not catch us napping. Owing to the energy displayed, the piers were completed more than 25 days earlier than was thought -possible. When the first wave came it passed harmlessly, carrying away' only the temporary bridge by which we push on railway construction to the .southward. In No- vember and December'every effort was made to place th,e order for the super- structure in England, but it was found impossible for British firms to supply so big an undertaking\ in the time al- lowed. The raatte-r'is one of consider- tfbte^regret to me pers'onaTTy: TTEXrfir it demonstrates the relations between labor and capital in. our country are not such as to give confidence to capital- ists to induce them to run the risK of establishing great up-to-date work- shops with the plant necessary ^o enable Great, Britain 'to maintain her proud position \ as the jirst constructing na- tion of the world. Well t where ISingftsh- men have failed I am delighted to find our cousins across the Atlantic have stepped in. The opening- of this, bridge to'-day is due to their energy &o<3: abil- ity .aitci tlte power they possess la go Aaftef a ^|*xw*# turning ofti%vM&s. of tills maijnit-tt&e i& 3e$g. ffine that* ofttt be done by aHjoc^ else. 3t congratulate the' American foremen and 'workmen on the excellent success* wfti^fe .las crojmed their efforts in the l of tlxis bridge,in the .heart of 4 from their hemes, during the i months of the year, and* depending .sole- ly upon the labor of men speaklAj|' a foreign \Wh B Chrtafef an phm «'h. .ft*»-» 4\- •& Pastor, inday evening ,7:00; Bwnday School it:y> &, m. m. ; CoveaaH! mnwh Tit a :$u. -;^B p.' W, , ;. Saadiiy, ^139 p., m,; Jsuntky lM»ti'C^rlsfKtn 'EnJtejivor S1._M.si 7 .on , $, &, Briar* - -' - 'SttR-vxcEs; Mass 10:30*^ m.j Vespers JR.. Holy Bays Maes at- 9 J30. ©teps Proi»st.ant JZ«>. A. L, Church. SERVICES: -.Morning, lofjo; Evening, fXOQ. : No njorning Service 2nd Sxmday ei+cb month, Swaday School 9:3a a.. in». Nortb Star Lodg«, Ma- 10T, F- & A- Aft. Meets at Masonic.Ha,U en the second and fourth Wednesday evenings of each month. TURNER, Sec. J. K. RftAPT, W. M, Brusbton, No. 1682, h O. Foresters. Meets at Foresters' M'aH' on the second an(J' fourth Thursdays of each month at 7130 p. TO. OR, R. G.FEKK, ii. S. Ik V'I NO PECK, C. R. fleets seconct and fourth Tuesdays each jncm.tji in O. A. R. Hall. ' : C. H, HOTTER , Adj. A.'J, Iiusri, Com. Fr. I- c, N Mueting-s second and fourth\ Slffcrday after- noons each montii in O» A. R.. HaJlt . • JBNNIS BBLICNA^PJ. President. CHARLOTTE Attw, Sec, Qeo..W- Dustln Camp, No. 39, 5. of V. Meets second and fourth Saturday evenings • each mouth in G. A. R. Mall. j- . \\' WALTER ALLEN, Capt. O. T. T. Club. Circulating Library. Meeting's every Second Tuesday Evening 1 . LIBRARY OPEN for the issue and return of books every Wednesday evening and Saturday afternoon and evening'. • MCCOLLOUGH, See, SUE HARRIS, Pres. Ctjristlah Teroperance UOIOQ with ry. Meets every first and third We«3-- nesday each month at 2:30 p. m. ; MRS, JAMJSS MANNM*, President, VINA jARVts r Secretary. ' 4 A 3 line card utidef this head 3 months 20 cents, extra lines 10 cents. No display. J.S. QUJNN'. GENERAL MERCHANDISE. Dry Goods, Roots & Shoes, Groceries, &e. Shipper Country Produce. -Ag't Bradley's Super Phosp/hate. W. H. SMITH, < '- . Groceries., Confectionery, Tinware, Crockery, etc. Agent Milsom's Fertilizers. , \\\ CHA&LJES H. SMITH, PRINTER, \~ Publisher of Facts and Fallacies. Cameras and Photo Goods, « . L s S. RiCE. DRY GOODS jjnd Ladies' Furnish- ing Goods. Novelties. * Ladies* Shoes. P. A. CLARK & CO. General Merchandise. Read}' Made Clothing. Shippers Country Produce. CONGER BROS. General Merchandise.' R.eady Made Clothing. Furniture ft Specialty. L. SCHNEIDER, JEWELER. Fine Watch and Clock Repairing. Jewelery. Bicycle Supplies. BRADY &J1UTCHINS. Freslyaw;! Salt Meats, Groceries and Provisions, Oysters, Fish, etc. A. L. DONALDSON'S Cheap Cash Store, Groceries^ Shoes, etc. Wagons and Harnesses. A. W. SREALS. Attorney & Counselor at Law. Liquid . Per line AND RUSTINE. EeiitoTes all kinds of staim from linen and eottoiijjiisp ink front paper* Used by Book keepers to make erastires. - TRY IT, Prepared by H. JF. FOGG, 38 Beach Stafeeit, .Kew Ym\ City. .C, A- opposite tb® V- it B C tows :& ,- I'epcfrt j^ pt ol ike Oftee beea so. Well tip They &$&%& tiha,t p^etitg-etm be procured mlesg : tbate lialf tile tfee formerly required. * * mw*w«*»*)W SSww^5 Optician. in. lenfee-s for the eje s will bo at tlxe parlors of tlie Brnshton House, Fri- day, Jan. 5, 1900, and at Kkbols llonse. Brasher Palls, Jan. I, and eveiyfi-wceks thereafter, Examinations Xfeel Work guaranteed. Come, ami have your eyca correctly lifted for glasses, PATENTS ADVICE KS TO PATENTABILITY 3S(otice in \Inventive Age \ Book \How to obtain Patents\ DESIGNS TRADE-MARKS - AND COPYRIGHTS. OBTAINED FREE 1 Charges moderate. No fee till patents secured.' LetterB strictly confidential* ^ddresp, ; E. G.SIGGERS, Patent Lawyer, Washington, D. C, THE OgdensDurg & Late. C O« aiid tiftey'Nov. 12, 1809, ilXi $ until hiftliei notice, traiqs vvUlle^ve ^hrshton as follows; • •-.' - ..'•-. : GOING EAST,. : . • '• • - ,- f ' •• • - r 1 - . * • ' - 7:28 0 . m.-~Expfess, for all stejtions connecting at Sf. AlbaiiS wlth/Sast Express train's igi, ft)l po&ts sdiitjj sipcl 6iist; Wagner Farloi: curs Si'. Albsins. to Bostoft'.fina Iffoy via Rutland ^iijiotit: chting'fi. ClXite at Slrfone ivith N<.Y. C, &}i. 1\,U. R. otal|p6l.xitg,sp«A, At Bfouses Poiii.t vfith J), & H, t!, €d ; . idf txbf,. Al.ba.nv,- Ne* ^otk &M'f : Utt$y rghWa^W JPatrlor .car, Reuses Fit^ 'for' S.::OS I*. //| ^MM\t stffppjtig at atJ statjOris an.cf c.6.^' .'.'.*\.' .' .- nefctuig at- 'St* Allans- witjj aighfe «ac«Ves* 'iitf#:^r%-\. • i ; ' \ 'andisfew^orte.al$'o-'Bosfd.tt.*ri#^li.-^ew.Kfg|i#f^ : -J-. •. •', points. '.Wa^et sleeping car-&,'St. ^iBans-'tp ••$&}%.?'/, . • I points. south, ^a^ttpr \sl^&jj.jng- T ' &v&H. C. Co. fof all points .^ cjirs Rouses Point to i$eis •feV.: Xhis train stops twenty ii for Malone and inter :00 P- M»-^ kdi'tfeit'ti &:42P mediate • .'''.'\ .• GOING 9:28; A,/yi.-rA/lai!> stopping-at all strtions Af- rfve sit,p|E9'|5fls6jng'y :og a in., connectino- at MOUM. witib'MF k t*,.&0,3R!, : forTupper Like AtNonvood vtitp &•¥*&,&$£.•&,%. R. for,iir pouits south rg'wth Ir f Ps anawfist) #«4 it|X>S<iensbura'with Icrry for Pies COtt, whSffi tjonjiftfttiori is m ide with through expiess trains SptfM •\*\***•• ' r Orfenfeburg and mteiftied- O^densburg- 5.55? m> 9r24PvA\.»^K)flS*ess, for stations onO. &J.. C\ R. R., Arrive at NoyvvoOd lu 171? m Ogdensblirg u'iop. in. .-. trains leave. Ogdeh&bttrg for Brushton at 5-50 a. rru, 10:30 a, m* $i$pp, m. and Mr\ed 6 io p. in, «®-TIGKJETS to all points cast ana-west on -sale at Ticket Office, • * II..A. liOV&&, ... ' R, T. WcKEEVftR, \Trafiic M«*. • General Pa$&, Agt. Rutland, Vt. fe New Tories Ottawa Railroad, Xti ^iifect August 2S, Pass, f Pass. leave 1 leave AMd PM , STATIONS .tr've. P M. Pass: ar'Ve, P, M, 6 PS . J • 30 Twpper J_,akc 6 i?; 1 ^6 Central Junction ?6#\ *i\|o CliiJclwold *& 36 *2 03 Kildare g SD iif '• Blue Pond *7 CiS *i,Ji Bay Pond Byandon J2 00 \ S4 •*\ 45 ix 35 n 25 *u u jr 02 830 7 10 5 {* $10 3a 5 20 « A.M. P.M. trains ntamag ct.iijy, except Sjjsdai, -*Sto}> O'j ^i^niU «. U , GAVS, Guteral li. . s;5Sijfc&S S;iitSii'}.tH5;K ! -<i^ 6 . 'J

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