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Facts and fallacies and Brushtonian. (Brushton, N.Y.) 1899-1905, December 02, 1899, Image 1

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%::%.: i'SJiy, ; : v • •• f f [4* •S I I - ' f c f --5. Fall •e- If you buy your furniture here you ate ns&mwl &£ getting good honest fur- tttture ttnxt galling it at a mocfota'te pstof* We cloti't sail eb-e$$>, short-lived lta*»ttur& beeatts© it doa s fc>pay you to buy fcbat fcf*Kl-, n&rlas'to' '.-sell it. Our fall showing is lit)re,- ' ' ' 0iS% $. • Y. {•Mass and Fancy Chilian 1 -are. Toilet 8et», • Collar & Cuff Boxes, Pictut'os, . Photo Albums, Perfumery, Mirrors, Papeterfss, . • • Pocketbool?$, Sterling Silver Novelties, BoQ.ks.,etc, etc. New Goods are being Q every day, and preparation' is beixig fr made for the; mere \demand for this class- ##Vf> of merchandise. THI 1 *g*S already begimting to sbowsigivsoJ; the change in the season. As the dry-goods• I market Is daily atlvaireiiig. t&e prieeof most all goods we therefore this seaaoil deem it justifiable .to; Blace orders in advance of immediate wants, and actiogfori theory have already made exteiisive purchases for both immediate ancl future , ancl at tMs pfta'ttoijter time /we would specially call your attention to some.few hftt you would do well to purchase NOW, to get the desirable styles that it b6 impossible for 3oa r to get later on.. ' -• C*0#ds aLarge Line of JDress Goods and Trimmings and .. ~ '-.•\'.' ..l«-i!yic$s are.Blght> We also have another case of that famous i 'tlti,derw#ai\ SMtts and Drawers, for 44 c^nts each. , it*§_ .-1 case 75; .pairs, gray or white, 88 cents, others 50, f>5, 75, 95 cents, «**•••••. • • i • ' • •'•'.' ,t s reimember it was hin-d.to get _ji^_ stales of these gooek* after the first, therefore tMs sea- we liate-baagfitf^fMve them in stock 40 different styles, and they are beauties, aro regular 10 ceot goods for 8 cents. . Is v 1 \^ 1 ^PP 1 .^ with Tapestry, Ingrains, Bags, &C i yatcl; square samples and short end Lace Curtains that we them. . . . . «$. Boots •* & tlou't. taJke any baeii ge&t lo'r any one, we sell good goods at reasonable prices. V ' i J* B Class*; Xov. iJTMi, a s»«n to Mr, uncl Iej Ferry. Fislier has' moved into Mra» ' hmise.. Mrs, PMlipps has , BfWigor ascookin.tisefa.oteL Ayers and f!;auglxtei% of Baugoi', moved into rooms in Mrs, Goodrich's house the first, of tho ;. DM Witt's Little Early Risers purify tiie blood, clean the liver, invigorate the system. Famous' little pills for consti- |>atioa ami liver troflbl.es, M, H. ,Q«inn. ' TM .amniial .ele'otsicra . ffC offleeps of Coirft. BrasMon, Ho,168^.I. 0. f'. will oecnr..at 3?r\o0sters\SaUaoxtTliurs^ay syemug.. Befresbmf'iifcs ..Will\ b e served after tile meeting. . .. .. I^Ste E. E, Harris was replacing a large |>atie of glass tti its box Monday tlie.. glass broke inflicting: a cttfr la his right wrist .aa4-iifsft: ! abotti five inches long ancl quite deep... '.: Thfi assessed yaluation of real estate ia'thfetomi of Moira is $6^,295;.,^ %$.' B0LtSSiz^d by. the board of superv'is- ^^.J614,805 agaiast |524 ? 605 last y.eiiy $$ increaso of $89,700, p h&B' enterdd the, rail- id; ; : ^i|| ; e. Kerfe .as ari Assistant to; Mr. ^e^tohe..: ; .©atj h,aS : had soni^ little a telegrapher and should fe-agood; 'Hightning chaser,\ He v\Weir's. .-••'•. ^iai, Bexlm, Ci Olir baby was covered with running sores, DeWitt's Witch Haze'i^alVe cur- ed hei'J' A specific for piles and skin diseases. Beware 6f worthless count- erfeits. Sold by M. M, Quinn. I/.. ~W. Oaks», a prominent builder and contractor of New Haven, Conn., who was-a resident of Bangor 80 years ago, has been visiting relatives and old friends in this vicinity. A family re- union of thirty was held here at Joseph Russell's last Sunday, The semi-annual meeting of the Tea- chers Association will b.e held in Malone Fjdday and Saturday next Week, On the program we note the following; Saturday a. m., \ English \In Intermed-' iate Grades,\ Prof. Howe of Moira, and Saturday p.m., u Advantages of Diffi- culties,\ Prof. Ilulett, Brushton. The board of supervisors hatearlopt- eda .resolution reeomniending sheriff keep the •tence at the county jail employed at har4 labor every day except .Sunday, mid that they be employed on county property including .streets, and high- ways. The siwii: te als itefeU erf the ; the r J wil pir county entertainment, f s. \;TltM is e' nmml li-e. m &Q. to .«' ••r • E» H.. T. We «rs.Jbo$iv% disftp^oi-u-femeut fta the atffc#-% up^r^^ur new .bell has not ^edmiil s^- We dM not bav-g. a musical . also Delia and ©Mli.wfeflt OB the exetn-sioii t;to Sjwfegfeld, Mass.' iafitfS^.^;'\^t'«i'ijed to # ; | ^i oBaffi|(i0tt4iatttei?s-, 'tbey goi ttoee biaoK skunks,;,i-wo.lores',to€,.git-.rabijitB' to \0iie iay, ttie witoie pJoeetMte ata^mftng to f&Jg., 4 pret% good fla^s work.. iMon visited .Constable last HunitinS came near having a ttWlptSiiiiday, his pigpen caught, flie : '#ti& -was.tje^rily consumed. Miss MitmitlSeiley wag badly bitten-by. a <Jog last Saturday night, under her left eye.-\ - ' . • . Mr. Lawrence had a cburning that took Mm Hi bours last Tuesday, 841 pounds of buttet was tbe outcome. apcbael\is on tile sick list, it is feared that lie has caught #ie prevailiiig. fever. .. 3crM Cotidon w&s tke guest of Miss Delia Harfey last pniKlay Mghfc., . tTehave,gi*eat emse' fot: we af0- r oat door bus the ordfe*'Q$ the day. MIV J. PANSY. , Sedalia, Mo., sa>ed bis !iwte .Cotigis Care. . gts&n he? tip to die vrttb, cro«p for congte, e'oMs. Th© person of soiae o floes not reafl a »ews- idisiiot -wortlt making ^ waaieet to' t ©f ^tJ^fct '•SoWbyM.*£v •L t - V—V i T SSfiS^f •_. rSjvi^M-fc?.*_$ ;/->,^'vf. * > 'I / ' '•\'^ '•;;•> ' >iff^\'^-^^-'^f-' : ^^^ ^' '\ • ***'***\ '\\*\* - s --'- '*• \CVA-45 \!* -^s

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