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Facts and fallacies and Brushtonian. (Brushton, N.Y.) 1899-1905, October 21, 1899, Image 4

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«t «»Mrti*a •••••••>$ . umm 4 p tW* * Trtsh j e hewn A Gentfe W60 of Western Birth \ «0 mwtftt siafy (h? Mnounmnmit ih&l the &td htfUh-htingert Mood's fp Utfe of iht hitih of mi emjof £<W he*lifu\ It b iht &m teffahU specific for th? cure # Answered, fjuliool tTie W At small gives tUo cUlhliW -written cxer- es ia the Fwgll&h laagmigd; some- times they copy poetry frohi the blnelc- of write ; i : l ail tu to ita&xl to i . a milliner. 10 Btak by tetter was & jet me Resented, *• — ... Housewife—Get away from you scfti'octowi ^ Dhuial Dawso»—1 ain't 1 no scare- ww,'. I jus! trqdecl clothes >vlth that's aU,—-I»dhmapolis 3* \iW k Hj^f^ff*3»7*WT^AV'TTr|J/^!^l^rtf^rt»5'?W»>^t'**' ll ^ p * hIi;n fT ' IE irti w \ \ •• '-ifturTT.tiytfi'ffiVV 1 ^ 6*> \Wfe»\J*V?* I^V^* ^Tp^f • l^fcW CS *^^V^P^^**fl l IIWif9W^ ' < hint i •PS a© few? ftffe ©f frttblf•.•«-»! gmssf itw I h«a«1 of tills o«() io kXii&n, wfts aead «»i -ftft twl ft 1w% tm. out »», amli l**mtr li kitten i-mild s*tUl be Wr#dl ( m& W dug dowWiHls law tUe £i*tt&g 8iwl a long search, the olcT *ai latent* m » _ Hiffc nilte we ga?e wp the'. tto took up a book, i«tw$t$f't<j fe«#» But <hti uM eat followed t»-f, ftii tne most piteous iwvvlgv \§0kU ; uwtlei'StnaOi etearly itt&t;$§s$ t$$f find and save her kitten if l./tffi look again,I nm sore it. to say, so we I seai'rtted aacl Mti ly, the eafc watching i; iiine ni^o efforts wet'*? success, and the Ultima' the worse fov its and coatent reignoil ia ttoe Hefti't of the cat.-—Loudon An Eass-jr Life. What a cheerful fellow Graft- e? is That is how he makes his liy- —What? By laughing? fYes. He lawgh« at otaei' .p.eo« iokes and tbew. borrows them, . '.. - Ha«l to Ptnpi •\What interests you so deeply^' si* asfeed. ^ ***t am trying to make ha answered, \whether tlmFTpfig m (lie labie is my new waste tiaikei ^$- side down or your new Mt light Mcl« up.\ Professor Hadley, tKe ±i©W ]pgj§e of Yale* recently resttff&et .Mrti^l* ' \the most nervtrus n^a«©ft earth\ the most nervtrus ,©ft. stiikes terror to . T HE very word *• operation Soul. Nearly always these operattoixS become s throttgiriieglect. ' If the menses are very painful t or too frequent and get the light adyice at once and Stop taking 1 chances. It will cost you nothing for advice if you Write to Mrs. Prakham. at Lynn, Mass,, for it, and if you let the trouble run along it will surely cost you a great Seal of pain and may mean an operation. ;#oaii^. • -\• WOMEN AVOID OPERATIONS Miss SARAH;J. GRAHAM, Sheridaitville, Pa., writes: \DEAR MRS. PINKHAM :—I had suffered f ot sev- eral years with female trbubles and doctored until I was dfecourage.d.^ 1 felt wretched and tired of living;. I had dis- ease of kidneys, bladder trouble, dropsy and bloating, had womb trouble and a large tumor had forinedT; in fact all my organs were out of fix, » ' • • • * • Seeing*, woman's letter prais- ing your remedies, I Wfdtfe to her and she begged of tm |s ' it, telling me all that it for her. I bought sia Lydia E. Pinkham> Compound and now caniol ^3t^ press my gratitude to you. **\ ttmiOr begati to come '\m pieces and 1 got bettefc jpsSl,i time. 1 bi&teve ^ntirelf- : iui^& \ My doot^rs coujtd it at fir§ti as tfeey •,^»II I It is v&b l«$t by ptotnpt •tteni|cmj *toldam** i^Yic^* P^ 1 ,JfT\l V - \V j , f ,',',,' your o-^if fiMt %W$zktm, M&W p»Lv s lie«?«;? ie Iftara to My J^fH^lS, SiAA^ fast. f ii .ft -s ^,. Hgi-owa faa aod ftiotitfi, atnl |fc fiwfc ofall. of e^#to %^m M$k %U$ M&$$ How tte iW#Mf«' ftoi to -b6 i^tlf «tt silt, feat jst#.. ifi ' & £&m- <%k- sfefi,j(i eftillf witliott iajg: ^ toM|lisla|,«ia|iy^g toulo so ^^jM^P^' lt^oii' p;i»eei«^ft- ttp *A- pM-we, .m the k ||i- tfie' 'frijBge .pi iii l or, | . \Mder\ has placed Ihe li th resfc of the p % all. I loalclog fo^^iiie thimble •toueli a»|r|i||^g or moy® .ai their -seftf6liV \ftiict\ tfh.es oae. . the ihitoble fee mn&k riot ery out, th ifci!\ ' ' \ Perfect silence jshotilct prevail, »ncl whew tiie boy or girl sees |t he; or she iaijsl sil ilNyfe <m & P%hii% $0 So; ois <m So; i ^jj^4.^| 1 i •jfcfc. Is- '#i9i^ef often Mp have seen. ifMoftM two or aren wiE siaild itofttijl^ te^ thimble and yet jtievei' see it this ia gudli ftta for tio^e •who already §0H % .' Of eom'Se joti jaust not j immediately mto a claair the yon have seeu the thimble, as that ^vould betrtty at osee where it -M but walk away &ad took w. direction andthensit 4 (N. J.) A Battle tiTitli a »Ircl. The loon, ot great northerii diver, is a po-werfdi bifd. 1?ii<> foildwing itt- atance of ok« of them eoa^iiei'ittg a ft few fejlts ago* /H j \ $oviavi|eotiR* get the skia of one of these # beati|if«i birda to pieseat to Ms toiskessop her bil'thctay. —- One clay the youth, wlio was && adept ia iaiitating the peettliar sob- bin^ ery, ol the looa, succeeded in calling' a bif(l wlthii shooting dis- tance. Btis shot., however, iailed to kill outtigli^ and the bird, though so severely wQiiii«1edl that ifc couW neither swim nor dive, yefc retalftfecl sufficieait life anti slrettgih to remaia upright ia h i tChe boj, tWakiBg that his game && not seed aaother sliol, swam, out to tl i% |fe '$k 1 hd 't» w&!^ tiatll the i' !*• •!{'••\ • , :0:$\i-:'j:« ••••!•••? *S \ if$$WM':&*~- ':', \;'•:'•; . i~'' '' , ~ \\>•';•':•• 'r'^v'^^'^''^ mm- <g|p)^iwj! * fc^'3if|il' i^l»!i| Miiites sending its 'hftfid -afel 'mtik ot# t^l* sprltiglike »tt #yfew-fro1ti a feotr* ll was only by *,fStii&fe#4i-4fe-^1 Mf fe»#ihat tiie In- illitt SUM#l^itt...g$i^gL the blow. $£# -• J 8#»ii:!. iil&ttt \lh#' %on several times, attemptiug to cUsii in mifl seize Ma'by^s »««* telim» w*vjbM y about t y Bufe of in iaaiiuaaMy o«ti wtth 1*1*. IRw Is&W tlt*» $w»?ft tti* t*j» », lew jta«& of th# wndet? kittt,, wHli liim toy tUd >?uler» *a(j| ted fiewely, Ms Uoht, Bni when tfa'ey b^ttt *«*» to the aHrfa^A again a frttitlf jpoy»J b^* gAa^ ilia I»<Jka se»kt»g i<* wry WH pv«y Atlioye, JH«<1 tfee bM Attftm|>ih3tg kfa MB It cedom, ^fhe fefel, how* -was -kjfihimieh for the XtMliftJft had eat^t'^a » f U l ...... » T ^ ^ ^ » \ ^ T • 4 rV -V* ' full ow fhe imkfitl olje^t Ut» W fatal, tov ft» dose to %)i§ v<m{h?» h I&v-Htii uini KMi'ciiiU*. Wliftf JB the mystery oC tli« e Bow different is om> aaswav fi'Offi of the AtteUait OveeKs. Wo km shall we>fee soii'y?—ihftt it in bfl iieeted souncl !l'o the Ch*e.e&s- ^ waH a beautifitl wood is & story of hex; Ta hei* childhood she was lillle sprite, ever dancing through woods and rocky giving happiuessi to herself, hev veJty winsomeaess, to otli^tS, one day she iaeuvred the of her mistress, the rjueen. Juno, who, as punishment, <•« be* 1 always to repeat the others, aad never utter her own., answer and not speak first, At first this* did aot seem W a pnaishmettt to Echo, Soo^, how« ever, her companions begfia to (ot* sake her, aad she fouad hers'elf evet' ia loaely and solitary places. As she safe listening mteufciy one day for some soufu^whateveiHt might be, for she wan Always eager for any* thing to iree her from the silence she otherwise must keep, she heard the sound ot a hunter's\hor&. She parted the bashes and peered through theta in search of the cause, And there 9aw Narcissus, the beautiful son of the river god, Cephisus. Echo no sooner Saw the handsome but dejected face of Narcissus than she longed to run to bim and implore him to stay with her aad comfort, her loneliaess. Alas! Bhe could not speak until he had spokea. Narcissus had become lost from hi* companions ia the hunt, aad now* after hearing a faint response to his .horn,, he shouted \Halloo^'* Soflly and joyfully Echo answered •'Halloo/' \Where are you?\ called Narcissus. *>Yhere f are you?\ repeated Eeho t \Oome here,\ cried Narcissus. Though Echo repeated the words, she knew he could not see hei'» and she sped quickly towards him aael stood before the astonished hunter, looking up to him, liappy hut dumb* \Vyith scorn Narcissus said, **J don't want you,\ Echo was ao more beau- tiful to him than the many other nymphs who had met him. And so the light faded from tlae lovely girl e eyes and she moved away with bowed head. Narcissus, however suffered for M» unkindness. As he gazed iato a clear fountain, while on aaofcheit.r4ral>le, hg became fascinated by the lovely face which looked back at hilni from th» water's depths He tried to embrace the beautiful form, but as he disturbed the water the picture vanished. Again, as it reappeared* lie tried m vain to grasp it, Aad yei again $nd agaia he hied, forgetting time and all else, till he himself wasted away to a meie shadow oi his fonaei r beauty and finally died. But the gods did not Wish to much beauty to perish, and so they let his soul live on iu the fairy 1 flower which bears his same.- * \ Q. Fish, in Chicago Becord. Tht, Bnd, \What have you bee» mHiu& j dear*? * asked Mfs. Beechwood of her the }mi m6L „ writes, V replied thegfxi. ~\l'bia note tell« Mr, Howewood fhafc I ha^e emm<\ to love him,\—Pittafoirg Ohi^ajde ^lh ^ :

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