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Facts and fallacies and Brushtonian. (Brushton, N.Y.) 1899-1905, August 03, 1899, Image 2

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Faot? * Fallacies I%ftble etrtetty i ON cnususe H. SMITH, - Bra*bto&,N. Y. 30B J?11INTIM of an Muds exeoatod jmatiptly, ana »t reasoHSMs piicee, at this joffiecu maxim thai time is. money conl& not- receive a more pertinent il» lafetration than in the proportion to t a tunnel between England and at a cost of $50,000,000, Xh« toward public ownership of of transit ia also shown in proposition that the English gov. shall be the constructor. a tunnel would materially lessen ilia time of carriage between New York WBLH liondon and is expected to make am Important port of Galway. If ever ' s*^,i^a^ pefcjait ttt^ construction of a tun&ejl beneath the JEngHsn ^ _; -.flxj&L- : '06xitifiieftt> will be f a£|>j;eei&bly nearer in time of '%# : ife#64Bt^ Tfc & itiitfr oiiTffttxfy is Ispt'- Lm&mJk& t wsti together,-in new Sai Seen\ undertaken of the Berking Insti- lJi|i4 in Boston, in loeat- llnd persons inHewBiig- ate m feeed of instruction in or in work that will %d a ^h.school will not ft%0pt years of age, I&& grateful Perking ikose who rife ex- from th* ^ self- a|e to find-out then to give Ar« Toe ravestigatlon Ju the foods of this couutry now being conducted by Pro- fessor Atwater a^ President of the States Food Coiaml^stou, hm far enough to sliow that as a rule, our diet is not «conoinleal. How im- portant ttife m&Uer is may be judged from the fact tluit the family of the ayprage American laboring man has less than ,' 500 per year to Hv\Mra and that fully half of this Is sponiNPbr food. Where the income is less than this amount A greater proportion goes for food. \When the income rises the amount expended for food advances proportionately. \ ^ It may be seen, therefore, that a mis- take 'in the matter of selecting and using economical food is the gravest errot of domestic management that the ordinary family' can make. It is among the poorer families, too, that these er- rors are most frequent. It is a fact that articles of food are served every day on the tables of the vgealthy and the well-to-do vhich are rejected by their poorer 'neighbors who have a false pride in buying \the best that the market affords\ for their families. They seldom do get the be,ft, even When tffisy pay. % high price for it,, and it is frequently true that tot the price they do pay they co.tjiii r g0t twice the amount of ac|u# nupinj^nt in some cheaper an«l ti|flti,% djesii^ble forjaj. i i ^| ^ meat fe not always fe be determined by. tfee;''rJiafk^Jipr^e>^.^ food is*\-t&a-t ^ JlJ ' j: —^ is and is Ae/. to &f a-re- ^ simply ti?att-' or their saght'itf ; ijj' eyes as freely as ^th:esB_,people' to t<» i*«d % -ite: sense of^ touch is Bating«'ef:-. '©f eighty . and mueli; Merited feoni the . food that is the flfest m ; ^ and flavor, and tlie/Wghestlp price, is seldom • the most ecoiioiSjicai -according. to this definition; MgtireS show that a quarter of a dollar invested nn the sirloin of beef pays for: a. meat which yields three-eiihtb/s/ df a, poUnd of ac- tually nutritive mjatenai, \fhls would contain one-sM% of si pound' of pro- tein and one-fifth : of a pound of fat t arid supply ljl20 ealoMes of energy. The same amount of: money paid for oysters bring two pUntes of actual nutriments, kn ounee pi' prptein, and 280 calories,of eiiergy. But 'M bu/ying Wheat flour tte twenty-Afe eemtb pays for six and ft 0U,ftrfeet pon&ds of nutri- ments, Witn eight-tonths of a poiiad/ of . and tl,t^5 s calories of energy. ^. in fdvor of wheat tit, but it do/es ! shdw 4 tb7at oysters,: eggs and other fbods of a like nature are ordinarily mdst expensivg kinds of -food for the §O0» ^an.»~E. W. Mayo, Iti Aiaslee's. . -_ story abclut ^dmfeil 0ewey conies from Manilttt Jcdnilral Dewey stnd 0en. Otis, ae&GmpaaJs>$ by a |>arty pi'women, steamed u# '{%<$ • Bjafeig Eiver to pay an olfieifil visiCto 0ptteral King. Landing, tbo party, sfiiintorou toward, General King's liyadguarteps, TteCt to a hifohiftg.po^t was a \Filipino pony,. As the party parsed \o the rea,r the pony launched out both hiss bind feet at one of. the women of/ the pai*ty< Quick as was the pqny,' Admiral Dewey was Quicker, fat .like a. ft?ts)i he sprang wiili his bnck to Wie horse be- tween the hoofs and the threate»«ifl womaru, TJia-Admirxil iwieiwd the forceof tho^ flying hoofsand l^ their marks. ~\ ™ An the »party disapneaied'\it'om i Tiow in the building n rush was made 'for the pony by the soldier^ ana-the of- fending shoes were wrenched off and carried away proudly by their possess- ors, who-believed'they had souvenirs worth boasting ok—New York Press. ride from the city on \&'tfly/ ^m t / to, chase, the ba/li over the g^nft twe/p/ ©Ighieen'/ boles ; ' ig /fe<ffisj|| 'and' Jie\ has • 1 ;51^©| he has ' inquiitfd ' J: '$kS$'•, -the \lingo\ of the game.JVt^ eouraged, \The game he is quoted as sayiBg/ Mi *Bd I have too many other Subjects* t think I \will leave the matter aod the rest, for they lii well.\ Secretary Gage hW to Chevy Chase, and the: lints are al- most in sight of his sunimef hbliireV— Kew Saven Palladium, ' put Connecticut Jnclgres to Wear Gowxp. A committee of Judges \from tbe Su-' preme Court of Errors .and from the gu|tei?Ieicr6otfi',t, consisting of Juclge ^Fudge Robinson, and Judge i^ been at work for mtna aefismg the rales of court ^ at a meeting of the ei'ty printed slips-<Jf-the te«lfk>A s©me 150 rul^s, were distrib- uted ana tMtenative scneme was com- mented it&~®&, but not adopted. !£he revision prptjdes, among pother things referring to tbe court/ that ~all Judges of the Supreme and Superior Courts shall wear gowns while presiding at a terardf mw r t, and that the sheriff and deputies of alt thfe counties, in. attend' ance upon court, shall wear a prescrib- ed uniform, probably similar to those that are worn in the Hartford County Court—Hartford (Conn.) Courant. doll in t1»e Cabinet. All the members of the Cabinet ex- cepting Secretary of Agriculture Wil- son, Secretary of Na'vy- Long, and Postmaster General Smith, play golf Secretary Long -.has heard* so much about it that he admits he has-begun te play it in imagination, and Will some day hire the implements and a caddie and go out to the Ci#vy Chase Club to walk over the links. Attorney General Griggs is the star player of th.e Cabinet #tf& sitd i$ . ; -• f...•,,£!\*v*\**''•*• ( Ijafcy.e.yon: ?;••-' Work rig! •\' : 3 4'.Styes. Price \^•feee'Trip I1O0.60 m go! \other prizes amatcursi Sefld.for Free Cataloguo t \ •' Usk fbf gajrie at our! ; JRtay Co., Opti. Specialist in lenses a,t the parloro of the. -day, %pt. i, 1800, at Brasher Falls, Aug< thereafter. Exaimh \guaranteed. Com6 correctly fitted for gla

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