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Ticonderoga sentinel. (Ticonderoga, Essex County, N.Y.) 188?-1982, December 15, 1955, Image 5

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I w mH'-KHl'imiii* i i r j j V \IUIIIL\ H J i l W 2^J?__Comegetvuluem mjtentj..* . iA ^MMm _V >,j.-,4. .;-»,;-.1-;,\;g-_1;._ A . -‘_{‘g‘.4_,‘_..+ ~:~ z,-\.~V ': 3 s§v#;.;%2 -T E 2 of ~a_u\5j Ip- e her^vheellng-lieVL-J Authority hasAprprovedi %£$46$, 000 prpgrjwn t o r tr|««)T»ltt|PLji, jointly1 with t*ck u t i l U t e ^ S/U hwr* repce RlV^r poWet tp Vo^irjiont* pla.UsfeurjjIt ar»d Bati§burjRH A i r Force Bases •pie ptaft w a s smtnounjceijl at^«c a meeting; h'eift hjf Chairwiian ^Ldb^rt Jfrloseis \ H e said t h e aMjfoorlty wo\flfi spend about ?5^25,OQ0 in greeting •a neiw 2130-kflovoit transoussioji } line f r t m ^ s s e na , to fti£ VerinotiS; s t a t e Am,e n e a r s r>i^-sbui|!ri„ Uhjder, the-aTiangeipents Jtos^s said t h e N i a g a i a Mohawk Power porp and t h e NewXTqlit Srate E i e e t u c a n d d a sp o r p *\\wilL ^pfend a p a i o s i m a t e l y $ 1 ^ 5 , 0 0 0 ^fo? stiength6nmg then: pfce^ent facil L^ies tocacry apoi>tipn oftrue Vex mont povyer; t,o t h esouihern, s e c tmn of t h e state Delivery of ijower. f i o mfeegiant hydroelectric ptoject i s scheduled to s t a r t mi958 A total of 140,000 kila,\icatts of river powei V^ill b e c a ^ r i e i to i h e three consumers under t h e au t h o r rty plan About 90 perc e n t of & t h e a u t h ou t y estimated, will flo=vv ovef the au t h Q i i l y s line v/luch yntt c au y 80 pei c e n t of t h eF e i m on j . powoi and all of t h epowei ctllotted, to P l a t l s b u r g h a n d t h e Aiir Torce Base Moses, intlie ^aferjcieiit, safd' jffic' utilities wou.ld b e , paid ''k. trajis- 'mission c h a i g e t o hefixdd \bycon- t r a c t on thebasis qf a -fair return on capital in^estmjfht.\ . *• N i a g a r a Mohawk said i t plan al- nod\oextend it? Iransnuistor^sys- lML_DZ._£2m2lru5tlng t i e v 115-kllp- volt lines and~transf6rmer-facilit- ies f 10m vyiliitehall to t h estaile line near Rutland, Vt., andfrom North T i o y to the s t a t e line n e a r Ben- nington, Vt. CropsPktMi@d> W h e r e Is a g r i c u l t u r e g b i n g in the Gentury ahead? T h a t is one .of thesubjects whioi will receive major a t t en t i on W h e n ! the New. Y o r k . S t a t e HpiitacuitoiraL Spciety holds i t s 101st anriiiai meeting In the Rochester W a r Memonal Jan 17 20 195S Theme oi the meeting and a n expanded exhibition is T h eSecond Centuiy of Horticultural Progress* In keeping with this ' forward look more t h an a y e a i a g oplan- ners of themeeting b e g a n looking atound for exhibits and s p e a k e i s thai would c a rr y ou t this theme One of the s p e a k e i s booked Is Whcelei McMillcn c h a i i m an of the Council for Agricultural and Chenvmgic Research The council is engaged in c an y i n g forward a g i e a t progiam of r e s e a r c h both public andp n v a t e to find new u s - es for existing crops and to find, new crops which wouU be m o r e profitable for farmers T h e soybean is cited a s one of the examples of howthis w o r k s I t was b r ou g h t from M an c h u r i a b y plant explorers tested u n p r o v e d . Today It is grown o nthousands of acres I t provides feed for livestock a n d h u m a n s , paint oil pla9U.es J o - , ber and scores of other pioducts used in industry It replaces t h ou - sands of a c r e s t h a t otherwise might beu s t d to p r o d u c e surplus crops McMillcn's gioup has found in. numerable tuses f o r waste farm, products in i n d u s t r y aivd it holds t h a t the greatest is yet to come T h e Council receives n o public funds It is supported by^ duesand contubutions of its m e m b e r s and acts as a clearing house to initiate j m d_promote research MeMmeii w i l F b r m g to t h eRochester m e e t ing a f i r i t - h a n d r e p o r t c»n develop ments t h a t a r ej u s t a r o u n d t h e c o m e r of the Second Gentufy §:§:?1.*»~*g ~.,. _,,,.,,.w M -~1‘~ ..':.$~‘!= .«'i5.1£ l3f\ Ptu: ^$m^M<®£ mwvwwet T^aneckMsmPUui^ ^7»th 'First' Today -^MMMSt*-iO«imo C A G a t a n , o f Teaneck, rl« J „plans to m a k e t h e opening \of t h e T h r u w a y ' s Hudson fpyeriti&Sifc todajr bis; 479th first. i T h e |Fh^ttw«y.-Authority a n - npwnee& WJMse.fib.pt Catan would pht.Mf: f|tgt: StKcent' t o l l to cross tine tJiree'-ntHe' Tarrytown-Nyaek * p i n ' ; ' -' * '••-.'^\ *••' • • ^Phe b.r'idge i s to beppeped late ^t&uay*' \'a^t#ri -ceremonies eele- g a t i n g .tjii^of/eiiing t ol o l l\ traffic , h | i n . f ^ - p ^ J f e i ^ n r w a y s t r e t c h be-^ ..•teeen , ^ f r | r i i apdlow§f Yonfters. . V.“\'~‘3 .-vu. at '54,. ‘i. at:-?,‘§_‘.3. ‘lat: . :54. M :.r~ T13, 5‘§‘?,= * ^$m^M<®£ mwvwwet 125 m «pnpfc >Th* A ^ « * t „ * er t w m« wjHtieespwlallynoM Pdnda^ f# - & < * #« * Methpd^t- OtuTChin aifoipejrri«tMce, Mnd'fe arkvltiea 9^ th»Ifcthodlsfe rhu^i Pellovsn^p --' \ ^f A* 43t>p. m.fon.Suhliiy itiX«* ,jBt steeplal Chnslmas.; VesperprO\ gram of armsicfortjh^s*«w>n,Mr*. V/ilMs Cf. T«wbleyrjchoU5^fc«itoa^ ha$ b^en&rra«)ging theprograrn* and J^ Aithur Antler isHhe dr^ati- jst Jn^ttiwnental^vocW choral, and piano musie will beMncludedt En addition tocongregational jslng- Blg ' I ' T h e Instrumeotal music will b e rendered o n trombone, t r u m p e t , and French horn, yriih t h e Christ- m a s music especiaily a r r a n g e d l o r Hie purpose Vocal music will i n - clude a sfrprapp solo, and rendi- tions by a q u a r t e t ifronfthe choir T h e r e will h e . a Christmas medley played onpiano andorgan T h e Chancel Choir willtsing t h e following anthems \The Hollyand the I v y\ old English carol, \When J e s u s Was *A L i t t l e B o y , ' W a r t h , 'T h e S h e p h e r d ^ Vision,\ Rosa Tn addition, t h e Garoleis Choir and the Chancel p h o i r will sing to- gether, ' O Christ Ch>14 Sweet,\ Bach-Lorgriz ahd t h eCarolergVill sing \Long Y e a r s AgoO'erBe\j!rile- h e m ' s Hills,\ H a r i i h g t o n T h e Youth Fellowship will have the annual Christmas p a r t y a t 6 p m , at thechurch, for all m e m - b e i s of t h e yoiiEth division of the church school A ninformal recrea- tion period will b eheld, and a r e - eord will beh e a r d entitled, ' H o w Christmas Came *' T At the 7 30 p mhourtheyoung people will make—their—annual C h n s l m a s presentation for the public m t h e s an c t u a r y entitled 'A Promise Fulfilled\ The p r o - g i a mis in t h r e e p a r t s depicting the prophecy of t h e Comingof the Chi i s t thefulfillment of theprom- ise i n thebirth of Jes^us and the compulsion of a l l believers t o t a k e ftie message to all t h eworld T a b - l e a u x aspeech choir, a singing group, andindividual speeches will b e t h e methods employed in t h e presentation. Young people Who will participate include. Patricia Catlin, Rurtland Peria, Joan Ques- nel, Gerald Crammond, George Burrill, Howard Rathlbun, Dean Doilbtecl?., Shirley Hill, Mildped Ladd, Bartoara Spring, M a r y J h n e Wlhitcomb, Anne, andDonald Liet- zenmayer, Riith Steele. Also Lola Armstrong, MaryE l - len P e a r s o n , Cheryl Moore, Velma T-ohrwon—Sandra Walters, M a r g a i - e t Peaison Ma»y Louise Clarke, Robeit Rand, B a r b a r a Smith, Ed- w a r d Belden Donald Gregory Liince Dolbeck Edward Daniels William and—Normari—ReitfaT-Bic.h-' %l w Available THroughout 1 v Tlie Ijfcilidlaj Reason ow tifr'Che>T*iregvn # ^ m ext*M|M ou^brdiB^l „„ ing cov«hJ'i4 miwhp>| *$&*', Jftr. Donald Diclw»r)l» *vdmfv Th^U cQfffitaisiloneiV fljnnovuni^ed MjS^d»j?^ \Sinceft*c ^ e e e . ^ s t H M i c - Irernety seiloua for b^Wesf under o p ^ y e a i ,\ J3r JDjcrlcson feaid, '*\sfe set up aj/qfrtfjfijtyl Imfnurtiaatl&n and boostervchftk \^ftfrf jpreTspKodt chlldten \ Theelinlft was conducted fcyD r H\ C VahAbker a h d 125 ehildreji reeeiyed^ndtSf Wekspn. u r ^ e d allp childifeii/wiho nn'rnuni^d, tci i h S i ) l l ! »f l >i*4T« . _ .«jJ'“1\ /I 72$ 4\‘! Ii?-'< \ An OliDM4V«B TIcon<lerofta, BankBldj OliDM4V«B SERVICE \v A1, 9' ‘s '. \ ’. ‘w \o\ xii;-¢;§,«-., «Q4». ‘\.:=. §< ‘E Am TIcon<lerofta, N.Y . PhoneI \\p* GALORE! \ .~\? .7 3..'.3;~,~C*, y,- m‘ T ;‘a*Fé:x;»““a %'c.~F£’z Nows thetunetomakejQUIfust movetow,aid making Chiistmai. rnenj shop A&Pfor ill Sour holiday foods I t s easy andeconomical to choose Irom out grand au a y of splendid holiday values anduondeiluj. foods that aie '~;‘u;::£ ./ T-'1 RoyB3.JLasli,Authorized Dealer Thfe Village Inn, ILiong JLafce, Jtf.X* ideal foi Chnslmas giving' OPEN UNTIL9P.MNEXT WEEK. WEDNESDAY THURSDAY&FRIDAY (Carole Woodai'd Tot To Leave Hospital Here (Continujed Fioni P i g e O n e ) ! P i e s e n t s haven o t only been sea-it lo C a i o l e s pai ants foi t h s child but to F a t h e r Shaver a s well Hte said theio a i elots of i>a-cl ages fot Caiole i s well as for h u threesis Lois and two-b r o t h e l s Jimmy9 Diana, 8, Bi'et.t^5j^BQnhie^Sp-'eV;:3, and AileeiL, six ih'5fttH& ;fafd'. 'a*riv|1fl*tai ,*'\8p('^''s^< 4 P TENDER,MEATY,READY-TO-COOK TURKEYS 18 to 26 ISs 8 to 16Lbs e r i o becertain offine Christmas feasting . . . order an A&Pturkey! -And to besureofgetting just exactly thesizeyourequire, do itright away! A&P turkeys aresomething special! . , bred especially t o provide theutmost for grand feasting Atea w omen Be Waves SUPER-RIGHT SHORT S H A N K WHOLE SOFTMCATED REGULAR L u i n O U e y a IOVEN READY lb 630 TRIM C * ^ * • -—L I ftf|C -. .L / c SUPER-RfGHT,HEAVY CORN-FEDSTEER.B.EEF 3TeilK5 PORTERHOUSEOR SIRLOIN Dnnctc SUPER-RIGHT,HEAVY CORN-FEDSTEER BEEF K O Q 5 T S TOP ROUND OR BOTTOM.ROUND ' Pork Loins Pork Loins WHOLE 10-12 LBS S m o k e d 7-RIBPORTION S m o k e d E E C LB 3 3 JLQC IB Q ' Z A C IB W T F .. . LB49c SMOKED PICNICS LB33C GLfJQNS FALLS—Mrs. Mary L.. GroomiS;' Disbursing Clerk F i r s t Class, USN, t h eWAVE Recruiter in Albany, will arrive in Glens Falls onTuesday, December 20 to interview young women interested in joining t h e WAVES.She m a y he conltaeted a t t h e Navy Recruit- ing Station, W a rr en ' C o u n t y Build- ing, Broad and South S t r e e t s{' \thTDUghoutt h e day. LEAN HAMBURG2 - 7 7 SUPER-RIGHT S H A N K P O R T I O N FRESHLY G R O U N D I B39c Little Carole will siayiii'ome for an indefinite time a n dfltt'en-^willb placed in the SunnyvieW Mospila] in' Selienectady, Which is Supported by the state. Tbion will come t h e process oC fitting artificial a i m s and hands to Uielittle-giil and. teaching her to use-them'. I t wilj Laike a long time, doctor^ say Wihile in thehospital here, liitle Carole became the darling of the staff and patients. The. frienpy;| tot made visits to others' hospitals ized and it w a s a louchijig, appealV ing sight to see her^vheellng-lieVL-J doll carriage^ through pvecorridors. It will be a joyous reunion at Uie/ Woodard home tomorrow or S a t - urday. W h a t better Christmas pre- sent could there possibly be than to have little Carole back with her loved ones for t h e Yuletide season1 COOKED HAMS - 3 9 SUPER-RIGHT REGULAR SLICED BACON V«26c HEADED A%0DRESSED UBS49C ]'B35c ]'B35c r Pork Chops BroilersorFryers 4 9 ' 18 MSTCENTERCOTS FRESH NATIVS ' O f t READY-TO-COOK IB O JL A%0DRESSED V , L« «S2 5C WHITING Stuffing Suggestions... Mrs. Grooms s t a t e d t h a t there are openings in allbranches of the WAVES • and especially in pro- grams under which, prior to enlist- ing, qualified young women a r e guaranteed attendance at aNavy trade school. - All enlistees a r e transferred to theWAVE training center at BambHdge, Md., for a period of abouft 9 weeks of indoc- trination andbasic training, guid- ance and classification. C J A N E PARKER STUFFING-BftEAD LS22C J A N E PARKER HERB S E AS O N BROCCOLI BUNCH 2 9c STUFFING BELL'S «•«23u Seedless Grapefruit PINKo r RED E A 2L BS 5C SEASONING 2, 0 Z«6 S2 1C A N N PAGE G R O U N D S A G E . Bcmcincis YELLOWR-PE C a l i f , P asca l C e l er y M u s h r o o m s Mcintosh Apples E m p e r o r G r a p es D O S C\ e a r s MEDFORDU.S. NO. 245i« BCH 2 5C .0!CAN15C LB 4 9C T h e primary function of recruit training is toprepare personnel for life in theNa\jy. Recruits learn to conform to t h eNavy p a t t e r n ; to observe its customs andtraditions; arid—to-iffcmain, a t thesame time, individuals. They acquire know- ledge and skill in naval subjects, and become physically fit for the duties which lie ahead. They de- velop, high standards of responsi- bility, conduct, andm a n n e r which p i on i b t e - p r i d e ih themselves'and in the. Navy. They learn to recog- nize their place ih and their im- portance to theNavy. After basic training, aWAVE m a y be assigned to a trade school Where thecourses vary from 3 to 42 weeks in length^Of^the 61dif- ferent occupational fields i n \the Navy, 27 a r eopen towomen which| gives ' t h e m awide field. SNOW-WHITE 4[>KG3 9c 2L B S2 9C Swamon Fror., Besr7TurT.ey, Chick. TV-DINNERS »« 7 5l fROZEN HEAT AND EAT U.S. NO. 1 S *usJ v 8 0Z MORTON'SPTs28PK°CS53C EXCELSIOR FROZEN CALVES LIVER * «59c JANE PARKER FAVORITE FRUIT CAKE 3 LB2 . 6 9 - 5 LB3.9# OVER%FRUITS | # k &NUTS-1V2LBS Holiday Suggestions.. • tfEAOY-TO-USE WALNUT MEATS^ - 4 9e O C E A N SPRAY CRANBERRY SAUCE 2I L B W N S39C DOLE'S orDELM O N T E FRUIT COCKTAIL2<B K C A N S4 7C WORTHMORE OLD FASHIONED CREAM DROPS\ < \ «2 5c DOIE'S or DEIMONTE PINEAPPLE JUICE • •<*ua**2r W O R T H M O R E ASST. H A R D JOLLY ROLLS\ < * ^ 2 9c W O R T H M O R E ASST. CANDY BALLS ^ ° ^ 2 9C M I L D , M E L L O W COFFEE EIGHT O'CLOCK LBBA575C R I C H , FULL-BODIED COFFEE RID CIRCLE < ^ 8 f VIGOROUSAND WiNEY BQKAR COFFEE1 L B 8«89C PINDLESS SWISS CHEESE * 6 9c ASSORTED COCKT-A41- CHEESE __Jn±t™$f_ SUNSHINE PineapplePie JANE PARKER. EACH Angel Food BarorRing ParkerEA O&CBoiled Onions 2 4 J —- .^ ! - ,iOR_FRYING,BAKING & PT 1%>yC QT C 1 C OBAUIQ SALADS—gal\ n 1 9 3 EOT» * . BOT 3 M Peanut Brittle Yukon Beverages _FOR _FRYINGxBAKING & PT 1%JC QT SALADS-galcan 1.93 BOT • • ' . BOT LB« »0C SOPHIEfAAE BOX * * T 3QUARTO E C BQTS« * 3 CONTS Tomato Soup ANNPAGE 2 CANS 31c 33c Blended Asparagus DEL 141/z O Z MONTE CAN R e y n O l a S ALUMINUM FOIL * ROLLS5 1 ROLLO ) 7 ' Borden's or Phi la ROL S C RE AM CHEESE ROLL 8 0 Z P?CG Sealtest Cottage Cheese <£< 25 Sharp Cheddar Cheese 35? Llbby's CauliflowerFroMn2 £ £ 4 f Libby'sGRJJNBeans FRQZEN2 Libby's S t r a w b e r r i e s ^ ibb y Vf ro k ew P ern 9 Q^ PKGd; LB FROZENPK&'' -10\Ot PKG* 1CR1SPYrCR-A€KERS& It A & P P um p k i t l .. 2 , uemfttM* \\\~ ™\\E A&P Tomato Juice 2 A&P Sweet Potatoes -A&P FruitCoiktaii - ' S T f l f9 Nectar Tea Bags ™6r*!i*t NABISCO TRIANGL WHEATTHINS »» »»« 29 N A B I S C O\ ; CORN THINS 20-rAUlE TEAM BORAX CLEANS H A N B 5 BORAXU r i oi PKC 2 9 1 L8 PKC, ] 9 ' I C ^ T M O Z . \ LB £Q£:AMS - C A M P U G\ T h e Christmas fesliv lties began tor some 70 fnemibers and gtlest1 of theTieo'nderoga Home Demon stration unit onDecem-ber 6th at the Tieonderoga High School During theshort business meet-1 ing Weknew S an t a wasnear for we heard thebells of his reindeer as he circled o v e r h e a d , t o makea landing. Halfway on our Walk to the Cafeteria, weweie m e t with the lovely strains ofA\-e M a n aand as w efiled into theCandlelit room we were awed by a .lovely tableau J-oLi-he Madonna and Child with two tiny adoring angels in while and silver trimmed long flowing robes. N e a r t h e m was alovely trimmed tree with ' t h e -Silvoi S t a i of Bethlehem atop its biahches 'Phe tables were beautifully set witfil placg-'mats ofgrcen andg o l l Sach individual t favor w a s ado 'ligHifully' whim'sfeaC Santa m a d e |\:£rorji a napple^marshmalloWj g u m - *di;&ps Smd? cotton;v|bi beard «and rtetjir* .i*he c&n|l|es,tii0ljs were a p - '-. . ^ s , too,' cOverfed - around y/ith al- -urBktim foil and..tieit, with jaunty- .'bo^svof, r e d ' o r ^ g r e e r i , each w i t h l t s ^ h : r e d . ; c iiidl e i ( . C r - j ^ a i s if er ^ p a i ^ ' - . joaine With his c | i l e | p i • gie:ei%s\'->and r)ack of I g|ifs_;io\r ^ i %3ijth|h e distributed fe^t'lPtC hell^'j^lr^everal of t h e j ,i^ii§v,'jt5h^fei3|!i^si-^! o l s . w e r e sung, 'and; :£Hen' '&,. s u i j i p ^ w a s served_of li'dle^HVffrUit, aal^d^ fells coffee arTd ^''^oftmeryt>,,6;i.1't8iii.ty and lovely |--Slii;i'siSnas' cooJii'e'Si- •yHe committee. In. t h a i go ol the $£ri?ty vy.as headed,, jointly by Mis jAlyin Wells a n d . ' -^ r s F r e d Vill . rnore., Aiding tnem 'Were Ml5s Car H'Oll, J,. : Lan«i?g.a%^rs I l en r y Kes 4 ^ n an ^ M r i , ' Mfibry Wiselt, Mrs , G | o r g e Jtfbtti. jlrSi John Shannon ~m% p o r o t h e f MfiW M i s Waldo dSier1; M t €%e6r£<r-De-Rosia M r s Roland Coorjers Mrs,Tailey Tier- ney, Mi's. -Jae'^sy \Simpkins<• T h e !U>gel§ in the tableau w e i e Denise.Wsgli\.|irias^ajidra Moltand . the Madonna, was, portrayed by (Miss;jionnie iLoiieirg^rt whose robe w a s an atithenijc, F i f t e en t h Ceri- , t u r y Bishop^ G0,p;e.ofbrocade, em- .broiderell ir*. pastel shades and ioaiied byMrsit Roger Dechameof F o r t Ticondercjga, from t h e eccle-1 siflstic collection of h e r Grand- mother, the l a t e Mrs S t e p h e n H< P. Pell. Mfs,;Snaw w a s the Sania Claus. TheSngels'VKihcS 'and S a n t aI suit were lOafted by thdSisters of1 the Atorieinent Convent of S \ Mary's C M r c h . P r e s en t m, t h ep a i t y wasMiss Nancy P a i n e , Essex County Horn,! D&mohstrflitieh: Agent who ad^ed h e r t h an k s ' t o cJUr g i ou p foi a v e r £ [ lovely p a r t y to usher ifi the w a n n derful spirit of the Christmass e a - ' sort, I i \P3* toy-Otfr» Classifieds a-rd LaVallee, Carol Pockett, and Maiilyn Johnson B ase C ons t ruc t i on B e hi n d S c h e d u l e P U J A T T S B U R G H — T h e construc- tion ofPlaltsburghAirForce Base is from on e a n d ahalf to four months behind schedule, base a u - thorities disclosed Monday The slippage h a sbeen causedby lack ofcritical supplies, labor diff- iculties poor w e a t h e r and chang- es in construction plans, according Lo Infoimation Services Officer L t Cel E d w a r d Kandel w a r He declined to elal30iate onthese Items Hesaid t h a t there hasbeen non-delivery of critical\ items by suppliers in some areas, and t h a t if this non-delivery continues t h e base will be still f u r t h e r behind schedule P O M HENKS' §lE!€!E.4E-1%-’.*§1E4 Christmas Gifts Else t||¥ fror Yourself \H3BREIS AL l S o F ITEMfYillj NEED NOW AND MAYNEED LATER. AD?ANTAGEOF O MSTO<3rt'NaW WITH YOUR CHRISTMAS MONEYAND TAKE YOUR schedule Col Kandel said t h a t t h e esti- mates-of one a n d ahalf to four months behind schedule a r e based on t h eoriginal contract completion d a t es ^ NOTICE IS HEREBY, GIVEN t h a t a public hearing will b e held b y t h e B o a r d o f Trustees of t h e Village ofTiconderoga, New York, in t h eVillage ofTiconderoga,N e w York, on\ the 30th day ofDecem- ber, 19S5,'at 7 30o'clocki n t h e af- ternoon ofsaid*d a y in t h e m a t t e r of a proposed variancem t h e Zon- ing' Ordinance Ofsaid Village, w h i c h said change would v a r y the use of a l l t h a t p a r t of Zone E as described msaid Zoning Ordinance lying easterly of t h e J BTefft l&t and more particularly described as follows** Beginning)a t a point 200 feet south of t h esoi|th h u e ofMont- calm S t r e e t W e s t m a linep e r - peridicular tos a m e a n d30Q feet westerly f i o m t h e west-\line of Wiley S t r e e t , thence northerly on t h e ' s a i d perpendicular line\to t h e south line of Montcalm Street Westj t h en c e w e s t e r l y alongt h esouth lineofMontcalm Street W e s t t o t h e easterlyh n e of tlie^.J BTefft l o t , thence southerly a l o n g t h eeasterly line oh theJB Tef ft lot to a ipoint \.- igr} ,1‘ y Worthwhile Reading. 4 • rt-i lor yourW!TO!#foflriily irt thKw6rld-fomoLis pogef of T h e ' Christian Science Monitor. Enjoy frvir* D. Canhorn's ntwest*stories, penetrating national andin- ternational flews coverage, how-to-do feature*, fiorrte* making idecJ.*fvery issue? brings youhelpful easy-to- feod articles Vdu eort get*thH Interna* tional dolly newspaper from Boston 1>ymail,** Without extra charge. Use thecou- pon below'yto, start your subscription. r Th« Christian Seitnc*(ArnnHmt Oh*, Nohiray Str«*t , * • o t t 6 n l 5 , M a n , U , i A _ PU6M « e n d > - Mmit«r *m l . l e j p - r w a c h w k t d . ^ i «MrJI« o «•MMiit« si a \P3* i-~1 33.1‘. 4; 1.. :»« 5 -2,‘ pt 't\ t k w in tins at) goaunletd !li^J9(i Saturday, Dstewhtr 17 & i l t t c W ! In UilS'ftMn [sf-;’.‘:7.-7,}, ;._,_,{. x\ ‘ .. y —'-_I 453-,’ 2 3«UNS35\ { ^ ^ ^ p | j ^ ^ P ^? ;E3'^^l|H#OrlOTr *JS ants ers MM^BSP* 3-Mien's R.oftim J a c k e t s , E3 'MMtok D r l S ' S b q l k s -|;:;Men!s;SK'tJiapS:'\ ' ! ] #&&%£&& 3 Mien's Dtf&is Eahts • 3 *$$?»•Wirk'•«Eants 3s Meii*SWyt'^attts' - 3 # 4 ° ^ W^fvlrit;0hes TJ - WL0tfsDrj|§s3BeWs 3 Btf^W«dlSfiriil|es 3 . ^ s lMe%i.ui$ienaers g-.Jleii'S•lKis^SMsnj6aia?.rsj a / MW s % A ; ] M V . ^\'MeM's'W&ol'iilflati. 3. Mm'sj a dk Shirts 3 Boy*s W8$l iafekets 3 Mien's tlMir»1i\S«ifs jf Men'sJHuiting:J a n e t s Q ftlen's Le&petf Jackets ;EIj S t e q i i ' , ' . \ Q Men's Work Shoes Mett'sDre^Sfy*es © M 'Raii DB^y's Rain Coats . n Men's B-9 Parkas n All Rubber Pacs • Dress Shoe Rubbers Q Work Shoe Rubbers • Men*s D r e s s O v e r s h o e s • A l a r m Clocks • Wrist Watches O Pocket Watches • SunGlasses • Pocket Knives 0 Hunting Knives Q Flashlights and ^QMen's Work Shirts 0 Men's Liinch Kits 0 Children's Lunch . :1 ;:;:.'=* ..-‘o:', I Q 7 ”. » .g. 33% Kits-• , - \ , 0 Men's Sweat Shirts 0 M * 's Rain Suits 0 Men'sRjajbber Boots 0 II. St Army Knap Sacks 0 Me^s tAmt Frodks v < 0 Men'safttfBoy'sBasket*c| M I I J ^ I S , ?;..-,,; 0 Ilflodejtt.sVe'at Shirts'. 0 Fjsl4'ftgfdjes''' . • -1. . 0 FisMrtg Lines 0 Men's Fishing Boots 0 Men's.Work Overshoes 0 Men'sHiOut Shoes 0 All Brand Cigarettes 0 Cigarette Lighters, 0 Coleman Camp Stove 0 Coleman Camp Lanterns 0 I I S . Antiy Ponchos 0 \ Men'sGabardineJackets 0 Men'sFIK*Caps ' 0 Men's Shirts andShorts,j 0 Boy's S h u t s and Shorts\ CAT F O O D KITTY SNICKER 2 .4',Mr*i,«23c A R M O U R ' S CORNED BEEF HASH 1 IBCA«2'9~ E?.?”3I: 2.. A R M O U R ' S Q Flashlights and Lanterns 0 Men's Dress Gloves 0 Men's Work Mittens 0 Men's Wool Liners 0 Winchester 50-30or32 Special High Power Rifles 0 Fishing Reds 0 l^ossberg Riflesand Shotguns 0 AftWool Jackete Q ChadrejBS-Mtittens 0 Men's J0rsey Gloves VIENNA SAUSAGE 2 4«ur,35\ oh theJB Tef ft lot In the soathelriy^boUrttlary soathelriy^boUrttlary Zone E: as? described msaid\Vil- l a g e Zoning Ordinance,*-thence northeasterly ipoint of CUT-RHB . W A X I D PAPER 2,\\ - \\K , - 4 7 WILSON'S CHOPPED Beef IJ WCAN; g Zoning Ordinance,*-thence northeasterly mas t r a i g h t line t6 the* point ot place of begin- ning. Said proooged variance >i n the use ofZone Ewould p e r m i t off- s t r e e t parking foi? a, Super Retail Market Dated December8, 1955 By Older-of theBoardof Trustee/, of theIncorporated Village of - T&oijrfleroga, New York * * Walter1 h Modre fan ^Village CJeifc 3* 4,.‘ §%_5~s,\ . 2;; ‘ “~‘.,,‘:'§ A E1?’-‘ :¥.'x:’-»~.- ARMOUR'S Corned Beef wwtf Roast Beef »« c« 4 9c CALO Cat and DogFood 2 - • •« »2 7 ' Horsemeat ^<**»$? I2 : ggéz 2.-% r ,5 £19» :_ ..‘,«‘m,~ A , A —~\”“ en s DECEMBER15th ‘c 7“? . «L <wn»» K ‘7‘.~'Z?\\‘%'“:’t‘2‘;f:-7 J’ ‘;’f‘{n;t mi‘ $5 Us 3-’; '- )A.;‘«‘«. .‘< ‘ ‘ff ‘. inc 1’? . xv,» vr u‘ M“- ‘-,‘ ‘ P. '4-«N: r‘. \\~,.*,~ W.“ * .5. ‘J-.. <3.-“‘:,‘.. '_.r..wm:»._; g., ,,u: 1... 2... .,u .VL\ FOR GOOD PRINTING • - CALL63 ‘-'~'a ‘ ‘ \-z‘?.'*?%‘...'?»:: .. 3‘-J‘ F .£ax;);Jl,_,F‘}.,‘,x—§ u.‘ - , ,g;'~ l:\.r'. an vs; * C -'1‘. p~,‘5}.{;_::‘1j1‘ 3;. :9,» ,,;.1.“<:,»»;;;~.'¢?‘._s»‘_,-»., °*.;, .:~ ‘,\r 5,-.~‘r;.--.'. ,'.~«. ~31 ?,.\’. ‘* w .«,.1 2: ‘-4: i .15 ,3‘: ’C'§2§,\:‘. \-7”‘ s{' Make Sure Ybur Ford's In Shape ToTake Winter Safely In ItsStride.—-Take Advantage Of Our LAST CHANCE, WINTER CHECK ATASPECIAL LOW PRICE s i <>.«>;• 8 Tune Engine Check BrakesandTires Check Battei-y Complete Lubrication ChangeOi Check Heater and Thermostat TightenAllHose Connections You're InGood Hands At Your Ford Dealer's Motors, Inc 55 WickerSt. Ticonderoga, N. Y. W O N D E R F U L FORD O G S STRONGHIARTmww3'»*« cm2f

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