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Ticonderoga sentinel. (Ticonderoga, Essex County, N.Y.) 188?-1982, September 29, 1955, Image 5

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x _ ‘ ' ’ ' 7\ my _\-.'/_;:;.«.«-u-.-‘,_,v,_:,;',. ~. ?§7\§\\§5\§5f2~M:5 r.r.‘¥?:-3’/*2‘: we . 1: u:=«-.»:?:,o‘~..’r‘%zs*z<%<~.£ ;« 1,: «‘=~'.‘~\.:=;.~.‘;au:4.;:~‘\-\ :.;z-: -1 :1 ex .r£.?\~£W:W>..4&a1-f§z»;**fa%~a '»it~~ ($3,; *' - ‘. .\P'»-?-.’3{'.‘:\«,‘;5,<’.r'?‘.-‘*\ .' ‘ - \:‘n‘ 1\’ r ‘,‘\=-..’.:. '» ‘:1’ 1. ‘N ‘.53 1* .3’ I . ‘ ‘ . .. /-,-o‘.-'I.'.: ‘W ‘ ‘R I .'_.<,_-4 . ‘M, -‘ .t!e’::-?’~,=/53:2,. ?'f§\§e‘«“;5:v_?::>\ r,.\':~x‘aI.‘: \er a _“ _/‘J ,2 ;,«._..-::‘z‘ W ‘.12: H . ff \;\_N e 3'1; ‘:3 , i:_‘;ir7‘:‘7j. m? w^m >t ‘;‘- -‘ a m? _. '1 ‘ -nw’ 4\.\ *3 *3~r’«/5:3)? '6 M ,§»,':_s;’v;;* ;.1;5§;.,§ y‘ \\:;:«€ia?€'§.;{.*t?g§.’.“, :T--2:1 \: 3+3 “ a ,~_'_, .;'-._ gjftv 5., ‘;M*,- :1 . 3. ,j'5:§;1{' L‘K\3’ E :£:,‘-a>.,f‘:::;;§g:~24? ;a¢;s:32‘:i )».'‘-‘a4 ?v .:r§:'1*\‘.¥f. V: —.’ 4Vf,“'_L‘ r~;....«»‘:5‘.« I mm. '3 ::~.a “-:‘*“ %;é\\l‘::. ’x§\.C H — aw ...‘ A ‘I -1..» 3..-9/\231 •psf? _,_l ‘ g_3_~_:_.£_ _:_u ,.~fv.’,,:-;_“,.;. . ;<\’..’i~1 ' 54;”; .‘ \~.:~a. 2 .‘ \‘»’~'=$3‘f3£i4«;;?.*’ 4’: 3§*m‘x;»: ‘ “ ':~;«'!2.‘«*-. r:’= M ?2-:,?‘??5E£5?~\- ,. V 1- - . g‘ ::.,r:,;,y ‘__;x,4,;,y_«,. A . n» r 3',‘ y ml. \luv:-.' 2.» ~a§,:>.f»:£' < . 2?i4.:;??**;rii§r;is.3‘:‘E?«2:*:§££er“:7”\/’;-I. ~,;;_:,;,g,;\’,£ ..A,. r 1“. 2‘-‘\‘*~»ka u..m,.;,., PAGE “M . >531? i§ ‘ xxx ¢x WA. ~‘.vi-»'=;_‘ “ ‘H n, 5'3\ : 3“ ‘W 1)‘!-~K“‘! . . \‘.\ 'A‘\ ; ._.. ? 9. '1 J. ,« pan - \‘\\.§\$sL3'f;?:«:«7‘:~r'«' 95- '3~.'~'-‘~ :‘»,~’.‘- •psf? 1 'W!!i IW( ' _% =52 ~ -«i :. If :¥:i§'5j\“i»*s -_.~. , ‘z'|.fi~“\- -(*:.'!.l ..-...,u?zj5‘3.;§:§ •psf? vii? 5;‘ rAGJS-.-J E I G H T rz1“.»:’.-?.‘-.‘.~£'§. - 3 x ' w . ~» -- bx v; . 4., . V .‘ :2 {E31 €:£}<?3'.‘j\. rm» ‘ gm, 1 'W!!i I W ( ' I s * (^ontifmea from Pagg O n e r Stidy the Publication tufa Uis^enr untion oi Offejislve 4nd, Qbsc.eiie Material, will speak^grt the top|t| lheJBattle__for Childrierts iffmos * ChfrilnnUal meeiing of d e b a t e s uliernate-delegates, members\ af i \1 b°te executive committee, and j rr i < e r s ^,U teke ^ l a t h f ^ ^ iilnary 0f t h e. T a c ^e r o g a Higih Is Iwol t hB afternoon Oommiftees. ' „ i o f f l c e r s WU make repbrtsl »lunation* will be,received and' flicers will be electfed for t^e en, • .u ng year In addition to President i indon the other officers of the N rtM Eieastern Zone aie 1st Vice I vsident Ralph Pombrio Altona *. i vice president Charles N Holt K ene Valley and secretary-Ax •«iii\e ' .A. Marino, Minerva; - • »‘'F'‘“’‘\ & £¢b:.‘g 5‘.\;‘«.';,«.». O.‘,€\;;,1',«T§.§3o.fm K. -~ §\Ii7§“__{ wm *~“¢‘«é‘ib. m Ly’ ~‘;’:{\v‘:“.;:.>’?«“ qn O d t o b e r 4 t h a t »^ Q p, i n , i s i t b , M r s A l v m M i d d f e t o n , CcuhtylpSFesr id en t p res idi n g f a tt h e b us i ness m e e t i n g E l e c t i on aiiid i n s t a l l a t i o n of o f f i c e r s will b eheldU U n d e r t h e l e a d e r s h i p of M r s . L eonar d Q or l ew t h e H a g fl e U n i t Wil s p o n s o r a B a k e S a l e a t t h e H a g ue S u p er ' M a r k e t on O c t o b e r a 5« h R o b er t B o l t on w ill l eave on W e d - n e s d a y to -visit f r i e n d s i n L o n g I s l a n d a n da t t e n d t h e . s e c o n d g a m e df t h e W o i l d S e r c e ; p nT h u r s d a y . J a m e * x e n n e r o f ijeaneck, N . . J . , a n d S p / 3 R o b e r t F e r u f e r of F o r t H ao d T exas were ^ , o v e r - n i g h t g u e s t s ofM Fa n d M r s - -K. P.\ H e r - r i c k on M on d a y A p a r t y of 3 0 m e n r e p r e s e n t i n g t h e D u m o n t T e l e v s n n C o m p a n y of Psatersori, JN .J., w e r e w e e k e n e d g u e s t s of Mr.Hirtck a t h i s s u m m e r h o m e at S i l v e r B a y . h u n t er ' s sa f e t y course i n \ » ' .‘ EC A ~ . ‘\ . - _ - _; a. °.‘:«.~'-*‘;m.§~»,\;‘i~\ . L 3 \ ,1.ff§:t<‘§.:‘.E?§}F;‘§‘3,;‘f\’. :‘ P ’ ‘~ «£1, .' \§\;\'r‘«E~‘?l;‘{'<‘ 1'3. \*‘. . “ “ « Ea‘ > my é_V_“:V:.,,«‘~Y::;_£1§+‘-_.'«.‘~\.A'°‘-1% — 3'3 ‘A . ~ -, “*::,x*v;.~.3gm‘Z-’L5;,.:'.~=:,i‘*,-.‘; ‘$2; PEA * ? }‘ ~ ~ % % «. ~ ¥M:‘_i§f‘g;=u~ » -J L» ‘me: ~. “ » ', ‘ :\“':;* “ .u\.':(‘Ij.r r # WOBIB GREEN START SAYING TERM TODAY—GIVEN l : ^ l ^ ^ ( ^ ^ i ^ | ^ f r ^ A T I O NALLY ADVERTISE!) ' ^ W p - *\ mi ‘in ,g. V‘ .=‘s.x~:1 . .=§{':1‘?5¢$J»?.%: -.'§‘§.;J§;<.« ;z»$m3».\:'-:,,~ «, ‘éyé. :;{;k‘::=;:*:~«.,:';;, ' ' ,4. ~ -am ~ ,~$'5’5£ {3.3.’r.§753‘§.L1 / as, :2-.%° 3~’*'i«‘zi1'«'2*'.‘\‘-v‘!: ,1\:»!::' . aw.» >2 '¢¢.;.'~..M.:‘=~ '~é\u..... tr‘! yg ‘§;¢§ .;%fp:e u~;'1ié~f§:Aa 5’?-,*f§' ,5; y a g u n f o rt h e ' p u r p o s e o f o b t a J a h u n t i n g li ce n se a r e as k e d t £ t a c t L e r o y S c o t t , T e l e p h o n e\ 2 Th ere w ill b e no c h ar g e f or - T H E TICONDEROGA SENTINEL POSSIBLY P R O B A B L Y F I W '»~:..:<'.-,‘. J x’:»;;._.f ~_',. >3 fl «W , /, A/If , 49% /Z, 1 / /,’«f»”' ’ « ./4 ,4 r jjW Boys a n d g i r l s 14y e a r s of a g e o over li v i n g i n H a g ue , w h o a y e i n t eres t e d i n t a ki n g t h e N . R . A . . r~ JOHN B. TEFFT. Editor and Publisher TOM SKEft assistant Lditor „Established in 1872 ttsurwice cours e . ~ 5 5.3; ‘.:$‘5:‘.:~ 3-7.'¢j1.: „Established [**0BUSHED EVERY THURSDAY AT TICONDEBOGfl. N. Y. JBatefOA »* postofflc^ a t Ticonderoga, N. Y., as second class matter POSITIVELY 133.3 (;:e“,, . .5’ ¢ ‘ - . —.'.§ «.»$ 4<e4;£¢;«@?-.I.~'€ 3.9-r-—’r-”\ .- ». \;‘I;‘j;51I>¢3\\‘- 5.» .-,_.,..4 ,. _~-2 :- 2 at .~~.V . ~v -fr.» ».r i!'r.*;,s\-.‘9‘¢.>‘/‘/}5‘._. ”. R’ ’ . \I . . \‘. Gulf OilProducts , by torn the* Milton Rayburn of ©chioon Lake,who covers tlu& aiea foi the national newj> services, and alio does av.eekly newscast ovei WiJEPS, diopped into. „the-of nee last Wed- nesday Milton was nattily attiied m a blue yachting cap, and we weie wealing oiu, usual ink-stained raiment\ u‘. P1RGEST CIRCULftTION INESSEX COUNTY ..-..i %E a , . . , n -7' » '-‘ “ “ :.z ,5 ; ‘ \ /V-‘As. ,» -'1'43-'*?‘}¢.f ( A,» . . ..,.{, ....>,,)§., 4 '3 V7’; f.'V A . v« .4 '» . .~:' 74?!‘ '“i4?‘~‘rY5r-9:‘ «. .'.‘:.~\ ~ '.\... ' v.'.1'#>:-‘:-;-». —- (:3. .>-:‘ {';'.2.. SIJBSCRIPTION RATES: S4.0O per year in the United Stated Pea tsemp Irakye Happier tarn Boss on Ticentmel * Ticonk \ Dere Jack, Wal I guess ever-bud.<$£w>qnt get seek dis wmtei Dai is so many happle an you no the o\e say so a doctoi a day will keep the happle away oi sum ting Me, \pa gbnta |/make a lot of haid cidei prtfbly 2 baritl foi everday work a n bout 18 barrel for sickness..If-ycwidrank •bout 2 gallon a day' you viron't no if enyting ail you or not Irakye a vV\ (» ^ j COLR-r '-*;> , . 7 U. , . * UIV\FIJ * 1 U ' *NP , , r ' ^ ^>S K 1 X PI M l-> »I n I t 1 I 1 AIM- * M•<I II I i If \•> i> J l entered i M f p . ^ j ! J K , ^ > % ^ f e p t e n | ^ g m ; i E K a j e ; ttni wm^^ mi |l|#WlmWg#fefe\6t-|d 'by said m | f | | m % o f Caiitjam ltdbert | | f | * ' l § I f ' i« S'Urbounded\''arid tciifea :%s-. •fol*^^f^§OMMENC- r of tf(l^UW3 . ^ /l ; *-.^« . ; , , , - - , . _, L O t j (( |^|^^M...|!lt4h,fi\H.ofth^Yhie of s ^ K j | o ® | | ' , \.Grants ' Patent arid t^ri;|%:-M^rtinig'-.'Sijatherly along s^|i|fr;^bqrtispvwest line to the noiin!aII-\ corner of. .a. parcel of • i i l K ^ P ^ ^ l y fiavilla. % Tatro & f | p p i ^ & Ti a ^ r d i his wife, and ) ^ M e | ^ B l ^ e ^ ' , ^ ' ' s b l e devisee un- dl|\||fl]|Jf^|¥i'tl and testament of W M u & ^^ n l s e , \Uotim Eugenia ' ^ i« ^ | ^ ^ | | ^ e c e ' r n f o e r |3;,! P^«fhaJf^prded, December 15, 1933 ih^ihe Essex County -Clerk's $ffice< m4p&% |07 \of Deeds at fifiljelifc' tJi^pBe in a Westerly dir- ^ S S *l6rig':We north line of the CftMe'n. .property, a^.-feet; thence , , m ^ ^ 0 u t o f fl j ' ' Direction along the * ^es^'liiri^. qt ;:tihe ' -(^Mdden property & ' g p | ^ g ^ ^ . i l i i ; f / e t ; thence ftl^n|^hefsaid highiw'ijr hi a west- •e^Jsfli^e^iori td\ the southeast cor- n^^^l'0-.'.C.,Portds lot; thence mtr^em%i\^8ngi;5sla. Pond's east l i i | & l f e k ^ o ?fm > r .t h boundary MelfMhiljaateat;-{thence easterly I f p a ^ l l l l '. i i f i t o f the patent ' ' |f6I|s^3;plae1e' of beginning. *t^i?6i'ijia.t;>i;hir tract or fe^^^uged^in the \\ lyjattd'-^tate aforesaid, J.^ui^K#es& KaTf , '8fr'a certain &|P[aft6riVeyed tly J. - F . N a - i^tt||-wife'''to, Ralph EvMilr- ' Mifc^iffi^wife by, deed\ dated Nov- iSHl? : ^thfck : 92b. The division'line P ^ S ^ ^ r ^ ^£[t .a point on the l ^ ^ p u r t l t f r y thereof. 151 feet, ^|fefnfc6^t#l^,'f;f6m the southwest ^^l^&ithl.' : ab : ()ve*hieittioned lot, p ^ ^ i n A i r i f • northerly•aibottt 108 MM^^M- 'noint^lon the northerly ' P u ^ j r j r : '.i29 feet„easterly from .u^mojfe|i#«|t.'.-*orneV' thereof. The Mh^ft^viait tti v^hicli• reference is SbtM\'sw&d:is: and des- € S ^ . > # follows: 'iBEGTNNING i«p&bTOt;ifii the Patent line be- ^ Ih ' ^ iM ' r ^ i l l e f t . Campbell and te,'tetA\4pit«.;Eatferits said, point; IMTrieSid .UthMi'e'si; corner of a lot) '•^ii.'.i&tuWq^ (Jyrtje^, a r td occu- «-<^ v u S Huestis, late of ^ l i j l ^ ^ l l b ' ^ ^ ^ f t n f f t h e south- \' ^;i ^ r n l f v\>tV>; pasture lot now «4 j | l l t P j l ' M f d ' '-N a a e t u ; running t l ^ g l i ^e l f r fi y ^a l o n g said Patent '|f | ; M \ y f e n W -lands Of said Na- M f t S d f . tlt^ii&Fith^arid Ralph E. -^#ol8ck , .aWd4^rarik W. Brooks oh \|fe^iiM>3f)2fip.e\t to t h e northwest <mnW'di jMJfc'Bfodfcs Village Lot: \'ffle'tfcerSnoritneily rf-along ttie east |f l f e ^ ' t ' ' i u k g e Kt'owifed by Li«- 'l®af\«ifc5|%e'et;;.M$A&S d&ter- I-jeii;; tftencs-'-no'rti\erly-alorig •d4HWhox4?^l^^'5 4 f e e t aeeti dated November 20fch 1939 1939 rn m ted.tttdid Ufoveinber> 22ija tloc*.^22 of P e e d s ^ a t ^ e 06 t h e , ^ l s e x poJdlrity^erX-s Office fB&lngi tkeA sdAetpremiss.'COIL yey'el^to JnV ^arker^by' Ralph G StQn|h ASuCtomiriisslonertof Public ^ • ^ t e 8 bf,^EsgBX Countyvby-d4ed # ^ | 5£ ^ ^ n d .r e c o r d e d C4 e ^ % S f ^ o u n t y , C l e r l t s Office i r ^ o k l 6 2 ^ f beeds, at p W 432 >.*}&&Remises befng^he same as ffi M&1& W ihe said Ina *Wkt#JttfhsnAWilliam F McGuire dfwtte, byfe&^e4 September h,* m and recorded iiutfie Es- MGbwib ClerWi Office, on the Lftr44Hi*\O6t0ber l 9 4 8 in - B o o k & ttremis&r Will bp sold sub- L.M j£&itffinis4'# record, if any » ^ S e p t e m b e r 19tb/1955 * r*^tfjm CMc^AHON A^far^e v , J k i l BLaFLURE ' Mpfiok, Piamtiffr l«lM^aitaf/P prAduftw Log Chapel Sunday School at 10 fallowed by the Morning Worship Service: at 11. In Isaih 55:6 arid 7 we are told \Seek ye the Lord v4iile He may be ifound, call ye upon Him while He.is near: l£t the wicked forsakd his way arid the unrighteous mah his thoughts: and let him return runto the L w dr *lhd He will have1 -mercy upon niih; and to our God} for He will .abundantly pardonJ* PVayer. Meeting will be ;at the hTbrhe of Mr. aft&ittrs. John De- |.|<arin 'Tuesday' evening at 7:30. f Putnam-Tr Youth fdr Christ will meet Thursday evening,\ Oct.-6,^ at the Chapef at-7.'p.\iri* TnahspprCa- tion will :be -proviiea from'' tM. Chapel to the 'First Bjifttist £h#c& in Ticonderoga. Ecclesiastes 12,:1 \Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth . . .\ / Ladies meeting at Chapel Thurs Oct 5th The Buble Lesson will be Galations Chapter One A pot luck dinner will be served and ciean up day will be observed t \ \ DISCUSSION (&ROUP Thdre will be a\ discussion group meeting eaob S'uridftV at the Ticon deroga Congregational Church at 10 A m Subject for Sundays dis- cussion is Tthe*Wise Sayings of Confucius ».&* CARD OF THANKS The f amiiy of the late Mrs Viola Havens' wish to Express their sin cere ^thanks arid appreciation for - t h e many acts of kindness ^howii them l u t i n g the illness and death of t h e n mother and grandmother Mr and Mrs Walter Bartlet^ Mr and Mrs John JBeieil Mr and Mis Harry Havens \ Mr ,and Mrs DaVld Bartlett Mr and Mrs Robert Bedell I * $Sff, and Mr* Cbariesj'BeaMl 1 v • AH[ subscriptions strlctif in advance. Business notices 10 cents a line. Bates for display advertising made known on application a t business office ' . 'The-Sentinel assumes no financial >esponsibility for typo- g r a p h i c a l errors in advertisements but will reprint that part «f an advertisement in which the typographical error occurred Advertisers will please notify the management immediately of any errors which may occur. Metered Deliveries At Any Time Kerosene — Fuel Oil — Motor .Oil — Anti freeze :~:5;:,-.~:.’£ E‘ Z‘ .-‘Z’.-in <‘:§C’«Z=:Y,‘§=, .-:2.-'.,,-:-: '-‘:r. /.u -z_,.::\» Ho tcfld us that he had seen us down at the 'Bicentennial celebra- tion \No you didn t ' we replied we weie listening to it on the ra- dio at home =I:;.§2<~ :«’-“~.~:3‘I-.>‘ .€'e§?*'-‘:>'%‘i.'-r':‘«=3$\: Authorized Dealers F o r Copy for display advertisements must be in our hands before Tuesday at twelve o'clock to insure insertion in the current issue. Sentinel ' subscribers are asked to notify the publisher promptly, of any changes i n their addresses. Under the new postal ,jlflw, newspapers and periodicals must pay postage due for notices of any change in address furnished by the post office. In addition there is also the problem of delay in delivery or failure to get the paper. The best plan is to send the change of address in advance. $‘k‘;‘:l . 7 fa‘, . 3 x X Cullocli and Clinton Chain Saws [ id Parts Ir\.I tod entered ^ lM.. Whereupon he told us what hap- pened, Mr. Rayburn was with Art Bensen of Frontier Village and saw what he thought was our little figure. \Come over and join us, he invited. The person so addressed^aunter- ed over (had it .been us we would have waddled) and Milton said, \Axtv I'd like to have you meet Tom Shea.\ TODAY—GIVEN Putiiani Service You no if you drink cider made from erabbapple in jus txee day you will be fight wid your neighbor. An you no if you take btewtoerry dey will make jus good happle pie as prune! If you vyant to enjoy fhe„ winter hav your wafe cut up a good pile of wood an roll in a barrel of cider near the stove an tap i t den hav a good beeg dipper an jus set dar. VVHERE S THE STARTER'*—T$U i* a race hoi o K i i - wo\ t mcv F . . - . i rM ,M al ft* i», .v' !tih't4r1§ke| it.'budge. The^yiung pesiple were picking fruit at an agricuixurai camp near Trprree, l l r l g i i j ^ Mass., climbed, into the saddle she thought she . Ways of (left to right). Pat Guife and John Gould, ot icSesftfeJ/iilnf .Mei'ei>>ftom Aachen, Germany, and Karl'Ambrosius, a student from Vienna ^ -i 8 i $ $ ' ' ^ n i ^ H ^ > S u: t ^ t h i e ' f o i r e e / u l < , G u a r a n t e e d Repair tf Free Insurance Policy given with ail new Saws NATIONAL NATIONAL EDITORIAL U s T o d r A T l f o N V U s J Mr. and Mrs.' M s W l , Mqore have named their daughter, fiprri Sept. 20, Sherry Jayne\ Moor^. Local Grange' members who at- tended Pomona Grange at Green- wich Saturday were Mrs. Harold Belden, Mrs. Edward Best, Miss *Jbah Best, Miss Patricia Foley and Mrs. Alfred Peterson. Miss Foley' appeared on the program. m Used Saws For Salt-orRent Hague man; Legion Mountain Qamp — Mrs.' John Treen; Legislation—Mrs. Richard Bolton; Music—'Mrs. Ber- nard Clifton; Pan-Americanism— Miss Elsie Sha'ttuck; Poppy Poster Contests-Mrs. Alvin Middleton; Re- habilitation—Mrs. Leonard Corlew; Membership—-Mrs. Howard Bar- nett: Publicity and Radio—Mrs. A. P. Herriek; .Past President's Par- ley—Mrs. Beach Lambert; Execu- tive Committee —:-irs. Fritz Bond- gren; Mrs. Robert Hoyt and Mrs. Aaron Middleton; County Conunit- tee^ — Mrs. Leon-ard Corlew; Mrs.; Bernard Clifton and Mrs. Richard Bolton; Food' Committee—Mrs. Leonard Scripture and Mrs. How- ard Barnett. \My name,\ said the newcomer, \is Louis DiFebbo.\ STYLE cans $1.00 £>• - M »; 4 * ^ .\ Herriek Hagiiea681 SBver.B^y, N, Y. Mrs. Mary Peria' has returned to her honie. _ in*. Ticonderoga after spending a .few days with her daughters in \Hague. Mohican Home Bureau Unit held their first meeting of the fall sea son on September 21st. An outdoor picnic had fte'efi planned but be- cause of the weather, the meeting Jim and A r t Towne Miracle Whip H a p h azar d P ar ki n g ; Actually, we don't think there's too much resemblance. Certainly Louis uses an entirely different type of hair-do than ourself. His locks are curly and flow—ours don't even ripple in a wind. We both wear glasses: but Louis' nose doesn't turn up at the end like the one we're accustomed to looking over. He's.-aTso taller than we are. Of course, we both carry a lot of weight in our respective cir- cles; but we think we e v e n j ^ e the edge there. W^ Possibly we'd fall in the \trained athlete\ class so that our poundage isn't as apparent as we believe it to be; and, quite possibly it's hard to judge as our clothes don't fit us Course it wood be less work if you have a leetle rubber tube run right direct from the barrel to you mout. Dat wood save reaching for the dipper an turning on the fasset ever tew minute an by dat you Woodn't git so tire. You wood want the barrel up higher than you so dat you woodn't hav to keep suck- in it up hill. Jus set dar an let er run, den all you hav to do is swaller once in a while so you won't choke. Ticonderoga, unfortunately, dees nothave wide Streets. We arereferring particularly' to t h e main thoroughfare, Montcalm Street, intne business section. In fact, at times it requires adelicate maneuver topass anapproaching; carwhen autos areparked on bot;h sides ofthe street ‘A $1.00 The next Grange meeting1 will be held Tuesday, Oct. 4, with in- stallation of officers by Joseph Rich of Salem. Mr. Rich organized Putnam Valley Grange and all charter members are urged to at- tend this meeting. Mrs. Bernice Murch returned to •Brooklyn Saturday after spending several days with her father, E. P. Streeter, and her brother, Merle Streeter. Crown P o i n t Phone 153 Scot Tissué The County Meeting o.f the War- ren County Auxiliary Units will be held at the Hague Central School j a r s $1.00 PET - BORDENor CAJfcNATfON EVAPORATEiD Milk $1.00 We have^ noticed that drivers areextremely care- less inparking their cars, leaving their wheels outside the white marking lines. J u s t six oreight inches of a jalopy protruding into thetraffic lane makes driving much more difficult and hazardous. was held in the Town Hall with' a Del Monte Peas •17'bz. cans $1.00 picnic lunch being served at 1 p. m. with Mrs. Djirby Tabler and Mrs. Gillette Bartlett as co-chair- man. 17 members and 4 guests If your wafe wants a drink lei him figger it out himself-If you want to smoke your pipe you can make it easier if you jus put a match on'the stove an let it light .tsell. Den you wont hav to scratch it. Me I'm hawful saving of work. Hopin you are the sarrre, Respectful, Pete Pequoix Mr. and Mrs. Rolland Bertrand were Wednesday supper guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs: Leo Phoenix. were present'. The program for' the fall and winter season wag discuss- . The careless parking does notfollow asingle pat- tern. Some drivers arequite ingenious inpursuing a waytothe curbing and notreachingit. For example, there arethose who goforwardand backward over and over a&rain with theend result t h a t when they've switched off theignition and feel they're parked correctly, their earhappens to be afoot or so away.from and yet parallel tothe curbing. There arethose whosimply head into a parking space, cramp the wheels and figure they're parked. The only trouble isthe rear end ofthe .ialopy issticking out in thestreet something akin to thewell-known posture of theostrich intrying tohide himself. Then there arethose whocarefully back into a space, but only once, mind you. They back in, turn their wheels and stop and jump out. This sometimes results in therear wheels being pinned to thecurbing andthe front end of thewagon headed into thestreet to set up (1)a\ neat obstacle forpassing traffic and (2) an inviting target. CAMPBELL'S TOMATO 9 can.' • ! • •vw WINNER MARGARINE 5i-ih d^i ^s^\ pkgs. ^ p i« \ ^ F V J SOUP •Mr. and Mrs. A. Bennington of Schenectady called Sunday on Mr. and Mrs. Leo Phoenix. wag ed. The next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Gillette bart- lett at Sabbath Day Pofnt on Octo- To sum it all up, though. If we paused in front of an empty mirroi frame and Louw DiFebbo wa- ^tanding where the mirror should je we'd know ,he wasn't us. Recent guests of Mrs. Charles D. Cummings were Dr. Jane Welling, Mrs. Emma Briggs, Mrs. Ora An- thony, of Easton and Mrs. G. God- sey of St. Petersburg, Fla. The Washington County Histor- ber 3rd at' 10:00 p. m: The project wilbe' \Enjoy Good Eating—Break- fasts\ with Mrs. Richard Tobin and Mrs. M. McPeek as leaders. On, October 5th, Mrs. A. P. Herriek and Mrs. Gillette Bartlett will at-! DOG FOOD STRONGHEART I f cans WOODBURY SHAMPOO $1.00 SIZE 2 bote # I • We had three niece*, one neph- .and a half-grown puppy visit- ng us over the week end. i! was liiite a, session. •w ? Remember 3 KELLOGG'S CORN FLAKES 4 ^ $ 100 MILLER'S KOSHER DIUS 4 $I.OO ical Society met Saturday at the Putnam, Central School auditorium for the regular monthly meeting. Mrs. Mary Cummings, . local his- torian, hostess, was in charge of tend a•Leader's Training meetingt in Glens Falls on \Gardens-ini Glass\ which will be given by Mr. Fox; extension specialist in-Flori- culture of Cornell University. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Neilson' and j daughter, Mary are spending a] few days, in Albany .where* Mary-i will undergo a tonsillectomy onj Wednesday. • Mr. and Mrs.-Walter Lippitt of Forest Ba.y\have returned home af- leTvTsftmt'\ f ^ l e r f c r WestfieldT' ,N/. ,JV. and their son, Vernon andI family In Schenectady. Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Scott spent Saturday in Raybrook where Mr. Scott attended a meeting of in-; structors in a N. R. A. Safety', Course.The meeting was called• by \ Louis Wehle, Conservation Com-j mtssioner of New York State. [ Mr. and Mrs. Howard Barnett[ and son, Peter spent the week end j in New York City. - ; The regular, meeting of Hague• Grange will be held at the.Tow.n' Hall on Thursday night. Grange members are urged to attend as election of officers will be held. \ Dr. and Mrs. Edgar Burford of j Teaneck, N. J., spent the week; end at their neSvly acquired cottage ' at Silver Say formerly owned by j Tony Manaifioti. - • - .-. 4 . Mrs. Willard Jordan has return ed to her home after being a pa- tient at a Boston Hospital for some time and her friends wifl be glad to know that her health has great- ly improved. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Middleton and daughters of Ticonderoga called on Mr. ahd Mrs. Leonard Middleton of Silver Bay on Sunday. MT. . ahd Mrs. Joseph Rizzo of Larchriiont have returned home after spending two weeks in the Spelrrtan Cottage 'SEdgewbod\ at Silver Bay. * The Mother's Club of Hague will hold their regular monthly meet- ing on Wednesday,.-, C ^ i o b ^ ' ^ l i , iif the elUbrd(«^Sj#1|efre^f^irfs\. •will - be served promptly^at.l p^rn. followed, by the business-hieetlng at 2 p. m. This is an important hieetihg, since there will-be'eSefc- : tion. of offIceis, .cbllsctioiryt^ix^, and' 'decisioris\. v|fta4e 4n''%Fi|'ps; items.-f r i e ^ M g ^ Wl i M|l,v. Roiuin', De&atm.J'hofmftat1 all.-<m^ifeife: will plari to attend., . _ The-regular meeting ,of tfte American Legion^Auxiliary Unit #1538 was ftekl at the Legion Home on September 19th at 8 00 p rm The .following officers wete, installed for tfie.. ensuing year' President—Mrs Richard ^BoltotW 1st Vice President—Mcs Fred Spreeman 2nd Vice P r e s i d e n t - Mrs Leroy Scott Secretary-^Mrs Keith Dejjarm Treasurer—'Mrs Howard Barnett Historian—fIStts Bernard Clffton Cbaplain-nMiss Elsie ShattUck, Sergeant-at Arms —Mrs Leonard Cor^ew Mrs Bol ton appointed the following com mitt&e Cbairmer Aroiencaiusm — Miss Elsie Shottuek, Cancer -Con-\ trol — Mrs .Leonard Scripture, Child Welfare—Mrs Aaron Middle ton Civil Defense and. National 'Security— Mrs Charles Burgey, Jr Community Service — Mrs Rober^Hoyt Constitution and By- Laws-MMrs^KeitK DeLarm Cou- pbns—Mrs ^teroy Scdtt Empire Girls State and Empire State Hews —Mrs Fred Sprejernaii Education-j 6f W«r Orphahs—Mrs Fred Spiee-J 1 from The Sentinel of Sept-26, 195 Miss tkina Mae Donnelly, a mem- i e r ol thePort H e n r y High School faculty, and Lee Greenwood, also •)f Port Henry, narrowly escapt irovVning Sunday afternoon when a small sailboat in which they were riding capsized on Lake Champlain . . . Ticonderoga High defeated Saranac Lake. 7 to ti . . . Port lenry succumbed to Greenwich, 3.. to 0 . . . The property keno - wn a; \the Hall Block\ offered by thf •state of Geo rue L. Fish, has beei iccepted as the site for the new Ticonderoga post office. Eddie toley, who bet on the •vrong man in the recent Baor- .ou s boxing match, will pay ofl lis bet by wheel.ng 220-pourk f rancis (Mickey) McCaughin fron Ihe Liberty Monument to the pos'- office in a wheelbarrow...M ke t thoroughbred English terrier proved to be a hero recently wher he awakened his master, Deai. •Jpearman, when a defective oil burner filled the' Spearman home vith fumes . . . Port H-enry defeatec \he Ticonderoga \Colonials '6 to 2. to sweep a three game series. In case we haven't mentioned ii lefore, all_ our sisters' offspring iave shrill piping voices. As a mat- ter of fact, when they run through !he house yelling, it has much ot the effect of the opening chorus of Mitch Miller's arrangement of \The Yellow Rose of Texas.\ There's a flutelike quality to theii vocal utterances that's really oui of this world. Add the barking ol he pu:>py, and you really hav« something. ASSORTED JELLO FLAVOR • #fc g§* m l \ . £ \ j 1 2 - *<\ S I . 0 0 m A R PRESERVES m RASPBERRY H the program. The meeting opened with the nomination of the follow- ing officers for the ensuing year: President, Dr. Jane Welling, of Easton; vice president, Mrs. Emma Briggs, of Easton; secretary, Mrs. Grace JHilnian, Hudson Falls;, treas- ure r , ; ^ A.Fiete^s',fcarhlDricIger-,,' *'• Thfe program was highlighted with talks by Mrs. Jane Lape, wfio spoke on the Hutton family and the part it played in the early flays of Putnam. Mrs. Ethel King outlined the history of the Putnam United Presbyterian Church and Miss Margaret Simpson gave an account of the recent recovery of a portion of the keel of the \Royal Savage,\ which was brought, to the surface of Lake Champlain off Val- cour Island. The Royal Savage, Captured from the British by Mont- gomery at St. Johns in November 1775, was the flagship of the first U. S. fleet. Most of the other ships of that first fleet were constructed in Skenesborough, now Whitehall. The next meeting of the Histori- cal Society will be held Saturday, vjct. -£l, at White Creek Methodist Church. Robert Cummihgs was a business visitor in Westport Wednesday. Bert Perry and Mr. and - Mrs. Lee Davis enjoyed a motor trip Sunday afternoon to Whitehall and vicinity. point; lot) < , BEECHNUT BABY COTTON WORK GLOVES 3pAiRs$t.OO DOLE - DELMONTE Pineapple Juice All ofthese parkin T techn^i'ies are instrumentalin raising theblond nr-'vunv ofmotorists trying to ne- gotiate the main stem. We were left to baby sit with tin youngest ehild--a diapered female Our sister told us, 'She's supposrt to take a nap; but sometimes sir screams for about an hour befort she goes to sleep.\ Andit isespccia'ly i r v i r t todrive west onMont- calm St. against all thesf obstacles late inthe afternoon when Old Sol is peering dewn from thewest trying his very best toblind the driver. ‘ ‘ j jiyrsv h BEECHNUT Peanut Butter Actually, she only screamed foi 15 minutes so that we missed oui :wn nap. Then she settled dowr to pulling all the bedclothes of; her cri'b and throwing them on tht tloor. At this point, she unloopcd< rope that held her crib's side ir, place, put the loop around net neck, and started to drop to tht floor. Seriously, wethink motorists can dohotter. The white parking lines arepainted on for apurpose,. A little care and a bit more maneuvering will place t h e car within t h eallotted space. Andthen everyone as well asfenders will fare better. PINE CONE ' _ _ 9 ;‘1-In ~-—:...;i; cmE‘ ‘ G reen B ean E9~{§.r‘| T} 3?‘? ?: FRUITS ANDVE€t|jfABLES Egg 1-: z.--g “’~I 3; S WIDE COMM Something thrust our evil nature aside momentarily, and we rescued her. She then finished out tht hour's scieamiing. Wokl NION SURROGATE'S COUrvi, 3SSEX COUNTY, N. Y. .\ , In the Matter of the Probate o! the Will of HARVEY G. ALFORX Late of Lake Placid, Essex County, New York, Deceased. THE PEQPILE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK. ' l o RUEL ALFOKD, a son of the above named decedent, if liv„: ing, his place oi residence being unknown to petitioner, and if dead, his executors, administrators- dlstriiBufeesT nerfs at Taw.'rreict-o- kin, legatees-and devisees; and tc all persons who by purchase, \in- heritance or otherwise have oi Claim txr trave an interest in thf above entitled matter derivec through Ruel:Alford. or through his .executors, administrators, dis-*-: tributees, hefrs at lawv, next of kin, legatees, devisees and other pei'V sons, if any there be, and fheif names arid postoffice addresses are-; unknown to petitioner. John H. Wikoff of Lake Placid, New York, having presented a pet- ition for the probate iwE the will>| of the above named, deepdent dajed; November 12, 1953, relating to bdtB real and personal property, you ar£ cited to show cause before the Sur rogate's Court ol Essex County;, at\ the Surrogate's Office in the Vil-j lage of Ticonderoga, N. Y., on tfiffl 26th day of October, 1955. a tvi l i a. m,, why a decree shauld not her granted admitting said Will to piiat? bate and directing issuance of JfeM ters testamentary to petitiorjer,..- IN TESTIMONY' WMElMofV we have' caused the seal of otiij- said Surrogate's Court to be he%e| unto affixed. v . ' WITNESS, Hon. Slieldori' \!%j Wickes, Surrogate, this 16th dav^f September, 1955. :. .\ ' \' (S) EMILY E. CSRAsVBLI^.^ Clerk of the Surrogate's @ftLif$ (L. S.) . - f Prime and Dennin, Escts.' Attorneys' for Petitioner, ^'£0 Office and Post OEfwe Addles^; 37 Main Street '' Lake Placid, New York 46w4 -> . ' . • ; <i£mymz GOLD: 4940c Now. most children scream on a sustained note, or an evenly in- creased yowl with a rapidly in- creasing crescendo. This' particular child Utilized the best features of both. She also added an overtone. in the style\ of a \harfnonie\ a s us- ed in violin playing. 'She 'accom- plished this by a sustained scream until her voice gave out. then she'd hit these out-pf-normal-range notes. Sort of like going irito over- drive on an automobile. We complimented her mother on producing such a phenomenon. ’§ 35?: $10.01 none\ CRUNCHY '‘ tr. ‘‘ A-J ;'E*2“:EE=igS E B LET 3:; 3:5’ /F’ /T E?‘ i->7. ' R: ‘< ‘CDEONIAL WELL TRIMMED‘ .‘ A~ ““§j‘ 3 ».;«Q._\ “ ) . '5‘ \~ ‘ \;._ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ .\ ‘-55 ~ A ~ Ila“ \ »,} ~ ‘lnq g :5} ‘ .. \~ \3f_ :5 \ “ . 1%: “%*.Tl«=‘ ‘ xx \~\‘ ;.“‘.§w::‘ :;::~ N V. , .. 4 s.5.&.3':;§F~‘§:g~“~ ti?-\ \ .. mg gt .,s« ‘M ‘,5 F“;- Es? '» .WHQ_[_.E ()_R= \ FULL RIB 3}: 3;; -.::;;§ :33,’ 5?.‘ *1; '~’v , :' E-12*} -'3 FIRST SUNDAYINOCTOBER The puppy started barking at about 6 a. m. and continued until the final returns were in from the west coast football games that eve- ning. Nothing Unusual, mind you, just a good, steady yapping. There were six short' pauses in the canine concert:•five times when our sister fed it, once when we threw a shoe at it. It resumed barking within seconds, however. -t... Jf™* LOOKS BIG...FEELS New 225-hofsepower Montclair hdirdtob coupe—one of 12 models in 3series , 1 -‘LI\I‘T.LE“* LQIN .,,.-~- , \ ' . ‘ I ‘ _ ‘ .* ‘ “m. 1. ‘ L - S__‘9, ‘K A -. '~ ‘ ..vr‘ ' 1:3 _ ‘ V 5 , ‘ ‘ 2 .« ’. > * ~ *- Z} . ', “ 2 »_; . a; . 9 . ‘ my .« . .. ...» _. :1 :‘ ., - 3-_ ._..-,;g :4 2 _ _ ;‘ \ nk SF . ~ .*~ '5 , x, 1; ; 1 '\ ‘~ «. ..« . V .. ~ ._ . .\ 5». _._, 3» ‘:7’. _.{A. «r 3' .« .1\ 1,’: '~ FULL BIG...ACTS BIG ... I S BI G ! 3.“ ‘ if BUY FOR 1956 T H E BIG air? ; There was a strong movement at one point during the day' to have the dog put in the cellar. However, it refused to go down the stairs, so we compromised-—we went into the cellar. It was cool and quiet. t Brilliantnew Flo-Tone color styling, illustrated above New smartly-tailored, color-matched interiors New Safety-Engineered features including safety door locks,impact-absorbing safety steeringwheel,safety seat belts*,padded instrumentpanel*andpadded suiiVisor* ^Optional at extra aat % E :25 Greatnew 210-and 225-hpSAFETY-SURGEV-8engines New highihusable power—faster getaway than ever More styling innovations, new freshness everywhere 12 bigmodels,new fleet oflow-silhouette hardtops >. ONDISPLAY-*r ...THE BIG m . ' ' , . ._ ,, _' ..~ i:;;f}g§REsH ,1,-o(;AL N Y_. T _ . .9;-.»«_. >3“ _Y ,>~l. .3,‘ J’ .‘ ' cl ~ I“ as , , ‘r . : f» .‘ {V .v'~--I.‘va._ ‘ .‘ ~'.A;_,J,«.'~v‘~~\ ;,I» \'3 . A ‘ I .'. J . ~ *. -. ..« , _ _ _- __ V. -3 :_ ' . ‘ \ 6 ,4 2 J ;3.;\*53».'<7’*i:5%»‘,\‘j\ 1 ,« ~., ’ ‘wt: 1 .2 ‘H. s? ;_ .73‘: _z_.’.‘ :,..;—-.1: -~ <i£mymz V3 .<=; .*»\'»;r EV ' ;' s iv V3‘ . ~ 1‘. - ’~ “A ’{’ 4-'.<-. ~ ‘ ,. .- git '. . '. ‘ « , 1-, = s r‘ ..'(‘.“r .~. -L'_,>\’. 3.». ‘- ‘ ..‘§~,‘<.v’;if.‘7‘5 »- «- . ~~<, ‘ - . 3’-v: ‘ ~‘ “‘ 52” ~‘-.\~‘;-\¥-W» V “ M '~ .'~ I . .‘.'~ \ ‘/3; A -3?: ,2”, ., A 2‘ §{B_;,,a ,:«.. ~_.,,‘%,},:).=,,x3+*~, . : ~ . \-» . _ ~yv)ss3;u-2, ~41». .-.««; .-‘.2-.-,LB~ M ‘:3’ .. *4 ~ V~ .. -3-, ;' ‘. ' ‘;.:'.g L;;,( _;, ‘ _\.\5‘,;¢’,* ,1;-1» '-“ ‘V *«‘_~*, *' «. us; .v£:‘>a,‘” 1%)? ms“ ' - 1-. .. V: .‘.,, . 4;‘: c ; m ‘ ‘ -“»-3;» \ . sh»-‘»‘v.4,\~ 2 , x-gig xx‘-‘,‘.(u‘§. (S3.-'3 * ‘ ,‘ »‘...»,*::~;,:« 6, , ..L - -. ~'. -. , _..- . ~ ~. . am; ~ -,: -4;va;.».» ~\ 5. ~'~. '.‘~,,; ‘. » 'P.f.?.e3\‘s%“’>\~\:}:\’€if@'¢ ;~.4~- *~-* ‘ r .. a» —z=v.;8,!a..xx'<;t.%~r«*=.=s:!m«'w' ,»-,»‘ - Jlr -‘ ,. \«-.~..-. ‘ ,~ , _.,, 5 .:. \ti g ,. 1cm, w... Jim .,«c,<>__.,. ,2. .., ~.. 3: ‘~M('_,‘,.,'*-_5I,~,,q,,] L ,.5~,.;,3;-- K1‘-E;‘,,~4:“g§?;!“lJ(\ls$;_)3-z.V}_:‘_ Q‘ .‘.'(‘.‘'P ..... IV). „„ r*^tfjm Ti .-.~.,__~. .~ «. «.- 4.2. w ‘P’; .3‘ u L;«,: '4 . -‘ I . .-,... ,, ?,;~',;‘ 2.. <. ‘-., , .. W .3; \‘ ‘~¢‘~.~\ . ‘$.22 ‘f.}' ._-:_1_»; ,‘ 2:.’ . No [4 ‘.\4‘éi'~‘§ 21-?‘~“T'1 xx? I-='-z»:‘é;\i % < 55 Wicker St. 3‘:':«LI Try Our For Sale Ads Telephone63 =.§:.f'k‘r'. ‘ 3;,‘ , “X ‘.->37}: .4. ‘ ‘grin--jnj •'SS\ .«*-, • v M ^ « * ^ > - * * - \(» f $ 0 ^ • '• % ;'«?' •Si '^ia&j&siiv^iS^S&s^-^*--- . S£,u.mC^-' .—..__..__.....__...,__.,___.___..—..‘.————— V , I V ... - . . J , x ‘Am -4.‘ ' - ~=-. ::~ - '‘:‘-L' A‘«..-:' ~ “; '.— '7»-‘ . .1’ \ . , ' ,3 4 ., ~' 'in€E;5?3?§‘i?%w‘§?“:%53:$ ‘ ,. , . _ _ . k_..__ . ,. N:§37‘%'»3\i'ff)§%’§\£: Ȟ೧Ȳ®®® . 2 . ,_ v‘_ _ ‘ _ E 3. 2/ , 3. _ 1;, .-‘J _\ ‘gnu ’;l,v..- M; 3: . / , . J - ¢ - - ‘ ., \. v-+:'»..fe,~~ . '- .-—** -”~‘,:\°'v~'=va¢‘r\*;z’=+*7“~.s:e.*;‘1 » -«wt ‘.,¢i~,,\- ~ ; ‘-:\. .-.\»_;-T2 .-s.,.~4,:~fQ~:sri1‘¢ §:>.‘-.’1'¢::r»,':\+:\;;&: < , H x, ._ .‘. ‘-‘ - ,3-_l _.r__ . »~.' \ 7- _. ,._ ‘.3411! .,-,-,1--._;;,-_: =. V,-,T1=;«.».%..=..v- \74. 1 - » ;m.,~....~.,**.,.;.3%- '.a..41..a._x.-'...L.:?¥=~$Ll\x!». ~»é-J;-4»a_--¢,»‘o-an »« N‘-'*“I\_':'-\V'§‘*“““_-L-\-.\” V - '- _ ._,, 3%‘ 4 ,;,”a.jr§.,¢.,;,:;- . - .«-':’-n, '11” ’ - . -’ v.- ‘r ~ ‘ mm: M\ ='r','«-W.-,'=“. ', ‘ ; , , . ‘ f\.;§!'g94,v.x.v\ . ‘ ..1/z_.~.. ,,;-,«-a23;f}7;:;.;.§$.<3t&:»t1.;;;;.: ~' A.‘ ‘. .« ~ . ‘ _ . I V .'.~;-¢:.',.‘/M-,_?,?’.r“_ ,5», ;.Z;-r1;»;.=;;*,s;.;x§\a::.?v.;uv;;; \ ...~.«' g‘;- _ _..:_.,-~ ‘A H -. ::‘,.x‘,;»':>.n,-J .:-gg:‘ “r;',‘5-;f” Á \ :'-‘W,’ in E5 Q: .27. I ~ »a..«1;.~..a.4:3.'..\»'.'A;....;. w ..._ Bayview Gardens So. Bay, Clemons, N. Y, Dancing Every Saturday Ni«[ht Round &Square Tony andJune Kendrti Frozen Foods BIRDSEYE Orange Juice 6 $1.00 BIRDSEYE Peas 5*kgE $1 .OO Snack ” l“:‘.‘? $10 } {1=sLU1é -RIEBON for Uf,s=. -‘$.CAHOIC;E_§‘ = r \W __ ‘L {.2 5'.‘ .='.r‘.*.‘\’.‘ ; «FULL 10m‘ .S‘T1’?A1i V:-S: Q U HOUR SERVICE Oommerica! or Domestic REFRIGERATION SALES&SERVICE Expert repairs on all makes conventional and automatic washers and rangeW All Work and Parts Guaranteed W. R. FERGUSON Ticonderoga — Phone ISS-W

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