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Ticonderoga sentinel. (Ticonderoga, Essex County, N.Y.) 188?-1982, August 04, 1955, Image 2

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';‘:».;f ' :mt~'»'«:‘ >~“:‘ : ‘*3 :2 3~*a;~,y‘~; 5,5. -3r»f_\‘.‘ . -~.’~ 2 '-.1‘: \‘- ‘. :._'<: -:9‘ -\ *»’.'~: ». 31 - ._ 1‘ -,5: » ,3 V\\.“\j\ {av 5 « QM \ A ‘K ‘H \ ‘ ' -l’;;;.'.:;!-'*«\‘¢:;‘{ 3,: 5:’ '5 ~t ‘V? ‘V ‘ .l.,_«,,\ ~__»~.'.‘ ‘.}_ ,_-~.~-q.;;4,s.,g M2¢.:=,_ .}-.5-._,__:.‘g-A, \9 :‘ w':’*‘ —‘x .-(_‘.~1 kn . .,.I.. ...;x,, s. ‘. V 5.»~.;.'7'<E£,‘=: ‘5*:r'i\3.‘.'«’a‘5 3\ . ‘.‘.'‘.‘fK€t : 1 .\ «\ T1CONDE1WWA SENTINEL THUBSDaY, g b q ^ l T H f c f 1 1 < HIi ******* wl1 Ih $23? ;:‘§:;s;“‘,?'t,. VJ:. .ge*r;~.‘-$‘x'.‘=.«;s:~x EL«\(‘¢~. ~ 5» 1'+”:§::;ei=§t-?¢‘*;i.‘e_¢,‘%§'#22:;é“y,%;wm§a=«:;:;?v§s&‘~;;.N3; 92!»! 24:2. Mfg.\ \5'-...U\ fsm TWO *3» ‘ . '5. ' I I4 _, ‘ -~ ;\.I=‘v:\.*' ex. - -5;; 3} . ‘W «xx a *~..\‘v-» \. A 4\ .~. 3;,- i ^ * ,r--.(. H\ ..~*. x:.;,e§,}.;?.‘.v,*,, ‘,v.y.\x'*“?~‘\ ,., .§ (XX <‘. ‘,0.’ 1 1.4. ,1.-. .4, w_._.1-A —.‘.;.: nfi*fr,ftj _(_\_?'v. I K ...,, ‘;(9.(' -$f..>.Ji g.—5-——*\ .!\ “,:{._: V» d,«‘_/W; %*.‘§_-._ _ 1 : ‘$542::\§iY+i’t‘?‘\?g'§§\‘'2%+§’“»is‘?s3§1=‘{‘5‘’§53z;§‘xa2??:>§=’??e§xs‘cc~;M5‘4\‘ ~ .~»» -—-m~. rr:3>'3‘v‘ {;,,.,gf.}.,.-,A W »,’~«j.; 216.!‘ '?.\‘§‘.s.“ nfi*fr,ftj _A§.‘.’, ,_ Vi, . . ľŎƎƟ v.’~“!«\‘ _ \' 5, 2. * 'Miss Bonnie Bougor of Rom H . Y. WaS guest . of honor u a birthday party a t the home of hei gRandparents, Rir. and Mrs; John Bougor on Saturday, J u l y 2T i •puests were Cindy. Deborah and M a r y Murray, Garry Crarnmond Susan, Samrriy, Douglas-and. R mdj iNfedeau, Mrs. Leah Murray, Polly Patricia and\ Brenda Bougor, Mrs •^William Nadeau. Mrs. John Ci m \ w o ^ i ^ M r s . .John, Bougor and \ r and M r s . ' J o h n Bougor, J r . B o n n e i<?eejved manylovfeiy gifts. . . M r s . William Barry and i vo <?tp'Jdj?ep. of Sgier Fails spent I n 4ay>Wijh Mi', and ' Mrs. Clart n^e _\ i ^ ^ i a r d ' \Huestis of• Platts bu'rjl Spent last Thuusday wilh hu, VtCHp&r, Mrs. William HuestK $0'.' and Mrs. Carroll Crosoin ip an d ^ s o n of Cr-.nyn ^o i n t ^p nt S u n d a y evening with Mr. and M s iNornrian Stone. *%„ and Mrs John' Sawyer J \an\d%6n of Kort Fdward spent, ihe w e e k \end with Mr. and Mrs. 7c m Sawyer. M r . , a n d iVIrs. John Walker h-\ e ^ t u r n e d to AlLany after sp°iid ng several days with Mr. and Mr?. Elwin Swinton. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph nice and two childiv a oi. West H a n ford, Conn., a r e s en d i n g a week with Mr. and Mrs. Burt 'Huestis. Recent callers at the lioina of Mr. and Mrs. John Bougor wpre Mrss Marcella Lee and Allen Beach of C r o w n Point, A. DeSiome of P o r t Henry, Mr. and Mrs. John Bougor and Bonnie of Rome, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bougor and famiiv and Fred Bougor of Middlebury, V t , Mr. and Mrs. Donald Crarn- mond and twin daughters of Con- necticut, and Mr. and Mrs. Do.rres Spaulding and family of Crown Point. Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Swinton of NorthTiconderoga Louisville Ky are visiting their p u i t n t s M r and Mrs Wesley Swinton and Mr and Mrs B u r t Huestis ^ _ Mib Donald Huestis and chil d i t n of Qleni Falls spent last F n day with Mrs Will am Huestis and I i n d a Miss. Julia Ann and Mithele Kai lnehak of Albany and Paradox are spending Mwm turn, with Mr and Mu> Norman Stone The following returned from the 4H Camp a t Speculator Saturday b a i b a i a Portei Nancy Ferguson bonya Tucker Carol Stanley, Phytlii N i d t au and Margaiet Peai son Mis.s Anita Mornt has leturned to Schenectady and John G-lennon to Albany after spending several c i \ s \wth Mi _and Mrs Armand M i n Miss Sandra Feiguson is spend ln^ this week a t the i H camp in Si eculatoi Mi and Mis Leonard s w nton o( vl ers spent Monday evening Mil Mi and Mis Burt Hiu=tis riien son Lai v l e t u r n e d home wuli them after spending several vveeks with his. grandparents in Louisville, Ky. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ask and daughter of Bridgeport, Conn.'. spi'iit \last we-?k with Mrs. Ida Fortier arid sun. ; ' _ ‘-‘ » V A . A , ‘F a«._;€:r,,_tL‘¢'_.’;:g.‘-f; : 3‘ _ , . ., 1;‘/s‘r ‘qr-‘;.§ .‘ ‘ _ _ _ ‘_ ' _' :'1,a”-x’;j- ll emn ’ V‘ — ' ., . v ',»,<;. ~_‘, ‘g’, x, V R / . .‘ s. In Thfe Churchesj N ;‘\l‘\<‘»~°‘«‘l=\5«‘m N \ g; *«;x.:\_ .~ ;»~‘;~’>:«\~ .‘\‘~\;;~:““‘ .~,\ *1‘ ‘ ‘\ ‘>9: “$4 » ¥‘\‘u\‘x .. grzg\ ‘ ‘ ur.“.:v;,yx .u 4:‘:3,€;-*.v\.'s. 7 ,‘ ~v1%r.‘-é*::i~;:‘4**2 43:?‘ mil.‘ .3 I will p i * UPdmb*yhtmWmmm m i a w »y from, Black I W , Baldwin.a|td H«M ^»y»**** cents per pickup. * * ^ (<N ' , Viiieent T^ouahley :‘.«g’:1‘«»€‘.T}~.Iug- ,1 H o s p i t a l HAGUR rr OHI tt C GUm A a »h a m ' d e n A, CJrahttfn, K5( nsttv* of Tlconaero»a> ^fed Sunday NWfttogf a t t h e Easeat County - Hpmk In WhaUonsburf^aftefe. a long Illness Hg.had^been ^ fp a t i en t t h e r e since JVoyembpr-! 30, V39{ ' a H e r w a s t »fdfeiner *rriploye of t h e l n t e r n »t i p m l Paper Cona^any and t h e N«W ^ | r k St»t6 i j i g h w a y ^ e - par^ment ~ ( * F u n e i a l s^rviqes w e r e held Tuesaay htterAoon a t 2 30> o'clock in i\e Wethodlst Chiiirch, v&th t h e Rev Jasper: S t e e l e , o i f i d a t i n g Bearers-were Haroia*Stewa,rt, Rus-^ sell^Sage, Yerhon-'Dupi'ey Addison JJiiler, ?fohn Cudley and Thomas J^unningbam. __Interment w a s in Puinarh Cemetery\ ~ ' H e is gurviyed By his Wife ^and two daughters^ Shirley*of T^CQU- deroga and Mrs Robert Nelson of Troy two grandson^ and a sister M i s Gordon Sage of Ticonderoga M r s Slaud B Sage M r s TWaud B Sagp 66 died F n day morning at her home m P a r - adox after aii allness of six y e a r s She was a former resident of Ti- conderoga a n a the widow of Will lam J a g e h uneral services were conducted Sunday afternoon a t 2 30 o clock\ in the Wilcox Chapel with t h e Rev Robert C Becker officiating Interment was in Severance Cem etery She is survived by two sons Donald of Paradox and Malcolm of Smithtown, L I and six g r a n d children ^ <, A d m l m k w , <}eorge Ha]l, Eleanor Jlozley, John Y-oung, Schroon L a k e ; Helen Vcji&urg, Antonio JStajt David Av- ery, Richard DeiRosia, Belva Blood, Dale Dolbeok, G r a n t Swinton, Ter- r y Smith Gordon Wallace,\ K a t h - r y n McGuire Ticonderoga, Eliza- beth Pezon, W ^ i a t a Soloski, Lula JlatBhew's Por£ H en r y , J a m e s Huea^isi M on a h . John B a m , James B\jshey> P u t n a m ,~l,6is ^ a t e s H D i k mond Point MajgarJet Roblee, iFJottersville, Ha^ry» Liberty, Jos- eph TtobinsoA New Y o r k , Ada R o u r k e Bolton Landing, Carol Co by, Lockpdrt, ^Maurice l*an their Theresa L a n t h i e i , Hartford Conn , Elmer Rice, L e o Wright, Crown Point John ctoonnell Minerva, Elizabeth Wait Mine ville Judith Duhn, Albany A r t h u r P e r k m s Pougtikeepsiei Eleanor Ayers East Orange, N-J , Mark Johnson Adirondack Anna Mae Hodgkms Severance Barbara Shaw North River, John Grassi Schenectady. . - , Discharges„ FT OHI tt CH Sunday ScHooJ, B-^l a. 7n.4Wor- »hip service' a t ^11 a ' i n . , » 1U • \ - .' BLESSED 8AC«A1>UCNT CHDBCH H a ^ e . % it. Rev, Michael E,'BriM*, PMUMT Masses *^t^7 00,^5 OQ^and 11 00 »n E T H 0 D I S X C H l I B C» Servi<iei are b^ld a t 9 a m ev- ery Sunday1; during the s u m m e r and fall \* '* i»* n ^ O V A H ' S WTTfflESSES Watch TuS^er andr-B^bJe^Stydy- Siinday 415* p m ^ Kingdom Hall—327 MontcainpTSt AH Welcome The Ticonderoga Emergency Squad will conduct its awnual *T a g D a y s\ F r i d a y and S a t u r d a y , A u g 19 a i d 20 y Soloists a t t h e Sunday m a r r i n g service i n t h e Congregational C h u n k m i l b e Miss Carol Ann C h u p a k and T e r r y Charlton Donald J Weljmeyer of Tjcon- deioga, a sophomore, a t S t J&hch- ael's College Winooskl Vt Was naiiied to the D e an s Ijist for the spring semester M r and Mrs Robert S ffotaaart of Cossey Sifieet Ticonderoga, won the free K n b y Sanitation Sysiem g n en ai»vay July 30 on the WYJCM telephone quiz drawing The C an l l o n Atcheis w i l ^ o ld a family picnic and club t ou r n a m en t Sunday August 7 on the r a n g e T h e tournament w11 stai t a t 11 a m F u z e s will be given Don't miss your first club activity a spokesman for the archeiy.,gr.oop said, \B r i n g your lunch and have fun.\ ‘ ‘tw _»~§? THE COMMUNITY CHUBCH Schroon Cake, N . V. Luren J S t r a i t , M i n u t e r Sunday School—10 a m Morn ing Worship—11 a m :‘ . If, .3‘, William Abare, Ora Manley, P au l i n e Pockett, E v a Cowan, Catherine Hurley, Roland Ledger, Antonio Diaz. Bernard; Trydeau, Elizaibeth Hurliburt, Meianie Den- no, Mrs. Dan Blood and infant daughter, Ticonderoga; Margaret Smith, Mrs. Wade Haskins and in- fant daughter, Witherbee; Mildred Burnell, Mrs. LeRoy Hozley and infant son, Schroon L a k e ; Carol Potter, Leon Austin, Albert Mc- Donough, William .Sjoloski, Port Henry; Hollis Holt, West Hartford, Conn.; George Mott, Olnistedville; John • O'Donnell, Minerva; Mrs. Bernard Denno and infant daugh- ter, Stanley Frasier, Aliqe Jordan, Hague; Helene Gardner, Riparius; Miriam Mallory, Seattle,, Wash.; Ruth Ives, Moriah; Mereeanna Mauran, Mineville; George Hunt- ington, Dresden; Mrs. Robert Kingsley and; infant son, White- hall; Ora LaGoe, F r a n c e s Denton, Leo Wright, Crown Point; John Bain, Putrfam; A r t h u r Perkins, Jr., Poiigakeepsie'. CHURCH O F TOE CftOSS (Episcopal):; • • Kiev. Charles-Shaver, P a s t o r Sunday Seryic.es:—T;3QL_and_ll » .m. Sunday School a f - l l ' a .m .Weekday services as announced Mrs. Doris D . Pearl of TicondW- pga was among 133 students n a m - ed t o t h e Dean's list for the spring semester in the college of Arts and Sciences a t the University of Ver- mont. Mrs. Pearl recorded a schol- astic average of between 85.0-89.0 oyer t h e past semester. The annual family reunion of the Catlin family was held Satur- day, July 30 at Rogers Rock campsite. T h e r e were 44 present. Those from out of town were from Selkirk, Albany, Troy, Dolgeville, Canajoharie, Hoosick Falls, Glens Falls and H a g u e . Those from Ticonderoga who graduated from Albany Business CoHege a t graduation exercises held Friday night at the Phillip Livingstone Junior High School included Jon W a y n e Potter, John Hayes, Marie Nadeau and Joan Armstrong. Mr. and Mrs. Owen R. Arm- strong attended the 98th com- mencement exercises of Albany Business College which were held in the Phillip Livingstone Junior High School last Friday evening. The dance which followed took place in the Hotel Ten Eyck.~Their daughter, J o a n , was a memlber of the graduating class and received an honorary diploma in secretar- ial science. Miss Armstrong is a g r a d u a t e of Ticonderoga High School. ~“~Wr‘«I»;;\.. -3? ~*a wvf‘ ,- ‘/ ८ .w<'?;:-7.‘Z‘:355\\\\‘ , ,7/«zap r,n- * . am .2!» LUMBERJACKS! McCULLOCH QHAIN SAWS XBankTerms Arranged) o OREGON CHAINS, BARS AND ACCESSORIES FOR ALL Mr. and Mrs. P. S. (.libbs and Aii and Mrs. '\3#rala Watson and children spent Su.vl r/ with Mr. and Mrs. Ru-ic't Do^us-m ^e!iroon Lake. Mrs. Russell Denman and chil- dren and Mrs. Erickson and three children of Scotia spent k riday w.'.h Mr. and Mrs. Ps§ S. Gibbs. Eugene and Paul returned home with their mother after spenrt'.h^ t i'i. weeks with tneir gi?.iul..<.r- CMS. & St. Andrew's Epfscopal Church Schroon L a k e , N . V. Rev. Walter A. P e r k i n s , priest in charge. • - Holy Communion, 1, 3, 5 Sun days, Morning P r a y e r 2, 4 Sundays Holy Days by announcement. 24;, , SOUTH SCHROON UNION CHURCH Engagements Rev. Janip* E. Matherly, P a s t o r \We preacji Christ cruciiied ris- •*n, and coming again.\ Sunday School 10 o^dcieki— Church 11 o'clock:.' ' MACHINES R O Y E . L AS H The Village I h n — LongLake* — Phone 104 S‘; qg. ..« Mi and Mrs Trurnan S P o r t e r of Ticonderoga announce the en gagemertt oflthoir daughter Beu lah to John R LaTcrur son of Mr and Mrs Bernaid LaTour of Crown Point No date has been set for the wedding CHRISTIAN SCIENCK SERVICES Streetread, N . ¥ . TICONDE-ROGA, N._1._ A KALLET THEATRE LongLake* Christian Science services at 11 a. rr.. on Sunday at the little 'hurch in Streetroad, t h r e e miles north of Ticonderoga on Route 22 The fact t h a t spiritual under standing ..of. - Gp„d -results in. praeti cal goodness, health, and power will be stressed a t Christian Science services Sunday. Readings from the King James Version of the Bible an d \Science and Health with Key to the Scrip tures\ by Mary Baker Eddy com prise the Lesson-Sermon entitled \Spirit.\ Matinee Daily 2 p. ni. — Continuous Sunday Enjoy Pictures More Tlian Ever On Our Wide Vision Screen M r and Mrs Leonard Cham p gne ot Crown Point an n o u n c th<» engagement of their daughter Rose Betty t o Willis Harper son oi Mr and Mrs Roy Haipe»-ot Ciown Point A fall wedding i< - planned Personals MOONLIGHT CRUISE Thiir. (Today) Fri, & Sat., A u g . 4 - 5 - G .‘~ \“f‘\-0 \ 1‘ ‘x ,v\{*$t,.'.‘7.'1E~‘;_:. _ ‘.:‘~ -‘r¥9[\-1\’; :_.—; 4- ~.g1.»..:‘4 Miss Elida Catlin : h a s returned to Canajoharie after spending a two weeks vacation with relatives and friends. Saturday ABOARD J Mohican Night t-ftltol M K T H i ^ * »» J OHUtMJU Rev Jasper A bteeie—Minister J A r t h u r Potter—Organist Mrs Wdlii G Ttombley Choir Director Rev. and Mrs?. Jasper Steele and children have returned to tneir home here after ' spending a month's vacation in Gloversville,' New Jersey and Washington, D. C. §- A -~ \‘ ~, . 5!. Mrs. Thomas Gallo was guest of honor a t a stork shower held .Th,urjday j a i g h U ijJuly ^ . . ^ a t , the home of Mr. and Mrs. Nick Poulos on Black P o i n t Rioad. About 40 persons attended. Hostesses were Mrs. Edward Michalak, Mrs. James Fortino, Mrs. Tony DiFebbo and Miss Sue Cioppa. -Shower dec- orations were in yellow and green and featured a gaily trimmed urn- brella and sprinkler. Delicious re- freshments were served including a beautifully decorated cake made oy Mrs. Beatrice Decker. Mrs. Gal- iO received many-lovely and use- ful gifts. ' ' Miss Marie J . Nadeau, daughter of Mrs. Mary Nadeau of Ticonder- oga, graduated fjbrn Albany Busi- ness-CoMege-Friday-night at com- mencement exercises held at the Phillip Livingstone\* Junior High School in Albany. Those attend- ing ihe graduation Were-Mrs. John Nadeau, Mrs. Arthur. DeLorrne and daughter, Angela, William E. Na- deau and Mrs. Mary Nadeau of Ti- conderoga; Wilfred 'C. Nadeau of B a t h and Robert Nadeau &f Schen- ectady. Dancing for the graduates, Lheir relatives and. friends were held at the Sheridan. Ten Eyck Ho- „el in Albany following the exer- cises. 8 p m—^Union Protestant Wor ship this church S a c r a m e n t of Holy Communion 10 50 a m Sacr r a m e n t of Holy Communion P a s - t o r ' s meditation Slow Down and Live Solo by Miss Carolyn Smith student of Plattsbucgh TeacnefE\ College \ Among, the passages tp(b e read from Science and Heaith-is t h e fdl lowing (99:23); \The cailni, s t r on g currents of true spirituality, the manifestations of .which • a r e health, purity, and sell-immolation must deepen h u m an experience until the beliefs of m a t e r i a l • eras tence a r e seen to be a bald iniposi tion, and sin, disease, and death give eye'rlas'tlng-placebo-thftjSclen* tific -demonstration o f divine Spirit and • to* God's •. spiritual,-i 'fieriest m a n . \' : _ .' , . A _,. - . ' . -The g o l d en Text is from pp'he- sians. (3,J9>':, \The} fruit. Of t h e S p i r - \%is in .all goodness-and'' righteous ness :and. truth.\-•;. - - 7.73,“ : r ::A.'-‘~.-Ma. . $1 Li §‘gr-‘-e~.=-: 31%.’. 3» £-':§~\..-T‘.“ Mr.' and \Mrs. Robert Carney and children, Connie and Michael, of Mattoon, 111 ., are visiting relatives in town for three weeks. Mr. and Mrs. George Godfrey and children, Linda and John, of Cornwall-on-Hudson, were week end guests of her cousin, Mrs. Bernard N. Osier and family. Leaves TicondjerogaLanding 8:30P.M. f / > 2*4 HOUR C R M S ^ COCKTAIL LOUNGE OPEN EVERY EVENING 9:‘ Wednesday August 10—Finance Commission Meeting Official Board meeting following 7 and 8 p m f v« _> * i iBOWr^ POW<T JBH)LKt^h^l<OV\;SHH' fThurs,, Aug 4, 7*30 P m - n P j a y er meeting a t the home of M r and Mrs. Elwin ^wmtonJ S u n , Aug \7 ^1 3ft p m - a E v e ning worshfp service ^at the White Church All a r e \welcome T h u r s , Aiig 11,vtf 30 p i p 1 Prstyer arjtd praise service a t the Phillips and Wood home ' F or I t h e Lord .Thy, God will hold thy ngh\t hand, / i t y i n g u n t otthee 'fear n o C I will help thee\ Isasah 4 1 1 3 Smi., Mon. and Tue., A u g . 7 - 8 - 9 Mrs. True Helms of California is visiting in town. Addison Miller of Schenectady has been visiting relatives, fn toWn. Mrs. Jessie Stickney h a s r e t u r n - ed from a week in New York City. and two Weeks in Massena as guest' of her niece and granddaughter. ‘W Ni uw -2'0’--2 ..-, e -gn A ...l Judge and Mrs. Ben W. Hill are enjoying a happy family reunion, at their summer home on. Eagle Lake. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn B . Hil} of Detroit, Michigan are vacations ing at the camp, and Mr. and\ Mis.; Howard W. Dahl (nee Genevieve' iHill) and their three sons, Peter, Donald and Thomas, a r e also t o - gether with the family. t . •Mr. and Mrs. Cerald Watson and.' four .children of Monrbe, CBrin.]' sr>ent the weex end with Mr,\\aiui> Mrs. P . S.' Gibbs. '.. V v >tE5aytoh Deilibrme, who i s em< ployed, at the G& plant i n . Pitts-; field, Mass., is spending tewo w«.eks| vacatiort-vvith-liis. parents, Mr. arid. ,'Mrs. Joseph DeLorme. /\ . /» .Mrs, Ida -Ashworth 6f Brooklyn! is•visiting in town. •t- I .J , Mrs. Bnice.\Carney Jj , .^_^anat ' daughters, S h a r on and StrzaiiUSfi.i&J^ New Jersey have been visiting rel^ •a'tiv^s. In town; ' -'- -^ -«|:|; - ,. v.. ., . , • CHCJBCH..; : •• .'t^.;. 1 ..; >Bober:t AVolcott. P a s t o r ; . - v 10,c60 ^'. m., S u n d a y Scijbol, ;j^r, j^towa'r'd ilexes,'Siip't\ Less^juirrjav^ >i4 and; G o ^s H o il se . \lii06 ^ ; , m iMOrning . Mtoship.5.SernipnV iVmat 'aa^'.i.yoiir. blessings? ^ 7'.2ti.^p:£m iCliss;, Me,eting,r.. M%,.PaiiL\Gibhs i^p^s-l'Ifeaj^ir., \B;;Wt: ' ?p-:' rni jSq$pel iiSeiSvt'ce. EVang^ii/StlCii .Message i>y Milp^sfirV'^'^KV--\?;''.*••jfr 1 -•;^esd%yi/.^:'$Jj^'p.i.m!I p o t t a g e jS|ay^EvMe@ihg.'-at;LKydJ:Dedrick's i^Pujt-namf^ ' *'\ ' '* ' „*«P ^ p ^ d p e ^ 4 g ^y < 7« : % . l ^ . ' ^ ^ C ^ S l r c h f t f S '3»! .».r. \\,_'$.‘”:-,n\ ' , . .-'7 3%‘ 7 \ a\“.».«: .» \\ :4‘:-‘g-:2 ,;*é.,.::_; 3 V .;- -‘ -:**rT;~‘3¥ 3‘. :’“»‘.\‘.°' .» 4:4. 2\ ‘.~;£m:.fv L ~ ;~ ‘-7,! ~-.~ s ~.«=‘~zv/\’ «., 3,. ..-34., ,. J»-{‘;94*' ,, _’ 1.1,.) 3. ~ . —~.\\. ,- ‘,1 .—v1' ‘ “\‘s.r::' -\* “ on '-fr‘ ;’mc< , ~ ~ /«‘:}'3£: 59\‘ BACKED HEART CHURCH. Crown tfoint, N ¥ <R«V, Donald E Seguln, Pastor „Sunday Masses—8 a m , 10 a m Holy Days—6 30 A m 9 00 a \m , > Gonfessions—7 30 S a t u day eve nings a n d on the vigils of first F n day\ and Holy Days ' > Hoiy-^Hour — ' T h u r s d a y b e f o r e ^ i r S t - f n d a y a t 7 30 Baptisms by appointment t 3*‘ , .1,‘ ~2 -~ “ gr »:,_ ‘. 5 0 . ‘)i:'x‘3‘~{$\~l§‘ *4‘ ‘ S2 :3. I (.5 \\ I T E E P E E BfliWMBN \ LFNIT*D P R E S B V T E K L I L N ••'rfe*^• •V : \icmMm^•&••\\\ J ^ - e e ' r t a i n i ^ a j b ^ j ^ bl ^ . s p ^ t ao l l l ' f ^ l l f k y ; i^ge'at t:S0#tthe Sff6niSvdr,-:3VLrs. 'caWehSe-IJedrlcit The Teepee Bowrhen of Ticon- deroga sponsored a Clulb Shoot on the Forest T h e a t r e ' Range a t Cooks Grove Sunday.. Even though the t e m p e r a t u r e reached 97 de- grees, 4 2 of the 51 members now taking an active p a r t in the club were present to. sliqot 28 targets. ‘,s ‘H; Wed., Thu., Fri. and Sat., A u g . 1 0 - 1 1 - 1 2 - 1 3 ' FDtSlT BAPTIST . C H D R C H - t Ticonderoga, N. ¥v ^ Rev Robert Cr Backer, Pa*tor Mrs E l l a Simpkins^ Organist Mrs Catherine P e r i a , Choir Director <9 - 45 Suhdhy SchooJ^for: all ages l f t * 5 M o i m n g Worship Service, The Pastor is currently preaching from the epistle t d the PhihppSahs. 7 30\p m Evening Gospel service, informal song service With u m e s - sage from tadd's \Worn -• Every Wednesdaytat 7 30 p m P r a y e r and^ Bible ^^Udy a t the church t * ~ * ASSEMBLY O F GOD C W R C H J t W#ter Street ^ l ' Sunday School 9 45 'a m ClaSKet, Cor *ail ages ^Motning worship service—10 45 a V (m * » ' E v en i n g evaifaelisfcic service — 7 3 0 ^ p ' m \\ Wednesday 'p r a t e r service—7 30 p m •• i >.. . *> KESTOBIN© COLOR v If a spot * remoVer changes-t h e idblor of: fabric, hojd t h e i a d e d sjjot 'dve^ ah ofien\ Bottle o i anunOhiator 'a p p l y ar weak 'solution, of amhionta jailii 'water f hisVvjrill, sometimes y&tbre\ c0fori^ < W-\ ' , ^ * '' i .4 . .„ • / • ' , , > \ •> t „, » ^ * BETT1EB' THICKL p. 1 '•When-Usiiig' paiHt' and*varnish rehvQVers^dit iuimiture, begmifer$ ^ i l l find it feasor, td lisfe tIie4;Kick- We reinovers tor tfcey tend^to s t ^ k t6 ifhe surface * d t W ) i t runWng.otf i s ^ i' x Dean Martin and J e r r y Lewis ,1 town; -«|:|; Mr..' arid ! Mps Arthur C a r r and: 'Mrs;-Walter'.Johnson-spent; S'u-n-| \day. afteiifcOh i n - £ e e r t e - Vi'lejlj 'witS the? Re\'. and Mrs. Leonf*i% Adkins;' ' ' '* '\ ' ' ‘ah $3.; .0 Vs‘$7=“~\\‘* «.3+T:~\r.‘-‘.§‘; «I uY o u ' r eN e v e r T o o Y o u n g\ T h e shoot w a s a cOrmbinatlon Field Round al^d 'Handicap' coin- petition and for the Handicap high scores were made by—First, Perry- Clark 409; Bill RaffentjJ .2nd w i t h 398; Martin Earlier 3rd with 393; and all other scores running, ov.er 306. It's theii* latest All-New Riot \‘\\§3‘>‘ « Leonf*i% sohf|q| TO i|graEBNi> -CONVlBJ9l360i[|^ Essex County Commanded: , ^ p - ( iam DtiiRoss of Crown -CPdin% | f t Vi<?e Conflnander i y i o ^ s p n . ffiTpl*^ of.. TicOhderoga, - Grant-.^paialal of d o w n P o i n t an d L e s t e r < J s ^ J i | ; Ticonderoga S t a t e ' D e p a ^ n | p SergeaWt-ateA*ftis, w i l l . t f t t e ^ i ^ l ^ New York St?ite Ameriean t e g i | ^ Convention at Buffalo fombifftWi'' Saturday and Sunday. < * • ' •• -kV,\ I' i .i•-• n -i-'..' • ' -/ **<)$* Try Our Classified TelephoneI^$ |-v1iM6rMngWWo^sliip3l-^i!60-.at:;in- VMhW- F|lfewsh1p;^wim'lie\eti! at f&$mm^o^^mM4f§^ to f g b # 4 ' ' ' t e s t f b r t'' i o^rblier'asiSfting uijSl-v, ms i m 45 ^- .at | ^ S ^ M a § ' : M a . s s ^ s - ¥ 7 ^ C« ) ^ h a | f ! ' 3 0 { ^ If e k cu ll u s frffijiaf'L* \\\ .•2k«ft«i. Meqaf\\\''Nove : n^' — . ^ • • ^ W r ^ ' i i i - * -' ? ^ ' * f^f#,a«^CK)'''a>-'^in>-$M#5lth* 'Mmrimtpto .^^fs$m mR Wi m •*'* js k.% imm • i »* StorkQub •8! 1|‘ _u_.. For., Cooler Rooiiis ; K ; Wpi^r Fuel Saying^ , * Dear oldS o l . . . Such a pal inSpring^bntso completely; unwelcome by Summer?.„ \ if yonhaven't*insjilate^ yourattic-. Do it nowaild.enjoy a contfoftable-to-sleeiH; in upstairs. * * '7 e^s\ \± >• ' . ' •; W e ' l l R e c o ^ ^ d / T l i e ; T^ype I n s u l a t i o n fjor, Y o u r H o m e \ Architectural style, sisie, the ttae to lie made of-attic space.s.^11 mfluence*tthc t^rpe^of insulation to be>• stalled* Mr.Palmerwill^ecommendba!&blanket,loose or vemucubie . . . or a eottibination,teU you how to «k tall it, J Jh f / . Stop in, oT.Call SO^dM,;,; ^^ ^36 Mollis,-\a jPpf*y^e Pond Lumber &CoalCO^1B4] f 4* Four visiting Archers from the Mass. S t a t e Archery Ass'n. , w e r e welcome visitors and shot several rounds and then w i r e - ' e n t e r t a i n e d by Tom Cook in his parlor Of, an- tiques and Indian relics. Professor George McLaughlin, who has a s u m m e r camp a t H e a r t Bay, and t w o ' o f nisfefese' friends are members of the Teepee Bow- men and a r e shooting some very fancy scores. Good work, boys. George S au n d e r s , well, known for his good worjc w'i'th the Boy Scouts, i s a c t i n g President arid do- ing a very good job of it too. His assistant is Martin Barber. Plans for a September ShOot a r e under way and it is expected t o be the first of i t s kind in N.-Y. State. More about it l a t e r . , Thursday, July 28,' a;. : .^f to Mr.• and\ LeRoy;Ho*zleyAW& Schroon L a k e ' a t the Mbses L u d 5 ingtoh Hospital. . ' *•''„•'\''#; B o m ingtoh Hospital. Born, .Friday, July 29, a d^u&hj ter td Mr. and Mrs. t>sak Mli^lM Ticondeudgairat'Hie Moses. L u d i r i ^ •ton'.Hospital**' \\ '\* \*'-^f^ \\ gm. \\ ESQ: RM‘ . Bom, .Satiifday.. July ,3ft &• sohf|q| rMr. and Mrs; Carl koblee - o i i t d j a tersville a t th& Moses Ludld^^qgi H os p i t a l . • - •• ' • * ,, . ,$/; M I L K USB. T h e Anmed F o r c e s have reported increasing rnilk\ use toy intore t h a n SO million p i n t s d u r i n g t h e first five months of a special p r o g r a m of siapplying more,iriilk for troop feeding and hospital niesses. ill t i *J av‘ *-- So A5-».. w 7 , _-J • M M ;;1*.-'_.,'.‘»’§;-st‘-4t--v:_»,~49. .--4 ,,, 5 \‘,~‘** ~ ,?*’r,3%*~.~.« N :;:‘1‘»-»«?»’<':~:‘ -‘-.*.r\ «2. £:z£K“~.«: u..‘-.:;,\~\* s\~\'~:' r‘-.»:.e _: my :,§.~;r,~§: ~r‘ +- \\'V >43 '5 ”.)'I\'.‘:-;11\:\.5”«g\y \-‘:~,‘,».‘ » an C'*'“7”.'I-',‘i«‘I§§~i '.‘7v‘~. Iva’. -..‘_/~‘*..» >.‘:;‘..e< 53;-',§>‘w:2\ . .. - . ~. , .. : ~ .4 ‘ _‘« ~-~~»v~:-vr A‘-¢;,\‘;‘_’4:f-:.\a»»%;;3'.. 'fL:“\.~\j '‘’’—’,’.“T. ‘” ~ »~.~:‘:“*-.‘~- V’ J r - W‘ \ ’. \‘- ‘,,,,,.'..’:.4.‘.g..g‘. ... 97-”-L~s~-~.-<~‘——»:.r»*‘~°:?*«“r?’, » L 3“ .v,:\.*{ 1:‘ 1, , 3., A eyéli \ _ 8 * 5 I-'IE2ZzZZ12 TICOND-ROGA, . v ...... % LF L m.Iu:....=IIn.» T M • 1% E E • • AT PearFs Dep't Store ^RlSE WITH ANY PURCHASE OF $11.00 OR \&ORE A RETRACTABLE BALLPOINT PEN WORTH $ljf©< t f l t e \ OTATl^i pen by KWIK-KLIK is a quaUty writing instr>u|heitt with smear proof ink, sleek en- graved tarnish proof case, and is fully guaranteed. SAVE ATPEARL'S

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