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Ticonderoga sentinel. (Ticonderoga, Essex County, N.Y.) 188?-1982, February 17, 1955, Image 7

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I?! I 25 IE COURT yflf theJudicial' ,1 Account ofAlii JU Administratrbtl ^„ _^. DecejL OFTHEs t i TM« a number «n£*tfr*tit «mi i»*e ,»tt th* c i l c K ^ r e w t ^ e S •of* th» Hook, £4ff^$!Bgtig ftnw votef couW M h««rd,atnim* A *>0W)es% and moreOr 1MStunelew, song.Itwentqntor soma Unut a«d then stopped ions jmou*hfor the singe* 1^0 draw*, *»ejlH>-ow.'< \HcW werepjisd,., «Tsyot>r daddy there'\ Ajfter'an intern! the singer again paused just long enough to reply, \Na-o-o**' \Do you know-whe* he'll be t h e r e '\ This time it seemed douB> ful whether wewouldbeawarded any more spoken words But'vat last thejunior Pons reached a suitable place irf the aria for ia two-beat rest, andagain drawled, \Na-o-ow Wecongratulated the young artist on>h e r performance and hungup\ 4 Annoyed' On t h e contrary, we felt a sense ofgiahtudeforhaving been a t last put m a position to pay a family debt to theworldof telephone users incurred long ago by ouryounger brother, Perry 'i / When the telephone exchange was .installed ixTour little Minnesota village, Perry was probably nine years old. Though small foi his age, he wasnevertheless aninde- pendent, self-sufficient personage: Almost beforehefcould talk he had Invented ainystenous game strict- ly soutane, whldh1 occupied hi^ play time ana trlearly provided him with complete recreational satisfaction. NQoneever was g*Yenaninkling of ^hafc thegamew^asabout, and watching himplay it provided no more clue's than does watching a pair of dyed-in-the-wool pinochle players Hecould srt down any- wherein thegreat out-doors, gath- er a fewpebblesa n dtwigsorchips or any bantly materials,and in two minutes h e would haveanabsorb- ing game going Occasionaly neighbors ui his age group came to watch him P e n y tolerated theu presence, but to all queries of>\whatcha doing'\ he * * * W * « , ^ l Ufa *n« H r *> o u »ftUter, fth and Mrs.Raymond Wlfefth.M were tasBwrMrtflOBi ^M«iMiwt<*fctf« MfcW A I & M att*nfl»d nSUnk* M i * Jfelen Tayfor a^d\ John Renthanof.Hudswif Tntowfrik the waek end with Mr. and*Mrs. 3 Edgar $r*hanu J . v , M r / andMrs.RqHattd*^ t t r a r i d ^ MJ$s Ruth Shear ajjd GeorgeR W - ard wet^ inAtgyle nsetifly wh^re they visited Mxs^Haitie Parker, wh(? is. spending thewihte*a t the hphie Joi'^he--aged, JWrs Parked is lokmgf^me and is quite; contented although sheplans,to qoine^toher home here when thWweathel warms u p - T h e bifrtt. on h'erhead still needs dafty dressing ^ \Mi Edna l.a^e-is recovering from asevere attack; ofthe^gnppe Mr. and Mis F^ank Barber, of d e m o n s are^patients^ Jn^the Ma?y Fletcher Hospital, I n BuVungton, V t , whei? frwnds^ n>ay send them greeting card^i Mr»Barbez willun« dcrgo surgery this, 'Weekb u t Mis •Barber may nothave to be0p®i- atedNon as was at first* expected 'Mrs Clarence Dfednck is sub- stitute teaching1 kindergaiten ut Putnam Central School for Miss Caiolyn King, \whois1H TJhe following obituary is taken from thePost-Star and -will be of mteiest to many who''will i.eme'm- ber Mi Hill, as heresided w Ti- Conderogafoi several yeais where he attended public schoolsl Wateibury, Conh Feb 8^-Lyall H Hill, 65 retned WateiburyRe- publican and American feature writer died last night A native .of Putnam, N4Y,,Mr Hill joined the staff of theAmer- ican 30years ago H e ietired last Pttobei ' OnTheAmcucan he wasstat* editor, financial edior and'fpromo tions editor befoie tran^ferung to the Republican staff a s a feature writer Healso wrote a column, \Down to E a r t h\ s Besides his wIdd\y, the1 formej Adella Snagg, Hill leaves two-sons, two brotheis, \William Heiry Hilf, of Waterbury, Conn, Wallace Hill of Torrington, Conn, asister^Mrs Mildied Hill Miller, of* Mechamc- ville, N»Y twograndchildern and several nieces and nephejvs.^ ,The Fund laising committee of Putnam Valley Grange is sponsor- ingacard party to beheld Thurs- day evening, Teb 17, a t , 8 o'clock In town hall Membersn o t solicited will please bxmg< sandwiches The public is invited tSpWhlp E^ucnticw Is a forruhate on*Inthat M» gturpose anddfrec- t*q^ ta theinitruetlon ' ]n those a i f w»flearning ' Thesyllabus-ha* been developed -wljh t h e four major objectives In mind- * y#ung people: with experience and practice in democratic living uv the schodlf neighborhood and com mrrtlnity, emphasizing tbe develop mentof-good human relations and social responsibility; \* , <L TO help boys and girls under£ stand« n dappreciate rhe.ir Amer- ican heritage thiough the\studyof conjimunjly And1 aatymal »back grounds , t •*3, Tohelp theni understand tjie, -relationship*of 'the touted-, ^ta^ea ^to %erest of theworld through t h e study of the social andecon-v ohnc geography ofselected conv mumtiesandregionsof theworld 4 Tohelp, them gradually binld up skill's, mreading'* and listening, u n theuseiofmags^andj globesand in ability to*use and\ evaluate 1e-i ference matefcigils of allkinds To attain these objectives some oftaesubject matter andsomeof t h e activities will be thefsanve as those formerly used However, wo are living J n a changing* world New subject mattei is continually arising \vhieh.'wntodei 1 teacheis *5StmsaSM!i*8E5*&m % To ^rovid^ ehddteh a n f mUst present anddevelop through a variety^ ofactivities toattain the objectives inthen field„ ^ta^ea Ito^t'^w***- *5StmsaSM!i*8E5*&m Town 1* no*«ifctt«iwi*ed ttf+xpena money. »orif t | »©roviatont of W which should have been complied with a*-ofthedate of^publimtion of thhf noticeytere,not substaatialr ly cpmphftd: 'tyitb, pnd, ari action, suit orproceeding^contestlng such l t T *1^ * «kmn*enced within *ven- ' t y days aft^r tn«date,ofpublica- tion ofthis notice, orsuch ^bllga- tjions w©rei!autho«jj?ed nv, violation of Xhtprovisions, of thejConsfitu- tton \x * pated* Port Heftry> NewYprivt February fith, 1955, ^ \ ROKBRT C„AVAIT %T0,wn GJ»rk * 0 ' BOND ,RESOIiUTION BATED FEBRUARY5^ 1 9 ^L^ ~ \' , A RESOgUttTIONF I 3 f l N G THE DETAILSOF$12ft0CKfSBR- TAL BONDS t3F \THE TOWiNO F MORIAH, ESSEX(COUNTY,N ^ W iYQSiK,JfJER^TOFORB AUTHOR- I Z E D\ TO PAY\ THECOSTOF, CONSTRUCTING. A\WATJ3R~S TEM.INTH&MJOiRIAH W^TER DISTRICTt>FSAID TOWN. ; WHEREAS,'*pursuantto the pro- Vsionsof theTown Law, th^'Town Board has^heretqfore created the Monah Water District mthe To^n of Monah,j Essex County,, New York, and hasauthorized thecon- struction of-a.watei. system there- L aw an d i t t i ^ l o t h er y ^ mm m**mfa 4 w f „„„ •ddition tQ tirasa rttpMwdW J S ^ tion 510O of the lx*al Finance| Law,as theSiipwvijBOr sha«4et*r mine f I j Section & It is hereby deter-j mingd t'bat-th^period' ofjwobabty usfefulneW of thfe a>foresalDf bbjeet- or p^rgpse is, pursuarit to subdiv- ision 1 ttfparagraph a of Sectioh 1109-o£t h eLocal FinaiKie yptc 40 years, computed fion^ Novejhber 12tNlg54, tnfe d\ate«f thefjrsf bojnd anticipatW-rWot^ issued mantici- pation ofv$uch bonds K,_~* Sectiori 4 , Thefaith, andcredit* of theTo'yvn'of MOriah are v hereby pledged t o^th^ payment ^of ihe Jrineipab^f ,andinterest on-'slich bondsas thesame become>du$?nd payable Said principal andJinlerest] shall b e payraoTe in thfe fitst i n - stance fiom assessments \^evied on benefited property withm s%id Town at?thesame' timeand m the same manne'r asothei tqwn\)chaf«f-J es, but ifnot ^>ai*from such soutco ,all the taxable ' Yi!eaT 'property ms said Towp shall be subject to the* levy of ah annual ad valorpm^tax: wjthour limitation,Tas i t e r a t e ) Or amount sufficient\ 60paysuch/prin^ cipal ^and interest as^th/ samebe- come due ahdpayable J *^ * I K,_~* tqwn\)chaf«f-J *'^WftTT PATNODE >1«4SON, HILDA J L , STANLEY JENKs '„S»PFELT, EDWAIID n , JOHNFDON,\IJ)s MARION D0NAI4« HEJLEN DONALDS ER,. vmaiNiAr>o\/ THOMPSON BFTTYDnS W, JAMES GARVI?* DqNAL»SpN WYMAN\VM DQ^ALDSOK, and. TO:tMo»i PA'EN'ODE^ brother, FRFD PAT NOt>Er brother, JEDPATNons brother, * WILLIAM PATN'ooa brotK«r, MATILDA PATNQM sister, LODY PATNODh: SNraH sister, apdNORMAVANDKRHOI McNEJtL, grand-niepe nf ,>,-,, teased, ifliving, and a dead pr* a r executors administrate] ahd ail distnbutees. heirs-at-la» ,rext-of km,legatees, andd.-visa' of SRid J?MORY PATNODF'Ep PATNODE, JED PATNOD^ WILLIAM PATNODE, MATlLfil E A T N ; 0 D E , LODY PATMODJ S^bW^ana NORMA VANDE HOFMpNEIL,apd allper*-!!* £ by^ purchase orinheritance , r ol erwise, have/orclaim to hue., Interest jn tbe above-entitlHmat| ter, <denvedJthrough said LMORI £PATN<>DE, * FRED PATN'ODd JlbD PATNODE, WILLIAMPA3 NODE,< MATILDA PATVODH I,pDY PATNODE SNOW» NORMA VANDBRHOF McMED or his or hei executors adralnisi r&tors, distributees, heirs -at-t nextof km,legatees, devisees, Jmcfsfrxs 'T a x e s »?t*te-as State Aid\ $ 7.7Q000 997 SO I ®« ^ J f e ^ ) ^« l f e m t ^ y f e a r ' i m : 'MCOtSttQeginningat Fiscal Year Ow»nd Total PAYJJENTS ‘»?“?.~\\‘§7~ '1‘ .._:;§=,:‘-;, ‘ ‘.7.’ =;~ -=s*’f:3; ’ -330,40 j4.m.2o * H 7 4 & a 8 O.Ojp $14,74a98 Deficit -~.-.--$ Genera} repairs, including sluices and JfekWinption ofnotes,,principal only . . . Jnuweatonnotes 8034 7,6*833 4,77120 7471 Total Payments . s_ (BalancefctOtoseofFiscal Year Grfchd Total , $12,54458 $12,54458 2,204,40 $14,74898 BRIDGE FUND * V: Item 2 RECEIPTS RetU^Property Taxes $ Total Riwspts Balancea t BeginningofFiscal Year Grand Total 500 00 $ 500.00 924.91 thecon- struction of-a.watei. system there- in a t a total esfamated'cosf of not exceeding $120,600; and S, WHEREAS, a. bond ^resolution dated September 29, 1954 has au- thorized thejssfuanoe of n o t ex-fsha,H ccedmg $120,000\* senal bonds o£ said1Town to J a thecost thereof, ex-fsha,H advertise sUch bonds fotrsale Section^? ,Thepowers and 'dut- ies ofadvertising such bpnds-for sale, conducting t h e l f a l e ya n d awarding th6 bonds, ate hereby delegated t o the Supervisor--who conduct t h esale * and award the bonds xnsuch nlanner as^he shall bestfor\the^nt^ests of, sa|d \‘\‘ .Q\\ ‘ \ $\7 Labox^fuid. team work, repair andmain- tenance ofbridges __.. 5 PAYMENTS 430.60 Total Payments „-,.— Balancea t close ofFiscal Year G«*nd Total 43060 99431 $ 1,424.91 MACHINERY FUND Item 3 RECEIPTS ReakPropeHy Taxes $ 6,957 60 •Receivedforrental ofmachinery, County > RoadJFuntf Received from other sources (itemize) Ten Year Highway Program madenoreply. Tentative offers to participate were firmly 1 ejected The result was, >ofcourse, thaT> P e n y had noreal pal, nor did he seem to want one9 Wemention these facts because this lone-wolf propensity was one of the fact'ors jwhich eventually barred\ him from enjoying his normal-share of the marvels of telephone communica- tion I t must also berecorded that a t this -time-Perry spoke two'lang- uages He had been attending school for some? three years and according: to hisreport cardswas making satisfactory progress Without thereport cardsno one at^ home would have known because] school Wasanother thing Perry never discussed While h e didn't seemto beexactly ashamedof go ing toschooliheobviously felt that it was notworth talking about either B u t according to histeach- ers he did, iji theclassroom, speak the more or less formal Engbsh employed there Ouside,of school h e reverted to the vernacular which Ije handled fluently. The telephone, which w a s fasten- ed to the\wall at-a-hetght-suited to a standing adult fand twofeet above f e r r y ' s reach), was a source of seemingly endless thrills. To in- itiate a call was a nevent, to an- swe> one was ' a privilege—and a privilege, i t m u st beadded, seldom, if ever atfeorded thejunior mem-1 of the-family Whenthering of thephpn> was' followed by the sound of a chair being dragged across t h e dining room floo£, an adult Voice wassure to call out, \Neyeir mind, Pertry^I'll answerit.\ H e could have madehis owncalls, but becauseof thesolitaryW ehe'd led, therewas no one to whomhe felt close enough-to share such an intimate experience.. \ I So between his*lack ofpersonal social contacts, thehandicapof his small size, *nd his lowpriority r a t - ing, Perry had never ^had a real chance tq exercise^h i i -.conversa- tional talents -on the telephone Under close supervision,' Tie had been ^ permitted On two o r three occasionsfto saya-few words,but the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of theInstrument,' which Was^ what hisindependent soul de- manded, hadbeen denied him..*. Then came an afternoon when P^rry and his Older brother, for wliom'he hadneither fear nor re- spect, wfyfe' alone ai thehouseEv- idently Fairy figured thatnow was hitf'chahce WUfch the priority-en- forcing authority absent, the one who answeredacali,if acall came, would be -the. one who got there first. That he hadfttlly anticipated the possibUitles-and h«dmadehis preparations accordingly, became apparent \when thephone actually did ring. F o r By^the time thefast |.cla!n« Of the boll had sounded, Perry hadscrambled onto a chair, alreadyinposHiort^add beforet h e older brother, Whowa*deepin the wilds ^t-Africa with JRyder«« * • #a#di %tti|;jftiii^down ijishooicljit' had C h f e - i ^ l ^ W r h l s , e*rand. W(N in tm-'mffifot$:-•-\'\ \HellOi*' said JPeny, ,The niurmer lot the'tft-comms; voice could be 'neard acro*a -the room., P a r r y listened elolely, a puctled lookoft his face.H etook 4he receiver from his ear andpeered into it as If •uspectinf t*«it itl»»irat especially noisy #£*Btirw**« b i d i n r **««• Then *>1t*pt*d it back and^sald, 7,60292 2,00000 Total Receipts Balancea t BeginningofFiscal Year $16,560.52 2,915 01 Grand, Total $19,47553 PAYMENTS Purchase ofmachinery, tools andequip-$7,900 96 Repair of machinery, tools and equip- ment ?„ , \fiepajrs of PW Ofoperatoronmachinery rented to-county or village , Gasolineonoil->formachinery rented to cofjnty orvillage Redemptionofbonds, principal only Interest onbondsandnotes 3%; 1,30767 5,03264 4,61600 34160 \What\^ \ The murmeV oE theothei voice was agam heard Whenafstopped^ there *wasapause, and thehVerry, raising his voice, again said, ' W h a t '\ Once more t h e patient voice of the callei resumed ita- murmer. By now.Perry's expres- sion combined ^ the intense concen- tration of achess master with the utter bafflement of onebeing told -how to get\ t o Reilly's place i n Chinese. Theolder bi other decided that thetimetotake overhad ar- Total Payments Balancea t CloseofFiscal Year $13,19837 27666 Grand Total $19,47553 I, L 5 SNOWANDMISCELLANEOUS Item 4 RECEIPTS gSfkPf.pperty T a w s — > ^ . u2 i 7.60000 R ^ A from, other sources (itemfceT , v1 &Wfe n? * Bientals „. , A1 250 R« u n d s J L a b o r ^ . . . jj± \ \2 0 1 7 * ; fijBW i n J»ay> Rolls 13?and 19\ I T t - »§ f A t - * ' T t t t a ^ ^ ee i p t s ^^^ j , l ' Balance &&3eginhinKofFiscal Year / • Grand Total _' __, * -! _* PAYMENTS v *. ,-fTowrf Superintendent <Totalb e - - ' v £for?i dpductktes}„ _J — . $ 3,500.00 IfciftOVj^ \Obstructions caused bysnow 6,44221* VUtt jStni atf*d_p!niav4nr-noxious weeds a n d »Ww??£,_t,,-v ' O^r'ha*cellane;ous purposes _ _ I _\ I I 1,63854- , 399 / | i W Payments ^ ^ 1 f« a n o e f a t CloseofFiscal y e a r,^ i x * $11,584.74 2,10623 $?3,69a97 Grfcftd Total 6 ^ij___, T E f ^ E A H HIJJHWAY^IPJROVEMENT PROGRAM [ Receipts rf R^ajlBBoperty Taxes; -». ^—>__,.— Re^stiie ~ajnttic|oation notes - . v Total Receipts ^ - * balanceat TOTAL * 2.22880 4,77120 1 * 7\0t»00 •ber $10,03050 3,66047 $13,69097 R e ail z i n g that he must _**£__b_ „_ e _ «. _t rived , ^ i*But(Perry, whofrom hisr stance, on the chair -was In a position'to watchh i sbrother, sensed whatwas either assumet h einitiative atonce and concludet h eepisode with col- ors still flying, orelsebeforcedin- to anjgiommious letreat, hecame swiftly to adecision Graspingthe transmitter fnmly in hishand, he p u t \his lips into-the mouthpiece and announced, clearly and em- phatically, \They hamt nobody to home,\ andhung up Well, that's how the debt came about and if the experience des- cribed in the beginning ofthis piece doesn't seem to have paid i t in full, we canonly pleaij that old debts paid mtoday's currency \hey^ er a - re* :3; f3 .. g .. _ v A ax 5/; _p..{1_r:‘.\7r ‘i’§;'.~E\*‘?;'-. }~L‘:~:¢;,:’;r 3» v. -; k~'j_’ .;2.*< ':~‘ §:_.<‘s‘ .“ If - .;, 4 av ;_- .g5.—~,-.;.-*.\. 3‘ .;‘~i<'r}51~*? . <, xzr-»,-.1.-‘. ‘f~.1*,_’a‘ 16:1‘ ~ *i“*:[»*.» ‘§~.\;‘»‘_>.~,‘, «:4: b‘~“:;1*.“».~%f': 1'3» ~.',~‘ ;. xi; .. ..,i».u. ;- '~n ~ 1 r; i ‘V ;L,g,»? . Receipts balanceat BeglnmngofFiscal T e a r tGBftind Tatai *- -\ WaCKlrieryandequipment rerftals — * r * - rrahsfer ofUnexpended Balartces /* •ber 7\0t»00 000 * 7»000'00 i , t Payments, •ber -v * 3,351.30 748.92 /jgooo^op 9 S.10012 ..~\..'.\ «.44. §I'v.5 ,h._' 5» ^totaf payment* i* \Balance atCloie ofFlfccal Year Gf*ni Total -,-L STATEd f NftW YORK, ConhiyofEssex,ss: F, j*c)cW«rd, iujoetvisoj? of theIQWHofNorth^&wdson, kfAn* duly «w0tt*fowfes. md *W t h a t he is the person itowitioaed; as submitting the foregoing r e t o r t : tBa« thk tniMnt* stated thWein to have been received hy him as rtparvlsor of luch'Uwn * r0 all that he hasr*c«v«d as^tlcn 9*fK»|f for t h »pui^ote thereinptttM; t h a t m*M p ^ m U M i ^a«d «t«relnli(*ve tefact^We* in»de for* th» fertip^sn t o 4h#persona indicated; t h a t «Uofsuch ^xpanfltturw f mad* | i - t a £ fattht te mm, &*&*&,jut*3k-$» _ iter required by the Highway La.tr; that the balances 5©i*hi tpeciftoa a r« all tlWmemws l^nalnlnx In hUhand* ofpt«monfeyfc received by him u providedby Jaw onhocount o l t h ehighways andbridses ofsuch towrt. •'•,.;n •.'-'. .•.'•/i-'y.-.v-fe-alttStHHteft.'. Subscribed andtworntobeforem e , this ^ ! ; * ' ••< •ber •ber * 7,00000 •ber 000 *7.069tK) riding appearance.\ ClarenceKrmtel, CMicaga,IU, glad1changed Plymouth year. bigger it's hardtobelievei^s alow. p n« car!\ Ktrmu & lien. Minneapolis, Minn. ^ THEY CHANGEDTOTHE ALL-MEW If *m buy i t w : »f np9Sr andthat's t*des!n CUtGdi L. Council, Washtitgten,£1C,' .1 :‘.* \-:»~ n..-.:..~_«,v.;.», . -52 ;:Z«. '» 7*- ;3. 5 24‘ :1~-:‘-‘- -rs.» ~‘ ~.~’».~ =.»:~‘.~t-.1 ,W»~,.;~ *1’ -,;-.f:gi'»£ ‘A-».'»-e;,_ :3‘ r:~~,«~»< - v~,'~:~, , «~».. .-.:~. .‘1. . ,, .,,. .,~ .5 1_-~ -zw3',,;«’ 5\\-7=‘f,‘;f “ =-v.2‘ cw v.:» “*1 .€,5t*&.»' -L-1‘-‘~:.-1; “ .¢‘:’7£:'-I.‘ an ‘aw’ -- .\. ,.'_o-,..‘a,f. ~..- 2 .:‘ 4 ~‘.-; '3jr;::.» .~’ I,~‘:;§;»' ,1‘ ~..‘ Biggestof fl*low-price ^! Newest stylingofthe W price 3 ! Top | * * aminesoftho'loifprfcfl i fr a o i e t of o^ttnderPownrFlo^ll^or Hy-Fire V ^ «J ^ | i r i ( b167 hp aad17?hji ^W^toJVW&^^JV U>ok*t*H3,*aAyou'll jointiw swing to PLYMOUTH, the^reainewc*t%t &tYOUNGfk 1 it ‘\ \N v ?%?i‘E§3§:§ 13.. :~. ~ _‘ '1 vi ‘~- »!~.4-x.2t4:% sj - v* ... i ; . ... i o <1”.‘,‘ a 5-? ..'.f~.\-i'«‘:-.\;¢-\'~1--. 1\'~ 1'} ‘I '*’*‘.‘,s2\~v=9;g V.\ :2‘ ii? -975$\ ‘i ?:\3.?:“:£ xi •IM^ €'.=\'Z.i_“\L » 3-. -' .-\-I‘. ;y:'~‘.v5.'1“a’* .rI<,“~ ;f‘',',;/,.; ,-.;»,.;';'q-._. 1Tr;_,‘ «.L:»'[\1’. .36», ,~ ‘ Á 1.^'kJ =~~ =3 .1 iv éi?}:,*;2§‘.*?~**,f ;*;Zv‘?*.*.: ,9 «WW, _‘ .1‘ _}';.§,%,

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