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Ticonderoga sentinel. (Ticonderoga, Essex County, N.Y.) 188?-1982, September 02, 1954, Image 1

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V- —_~ ., y .‘ I _1-‘V'=._‘_2rz_. 3%.,‘ -z_ 9' H « - w»:..~>_%.» ; 3‘ .. we ‘ . ?='«.»\«\—‘?'.~' 9-:.«* :- # \Ma.-.u<“ x \ ‘ Sig u ‘ sf =o!;\?»¥>.:*r».».I;~<»*2§ -.2 .*-z--*‘.:v- ‘.-M-:.° ' . A > vv is. \Lr\~J ..,~»,u-r,?'K¢m ,”- -313% A ~:.‘..\}.’ »- . , . Q: .<, a§f:,\u,J...a’._,, ,,v‘:- .5. g,:“u-.<r ,v 13“, , = , ,2 7- ,3 ~. ‘s.. PW. 4; 1 §§§,£\§: -5; ‘Ha « . ;,.,_ 3;; sgéz‘ ‘* < ‘ ‘ :, t~:'4 .- ,' ‘ . : “;\.\ _:,., ‘7: v7 §.f:,.V.J',;,,3:§. we 3I?,M‘4 . .4“\.\\».?,4.;“;“§,. Kate: I is V % A _ ' .3: ~, *-2% . ’«“\~*s. '~ v ‘«2 -«'9;(’3‘«‘»3: _ .a ,2 9‘? §;>_.. ‘ , \ ‘ . «s .,.v,‘ )«-' ‘ _- ! Á Á g«* ,-‘'.'_.,—s‘ fg, ag; 79* vr ..'¢3,_;;r.«‘ M K‘ .,.,,, ‘3_.«~- .3 ‘ -9‘; \ -,..' ;:.« _;. ;‘.'_:\ $5 - F ‘~' ‘9 ‘L? . '=f..i$£.r-\‘\-’.1.=’,:-=.;’,‘:»€ -n .3-,.e':-' %:»a~;-s§:‘% .”3é§v:;i,.;,,‘:‘-»f ~ . é ‘ X “ \f=.'#¢3 I‘ '7\.’.T.. H'‘‘.: z‘- “ -. -*'“' - R‘ 32:63 i 3. g,. . '_.. LARGESTCIRCULATIONIN ESSEX COUNTY Th6 Sentinel 4/; W5, W2 ,; “eff /, 4. 0/ ,/1 2; «/0 U //r ,, ,;¢;///1//‘, ///1/?//j7:]éI,f>§//’ 7 / 1 ¢ ’: f};g/ ///1’; / \ / /’ gM,’:%;’/:34, 1/ Th6 Sentinel H a s a Circulation of More Than 2,970 ‘ 4,”, 14/ :m. ‘ ’ \321-'°.' $ 7 51'} £'§§¢:;‘\.;§;-3 :\;\5$\~£i: '3.\'~f‘I\\3?:f- 2 :2“:-‘~.*-rs-£2 ‘ \,s‘;.‘?.‘5\g‘ 2:-. ge :, , 27:‘ ,-<_«r. :. ‘. _1-.1‘. ».. J‘; X {y . :1. A» , .. ~ .. :.,»:-—-3.»_I<' ., . . « '5‘: ' '«\“\)’<7“\7;f\’ ,,, ;«:~w:'»'. s»*2.\r;‘= \ \ Tax Sole Instil _In Sentinel 'Today A s . 'a service t othe> residents MM of Southern Essex County,t h e a r e list- ,the names officials oftHj ing in t o d a y ' s \ • of\ p r o p e r t y <-'o||iC#l§;' w i t h t a x e due as of August 3 i i i 9 S t . A full description of the/.properties will be listed i nt h e ; ' t a x Sale to b HCONDEKOGfl,NEWYOrtK, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, I9o7 T W E L V E PAGES PRICE 18 CENTS gr :::~a;‘~ 1.: .w-914.... Ir; “‘ ' «$.- Auction Slated Tomorrow For K i w a n i s Hera r? DiscussionOf 2 I s s u e s Held SENTINEL DIGEST W;:\ Mrs.Hyatt Reported ^Improving Slowly' Mrs Alice H y a t t of Crown Point, who wasstricken with polio recently, is still confinedt o the Glens Falls Hospital. H e r condition was described yester- ;day a s \improving slowly.\ Boat Raising At Fort Reaching Cli max H ere ication To Remove Village C l e r k CaseT o Grand J u r y IsGranted *“‘ °‘ 53%.‘? SENTINEL By Association Sale Starts At2:30In Toyland Store Mere; Receipts To Aid Fund For Youth Program % Classification Of George, Bass Fishing Topics A t Meeting! Officers AreNaJriifl Weather Hampers Work Of Divers InWaters Of Lake Champlain; Pontoons Being Used She is receiving t r e a t m en t in a .jpespirator a t the hospital, butis jable to be removed from the ma- 1 chine for three o rfour minutes a t atime. published bythei Lake Placid JVews, a n dt h e ! iESSSsx. County N e w s . * •-•_ Inasmuch as one of.-thesfe pap- ers' is i nLake Placid^ t h e other in Keeseyille, county officials r e - quested t h a t t h elistings be placed i nt h e T h e Sentinel for the benefit ofresidents of t h s ou t h end of t h ecounty. If the taxes due a r e paid prior t o September 10,1951,t h e Coun- t y T r e a s u r e r said, t h e amount will n o t include advertising charges of $6.90 p e r parcel.The t a x sale wOl b e held on .Oct, 26, 1964, a t t h eCourt House in Elizabethtown. Transfer Is Approved . By Judge Yesterday; Village Safe Opened, .§:¢é”, ,m JDedlcataon excercises ofthe Isa- f a o C 'Crinswold Library i nWhite- hall Were^jconducted Sunday A feature oft h e ceremony wast h e unveikng Ofaplaoquei nmemory of the, l a t e Mrs. E P Manville, w l t s 4 § f $ $ ^ building t otihe com- mur^tyllfOT-us^ a s a library. Local Schools Will Open September 13 All ofthe Ticonderoga public schools will open onMonday, Sept. 13, for ashort m o r n i n g ses- sion, according to Superintendent Robert T. Robinson. This in- cludes the schools inthe Village of Ticonderoga and t h e schoola t Streetroad. T h e 2nd annual Kiwanis Auction will bestaged Friday afternoon in the store called Toyland dn Mont- calm Street here to raise funds for the organization's Youth Act- ivities and Underprivileged Child- ren's Program. Bidding will s t a r t I**2 : 3 0 ° ' c l o c k LAKE GEORGE—Officers were eteated and twodisputed issues w e r e discussed a tt h e 6SMh an n u a l meeting of t h eLake George As- sociation held h e r e last Friday. R<e-elee-ted president a t t h e ,ses-: sioa was the Rev. Ernest Van ;R. Stores and o t h e r officers w e r e r e - named asfollows: William A. Bix- b y of S t Louis and Bolton Land- ing, first vice president; Granville A. Beals, Assembly Point, second vice president; Charles H . Turtle, L a k e George and New York, vice president a n d general counsel; Ralph Shoenherr, Cleverdale, sec- r e t a r y ; H e r m an E . Muller, New York City andDiamond Point, t r e a s u r e r ; C y r u s H . Woodbury, Diamond Point, executive vice president, assistant secretaryand assistant t r e a s u r e r . a t atime. T h e paralysis affected h e r left side, physicians said, a n d there is still partial paralysis. H e r left leg is still weak, but h e r left a r m shows signs of recovery. . Mrs. Hyatt isL e c t u r e r of the jTiconderoga Grange. She and her husband, Dr. Nelson H y a t t , make their home in Crown Point with t h e i r three children. Divers working inthe watersof Lake Champlain inthe vicinityof F o r t Ticonderoga a r eprogressing in t h e i r attempts toraise a Revol- utionary War sloop from the bot- tom ofthe lake. Officials ofF o r t Ticonderoga expressed t h ebelief that the craft would beraised to- day ortomorrow, w e a t h e r permit- ting. The ship being raised is thought to be the\Trumbull a galley which once formed p a r t ofBene- dict Arnold's fleet. The w a r vessel, constructed under t h esupervision of Benedict Arnold duringt h e summer of1776, after h ehadr e - turned to F o r t Ticonderoga from t n e unsuccessful siege ofQuebec carried three guns and acrewof 45 men. The case ofWalter Moore, 55, Ticonderoga village clerk whoh a s been accused ofpetit larcenyby Mayor John Bevilacqua, has been transferred to t h eEssex County grand jury. An application for a ceituficate- for removal of thecase to t h grand j u r y was approved yesterday morning a t ahearing before Essex County Judge Sheldon F. Wlckes of Ticonderoga. The grand jury will m e e t a t Elizabethtown Nov.. when the regular fall term of Es sex County Supreme-Court eon venas. J W ...‘ 5215 I~\~!‘f >> _':'. 1: Sundaf*#&sf clambake tame in : - Washing-Kiwanis officials said hundreds of \\*\1\\ *• *• J i j •— articles have been donatedfor the auction and they are hopeful t h a t local and area residents will contribute still more. Anyone wish- ing todonate anarticle, newo r used, is asked tonotify George Spring, secretary, atthe Chamber of Commerce office intHe Com- munity Building. Kindergartens will bem a i n - tained a t the Streetroad School; at the Alexandria School, anda t the Central School on Champlain Avenue. P a r e n t s a r e requested to bring their child's b i r t h certif- icate if they have not already done so a t t h e pre-school clinic in thespring. I n order toe n t e r k i n d e r g a r t en a child must be five y e a r s old by J an u a r y 1, 1&55. Children who have attended kindergarten m a y be entered in first g r a d e ; but children who have n o t a t t en d e d kindergarten m u s t be six by Dec. 1, 1954 inorder to qualify for first grade. Bus pupils in kindergarten will be registered a t 9 a. m. andt h e pupils who walk toC en t r a l a n d Alexandria kindergartens will register at10 a. m . Monday's afternoon sessions will be devoted t o a faculty meeting for teachers inthe dis- trict, beginning a t 1p . m . the wl&tehau a r e a . T h e Washing-Kiwanis ton 'Ctfiinly!iSoard ofSupervisors ^ltad'<6He.at JETadlook Pond, White- halTdburf<|l'276, Knights of Colum- bus conducted theirs a t Butler's Grove; afia; t h e Whitehall Masonic Lodge held theirs on the Bill Rus- sell farm; Plan Activities At Port Henry ,~ .4 \~ . “\4'v .3, 1 V *~*?*.«t:A Lyon Mountain Mine To Open PORT HENRY—The annual La- bor Day observance a t Port Henryj wfl'1 becelebrated with t h e usual gaja entertainment here onMon day. Gerald Grant, general chair- manofthe aiffair, announced that plans forthe event here are com- plete. As isthe custom, the Labor Day festivities aresponsored by the P o r t Henry Fire Department. T h e day's events will open a t 9 a m . with contests forchildren, followed by a PeeWee baseball game between teams from Mine- viHe and P o r t Henry. The street parade at 2p. m. will be led byRay F.Harland; grand marshal, and will assemble inthe vichnity of theAmerican Legion Home in Broad Street. The proces- sion will march through the main streets, then retrace its route. e Ed- I n addition tofloats and cars for distinguished guests, there willbe m a r c h i n g bands from Granville, Burlington High School, and St. John, P . Q. Additional music will be furnished by drum and bugle corps f r o m Hudson Falls, Ticonderoga, and P o r t Henry, and the Adiron- dack Bagpipe Band ofF o r tEd- ward will also participate. A Safe TJrlvIng Contest sponsor- ed by'Washington County Pomona Grange\ w a s h e l d InArgyle Sat- urday s t a r t i n g a t 10 a. m . Driv- ers, observers, and checkers par- icipate*d i n a 100-mile r u n with a $50 Defense Bond forfirst place and a $25 bond forsecond place. 40 young G r an g e r s participated. Some of the achievements r e - corded bythe1 Kiwanis Club last year for which funds derived from the auction were used included: Mr. Moore was arraigned before Justice of t h ePeace WilliamW» B a rr y Thursday afternoon, Aug. 19, on acomplaint byMayor Bevilac- qua. The petit larceny chargein- volves the sum of $6.97, allegedly a p a r t ofvillage parking meterr e - ceipts. LYON MOUTAIN—The Chateau- g a y mine oft h e Republic Steel Corporation, which has been s h u t down since July 30, will reopen Monday, S e p t 13. Approximately 300 workers will return t o the min- i n g operations. Henry Fortaer, superintendent of industrial relations a t'the mine, h a s asked a l lemployes who were working J u l y 30 to resume work on their regular shifts. T h e s h u t down on July 30 was attributed tolack of orders. It was built ofoak, green wood from t h evirgin forest, heldto- gether with wooden dowels or pins. Ribs were constructed from de- formed trees with \bends.\ Iron nails were also used inthe ship's construction. the Supplied more than 5,000 one- half pints ofmilk tounderprivil- eged children a t the schools a t a cost of$148; sponsored andcon- ducted swimming and life saving classes forabout 200 children un- der RedCross supervision at a transporation cost of$113; con- tributed 5100 to Little League baseball and sponsored one ofthe four tennis; purchased 360 chicks for 4-Bt chicken raising project a t a cost of$81; contributed $10a s achievement prize forbest high school commercial student; con- tributed $10 t oInfantile Paralysis Fund;* contributed 525 toward r e - lief of adestitute family. Sponsored Boy Scdut Troop and contributed $16 for a-special event and $3.20 t oCub Scouts; staged efirewas de&J.Hallowe'en P a r t y f o r 800 children, w i t h W a d e , h0k costume prizes, window painting, etc., a tcostof $71.53; held 26th Annual Christ- mas' P a r t y forchildren with pro- gram, turkey dinner, gifts, etc., for 67 children a tcost of$112.68; cooperated with National Guard membership drive; supported Chamber of Commerce banquet; supported Community Concert membership drive; cited two Eagle Scouts. The t w o disputed Issues taken u p a t t h emeeting were with t h e S t a t e W a t e r Pollution Control Board as tow h e t h e r Lake George is a \public\ o r \private\ water supply and with, the State Conser- vation D e p a r t m en t ' s Divisionof Fish andGame a s to t h ereason few small m ou t h black bass have tbeen. caught this season. T’ L’! 93$ ._»v9, Two teen*age iboys a r e being held for action bychildren's court fol- ldwii|g ifi,#r confession to F o r t Ed- w a r ^ poli?!fe .that they started a fh ^ i r ^ h ^ y i i n apit a t a lumber ilard-in t h a t village. T h efirewas f&pticedbyilinemploye and the boys ^were ^a S ^ r ^ i e n a e d a t t h escene. Police said t h e •pair also admitted shooting ou t s t r e e t light bulbs with -BB'giins. Arnold's makeshift fleet m e t a superior British flotilla a tValcour Island, a short distance southof the City ofPlattsburg. The Ameri- can general was successful inde- laying aproposed invasion ofNew York bythe British, b u t itwasat the cost ofhis fleet. T h e hearing was postponed unttf Monday of last week to permit Mr. Moore toobtain counsel and t h e n was postponed again until Monday of this week. Postponement w a s again taken topermit the applica- tion yesterday for acertificate for removal oft h e case tothe grand j u r y . District Attorney Daniel T . Man- ning ofAusaible F o r k s was present at the hearing before Judge Wtckes yesterday morning. Mr. Moore w a s represented byhis attorney, J o h n F . Lawson ofTiconderoga, w h o made t h e motion forthe removal of the case t othe grand jury. }>;_: I n regardtoothe bass fishing, t h e dispute centers onwhether this specie \just isn't biting\ orwheth- er the black bass life has been al- lowed by t h e state t odiminishin L a k e George ascontended by t h L a k e George Association's fish and g a m e officials. T h e Chateaugay m i n e was also shut down earlier in the year when 600 employes w e r e laid off on M a r c h 19. The mine reopened April 10 with 340 employes being called back. Tournament Is Planned Here Vessels escaping from theVal- cour battle fled south towardthe American strong points a t Crov/n Point and Ticonderoga. Some were scuttled by their crews on the Ver- mont shore, others (the Trumbull among them) finally reachedTi- conderoga. The divers, who are workingon the raising ofthe ship are JohnS. Lawrence and Dick Meyer, ofthe firm ofLawrence and Cummings, shallow and deep w a t e r divers of Schenectady. Lawrence was a Navy diver i nthe Pacific during World W a rI I . St. \' F i r e of undetermined origin .caused d a m a g e ofabut $150,000t o '$ftrt ofa,.Juraiber yard ownedby 3ft. J . Swelt, Inc., a tN o r t h W a r - :sensbubferecently, T h e blaze de&J.Hallowe'en a # t f« ^ # i & r i e p l a n i n g mill, t w ^ „.,_ •#3sage<.plani ?dry 1ffl(ij|^ai«t some saws aswell - as a number ofpiles of finished lumber. F i r e m e n were able to save two saw mills and a large ' stock oflumber. The owner said he jhad very little insuranceon m e ' l u m b e r yard. Mr. Fortier saTd in June that the mine would no%' again reach its wartime employment peak of737, explaining t h a t since 1946 there h a s been agradual^decrase in p r o - d o c t i e n demands in %fae steel indus- try. Issue No. 1 evolved from al e tt e r sent to anassociation member who conducts a sum m er hotel by Ed- war d H owar d , s t a t e district sani- t a r y engineer oft h e S t a t e Board of Health located a t Glens Falls,'] and from t h e same state office hav- ing advised Dr. Morris Masion, di- r e c t o r of t h e Warren County Lab- o r a t o r y h e r e t h a t Lake George waiter samples analyzed by the county laboratory andlabeled ''public supply\ were mis-labeled. Mr. Howard contended t h esam- ples, when taken a t the intake pipes ofs u m m e r hotels orcom- mercial places o n t h e lake, should be labeled \private supply.\ Mr. Tuttle, the association's gen- eral counsel, indisagreeing with t h e W a t e r Pollution Control Board's office, said ifthis were the case then a l l theprivate (resi- dence) p r o p e r t y owners around the lake might b epresumed to have •^private\ -water supplies when the L a k e George Assn. oro t h e r agen- cies .took samiples at' the intakes in t h e l a k e facing these residence properties. H e continued t h a t these saanples have been analyzed for the association for y e a r s by t h e War- r en County L a b o r a t o r y assamples of t h e public w a t e r supply \because L a k e George i s apublic lake, hence it is apublic w a t e r supply for all t h e residents, around its shores and how, t h en c a n t h estate declare t h a t ani n t a k e a t asummer -hott-1 is ap r i v a t e w a t e r supply from the s a m e lake—perhaps even next door t o lake residents who t a k e water from t h e s a m e lake a t t h e same location ?\ F o r m e r W a r r en County Assem- blyman H a r r y A. Reoux ofWar- remsburg w h o also i s a practicing attorney, agreed with Attorney Tuttle, declaring 'that such \double iiirterpreitiataoh\ oft h e same water ^Continued on P a g e T en ) The International P a p e r Com- pany's E. M. B. A. ofTiconderoga will sponsor aneight-team double elimination junior baseball t o u r n a - ment over the Labor D a y holiday week end, Saturday. S u n d a y and Monday. Participating in t h e tourney, which will be a n an n u a l affair, will be teams from Ticonderoga, White- hall, Glens Falls, Granville, H u d - son Falls, Fair Haven, Vt., Vergen- nes, Vt., andBenson, Vt. Youths playing inthe tourney will be13- 15 years old. All games will beplayed a t t n E. M. B. A. field with the first tilt slated forS a t u r d a y m o r n i n g at 10:30 a.m., and other g a m e s sched- uled forthroughout t h e day with the finale each day t o beplayed under lights. The line-up forthe first dayof the tourney isas follows: Vergennes vs. Granville, 10:30 a. m.; Ticonderoga vs. Benson, about 1 p . m.; Whitehall vsF a i Haven, about 3p. m.; and Glens Falls vsHudson Falls, about 5:30 p. m. The winner of the Vergennes- Granville game and t h e w i n n e r of the Ticonderoga-Benson tilt will meet at 8 p . m., S a t u r d a y night. T h r o u g h his attorney, Mr. Moore emphatically declared^that. K ^ ^ p not guilty oft h e . cH&rg&-lKttftg&t\ against him bythe Mayor. Mr. Moore nas served as village c l e r k here formore t h a n 20 years. The parking meters, which h a d been taped Tuesday oflast week,. weore again placed in operation lafe last Friday. Mayor Bevilacqua s a i d t h a t decision t otape the m e t e r s was made bythe village board a t a special meeting becauseM r . Moore refused toopen the safein t h e village clerk's office which con- tained the keys t othe meters,t h e village records, and the check book of the village. vv ^ C % Republic Steel also operates mines inMineville. One ofthese, t h e Fisher Hill mine, has been shut down since March. Two others a r e operating. F i r e departments from the area will also march inthe parade to- gether with patriotic, fraternal, civic, an d school organizations. Following the p a r a d e there will be ad r u m and bugle corps exhibi- tion and abaseball game. I n the evening t h e r e wiill b e further musi- cal entertainment and thetradi- tional \street dance\ t othe music of Tom Oonsadine's orchestra. Children's contests 'and t h e musi- cal exhibitions -will beheld in the village square which will be roped off from traffic fort h e occasion. Baseball games will beplayed at Henry Field near the P o r t Henry High School. Refreshments and novelties will be available atconcession stands in the business section. the the the They have been engaged in cleaning the mud and silt from the edges oft h e galley, the deck and out ofthe hull. They will tunnel under t h ehull and pass ropes around the bottom ofthe vesselto make a sling, orcradle. The ends of these ropes will beattachedto pontoons sunk along the side of the hull. When these pontoons arein- flated, it is expected t h a t their buoyance will lift the hull from its bed int h e lake. The divers, using an air pipe, will force air into the mud against t h e hull to help break the suction and aid in releasing the craft. Howard Green Wins ^j ' Peter H . Quanlan, 75, formore than 20y e a r s assistant principal keeper a tG r e a t Meadow prisona t ijj^omstock, died recently a t Emma Laing Stevens Hospital i n Gran- ville. H ew a s appointed a guard in 1916 a h a completed m o r e t h a n 38 years ofservice a t t h estate prison. H e w a s alifelong resident of Middle Granville. Sailing Championship HAGUE—The national champ- ionship for Turnabouts was won herea tthe regatta Wednesday and Thursday by Howard Green, son of William Green ofHague and Phil- lips Manor. His crew w a s Julia Green. Scouts. The auction last year netted $532.49. $532.49. *We sincerely hope that t h e auction this year will be even more successful t h an t h ehighly satis- factory one last year,\ Kiwanian officials said. \It is our sincere wish t h a t many articles will be donated which will bring agood r e t u r nso t h a t we can domore form o r e . Won't you please plan to give and a tt e n d ?\ Three races were run and young Green was t h e winner of all three. Second place went t o Carol Smith, daughter of J . Stanford Smithof H a g u e and N e w Canaan, Conn. H e r crew was Steve Smith. About 20contestants racedfor t h e championship. %Persons Injured T h e Mayor explained t h a t t h e coins in t h emeters could not be removed without the necessary k e y and t h eforcing of coins i n t o t h e crowded coin boxes could have injured the mechanismoft h e , m a - chines. < ;, , Rensselaer Stephens, 57, of Sche- nectady, w a s a rr e s t e d recentlyon a charge of disorderly conduct. *tfle pleaded guilty and w a s given * k 30-day suspended; sentence. The charger Rensselaer had created a disturbance in'Rensselaer. The divers are working ontwo rubber pontoons with awood deck- ing nailed across totheir diving ladders. Acompressor is mounted on the decking, for use with their diving suits, and for thepump which is being used to remove mud and silt. S t a t e auditors arrived h e r e Mon-I day oflast week toexamine t h e village records, b u t they were u n - able a t t h a t time to gain accessto t h e safe for the records. Mr. Moore said he w a s m o s t will- i n g tbhave all the books audited, b u t t h a t h e was unwilling t o reveal t h e combination t o t h e village safc unless the examination ofi t s con- t e n t s was made under the direction an d supervision oft h e c ou r t . T h e S t a t e Comptroller t h e n mov- ed into the picture when he served subpoenas onboth Mr. Moore an d Mayor Bevilacqua t oproducet h e village books. The safe w a s t h e n (Continued on P a g e Twelve) the e e Reception Held For Rev. Bell Fire Destroys Lake Cottage In Auto Accident Mrs.M a r y Gamibatti, 78, of Troy, was fleeced-recently of$65 byan unidentified w o m a n . The woman convinced M i s . Gambatti she could be cured o fr h e u m a t i s mb yplac- ing coffe^'grounds, money wrapped in a ddthy-aiid ahard: boiled egg a glass \bottle. She explained it would t a k e several days for t h e cure ''\top t i k i \effect Apparently she palmed t h e money while p r e - tending tc> w r a p it int h e cloth, then disappeared. HAGUE—Mr. and iMfs; Richard OwensofHamilton, Ontario, were injured i n a nautomobile accident on Tongue Mountain last Thursday. Details oft h e accident w e r e n o t available. Mr. an d Mrs. Owens suffered cuts a n d bruises and were taken t o t h e Moses Ludington Hospitaldn Ticon- d e r o g a i n t h eambulance oft h e newly organized iEmergency Squad of t h eH a g u e F i r e Department. Tihey were discharged*-from t h e hospital Monday. Prizes for t h et ou r n a m en t will consist oflarge trophies for the winning team a n d r u n n e r - u p . There will also beindividual t r o - phies formembers ofthe winning team aswell asprizes forindivid- ual performances such as b a t t i n g and pitching averages. Rev. Harold R. Bell, rector of the Church oft h e Cross here fort h e past four years, was tendered a farewell reception last-Wednesday night, byt h e St. Monica's Guild and the Parish Guild of the Church of the Gross. .Father BeH resigned as priest' ,of t h e local parish last month t o : accept another r e c t o r a t e . About 150 >parishioners and Mends were p r e s en t a tthe recept- tion. The p a r i s h hall w a s a t t r a c - tively decorated with garden flow- ers and candles a n d adelicious sup- per was served. After ,the supper, Walter Wright, Junior Warden, who acted a s toastmaster, paid tri- bute toF a t h e r ; Bell f o r t h e w o r k accomplished during his r e c t o r a t e here. He also presented Father; Bell with agift ifrom t h e Guilds and friends. -. , •• , Mrs.Roger Dech'ame of F o r t Ti- eondefoga read l e t t e r s from F a t h e r Stevens of S i Jamfes't.GhTjreh i n Lake George an d F a t t h e r Srobiirg of t h eChurch o f 1 s t * , S a c r a me n t , Bolton Landing, . r e g r e t t i n g t h a t they could n o t b e , p r e s e n t . Rev. Mttford Brown o j Mining V e r n on an d Glenbumie,.^«j|ie^.-,^rpj^.o.f Holy Cross ait Wa^eMWtg,,,Fjait4-; er Mason, asummer resident h e r e , and Fred Higgins also paid tribute to F a t h e r Bell, a s apriest a n d friend Other out-of-town guests present Were Mrs R o b e r t H e r on ofW a r - rensburg, Robert P e l l of New York Cityfand J o h n Miller and friend of Crown Point, ATJSAHLE FORKS—T h e 3&h Annual Joint A u t u m n Meetingof the Adirondack Resorts Association and t h e Montreal Resonis Associa- tion w i l l - b e h e l d , a t t h e AusaMe Club, St. Hufcwt.'s, Friday and Sat- urday, Sept. 10 an d l i J - Many A^ei^mls The-annual Labor Day -weekend vacationers who scramble, t o close u p itfae.summer cottage, c h u c k tiielrj cars t o t h e rooftop and b r e a s t t h e holiday traffic wall result in hund-\ r e d s of deaths and thousands' of;in-'[ juries, w a r h i t h e I n s t i t u t e F o r saf-, er Living oft h e American M u t u a l Laatoty.ISejurawee Company. §hly' by careful planning of the,\cl(>slngj u p , \sensible;packing 6 i the'-'cat,\ s a t e dafcfc&ig, rarefy irtile o f t h e way home; isafi ff(e\ Institute, c an ser- ious accidents be avoided A t l e a s t 400 highway d e a t h s wdl h a p p e n over Labor Day w e e k end an d thousands more will beinjur\ ed inthese crashes P l u s these, a n untold numberofvacationers will b e injured by1 falling offladders, falling down stairs, getting overtir- ed And overexerting int h e i r mad r u s h ,-to^get t h ecleanup chores done a squickly aspossible.s ,<All of these accidents a x e tinnee- eelsary, says t h eInstitute. \T h e cause is i nn o t allowing enough time—the c u r e is for vacationers t o do t h e Job ledstireiy, orderly andr with BU^hgncU pitching in. Keef i. Ik J HAGUE—F i r e ofundetermined orgin completely destroyed a cot- tage n e a r Indian Kettles on Lake George late S a t u r d a y afternoon. The two-story frame building, owned' byMr. andMrs. F r a n k Samascot ofLoudenville, was mass offlames when H a g u e fire- men arrived a t the scene. All the contents were lost In t h e blaze. ' T h e w o r k is being done under the supervision ofAdmiral H. Kent Hewitt, naval advisor to Fort (Continued on Page Twelve) NAMED SECRETARY 1 i WESTPORT—Miss Edith Whiteof Westport has been named Essex County H o m e Bureau office secre- tary. Anative ofWestport, Miss W h i t e g r a d u a t e d from t h e West- port C en t r a l School i n 1951,a t - tended Albany Business College, and w o r k e d a s secretary for t h Monarch 'Life Insurance Company in Albany. e •Tickets a r e now on sale for t h complete t o u r n a m e n t a t $1.50. The donation for separate sessions, off- icials said, will be 35 c e n t s . \It ishoped,\ sponsors of t h tournament said, \t h a t t h e people of Ticonderoga a n d neighboring communities will a t t en d these games because the youngsters like to play before l a r g e crowds.\ T h e Ticonderoga F i r e Depart- m e n t also answered t h ealarm, sending two trucks. T h e fire w a s discovered about 5 o'clock. A large n u m b e r ofper- sons w e r e attracted tothe scene, many arriving i nboats. Chief Robert Hoytofthe Hague Fire Department estimated the loss at a b o u t $5,000{ partially covered by insurance. e ; . V ' \ * , . ^ * ! {>• K r »i V ' { r > ™ r ''t Fort Has Flm$ At Celebr^tiM^i Ticonderoga w a s represented;,b y a float last Thursday hit h e cere- monies marking the formal dedica- tion of t h e new 57-mile 'Secfiohfi>t t h e New York State Thrbwayj link* i n g Rochester an d Buffalbi ! T h e float, planned and e n t e r e d by t h e F o r t Ticonderoga Mtiiseum, consisted ofareplica of the \E t h a n Allen Doorway\ a t F o r t Ticonder- oga showing t h e a r c h w a y a n d -the stone w a l l Ticonderoga residents participating moulded Ctordoh H a r - r i s a sE t h a n Allen, Gerald C r a m - mond1a s Biutish C a p t a i n Delaplace, J a m e s M c C a r t h y asBritish Lieu- t en an t F e l t h a m , William Qrsnisbeo a s N a t h a n Beman, w h o heldt h e l an t e r n for Allen, J a c k Abate, Ifhll Ormsbee, F o r r e s t Newton,11 atttt William Gauger, a sGreen Moun- t a i n Boys , T h e local m en w o r e uniforms o£ , t h e 1775 period, a n d t h e l e g e n aso h * , t h e float read, \E t h an Allen c a p - t u r i n g P o r t Ticonderoga, M a y iOtiu 17757' •» L . Judsort Mbrhouse, executive, d i r e c t o r oft h e N e w York ,Goia , Roads Association, a n d * r o d e n t of Tioorideioiga,TO»g e n e r a l ciudiw $$£<!*f MTtauwajr Celebration^ Mi # 1 •4m •3 A h o a x phone-call to Mrs. I . W. BradyofPoestenkul, informed her t h a t h e r husband* L t . Col. Brady TEMPERATURE T h e temperature h e r e a t 10 a. rh, today was 68 degrees. Brady who w a s stationed a t C a m p Drum, had been killed. Acall t oCamp *<§Prum reached h e r husband to find hum alive ahd well. An investiga- tion isbeing (made t oa t t e m p t t o discover t h eunidentified woman who m a d e t h e call to M r s . Brady. A^ei^mls Expected Skating Operetta Operetta At Placid these safety pointers inm i n d : D o n ' t . t r y t o cleanup, fix u p and pase^lip In o n e day. Allow plenty of time t o d ot h e s e things safely. If y ou 'r e using a ladder for boarding u pwindows t a k e your time, t a k e it easy, d o i t safely. l i o n ' t leave gasoline, oil o r other flammables i r i t h e cottage during winter. D on ' t overload your car—it rt^JKe^ f o rpoor steering, heavy J ^ i i ® f t g . k i traffic and decreased 'vaiatiiaits^ D o n ' t wait u n t i l t h e last possible m o m e n t t os t a r t your t r i p home. Serf: a specific timeto leave which allows yoU t h r e e hours f o revery himdtredt males of drawing Don't t r y to beat your schedule f W * YAD t S FI G HT S SOHHMEJeflAEHf'—Station WGY will c a r r y t h e weekly cavalcade of sports boxing: bouts each Friday niijjht frora J.0 t o10:30 p . mDon Dunphy-j v e t e r a n fight announcer, will h a n d l e t h e blow-by-blowac- c ou n t w i t h VVin Elliot handling color <»mrnen4ary. Ik LAKE PLACID—Skating cham pions from t h e United States and Canada will head a cast of 80 in the 23rd Annual F i g u r e Skating O p e r e t t a scheduled forLake Pla- cid's Olympic Arena onFriday, S a t u r d a y , and Sunday, September 3, 4, a n d 5. T h e production will be- gin each evening a t 8:45, T h e o p e r e t t a will feature 16- year-old Ronnie Robertson, sensa- tional s k a t e r from Long Beach, Calif, ftbnnie w a srunner-up in the N a t i o n a l Senior Men's Cham- pionships Of1954-rrunning second to World Champion Hayes Jenkins. H e w a s a member of the1954 World's . T e a m t h a t competed i n Oslo, Norway, and isoneofthe outstanding program skaters in the world. ships in 1954; William Kipp ofthe Penguin F i g u r e S k a t i n g Club, Un- ited States Gold Dance. Medalist, who will skate asolo and also a pair with J a n e t Williams of t h e New Haven S k a t i n g Club; Evelyn Muller of the Brooklyn J u n i o r F i g - gure Skating Club, E a s t e r n Ladies Juvenile Champion; Carol Keyes of t h e Cleveland S k a t i n g , blub, Mid- western J u n i o r Ladies Champion, Noel Ledin oft h e S t . L a w r en c e F i g u r e Skating Club, JSastern Sen- ior Men's Champion for rt53-54 a n d aUnited S t a t e s Gold Medalist; L a r r y Lovett, B a l t i m o r e F i g u r e Skating Club, Middle A t l a n t i c J u n - ior Men's Champion a m i a ^ f o t h e r - sister pair, Richard a t e i M a r y K a y Keller of the Buffalo S e a t i n g Club, Eastern J u n i o r ' P a i r Champions of '53. i * A 20-year-old T r o y m an who had been reported mussing from h i s boarding h o u s e since August 10 has be&n located. H e is, m jailin Schenectady on ac h a r g e of6teal- \ig a n automobile. AGerman -uger pistol w h i c h h e w a s carry- ing w h a h apprehended w a s discov- ered t o b e 'the p r o p e r t y of another lodger, a t t h e boarding house who had ^reported t h e g u n missing from his r o o m / Robert S a m s , 21,and. John Craft, an, iboth of Schenectady, a r e i n C H n t o n - Cb u n t y j a il. fThey were vule.' T h e * <0*> &Portedly' * * • *\ ted t ot a k i n g money, boxed from St. P a t r i c k ' * CKurch i n W e s t P e r u , a r a d i o - f r o m t h e \rectory oft h e CltatonvUte Church, a n * t h e f t ' o f money irtoro tfco boxes i n St-'iPet* ertf C t o ^ l l r tJP i * t t« b t i r« r . One of the youths W M <«jawf«d',wHh pos- . sewing ^ u h j f c e i w e d r*vt»lVer., * rt 8&&» ' T h e property w a s once owned by the late S. O. T u r n e r . Use Helicopter In Search For Killer LAKE! PLACID — T h e search f o r - t h e g u n m a n who shot three policemen, one fatally, iscontin- uing an d ahelicopter w a s pressed into service t h e early p a r t of the week. T h e m a n h u n t h a s been in pro- gress since AuKust 6, b u t . t h e robber-killer bias foiled hundreds of searchers on foot, roadblocks, bloodhounds, airplanes as well as fingerprint and ballistic experts. Police believe t h e m a n isstill hiding; o u t i nt h e Adirondack woodlands. Their belief i s based i n p a r t on aSeries ofburglaries of suminer camps i nt h e L a k e Placid a r e a . I noneofthese t h e thief ignored money a n d jeweta, but f Hied lip apillowcase with food. O t h e r featured skaters in the op- e r e t t a wjll include: Muriel Reich of The. locating Club ofLake Pla- cid, w h o l y i l l also skate ap a i r with Ronnie Robertson; Sandra Oulbert- son of fg|e. Chicago F i g u r e Skating Club,wite piaced'third in the Unit-{year's ed SfA^Niwice Ladies Chamnipttr' ip on-(Continued They wlU be supported in, an ela- borately costumed.production b y a cast of 80 figure s k a t i n g ^aiif«ipions and a r t i s t s f r o m t h e United S t a t e s and Canada. T h e foeni^vOf this Unit-{year's r^roductlon isaL4#p»*yof Chamnipttr' \*••«-« — ~* — -*—fe^.i^..-* on-(Continued o n p a g e^ e l v e ) •.'•V-H c'',•.''•' I \' ''•'••'^fpfi&'^-i-J .- i : • , - :• • & ' $ $ • .,,..., .r I._\'.‘l.'_ L. J‘ 4’ ) . ' •.'•V-H '<••' .# :• • • : & • - \' *T --V i t \ -< . ' ' / ' * +/ r . ,1, ‘ '9': ‘ly;.V.. I. _\ I“. ‘. 13.3.: .s, ‘I

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