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Ticonderoga sentinel. (Ticonderoga, Essex County, N.Y.) 188?-1982, July 08, 1954, Image 2

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**n2&^ «&.( 7::*i‘l?«‘\~\;‘ m. ,';~.-.54: ;“ - ‘3:€i‘ E3 _«\§r.,\;35r§ ,,..»_.; «_“-,_;.V. >.\..,,,.., ..., :\.x~‘\*.’:‘~ .».?;~., «J! -.-\{.;.I . ,, . ‘:«-',7‘-.’~.::.'*1§;i%:;3‘3 TICbNDEROGfl SENTINEL. THURSDAY. JULYI. 1954 VvW %.~2M.»>»: %-:s*-<~‘.!,\*:7~1§@ .2 .7’ :37; L;-. ’:?,€:,iAi<:’;24%i}.Z.\-2.‘ HCGNDEHCMSfl SENTWEL V_ V. ‘r. vi. 3 1. '(’~'?.~:’rI3‘5.'~?r'\\ 353‘-‘Z’ r?.7';'r.~T<,“§ ‘ .v‘—’3 2‘ {.1-‘;t-»«,r,;;“~ ' 2:-4:. ~: ,.:r.m \ .» ..; * ,4: 1 1‘. * - . , \.0 3» . 3%:-.~.*”~” '3‘; ~»“.\~7’/.\’.‘.3‘,‘3z 5,. .{J*.~l> ,-5,‘ .\ \ .\ \ \\ \ \\\\§\\\ .v, 7: >~~ . _' ;,~.‘.-;.=s:~:a«¢,,.,, .- ~>~-w . . ‘£..‘.. ‘L4 , s \* ..3\A’$:“.‘ ‘ ~5i3»:r1':*‘r';:’~‘,~’:-vs.-.¢~ .- ~' 5*; . —:t.*.«*.«‘:?::;,:~”.r '7'“; g V. \ '4: .55: “-'¢‘,:“.’.»'>T*'*,:; ~' ~ .~‘ °?T*«é‘:- “ 1 '1 3.: . w.. 3:31..‘ ‘». .£‘;‘vi,§;.~,;:f *.¥=?‘33T.“' ~.“‘3i,‘.J .a:‘«‘;: L »\?2:‘»./\-‘ ‘ ‘ : “*T$¢=‘»'l »,4:‘\;;r:-1?: F3l'a**~:;_ ~-:4:'.¢«, 5-‘{'f'. _rfr$'§;, :%:¥?_<‘%:é»\;.-* f«»{:‘l_,f',,' - «$‘?.xe\??‘f«\ '2‘ I‘ L. SENTWEL T^OTSDfiY. JULY8, 1054 . 1» v 9;»; ,u. fsg A .~.v2Ls:3.Y~,‘;~;,{’f,~‘3‘;.‘ ‘P rx-...:;'~:«,g ‘ A 7%.) :\..w_' .»\ I ' x »I‘ 1‘ »‘ mu‘ 1 U u _» ;~z.,;, . . \ ml W _ w;.\:» 3 PAGE THREE r -r \%' .Hi, j U J '•- 3“‘1«’:.<- ~ a« ,n.‘ 5 gr-v..; ~ n w-H‘ . -vv -war’; 3%, ’«’3:i:-.:‘§.=.~;’“~§';a 1954 #i.'»itl|i|uji|['>Mji.|u1Uli^M«lj;4!^iyil'^l\'l» ‘r >2-=~,= Lg:-.\:.;:<. .»..~,',~.L‘»:- 2- N. §\‘\_-‘E-‘=‘: .»., •fpm #i.'»itl|i|uji|['>Mji.|u1Uli^M«lj;4!^iyil'^l\'l» m^vrnm m^vrnm Em. ifgig I » ‘~~‘s~.§; » 2:14; ta-‘3'a’«* 1‘ - “ ' ,3: ' WV. \-‘\ \ ‘\~,§‘«\n\’g . m’ K» . _ §‘.*‘~-§¢§'e,» *:;§~§~g‘>§§;.4;e. a ‘\\:~~:-;\ “ »‘~ -Em feftanrtro' Reconstruction Of3 Forte Taking Place ? L A K E GEdtyGE —f o r t i * r * going up in\ NewXijrk S t a t e »1* most.'as rapidly asthey, were d u r - i n g t h e days^ o ^ t f r ? French, and L B i dl a n ^ a r s Unlik^s t b e originals which t h ereconstm<;tlc«ns replaces, t h e new*forts arqintended, to. en- courage .visitors, n o t repel; | h e n i . CortmTuni^ies i n i e r ^ s t ^ h v tourists find t h a t their interest in JMstory canb e a s t r on g a t t r i t i o n JXeconstructWw a f e J n o w u n d e r way a tvt h e yJJlages. of F o r t ^ A n n e and L a k e '\George iphe original posta tF o r t Anne1w a s b u i l t ^during; Queen^ Anne's War> t h esecondof four French-Indmn conflicts t h a t raged in N e wYork. S t a t e . A log- stockade 130feet •square' ^will^be completed by mid-summer and, there will b e a hnjilding devoted to military history of t h e Revolu- tionary period i At Lake George -work i s in t h e second y e a r on t h erebuilding of Fort William Henry, a f r on t i e r post which was the sceneofseveral battles andwhich w a s c a p t u r e d and burned by theF i e n c h i n175T Arms, equipment and.other. rei|c§« uncovered in t h eexcavation have\ been placed on display: . . \-?{ Taxek %ohow e» #i.'»itl|i|uji|['>Mji.|u1Uli^M«lj;4!^iyil'^l\'l» #i.'»itl|i|uji|['>Mji.|u1Uli^M«lj;4!^iyil'^l\'l» oga, *#&*o\*r#«rjing»* ahMf.^ L caM perished Jh theflame*be, W S i e livestock wuia be rtJnwed toi Wv S & t Henry o ^ t f t *» Uttended t»*e Wth .anniversary ot $ e \Little Red Sfchool house\in the Ferguson District recently, rwifli many persons tnisiUng ft3*wl ^th4e orjginal roll^ qajl ofstudents? Bight births, setyin deaths were jceportef inthe ..Village ,.«£/Ttao:n- deroga during^ June asTfthe. stfqrJp1 #i.'»itl|i|uji|['>Mji.|u1Uli^M«lj;4!^iyil'^l\'l» 5S^tftk,Ur. ,;lB*n~witb; person \\ \\ M3‘: ~-*~r,*“'~.i :-:4,‘ zg-«M \ 9%» « »-_,\>.~ _ ..,§,,§ .,_ ’..’é\.~Pf xv. -i, « ‘,1. , .. «.m'.{‘;,, you a whaci?a | t«3(lin^us, the right story Okay* Concession^atBlack point Jtfefcpji is Very attractive, anfl definitely an asset tothe'-beach it'sbenigop- erated by }^rs Oscar Hoyte i *. Mighty happy about aloqalad - whd got mtoajspotoftroublebuthas coine outof itwith flying eolor^ \ Add Things We'dLike,To Do, Ride oneofthose state trucks. ,and wield thebrushtopaintonthose white stripes on trie highway Must befunWeLWatpheq^with the deep= est ofinterest as^the machine Vvent down Montcalm St Betcha OUR line if wewere working* it, would comeoutaboutasstraight as a drunk-carrying a50rib...^.|9W through loose sand. We. mentSjif edf- the neatness ofthe, operatipttj to one guy, but hesaid it irnghtfbe? neatbut itwas anawful thjhgfto get caught behind one on the high\ wayasthere's a sign that forbids passing. Go.tta protect thepainty of course. Do, j NewState,Police f j o i l i j i i i s ALBANY~ Superintendent Al- bjsn S Johnson announced recently formal adoption of a r e d e s i g n e d 'f a r l m o r e comfortable\ l i g h t e r gray, s u m m e r uniform for t h e 1*200 m e m b e r s of the NewYork; S t a t e J3ivi$LOit of t h eS t a t e Pol(ce ^Tn«| Troopers traditional n d i n g breeches a n d puttees w i l l b e r e - placefl with slaeks i n t h e ' N e w Jjook\ uniforms Missing also will b^e t h e decorative spurs, a senti- m e n t a l survivor of t h e Division-s mounted days J*or thefirst time sincet h eDiv- ision w a sorganizedm1917, Super- i n t en d en t JTohnson said, t h eTroop ;fpt?w*ill have ligfiter weighi sunW ^ | - u n i f o r m s . T h enewly-designed ^uHffirm and accoutrements will w $ g h about 4J4pounds less t h an • t h ^ p r e s e n t all-year uniform. . (_pke newuniform probably will bis worn publicly for t h e first time by/. - t h e 100Troopers assigned to djity a t t h eannual Governors' Con- ference a t Lake George, July 11- , T h e Troopefs will continue to Wfar thepresent uniform forwin- t e r service biit this uniform will aOsobere-styled t o conform gener- ally to the news u m m e r uniform, probably within a year. T h e re-designing of t h e uniform resulted from aproposal byGov- ernor Dewey last fall inwhich he said: \Incrime prevention and de- tection, wehavethemost modern and efficient S t a t e Police in the country, but ourTroopers a r estill .wearing uniforms t h a t were de- signed back in 1917 for a mount- ed\ force.\ He called for an \up-to-date practicable uniform t h a t wouldin- crease the personal efficiency and comfort of theTroopers.\ T h e Governor told Superinten- dent Johnson then that \The safety and comfort of the Troopers re- quires that re-styling of the uni- forms be a part ofyour program to improve theworking conditions, t h e morale and welfare of the troopers.\ Superintendent Johnson said re- cently t h a t since last fall \we have consulted a dozen uniform designers and manufacturers and t h enewuniform represents acom- bination of thebest features pro- posed for the comfort, efficiency and safety of the troopers. The handcuffs apif nanfouff case will b e aftachea t<j t h e left side of t h ecajjjjrjdga b e $f r a t h e r t h a n t h e right.5,'',. . <%y T h e S a m(Browne; ,belt will be worn o v e a t h elaft^Qfjjjtfer, of t h e new jaokepinstead' . | f«ihe.j i ^ h t . About 3J) t r o o p e r ! assigiied to motorcycle!, duty-1-?j?ii contiinie to wear the:ViDdvisioii'i''/ traditional r i d i n g ..breeches aj)4p u t t e e s , Sup e n n t e h d en t . Johnson: said.\ T h e breeches andputtees also will be p a r t of this ' w i n t e r ^ u n i f o r m until p r e s e n t supplies a f e exhausted.. Superintendent Johnson s a i d - t h e new, uniforms, in addition, t o pro- viding the\ Troopers with, more comfortable garb,' will b e consider- ably more economical.; The complete changeover in t h e styling of the uniform and ac- coutrements, hesaid, will average a netsavings of about $40p e r out- fit. T h e .38 caliber revolver will cost $40 compared to $60 for a .45. T h e .38 caliber ammunition will be$13.86 per thousand less than the .45 cartridges. The cost of outfitting aTrooper in acomplete set of the n e wsum- mer uniforms andequipment will be about $133 compared with$172 for t h epresent outfit, t h eSuperin- tendent said. In addition to consulting uniform designers andmanufacturers, Sup- erintendent Johnson' reported, the Division also contacted the U. S. Army Quartermaster u n i t a t West Point andsought suggestions from Troopers in the field in re-design- ing t h e uniforms. The Troopers, hesaid, w e r e most nearly unanimous in urging re- styling for a lighter winter over- coat and in recommending t h e re- placement of thebreeches a n dput- tees with slacks. The State Police now operate with 573 motor cars and 23motor- cycles. At thepeak of its operations as a mounted force, theDivisionin 1927 had 327horses, t h e mostre- nowned ofwhich were those used by special \rough-riding\ teamsof Troopers whoperformed for many years at various county fairs throughout the state. TheDivis- ion's last twohorses were disposed of in 1945. Y Student^ Pay IncQiiie Taxek ALBANY — Many-students frqm schools a r e seeking s u m m e r em- ployment, Thpge w h oh a v e found Worka r ebeing informed b ysome of their employers t h a t t h e y donot have to h e concerned as %ohow much they e a r n d u r i n g t h e sum- m e r months, t h a t all t h ewithhold- ing t a xwillberefunded t o them, and t h e i r p a r e n t s m a yclaim them a s exemptions even t h ou g h they earn over $60Q60 during t h e sum- m e r months District DirectorofI n t e r n a l Rev- enue Riley J R a t t e r r e e cautions employers andstudents t h a t t h s statement is notcorrect under the present law Theproposed legi^a +ion has notbeen passed by the Congress of .the United Sta e» which entitles t h eoffspring of tax payers to earn as muchastheycan during the summer months, that they will be t a xfree, an dparents will beallowedtot a k e them as de pendents, even though they earn over $600.00. The law sostatesand still is in effect, t h a t anyperson earnings over $600.00 is subject to the income taxl a y s andrequired to file a return. I n t h e case of a student earning less t h a n $600.00 he may beclaimed as a dependent, but earning over $600.00 requires him tofile ar e t u r n and paytaxes if due. 1:‘.<.’!.-31' £15. . n. GUNNING _,~ .s v\.c fl). V;'z’ \r\ POSSIBLY f t FR0BABLY * I n f • • • t POSITIVELY • • l wtonafc«» -..»~ >.-< ;-_. - 4 1.. 1.;-x .,;,‘,~‘,Q—,\: U? 2 *« =e§¢sw} ’ .. <~2;;.«;.~; 3%’ ~ av» :t.'«’»+~.x‘~‘ 2\». ::*':*.»‘4e. 2: + . ~'~ ?‘ 1-.2121 . ‘;€«‘,Y4’* TICONDEROGA SENTINEL 5S^tftk,Ur. '-.5 ftfr'W] Barbecue Chicken JOHNB.TEFFT. Editor andPublisher TOM SHEQ. Assistant Editor Established in1872 *0?WSIiED EVERY THURSDAY AT TICONDEROGfl, N.Y. JQatered a tpostofllce a i Ticonderoga, N , Y., a s second class m a t t e r Ifeom, The Sentinel ofJuly^MS* ^A lerrlfic \twister loqiewhat ^esembUng a ^miniature cyclone, Tuesday afternoon caused exten- sive, damageto ^buildings, jK>wer tmd telephone^lines*? and trees in thej vicinity ofEagle Lake*,Fire, caused b£a*hgUofhghtnjns, late J^uesday afternoon destroyedsev^ , Uttended OfINSTANCE Dinner Se#OTOtO^OKS,foe, .~~..~.- :- }-1\ x , 3 .528‘ •;>.. > •*V1S TICONDEROGA, PLEPHONE172 TICONDEROGA, N.Y. There's alocaT^ady who seems to haveanalle#gy Her particualr misfortune is a nirresistable a t t r a c - tion forflying objects immovable projections, ando t h e r brujse-deal- iiig materials which.leave. h e r skm s o r t ofblack andblue WITHALL THETRIMMINGS. SUBSCRIPTION R A T E S : $*.00 p e rV«ar i n th©^ United S t a t e s tfillGEST CIRCULATION INESSEX COUNTY $ 2 . O 0 A l | subscriptions strictly In advance. Business notices 10 c e n t s a line. R a t e s fordisplay advertising n u d e k n o w n «w» application a t business office. ,, , v T h e Sentinel assumes no financial responsibility for typo- s r a p b l c ^ l e rr o r s in advertisements b u t Vvill reprint t h a t p a r t of an a d ver t i semen t , in which t h e typographical error occured. Advertisers will please notify t h em an a g e m e n t immediately of * n y e r r o r s which j n a y occur. , ' Copy for-display advertisements mast-be in o u rhands before T u e s d a y , a t twelve o'clock t oinsure insertion in t h ec u r r e n t issue. Sentinel subscribers a r e asked t o notify t h e publisher promptly of anychangesintheir addresses. Under the new postal law, newspapers andperiodicals m u s t naypostagedue fornotices of a n ychangei naddress furnished by t h epost office. I naddition t h e r e is also t h eproblemofdelayindelivery orfailure to get t h e paper. Thebest planis tosendt h echange ofaddressinadvance. phone A B Dr&keth - otjier d a y ehaiijtlianLkeiir,uspre vxously ton t h e editorial LnYtfiith we. pointed u p -the financial diffl cullies of t h e the ijfount Hope Cemetery AssQciatjiou afwhtchhe is,president an4; ;te«$|||«51kffi---h.SS taken a deep inferesil^or-'-iiiiajhy,. m a n y years, i^cfi JDiyajcj* -iii|ftrme<i u s t h s i t he( |ias rec&ived :C<Sntribu- tiQns*to aid i nc a r i n g f o ^ t l i e cerner t e r y as a resist\ ofouH|irti;cle, and he said he .hfad joist.-.Received a check from a«ladyu inj-l^ew'York City for$100as axloh^irioni Need- less to say, M r , . Drak6, w a s very, very pleased,-..and w eiiyo a r every, v e r y pleased. AndMr. : I>rake will still be very, very pleased,if any of youinterested in t h e Mt.Hope Cemetery will help outtoo. E e” A \“” ‘ ' Exit ‘A. *Ss iMmfc MfcR€HAM)ISE J ^TABTS JULY10 'tf&cyHie Graduate Iwgga8rte^(Samstfnite, American Tounster) lewelery » • Hosieiy •] Lingerie SEVERAL ipor!Hie Bride Towelshy€aUaway Bedspreads by Bates: Sheer Dresses Jfosecrest Summer Suits rForYQUAnd Your Children Jatiens , •< Beach Wear Tablecloths byQuaker Ship'n Shore Blouses Each year j u s t about this time she comes upw i t h a glorious shin- er. One ofthose coloiful orbs,you know, t h a t m a k e s h e r look a s if she hadjust gone about five fast rounds with Eocky Marciano “ 1:2», * ~ ’x~ Wtv «rs\-‘w.=;' .. ‘2 ,w'=s*«*- ,r ?-1, r .1 ,;r‘;. : “ 3,, *{;§,»\-‘ £15: gsmpn. .,_‘ cw” aé/n.,~..~, igxéaz. v..».,«.¢ 3.-:».zga,,.»,.»-,» g.;,i1g v m_;??. .U.‘ ~«. 1 g; : .,~_ v ‘_ '5.‘ !, ‘-, ~;.‘-‘_é»r,;,w_:~=\\,L*-I:,;'a 5» -- ~ ' v:\«‘T5. .3 ?~“‘;g‘.I . »- 1 :~ - 9,1 ?i‘;‘'\‘‘.:=:1z ?' \.~.7\\?.4’~:. @ bag ’ :.>.o_a”eZ’$§t.%.\§.€z -M ?§..:='? . ., jjr ,§§$‘ :4‘? ji \;§$§=}~ ,«,z;§;J . \3'§’~{s ‘$3: TICONDEROGA FISH &GAME CLUB OUTING CLUB LI.‘/\ 1' ;. - . * .; an . ~ {;§‘%*§s.., \ . \“‘~‘<>?\ , ‘-'_'..‘;.x :‘§,_;-_~a$.._.,‘_ '3 .»?‘-\‘-§§fm§““§‘\ 2* .i. .\ '5 '- ..... W‘ ,5‘-‘ _: . _;‘1 ‘3 . 'f§r.:_..§ E if , CLUBS . N.‘ . ‘. “‘~\‘::.»,.,\£\ \ K‘ . ’~ Egs Wk‘ Rogers Rock State Campsite Last weeks h eemerged w i t h h e r \bruise of the y e a r\ for 1954. I t was a dilly, or rather, they were dillies. sw#“‘<\:§-?~ M; . ~.~:=\“V;1»'.i4‘- ‘ may“ A large purple welt started a t t h e extreme edge of h e r left eye, and continued, practicality intact, across thebridgeof hernoseand to the outer corner of herothereye. \Well shesaid, as w egazed at the scene, \saysomething.\ \Hello w e said, which was about all wecould think of. 4 * h. ,:*':.f‘\‘ . z ’ x __ vw ; -.-,—.'A“~“' ‘ _g .. e _ ‘v (7 gm Al Perry!S m a k i n g a lot of r e - pairs to that beautiful cruiser h e built himself . . . S a mGoldwyn, says theChicago News, once w a n t - ed to film \TheWell of Loneli- ness,\ b u t a nassistant warned him, \This novel h a s Lesbians in it.\ \Never mind,\ Goldwyn waved, \where they've g o t Lesbians, we'll use Austrians.\ . . . And t h ePhoe- nix Flame of t h ePhoenix Metal Cap Co. notes au t o m a k e r s a r e putting out some p r e t t y r e m a r k - able claims these days. B u t old Christopher Columbus is still the champ. Hetravelled 2,500 miles on a galleon . . . We've been amiss, and have been so reminded, about publishing poems by George E. Phinney, Sr., of P o r t Henry, So, we're going t o close outthis col- umn with one weknow you'll like. Here it is: ' Sunday, July2 5 i ‘ ' x . Xj \ \\ \\\: .>»‘'/:\ S ‘ \j ‘Iain: ..r' “ ‘ -.-‘.\73 ‘W-%‘__;«§ “-;\_~‘.~. 1‘. V ;.g...~'~. gt '7 33%? NATIONAL NATIONAL EDITORIAL AS'TOCITATI^N / M-;.'5 S; .;}_‘:;.5..2'. Fa - g‘ 3.15 r, ,:;.;4;;._‘ 7; can ‘ “ :1: _»‘ ~. EVENTS CONTESTS F o r t s a r e among-t h e places of historic interest listed i n . a, free guide, \NewYork S t a t e Vacatlon- lands,\ issued b y the ' New York State Department of Commerce,\ 112 State Street, Albany. ' I nt h e Mail Bag andThingsWe LikeToRead: \Ads inThe Sentinel surely pay. I sold m y boat the very n e x t day. The^buyer i s happy and I a mhappy with the Ticon- deroga Sentinel ad.\ . . . Andfrom the U. S. Naval Air Station at Atsugi, Japan, Pfc. Thomas R. Dolback writes, \I really enjoy your paper very ftiuch . . . i t really makes m e feel at home when I g e t ' it.\ Thanks, Tom, and good luck over t h e r e . . . J a s e Trow- bridge m i g h t y happy over hisluck in anglingforlake t r o u t up on Old Horicon this year. At last count ( a weekor so ago) h e hadtaken 14! . . . T h a t ' s about 13(well, meb- benotquite t h a t many) more than P a t Carney's hooked into, Pat allows t h a t\t h e t r ou t don't like me.\ Prevent Forest Fires ENTERTAINMENT REFRESHMENTS Ti-Economy Store \Good Values Consistently\ Ticonderoga,N . Y . Man-caused fires in ournational forests last year dropped 14percent (from 7,001 in 1952 to5,960)be- cause public awareness of thedanger hadbeen aroused and theneed for greater fire prevention continuously emphasized. \Ask mew h a t happened,\ she said. ‘ B/;£rc;, .x V m , N . . _a; ; .‘ K 7 3} I :.<x* ~ * . J1‘. . N} M?‘ N [V ‘ \ —»\.,,~_=__‘ !*\_> gt:-' .., . ,.g«g~‘I:;;: V-rt‘ , xt’.E,’,’a'«- aI‘4',;§5‘‘¢;; ?‘ 1‘ {£4 ,;;»:f=\T'/»”\f« w .7’; ' ;,,;gL~ W.:;l'.:».. . I ' — 1* ‘L37 ;“A5“)€ ~/v.2’. hung“ ’ I \Okay we acquiesced, \what happened?\ IT PAYS TO ADVERTISEINTHE SENTINEL Mr. Ratterree says if andwhen the law changes on this subject, sufficient publicity will be given notifying all taxpayers concerned. Employers should delay the giv- ing of such information to em- ployees, Mr.R a tt e r r e e said. I Miss Krai Engaged To WM&m Knauss Announcement i s inside of the engagement of Miss Mildred Aim Krai, daughter of , Mr. a n d M r s . Joseph F . Krai of 'Baldwin; Long Island, to Mr.William D.,Knauss. son of Mr. a n d M r s . E d w i n ' S. Knauss ofPoughkeepsie a n dEagle Lake, and grandson of t h e late Freeman Clarke P on d of Crown Point, You'll bemoney thetd »benyou dhcom Well, sir, it appears t h a t this bruised andbattered mother had\ taken heryouthful son to a boys' camp. He hadnever been to such an establishment, and she decided to stay a t thecamp for acoupleof days until he became accustomed to theroutine. . A‘.‘f.:5.é ':’§.'.tyzii‘..\.‘L -‘ I W\ ‘ , 3;’: ;, SN-IDERS A 4; ‘ ,:,.l - ,, , . ' ;‘ .1 . , .1.,.: Aim. '..1,i‘5,. ,;-1; $34.4; . . .,.~: 57 .v V -.5, r « Tomafo. Catsup ~ 4 .b..o%- .. C :‘~l‘:'*${L£i*vi'.i:‘»3‘ an’ ‘,:2!.~s'.: ;;._._~i:', “._:f':3 ,‘e;t=.*;;I‘ V\\‘1§uf\..:. Tel. 440 emphasized. While this decrease in thenumber offires caused by human carelessness is indeed commendable, its effect is offset by thefact t h a t forest fires in areas outside t h e national preserves have increased considerably in recent years. ZOMAR EYAPORA~TED THEREIS A ‘ DIFFERENCE : 3’V‘.1‘.\”Y 35°91?“ ls recent years. For instance in 1952, thelast year forwhich there is complete record, there were 188,277 forest fires (500 a day) — 15percent more than the164,090 forest fires reported in 1951. Theburned area in 1952 covered 14,187,325 acres; in 1951, 10,781,039. The fires took the lives of many and destroyed vitally-needed timber, valuable watershed lands, range- lands, \i-ecreafion areas, wildlife, homes andproperty. And t h earea burned wasenough to make astripe a mile wide around theearth a t the equator! You can help prevent these destructive fires by following these simple rules: to Allwent well until hestarted to play baseball. Hecame up to bat and swung lustily—and missed. He took a terrifie cut at the second pitch—and missed. Hereally wound up as the next delivery camehis way and connected for a solid smash. IN If wewoulddoGod's will eachday Instead bf trying other ways Then everything we'd do o r say Would makeushappy every day. Andnot t h eslightest unkind word HOUSE Miss Krai is a graduate .of Bay- side High School, attended LaSatle^ Business School, and i s associated with Mercantile S t o r e s Company in NewYork City. Mr.Knaussis a graduate of Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass., and of Cornell University where h e w a s awarded the degrees of B. S. M. E. and M, EL.A. He is a memiber ofQuill and Dagger,, senior h o n o r a r y so- ciety a t Cornell, and P h i Delta' Theta, and is sales m an a g e r of Knauss Brothers, Inc. During World W a r II heserved w i t h the Navy aboard ship i n t h eAleutians and holds ther an k of.Lt. (j. g.). An October weddang is planned. N)BI+UE ;L4B1f?1< Tomato .k\_ V,,~»' .f 25: PAINTI Would t h en throughout the world be heard. ill 5'« . Overjoyed, heflung hisbat—and it caught m a m m a right in the bridge of her nose. A snake waskilled up along the lake the other day. I t was about a foot, and a half long, had a grayish body and black rings about a n inch or so apart. We were asked t o identify it, b u twith our definite distaste for reptiles, we've never delved very muchin- to the whys andwherefores and whatkinds of snakes. Upon inquiry, however, wewere told i t was prob- ably a milk snake and harmless.^ Izzat right? . . . John Ghupak has a dog pal with which h e holds daily conservations, we're told. En route to andfromt h ebank, Mister Chupak never fails to stop along Scfhuyler St., to say \h i\ t o a pup there. Weunderstand t h a t John barks his greeting and t h e dog promptly andjoyfully b a r k s right back. Thus i t is that t h e neighbors can tell when Mister Chupak is heading for t h e bank or for his home from his banking duties, morning, noon or night. If t h a t isn't correct, John, we'll pin an onion on our informer andgive l a this age ofscientific progress, y on a r e en t r a e d t o boose p a i n t o ny o u r h o m e t h a t p r o v i d e s t h e maximum inlasting beauty a n dprotection. Sherwin- •Williams makes S W P House P a i n t ino n l y antg r a d e . . • t h ebest they knowh o w t om a k e . FANCY Each onewould t r y to be a friend And seek to aid his fellow men. The frown andscowl would dis- appear Andmenwould live without fear; All envy, hatred, and mistrust Would vanish, if all menwere just. JUTCE bridge nose. \I thought I was back far) enough,\ sheaverred, \sothat neI couldn't throw the batt h a t far.\ \That statement,\ wesaid, \sells'Boss the story as far aswe're concerned, We figured youwere going to tellIDere us that youwere catching without a mask.\ ALASKAN SALMON ' pe a Soup Lake Tunder shower W h y r i s k d i s a p p o i n t m en t w h en you a r e sore of satisfaction ifS W P House P a i n t isusedforp a i n t i n g y ou r home? T h e r e aresubstitute house p a i n t s t h a t sell forless than SWP,b u t d o n ' t lett h a t fooly ou ! huitt upon S W P and be sure! \sells'Boss onTicentinel iaf‘-?l|5%c :3 II} “Om four T ~- , “*5 \ '~. .: 312.; 3. u VARIED More than 500 different insect species arepests of thehome. iTiconk following simple 1. Crush OutYour Smokes! tellIDere Jack: So many know God's way is best But are lax to p u t it to thetest. \The newuniform is far m o r e comfortable and retains enough of thetraditional flavor of t h e old so t h a t t h e NewYork S t a t e Police will beuniformed distinctively and a maximum ofcomfort and con- venience for the unencumbered performance oftheir duties.\ 1. Crush OutYour Smokes! When out-of-doors, stop to smoke in safe places only. .. With theside ofyour shoe, clear a space in the surface litter down to mineral soil. Drop your cigar, cigarette, butt or pipe ash onthis cleared spot. With the heel ofyour shoe, grind it into the ground until you're sure it's out. When driving, useyour ash tray. Never throw burning material from anyvehicle. tellIDere Jack: Wal, Joe LaRue \ t a s tole me she pass on wan of demrooster tail party. She say dat firs dey pass aroune sum of dathard cider dat hadt u r n to vinergar. Den dey cum aroune wid sumkine of pop a n (j j o e s a y ^at r Un down verie af-jsi ick . \Well she said, \it's certainly a better slory than sayingI ran in- to a door.\ FRu1Ts_\:ALj<;p____YEGETABLEs \3Cl'51\‘-‘é-,ei\i’£J;S .“i3§f‘g?*' 23c LICENSE LEGAL tor Interior anduxterlor W M . . Notice is hereby given that li- cense for agrocery store, License No. 15-A-117, has been issued to the undersigned to sell beer a t re- tail under t h e Alcoholic Beverage Control Law a t 112 Champlain Avenue, Ticonderoga, Essex Coun- ty, New York foroff-premises con- sumption. Alfred C. Bevilacqua d / b / a Bevilacqua's Grocery Store 112 Champlain Ave. Ticonderoga, N. Y. 34w2 S-W PORCH&FLOOR ENAMEL Durable finish for porches, steps, $ 1 . 9 0 kitchen and playroom floor*. W i t h - '&u stands rain, snow, s u n , sand, b u dwear. 9 rich colors. Ticonderogra, N . X\. Lem FAN (ms CAIEY 6 ms 29hf| Another resident, male this time, lay his head down in a recent af-jsi temoon to take a nap.When heI awokeheglancedat hiswatch and its hands pointed to 7:30. It waslight out, and thebewil-1thegurl dered awakener from a sound|c snooze wasn't sure just howlona:!c he hadslept. Hecalled an acquaintance andj inquired. \What time is i t ?\ McCabe Retires From Post Office Position . Li. ,3 _-.‘.'4Zu\.‘1 391d,’ 1 ' .. ~- .\- ' .. ‘ 3%: 69c 1\-gulf Ell‘, T h e new uniform will be a lighter shade gray. Superintendent Johnson said the newshadewas developed especially and will be known as \State Police Gray.\ The black stripe oneach side of the breeches will be retained on the slacks, as will the three-point black cuff \slashes\ of thejackets. af-jsi ick rjen she say dat 2 gurl come w;d a b e e g p l a l e o f n o r s e s dover. Ij o e try to took thehole plate but thebewil-1thegurl snatch it away fore she sound|c a n g i t o n l y w a n c h u n k T but dey howlona:!c u m s 0 o f t e n d a t f a l l l y s h e g i t enuff [for a pretty good meal. J oe sa y d e y nav surn l e ttl e san d witches dat havblack feesh aigs on it | b u t d e y t urn h er s t umm i c k s o s h e c a n . t swaiier i t . She say or\d a t Harrie Johnsin an a l o t of tough fellers lak dat was dar wid you^about;d e r g ^ mo ll s S h e sa y fte m oil s wasn't bashful a bit. She say H a r rie kissed wan of it right on its han stead of right square in his face. I guess she ain't nomore b o u t kissin dan she do bout crankin car. George McCabe, -who hasbeenin charge ofmaintenance worka t the Ticonderoga post office since J a n - uary, 1938, retired June30. Members of thepost office staff presented Mr.McCabe with awall- et, with hisname engraved on it, and a sum ofmoney. W a l t e r Wendell, whoalso work- ed onmaintenance, h a s been ap- pointed to* Mr. McCabe's position. Named temporarily t o Mr. Wen- dell's former position i s GilbertDe- Rosia. Tea - FAN . \ches “E°Rg§4 2 Hes. ‘ RIP%E for \ SANTA -‘ ROSA 2 lbs; 39:21 Never throw burning material from 2. Break Your Match In Two! 2. Break Your Match In Two! This safety test will insure that theflame is ex- tinguished. Always feel theburnt endbefore throw- ing your match away. Always make sure your match is dead out — agood habit. 3. Drown Your Campfire! for CARNEY'S ... §r,;xn1..« Phone 305 Plums 2115s.-“ The necktie and the band of the troopers' distinctive Stetson hat, nowpurple, will be Empire blue. Onboth t h e newjackets and shirts t h e r e will be a should- er patch, on t h eleft, consisting of the Seal of t h e S t a t e and the legend \NewYork S t a t e Police.\ The newjacket, o r blouse, will have a less restrictive \action\ back. 3. Drown Your Campfire! Before you build acampfire. scrape away all inflam- mable material from a spot six feet in diameter. Dig a hole in themiddle and* build your fire there. Keepit small. Never build a campfire against trees, logs, or near brush. Before leaving your campfire, stir thecoals while soaking them with water. Turn thesticks over, soak both sides, and theearth around thefire. inquired. \What time is i t ?\ \7:30 said theother. \Yeah I know,\ said the asker for the time, \but is it a. m. or\d P-m \j FOR €OOD PRIM TUNG -CALL63 Notice is hereby given t h a t li- cens for a grocery store, License No. 15-A-166, h a s been issued to the undersigned tosell beer at re- tail under theAlcoholic Beverage Control Law a t intersection of Route 73, Ticonderoga, Essex County, N e w York for off premises consumption. Ernest W.Ploof d / b / a Ernie's Service Station and Grocery Store Intersection ofRoute73 Ticonderoga, N . Y. 34w2 LICENSE LEGAL P- m - \j '•I thought I'd ten you^about;d this,\ heinformed uslater, \before t h eother guy got to youwiththe story. Headvised me to carry a sun dial from nbw on.\ FORD'SGOTh SKIN CAKE The-skin, like anyliving tissues, is nourished from t h e Wood stream; not\ from anything applied exter- nally. both sides, and theearth UseCareInBurning! | Actually, it was 7:30 a. m.when he called. He had enjoyed a com- plete night's rest without realizing ;it- 4. UseCareInBurning! First of all, find out if your State laws require a permit forburning brush ordebris. Ifso,getone from your local fire warden orranger. Have plenty ofhelp, tools, andwater handy. NOTICE TOBIDDERS The Troopers' present hat will remain unchanged, except for the color of t h e band. LUNCH Bah gosh, sum day I show i t how an when I gittrew deywill no dey binsumwhar an don't you fordoubt it. \ I14 1 12-2 P. M. W e combined both these exper- iences once. Wewoke up, didn't «G«t More With Lea\ PH O KB 1 S S others just wanti wanti t Another major p a r t of the \New Look\ will be-achange from the .45 calibre revolver to a,. .38. It will beworn on t h e right side, in- stead of t h e left, another change resulting from t h etransition from mounted force. Wal, dey is gonta havF o r t , of July sum tarn dis month agin dis year. Me, I'mgonta blew lip S. lot of paper bag anbuss e i a i a 1 scare all the peeples. Den I i^ill ran behine a tree an watch, i t jomp. Deywill tink dey binshoot. Wal, theblewberry willber e a d y to pick soon an den pore RoSie will havstiddy work Widt h eblew-- berry a n his choppin. Seem so Ife can earn enun m o n e y ' so I can'] pass on theWestport fair. T h e NOTICE TOBIDDERS Board of Education of New- know whether it wasmorning or afternoon, and had ablack eye to comb Central School District No. 1 b o o t _ ^ e did fi n d out l ater tnat i t of theTown ofNewcomb, County , w a s morning, but weneverdidfind of Essex, ( in accordance with Sec-; o u t wh e r e we got the shiner, tion 103 ofArticle5-A of theGen-j Whatever it wasthat gave it to eral Municipal Law)hereby invites'u ^ though, weknow that wewere- the submission of sealed bids o\in' t far enough back, milk for use in theschools of the district. Bids will bereceived until 7:45 p. m.,D. S. T. on the 13thday of July, 1954 a t theBoard of Edu- cation room of Newcomb C e n t n l School building or prior to that time by Alice Z. Kays, Clerk of Board of Education, Newcomb, N. Y. Allbids will bepublicly op- ened at 7:45 p. m.July 13, 1954 in Board of Education room above mentioned. Specifications and bid IN MEMORIAM In memory of Edward Graves, who died July 2, 1951: Deep in ourhearts your memory is kept. We loved you toodearly to ever forget Sweet. memories of you wewill always treasure Loving you always, forgetting v v,. • ^ f A,-. ^y0 1 1 never, forms m a y beobtained from Alice, Z. Kays, Clerk. TheBoardofEdu- cation reserves theright to reject all bids. Any bid submitted willbe binding for 20days subsequent to the date of bidopening. • Board ofEducation Newcomb Central School District No 1 of theTown of Newcomb County ofEssex, Newcomb, N. Y.iu By Alice Z. Kays, Clerk 3 5 w l T h e Board ofEducation of New- comb Central School District No. 1 of theTown ofNewcomb, County of Essex, (in accordance with Sec- tion 103ofArticle 5-A of fneGen- e r a l Municpal Law)hereby invites t h e submission of sealed bids on fuel oil for use in theschoolsof the district. Bids will be* received until 7:45 p. m.,D.S.T. on the 13th day of July, 1954 at theBoard of Edu- • cation room of Newcomb Central School building or, prior to that time, by Alice Z. Kays, Clerk of \B o a r d of Education, Newcomb, N . Y. All bids will bepublicly open- ed a t 7:45 p. m. July 13, 1954 in \B o a r d of Education room above mentioned. Specifications and bid -^orrns may beobtained from Alice \Z. Kays, Clerk. TheBoardof Edu- • cation reserves the right to reject .all bids. Any bidsubmitted will oe i m d i n g for 20 days subsequent to -the date of bid opening. Board,ofEducation Newcomb Central School District \No. 1 of theTown of Newcomb County ofEssex, Newcomb,N. Y. By Alice Z. Kays, Clerk 3 5 w l L I C E N S E LEGAL > Telephone Notice is h e r e b y given t h a t li- cense for a grocery store, License No. 15-A-189, h a s been issued to the undersigned t osell beer a t re- tail under t h e Alcoholic Beverage Control L a w a t 110 Champlain Avenue, Ticonderoga, Essex Coun- ty, N e w York, foroff-premises con- sumption. A new, lighter cartridge belt will be worn. T h e lanyard, a largely decorative l e a t h e r cord from the pistol and over t h e trooper's shoulder, is being abandoned. Superintendent Johnson said that the .45 revolver h a d becomeob- solete and w a s n o longer obtain- able. Theexisting .45swill be re- placed gradually w i t h t h e .38s, he said. § 3 .~ 2* AUTOMOBILE 'UoAri* F O R D OUTCLASSES EVERY 1954 COMPETITIVE CAR! Hague 2671 « ' T *‘ ~*; . i DINNER E-» if 7- 1- \T €-5? =’.S.>..:i>s: Romeo Contois 110 Champlain Ave. Tic'onderoga, N. Y. I won't try to sell anyb e r r yihT Crown Pint cus I couldn't let d e m hav all deypaid me for lass y e a r an deykinda mad. Hopin you a r e t h e same, Respectful, ' . Pete Pequoix j\§‘?:‘ 1* ; ,:«!‘r\ '_v‘ .;~.'.~ ‘M Eu’.-~ “ .~- ‘ ‘_5_‘.!=‘*‘4,’ ‘ . ..,.V.;M .. ‘_?f‘.k}'!_. 1;‘: ‘xf_«:d!~..‘,s.:: 9,: .z~. 3» i'''':{ .15‘! “ '-' .‘ 3 - “ - __ _ ' =35 w, 2., ,_z ;£-31;; . .~“ J—..‘‘‘ * ' ..'._r'~ ..:..-‘;'.‘.f.‘5.‘\;3fr’l'_-(q‘éI”%3;I .'V _‘ “,7: W _‘ I4‘«RZE}SI-I=~»%tfm % *~.§§*' : -v; '“¢1‘r -5 .‘: ' 9:'rv.~q.i;-2-'«’ ,7§—,._.;;a ~ . , ,~t.. . 3 .. - ‘ ' . J» K‘: .‘~2,¢:¥.~~¢:,'1'« z-3 :- ‘ ' V 7\.’.».:~ ,’ \‘~~-“'~\.'; .::‘1 :'-...«'.-. , -‘*—‘»'£s‘«A»‘-«ia ....-‘_..‘~=‘3?=!.3M—\\v - ..'.;.~‘:‘.. .':«“xr-.'.‘5:i-..x:‘1~~l€'1:.'.‘1';*;.&».-... ;;‘.:~s 4‘,-.;u’e\-}'»'«‘iJ»: , ..~-.- . - _ 5 : 3 0 - 8 P.M. \» v -» * 1l t * ,t; Serving ^y0 never, ^ ^ ^ r em e m b e r e d bydaugh- ter ^ ran d son > na an d G - w j ^ h F’§. “)4, 33*?‘-1, \=5. :1 “.2 if 33:? Qt‘ \4 '\ i ‘ ':.::.:. \‘.';::3 1::/’,.,» . .:;;f; ~ ::....{‘»;“ ,5 .1. ;,‘_)‘f§,.‘;-‘E54.-\“.‘_.....__v_,-._’ » at r. 3 \~..».»~.:‘-:2 1v— ' E ‘-3 A’ es < ‘ w: v‘-‘~\.‘.t ,. ..:+. ‘ “ ~ = “W -‘'‘'t \t\‘7\“f :‘m~:».=2;v~ ‘w. A I}(B~.~; \ >.I‘..u-“.“\‘~‘-v 7‘ Aw\ \‘ \~ ‘:.~\- 5‘ Y” ' - 172‘?'Jj'B§g:»A.£V:vG7i?: @ ‘F-A , fl-1' *I.‘.~fE‘€‘=i ‘:—,m;.«.: 1£v.§1a\:3~3S;‘~’.‘il : .4-«»— ‘;-9.‘ \E Pre-War Used Cars Nothing Down 15 Monthsto Pay Ti - M o t o r s , I n c . Ford'* now 130-h p.Y-bloekV-8 Is theonly V-d n (helow-price field. Andwithlow- frietten designanddeep-blockconstruction, It's the,mostmodernIn the industry. Ball-hint Suspension Ball-JointFrontSuspension is themostimpor- tant chassis developmentm 20years,far easier riding and handling. AndFordis onlylow-pricedcarthathasit Trend-setting styling Ford's trend-sethngstylinghas set thepace for the industry. It isforward-looking styling that'soutfronttoday*.and will stay attrac- Hvefortheyearsahead; too. You'llget aGREAT Only YourFord!Dealer Sells TI MOTORS,INC. Ticonderoga, N. V. LICENSE LEGAL Highest resale value Usedcarsalesstatistics showthat recent-model Ford ears returnagreaterportionoftheir original costthananycompetitive makeof car. DELICIOUS FOOD Notice is hereby given that li- cense for a grocery store, License N a 15-A-39, h a sbeen issued to the Y.iu nd e r s i g n e d to sell beer at retail u n d e r t h eAlcoholic BeverageCon- trol Law a t N / SMain Street, Blue R id g e ' E s s ex C oun t y >N e w Y (>r kf o r offpremises consumption. $3332 \‘.’*Ii'7 ”‘~’3?‘sT?,'f'-¢?;fEf§«?§f§'!\Z3?;T§_'Ei\:Wl- _ '-,-.t’ ‘V :» :1; }‘- ?.«“~\v '23 ‘3$‘5';.‘ ~ - a~ C .;.5\;« '3.‘ \1 \ \\ 45.‘-“§§~,,\ ‘*3 ' 35' »,. ,2 - '2 . .\“.'.~'sr;-¢\-' - ‘ . -J ' -2- '7‘. -i-':..v.€.-A23? .~~ 1 ':{-I‘~‘w\‘ ‘ . . r.-:.~;,»_ ~_:.--r-_‘_x_;,..«_>.s -._»1,‘ » ~ . . ; - '- -* I‘ ~; >;:A+»=~...- 3:3\; — “ .: V» ».: =‘- »=;.4$.~,. IV” .>.‘¢*~.<n~ $4.4 >2‘ , '3“-.4!‘ .v‘~. :.v -'.~ —».» ;1‘»\$».r~if)r:r.5\$'i.~1-:5-‘$» ..,,..v ,9.‘ «.\.‘~‘ #\-('1 » -, x». , : sw M‘ «.~». .. .‘—§:\-5*! .- 2 ,««* A \ '..~~—c “we . .,;;3—:;~. \;§¥3sea:‘3.. 1.3:.- 1z.‘i.:.*.2a.,:a;:é%._g.§;,a2;;—~;.:2. ': ‘1.a.$‘=.»E*.r1w«s;¥?1%A§ :»%.,,+s§’v2.»'v»;:-av’;*‘~\.«-a;~ YCp*RE , / WAMTED...WI THE PHONE! • Right now about. 300,000 patriotic A mer i cans are V o l u n t e e r i n g their jfervices to the nation as Ci- vilian Plane Spot- ters. In theeventof Asurprise at- ' tack they could provide the -warning that Would put our fighter pilot* In • the air valuable mihutes «ooher—- -gife Civiliansmore,precious minute* to reach shelter? - WJ11youh e l p strengthen our aitdefense with two hearsaweek? , •«. f JointljeGround uiisenrtr corpsnowi JUSTCALLYOUR I H R E S TClVlLDEFHUEoFflCE 'Rkblished,as apublic-,tervfa bito? .>operation,withfheJCdpertumg CounaL \' ' —-,J i ;-'-* * ' ' •\ • > '-•~r > ' n • i iJr - :i..•f f« . »t . .« .. j . i t - - v , w , f , 2 Try Oiir Fo*BentAd& for EIGHT SEASONS! LICENSE EEOAJL. U C E N S E LEGAL . i :vf H U '4? ^ 4 '> iff EsiT Notice is hereby given that ii- tcense for a grocery store, License ~JFk>. 15-A-163, has been issued •Efhe undersigned to sell beer a t re- t a i l under the Alcoholic Beverage • \Control Law at* E / S Route 9N, be- \tween Crown Point andPortHen- .•ay; Crown Point, Essex County, Stew York, for off premises con- jsumpuion. Anna Cleveland Admix, estate Cleveland d / b / a Wayside Grocery cense for a grocery store, License| No. 15-A-151, has been issued to the undersigned to sell beer a t re- tail under theAlcoholic Beverage Control Law a t 426 W.Montcalm St., Ticonderoga, Essex County, New York, for off-premises con- sumption. Leon A. andSheldonA.Greer d / b / a Circle Grocery 426W.MontcalmSt. Ticonderoga, N. Y. 35w2 Notice is hereby given that n. to offpremises consumption. William W.Bruce N / S Main Street Blue Ridge, N. Y. \ ., ,«'..::.:\1i hz*t~—«§.;\‘“~\. X, - 2:. k‘.« :1 ..~.~_‘1,:§\’..3*.mr. ~ ~. . . ; ,.,;d:..:w:f§. ., _A:, n‘. , fa. ~.,—._:_§;, _ - « ‘ z‘‘‘‘l .. ,—.~ .... 3 e:°§«,.'.~ ~ i‘ ‘I‘ ' ' \ “-4‘<‘< ‘5X«‘.'*£ “ 1. »1‘x- ''~ ~—- ‘~ ix‘... .' ,g‘*{‘,‘..~.‘__—,:_q;1 .- :‘--‘A I ~_ n,’ 1‘ ---~\~‘,__x ,_ I <:.j._\;-_'.\§..-cg €22’; _» Q ._ =§ ,.1gH,~ 3 ~ L '-‘:u,'-‘.}::’' r” N 2 ~ ' ,, ‘,- ,-‘- A ‘.5 :. ‘ J. ‘E-'.¥,\:+“=.h~~: «, ~« 1;. *4 .5‘. \*3: 1 .—-.'.,i:—‘ g . . .4\ 53:\ \ \ :;\-‘é1~3“7‘- “\3 -..*:.\\ \L3; —.-.“* ‘ -’ - \' ' . i » \> -. $282..‘ '»N\,«g»> :1 N» ~ an 21:‘ *2’:-2' ' , '- —M-'~.~£-:~‘~.-. r s: :2 ms « ‘A,u-.’:,,.;,~ $2.§yj?,,.a; .,. ,,.W(, ..,‘ _ 6 . ;:g?a«~:~»:'~.:=-« 1 ,. ~ -‘ . ‘ 3»-“~t*=f~,?, 3,“ , ~ . -r 2‘.-7' - ~. ~‘:1«. ,. ,x ,_;.~ ' 3\-w~:\ ,oA ~~~=';?-&;r:>:5:~*~=:m J R -\2-..=.?>: ~3r'3‘:.»*iFa“=$§I.i~:3*\‘*r:««>*‘ -xv ~47“: .. - - :~ \< y., m~u,,..I:; , ‘g;‘,;.§,_é ’ \ “\‘”‘~ -r:Y‘¢:.-;2,‘(*_ §:;;..«’:1';«;,«“.x’§?>.4“,~:';;,(a:;,‘e3(:3.—§_-,5‘ E ' '1 «~*'.. 7\‘ . : =‘» .* °“>=\r '~33%;;.§:Ak’t§““§£;n§1 ~_ 5- gg «.~J~,5é<..:.~.§ » ., g Q » A-2.4 »-«'3... 2§«/.“J;\-i‘,-§- J 7‘ ., q,~.»@c,._ .,¢.«:;g-~. ,3 ,2 vi ~,_‘-V». a -M-\.;.§,§9w;2;_ , »-«‘.~ _,»»~-‘~ _ , -‘ -*9 ‘J L~»~u : v — 9, ~ ’A . .-1_ x. 3 ~ ‘.7 14. r 2- U: ;‘ ,«.:»:.:.x.“«_~\»:\.~ ;. _- w v=‘:h_~=V. t»— _'.-‘e' _=j% : «*5 3,33‘ -‘..‘»\3'~1'§=rnzvi¢ -1 ‘ ‘-J . 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P O W E R SAFETY .1“.:§ K ‘ru- :=\~:- .'* -4 ~;;\:: J *Ery OurWantAdS 4* 2-?‘ \J'*“‘~\~‘<;.-u ADVERTISEI N T H ESESTINEaL ••imfy I ,, ;.~ '?.,I'-‘,‘-2\‘ ;f\4. , \ i yl,e'>’.'.’:m ... ‘ 3° -. .‘.\.}:.I3\‘:‘.z';\\?‘§3\$\§\}\¥N?\\\~‘ >E‘;j{:::—\’!Sm‘ 3.’! X\£\‘3.*'*'5\'T}‘ “'1-'7‘ w e nrw\ .: - _.-t«. -' ~, :;~=*“;« A - . .:;*;:mnt .r'~’0- 9‘. .<'v3-1.».5<~» 1; -'-* A ~ W mf .,3....$f«x -M\~,:'.:~:«.-;<_~A=:;y.‘~_«,.~‘ . . -~ .’:¢_t.*:=_~};\ m J\ L‘ .\'5A:‘a.‘:\ 13:‘ i M,‘ .>:,—.Vr- ' _:; , ' ' ‘ ‘,~,‘,}r}-,; ‘:3 ‘ -mm“-1 .‘,\i~~ Ne 3. ‘V :,:'*»‘;- > »'r - - . ~w1~a.7,~‘ 1: ‘ ' _: ‘a > y..,«:\,.‘g;»_-.¥;*-.' 1,”;-.4 , “4 '.s!'.v_.,§'~'_-{'z.,.‘r«£.,: 1 J \<*ft .»_- '- ~ > » .<_; _ ~/ . ,' ~. .~.l.1.<-.L».v. « ‘ V“» -”‘f“>” “\ . ..\:‘ . «Tr - .._ ,.; X411 :\S-_,,, 3 . $.21 :_‘f\*~.:’. 4.‘. \ ‘ “ 2 V, _;;f'.‘?’3,_ » _ . 2 .. L1P'rb‘N FROSTEE , ., » « De (I CANNING NEEDS L éi;]{'~=;. 'f;.j:‘ \' -' ‘ ‘ - . ’ 7* vi .. , .‘ ‘W. ‘ =w?~= : ' . 3‘A ;‘ . :1. g's:s'2;_-.;'.r.*.:<. ', :. _, V: .' 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MacDOUOAL Essex County Clerk Cement Blocks At Plant inNorth Creek or Delivered Hand Company Chimney - Corner - EndBlocks Sand - Gravel - Cement P h on e North CreekS841 <tt 2 PER ANNUM FIGUREDFROM DATEOFDEPOSIT compoundedandpaid1quarterly results in MAXIMUMreturnson your surplus funds at Upstate NewYork'soldestsavingsbarilc. BANKMMAIL (postcard bringsfgll dttails) E A S Y . . -SAFE C O N V E N I E NT Forday-tod a y banking needs\—patronize your t comnrninrty b an k EST. \' fffoti«.Vjl.,ra 1820 MAIN.O f f ICE: 20 N. Pearl St PINEHILLS:SOI Wettern Ave. fcjimbirf«dtwl Qipotli Inturancli CoM> “mNb¥*WgasTIi;nN-SIEER Qv‘ F ~V\V~:-1..-J .£¥}{.{},V_'=‘_ \..., _, 49.: o~‘£..LA§£['¥‘°.‘,“ :5. 2' E '9‘ ‘:5 A‘ Q . 3 . B .. A1,; };;.._J:~Ir ' \i: ‘“- \ . ,«..z . - 'SE'l‘AK“0R. ROAST . . ,_. ~ I ~' :::“‘*\ S; ‘L -_ \1\ g P3 ‘ -‘ »‘y-‘:1-K \‘ ‘ , +9 _ .a'f.=é,!:5t‘ ff’; . AUCTION^ Household Furniture and Miscellaneous Items — Electric Stove Oil Heater Bed alid Springs Dressers Chairs Chests and many items tod numeroustomention To Be HeldAtThe Essex HomeandInfirmary Whallousburg, New York On Saturday,July10 at 10:00 a. m. These items have been assigned tothis Department , byformer Welfare Recipients. Ralph G.Kin&f CommissionerofPublic Welfare _ ‘L

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