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XXXItt N. Y., , MARCH 23,4905. C NEW S^EAMKR FOR LAKE CHAM- The Great Sate is over, but I am still selling first- class goods at the lowest possible prices. For ten days beginning March 16, to March 25, in- clusive, I shall sell men's 50c» overalls for 40c. My stock is not very large at this time, so I must follow the old rule, <*flrst here, first served.\ Be first and you will, no doubt, find what . ydu want. Men's Bubber Boots, size 10 and 11, for $2 50. Will Replace the Chateau?*?* New Boat Will Be Bailt at Stielbnrne. D. A. Looinis, general manager of he Champlain Transportation company has given out the information tbat & new steamer will be built by the com- pany, decision to that effect having been taken at the annual meeting of the di- rectors held in Hew York last week. The steamer will be built at an expense of about 1150,000 and will succeed the Chateangay, that steamer being taken from thescnedule trips and devoted to excursion 1 work. At the meeting of the directors David Willcox was elected president, A. L. Culver, vice-president; and D, Black Cat Hose The Best. Why thorw #away your money, when for a few cents more, you can have the LAMBEKTVILLE SNAG PROOF or \Gold Seal\ rubber goods, which will wear twice as long as % any other. Try them and be convinced. $ Ask to see No. 400, white foot hose for men, 25 cents. •JUCK CAT BRAND CA60-R0CKF0R0 SIERt COKPAMY WIS. Ask to see Ho. 710, 35 cents; or the famous Jfo. 600, 25c. liose for women is, general manager. The question of a new steamer has been under considera tion for more than a year and was £nal ly disposed of by the directors- The general plan of the new steamer will be similar to the new Vermont, with hand- some saloons, state rooms, dining rooms and spacious decks. The con- tract for the hull and machinery will be awarded to a contracting concern, while the wood work will be done by the Champlain Transportation Com- pany at Shelbnrne harbor. A contract for the hnll and machinery will be signed within a few days with the W. & A. Fletcher Co., of Hoboken, N. J., who furnished the hall and machinery for the steamer Vermont, and the work will be pushed with vigor. It is expect- ed that the hnll will be delivered at the company's yards at Shelbnrne harbor about September 1st, next, to he set up and launched as soon as possible. 4 The new steamer will be about 20 feet Jonger than the Chateangay and 42 feet shorter than the Vermont, the latter be- ing 262 feet over all, while the new boat will be 220 over all. She will have a speed of 20 miles an hour, about that of the other modern boats on the lake, and will have a capacity of 1,500 pas- sengers. The steamer will be built by the employes of the Champlain Trans* portion company, under the direction of Genera! Manager Loomis, as the new Vermont was built. Vice-presi dent Culver and fiiias Lyman of this 1.0.0. F DISTRICT XEETING. 600 O^d Fellows Attended. Exeurs- t ion Train Delayed. It k estimated tbat about 600 Odd Fellows attendM the annual district meeting held in the Bradly opera honse at Fort Edward Wednesday evening of last week. At the afternoon session the first degree was worked on three can-1 didates by the South Glens Falls team and the past official degree was confer- red oa 12 candidates. Representatives from the following places were present at the evening meeting; Whitehall, Ticonderoga, North Granvilie, Salem, Granville. ^ and Fort Edward. The train, carrying about 350 Odd Fel- lows, did not arrive in Fort pdward un- til ten o'clock owing to a mishap to the engine. Notwithstanding this mis- fortune, however, the meeting was a decided success, enthusiasm and good fellowship prevailing at all times. The next meeting of the district, which includes Washington and Essex counties, will be held at Whitehall in March, 1&06. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year; District deputy grand master, S. A. Washbnrne of Fort E&frard; secretary, W. A. Grimes of Nort&Oranville. S. K. Potter, dis- trict deputy grand master, presided at the meeting, with J. H. Houghton of Salem aa secretary, and Rev W. H. Motwley of .Ticonderoga, as chaplin. NEW FT. WILLIAM X2&&Y LBASE0 Well Known New York Hotel Mas, W. P. Chase, to Open the itou*. William P, Chase, a well known New York city hotel man, recently of the Tampa Bay Hotel, Florida, has leased the New Fort William Henry hotel at Lake George of the Hudson Valley Railway company and will open the popular resort about the middle of June. Mr. Chase has been very suc- cessful in the hotel business, and a live- ly season is probable at the New Fort William Henry under his management. -Ex. city, a director of the company, will constitute an advisory board. ^ It is planned to complete the new boat to enter the service about June 15, 1906, when she will perform the trips so sat- isfactory operated by the Chateaugay, and that boat will be taken for excurs- ions and other special services that may be decided upon. The Maquam will be put ont of service at the close of the coming season. A name for the new steamer has not yet been selected,* but that of Cham- plain has been suggested and quite like lywiU Ipted as the company had a steamer of that name which was put out of commission in 1871. The new steamer will be as finely constructed as the other boats owned by the company and will give as fine a fleet as can be found upon inland waters. BLACK ^ Chicago-Rockford Hosiery Company K.ENOSHA, WiS. Week of Specials HANNA'S. We |fee the word \Specials\ in the full strength of its meaning. This is pre-eminently the bargain time of tbfc y<ar; the time of year wHen we are most anxious to turn Surplus Merchandise into cash- To those who are watchful these occasions mean econ- omy. You are invited to read the offerings. You can not fail to be impressed with the honesty of every price; reduction. r r { Necrology Resolutions. Paused at I. O. O. F. District Meet ing held at Fort Edward, N. Y. March 15. 1905. Whereas it has pleased Almighty Qod, in his wise Providence, to call to the grand lodge above, our worthy Past Grands, L. H. Fillinore and William Steveson, Whitehall Lodge, Xo. 5, W liam Jerrard, Jane McCrae Lodge No. 267, Robert D, Jones, Mattawee Lodge No. 559, and Brother E. M. Gifford, jOuteide Guardian, Ethan Allen Lodge No. 630, since its institution and welJ and favorabl} known throughout the District, therefore be it Besotoed That in the death of those worthy members the brotherhood baa toeh Bro#* Cotton, 3, 6, 7, f Se. •*• Ble«cbed Cotton Bill,. 7c.; Fruit nftfae ;v»lee, 10c ©a «n ttlrte liaeat. St&ebed Pilkm C«e, * for One lot of tfldi&T Walking Skirts, prices from $3.50 to $5.60; now $2*50. Oae lot of Ladle*' SnMs. about twelve. that sold from #10.00 to #15.00, Yoo eaa, have yotmeaok* for $5 00. Onelotof Ladie*Ce»t*, «old from $10 to •«,«>. Yocr cbofc* lor $5. Odd Mm *t children'* aadema? tbat mold from 3fr to 50et«; mow J9e. Boyt 1 Uc kofe, h«»Ty ribbed, BOW 10c. KcvSprtac Watt Good*, Dron Goodi, - - - Ticonderoga sustained a lose, we recognize the I will sell at a bargain a good house and lot with good barn and all accom- modations necessary to make a pleasant home, situated at Ticonderoga tipper Village on Bridge street, near paper mill. For furthur information inquire or write to W. J. Gwrr, P. <h Box 45t.* 10w4 Tioonderoga, N. Y. A Saraaae Lake Tragedy. A tragedy oceured Tuesday morning at the home of George Gowett at Sara- nacLake. Mrs. Oscar Coster, an In- dianapolis woman, died of tuberculosis and her sister, Liazit Hots, shot herself through the heart. She left a note ask- ing the forgivnese of their friends for not letting them know the condition of her sister's health. They belong to a prominent family.of Indianapolis and were plentifully supplied with money. Moose Bill Passed. Senator Prime's bill, appropriating $2,100 for the restocking of the Adiron- dacks with moose, has passed the senate. The Atlanta on Lake Champlahi. The 12-ton yacht Atlanta, owned by W. H. Arnold, will not be seen on Lake George the coming season. The boat being overhauled at Glens Falls pre- paratory to being taken to Dresden, where Mr. Arnold has purchased a hotel Republican County Convention. Notice is hereby given that the Ke- publican County convention for the county of Essex, state of New York, will be held in Maccabee hall, in the town of Port Henry, in said county, on ', <&pril 25th, at 2:00 p. m., for the purpose of nominating a member of assembly iu the place of Hon. F. C. Hooper; also for the purpose of nomi- nating a county clerk in the place of V. W. Prime; also for the purpose of nomi --*-*-^ -dr0mfe$ -treasjaer in, the place of & Whitney; also for the pur- pose of nominating a superintendent of the poor in place of A. D. Smith; also for the purpose of nominating two school commissioners in place of £. J. Owen and L. W. Safford; also for the purpose of electing a delegate to represent the county of Essex at the coming Judicial convention when called; and also to transact such other business as may regularly and properly come before the convention. Please take notice that all caucuses or primaries for electing delegates to said County convention shall be held in the several towns o'. Essex county on Satur- day, April 22nd, at 2:00 p. in. The several town committees shall give at least five days notice for said caucuses or primaries, and only such delegates as are then elected, or their legal proxies, [\printed in the Sentinel on March. 16th, will be entitled to seats in said conven- tion. Dated Port Henry, N. Y., March 21, 1905. lltf. R. L. P. Mason, chairman. EL B. Wiilard, secretary. A Drummer In linukruptcv. Richard D. Arbuekle, a traveling salesman living at Reeseville and well known throughout the country, is in bankruptcy with liabilities of $2,284.17, all unsecured and no assets. The credi- tors hold claims for merchandise bought on credit, money loaned and notes. The largest creditors are Ralph Douglass of Champlain, $852,34, and Arbuckle & Co. of Burlington, $906.83. The latter is scheduled as money misappropriated while acting in a fiducial capacity. Adirondack Lumber Depredation*. The New York Evening Mail, speak ing editorially of the Adirondack situa- tion which called for Gov. Higgins re- cent message, says it is explained by the charges filed by President Howlarid, of North Hudson Election Settled. The town meeting dispute which arose in the town of North Hudson on March 7th, ended in a decision of the town board to appoint John R. Carson as supervisor. The writer of an article which was Women who are Id all other tht _ evade Hie tew when !t < gun*. . ; do not consider 1 _ ^ but rather as an exciting sort i to play. Every woman who goes to Europe spends hours of her pmparatton to return in devising means t>f bringing things in without paying duty. Men are much mom honest about the things they bring in,- and not long ago 1 heard of a case in which w town hu- mored this smuggling tendency in his daughter, but took good care tbat she should not be discovered evading tbe law. His daughter sad purchased a valua- ble diamond necklace In London and announced her determination to bring it in without paying one penny of dutj. There was no reason in toe world wfcy she should have chosen to €0 thla, as her father was a very rick man and could have paid the duty without not- ing its absence from his bank account But she wanted toe excitement, and bar father agreed to let her have her own way. She brought the necklace in. in a small bag, which her father asked her to let him hold for a moment or two, and it was not for nearly a year that she found out her father had de- clared the ornament and paid the duty on i t At any rate, she had had her amusement—New York Post Yo«m* Roados. One of the strangest figures of the British stage was Youns Hoscins, His other name was William Henry West Betty. He lived until Aug. 24, 1874, al- tbouph he had made his last stage ap- pearance on Aug. 9, 1824, at the age of thirty-two. Theatrical history has no parallel to his childhood. It was this little Irish boy who after seeing Mrs. Slddons had declared that he must die if he did not become an acton He took Belfast by storm in 3808. when not quit* twel\«e, and nearly stifled scores of Londoners on Dec. 1, 1SO4. Foot guards and officers wore overpowered by the crowd, and gentlemen charged through the boxes and jumped by twenties into the **pit\ ' for places. Master Betty brought $86,050 t& Drnry Lane in twenty-eight nights. William, - Pitt adjourned the bouse of cotnfflwjm. to let ussaibecs-s*!© him nt? Hinsiet* aad- uls boom lasted until 1S08. His adult return to the stage was brief and a failure. ;tated that Win. Sturdervant was elect- ed by a majority of four must have l>een misinformed, an it should have stated that tiie vote was tie between the two parties. By judge Kellogg orders the town board assembled on the 11th, day of March and appointed the follow- ing officers to hold office uutil the next bienneal town meeting: John R. Carson, supervisor; George Carson, town clerk: C. Armstrong, F. B. Deyoe, Geo. C. Harrington and Lewis M. Hoztey, justices of the peace; Edwin Pepper, John Suandron, C. Arm- • A Royal One day wheu Francis I. was In his chapel attending mass with several of his noblemen a well dressed pickpocket went and stood behind the cardinal of Lorraine and abstracted his parse, bat' unabk* to do this without the king per- ceiving it he put up his finger to inti- mate that the latter should keep sir lence. The kins took it for a practical joke and said never a word. But aft- er the service he asked the cardinal what he had done with his purse. The prelate, not being able to fljid it was very much annoyed and took the kins to task, who greatly enjoyed the fan. v and at length ordered the purse to be restored to tbe cardinal. Tho thief did not, however, come forward, and the king discovered too late that he had been tricked. set?r of tbe poor; Joseph DeZalia. col- lector: Solon&s Proctor, Rob Spraerae, worth of their lives, abd the help, eoun cil and strength which they have given to our order; that we commend their interest in the brotherhood, their true friendship for the members and their manly tearing towards all m^n, and while mourning our loss, we submit to the decree of the Grand__JS£agter />f the universe, and recommend an emulation of their zeal for the promotion of Odd- f ellowship, their lives and their charac- ters: That these Resolutions be incor- porated into t$e minutes of this meet- ing and be printed in the local papers throughout the District. W. p. MGUSLEY. H. 3, BKLX>EN. J. Q. WlLUAMS H. E. &UL&YAS, O. E. NEWTOS. Committee on Resolutioas. Escape* Fran the Association for the Protection of j strong. Assessors; Edwin Hozley. over- tbe Aditondacks. Judge Howland al- leges that, with the connivance, or at least the knowledge of State officials J George Hozley and Byron Armstrong, private parties have been allowed to cut Constables, timber from State lands, or rather, that usder tbe gnim of \penalties\ the State baa been selling them wood from its preserves at ridiculously inadequate prices. He mentions the case of one man who was allowed to settle for 2,100 oords cut on State land ia Essex county at the rate of \21 events a cord. He sum- merizes the depredations and the '--pen- alties\ which his association has invest- igated as follows: Thirty -seven settle- ments, 18,444 cords, 11,066,402 feet, $23,- 777. &2; two settlements, 10,067 trees, .; total 980,112.}$. \Under cover of the dense forest in the remote north- ern conrttiee.\ says that paper, \men with political poll have been establish- ing lumber cainps en State lauds, Aa a pretext and a base for their operations they usually have purchased rights to lumber over private property adjoining the State's holding*. Somehow th«ir aienwas^aereas^iA line aad fell the timber betongiag to the State. The borrlfted espieiter discover* Ida own proper period, de- Canal Boats Obstruct Navagatioit. There are three canal boats at the bottom of Lake Champlain, two at Port Henry, loaded with iron ore, and one at Rouses Point, a lighter. They are deemed obstructions to navigation. The contract for moving them has been let by the government to Sant & Boeham, the lowest bidder, for 31,760.. St Hubert's Inn To Be Closed. The Adirondack Mountain Reserve, who are the owners of a large tract of land near St Hubert's |on, Keene Val- ley, have voted to increase their capital stock tjrom 1160,000 to $300,000 and to purchase St. Hubert's Ion.. The hotel business will be discontinued and the property utilized for the private use of the club. Lake Cfeamplaia fettage Barae*. An elegant eofct«g» U£t was being boat <m the farMr. 3oH<JTH«wrTbrk and mm SatM* Costa Money, When Fanny Iveuibk* spent her sum- mers in Massachusetts she engaged a neighbor to drive her regularly about the country. On their first-excursion he began to tlls<*uss the crops aud the history of tke pt*opk». wtiea Iklrs. Kem- ble aaid ia her dramatic fashion, \Sir I have engaged you to drive, not talk.\ The farmer kept his peace and when the vacation was over sent in his bill. \What is this item, sir?\ she asked. \I do not understand it.\ With equal grravity he rejoined: **Sass, $3. I don't often take it, but when I do I charger* The bill was paid, and it made a firm friend of Mrs. Kemble ever after.— Christian Register. The* American Our baldheaded eagle, so called be- cause the feathers on the top of hts head are white, was called tbe Wash- ington eagle by Audubon, the great nat- uralist. Lik6 Washington,- he Is brave and fearless, and as his name and great- ness are known the world over so can the eagle soar to heights beyond others. The eagle was adopted as the emblem of the United States in 1785. since when it-has been used ou the tips'\©f Sag- poles, coins, United States seals aod oo the shield of tAber^.-§ I took you into partuersliip,'* said the indignant father. \I expected yoy to be untiring in your devotion to the uiterests of the business.\ The »on took one foot down from, .the 4esfc long enough to strike a match to light his cigarette. % \I think I have been,\ said he. <c You never have noticed me tire myself yet, have you, pa?\ , ot'tlte 1 Eacfe bud flowers but ooce, and each flower tea bat tts latent* of perfect beauty, so ia the <ai6en of Hie soul each feettnc baa, as it were, tts flower, tag taatanCfcs ooectt oely moment «e ^

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