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«'AGE TWO T t « C A T T A R A U G U S TIMES STATE INCOME TAX f : AND THE FARMER VILLAGE ELECTION NOTICE IS HEREBY given, that the Annual pillage Elec­ tion of the Village of Cattarau­ gus, N. Y., will be held at » - . ... ; Fireman’s Hall in said Village, Special Article on Features of New Tuesday, March 16th, 1920, Law by Eucene M. Travis, a? l tha* th® Pol ^ 1L b’ ope? at One P* M. of that day, and State Comptroller. „• close at 5 p. m. of that day foe I. While legislation tq .Its general fea­ tures Is, of course; kept ¿rack of. by dwellers In rural communities. It Is proWfcly true that almost every farmer affected by the New Tack state tax on petsonefi incomes will find helpful the following suggestions in the filing of returns under this act. the purpose of electing, A PRESIDENT of said Vil­ lage for the term of one year in the place of L. A. Babcock. A TRUSTEE of said Village for one year in the place of H- B. Easton. A TRUSTEE of said Village for the term of Two years in’ MINISTERS NEED FREEHOSPITALS Survey by ^terchurch World Movement Reveals Pulpit’s ^ ^ . Poverty. ‘ With this taught in mimi I will i t h e place of A. M. Mowry. first pt'est nt briefly the broad dlsttnc- j A TRUSTEE of said Village tions brought out by thè law between i for the term of two 'years in Incorni-, expenses and capital Invest- the place of J. B. Kilburn. “capital meats. That last term ments\ may sound very mysterious, but In Its Unni analysts'it only means $1,242 HIGH AVERAGE SALARY FOR PROTESTANT PREACHERS Clinics and Homes, for Aged'and in­ firm and Better Salaries for. Pas­ tors Are Part of New Co­ operation Program. A COLLECTOR for the term invest- of one-year in the place of Anna M. Rood. A TREASURER of saidVil- « 10 » where a farmer buys a piece of j i a g e f o r the term of one year in machinery or makes an expenditure t h e place of p E Johnson. for improving his property, such pay- * 1 • j A- ____ « .. ,, meats are not proper business ex- , s a id Annual Election the following proposition will be submitted to the voters;\ Viz. Shall the Village of Cattarau­ gus hereafter pay to each Trus­ tee of the said Village an an- | xtual salary of One Hundred i Dollars, and to the president of said Village an annual salary of One Hundred add Fifty Dol­ lars ? and also for the purpose of such other business as may would money paid out for j c o ;rie before the electors at r a new harvester. 18U' h e l e c t i o n . - Cattaraugus, N. Y., Mar. 1, 1920. EDNA S. CAMPBELL, ' Clerk. penscs because he still has the value • of the money which he expended la - another form. 1 , This regulation of this office follows strictly that which has been. Ip vogue for years by the federal authorities un­ der the federal Income tax law. For example, thè placing of a series of win­ dows In a barn Improves the property, at would also-the-building of a new. fence around thè form. Neither of these exp -nses are those Incurred In the courser of ordinary business any more than a tractor or Expenses Allowed. Ordinary expenses, of course. In­ cluding the cost of shovels, rakes and other small tools, hire of labor, produce bought and used up In the meals fur­ nished to laborers, are business ex­ penses. Equally ns well, the farmer should write off ns an expense amounts paid out for manure, commercial fer­ tilisers, lime, raw rock, phosphate. Gasoline and oil used In machinery are proper deductions! and If necessary to have any farm machinery or en auto­ mobile used entirely for farm purposes repaired, such amounts are proper de­ ductions. Whore the automobile Is used six days of the week off the fprm and on Sunday the farmer takes/ his family on a well deserved recreation trip, only the proportion of the amounts paid for gasoline, oil and re­ pairs which can reasonably be assign­ ed to business purposes can be de­ ducted. District Offices. / . •* j S'-ddental Drowning*. / Accidental drowning enused ft,550 deaths, or 7.4 per 100,000, In this coun­ try last year. This rate Is considera­ bly less than that for any preceding year since 1u10, and Is also decidedly below the average for the decade 1901- 1910. G REAT MASS OF PROOF Reports of 90,000 Cases of Kidney - Trouble, Some of tfiem Cat­ taraugus Cases. As a result of the campaign now being made by the. Interclmjsb World Movement the combined Protestant churches of America will provide many more hospitals, clinics nn<l> homes for the aged and Infirm. An, interesting feature o f these Protestant hospitals will be free treatment for ministers, ns recent surveys made by the interchurch organization have made the need for special dispensa­ tions very obvious. The following startling facts were divulged as to the average salaries In the various denominations. Starting with the highest, the average for Epis­ copal ministers Is $1,242 ; the average for PrFsbyterlan (North}., $1,177; for .the United Presbyterians, $1,096; for the Reformed Churcli« (Dutch), $1,170: for the Methodist Episcopal (North), $1,176; Congregational, $1,042, and for the Baptists (Northern), $950. With government experts nnnou: Ing that $1,500 Is the lowest siilary upon which a family can be decently mnlntnihed ajid suggestingintlgets for none lower, ministers have a discour­ aging outlook. Such things as- hospi­ tal bills are almost Impossible to meet, and yet every norma) family has-aonie illness In Its mijlst every year. Ac­ cordingly the Interchurch Movement, while on its way to obtain higher aver­ ages in salaries, will assist by provid­ ing free care in Its Institutions. - ■ 0 — — — sBSBaiHasaaiEBSfa Conductors - Motormen Wanted at Akron Ohio Conductors and motormen are wanted immediately at Akron, Ohio, because of the number of big, new cars being added to the Company’s service. ' * ■ This is n good company to work for. Ttere are no labor troubles. If you are ambitious, you will ., find many opportunities for advancement. You will be paid while learning routes# After ‘ you have learned routes, your minimum pay i« 43c an hourwith increase after both the first and . .second year o f service. * .These positions w ilUlot remain open long, so write R I G H T AN O W to— O.L.Freeman, Supt -The Northern Ohio Traction & Light Ca Terminal Building Akron Ohio. Each o f some 6,000 o f the United States from week to week, names of people j in its particular neighborhood, who For the convenience of taxpayers | have, used and recommended Doan's throughout the state t have established thirteen district offices located at the b following points; Albany, 42 North PeUri street. New Fork, Equitable building, 120 , Broadway; Municipal building, Room 200 . B.'ooklyq, ISO Montague street. . Bronx, St. Ann’s avenue and One Hundred and Sixty-first street. . - tt -4 Jamaica, 2 North Washington street. White Plains Court House. ¿Buffalo, 11-^3 West Swan street. Rochester, United building, 106-108 East Main street. , * Syracuse, 423% \South Sallna -street Utica, City National Bank building, I HO Genesee street. Elmira, 230 Lake street. Binghamton, O’Neil building, Court and State streets. Kingston, 018 Broadway. It is suggested that the owner of a stock, dairy, poultry, fruit or truck farm write to one of these offices for form 201 and^speclnl bulletin $io. 4, a single sheet o f special Instructions for farmers. .„With—these blanks Ip front oflllm and by examination o f his farm ' record the filling out o f a return would ho a matter o f an evening or two. Only a week remains for the filing of these returns, and anyone who falls to have them in before March IS may he subject to the penalties In 'the law; I f the farmer taxpayer cannot get his -figures together in time o f is obliged to be away from boms for business or health purpose* an extension o f time w ill promptly be granted upon appll* cation. Tbs law provides that on such extensions tike taxpayer must pay In­ terest at tbe rate o f six per cent yearly for tbe time after March 15, 192a Tbs value o f business done by most farmers does not warrant the keeping of inventories. , Where reports are made 25 the baste of actual, receipts and qxpendltures^tri that Is necessary j is to' report as gross income the amount received from the sale of -farm'produce, stock, etc., and deduct ordinary business expenses actuaUyJ paid during the year. In doing this-,It should be remembered that money paid out fo r Itve stock to be-used for breeding, draft or dairy 'purposes should not l<e noted as an expense 1 because they .are also Investments o f . captirlr— . * Now,-!«- tbo-ease1 o f resident farm­ ers this office has adopted a generous rule. Not the personal status of the resident taxpayer, at the end of the year determines his exemption, but this exemption Is given to him in the highest amount to which he was en- - titled during the year. I f the fanner was married for only three days of the year ha would nevertheless receive $2,000 exemption, while if he was un­ fortunate to have lost his w ife and two., children early in January, 1919, In an CMddant the exemption of 92,403 would. Kidney Pills for kidney backache, weak kidneys, bladder trouble and urinary disorders. This mass o f proof includes over 50,000 recom­ mendations. Cattaraugus is no ex­ ception. Here is one of the Cattar­ augus cases. | N. S. Nichols,'carpenter W averly St., says: “ There is no doubt about it, Doan’s Kidney Pills certainly are fine and I most heartily recommend, them. M y kidneys gave out on me about a year ago and caused me a lot o f annoyance. The muscles -in m y back werd lame and' sore and sharp pains would catch me in the small o f my back when I least ex­ pected them; M y kidneys were scan­ ty and weak in action. I read about Doan’s Kidney Pills and used some from H a rvey & Carey’s Drug store. Doan's cured me sound and well. They sure are all right.” Price 60c at all dealers. Don’t simply ask fo r a kidney r e m e d y - get Doan’s Kidney Pills— the same that Mr. Nichols had. Foster-Mil- burn Co., Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y. First Clockmaker Unknown. It is uncertain when the first clock \'*1 , constructed. Its invention la newspapers claimed by many nations. There Is a is publishing • tradition thnt the first clock was In­ vented h.v the.Chinese In the year 2000 B. C.. ilnd allot her that it was invented In Germany In the eleventh century. The first clock of which we have any description, is the one which was set In the towpj of the palace of Charles- V of f-’rnneo In 11)79 by a man named' Henry DeVIcIt. WESLEY Roy Raecher was in Dayton Tuesday. - J? . Dr, Tuttle came over from Cattaraugus Friday to see a. K. Parke, i S J. Mitchell had business in Dayton Monday. Mrs. Carl Ruper, visited her \fparents in South Dayton the week-end. ' f Mrs. Bomholdt’s sister . .„of Markhams, is staying with her and helping care for their new ! boy. ■ ' Ruth and Alice Allen had business in Cattaraugus Tues-' day. 1 Clarence Colson of ’East Leon, was buried here Friday. B. D. Hall was in Dayton Tuesday.- ' '} •* Martha Stein of Buffalo who has been staying with her sis­ ter, Laura Miller fo<; several weeks, returned hcmeMonday Flock No Longer Put to Sleep By Tidpit Voice’ of Preacher Emerson Amended. If * man does anything well, the world will (beat a path to his door— unless he happens to life expert In raising skunks.—Boston Transcript GRASS SEED FREE SAMPLES“ S RSLifcÄm*tftg* bMyJn». Recleaned Tested *«1 AlsikeClover G n m *• • « .Clor*r and »tl®w P ric«. All «old aubject Taat ondar an aoaolute monav- W o tio ■ iMafciìati Ingnuw and flau! SrvüU m o n ty mnd riva an ick wfLvh*■ vrrLf j y y for epr moMv-Mviftg Saad Guida American Mutual Seed Co. Mpt. 680 Chicago, IB. Tou wouldn't think' of applying the word “Jazz” to a church sermon. - Yet that bit of modern slang la the word which moyt adequately describes the new manner, and voice in which pulpit messages are de­ livered. Jazzed music Is fundament- Chrlstlanlty and sleep at the suit time. H is sermons were apt to bo complex and obscure. The modern minister presents Ms message in clear, concise English, and In a natural voice. He talks directly to his congregation sod brings them to Christianity tbor- xlly simple and easy to understand. Qtighly wide awake. This ohange t> A n 4-ln A 4* 4 M .. I J i __ I A. 1 J A 1 — «,, . 1 m I a ' ii A a ji _ V _ — — - — — 9- rg##.-. #■ . And that Is aiso a description of the V modern sermon. • The old style minister, w ith ' his Intoning, rhetoric and oratory, too often talked over the heads of hla congregation. He lulled' them into pulpit Stathod was'uncovered in si Interchurch World Movement surra? and Is one of thousands/of Inter«* I lng side lights disclosed la It* ; to \bring the Protestant ohurchjj closer co-operation. ■ LIST OF NOMINAT TO THE ELECTORS OF THE VILLAQE OF CATTARAUGUS: , The following is a true and correct list of all nominations pf candidates for office to be filled at the Village Election to be held in .the Village of Catt»f»| gus, fi. Y., March 16,1920, filed with me pursuant to Chapter 999. of the Laws of 1896. and amendments thereto. ' \ — / - . i‘ ■ , , ____ ' ' ' r - . REPUBLICAN PARTY __ ______ _ ___________________________________________ 4 ------------------------ 4 1 Bac-Simfle of -Emblem o r -©evÍGe-tó— • ,,-------'j, -- J ^ \4 *’ 1’ar'y or other Designation oi Rspfresent and Distinguish Candtìates ■1 W • K aineoTCa nl t ula t eS — C u h d l d a t q a - - — — ® . H r 'Darwirt A. Bliss « .. -Cattaraugus, N. Y. fr * x ’ Oettà^augus, N. Y. ............... ^ President Republican H R BrameU . iilaKe JL A U B a v v ------------ - -------------- — — ! i ____ JLi<v> H b f 11 i., il • ^ *.TC'|ilüJj|aBB|l Simeon~B. Rich' ^ ------- r - — t , Cattaraugus, Y.— -• * - X -------------- Trustee . * Republican m V John A. Dolan Cattaraugus, N. V. « J / . \ ^ ■*. •* Trustee Republican , W. Leone Brown ^ Cattap^ug-ttSy N. Y. ’ / Collector Republican * • ” V * « r ;: • Fred I&. Johnson Cattaraugus, N. Y. Treàsurer . Republican 4m ■ EDNA S. CAMPBELL, Village Cist

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