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Cattaraugus times. (Cattaraugus, Cattaraugus County, N.Y.) 189?-1976, March 05, 1920, Image 3

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N- THE CATTARAUGUS TIMES PACE'THRES a n n u a l v i l l a g e r e p o r t Continued from page 2. r f t g g f e f r . L as* Jaa. 20 C. Dunkleman. Jan 20 F* Wood rig. ... 1.86 2.63 Apn7 Map Jun Sept Oct 6 \7 fo r t e l f i e t 20 O SU P P L IE S “ T. J. „Eberlee....... bakes & Burger'; Jakes & 'Burger.. Oakes & Burger. 'Oakes & B u r g e r .. Oakes & Burger. Oct 13 Settef Bros.. . . . .- Oet 20 Standard.Oil. . . . . . Oct 20 Oakes & Burger - Oct 30 Standard Oil C o .1. Oct 30 Nichols Hdw. Co.. Oct 30 Oakes & B u r g e r .. Nov 5 Oakes / & Burger . ; Nov 5* Hartajy & Carey.. Nov 17 Stamford Oil Co . Nov 17 bakes & B u r g e r .. Noy 17 Hersy M fg C o . . '. . Dec 8 Setter Bros.Tf.. . . . Dec 23 Mosher Hdw Co.. East iOtta Happenings \ -- — .... _________ __ _ -r1?iftccount„Qi the prevail- Mrs. Elizabeth Jacket of , ance of influenza the . Grange Springville, sister of Mrs. Rob- $47 .99 meeting scheduled for this ert Beach, died last Fridav and . ¡week was-postponed for two was interred in the-Eddyviiie i weeks. The next meeting and j cemetery Monday * 1.60 .3.00 1.13- - 1.50 .45 1.16 47,97 20.63\ 21,81 ► 21.91 1.20 2.50 .66 .95 21.08 351.67 6.30 116.43 13.83 $685.7)7 Si .July 1 )ec 22 BONDS RETIRED 2 Bonds .i.... $1000.00 3 Bonds .......... 1500.00 INTEREST July 1 On B o n d s .. ........ July 19 Bank of Cattarau­ gus on notes ................ Dec 22 On Bond^ ............ Jan 9 Bank of .Gattarau- - gus on notes................. G 2.50 142.60 3T.50 151.59 initiation of members will be held Wednesday evening, Mar. 17. Also the open meeting and social appointed for Mar. 12 has been deferred. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mey­ er celebrated their 15th wed­ ding anniversary Friday even­ ing. Owing to the epidemic only about 85 were present. Gifts of cut glass and money were received. Clarence Schuppenhauer of Ellicottville was in town Sun­ day. Several district schools have been closed oh -accouqt of sc much illness; George Ebel was in Ellicott­ ville Saturday. There were nô church ser­ vices of any kind at the M. Ë. church Sunday. The pastor and entire family are ill. Fred fluffstader; found busi­ ness in Ellicottville Monday. The majority of the famil­ ies in town are suffering -“from influenza. As soon as one member comes down with it the remainder soon subcumb. The majority of the. victin.s, however, are soon able to be about. No fata4 cases have as yet been reported. —, Bom, to Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Cart-.Hintz and family o f ' ^ d a ^ F e ’ b7*28~ Plato visited her parents,-Mr. a and Mrs. Ernest Ellis Sunday 1 e May’ a daughter, t, ru i . 4 _- -. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Bret Henry Fleckenstein was in fYftw Tuesday, March 2, a girl .Authorized Willard Service. Battery Station — Everell Utley, who* has been in battery work, will be located at Bernent & Brooks Hard­ ware Store after February 23rd. Mr. Utley will inspect storage batteries of any make every two weeks. They will be opened and thoroughly ex­ amined free of charge. Re? pair work guaranteed for six months; new batteries guar­ anteed 1 year ; batteries foi­ rent for 25c per day. He will be prepared to do all kinds of tube and tire vul­ canizing. Service will be-- prompt and all work guaran­ teed. < ‘ EVERELL UTLEY ------ at the — — Bernent & Brooks Hard­ ware Store, T h e N e w ModeT— SPRINGVILLE, N. Telephone 10. ’ Y. Springville Tuesday. Claude Ploger has recently Andrew Olson is able to re­ sume his duties at the J. D. returned from France and has I Laing store again. $394,19 F. E. JOHN SON, Ti \- uri'T --------- The Board of Trustees of thè V il Iqge of Cattaraugus, N. iY., pursuant to section No. ,102- òf thè Village Law, make the following statement of the total amount of Villafeè- Taxes stimated“-by them as necessary to ie raised during the fiscal year: i / h i g h w a y s .. _____ .•. $ 1500.00'. /Lighting .......................... 1800.00 Fire Department ...... 200.00 Insurance . . . . ^ .... 200.00 Health Officer' .............. 175.00 Recreation .. ........ 200.00 Sanitation and Cleanli- I j n e s s ........ r * ............ KSgBway Bond» . ........ 600.00 1500.00 Interest ....................... , 529.2& Clerk and Trustees.. . . 650,00/' Protection, Property and Persons' ............ / J 100.00 Snow R e m o v a l ............ ./ - / 300.00 Miscellaneous - k . , . . 360.00 Material apd Supples.. 506.00 County Treasurer ..... 23,2.62 To pay Temporary Loans 5700.00 $14,486.87 $ 2,500.00 re c e iv e d d sharp sh o o ter’s m e ­ dal. Harry Twedle, of New York City, organizer and promoter is at work here in the interests of the ■■ Dairymen’s League.^ -John Pierce is assisting him. Mr^and Mrs^-Guy— Austin and Misses-Xenia .and. Ollie Hawkins were in Cattaraugus Saturday. The latter visited ftheir cousin, fMerrill Hawtftns, who is quite ill. Bret Yaw was ifiTCaftaraih- gus Tuesday. .. ? Mrs. Ernest Ellis is at Carl Wehust’s in Cattaraugus, help­ ing .care for her\ neSy 'grand­ daughter, bd!rn Sunday, Feb. 29,1920. ' Misses Viola and Florence Meyer returned to their work at Little Valley Tuesday. Henry Phillips of North Ot­ to was in town Tuesday. ‘•Miss Vena Sikes is able to resume her duties at the tele­ phone office lifter an attack of influenza. \ R. H. Philbrick was in Buf­ falo. Thursday. Mrs. King Northrup of El­ licottville came to care for, Carl Hintz and family who arc still- ill. Mrs. Slating who has been here for some time, has returned home. Misses Marjorie and Martha Hawkins were in Springville Tuesday, Martha remaining to take up her school work. \ barren Schultz and family of Steamburg, have moved, on the John Hammond far'm. Mr. Schultz is a son of the late Lydia Bradley whose parents were the original owners of the place. Archie Rossell and family are ocupying part of the D. D. Phillips house'. Before leav­ ing their former home they gave a farewell party to their friends and neighbors. Max Woodruff of Spring­ ville was in town with two pro­ spective *Tafm purchasers from the West one day last week. « L. A. Lincoln was in Little Valley Monday. The Farmers’ Institute ap­ pointed for Wednesday had to be postponed on account of the. distemper. Cardinal Manning. The midtile of*the nineteentli . cen7 tury saw a great movement In Eng­ land towàrd the Church of Rome. Among the-many well-known converts was Henry. E. Manning, who had liven a clergyman In the Church of England for over fifteen years, lié entered the Roman priesthood and wes ultimately made cardinal archbishop of West­ minster fie died January* 14, 18P2. ESTIMATED CASH - A V A I L A B L E Cash on hand Geheral Fund .....: .......... .. .. 723.16 Cash on hand Bond & Inst., Account . ...................... * 34.46 Due Paving Assess­ ments ............. . . . . . . 160,02 Due Sewer Accounts.. 1 0.88 Bank and Franchise Tax. 693.78 Hall Rent. ... 75.00 Mortgage Tax ......... : 25.00 $1,852.30 $14,486.87 1,852.30 To be raised by tax $12,634.57 tr* ED N A S. C AM P B ELL, Village Clerk. OOt>OOIWOOOOttt>OOOOOOOCHCHSOCH9CHjCHJO<KH3<K?CHCKH3Ct<KKHKKH>CHÍH>00 Spring Millinery Opening Spring Millinery Opening, Thursday, i Friday and Saturday, March 18-19 20. The week previous we will be at Cattaraugus. Why They'' Were Scaled. A boy's coin position: “Tobnei • wns Invented by Walter Knleicli. and ■••hen the people, first saw him smoking -they thought It wns a steamboat or. locbmo- five; and ns they l9ful never heard of those things they were greatly fright­ ened.”—Boston Transcript. f The M A N D A R I N f BUFFALO’S REAL Chinese-American RESTAURANT , No ti;fp to Buffalo It complete' without • visit to -The Mandarin. MODERATE PRICES—MUSIC 504 Main Street Buffalo « o.tfc flood Point. Jud Tonkins says one thing he ad­ mires about jasoline Is that when the price go^s up ho one stops to worry you . with explanations you can’t un­ derstand. v CLOVER fine««. W« Timothy, i plot, BueciAl Rncrican AT WHOLESALE W o save you money. Buy now before ad vaneo, Crx>pabort. W ‘ oar aamr __ — „ ______ ____ ty.Toeted Clova* Cfcmur tod Áisñíii sridfajssA m an ent teat. Write today /or aam* fret pop ? et me Adaoaoa S m HOm Seed Co.Ocpt.uo Chicago, HL M I L K I N G JOHN LAING, IN K East Otto, N, Gods Galore. India holds the record for Images. It has been estimated that there are quite 300,000,000 luiages a! the vari­ ous gods there. Indians Made Salt. The Delaware* Indiuns -made salt from brine springs'In New York state and sold it to settlers as early as 1670, making probably the llrst commercial •production o f salt In this country. The manufacture ¿of salt by white people In the United States was begun near Syracuse, N\. Y., about 1788. Salt is (lie most commonly used minéral In tile 'World, cm) no useful, mineral ex­ cept coal, perhaps. <«'ciirs*ln greater abundance nr Is njare w id e ly. distrib­ uted In the United States'. —<wanHH-' Oakland Sedan The Practical and Economical Car 0 What the Kaiser Told Roosevelt THE FULL ACCOUNT ol Roosevelt’s reception at the various courts of Eutépe, dr- •eribiof intimately hit remark­ able interviews with thc Koncr, era told in Roosevelt’s owq words exclusively la S C R I B N E R ’S M A G A Z I N E At your dealers or send $1.00 now to S C R I B N B K ’S M A G A - Z I N B , N e w York City, lor three numbers containing Roosevelt’s Own Letters AK L A N D owner-drivers re­ port regular gasoline mileage of 18 to 25 milies per gallon, and 8,000 to 12,000 miles per set of tires, with correspondingly; low costs of maintenance. The Oakland Sensible Six engine possesses distinct advantage in its simplicity* accessibility and the ef­ ficiency of its power development. Concentrating in the production of > a single chassis type, backed by im­ mense factory resources and large volume of sales, makes possible a price that insures maximum, prac­ tical value^-tlte greatest dollar-for- dollaiv value in real comfort and utility obtainable in the automobile market. „ Body Styles and Prlce»—Five-PasaOpger Touring Car, $1235; Three- passenger Roadster; $1235; Four Dotr Sedan, .1886; Coupe, $188$; F. O. B. Pontiac, Mich. Additional for w ire wheel equipment $85. For Additional Information Apply to E . S. B R O W N .-. SALAMANCA, N. Y. • Plenty of Herri' A fisherman says thui /herring la sometimes five ol long and two or three mil shonl of six miles road. Tho Crown’s Share. Under English common law, tltc shore that lies between low and high, tide belongs to the crown. K. D. No. 8 . N. 125 x 3 . Y. Never mind how many cows but— how much milkl D o n 't count the num ber o f cou» but count the gallon m o f m ilk; then ask yourself i f you are feeding your cows the best producing ration • A properly balanced feed for dairy cows m ust not onfy contain sufficient quantities o f protein, fa t and carbo­ hydrates to keep the cows strong and healthy; but if must also contain the proper com bination o f proteins to pro­ duce the greatest efficiency and the m axim um m ilk yields N o m atter what you use, you your­ self cannot , m ix feeds as scientifically correct nor as econom ical as fe e d s which w e sell ready for use, Inhure the general good health o f your/cow s by giving them dependable feeds lik e Krause Dairy Feed, 1 1t w ill% mean healthier cows, m ore m ilk and m ore profit. W e w ill be glad to tell you off about\ these feeds i f you w i l l call» Rich Hough ton Milling Co. ' CATTARAUGUS, N. Y. The feed utith a H OM INY FEED BASE. 1

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