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VOL. XXXVI Cattaraugus, New York, February 13, 1920. No. 7 WORKS DRY HND NIGHT In the southwestern part of New York state, the nine Iniles of dir^ road -between Dayton and Cattarau­ gus is in a very poor condition. The other day a man in Gowanda was on his way home from Olean, when his autogot stalled in a mudhole, and while making a vain attempt to es­ cape, a boy appeared with a team of horses. The following conversa­ tion-took place: “ Haul you out Mister?” “ How much do you want?” “ Three, dollar».” After a long and fruitless argu­ ment the motorist was pulled to dry land. After handing over the money he said : “ Do you haul many cars out in a day?” , _ “ I have pulled out eleven today,” Replied the boy, with a brctad smile. — The Farm Journal DR. S. PARKES CADMAN LITIGATION IN AN HERE ON FEBRUARY 18 EAST OTTO ESTATE Land into which Dr. Cadman received decree- was entered admitting -the will -thin J .tmii and cted the iped to- ■kt h. ;; that can Hal­ ber :ous to t :on- ieO- I t heir; 110 - try rtw to «h 'l l I ■ 8 I i i I ! I 9 n I i i I » I 1. i I ■ i II i- II Among the greatest and most noted preachers in the world such as Dr. Frank W. Gurteaulus. Dr. Newell Dwight Hillis, and others, the name of Dr. Parke» Cadman stands out pre-eminently. As the pastor of Central Congregational Church, In the matter of the Probate of the Last Will and Testament of Rob­ ert C. Beach of East Otto who died in M a y 1919, which was presented for probate bearing date Angnst 31, 1916. objections were filed by the widow and a jury trial of the issues Brooklyn, in many ways the strong- i was demanded. The controversy was est church of its qrdev in America, I certified to the Supreme Court The his congregation in 1912 celebrated the tenth anniversary of his pastor­ ate— a decade in which this church raised three-quarters of a million dol lars for missions and benevolences nearly. two thousand new members The p^esegt . membership of the church is 2750. Among this mem­ bership there are several judges and many leading merchants, lawyers, educationalists, and professional men. Dr. Cadman is a descendant from a rale of preachers. He was born among the Shropshire hills'df Eng­ land in 1864. His collegiate course completed with honor and distinc­ tion at Richmond College, London ¡University, he at once came to America and' thus fulfilled the iir- tention of his life. When he landed in America a t the age of twenty-five he was without a friend on this side of the Atlantic. Not a great while after, to be exact about four years, he was made pas­ tor of the Metropolitan Temple, for­ merly the .church where Bishop John P. Newman had preached and Gen­ eral U. S. Grant and family had wor­ shipped. £ Dr. Cadman now stands at the height of his powers, in the prime of life, possessed of endless physical «panel mental vigor and the mqster of |many subjects in which the public is profoundly interested: His lectures are more than mere lectures. They are vital messages arid .once heard .they can never be forgotten. ■lost . the finit fall with a after 17 minutes of .-Willloughby got the. sec- i 6 ininutes with a back ck. Irish was unable to for the 3rd1 fall, as his YOUNG WILLOUGHBY WINS WRESTLING MATCH The wrestling match last Satur­ day night was witnessed by a large [crowd. The match was a fast and clever exhibition all the way ¡through, both men. escaping from ¡holds that looked dangerous. After ¡breaking the body scissors, young [Wilioughbs ad lock, estling.' (fond fail in miner lp Icome back ■shoulder was badly wrfenched, Wil­ loughby claiming the match. [ Leo Kid Riley of Forks, N. Y., ¡dtholigh being a, game (kid) who Ilyas willing to mix, cotdd not stand gup against the left swing of the (local unknown, - going to the carpet times in the first round and five' (times altogether. The battle i'oyal ,y/as even better (than expected, lasting 20 minutes (with two men left. As the boys are pile best of friends and the crowd (had had their money’s worth, the [bout was stopped. Out of the bout' ■developed two boxers of ability who ■the fans would like to see box each (other, being equally divided as tp [who is the best man. , These men arc (Herman • Lawrence and Dermont. (The club is expecting to Isold anoth- (V r match soon and will try and get ■these boys together. BISHOP— HIGBEE Harley J..Bishop of Salamanca jtijd Helen Higbee of Little Val­ ley were united in »marriage last Sunday morning at the Methodist personage in this village, Rev. J. Invent Cook officiating. David G- Bishop and Margaret IT. Bishop fc'ere witnesses of the ceremony. The IpSppy couple will make their home |n Little Valley. \ case was for Sept. 1919. No one ap­ peared in behalf of the contestant. A default was taken upon the issues and the matter again certified back to the Surrogate’s Court and a final to probate. , The real point of the litigation, however, regts in the fact that the will contains a provision that if eith­ er of the children of the deceased contest the will, then the ones so con­ testing shall receive only $5.00 The only ones to be benefitted by a suc­ cessful contest are the two daughters and they with their husbands-'and children are the active ones in* this application. The Old lady, the wid- ow, is apparently being used by them to promote a contest by which she cajt£ in no event gain anything, but which they are not courageous en­ ough to undertake for fear of for­ feiting their rights under the in case the contest is successful. i On the merits of the controversy the claim of the contestants is a very impfSfrable one. If the daughters who are the real contestants wish to' contest this will, theyr should come forward and do so in their ofrri right and In' their own name, and not ask to do so through the- medium of the widow, who has nothing to gain by such a contest. The motion should be denied with $10.00 costs. MRS. LONETTA M, CHASE . . Mrs. Lonetta M. Chase, 'formerly of this place, died at her home in Buffalo, Sunday last, after a short illness of bronchial pneumonia. Her husband, Clarence E. Chase, died December 12, 1918, and her father, Augustus E. Luce, Febru­ ary 16, 1919. She is survived by two. sons, her mother, Mrs. Etta Luce of this village, and « by one brother. ,, The remains were brought to Cat­ taraugus and brief services were held in,the parlor of Funeral Direct­ or Dolan, in charge of Rev. J. Brent Cook, Tuesday at 1:00 p. rfi. Inter­ ment was in «Liberty Park Cemetery. RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING - CHANGE OF NAS£E At a,special meeting of the stock­ holders of the Cattaraugus Fa'ce Veneer .Company, Inc., held at the principal business office of said cor­ poration in the Village of Cattarau­ gus, N. Y., bn the 10th day of Feb­ ruary, 1920Jthe following resolution was adopted by vote of the holders of record of at least two-thirds-of the entire capital stock of said corpora­ tion issued and outstanding! viz.,' “ Resolved, that the corporate namé bf this Corporation • be changed from that o f ' “ Cattaraugus Face Veneer Company, Inc.” , to .that of “ Cattar­ augus Wood Products Company, Inc., and that the president or vice-presi­ dent and secretary be, and -they hereby are authprized. and directed to effect such change pursuant to law.” Clifford P. Setter, Secretary Herman Laverÿ Attorney°for said Corporation. 20 & DOG* OWNERS TAKE NOT: The dog license year begins Hal 1, 1920, and extends fdV a period of sixteen, months to July 1, 1921. Owners or harborers of dògs must obtain their licenses during the month of March. D. H. B. WELLS, Town Clerk. ' \ 3t Feb 27 PETERS EN-ANGOVE POST INSTALLS OFFICERS On Monday evening February 9. at Grange Hall, the Petersen-Angove Post No.41-6 of Cattaraugus installed officers for the ensuing year. About thirty members were present and af­ ter the business meeting a sumpt­ uous supper was served by several of the members who acted as K. P’s. At the regular business meeting several things of importance were brought up It was decided to give the Legion. play “ The ' American Flag” on February ,27th. At . this meeting a challenge was received from the Lynn.A.Thurber Post of Springville, challenging the local post to a Legiom basketball game to be played nexkjTuesday night February 17th at Springville. The Post voted to accept, the challenge. The Spring­ ville Post hopes to get a return game with the Cattaraugus Post in the near future at Cattaraugus. (After the business meeting and supper Mr.Dan Cunningham acted as Toastmaster and called on nearly every member of the Post for a short talk. Everyone responded with at least a story and to all appearances everyone seemed to have a regular honest to goodness good time. J. J. McCarthy and J.- F. Carroll attended the supper as guests of .the post and were both called on for short talks. The post wishes to take McCarthy and Mr. Carroll for their many kindnesses to the post. Mr. McCarthy has been coaching the characters who are to present “ The American Flag,” and it is largely thru his efforts that the post is able to put on this play. Mr. Carroll has been very kind to the post in the past and we wish to thank himfor every­ thing that he has' done for us. After the program was brought to a close, Mr. Cunningham requested Mr. Larsen and Mr. Marvin to favor the members with some music. This they proceeded to do, while most of the others eat around and smoked, and talked over old times. The cele­ bration broke up at about twelve o’clock and everyone went home feel­ ing that the Legion was made up of a bunch of good fellows, and voting the banquet a huge success. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE GIVES OUT REPORT During the war the < wholesale price of sugar was 9e and the whole­ saler was allowed 68c per hundred and the retailer was allowed a profit of lc per pound. The wholesale price of sugar is now frorh 15 to 19c per pound, and the wholesalerS^and retailers are required to invest ap­ proximately twice the amount of money which they formerly invested in sugar. - They are now also requir­ ed to pay for sugar before receiving same. In view of these facts, the dealers maintain they • should be allowed more profit than they received when sugar cost only 9c. This question has«' been taken up with the Department of Justice at Washington, and we have received a wire from them stating that the Department regards $1.00 per hun­ dred as maximum reasonable margin for wholesaling sugar arid ;2c 'per pound as maximum reasonable mar­ gin for retailing sugar. Dealers may govern «themselves accordingly. Prosecution will be instituted in all casos where tlua margin is* exceeded. Tho co-operation of wholesalers, re­ tailers and house wive» js requested in order to have food and clothing sold at fair prices, and they are re­ quested tp ¿report any sales o f sugar or offler commodities . at cxcelsive- pi’ices ip James B.. Stafford, Federal Fair “ Price Commissioner for New York State outside of New York City, No.. 231 Federal Building, Buffalo; N. Y. Very truly vours, JAMES B. STAFFORD. ARE YOU A GOOD LIAR. The Palace Theatre is anxious to know outside of its own management and employees who is the biggest. and most artistic liar in town, and in order to learn this, will give away' a prize of $2 in cash to the best lie of 50 -ywords - that is> handed in at- the box office before 9 o’clock Saturday night, and the winning manuscript will be head to the audience at the performance of “ Miss Geo .'.Washing­ ton” on that evening. The lies will tie*judged-as to originality, artistia. composition, arid general uhsurdity. It is said that it is not wrong to lie If you have to do it for a living-so get busy and hand in your manus­ cript. The contest is open to every­ body young and old, professional nd non-professional.. * » t __ to— ■———— i FEDERAL INCOME TAX . » OFFICERS IN THIS COUNTY In a communication received by this paper, Collector of Internal Rev­ enue Riordon announces that one or more Federal Income Tax Officers will be sent into the county ef Cattaraugus from February 10th (id March 15th next. Offices have he eh provided for them at the following listed places, where they will be at the date set opposite each respective place, as follows: Gowanda P. O. Bldg., Feb. 10 to Feb. 14 Franklinville P.O. Bldg:, Feb.16 to Feb. 21. T* Olean Federal Bldg., Feb. .10 to Mar. 15. Salamanca P. O. Bldg., Feb.10 to Mar. 16. They will, be there every day read- y and willing to help persons, sub­ ject to the income tax, make out their returns, withojit any cost to them for their services. Returns ' o f income for the year 1919 must bèmnade on forms provid­ ed for the purpose on or hefove Mar. 15, 1920. Because a good many peo­ ple don’t understand «the Law and won’t know how to make out their returns,the Government is sending in this expert to do it for them. But the duty is on the taxpayer to make himself known to the Government. If he doesn’t make return, as^iequir- ed, before March 15, he may have to pay a civil penalty, pay a fine or go to jail. So if yob don’t want-to take chances qn going to Jail, you better call on the income tax man. If you are nOt sure about being subject to the tax, better ask him and male sure. Whether yon see the income tax nian or riot, you must make re­ turn,if yoq. were a married ijjan liv­ ing with your wife, and your 1919 income, equalled $2000 or more, or if you ar6 anyother person, whose income was$1000 or more. Of,, course, persons resident in other counties, may, if they want to, come and see the income tax man, who will be at thé places listed above. There will be no general extension of time to file returns, so that you should have your return drawn immediately. The Law provides that at'least one-quarter of your tax must be paid on or before March 15, 1920. This payment should accomp­ any your return when filed. There­ fore, when you call on the income tax man, you should be prepared to pay one-quarter of your total tax. MARY PICKFORD IN “ THE PRIDE OF-THE CLAN’ Mary Pickford’e appearance is al ways one of charm. No matter whether she is in rags, the silk kim- or.aJof Butterfly, the riot of .colors of far away India, the worn out home garments of Tess and the Foundling or the clattering wooden shoes of Hulda, there is always the same charm, the same sweetness and the wihsoinencss that makes her so appealing to everyone. In her latest Artcraft picture, “ The Pride of the Clan” ,to be seen at d ie Palace Tuesday and Wednes­ day,she portrays thcScqtcft Lassie and when clad in kilts and with her hair thrown about liar gracefully poised head she is more, beautiful than ever. It,is a character too that holds out ¿¡very opportunity to the star for making it one of the most popular parts she lias ever created. In other words-* it is ah’.ideal Mary Bickford part and that is just what- alj ° f the Mary Pictyford admirers most want. REPUBLICAN CAUCUS Notice is hereby giver, that a cau­ cus of the Republican voters of the Village of Cattaraugus will bo held at the Village Hall, up-stairs, Satur­ day evening, February 21st., 1920, at 8:00 o’clock p. fti., for tho purpose of nominating'village officers to be voted for at the Village Election to be*held on the 16th. day of March, 1920, and for the. transaction of such other business as may properly come before.1 .such meeting, i By Order Village Committee. v2t Feb. 20.’ V? , ANNUAL STOCKHOLDERS MEETING * The annual, stockholders meeting of the Cattaraugus Farmers & Manu­ facturers *qnd Sales Co., Inc-, will bo'hold Tuesday, February 2.4, 1920, ’at 2:00« o’clock in the afternoon, in Grange Hall, Cattaraugus, N. Y., for the purpose of electing directors and such othey business as may properly come before* said meeting. CLARENCE NELSON, President. E. C. ISBELL» ¿Secretary. 2t Feb 20 LEGION PLÏÏY FEBRUARY 2 7 At a recent me^Utig of the Ameri- ly portrayed ;. until at last the Ger- can Legion, it was decided to present mans are pushed back and the war the play, “ The'Alhencan Flag” on is won. All thru the presentation of the evening of February 27, at the the play the German épirif of Milit- Palace Theatre. ! arism permeateB * until a t . last this' Tickets are on sale now and can spirit is crushed and the Germans be procured from any member of ®re overwhelmingly defeated, the Post. Reserved seats can be j AH thru the play the intense strain secured by calling at the Harvey * & , c f war is lessened by thé merriment Carey store. Only a limited number ,3«^ humor of Ignatz, the Jew. He are to be placed on sale, and it is riPPeers in the most unexpected plac- advisable to secure your- seats now. j*®8 and'his wit anà “ Jewism” will In the event that you do not, you 1 supply a full evening - o f entertain- probably will be disappointed b y . nient. . your failure to secure one. 1-k. Kommandant Wolff has the mark The play is one of those literary o* German Militarism stamped all masterpieces that always follow - ih | over hi«1* 1« every instance he tries the wake of a great war. The Post demonstrate German “ Kulture” . is very fortunate in securing a play i As to whether he suceeds or not can that is so aptly suitable-'—for local j he plainly seen in the last act when presentation. The characters have all been especially selected for their ability to play their parts. All the characters have been working for nearly a month on their parts, with nightly rehearsels under the able leadership of J. J. Me Carthy. The Caste of characters is as follows: Bob McMillan..A Brave Young American . Walter Facklam he meets death at-the hands of the Americans. The romance of the play is sup­ plied by the attention showered up-' on June Oliver by I^>b McMillan. Kommandant Wolff resents this .and is obdurate toward Bob until he meets his death. He is desirous of securing June as his wife and Bob’s attentions toward her serve¡ to in­ flame him. _ enemies I —A M*of the players are exceutional- f o r c e s ................ Bartlett Goss Ignatz Schell. . . . An honest Israelite ............. Irving H- .Mosher Judge Oliver. .American Counsel in France ............. .. Leland Durfee Major Marvin. . . An American Offi­ cer . .» . . . . . . . . .Merlin Johnson Karl Steinberg ........... A, German bo I- dier ........... Martin Schrader June Oliver .. .An American girl in France . ................... Mildred Steele Dixie McMillan V..... A girl patriot .... . ............... * i ■ Helen Pingleton Rosika ........ A Hungarian Gypsy ................Angela Carroll Also American and German Soldiers- ly well fitted for their parts, and the play should go off exceedingly Well. The players have all worked on-their parts to the fullest possible extent and certainly their work deserve the patronage of everyone. * After the play a dance will be given by the Legion at Setter Hall* The Nestles Food Co. Orchestra has been engaged for the occasion, and will 'alio furnish music r* at the theatre. Everyone is invited to at­ tend (he dance, and it is hoped that they will all respond. Between the acta at the theatre, Amateur Vaudeville will be staged ter Legion members.. There are sev- The scene ^of the play is^a small ^ e n ] unique \Vaude-Villians” , in our outlet and they will add much to the eveqings festivities. Everyone should come out, and on this occasion give \the Petersen- Angove Post the biggest send-off they ever had. Let’s all pull togeth­ er and get a Legion Club House for Cattaraugus. town in Northern ‘’France. The play opens with a scene showing the an­ terior of Judge Olivers home in -Northern Franco. A t the time the play opens the' Germans are march­ ing toward Paris. As the play progresses the hero­ ism of the American soldiers is viyid- FINISH THE JUBILEE. DRIVE. New York State quota is $135,000. Let us reach the apportionment by March 10, 1920. . Unless each local Union sends in its quota, the State will lack. There is supposed to be a strong Prohibition sentiment in this town. Why are we so slow in raising our quota of $240.00? To be used for World Prohibition—* Americanization —* Child Welfare and Law Enforcement. . The Jennie C. Oakes Union‘ will hold a public Willard ■ Memorial meeting, Friday evening, February 20, 1920, at the home of 'Mis. Nellie Wachter. An interesting program has been prepared. Roll call res­ ponses,, sayings-of Frances Willard, Neal Dow, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln— Come. MRS. ANNIE MARIE DRYER The death of JSilrq. Dryer occurred at her home on Maple Hill, Monday, February 9, 1920, from pneumonia. Mrs. ’ Dryer was born in Mecklen­ burg, Schwerin, Germany, October 22, 1849. In 1073 slip was united In marriage to Frederick Dryer at Dunkirk, N. Y., who besides four sons, two daughters and five grand­ children, survive her. The funeral j services were held from her late home;' Wednesday, February 11, at 11:00 o’clock and from the German Lutheran church at :1:00 o’clock, Rev. Bachmann officiating. The burial was in Liber­ ty Park Cemetery. Mrs. Dryer was a worthy member of the church and Ladies Society. GRANGE NOTES At the four coming grange meet­ ings, the lecturer’s hour is to be in charge of four of the young ladies of the grange. Mildred Saalfeld is in charge of the, first one on Feb. 18, 1920. The fallowing program has been arranged: , Roll call— What would you do with a gift of one hundred dollars? Duet— Muriel Young and Beatrice Bailey.' Recitation — “ Asleep at the Switch,” Mabel] Saalfel‘d. Song — Closwpal Selection, Edna EaneT Debate — “ Which ' is preferable for a wife, a neat scold or a pleasant slouch?-’’ Affirmative — “ Neat scold”—j- Cnrl Burmaster, Vern Young anil Jim Samuelson. Negative — '“ Fleasarit slouch” -«*- George Schaffer, Ray Water», Herm­ an Baily. ;• * , ■ ■ 'C '»‘Ip: Reading—--“ Work and the Wom­ an,” Gertie Burmaster. Song—- v “ When you and I were Young Maggie,\ John SaalfeM. ■ -3- Recitation — Patrick Doli{i's Love Letter,\ Ruth Wing. Reading— “ Buying the 1 Fliver,\ Ray Waters. ,;j Piano Solo —- Marguerite Blakely. NOTICE TO STOCKHOLDERS A Special meeting of the stock-* holders of Harvey & Carey Inc. will be held on \ the 1st day of March, 1920 at 2 o’clock in the afternoon at the office of said company in tho Village of Cattaraugus, New York for the irarpose of voting upon a proposition to increase its preferred capital stock from $100,000> con­ sisting pf two. thousand shares of the par value of fifty dollars each, to $500,000, to consist' o f ten thousand shares of the par value of fifty dol­ lars each. Dated February 9tli, 1920. G. C. CAREY, President. L. I*. Haryejn Secretary. /» , t 2t Feb 20 • NOTICE All persons owing acs6unt:* t 0 tfie late pel E. Wood, or having any claim against his estate, wifi please, sec the undersigned in regard to it/ HERMAN LA VERY, Attorney for Estate of Oel E. Wood, Deceased Dated Jan. 31, 1920. 2tFl3 ------------------ - — L _ Th'e Ladies Aid Society of St. John’s Church elected the following officers recently: President, Mrs. Henry Facklam;Vice-President, Mrs. J. Schmalbeck; Treasurer* Mrs. Sal- fold ; Secretary, Mrs. Bachmann. > j 312 yeanjHgo the life of Captain * John Smith nvas saved by-the Indian girl Pocfhontoi. His gratitude was expressed, thru the gift, of a .wam­ pum engagement necklace. Our stock of necklaces is varied enough to satisfy all requirements. W. O.' Marvin & Son, Jewelers, Cattarau­ gus, N* Y.

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