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¿¡zata PAGE PIVE r - T T T B g y t — I I B M 1 Outgrown the Kennel When Heck was a pop, his kennel was ample. Bnt Heck grew op. When yon built yonr hoose or other property yoor fire insurance was probably ample. But values have soared. Do not let a fire find yoo only partly protected. We will gladly assume the risk in a sound Company. E. F. BEACH & SON “The Agency that Protect i the Assured*’ C A T T A R A U G U S , N . Y . Locals nod Personals „ Juesday and ÍK-N.'Wi* Wednesday Nit Goodman was in Buffalo Sun­ day. Miss Helen Bird of Jamestown, is home. Cecil Wolfe was'in East Otto Sunday. Theron Wilder, was in Hamburg Sunday. ■\ » Mr. Parcell was in South. Dayton j Sunday. | j Walter Turney is home for the J Holidays. I. H. Mosher was in ¡Salamanca Christmas Day. Mrs. L G. Wilson was in Saia- manca recently. Frank Want! spent Sunday in Sooth Dayton. Leland Wolfe spent Sunday in South Dayton. / Miss Dorothy Laing was in town Saturday night Louis Schleuss of Buffalo is home for the holidays. '* Miss Frances Evans of Cornell University is home. Miss Emily Larson ia home for Christmas vacation. Robert Tuttle of Buffalo, is vis­ iting at his home here. Miss Beatrice - Kessler was in South .Dayton Sunday. Ray Cunningham of Meadville, is home for the holidays. I Mrs. Anna Mong of Mt. Jewett, is home for the holidays. Lewis Winship spent Christmas at | his home in Springville. j Miss May Clark of Detroit, Mich., is home for the holidays. Stanley Eberlee . o f : • New ‘ York City is home for Christmas. Miss Lulua Turney is home from Salamanca for the holidays. Mrs. Oel Bailey spent the past week with Mrs Jennie Milks. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Bullock spent Christmas at East Randolph. Miss Marie Larson of Bradford, Pa., is home for the holidays. Herbert Larsen of Erie, Pa., was home for a few days this week. Miss Drusa Wilder was in Little Valley and Salamanca Tuesday. Miss lone Wiese returned to Buf­ falo Wednesday for Christmas. Miss Marjorie Pepperdine of Tol­ edo, 0., is home for the holidays. Miss Helen McKee was at her > home in Salamanca over Sundays theatre JG iö iC H o täT iäR , Tne CesT. AND LET THEj O thers have j th e Rear Vivian Martin IN “LITTLE MISS OPTIMIST” A Paramount Pittura it* MA*» Special Attraction FOR ' - NEW YEARS DAY MATINEE and NIGHT PR IC E S : A d u lt« Children under 12 yra 25c 15c George ijtin* at parent#; L. D. Henderson and daughter Irene were in Salamanca Tuesday. Robert Holbrook of Washington, D. C.. is visiting relatives in town. Mrs. G. E. McDonald and Mrs. E. E. Durfee were in Salamanca Mon­ day. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Floyd J. Dunkleman at Otto, December 26th, a boy. Tracy Johnson and Albert Bird of Meadville, Pa., are home for the holidays. Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Taller of Oil City, Pa., are visiting relatives in town* t . * • Miss Lucy TenEyck is at home from Geneseo, for the Christmas holidays. . > Mrs. Charles Griffith and daughter Mary are home for the Christmas vacation. Donald Pingleton of Oil City, is spending -his vacation at his home here. Mrs. Julia Carroll of Salamanca is spending the holidays with rela­ tives in town. Mrs. Roy Freeman is spending the Christmas holidays with rela­ tives in town. . - Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Gustafson, December 20, 1910, a boy, Paul Andrew, Edward McCarthy who is teaching in Tennessee, is home for the Christ-, mas vacation. j. Royal Pickup'is spending some time with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Pickup.' Mrs. Nora Taylor spent Saturday and Sunday with Mrs. Frank Val- lely at Salamanca. Mr. H. Hall of Cleveland, 0. spent a few days recently with Mr. and Mrs. Percy Beach. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Milks of Gen eseo, are spending the Christmas holidays in town. Mrs. Anna Rood and daughters Evelyn and Edith, spent Christmas in Cherry Creek. Mr.- and Mrs. H. C. Wilson and son Gideon are' spending the holi­ days in Bradford, Pfc. Place your order early for brick iee cream for New Years. Harvey & Carey, Cattaraugus. James Wells and family of Fre donia are spending Christmas with R. R. Mowry and family. F. W.„ Smith and family, Mrs. W. A. Towne and daughter Minnie, spent Sunday in Conewango. Quite a number of young people from Little Valley attended the wrestling match' here Saturday eve­ ning. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Rich of Cleve- l&nd, O., are spending Christmas with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rich. Private Irving Bruss who was wounded in France in July, 1918, a r­ rived home Monday morning on short fhrlough. Mr. and Mrs. George Wolfe were called to Collins the first of the week on account of the illness of his mother. • Charles Matheson and the Misses Margaret and - Genevieve Matheson 6f Jamestown are spending some time with relatives in town. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Dolan and daughter Helen of Minneapolis, Minn., are spending some time at the home of Mr. Dolan's brother, J. A. Dolan and wife. Robert Eddy, Bert Aust, Fenton Waite, Mr. and Mrs. John Saalfeld, Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Young, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Bailey, Charles Mosh­ er, and others attended the annual farm bureau meeting at Salamanca Saturday. S B MmêÊmSÊM. You W ill N eed M oney ’For Christmas For Taxes, Insurance Premiums, Your Winter Coal Bill insurance rramiums, Your wini and Other Purposes HERE IS AN EASY WAY TO GET IT A SURE WAY TO HAVE IT M l m __ ! . « ______ p l , , L which starts Deesmber 20th, M it Th« llu r ísim a s l u i d ^«M cuYiuirinó •Ferlhe Club Year ef 1920 In Class 10, pay 10c the 1st week, 20e the 2d week, 30c the 3d week, and so on for 50 weeks, and we will give you a check ten days before Christmas for $127.50. ■ ; ' In Class 5, pay the 6c the 1st week, 10c the 2d week, 15c the 3d week, and so on for 50 weeks, and we will give you a check ten days before Christmas for $63.75. Or in Class 2, pay 2c the 1st week, 4c the 2d week, 6c the 8d week, and so on for 50 weeks, and we will give you a cheek ten days before Christmasfor $25.50. -'V You May Revers« the Order of Payments if you Wish todo so i ; ' For instance, in Class 6, going up, the paymdbts start with 5c and end with $2.5j>. If you desire to do so/'you may start with $2.50 the first week and pay fie less every week until the last week’s payment will be 5c. You may do the sam4 in Classes 10 and 2. Should You Prefer to Pay an equal Amount each Week v V n - , You Can do so In Class 25, the payments am 25e each week for 50 weeks and ten days before Christmas you will receive s check for $12.50. In Class 50, the payments are 50c each week for 50 weeks and ten days before Christmas you will receive a check for $25.00. In Class 100, the payments are $1.00 eSch week for 60 weeks and ten- days before Christmas you will receive a check for $50.00. In Class 200, the payments are $2.00 each week for 60 weeks and ton days before Christmas you will receive a check for $100.00. In Class 500, the payments are $5.00 each week for 50 weeks and ton days before Christmas you will receive a check for $250.00. i Payments Must be Made Every Week, or May be Made J \ in Advance Can you ' Jink of an easier way to provide money tar Christmas pre­ sents! ' , Join % irself—get everyone in the family to Join. Show this to your ¡J*/ friend- nd get them to join. \ ..... . U j M BTf Everybody is Welcome to Join ■' Christmas Club is open for Mombership on and after December 'At 1919,- tar the Club year of 1920. Call and let us tell you all & Aut the plan. * MAKE YOUR HOUDAY SEASON A HAPPY ONE Bank of Cattaraugus Cattaraugus, N. Y. Save When Yon Feel it Least—Have Money When Yon Need It Most 4 The Charge Account r u t By EVELYN, LEE Jesse L. Lasky, presents Wiactltad Wallace Reid IN A beautiful and thrilling photoplay of love and sacrifice with a star whose charm is re­ cognized from coast to coast and who is fast becoming one one of the leading attractions on the screen. The story is from an orig- inal by Gardner Hunting, am: it all s Paramount Picture tkould be. A BRAY PICTOGRAPH . IN ADDITION “The Valley of The Giants »? Towering redwoods, mile on mile—-and two men who loved them. Then the hand of the spoiler, and a war to th e 'b it­ ter end. A picture of the lumber camps and the clash of giant woodsmen. Throbbing with red blood and physical strength. Majectic in its na­ tural beauty. Warm with a romance sweet as any ever told. From the famous Red book story by Peter B. Kyne,' Gome! •> WESLEY Mrs. Albert Mosher is in Gowan- da caring for Mrs. Gladys Hillebert and heisnew little son,- Morgan An­ drew, w h o ^ rrived December 21. Earl IjSrk'and Ona Luce were In Buffalo on business Tuesday. Mrs. j . Mitchell and Mrs. Belle Hillebert were in Gowanda Monday. Mrs. Georgia Pritchard and son Arthur are spending the week in Hamburg. Mary Hillibert of Gowanda^is vis iting in town. / Bernice Luce and'daughter Evelyn of Leon, were at Bertha English's Saturday. A MACK SENNET COMEDY IN ADDITION Get the Palace Habit and be Happy with the rest; Start The New Year Right Whistling far Wind. Everybody Is familiar with the old superstition of sailors that to bring n favorable breeze, they must whistle during the calm. From the remotest times there seems to have prevailed n belief that libation or sacrifice would placate the storm spirits and Induce them to permit the .vesesl to proceed unmolested on Its course. Russian sailors have been known to pour oat­ meal and water over n rocky promon­ tory In order to obtain -a wind favor­ able to their designs. ^CKKH>OCH>(>O<H>OCCHCHXH>O0KH><HJCWat>(3aOO<KH>t>O<KH3O The English Language. It Is estimated that over 140,000,000 people now spenrk the English lan­ guage, over 51,000,000 the French, 75,- 000,000 Gorman, 35,000,000 Italian, 42,- 000,000 .Spanish. 13.000,000 Portuguese and 15,0(H),000 Russian. j (C o p y right, ISIS, W»»t«rn N*wap«p*r Union) “The mischief 1” Percy Bliss'was not given to the use of forcible expletives and this ejacula­ tion expressed oil the wonderment, dis­ may and anxiety of which be was capable, fie stood dazed, almost pallid, after a vivid shock, staring blankly at a sheet of paper In his band. He had come home to bis sumptuous flat which boused his beloved and cherished bride of a year, to find her absent, and then, making a startling discovery, to bis disturbed Imagination Its beauty and comfort seemed fading Into desolate ruins all about him. Upon a table beside the telephone was a number. He groaned as he rec­ ognized that the last act of his wife was to call up her dearest friend and confidant, Miss Iona Walters. Crush­ ing the sheet In his hand, Percy dashed from the house, nor pansed nor fal­ tered until he had reached the office of Wallace Blight He burst In Upon him breathless and agitated, closing the office door so they might be alone. “Wallace,’' he exclaimed hoarsely, throwing himself Into a chair, “you’ve got me Into the trouble of my life I\ Blight stared at bis agitated visitor blankly. It was unusual to see his [placid, systematic friend other .than serene and satisfied.. 'What has . happened F* propounded Wallace. “Been having a tiff with Dorothy T” ■ “We never have tiffs,\ dissented Percy resentfully. “It's worse than that, Wallace—I probably have broken' her heart!\ “You amaze and alarm met\ spoke Blight, really aroused at the earnest manner of Bliss. “You remember coming to me a month ago In what you called.a terri­ ble fix?” .. “You mean the Adrienne Balllngfonl affair? I certainly do. I needed money or credit for a few hundred dollars. That was before I got my share of my uncle’s fortune. But I paid you back, Percy.\ “Which did not and does not mat­ ter. I would give ten times the amount to get out of the dilemma in ’which my •light accommodation hae placed me, You had been smitten with the stage beauty, Adrlenbe Balllngford, a year ago and written her some silly letters, “All true. I got the letters and pal'd you back the three hundred dollars you became responsible for.\ ^¿•Tes. and today, an unusual thing/, for my bills usually come to toy office, the one for those wretched goods came to my house. Dorothy read it. Just think what she must thinkywan order [ for two kimonos, six pairs <ff silk stock­ ings and a lot of other follies of feminine adornment 1\ . Blight looked startled now. \Why say, it she learns the truth nod It gets to the ears of Nellie’s parents, think of the awfnl position • am In 1. Oh, my, a terrible mess I’ve made of I tf - J I “I can’t give you away,\ observed Percy in a troubled tone. “And I can’t break up your house­ hold by allowing you to take the blame.” For some moments the worried twain sat gloomily silent, mutually going1 over the situation; “I’ve got It I” cried Wallace sudden­ ly, leaping 14 his feet. “Come with me. Right away straight to Day k Jco/s we’ll go. Got the original MU?” “Yes.” “We’ll duplicate It.” '. ’ '\What do you mean-*-what good will that dor Wallace whispered lh Percy’s ear. instantly the face of the latter bright­ ened. They .daalied from. the ' office. One hour later the two schemers en­ tered the Bliss flat. They carried a variety of bundles. The contents were stored in a drawer In Percy’s desk, l Two.hours later stilt, with a relieved mind.'and. bright eyes Percy again en­ tered the flat His wife greeted him with a tear-stained face. “Oh, Percy I\ she sobbed, “I have found you out. How cruelly you have deceived roe. Married on my birthday and our first anniversary here only day after tomorrow I Kimonos ) silk stockings I a mesh bag! a fur coat J Oh, who Is this mysterious female who has wrecked our home!” “Aha!” cried Percy, In an Injured tone. T think I surmise! Did that stupid Day & Co. send a bill to the houae Instead of to my office?” “Yes, they did.\ , ... “Dorothy, come bére I” Percy led his Wlfedhtp his den and up to, his desk, He-drew open It's drawer. “It’s a shame to spoil a surprise,” h a j ^ said, stern as a Jvdge, “but^tito, being out of the’bag, I shall bave to' subdue your hysterics. There ! You can’t say I am not glad to think of you on your birthday.” : , ; There lay all the articles Dorothy bad named and many more. Over her face a great Joyous glow began to i l spread. s 1 ■ “Oh, you Jhoughtful, loyal darling !” she .cried. “And I bave so unjustly treated you ! And there Isn’t any mys­ terious character I And you are thf sweetest, dee rest,' king of husbands! So there I and there ! and there I- -MMr And serenely Percy Bliss tallleff'Off^ each kiw awarded with a silent chuckle, “rvq saved poor Wallace,” he told Idmzelf wijh satisfaction, “but never again any experimenting with my charge account” Iti I H Not (n Bull’s Class. Peter was out exercising his bulldog Jvvhen a small white poodle ran up to the gate and began barking thrpugh the cracks of tlifl gate at Peter’s bull­ dog, .which made him growl and raise hla bristles as If he would chew the poodle up. Peter said to his dog: “Drop yonr bristles. Bull; nothing do­ ing with such a little dog like that/v ; ^.B rains Not Their Strong Point Even, an oyster has a brain Of a sort; and a clam'likewise. The brains < of fishes are very Inferior,' as eomf pared with those of mammals, but the optic lobes are enormously developed, because finny creatures, to get the fqpd they need, must be able to see wellln dim ntfht under water. Reptiles gen­ erally are very stupid creatdhes, aid so it Is not surprising to find thatMMr brains are remarkably snail. That e f a 12-foot alligator Is no bigger than your thumb.- - , 9 Convincing Argument Showman—Walk la, ladles-and gen­ tlemen, and see the A i t oc giants, d e l «rendants of a long-extinct race! Longest Ore Dock. Duluth hag .an ore dock 2,488 Ut «Mtr the longest In the world. - ,

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