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AGE FIVÇ By,- «g If a suit of clothes were advertised at the price you paid four years ago you’d buy it .quick. * ---- Ye* know yo« t»eed“thB \suIt—yet we can ' m II you the same sound fire insurance protection we did years ago at the same price and you think that you are not interested. Yet you need insurance badly. You need it to cover the increased value of your property and to save yourself from serious loss because of the increased value in case you buro. Detter let us grant to you this added pro­ tection in a good strong fire insurance company, the kind that plans in advance and soils protec*' tinn now at the same rata it did when values were low. Phene 197 E. F. BEACH & SON “ The Agency that Protects the Assured ’ CATTARAUGUS, N. Y. • CLASSIFIED ADS R A T E S “— Strictly Cash in Advance, One Insertion .... lc per word Minimum Charge ...................... 25c Subsequent Insertions . . % c per word Minimum Charge . . . . . , 15c FOB SALE—Child’s iron’ bed- and mattress in good condition. In­ quire at Times office. tf FOR RENT—6 rooms. Mrs. Wilder Rich, N. Y. Inquire of Cattaraugus. 2t017 FOR SALE—Top buggy; Portland cutter; one-horse light harness; one-horse heavy harness; spring wagon nearly new. R. F. Yourig, Cattaraugus, N. Y. * 2t Oct. 10. 3 t Oct. 17 FOUND—Gent’s cuff button. Own­ er may have same by identifying property and paying for this ad.lt FOR SALE—Good 10 room bouse; barn; henhouse; 3 acres of land. Inquire!, Percy Schleuter, Cattaraugus, N. Y. 3 t. Oct. 17. FOR SALE—9 room house; g as; one quarter acre land. Inquire of Mrs. William Rogers, South street, Cattaraugus, N. Y. tf. FOR SALE—Two year old colt, three year old heifer, Ayrshire bull, horse, Ancoria chickens, cook stove, oak bed room suit and side board. Inquire of Harvey Hunter, Cattaraugus, N. Y., R. F. D. No. 2. FOR SALE—A desirabl j residence on Leavenworth Stret. Property in good condition. Modern im­ provements. Large Garage. Real Bargain, if taken at once. Easy Terms. Inquire of R. R. Howry, Cattaraugus, N. Y. tf L. W. ALDRIDGE, Optometrist and Optician will be at F. D. Blake's Jewelry store, Cattaraugus, again Tuesday, Oct. 21 In home office Buffalo, N. Y. FOR SALE—Property on Waverly St. Will bo sold fct a reasonable price if taken at once. Inquire of Mrs. Anna Herrick, Cattaraugus. tf Childhood’s Wish. Barbara wanted a piece*.of apple, but while grandfather was getting it for her sleepiness almost overcame her and her eyelids began to droop. It was Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and |)c<jtime, but she winked and blinked Saturdays, 631 Brisbane Building, arid at last exclaimed: “I wish they had made the eye hinges a little tight- ___ er.” ■ \ .... Î K 1 1 THEATRE kJ GülCHOLäMdR. O u r M otto We P ick .1 t h e B e s t AND LET THE O thers have t h e R est To-Niglit and Tomorrow Night Pauline rfederii PAULINE FREDERICK in “S 0 L D” A Paramount Picture \SOLD” tells a story of the wife of a poor artist who poses in the nude for his' successful rival, in order to obtain money for lrer husband, who detects and mis­ judges her. Miss Frederick is overwhelming in the intensity and strength of her portrayal. Added Attraction Mack Sennet’s “Saucy Madeline” Tuesday and Wednesday Locals and Personals L. G. Willson left for Wanakena, Sunday. N Clayton Rich left the first of the week for Wanakena, N. Y. Mrs. Mary Keating of Hinsdale, was home last week-end. Miss Edna Lane spent the week­ end at Farmersville, N. Y. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Bean are spending the week in town. Mrs. Nora Tayor is visiting Mrs. Anna Mong in M t Jewett, Pa. Miss lone Weise of Buffalo, is vis­ iting relatives in town this week. Mrs. Julia Carroll of Salamanca, visited relatives in town this week. 'Mrs. Grace Herrick of Buffalo, was in town, the first of the week. Mr. and Mrs. Ike Wake and daughter spent Sunday in Buffalo. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Town visited Mr. and Mrs. Wells at Fredonia Sun­ day. Miss Dorothy Kavannugh of Sala­ manca visited relatives in town last week. Miss Cornelia Mong and Willson Mong spent the week-end. in Mt. Jewett, Pa. Mr. andi Mrs. H. C. Rich are spending some time in Manchester Depot, V t Miss Minnie Rich of Gowanda vis­ ited Mrs. Anna Rood Thursday of last week. Mr. and Mrs. Rowell of Chicago, 111., visited Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Smith last week-end. Miss Edith Williamson of Buffalo, was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Bliss over Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Bird returned Friday, after motoring thru the cen­ tral part of the state. Mr. and Mrs. John Dolan and Mrs. Annh Rood and daughters spent Sunday at Fredonia. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Oakes and Leo Babcock left Saturday for Chi­ cago, 111., for a few days. Mrs. Pearl Petersen and daughter Evelyn, .spent a few days last week visiting relatives at Angelica. Mrs. Bell Bonner and daughter Helen of Bradford, spent the week­ end with Mrs. H. C. Willson. Arline, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Merle Pepperdine, underwent a suc­ cessful operation in Buffalo last Fri­ day.. . Mr. and Mrs. John McCarthy and daughter have moved into Mrs. Keith’s ’house on Main and First streets.- Eber L. Russell, a former, resident of this village, has purchased of Dr. E. C. Cleveland, the new house built by the Cattaraugus Realty Co., and has moved his family in it. The Jennie C. Oakes Union will meet Friday, October 17. Topic, “Our new Army and Navy Recon­ struction.” Program by Superin­ tendents. Hostess, Mrs. Alice Dav­ is. A good attendance is hoped for The Philathea Class will hold a social and business meeting at the M. E. church Tuesday evening, Oct. 14. A tureen supper will be served cafateria style at 6:30. Each mem­ ber of the class is asked to furnish her own dishes, as at this meeting the annual election of officers is to be held. A full attendance is re­ quested. * * 0 wing to the continued dry weath­ er, it has been necessary to add water to the present low supply. While the water which has been add­ ed is good spring water, the Village Board would suggest for the present that all drinking water be boiled. EASTÜLMPE TORN-STRICKEN URGENT CRY FOR IM M E D IATE RE­ LIEF H E A RD |N A M E R 1C A. ~ W ILL BE ANSW E R E D . £ tC THOUSANDS ABE FACING DEATH Country Utterly Devastated — Food, Clothing and Medicines Needed. Drive for Relief Fund Bo- Ing Organized. Thomas H . luce ¡.resents WILLIAM S. HART X in ‘‘S h a r k M o n roe” An Arte raft Picture Even the icicles of the Frozen North were melt­ ed by the warmth of lov­ ing hearts. The boy had a streak o’yellow but he made “Big Bill” show the wliite feather. A BRAY PICTOGRAPH IN ADDITION I Get the Palace Habit and be Happy with the rest. Fit$t Dolls.' The first Colls of which there Is any knowledge were found among the treasures unearthed from the ruins of Babylon. They were small figures in terra cotta and ivory, beautifully carved and must have been fascinating playthings for little Assyrian children. The little gills of Syria had mechani­ cal dolls. ’'The dolls the classic chil­ dren played with were made of wax and clay, decorated with bright colors. As these Children married very young, they played with their dolls until just before their wedding day. New York—Eastern Europe,\ torn and trampled when the Russians made their triumphant march west­ ward in the early part of the great war and utterly devastated When the Huns drove them back and played their gaipe of havoc and pillage now, | with the war ended, presents such a I scene of desolation and want that it I defies description. Hundreds of thous­ ands are starving. Adults are barely able to jteep body and soul together and infants, born in a world, of want and hunger, are literally dying by the thousands. The period of rehabilitation has not set in and cannot begin until aid comes. There is nothing upon which, to base the process of reconstruction. All Eastern Europe is in terrible plight and its appeal comes resound­ ing across the water to America. And America .hears that appeal and will answer it with boatloads of food, clothing and medicine and other ne­ cessities of life. ’Tis true, the w.ork of relief among .the starving, and desolate peoples of this devastated territory has been go­ ing on since the war, but the flood of necessities from \this side must come in greater proportion than now. And in reply to this cry of anguish and suffering from far distant lands there comes the answer of the Amer­ ican Jewish Relief Committee: “Wo will bring you relief.’’ The committee is about to launch o'nation-wide drive for-a large sum, $35,000,000, with which to provide the necessaries that will relieve the im­ mediate sufferings of thesg stricken people. New York state now Is be­ ing organized for the drive. „ Gov. Al­ fred Smith has accepted the honorary chairmanship of the state commit­ tee. Dr. Finley of the stats depart­ ment of education is a member of the state’s executive committee and other prominent and distinguished men of the state are wtfrking heart and soul In thiis endeavor to. bring re­ lief to the sorrowful and distressed.. “I lend myself, mast heartily to the cause,\ 'declared Oov. Smith. Eastern Europe must'have relief and United States must do her1 part. And 3he will do her part, as will New York state, never known to fail when the cry of want is heard.” The drive, though being conducted by the American Jewish Relief Com­ mittee, is non-sectarian. \ The fund will go to provide sustenance not only for Jews but for persons of all races and creeds The peoples of Eastern Europe are suffering. The American Jewish Relief Committee has under­ taken the task of raising the money to wipe out, or at least lessen, their hardships. In Western New York the drive for funds will be started in the latter part of October. The wopk of organiza­ tion now is being effected. All com­ munities will be called upon for their quota as iff the Red Cross and other drives. And that they . will “come across” seems certain. Commonwealths and States. Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Vir­ ginia and Kentucky are officially styl­ ed commonwealths, although there seems to be no particular reason ex­ cept custom, as It has practically the same meaning as state. A common­ wealth is a democratic form of gov­ ernment, such ns that of each state of the Union, the four using the name commonwealth not differing from the others. As far back ns 1630 the Mas­ sachusetts colony was spoken of as the commonwealth. Legend of Origin of Flowers, In Sussex, England, the Illy of the valley Is said to be a memorial of the battle St. Leonard fought with o dragon. The holy man encountered the monster In the forest and battled with it for three day,. At last the saint was victorious though wounded seriously, and wherever his blood drip­ ped upon the ground there sprang up lilies .of the valley in profusion. In France the Illy of the valley Is said ..... -Y» tonj*«! U. S. BREAD GREAT NOVELTY Looked Upon by People of Eastern Europe as a Luxury of the Highest Type. . New York—“American Bread-” All white bread is known by this name now in Poland, according to Sholom Aseh, the Yiddish poet, whose account of his investigations in Eastern Eu­ rope has Just been translated .into English for the American Jewish Re­ lief Committee. Hundreds of thousands of hungry men, women and children in Poland have forgotten that there was such a thing as white bread, it has been so long since they saw it. When they see white bread today its only connec­ tion to them is 'America, because- it comes from there. \In the show windows of Kovno,\ he continues, \the best food Is dis­ played to incite the appetite of pass- ersby; white bread, sausages, butter, eggs, may all be eyed through the windows, but they cannot be bought. “Here Is a scene from life: A wom­ an is selling rolls from a basket. She cries her wares, but this is unneces­ sary. There are plenty of people who want them. All the passersby are at­ tracted by the fragrant odor of the freshly baked white bread: A Lith­ uanian soldier approaches, takes a roll in his hand, examines ’ it* begins to haggle and, Anally with a curse goes away empty handed. He has counted all his coppers but cannot find enough to purchase a roll. A peasant woman appears, looks at the rolls, haggles and leaves With a curse.” And so it goes. Except for those who earn money by smuggling, the great and small of Kovno -are starv- I • * __ __ ______ Bank of Cattaraugus Cattaraugus, N. Y . ____ _ B ■ O RG A N IZE D l8Bl. I N C O R P O R A T E D 189 H C. RICH, president. P. B- JOHNSON. Cashier. J. J. McCarthy. Ass’t Cash!«' ¿*0 :uCS.; £<S Directors D. F. R undell Z C. Catty J. J. McCarthy F. B. Johnson W a n e » H. I c e O. A. Matteson P e t Pert C. Rich J. w. Watson Interest Allowed on Time Deposits. Collections on att Jo ints made Promptly and E conomically • ' f CAPITAL, SURPLUS AND PROFITS, *300.030 O n e Hundred Tenth Quarterly Report, Sept. 12, 1919. ( CONPENSBD) RESOURCES. Loans and Discounts, . Overdrafts - - » .Stocks, Bonds and Mortar’s hanking House, Lot I ft Furniture - I Other Real Estate Cash With Banks. Cash on Hand, • - liabilities . $555.239.83 NONE 561,725,00 10 . 000.00 2.500.00 85.380.69 *9.084.65 $1.263.930.2J Capital. . . . - $33.000.(0 Surplus. - • 150 OOOtOo Undivided Profits, • 23,641.76 Individual Deposits. • 986,354.22 Rank Deposits - • - I. 92 I .80 Cashier’s Checks • - I3.234.9o Certified Checks - 769.00 Reserved For Taxes . 1 3 . 000.0 Reserved For Interest • J7.C4D.O. Kent account 4.000.4 Federal Reset ve Bank 29,000.0 •||»W (1,263,930 2 ■ ■ I Life Insurance New Y o r k Life Latest up-to-date Policies written from $500.00 to $300,000.00 If interested in Life Insurance see me before buying. D. H. B. WELLS, Rep. C A T T A R A U G U S , - New York H ■ ■ ■ m m 1 ■ I NOTICE I am prepared to do Watch and Clock repairing at vmy home on Jefferson St. FRANK WOODWARD ’Phone 29-H . Cattaraugus, N.Y. ■ ■ ■ ■ Progressing Rapidly. For the fourth time a new Baby had arrived at toe home of Robert’s sis­ ter Nellie.\ When Informed of the event one of his aunts told him in an impressive manner that he was now an. uncle for the fourth time. Rather fussed, the little fellow answered: “Goodness me, if things keep on I’ll soon be a grandpa.” By Centrifugal Force. .11 uti'iliKioi; has Invented a lY.Hthig Iron pipe By centrl- >, Bich distributes the ,5 wiihln nvolvln'it/cylln- ?! tli:it tire water copied. Consider Probable End. Better It Is, toward the right con­ duct of life, to consider frhat will be the end of a thing, than what beginning of It; for what promjisssr fair nt first may prove ill, and seems nt first n disadvantage may prove very advantageous.-—Wells. m i be is t h e ^ # iml 1 whftt 1 The Cult of Fashion. Young lady at the theater to friend: “What do you think of this play, my dear?” * “Why. - It’s absurd 1 Three months are supposed tor pass between the first and second acts, and the heroine’s still got the same hat on l” M HBBBEBBagBBggBSBB I— i See Our Windows Here you w ill’find that good Imperial Gianite Ware youv’e been looking for. Just received a variety shipment of kitchen and household utensils in very light grey color. Imperial Granite Ware All fresh stock right from thp kiln and at the most attractive prices—it will t save you money. We are emabled to price these goods at 15 to 20 per cent, below' the market and Granite Ware will be higher in price. . “ F irst Come First Served” Mosher Hdw. Co. Inc R H O N E U C C A T T A R A U G U S , N.Y.

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