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v u r e * o i Tr» CATTARAUGUS TIMES 0<H300 ÍHJOO<TSHXKaOOOOOáiKKH>0<»(HJ<KKH>OOCHWM<H><H«HWO<«H>OíH> 10 par cent Reduction In all Fire Insurance Rates after Sept* 1st —— fli'lie Cattaraugus Times C A T T A R A U G U S , JS. V . W H A T W ILL WE BE LIKE IN 1940? -H A S . W . BROCK, Proprietor A. M.'MO WRY GENERAL IN SURAN 3E Phone 52. Cattaraugus, N.Y 0000W01>CiW>01XHWH>0<»eH50<H><HKH«HXHKH>OeH>01><H><H>0<H»0<HKK>0 I Published Every Friday j f 1.50-per year in Advance——5c a copy 1 Kuttred at the pOstofficc at Cattaraugus N. V., second-class mail matter. A charge will be made for publish­ ing cards of thanks, resolutions and obituary poetry. Local ar.J personal notices, obitua­ ries and matters of general interest are requested for free publication. H X H K W K i -VCKJCK ÇH50<K>CH^CK>OtWt><HKHÏtïai><H»CHXHWKIO<Hït>tKK><I<HS y WANTED THIS PAPER REPRESENTED FOR fOREIGN ADVERTISING BY THE Lock at the Babies of To-day if you Want to See the Ameri- cani of To-morrow. A new sort of mfttherhood has corrrernto style within the last ten or lifteen years, which cleanly- indio ites a better and stronger race fo i the days o f 1940. This new, scientific motherhood, is “ the motherhood of better bab­ ies,’’ arid it means a race of'strong­ er people, more able to combat disease^ Iessgmbject to chills, colds,1 these dealcr3 give a full accounting pains And f|ver; longer lived and to the Conect0r of all taxes collected easier to livfe with. I on jce-cream, soft drinks etc. The time was when the baby had to take his own chance with the world and the infant mortality ^ NOTICE Vendors of ice-cream, soft drinks etc,, who engage in business tem­ porary at County Fairs and similar events particularly i n the month of September are warned not to over­ look the' collection of taxes- by the Collector of Internal Revenue, V. H. Riordan; * Deputies from Collector Riordan’s office have been advised that a num­ ber. of itenerant peddlers attend county fairs and set up ice cream stands for the few days the enerprise is running. I is the purpose o f the Revenue Department to see that CHURCH SERVICES Announce ment ¡» Made of the Sena, for Next Sunday. Wesleyan Methodist Bain, pastor—Sunday school, lo in ; preaching 11 a. m.; class mntin. 12 m. Young peoples’ meeting 7:80 c m , and preaching, 8:00 p. m Pr«yei meeting Thursday evening at 8^i, GENERAL OFFICES N E W YO RK A N D CHICAGO BRANCHES IN ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES Good handy Laborers on school house building. A P P L Y T O WILLIAM KYSOR C A T T A R A U G U S , N . Y . W O RD S TO 'M E M O R I Z E . . In charging the grand jury which has been summoned to investigate the Olean riots, Justice Cole said: I “ For a mob there is no such thing ! asjustification.no such thing as j own the statistics of a decade ago tell the tragic story all too clearly—-the story o f babies who died before they even had a chance to live. i To-day, however, the nation rc-J alizes the value of its babies. | Doctors \Care saving them, trained j nurses are saving them, the great j Despite the faCj thu newspapers are saving- them by giving publicity to articles on I -Roadside stands set up on'Sunday and holidays on the sides of heavily- traveled roads where ice-cream and other taxable commodities have been sold, will also receive the att­ ention of the Revenue Officers, Col­ lector- Riordian stated. On state roads where auto traffic is heavy on Sundays, many of these stands han­ dle a. large volume of business. their owners i •Methodist Episcopal Church, R„ Robert J. Montgomery, minine,. Morning service at 10:45; ¡fcaty school at 12 noon; Epuortb Woe 7.00 p.lm. & evening service at I * ,Jrayer service Thursday evening at. 8 : 00 . to take care of children, but most are ^rDbf^regulaijly engaged in the “ ow-| business,' their responsibility will not o f all mothers, are doing this great | p\jrtmcnt office be overlooked by the Revenue De­ work, by learning new and better PRIZE BAKING. A great many women who arc natural­ ly fine cooks, never really accomplish prize quality biking, because they do not have the advantage of a completely ait- ' tight oven. During’tlie week beginning (Monday Sept. 15th) a visiting demon­ strator of the famous Great Majestic Range will be at John Laing, East Otto. This range is riveted in all its parts, so that no heat escapes from the oven. The baking resnlts are wonderful and with saving of fuel, besides. Also a gift of fine cooking ware, a complete set goes with, each Majestic Range sold duri ng Demonstration Week. The price of the range will be.lhe same as always no charge for the set of cooking ware < Those Blundering Authors! .We n'roiTcd recently to one of John f;.;jsv orthy's American characters calling f«r “A Hash of beer.” now li'fes another writer, Arthur .1. I fees, s.-vj.-r*. “ He is. to o*>** an American \••'loqiil.illsni. ‘Vilofc on the uptake.” i'\ i : This, ns Barrie lovers know, is .Scotch.—Dost on Transcript. •Unesksd Into a Cocked Hat.” lie meaning of this expression generally known. “Cocked h. a variety of the game of trunk i bif h only three were used, set i r.ng'cs of a triangle. When,. ling at tenpins, all were kune! n except file three at the < !, the set was said to bo “ knoe' Watering House Plants. Plants should be watered with -a •pray, not with u cup or a glass. Those that can be moved should he .placed” where the water Will not dam­ age carpets or floors; those that can­ not—such as large ferns or palms—- should have something spread on the floor beneath them to catch the water as It drips. The wafer must be •prayed from above so Hint nil the leaves receive It; this carries off the dust and is the only natural way for k plant to receive water. d lint.’ excuses, no such tiling as pallia-- j ways to take care of their babies, nu i _ ______ _ and especially by learning how to tion. . The man who attempts to < * J J 6 justify it forfeits the right to decent opinion of his fellow men. The community which attempts to justify it forfeits the right to res­ pectable standing in the family of communities within the state. A J mob is simply a blot.’ ’ This is a doctrine which should be accepted by every person who who wishes to think of himselt \as a law-abiding American citizen. It should be the first principle enunciated by all persons who undertake to organize and lead and instruct «American citizens for any purpose whatever. In this republic law and order corné first | always.- Buffalo Express. I Obtain Oil From Eggs. The turtle living In the Orinoco lays eggs which arc extraordinarily rich iq Oil. The Indians in British, Guiana collect 25,000,000 -yearly for making oil, The eggs of many sea birds are excellent eating. The best of the lot is said to be that of the “murre,” a bird which Is very common on the. Labrador coast. Dally Thought. He lives who dies to win lame.—Drummond. Baptized in a Balloon, The child of “a well-known member nf flic British parliament was recently christened in the cr.vpt of the bouse of commons. This is, In a sense, n survival of the custom of bygone days, wheii Ihrlstenlngs In crypts were by n.o means uncommon. In one recent ca. J hi California, for Instance, the cere­ mony was performed in a diving hell it the bottom of the sea. In another case the proud parentg^of the new ar­ rival persuaded a clergyman to bap­ tize the child whilh up in n lmlloon. Contentious Never Popular. The wise man In Israel has tauly said: “A fool’s lips enter into conten- ! tlon,” and the contentious fool Is ns common a nuisance today as he was no doubt In the olden ones. Usually in, proportion to their lack of actual knowledge do such persons presume to set themselves up as dictators to others.—Exchange. a lasting Only One Clear Road to Success. - No unwilling worker ever yet achieved great success, for men only succeed where they think deeply, work cheerfully and rejoice at the success of what they are working nt. Leonardo’s Handwriting. In one account of the life of Leo­ nardo da Vinci we read a curious story about the great man’s handwrit­ ing. It seems that it resembled char­ acters in Hebrew or Arabic, for ho used his left hand and wrote from right' to left of the page, instead of from left to right, as we do today. One of Da Vinci’s letters could, there­ fore, only be read by holding it up be­ fore n mirror. feed them, for it is in the feeding that the baby's strength or weak­ ness is established. A baby who is given the proper kind of food has an immediate ad­ vantage. Napoleon said “ Ail army ] moves on its stomach’’ but the army of babies even more truly moves on its stomach, and wins or j looses' by the kind of food mothers I choose. One kind of baby food which is now used more than any other, is Nestle's Milk . Food. Made out of milk with just the right amount of cereal ■ and sugar added, . it is a complete -milk food already prop­ erly prepared and modified.* Mo­ ther just adds water to the clean fluffy powder and then boils for a minute. In every bottle baby has a complete meal. Nestle’s is so quickly and easily prepared that it is take proof, and that is one ways that the babies of to-day are being built for the superior race of to-morrpw. , Respectfully, . V. H. Rioi’dan 'Collector. St, John’s Church, Rev. Conrad I Bachmann, pastor-Sunday school at 10 a. m. Service in German at 11 t,m' Free Methodist Church, Rev. W. E Freeman, pastor -Sunday school at lo a. m .; sermon at II a. m.; class meet­ ing at 12 m. Preaching at 7:30 p. m Prayer meeting Thursday evening; at 7:80. ‘ '> ! New Albion—Sunday school it 1 p. m , sermon at 2 p m.; class meet ing, 8 p. m. Cottage prayer meeting Wednesday evening. Welcome to ail Explaining Ceysera. In a word, the whole secret of the intermittent geyser lies in a subterran­ ean reservoir, the contents of which | arc forced out by steam expansion ev­ ery time it gets filled up. The Yellow- I stone park is a region which not so j very long ago was fiercely volcanic. In that role it lips ceased to play an alarming pprt, but locally the earth’s crust is extremely thin. A very liter- 1 ages in vnrious part:s of the world. Ar­ al hell rages not far heneeih the pine- .1 cording to the scientists the first habl­ es frequented by tourists, and thence stations of mankind were in the trees What Are These Maples? What are these maples and beeches ‘ and birches but odds and idyls and madrigals;. what are these pines and firs and spruces but holy hymns?- Holmes. Sought Trees for Prctectien, Tree-dwellers are found among .«av­ is derived the heat.that causes the out­ bursts of the geysers. Vast British Empire. Including nil her possessions, the British empire has the largest terri­ tory. It-had nt the beginning of the Wat a total area of 13,123,712 square essentially m is-in;^ps- of vhleli 121,512. are In Europe,, of the 2,187,550 In Asia, 3.0TS.245 In North America, 8,000 In Central America, 12,- 800 In the West Indies, 97,800 in South America and 3,214,085 In Australasia. VOGEL’S MINSTRELS PLEASE PALACE PATRONS John W. Vogel’s Minstrels who ap­ peared at the Palace Theatre Monday night were greeted by a fair sized a i- dience. The performance which they gave was excellent in respect and was .pronounced by many to be the best attraction in the line of musical entertainment that has ever «appeared iff Cattaraugus. Judg­ ing from the persistent encores the whole audience was well satisfied, and will be glad to bee-this companv back should they see fit to visit Cat­ taraugus again sometime in thefu- ture. as Iff» most adequate protection against the many enemies of the early type of man. It was only in the later period of mar’s evolution that he ru strong enough to hold his own on tin ground. The Lilac Tree. -The lilac is perhaps, all things con­ sidered, the most splendid of flower­ ing trees. Everybody is familiar with Its fragrance: The tree belongs to the olive family and Is closely allied — to the common privet, blit it benrs no y fleshy fruit and is valueless except'for the splendor of Its blossoms. Daily Thought. Aspiration sees only one side of ev- jry question ; possession many.—Low- 11 . • His View. A somewhat cynical acquaintance tells us that the secret of happiness. Is not to let your troubles bother you any more than they bother your friends.— Boston Transcript. Effect Not Appreciated. Instead of candles, Lucille's mother placed six large marshmallows oa top *!’ ■ her birthday cake. . When little Doris returned from the party her mother said: “ Well, did you all hare a jolly good time?” and she replied: “ Yes. all but Che cake. Oh, mother, that cake looked so had, Just like a cemetery. It liad little tombstones on it.” - • j Watch'the Exhaust. A government bulletin is authority foi the statement that the greatest single- factor in thy; operation of the steam plant is the.way in which the exhaust steam problem Is handled. Artesian Wells. The Chinese Jmvo obtained alter through means of artesian wells for over 1,000 years. One of the most famous wells in existence 14 that at Grene” e In the outskirts of Parts, where the water is brought from i: dept’ of 1,798 feet. It yields 51814 gallons of water a minute. Many years ago n well in 1’etsh was sunk to the depth of 3,100 feet. Jewish Sabbath. ¥ The Jewish Sabbath starts at sun­ set on Friday, because the Jews, like the ancient Greeks, began their day nt sunset and not at sunrise, or Im­ mediately after midnight, as we do,, who follow the ancient Romans. Farms Fór jale! 197 ACRE$—Town of Mansfield; 1] room house; large cow barn with full James equipment for 40 head; horse b&rn; 2 silos; granary and hog pen; 30 cows all registered, worth $200. a piece, and several young cattle; dairy easily worth $6000; team, ensilage cutter, corn har­ vester, cultivator and other tools; 25 acres of woods; ail tillable land except woods; school within 100 rods. Farm well located. Price, with reasonable amount down, $15,000.00 119 ACRES—Town of New Albion; bare farm; buildings in fair conditions 150 apple trees; well watered.’ A bargain at $6500.00. 158 ACRES—Town of \New Albion; on state road, 9 room house, 2 barns, granary, hen house\ hog pen, pipeless furnace in house, apple or- „ chard; 18 cows, 5 two year olds, 2 yearlings. ___ ana 2 year old bull: plough, harrow, disc harrow, new drill, roller, hay loader,- rake, mowing machine, bobs, 2 gas engines, pole saw, Hinman milking machine; all harnesses; fell small tools—in fact everything on fahn at time of sale. Milk hou$e and garage. Fine laying farm, and cheap at $15,000. Domestic Cat Distinct Species. The Egyptian -cat seemed to have a ¡good claim to the honor of being the ancestor of the domestic cat, both, on necount of Its .rapering tall and size, In which i t benrs a great similarity to the domestic cat. But peculiarities 'which Were discovered in its dentition I were sufficient to remove Its claim. So ¡it seems best to consider the domes­ tic cat a distinct species.' . ' P E P T C I ^ A CIGARS A real tonic, combining Cod Liver Extract,. ‘ Pep­ tonized Iron, Malt and Manganese. . CANDY Builds up body strength, restores impaired nerves and tissues, enriches the blood and brings back that spirit that makes life worth living. • ■ Try it on our guarantee. $1.00 per bottle. • BEACH & PARK Farms of Exceptional Value Cattaraugus, N. Y. ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ M ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ -■ B E ■ I M m __ j Flowers Foretell Rain, The ordinnry clover and all Its vari­ eties, Including shamrock, are barom­ eters. When rain is.coming the leaves shut together like ‘the shells of an oy­ ster. For a day or two before rain comes their stems swell to an appreci­ able extent, and stiffen so that the leaves are borne more uprightly than usual. This stem swelling when rain is'expected is a feature of many flow­ ering grasses. ' ... - High Price Paid for Beefsteak. The highest price over paid for beefsteak was probably nt Circle City, Alaska, a town that sprang up over night during the Klondike gold excite­ ment. Tlio first boefstenk to reach there sold for a pomtd. Every mnr wanted some of it, and so they raf­ fled it off, fon the benefit of a hospital. Tickets were sold from- 50 cents to $2.50 for the privilege of drawing a slice. ___________________ OUR SATURDAY SPECIALS 50c Stt-Hivan’s Solvent 30c Listeriue Sure 30c Sloan’s Liniment y 44c 26c 24c 60c Doan’s Kidney Pills $i.co Warn pole’s Cod Liver Oil -600 Syrupof Figs— 48c 89c 48c \French Leave.’* This expression arose in the early part of the eighteenth century, through certain guests, In the salons of France, not aware of the higher acts of cour­ tesy, leaving without saying good-by to the host or hostess. The practice spread to society in this country. Therefore,* if a men left without say- In- —iod-hy to his bn=t. it was said he Jonteel The Wonderful new odor of 26 flowers. Talc 25c I LEADERS WHEREVER WE ARE Corner Drug Store Phone 209 Klenzo The Tooth Paste t h e children ' like to use. 25c

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