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Cattaraugus times. (Cattaraugus, Cattaraugus County, N.Y.) 189?-1976, August 22, 1919, Image 8

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CATTARAUGUS TIMES THE GREATEST MEASURE OF VALUE PER $ I 1 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ You may tramp this town over but you won’t find better merchandise for the money than we can give you. If you have never traded with us you may doubt that. If you have you can’t. We solicit your tfade, and can conclusively prove that it will pay you in real dollars and cents to give it to us. n Bf H SMITH & TOWN DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, BOOTS AND SHOES Cattaraugus New York CHURCH SERVICES Anaoanc.ni.iit is Made of tH. Service for Next Sunday. Wesleyan Msthodist Church, Rev. Rain, pastor—Sunday school, 10 a. m ; preaching 11 a. m .; class meeting 12 m. Young peoples' meeting 7:30 p m , and preaching, 8:00 p. m Prayei meeting Thursday evening at 8:00. tit. John’s Church, Rev. Conrad Bachmann, pastor—Sunday school at] 10 a. m. Service in English at 11 a.m. Tlnraaa Marshall of Eden College, i tit. Louis, Mo., will preach in the morning Everyone invited. Free Methodist Church, Rev. W. E. Freeman, pastor- -Sunday school at 10 a. m .; sermon at 11 a. m.; class meet* ihg at 12 ra. Preaching at 7:30 p. m Prayer meeting Thureday evenings at 7:30 New Albion—Sunday school at 1 p. ro , sermon at 2 p m. ; class meet ing, 3 p m . Cottage prayer meeting Wednesday evening. Welcome to ail Saturday«»- Monday A full pound Baking Powder at 15c Pork and Beans at 13c can 2 cans for 25c Export Borax Soap 6c per bar Calculating Feet in Knot. The BWtioli admiralty knot or nau­ tical mile Is 1,080 feet nnd the statute knot 8,082.00 feet and la generally .re­ garded us the .standard. The number of feet In ri statute knot is arrived at ns follows: The circumference o f the earth Is divided Into 300vdegrees. each degrees containing 200 knots or (360 by 00) 21,000 knots to the circumference; 21.000 divided jbito 131,385,-150, th«| number of feet in the earth’s circum­ ference, gives 0,082.00 feet, the length o f the statute knot.- : i ■ m m m m A. J. IRISH, - Cattaraugus laHflflBBBKHBBI Paragraphs of Interest to R e a d ­ ers of Em p ire State. Interesting News of All Kinds Gath­ ered From Various Points In the State and So Reduced In Size That It .Will Appeal to Alt Classes of Readers. S QUALITY— SERVICE— PROMPTS ■— Dollars and Sense Spell SUCCESS] B IB B * I B : KS a I B B Checks. Mine «Fires. To check the spread o f flair mine explosions an u »doma tie < h as been invented ■ • >• niters «Itisi Into the rush:!;*; ;:Ir that pre •hem. In Peach Tree Grown in Pot. Recent Importations o f the United States bureau of plant Industry include a pot-grown peach tree fiftm Rev- George Campbell, n South China mis­ sionary! A tree only 15 inches tali ripened five good-sized edible cling «tone peaches: The plant Is said to come true to seed, and It Is predicted that fruit growers will develop a re­ markable new race o f dwarf peaches. Just a Hint. Gerald lives downstairs and como.s up whenever he smells something good being made. One day was dough­ nut day and Gcrahl, being cautioned |.y his mother never to ask for any­ thing, said: “I mustn’t ask for any­ thing, but — um — them doughnuts smell dood!” Probably He Old.. As Mary enn*t running In from play i ¡in otlicr day she met her grandfa- hcr, whom she hud never seen before ..ud who had very long whiskers. •Ob,” she exclaimed when she saw \do you keep those whiskers on 2! the time, even when you go to r f c Thought. wit It the least knowledge • -iva’IV»! tv Ufers. 00$000<H>00<HJ<HXHÚ0<HCH?O00<«H>0O í 2«OOOÚC<H>O0<3-0< T o-N i gh t DANCE Sliger’s Saxaphone Band Jazz Music DeLuxe SETTER HALL / Cattaraugus, N . Y . * ***• , ^OWHWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGQOOOOOOOOOvtOOOOPCOOOO o o o o o o : Continued from page 1. The heavy rain of last week and the g rains later on greatly helped the crops a of Niagara county, but more .rain is g needed for fruit. The storm came too ■ 2 1 late to save some vegetables, partie«- g ■ i larly potatoes, in many localities. Dry * g I weather had plants burned brown. ~ Post No. 153, American Legion, J went on record as being opposed to ■ the appearance of senator Wadsworth g as a speaker on the Legion convention I ■ program in Rochester on Oct. 11. The post brings up the point that the sen­ ator resigned his commission at the beginning of the war. Fourteen acres 6f wheat on M. L. and C. J. Buckenmeyer’s home farm at West Bethany yielded 50 fbushcls to the acre. With the govdrnment price of wheat at $2.26 a bushel, the yield brought more than what is con­ sidered a good price for West Beth­ any land, $100 an acre. _ Legislation authorizing the state ■ department of food and markets to IL g cense all wholesale dealers in food | ■ commodities and foodstuffs, as ,a step toward controlling th é 'high cost of living, was urged by the state recon­ struction commission In a report sub­ mitted to Governor Smith. Clare A. Pickard, food administra­ tor for Chautauqua county during the j war, has been asked by the govern­ ment to head a county committee for the reegulation of food pries,, insofar as permitted by law. Mr. Pickara has named a largo and representative’ committee to assist in the service. Twenty-two carloads of army meats and canned -vegetables, two of these carloads of whole hams and strip bacon, is the total of -the order of Syracuse, through Municipal Adminls. trator Huntington B. Crouse to be placed on sale there at cost to the government and the added expense of transportation. In spite of a fairly good crop of ap­ ples, in Steuben county there will bs a scarcity in fact all through the southern tier during the coming fall owing to the big demand for them for cider. Since the country went dry every farmer is storing away his bar­ rel or two of cider and the city dwel­ lers are doing likewise. As a result the apples available for ordinary use are very few. Edward S. Walsh, state superintend •ent of .public works, advocated that the state own grain elevators on the barge canal terminals at Buffalo and New York. Mr. Walsh says that some grain traffic trouble might' have been overcome If there were available at Buffalo and New York state-owned elevators and that the lack of those elevators prohibited the shipping of grain by canal. Francis M. Hugo, secretary of state; Charles S. Wilson, commissioner ol agriculture, and Representative Ed­ mund Piatt, speaking at the orange county fair at Middletown, advocated co-operation between producer and distributor to reduce the. high cost of living. Representative Piatt de­ clared he did not believe that either’ President Wilson or èongress could do much toward this end. *A merger was announced in Roches, e? of the Burt Onley Canning compa­ ny of Oneida, Fort Stanwix Canning companv cf Rome, Winters & Proph- 'J it Canning company, Mt. Morris; Ccbb Preserving company, Fair port/’ and the W. H. Osborne company, Hon ecye Falls. Under the name of the New York Canners. Inc., the new.cor­ poration. which is capitalized for $2.?5‘ .®ôO. the announcement says, has acquired plants in 21 cities and towns in New York, >;sw Jersey ami Saturday and Monday Special Royal Baking’ Powder 6 oz. cans regular i price 25c on sale at 18c 3 for 50c 4Mqslier’s Baking Powder 8 cz. cans regular price ioc on sale at Sc 3 for 25c In order to successfully use the above bak­ ing powder you must have GOOD FLOUR Just to,introduce HECKER’S WHITE LIGHT FLOUR (oldwlx, All this week at barrel sacks at $1.7$ A ll orders placed fer flour will be deliverj during the week. Every sack guaranteed to give satisfaction 1 money refunded. , Better take advantage of getting the old «1^ flour now as the new crop is very poor. and get some of our Profit Sharif Besure Silver-ware. Most everything for most everybody. The I. H. Mosher Co. Formerly Rood's Store DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, BOOTS AND SHOES I Phone 56. Cattaraugus, N.TJ You can find it always- at Mosher’s- ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ «u a g g n g g g g g g g g * g a u g p K g E a n s E i i n i m i i i n g L INERÏ ■ We will have our goods on display all netti week at the residence of Mr?. T. J. Eberlee on] South street. All people wishing work completed J especially those expecting to use old materials,| should call early in the week, LOIS M. AUSTIN E A S T O T T O , - . NEW YOKl ch 5 o < hws < hkhch >*00< h ì < h : BRBRaBRBRBBBRRaRBBHRBBRaBnaBRRRRBBRRRRBHaniia NOTICE lam prepared to do Watch and Clock repairing at my home on Jefferson St. FRANK WOODWARD 'Phone 29-H Cattaraugus, N.Y, Maim Principal cfiicss will be in <; | Warning that fi.fhiaj. hunting and 2 I trs - - nr within the Adirondack« for- 0 [ s i t be fcrb:dde*a upon 24 hours’ C i aetice is cnier to decrease the danger 01 •>* «''*?•»- * * * r - 'i n in Albany 015- . -.er-T*” -» C c K K isioaer O. D b { Pratt, if .t - j-peara,* Commlssiof.or 21 rn .:'. >Aui. 1h.1t persons nov.- In the 9 I lit& i :■ ¿ r » a.vu .ng care in regard to § f fin ». Smith will be asked a f to- iiiJ’iz a proclamation forbidding the of the woods until the danger, doe to the unusually dry condition ot the‘ forest lands, is past. The conser­ vation commission has also issued fire rules. * * s Daily Thought. What a man thinks in his s[)?rit fu­ tile world, that he does after-his ilg- i’ parture from the world when lie he- l.comes a spirit.—Swedenborg. ■ fl B fl ■ B H B ■ * U R H B n n B B B B B B a B B ■ B B B fl R NOTICE TIMBER 0 WN 1 I 1 ! •I I n li We are now in the market for M a p le and Beach Holts] Specifications: at least 8 inches ani| larger in diameter by 5lT inches It Must be No. I clean stock, free froi^ knots. Price $12.00j per Cord] delivered at our factory. We will draw them for you if y«| wish at a reasonable price. SETTER BROS. CO. CATTARAUGUS, N.Y. ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ « ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ B M a M M i B a x a n R a a B a M i a i H U i

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