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PAGE TWO V. gH(0 F A R M S “ N e w Fftrm Detcriptio«M W e e M y ” If yea are ia the market far a Farm this Season—consult us before buying W e have hundreds cf satisfied customers .wbo haru dealt with this office daring the past 12 years. We have helped many others. May we help you? oía. i y places A few of sale:- A Leon Farm, 121 Acres we hare for TO PROBE SHOE PRICES ! House Directs Investigation Into P i t s I j ent Cost of Commodity, i . j W ith 0 t >ntagtiflQ of the Jgc-e ..res- • ole tica\ d* reeling the federal trade ] commission to investigate increased r~ ! shoe pHrçs;**thet^fe-e«S'»%b^hdHwt^î?^ \ I lslo|iT9 action toward reduction of the high cost of Uving. ‘ Before adoption of the resolution, which was without a diss sating vo£$, the house rcted down an amendment, which would hare extended the in­ quiry fn lj c Qrer gTOeTe^ngf ^tcthtng and food. The house agriculture committee considering legislation to extend the food control act to other necessities of life, to extend the poWers of the act beyond the wartime period, t > give the president authority to fix fair prices for necessities and to pro­ vide penalties for hoarding, continued its hearings with F. W. W addell of Armour & Co., and Dr. Mary Penning­ ton of the department of agriculture, as witnesses. This farm is located 2 miles from the village of Leon ami 7 miles from Cattaraugus. Ttie land is rolling, gravelly and sandy loam soil, JO acres of limber, including about 650 . sugar* maple*, also .about 75 or 80 thousand „ feet of hemlock timber. 2 story, 7 room house. Barn 30 x 40 with leanto 16 x 40. Su al orchard. On R. D. 7 cows , t 1>2 year old bull, team, all farming ami dairy tools, sugar tools including 400 buckets and evaporator, harnesses, wagon, buggy, milk wagon, sleighs, and all coar&e fodder. Price for ail Discover Hoards of Foo l. Federal Attorney Stephen T. Lock- wood cf Buffalo has revealed the hoarding cf 19-1 carloads mately ¿,04)0,000 pounds of pc nets, dressed and borax-cured Qr apprnci rk proa , itì trult I $5000 Large Farm near Onovllle 250 Acres This farm is located in Elk Town­ ship, Pa. 4 miles from Onoville and 4 miles front Corvdon. Land is mostly liilly. About 40 acres o f second giowth timber. Good 32 room 2 story house. Cow barn 36 x 46; horse barn 26 x 36; hog house, lien lious.* aud tool house 40 apple trees. Team, 2 cows, 8 head young stock, 8 ctlves, mowing machine, hay . tedder, grain drill two way plow, wagon, ,2 buggies, cutter, hay, coarse fodder, small tools wi-1 be *Wi left on farm it desired. Price for Bare Farm $3,000 W ith Stock, Tear» and Tools ------- $4500 A Money Making Farm 101 Ac res. We listed last week one of the good farms of the Cone wan go Valley section on the main road from Waterboroto Clear Creek. It is located iu the town of Klling ton 2 3s miles from Kennedy and 2 % miles from Conewango Valley. The land is ^practically all level, sandy and gravelly loam soil and in good state of cultivation. The farm will keep from 25 to 30 head of stock. Milk is shipped to Buffalo from Waterboro, ^ miles iiom ¿4 ui ! 3 act es of timber, includ­ ing 300 to 350 maple trees. Good ten room house with a -etylene lights. Good cedar and ccincut milk house Splendid barn 3 0 x 80 with an unusually good basement stable which is light and roomy and with cement floor. Silo 12 x 32; «wagon house;tool house and garage. M ilk­ ing machine and drinking basins in stable. Running water iu stable Good drilled well at house. On R.D. and telephone at farm. This is a good farm and is producing a large income. Ownei has a choice dairy about one half of which are registered Holsteins. Owner will sell stock, team and tools, if desired. Pries of Bare Farm $7,000 storage plants at Lyndonville. Medina and Waterport. He *tias wired the attorney general at Washington, for instructions as to the procedure fie should follow against the owners. Mr. Lockwood states that an additional shipment of 154* carload3 cf the prod­ uct* is now en route to the Niagara fruit belt. Overcharge Refunded. A Nfew York dealer whom Arthur Williams, federal food administrator, last week accused of having sold L* 000 pounds of sugar to the Albany Orphan asylum for three cent* more a pound than the fair price, has refund­ ed the overcharge, according to an announcement by Mr. Williams. While admitting profiteering in this transaction, the dealer claimed he did not know It was desUned for an or- phan .asylum, Mr. Williams said. To Boost Rural Express Trunk Lines, To promote rural t^uck excres. lines for quick deli vary of pershabie foods from farms to markets, Gover­ nor Smith has appointed a temporary non-salary state highway transport committee at the request of the state rconstruction commission, according to the comnbjsakn’s anno nceir.ent in New York. ------ * ----------------- 4 Will Move Plant Because of Strike. As their striking employes have not returned to work, the management of the Columbia Graphaphone company of Bridgeport, Conn., announced that the plant would be moved elsewhere. The local plant was closed, apparent­ ly not to open. It employes 6,000 per­ sons. So-CO-ny M o tor Gasoline gives truck or car power not only for usual needs but for emergencies. And the power you get today you can get tomorrow or next week—for So-CO-ny is every day the same. Adjust’the carburetor for So-CO-ny, and forget that part o f the machine. Com b u stion never varies, power never slackens. W h y take chances with unknown, doubtful mixtures? Keep to So-CO-ny and keep power at par. Buy it where you see the Red, W h ite and Blue So-CO-ny Sign. STANDARD OIL CO. OF NEW YORK The si¿n o f a reliable dealer and the worths best Gasoline Would Acquire Aviation SitjS. Acquisition by the war department of certain sites now being used as aviation fields was proposed in an ad­ ministration bill introduced by Chair­ man Wadsworth of the military com­ mittee. . • Dú¡ Sly Thought. c:.{ bread is very .well-^it’s the tlfi‘t makes the temptation, sl-as Jerrold. M A R K ET REPORT New York Provision Market. . B U T T E R — Creamery, higher than Small Farm near Frews- burg. 9 7-3 Acres. This desirable small place is .located in the town of Carroll, Chautauqua Co. $ mile from the village of Frevvs- burg.Gravelly loam soil, in good condition. Land is rolling and all tillable. 2 story 5 room house. Baru 3O x 40 with basement stable. Hog house 12 x 16; hen house 8 x 10; granary 16 x 22. Cement stable floor iu barn. Running water from 400 . barrel cement reservoir fed by springs. Price $3675 66 ^@570. EGGS— Fresh gathered extras, 65c. CHEESE7—State whole milk, special, 30V<2®31 c . POTATOES — Souther:', per $1.53# 5.50; Jersey, round per $5.09#6.00. 54 3 fiats bbl. bbl. Merely Nominal Right. 10 cPv of London nnlly 111 any rate, :s’ in the parish of •. I bit oven were 1 avail himself of e sanitary author- land in that part Tlie frc*e<Inm of ! carries with 1 it, nomi the right ta t:cep ph St. Jamos, p: . n i l ’ll: any one <lj>|; used Ù tills liberty, a;tul If t! it fes failed to object' pr London h- roniewiiai > fu able pig-farming. too costly foy Do Authors Enjoy Writing? We can tysualh* arrange satis­ factory terms for a responsible buyer who has a reasonable amount to pay down toward a farm. Tho»e having Farms for aale are in­ vited to list them with us and have the benefit of our special sendee. W e aim to deal fairly with both buyer and seller. This Is the oldest Farm Agency in Cattaraugus County and has boon suc­ cessful because it has rendered real ser­ vice to those who have farms to sell and those who wish to buy. SEND FOR NEW FALL CATALOGUE FREE. THE HAZARD- RHODES CO. 52 Main St., Phone -623 Salamanca. N.Y. Buffalo Provision Market. W H E A T — No. 2 red, §2.30. CORN— No. 2 yellow, §2.06; No. i yellow, $2.05. OATS — No. 2 white, 80c; No. i white, 80c. BEANS - - Marrows, per 100 lbs. $11.00® 12.00; medium, per 100 lbs. $8.00®8.75: pea, do, $8.00® 8.75. FLOUR— Best patent, $12.75; bak ers? patent, $12.50; graham. $12.50. B U T T E R — Creamery, extra prints 59 c; dc, god to choice, 51® 53c; dairy, choice to fancy, 60® 51c; crock butter, choice to fancy, 49®50c. . EGOS— Hennry, white, 60c; do mix ed, 55c; state, candied,. 53c; western candled, 49c. CHEESE — Daisies, per lb.’/' 35c; long horns, 35® 36c. LIVE P O U L l T v — Fowls, heavy 35®36c; old roosters, 25®26c; ducks 30c; geese, 25® 28c. DRESSED PO U L T R Y — Turkeys per lb., 48 # 49c; fowls, heavy per lb., 37® 38c; fowls, light, do 32®34c; roasting chickens, -37® 38c; old roosters, 25®26c; ducks, 39® 41c; geese, 37 @ 32c. POTATOES— Fancy, per bu., $2.25 @2.50; cobblers, 2H bu. bag, $6.iC# 6.75. ONIONS — Southern, per 100 lb \sack $3.50 4.50; onions, per hamper $2.00# 2.50; Ebenezer, home grown per bu,, $2.00# 2.75. East Buffalo Provision Market. C A T T L E — Prime steers, $17.00# 18.00; shipping steers, $16.00# 16.75; butcher steers, '$12.00# 15.50; heifers $9.00# 15.50; choice vdals, $23.7S# 24.00; fair to good, $21.00# 23.00; light veals, $19.00#20.50. SHEEP AND LAMBS — Choice lambs, $18.00# 18.25; mixed sheep $10.00# 11.00. HOGS— Yorkers, $21.85#22.00; pigs $21.00#21.25; mixed, $21.85 @22.00; leavies, $21.75. diu il on i Aim In tin wards of New York World sets fo love of writing always best results. *“ \Ve obj* Sun... “A canvass of achieve the best results, would show that niinvtenths of don’t love to write. There is a deal of bunk about it. and it is hard to get honest answers: many writers are afraid to say they don’t enjoy the writing job.” financial re- F. Barr the th That sheer produces the -;L” says the writers who our guess is, them good Buffalo Hay Market. • H AY — Paled on track: (Old)- No. 1 timothy. $?J (;0#32 00; No. timothy, (new ), $24.09@28.00. B a n k b y - M a i l 4% INTEREST ON INACTIVE ACCOUNTS ¿¡end for our Banking by Mail booklet THE MARINE TRUST COMPANY of B uffalo SIXTY-NINTH YEAR OF SERVICE CAPITAL AND SURPLUS Seventeen Million Dollars ya r ; vil!. I r- w- vvn .*d Ally •Alf 1 m-elin 1>e-o: \ hilt *V‘ Freedom.. • y rune quickly in robe? fuv ages of conflict* and w/ it will, and abide it /the principles by wh'ch •d lTfO held sacred.—Ed pa; Rug T h e Candid Cobbler, tincluent in Lngdsli , ’ ii work*.' such as . si/ i” 1 urnud in one or two ( plug -ai d lim p i n g w ill w e do t!iyin properl; i s cript. * a • tu* d be d ii a:na «I lie i d hi : do- \ I»-! ;\n n fligh t lly fright* d Ariv ! ri-rij'l s*il« 1 a •t lie: ce T^r i.v cop y wli.ii •* a oonsot|u :i* squaidtl» >u!d 1 •erve nt r v they see nee tin\ I c.tnong •given every courtesy.— Ex f\ railes l'Miridlln fs bel* 1 cannot he sold fo. Modi rue w;H I b .T brea * I’eelings. I is !:*1V. hurt. Mi Sin Whon loud killed n n fo r il* y in : e much A . W ire for Ocean Sounding, very fine steel piano wire Is used In making ocean soundings. The ocean at its deepest point ns fa r as is known is «rt.fi 11 feet— about — deep. This bole in the occ the island of 'Guam. A wir very fine and very strong i six miles of itself in mak soundings. lV1iravl.es Due to Mothers, fie ..can to sonic extent pre­ vent disease from attacking tli.e child; medicine cannot perform miracles. It Is a inirnc.e if children brought up in foul and evil sum uadlngs grow up healthy and wholesome men and worn— pn. The miracle, incidentally, \f usu­ ally accom])lldied not by doctors hut by. the self-sacrifice and heroism of the mother of the children, who .too often loses her own health In the proc­ ess.— Londr-n T imek. PO L ITICAL ADVERTISING P.2,. ‘T haven't w e e k .” “ Xo; lit? house.' sh ie seriou s ly the I 1 §¡¡¡| '¡f il.ie U rf p Drgr^rliti_n. si en i' liihigton he Ini • n ’ t h- eft ee lu t . r *c!d;'ñt? Injured?\ ‘‘Ne, Cty all Ids lif.» h k* *n • d. y ïr.st. \vf fo r V cut of ‘‘Was ¡v;t he ‘‘D is­ ia the > w e n t *k and run If tn .1 • m miles s neat il H hi Could nmong the of colonial time-s nothing to qtiem have been hard t Dnnk V Innumeri i' a ma i Ills t k ; i i e bevel* could ; <t. he iilljS! rh e Pii aueî fire lg til* Largest and Smallest Engines. A young Jeweler of Hillsboro, N. D., has made a tiny engine, run by com­ pressed air, which Is only three-quar­ ters of an inch long and weighs only 2% grains. The diameter of the cylin­ der bore is 28-1000 of an Inch, the diameter of the flywheel is 9-64 of nil Inch and its stroke is 36-1000 of an Inch. Contrasted- with this Is a valw used by the Ontario Power company o f Niagara Falls, which i s 31 feet high, weighs 65 tons, and has a water- opening 9 feet across, so that an au­ tomobile full o f men can stand in It. It. rppened to the Anyway, He Found v, l ! was on October 12 I hi meet my neighbor’* lii tie girl street during school hours. I a$ked her how it happened that she was not at school, and she lucked nt me with some surprise and answered “ Why, don’t you know, it’s Columbus day to­ day?” Then, wHh set-miner pity for me in my Ignorance, she added : “ Co­ lumbus discovered America, ft was l-*t yrur. ] think/— Chk.igo Tribune. fn thors were, r.nudì divi i• 'NSfl! heenns they wi re rrihv.-eil to iiirn k :n tg \vni-- when they cume to tin* New Wrirb But Iligginson. of 8;‘le:ri. pr.ov ii\\y tei times do drink New I i*«. <rl 1 wr.tc very .veil.\ —* Triumphed Over f.ì »«'orti The famous- I• m ieli ; G us..: tv Don*, was borili und iTU I red iu- th shadow o f Stri!¡sburg e}| Ili Oli tni. sa y Mrs. Betlmm-Ki;Iwurd-. !ir. -T I Urei of the Vosges” Al vie of e:g1] •rears he broke bis ferii t* n i*ui. hilt hi •urne, as if bv fungh-. f: nd ! i •ÎOTCjrOU: Vs he lay in bei1 I}«» eiie eiily ( liT'V ph lires lili d:-'- ! . . . • V hand. Golden Moment is Now. Shake a barrel of apples and the sound ones will come to the top. And In this great Industrial shake-up the man of right heart and keen mind will find Ills chance. Ho who has not suc­ ceeded ns well as ho would have liked has now less cause or time than ever for the cavil of discontent or resist­ ance to the advance of industrial peace and progress. Now is lils: golden mo­ ment to apply heart and brain and muscle to the best opportunity at hand. —Charles Grant Miller, In the Christian Herald. ELIJAH W. HOLT Candidate on Republican ticket for Supreme Court Justice, Eighth Judicial District. Mr. Holt was born at Westfield, New York, and Is now 51 years of age. He graduated from the Westfield Academy and shortly afterwards be­ gan the study of law in Westfield, completing his studies in the office ot Judge Truman C. White of Buffalo, is which ci*ty he has since resided, he began his practice of law as a mem­ ber of the firm cf White & Holt, J Buffalo, which firm later became as­ sociated with Eugene M. Bartlett and Senator Van Gorder. For several years past Mr. HoU has been a mem­ ber of the firm of Van Gorder, Holt, Hickey &. Craine, with offices at WW- 1094 Ellicott Square. For twenty-seven years Mr. Holt has been au active, thorough and suc­ cessful lawyer. He is known as a safe counselor and has ^ conducted many important litigations and has had a wide and varied experience to the . trial and. appellate courts. He is. known all over the Judicial District as a careful, thorough and well «quip­ ped lawyer, possessing in an emi­ nent degree the qualifications for the office to which he aspires. He has always been an affiliated Republican and an advocate of K* publican principles. Mr. Holt married in 1895 and Ms fam ily consists of *bis wife and three children, who reside with him oi Prosne^t Avenue, Buffalo.

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