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THE CATTABAÜGtTS TIMES ----- r p r r '. AGE PIVE THE FIRE-INSURANCE STANDARD > <v The fact that agents a td brokers everywhere are poshing their companies with arguments that they are just as good as the stock companies represented by this .agency shows that the old line ' companies' polities have become the standard fire insurance policies o f America. When that policy, by which other companies are measured, can be handled without extra cost, is it n0| wisdom to insist on having a standard policy itself? That the old line companies have become the standard is because ----- FIRST. . They do the largest business. SECOND. They have paid the biggest losses. THIRD. Their assets and surplus are' larger than ever. - FOURTH. Many of them are more than one hundred years old. NFTH. Among them are the best Frown com­ panies. SIXTH. ’ They are always fair in settlement. •SEVENTH. They are always prompt in pay­ ment. ' \ When you need fire insurarice, ask us to write you a policy in an old line companv. E. F. BEACH & SON \ “The Agency that Protects the Assured\ * ' CATTARAUGUS, N. Y. Locals affi Personals ScRisthir.a tJust as Good. Americans demand poetry that is \red-blooded human and' vital,” ac- conling to one who calls himself an authority. The supply of this kind of poetry will always he limited, it Is to i* feared, but there is plenty of Ac- (ion that would serve ris a substitute, to sty nothing of the movies. —Roch­ ester Democrat and Chronicle. Ov< The Coconut. igiify distinct methods are in vogue for the utilization of the coco­ nut. .Every year about 8,000,000.000 nuts tire cultivated; of lids quantity, 50 per cent are “consumed in the East and elsewhere ns food, 20 per cent are transformed into oil, and only about DO per cent find their way to the mar­ kets. u __________________ ■ da. Winfield Rich spent Sunday in Uow- andi. -• Neal Mount ipeat Sunday at'Cherry Creek Mr*. Joe Setter arrived home frem the neat Sunday. Velma Briggs of Olean is visiting relative! in town Mr*. Belle Herrick is fitting friend* near Ellicotttvilla. Mr. and Mrs A V. Mewrv were in Bulfslo last Friday, fibi F. Hertick of Chicago, is spend­ ing stme time in town. Mrs Waldo Lake and children are visiting relatives in town. J. W. Stearni of Jimsitown. was in town on business Tuesday.! Ed Aldrich and George Mother left Monday night for Minneeota Peter I.arsen is visiting Ilia ton Carl Larsen at Bridgeport, Conn. Mr. and Mrs. J , B Kilburn and aon Milton are visiting in Buffalo. Mrs and Mrs. Clifford Setter were in Oil, City, Pa., over Sunday. Mrs. Lncy Morrison and aon are vis­ iting P D. Blake and-family. Mia* Kathryn Walters of LeKoy, N Y., is visiting-friends In town. Miss Bertha Millar is spending her vacation at Ridgeway, Ontario. Lewis Winship anent a few day* re­ cently at bis home in Spnngviila Several from hare attended the Ellis reunion at Little Valley Saturday. Mrs. W V. Blakely ia spending a abort time with her mother, who is I1L Eleanor Sherman of Elmira, is spending the week with Marie Larsen. Mrs. John Groh spent a few days recently visiting relatives in Buffalo; John M Kniar returned home from the Higgins hospital at (Mean, Monday Miss Amelia Calver of New Lemon, N. Y. is visiting Mrs. Ma-y Whiting. Mra. O. C. Rich returned Saturday night from a week's stay at Chautau­ qua. Lewis Lane underwent a successful operation in the Clinic at Olean yester­ day. Getting Over the Difficulty. Two fülle hoys, Jumos, 5, and Guides for Airman. Tlie a i r m a n ’s g u ï l l c p o s t s SCO I l i o — ¡Mural lim ilinsi- vS, ¡ v e r s , n i m m t . Un.-., fckes, fore s ts. The? ¡ l i ' t i í i e i a l g u i d e - - H o - i d o n |i|ls; 1 r e 'c il io s , •,'0¡V r o a d s , r i n ­ f o r n i v ii .-•i fimi n'gns f o r p** c u l a r c l a s s e s o f r . ; . : *! ’ i. Irrita;; iì;l< ls » n i s i g n s - s h o v . - I ñ ; : . . . . . . • : briber lini ic i r u l l i i s g o o d o r l i a i t i T l ì ’.U r. l i l t Uve lio.-ii f tlo¡>¡i i l ! >. : t ì i e g o v e r n m e n t . I« 1 u -Tin filin e : i'i 'lu t i i'll! \frf Ali Ir 1 Alex., 4; went to their aunt’s house vu y i given thorn sonic- Ills time,'however, she li 1 iis they were leav- > James: “Ask mo if I .1 Mori island. 1 v;:.i a rwnmp.of waste iic great war came. The ■ i «¡¡taciteli to it since i lien it was occupi oil by ilia exftet reason for its ir r ’.rc. ' TH E A T R E J - GíilCHOLáliGR, Saturday Dainty Marguerite Clark “The Crucible” A Paramount Picture Marguerite Clark as an artist’s model! She brings-, to tfi.i.3 difficult characterization, all of the spirit of Jtouth and.. all that is beautiful and wholesome and innocent. She has a hard row to hoe, but she hoes it well. You ought to see ‘‘The Crucible.’’ Also Fatty Arbuckle ia “OUT WEST” ' You ouglito meet Fatty in a “Western’ Wednesday, Aug. 20th j Wm. S« Hart in “THE TIGER MAN” An Artcrajt Picture Honest Pill Hart in a characterization that fits him to a T. Full of thrills—The kind you like. NO ADVANCE IN PRICES Canadian silver accepted at par until further notice Jet the “Palace Habit” and be happy with the rest You don’t need to buy a Reason ticket or make a deposit in advance --------- COAiE W H E N YOU L I K E ---------- Mrs Charles Genes of Salamanea visited W, A. Town and family Thurs­ day. Howard Pope of Jam.atrwo, was the gusst of Mr and Mra. Burt Lues Sun­ day. D A. Blis* and C P. Setter left Tuesday night for a abort trip tff Chi cago. Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Becker and daughter Jane spent Sunday in Rand­ olph. Mr. and Mrs. Earle RLh of Cleve­ land, Ohio, are visiting relatives in town. Mrs, Will Briggs and daughter of Hinsdale, are visiting relatives in town. Mr O L. Becker of New Yirk City, ia visiting relatives and friends in town. Mr*. Ray Austin of Salamanca is mending a few days with Mr*. Julia (Copier. Mrs. Millard Hunter of N<rth Collins Is visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Clark. \ V V ■ ' Ik., ' : 1 Mr. and Mrs. Rosa Swalland and daughter are'spending some time at Mill*, Pa. Mrs. C. W. Beach has returned home aftA a Short visit with her mother af East Ottn. Miss Psase has returned home after a abort visit with her aunt, Miss Adda ThomDson. Mr. and Mra. E. S. Oases and ion Frank, are visiting Mr.v and Mrs. Harrv Oakes. Frank Pottar of Hamburg,- was a caller at the home of Mra Anna Coin last Sunday. Mias Edith Williamson of Buffalo, was the guatt of Mr and Mra D. A. Bl.ias Sunday. Albert Bird Jr., Tracy ddhnson and Ray Cunningham motored to Mead- ville, Pa., this'week. Mr. and files. Moriah Whipple visit­ ed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Olio Wbipp • the past week. Mra A. Lr Miller and grandson Her­ bert returned last week after a «boit visit at Saranae Laka. Misses Alberta and Arlene Miller are visiting their grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Albert Miller. Mrs. A. A. Gsuld and Mra. S. E. -Brown of South Dayton visited Mrs Anna Coen last Thursday -Mrs F. W. Smith and daughter Luc- ille suent a few days this week with relatives In Conewango. , , * Miss Lucy TenEyck arrived home this morning after a several weeks* viSjt in Philadelphia, Pa. There rra* no cheese market in Sels- manes Wednaiday August 6th as re- polled in !ast week’s issue. Mrs. Caroline'Dawson has returned home after spending some time in Meadville and Conneaut. Pa. Mra. Emma Hooker and sona Merle and Chester spent Hufiday at the home of Custer Howard at Eaat Leon. Mias Grace Johnsofi of Buffalo, ar­ rived Saturday to apend aoma time at the home of her brother, F. E. John­ son. 2 Mias Dorothy Laing of Eaat Otto and Misa Pauline Brymer of Bradford, Pa, visited friends in town the past week. The Misses Ella Whitmeyer, Edna Campbell and Alice KY*°r of Machias, leave Saturday lor n weeks’ stay at Lily Dale. Doiothy Schultz entertained 28 of her friends Monday evening, August 11th in honor of her eleventh birthday anniversary. The Prince family reunion will be held on the Fair Grounds at Little Valley-N.. Y , Wednesday, August 20tb . All relatives are invited. Mr. and Mrs. Ij M. Evans and daughter Frances, left Thursday morning for a motor trip through the central and northern part of the atate. M ibb trances Evans will attend the wedding of her cousin. Misai Gladya McNette at Pulakai, N. Y,, where she ia to furnish ths music at the wedding. % The Burke-Seld-n reunion will be held August 30th at the home of Earl Irish at Dunkiik. All relatives ars most cordially Invited. Dora Dye. Sac. There will be another meeting of the Gutthntors of the Community Chau- tauqiià ip E. F. Beach & Son’s Inaur, ance office Tuesday evening, August 19tb. Mra. Anna Rood, daughter! Evelyn and Edith Mary Griffith, and Miae Either Weise are -spending the week camping at Lakeviaw on Chautauqua Laka * Mr. and Mra. H. C Rich of this place, and Mr. and Mrs E. E. Kelley of Little VaTleyTTetur ned Wednesday evening from a trip down the St. Law­ rence. Mr. and Mra. D. E. Hibbard. Mr. and Mrs. Bart Currev and daughter of Knapps Creek. Mrs. Nell Allen and aon-Doyri of Dayton, visited Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith Sunday. M ts . C. H Rich Mrs. S. J. Fuller, Mr. and Mrs. Lafe Glover are camping at. Magnolia Springs on Chautauqua Lake Mr. Rièh and Mr. Fuller spent Saturday and Sunday with thara. Ur. H M. Cbsa ot Buffalo, (pent Sunday with hla parents, Dr. and Mrs. E. M. Coss. His son Erwin, returned With him, after spending several months hers with his grandparents. YCome in and try our lunches served in our pool and billiard parlor. Dur Blackberry Tango ia tha neat soft drink on the market today. Convince vourself. Hotel Setter, Cattaraugus. N. ,Y. * it Rfra. Jesse Holbrook who has been visiting her daughter, Mra. C P Set­ ter* left Saturday to visit Mr. and Mra, Haprv Tuller at Oil City, Pa., She watt accompanied by Margaret and Hafan Taft. Mra. Mary Lana Clark whohàa spent four terms ofservice in Africa, wild' conduct a Missionary service in the Wesleyan church Sunday evening, August 17th, beginning at 7:45. Come* and bring other*. ((Continued oh page 1.) Please call for Liberty Bonds promptly after you have received notice that the same are r^ady for delivery Bank of Cattaraugus Cattaraugus, N. Y. August 18 - 19-30 A showing of pattern'hats in all the smart new styles for Fall and Winter trimmed hats ready for. your inspection. . ' ' i 4 * sb Also a line of cheap ready to wear hats. M i s s A d d a T h o m p s o n Attention, Farmers! We are in the market for poultry., fresh eggs and butter,- maple syrup fresh vegetables etc. If you are in­ terested please call and see us. HOTEL SETTER Cattaraugus, - New York ■ g E » i I ■ I fi 1 ■ ■a EBBE-* -¿ isa a z z z a s ' ,T H E Ashford Mutual Fire Insurance Co. OF CATTARAUGUS CO- The above company Can Save you One-Half on your FARM & PERSONAL PROPERTY INSURANCE If you are interested write or phone C. WEISHAN, Agent Bell Phone 1-R-4 EAST OT.TO, N. Y. Washing by hand is like Reaping by. hand a thing of the past, wheo you can buy a Walter A. Wood Power WASHER Gasoline or Electric $ 90.00 See this machine before buying else where. Heavy tub, Robbins & Meyers Motor, Solid steel frame, separate from tub prevents vibration. The best washer for the money. FOR SALE BY Mosher Hdw. Co. Inc. PHONE 186 CATTARAUGUS, N.Y.

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