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Cattaraugus times. (Cattaraugus, Cattaraugus County, N.Y.) 189?-1976, April 25, 1919, Image 2

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/ PAGE ■ m H H ■ T H E C A T T A R A U 3 1 S TIM E S E A R N 6 “New P e r m Description* W eekly” If y o u are in the m arket for a Farm this ^ S p ring—consult us before buying W e have hundreds of satisfied customers w h o t a f * d e n I stU L j h i r offict Airing the past 12 years. W e have helped m any others. Msy we help you? A few oT many places we have foi* ealet- A Farm near Kennedy . 191 acres 2% miles from Kennedy and K ini'e from state road near Waterboro and 5 mile» from Ran­ dolph« The land is all level and there are ICO acres' tillable and 35 acres of timber where 1000 bnckets can be set. The place has usually kept 30 head of stock and the milk has been sent to the condensory at , Randolph. The fe.ices are mostly wire. There is a 2 »togy.ll room house, recently repaired; main barn, horse barn, hog house, poultry house, granary and sugar house. A large bearing * orchard of 200 trees and some small fruit, p'ums, pears, cherries. A -well furnishes water for the house and 'spring water is piped to the barns. Telephone and R. D. v * Price $12,000 Honbr Roll OF TH E Town of New Albion A Small Farm on State Road In Village pf East Randolph IV This very' desirable small farm, of 13 V acres ia located on the state road between the Villases of Ran­ dolph and Bast Randolph and is well adapted for poultry farm or a village home with a few acies of laud. There is an extra good II room house with slate roof and good cellar and also a good' barn. A flowing well of water at the house. The location is po desirable that it will appeal to anyone wanting a farm of this size. Price $8,000 A Great Valley Farm With Stock and Tools 'This fully equipped farm of 132acres ia located in the town of Great Val- _ lty, Ji mUe from the state road and 2 miles from East Salamanca. There is a school house on the farm. There is a good 2 story 9 room house, a new gamurel roof bara'40x60 with cement stable floor and patent stan- chions and i ronnd silo, horse barn 16x30 and bog house 16x30. A well furniahea water for house and barns. Orchard of 25 trees. J The soil is good and productiee and and about 100 acres are tillable and practically level. About 30 acres of timber furnish plenty of material for wood and fence posts. Good wire fences. The owner includes with the farm 13 cows, 5 yearlings, l two-year old, 2 horses, binder, drill, manure spreader, wheel cultivator, wagons,I sleighs, buggies, harnesses, dairy tools, etc. / Price for all $9,000 DIED IN SERVICE Petersen. Alfred C., Sept. 5, 1918, Angove, William, Sept. 29, I 9 I 8 . Miller. Albert, Oct. 13, 1018. . Storum, Rollin, October 16, 1918,, Allen, Charles A. Berg, Albert, Blood, J. Gordon Brass', Krwin A. Brogbani, Merle ■ Brown, W . Leone .1 ^rGarisou, Oscar. Chapman. Clyde A. Coss, Bartlett C. Cunningham Ray G. Cunningham, Roy. Cunningham, Dan*. Dawson. George S. Davis, Harold Dermont, Harold. Pur fee. Lelaud E. Dunkleman, Claude O. Easton, John. ’ Eberlee, Stanley \ - Eddy, Howard. Facklam, Walter. Fancher, W. Lavay Farrar, Clarence B. Frank, William. Griffith, Charles M. Grimm, Floyd. Gerwitz, Joe P. Gustafson, Benjamin. Hart, VerneII. Herrick, Arthur. Hoard, Frank R. , {lull, Carl L. F. living, Harry A. Irving, Chaa. t Johnson, Harold R. Johnson, Merlin F. Keating, Dennis B. Kickbusli,. Leonard. Keating, John J .v Larsen, Oga W. Larsbn, Herbert J. Lawrence, Loys B. Lattin, Capt. Berton Letts, Adolph. LucC, Rolleu, Locke, Henry J. . Marvin, Orin. Mason, Edgar C. - McCarthy, J. Leo. * McCarthy, Edward J. McClellan, Wm. W. Merow, Henry J. Merrill, Charles C. Milks, Horton C. Mosher, Irving H. Murphy, Irving, lgjchols, Raymond DeHatt. Payne, Lee. Pickup, Earl Dr. __ Reichelt, Carl F. RookyrT Merle. ------- Rooker, Chester. Rose, Amil E. Schultz, Hugh,. Sjchraeder, Martin Simmons, Clarence. Simmons, Chester B. Smith, Mark. Snyder, Charles R. Snyder, Arnold F, Spink, Emmett E, Swanson, David J. Swanson, Victor. Turney, Walter J. Tuttle, Robert J . Wagner, .Sergt. G. Earl. Wetzsteitl, Christ E. ‘RICHEST BOY’TO SPEND ONLY Â DOLLAR A WEEK Â Perfect Piston Seal M akes Climbing Easy There’s no Waste of oil keep^ a gas-tight is spry and powerful. power or itici seal between when ibt y ou gel piston rings lit properly and the 1 and the cylinder walls. Your car usable ounce of power out of your fuel, whether bucking steep grades, speeding or loafing. That’s .the kind of power insurance and fuel. cconomy you always get from POLARINE / ■ Polarine perfectly meets the requirements of every type of automobile engine. 1 Keeps bearings and engaging parts cool, friction-free and running quietly the year round. Assures freedom from rapid carbon accumulations. Keeps overhauling and repair bills small. Polarine Gear Oil keeps transmission and differential gears properly lubri ­ cated and operating quietly with a minimum of wear. Sold under the red, wljjte and blue So-CO-nv Sign and by garages anS dealers everywhere. STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF NEW YORK Thomas Austin Yawkey Intends to Continue the Practice of Thrift. -X 290 Acres with Stock and Tools In Town of Mansfield ' This farm ia ail equipped for bust- lies»; 30 cows, 4 horses, wagons, buggies, sleighs, sugar tools', dairy tools, etc. • The soil is very product­ ive and the farm has usually kept 40 head of stock. There are 80 acres of timber with 1000 sugar maples and alas au orchard of 100 apple trees. Tile 2 story' 16 room house has an acetylene light plant. There is plenty of barn room; fhain barn 44x 80, horse bars 30x48, hog house, poultry house and wagon shed, all in ? ood repair. he farm is'V mile from school, X mile from cheese factory and 4 miles from condensory and R.R. station at Kllicottvilie. Price $14,000 FROM COAST TO COAST That# having Farms for sale ara in­ vited to list them wÿh tu and have the benefit of our special service. We aim to deal fairly with both buyer «ad seller. This is the oldest Farm Agency in Cattaraugus County and has been suc­ cessful because it has rendered reel ser­ vice to those who have farms to sell and thosa who wish to buy. THE HAZARD-1 RHODES CO. 52 Main St., Phone 115-W Salamanca, N. Y- Our Peace Envoys Emphasize Importance of Victory Loan In a message to the American people the United States dele­ gates to the Pea'ce Conference at Parla, Secretary of State Robert Lansing, General Tasker H. Blass, Colonel . E, M. House and Henry White, emphasize the necessity for successfully Boating the Victory Liberty Loan. The Importance of milking the Allies’ victory com­ plete Is stressed In the statement that it is necessary that interna­ tionally as well as nationally the campaign go “over the top.” _ - The message reads : * • \We have had the opportunity here In France to see and realize the magnitude of the accomplishment of our country, in this-war and the magnificent spirit with .which this great task has been carried through to a triumphant issue. “What has been done and what remains to be done before nor­ mal conditions are restored demand your continued and united sup­ port with the same spirit of self-sacrifice and pf determination as that which was manifested by the nation wlyilc the Gennan.nrmleh faced our men at the Marne and in tho-Cnampagne, at St. Miliiel and In the Argonne. We must not-relax our efforts until every sol­ dier of the republic is landed on the soil of America. \To finish this mighty task Imposes upon thé government of the United States a great financial burden! The Victory Liberty Loan must thrive. If it ohquid fail i t would indicate that the nation It willing to leave Its taek uncompleted. \To secure the Ideals for which Americans fought and died ., this great demand on national patriotism and united effort sliquld meet a generous and universal response. L'et us all do our duty to the end. ^ w , \ROBERT LANSING, . ' \E. M. HOUSE, v \HENRY .WHITE, \T. H. BLISS.” Real Estate Transfers Lizzie Comstock to George Hamil­ ton, $1, Dayton, 1 acre. Albert Frank and others 4 6 ’ Georoge M. Marsh, 41, New Albion, jl acre DeLusious Richards to /Daniel W. and Frank Kehoe, $1, Salamanca. Frank M. Meade to Agnes Stratton, $1, Randolph, 101 acres Melvin Markham and wife to Benja­ min Behan, 81, Uowanda. Frank L. Pritchards to Charles and Mary Gross, $1, Conewango, 1-2 acre. Evelyn Evans to Becca Wake, Cat­ taraugus, 81000. t Jesse W. Reed to Charles Meacham, 8600, Great Valley, ill acres. Darwin M. Graves to Egbert Searles, 81, Randolph. Augustus M Or nee and wife to George Hubhard, $1, Napoli, 28 acres He used to have a quarter a week to spend, and now he's Worth' ¡-\20 C00, hut ?early habits of ’thrift—<Sutb! tis the Government seekA’fjS encourage | ihrotigli War Savings Stamps cam­ paigns—have., kept wealth from turn- Ir.g the head of slxteen-yeapold Tlionr vri ns Austin Ynwkey, a student in the Washington Irving School, of Tarry- | town, N. Y. lie has-become the “ltlch- m est Boy In America,\ through ft he- fm quest of Ids ttik-lp, William II. Yaw- key-, of Now York- City. Ills attitude | towards his recent inheritance is al- • most ideal from the standpoint of thrift. . In tlie private school to which he was sent In his ninth -year, Tom was trained to frugal living. His spending money was regulated to a quarter week, the disposal of which he al-> ways accounted for. Now his week­ ly allowance will be raised to a doi- ar, hut lie intends to still keep a careful account of how it.is spent, jj The boy appreciates n thrifty I life and means to live i t He Is content to get along each week on the price of four Thrift Stamps. He wants to be n good business man and a wise philanthropist. He already is plan- nlng how to take cure of his fortune in a way that wilt do the most_good for the world. He intends to spend far less than his Income 'and to em­ ploy the surplus in charitable work,' Tom’s ideas of thrifty living and the application of his surplus Income for charity are unquestionably good ones; The United States Government lu| made It possible for everyone to do likewise, perhaps on a smaller scale, but with equal benefit , to themselves.' Tlie purchase of Thrift Stamps and of War Savings Stamps is a {jure and steady means of establishing a sum for future use. Livlug Well within one's income is one of the first rules of thrift. Butting the small amounts away in such an elastic medium as War Savings Stamps is the next step, In the provision for future happiness. Such saving removes the handicaps Of so many people who really want to do good, but who never have mad* any -definite effort to provide them­ selves with capital. A Remarkable Chain of Homo Testimony. And Cattaraugus Adds Its Votes to the Brand Chorus of Local Praise From north to southr-from.. east to west.i . In every city, every community, In every state in the union Rings out the grateful praise for Doan’s Kidney. Pills. ' 50,000 representative people in every walk of life Publicly testify to quick relief and lasting results. And it’s a ll for the benefit of fellow sufferers. In this grand chorus of local praise, Cattaraugus is well represented. Well known'Cattaraugus people Tell of personal experiences. Who can ask for better proof of merit? Joel Terkins, fanner, Franklin St.,, “ I think hard work weakens my kid­ neys and brings on attacks of kidney trouble. When I have been sitting down and try to get up, I get a c&tch in my back and <an hardly move. I lywe a too frequent desire to pass the kidney se­ cretions and they are highly colored I use'Doan’s Kidney Pills right away getting them at Harvey & Carey’s Drug Store, and they fix me up in quick time.\ Fries 60c, at all dealera. Don’t aim- ply ask for a kidney remedy—get Doan’* Kidney Pills—the' same that Mr. Perkin* uses/ Footer-MUburn Co., Props.,-Buffalo, N. Y. If you wish meat de­ livered for dinner, all orders must be in by 9:30 in the, morning. Rich Valley Newt. (Too late for last issue, i (¿live Snyder, August Snyder,- Bar old Kidout ana A. T SBmuleson at tended the 1. O. 0. F. district meeting at Salamanca Wednesday evening. Mrs. Earl Harris and Mjra. F. Milks are on the sick l i s t . Mrs. Ella Snyder and daughter Elva are visiting ip Salamanca for a few days. Charles Uiwson attended the funeral ot Hay Fuller in Cattaraugus Tuesday. Dr, Coss of Cattaraugus was in town Wednesday Edison Milks of Dayton called on his brother, F. Milks Monday. ' * Mineral Lake. A lake near Blggnr, Saskatchewan, • has been found to he saturated with ’ ■odium sulphate/ and the deposits tin­ der the lake and alongside the edge to be nearly 07 per cent pure sulphate. The mineral la used extensively In the manufacture of sulphuric add, In pho­ tography and other Industrial pur- J* S . - PAUL SCHOLL CATTARAUGUS, N. Y Cottage. (Too late for last week.) W. J. Smith had business in Perrys- burg Monday. Mrs. Jennie Urantier ia teaching in the lower room tbis week ia place of Miss Hart who is ill. . \ Miss Lulu Darbee who has spent the winter in Norwich, returned home Tuesday Alberta Frantzsn was home from Dunkirk the first of the week. Velma Spauidmg was in Perrysburg Tuesday afternoon. Miss Elsie Ptainmer of Goiaanda spent the week end at C. F. Dftrbees’. John Volk unjoaded a car.of coal at Markham's Wednesday. Several are getting in their winter’* supply. Colon Fluker attended cdurt at Little Valley this week. Bart Hugaboom and little daughter of Tonawanda spent Saturday and Sun­ day with Mrs Ellen Randall. H. M Hooker attended the funeral of his annt, Mrs. Esther Edwards Brown held at Nashville Saturday, Mr*. Clark Cummings and daughters of Perryeburg were in this place Sat urday. . Mr. and Mra. Grant Grossman, ot Glean spent tba latter part of the week with her mother, Mrs Ellen Kandtll. Practically every child la ev- i cry school throughout .New York! state mu! the twelve uorthen $ counties of New Jersey has re i celved a Penny Savings School ♦ Hook, Issued to help children J save for thrift stamps. Map; j Innovations are being Introduced i in thisVork in the schools. Well i known military experts and i ■young officers of the aviation 1 corps will address the young- i sters. Pictorial releases, 1 other features will be used ji'f arouse patriotism. , Reports from leading cities ot the state show a remarkable h j crease In W ar Savings Socletiaa Buffalo, Rochester- and Bln? haintoh making a particularly! 'good record. * * ★ * * * * ♦ » NEW THRIFT BOOK.

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