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•1.1 .tJI—Ifl» ' To Cwre take Laxative ErcçuO CJj Seven MDBon boxes soW in past ÏC ¿sorUh». •mnvf«». ftciaimNiMRHHlHMMHI Cares \ in? . ÎB Two Days. relets. £ rv/ A SL*«?- This signature,® *«. 25c * fïSti SO YEARS' EXPERIENCE TRACE MARKS DcaipNB f y » . - CoPVRStaHTS &C. Anrone sending it sketch and dnaprlntlon may Quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an invention is probably patentable. Communica- tion» strictly oonOUoinJal. Handbook on Patent« Bent frP0. Oldest nt-oncy tot securlnsr patent». Patent« taken tlirbufdi Munn & Co. receive special notice, without charge, in the Scientific American, A handsomely lllnstrated weekly. I-BrKeat cir- culation of any «clentlflc journal. 1erm«. »3 a rear: four rjoutho, $1. Sold by all newsdealer*. MUNN & Co. 38,Broaawai New York Branch Office. 6» F BU'WasBington. D. C. Indigestion Causes Catarrh of tk« Stomach. For many years it has been supposed that Catarrh of the Stomach caused Indigestion and dyspepsia, but the truth is exactly tke opposite. Indigestion causes catarrh. Re- peated attacks of Indigestion Inflames the mucous membranes lining the stomach and- exposes the nerves of the stomaeh, thus caus- ing the glands to secrete mucin Instead of the Juices of natural digestion. This Is called Catarrh of the Stomach. Kodol Dyspepsia Curl relieves all Inflammation of the mucbus membranes lining the stomach, protects the nerves, and cures bad breath, sour risings, a sense of fullness after eating, Indigestion, dyspepsia and all stomach trouble«. Kodol Digests What Yon Eat Make the Stomach Sweet. 6ott!*a rnly. .. Regular size, $ 1.00, holding 2V4 time» the trl»l aSo, which rells for 50 cents. Prepared by E. C. DoWITT & OO., Chi««*o, Uk The Lone Star State,. Down in Texas at Yoakum, is a big dry goods fifin of whitjli .Mr.'J. M. Mailer is the lit ail. Mr. Ilaîler <>v .oiie-'af Iiis trips cast to buy go;-ils sala to a friend who Was with liit: in the paiate- car, 'Hert, take one or tli.se Little Early Risers up- on going to I) cl and you will be up early hi Cite niornin • feeling good \ For the \dark brown\ taste. headache and that logy teeling DeWitt's Little Early Risers are the best pills to use. Sold by all drug- gists- _ : •Impie Operation. >ve the appi est ion, ' try ' itit's Stomachimi, H. S L - Ì J Z ,' of Del. restored l»iy . ap 'ie.ved ine of a.'bj< ii .plea ant and I the ijo'wels.\ •P .a')-- •oit. Mich., jetite when- -au.: lee'inv satisfactory \ Tlteie aJe people hi-this coinu unity who need just such a medicine. for sale by Hat vey .& •Maltbie. Every box waraanted / — - Two ef a Kind. Ethel-—Ytis; father was terribly angry when I asked him for money \Young IVreezely is going to mar-1 for my new »ilk dress, ry that rich old Miss Lark.\. Maud—Was he? Well, I must say \I wonder how he won her?\ jjny husband is different. He did sot \Stood «till, of course, and didn't [ lay a word when I asked him for'an shy when she made love to him.\— automobile. Cleveland: Plain Dealer. IS PARK'S TEA. It will care Constipation, Sick-Headache, Bil- iousness, Drowsiness, Nervousness, Eczema, Sleeplessness. Nervous Exhaustion and all erup- tions of the Skin. It Is a Blood Medicine. V-r/te packages a t all dealers 25c. Write for free trial DacVaze. F RANK O. R EDDISH, * I.B ROY, N. Y., U. S. A. OAëTOniA. Sean the /) IW Kind Yoo Haw Always Bought (Signature A DOCTOR FOR A QUARTER. One Package of PARK'S TEA will prevent more diseases tlian any doctor can cure For One Hundred Dollars. PARK'S TEA cures Const!« patlon, which Is the forerunner of all tliseasefc There is no medicine like it. It is pleasant to take. I^rpe Packages at all dealers at 25 cents. Write for free trial package. F RANK O. R EDDISH, I,E ROY, N. Y.. U. 8. A. CASTOniA. Beare the JÎ ^ WÏ YOU Have Always BOUgK tignatine , - - - \ r Good, for Children. The pleasant to take and harmless One Minute Cough Cure gives immediate re- lief in all case? of Cough, Croup and La- Grippe because it does not go lnimediat- ly to the stomach,but takes effect right at the seat of the trouble. It draws out the inflammation.heals and soothes and cures f ermanently by enabling the lungs to contribute pure life-giving and life-su«- taning oxygen to the blood and tissues'. Dr. Armstrong of Delia. Tex., prescribes it daily and says there is no better congli remedy made. Sold by all druggists. - Quid« to Beauty. • She—I have two very dear friends —Agnes and Florence. He—Which,is the more popular? \Oh Agnes is much more popu- lar than Florence—among - the girls.\ * introduce me to Florence. I am S ffrtittl to good looking gjrlw 8 -** Kansas 'City Journal, One Hundred Dollars a Box. is the value H. A. Tisdale, Sumtnertown, S. C., places on DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve. He says. \I had the piles for twenty years. X tried many doctors but all failed except DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve. It cured me.\ It is a combination of the healing properties of Witch Hazel with antiseptics and emollients; relieves and permanently cures blind, bleeding, itching and protruding piles, sores, cuts, bruises, eczema, salt rlievtm and all skin diseases. Sold by all dealers. At the Concert. He—What delicacy! What har- mony! What color! It is divine I She—J am so glad you like it. I think it exfluissite. . He—I could listen t o it forevfer 1 She—Whyl what are you refer- ring to ? ' He—That symphony which was just rendered, of course. She—Oh, I thought you meant that beautiful gown in front of us. —Master Singer. Ethel- Maud- Life. -And did -Of couri Ou gpi it ? not.—Brooklyn RAILROAD The Great Trunk-Line Between the East and the West. Pullman Sleeping Cars and Elegant Day Coaches from Sala- manca to New York,. Clevelahd, Chica- go and Cincinnati Time table adopt- ed , June 14, 1903. Eastern Standard • Time. East from Cattaraugus TRAIN 114. . IO-26 Daily from Dunkirk. Makes A KM connections from Buffalo at A. M. Dayton for Salamanca. TRAIN 108. Daily except Sunday. Local D M accommodation from Buffalo to r. M. Salamanca. TRAIN 106. •y.gg Daily exc.Sunday from Dunkirk. J. \¿1 Atlantic Express. Through train- \ for New York and points Bast. West from Cattaraugus TRAIN 105. Daily. Local Accomodation from New York to Dunkirk, connecting for Buffalo at Dyt'n TRAIN 107. Daily except Sunday from New York to Dayton connect- ing for Buffalo. . TRAIN 25. Daily. Makes connection at Dayton for Buffalo, connects j at Dunkirk for the West. 7-35 A.M. 1-35 P. M. 3-29 P.M East Sunday, Train 910,10:13 p. m. Dun- kirk to Salamanca, connecting at Dayton' with train from Buffalo to Jamestowrr W. R. CHASE Ticket Agent, ' Cattaraugus!' N. Y. F. H. GARFIELD, Division Pass. Agt. Jamestown, N. Y. D. W. COOKE, Gen. Pass.Agt,; New York N Y Kodol Dyspepsia Cure % digests all classes of food, tones and: strengthens the stopiach aud digestive orgâns. Cures Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Stomach Troubles and makes rich, red blood, health and strength. Kodal Dys- pepsia Cure rebuilds wornoiit tissues, purifies and sweetens the stomach. Gov. 0- W. Atkinson of W. Va. says: \I have used several bottles of Kodol Dyspepsia Cure and have found tt to be very effec- tive aud indeed a powerful remedy for stomach ailments. I reccomend it to my friends.\ Sold by all dealers, Quite as Satisfactory. \1 want to ask you something, Gracie,\ said the beautiful heirees. \What is it, Duckie?\ the duke inquired. \Would you objeot if I should re- quest the .minister to omit the word \obey' from the service when we are married ?\ \Certainly not. He can just make it lave, honor and supply,\'—Chi- cago Becord-Herald. Fight Will be Bitter. Those who will persist in closing their ears against the continual recommenda- tion of Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption will have a long and 1 bit- ter fight with their troubles if not ended eariler with a fatal termination. Read what T. R. ' Beall of Beall Miss, says: \Last Jfall my wife had every sympten of consumption. She took Dr. King's New Discovery after everything else had fail- ed. Improvement came at,once and four bottles entirely cured her.\ Guaranteed by Harvey & Maltbie, Druggists. Price 50c, and $1.00. Trial bottles free. — » • — r ; No Excess Fare is charged'^on any Nickel Plate Train, and they carry the finest coaches, Pullmans and dining cars serving club meals at 35c to $1 .00, also meals A la carte.\ Always low- est rates and .best service. . A. C. Showalter, Erie, Pa. A Timely Suggestion. This is the season of the year when the prudent and careful housewife replenish- es her supply of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It is certain to be needed be- fore the winter is over, and results are much mere prompt and satisfactory when it is kept at hand arid given as soon as the cold is contracted and before it lias become settled in the system. In almost every instance a severe cold can by warded off by taking this remedy freely as soon as he first indication of the cold i ppears. Thijre is no danger in giving it to children as it contains no harmful substance. ' It is pleasant to. take—both adults and children like it. Buy it and you will get the best. It always cures. For sale by Harvev & Maltbie. His \Paim.\ Jarson —They tell me Midge palmed. iuiityei-iUa^-a -uullionairu when he was abroad. Mumphazzard—Tie did. He had a photograph taken of himself and family standing on tLo steps of the capitol and exhibited it all over the continent. as his residenoO.—Miau^e- apolis SentincJ. How to Prevent Croup. It will be good news *o the mothers of small children to learn that croup can be prevented. The first sign of croup is liQarsness. A day or two before I lie at- tack the child becomes hoarse. This is soon followed by a peculiar rough cough. Give Chamberlain's Cough Remedy free- ly as soon as the child becomes hoarse, or even after the rough cough appears, and it will dispel all symptoms of, croup. In this way all danger and anxiety can be avoided. This remedy is used by many thousands of mothers and has never, _been known to fail. It is in fact the only remedy- that can be depended upon and is pleasant and safe to take. For sale >-y Harvey & Maltbie. Her Comment. Mlae Vera Plane—I always en- deavor to be .very distant to Mr. No^rstte, and yet he fa infatuated witi me. 6ose Budd—Yes, dew. I think if you weren't quit« so distant h«'d soon got over his infatuation. Judge. Revolution Imminent. A sure sign of approaching revolt and serious trouble in your system isjnervous- ness, sleeplesj-ness or stomach upsets. Electric Bitters will quickly dismember the troublesome causes. It never fails to tone the stomach, regulate the kidneys and .bowels, stimulate the liver and clar- ify the blood. Run down systems bene- fit particularly and all the usual attend- ing aches vanish under its searching^and effectiveness. Electric Bitters is only 50c and that is returned if it don't give per- fect satisfaction. Guaranteed by Harvey' & Maltbie Druggists. *Qood Character. The Ladies—-What sort of a per- son is Mrs. Newcome, Mr. Hopper? The General Dealer—She's a per- fect lady—doesn't know one brand of goods from another.—Judge. Better Than a Plaster. A piece of flannel dampened with ChamDerlain's Pain Balm and bound on the affected-parts, is better than a plaster for a lame back and fot pains in the sides or chest. Pain Balm has no superior as a liniment tor the relief of deep seated and muscular and rheumatic pains. «For sale by Harvey & Maltbie. Taking a Fall Out of Mr. 8. Mr. Spratt—I suppose you do not remember that you promised to obey me when we were mamed? Mrs. Spratt — Don't you know, John, that & woman who could mar- ly you would be equal t o any kind of foolishness ?—Boston Transcript. A gtess-or-two of cold water taken half an hour before breakfast will usully keep the bqwels regular. Harsh cathartics Should be avoided. When a ptir^ative fs needed, take Chamberlain's Stomach and Li ver Tablets. They are mild and gei.- tl e in their action. For sale by Harvey cu Maltbie. • * Ceurt KfTewt». The Lawyer—Of course, my dear madam, the greit thing in •rbjwo' this sort is to.introduce sometlung into \the evidence that ynll appeal to £fflv-0h, I shall change my costume everr day, -Brooklyn Life. A Cosily Mistake. lllund-rsane \oineiimes very expensive. Occasionally life itself is the price of » mistake, but you'll never £ wrong • •'.you take' Dr King's New Lile . . * [ iiyspepsia. Dizziness. Headache. L veto Bowel troubles. Ti.ey ««/\»'f thorough. »25cat Il ivey & Maltbi s Drug Store. Low Rates Via Nickel Plate. Dec. 15th, Jan. ¿tb aud-'^tli arc the dates for the next low rate ex- cursions via the Nickel Plate to the west south and southwest Ju re fereuce to those rates may be had bv writing or phoning to A. C. Showalter, Dis't Pa ¥ . Agt. 807 State St. Erie, Pa. 13—J To Cure a Cold in One Day. Tike Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All druzgists refund-money if it fails 10 cure. E W. Grove's/ignature ls on each box. 2SC. Winter Tourist Rates now in effect via Erie R. R- to all Tourist points. Travel in comfo/t by starting from your home station 011 the Erie R. R- No lower rates via any route. Tetter, Salt-Rheum and Bczetua. The intense itching and smarting inci- dent to these diseases is instantly allayed bv applying Chamberlain's Eye and Skin Ointment. Many very bad cases have been permanently cured-by it. ..It is equally efficient for itching piles and a favorite remedy for sore nipples, chapped hands, chilblains, frost bites and chronic sore eyes.—25cts. per box. For sale by Harvey & Maltbie; „ .. Dr. Cady'a Condition Powders, are i ust what a horse needs when in bad condition. Tonic, blood purifier and vermifuge. TMey are not food but medi- cine aud the Best in use to put a horse in prime condition. 25 cents, per package. For sale by Harvey & Maltbie. Mom« and to«. The atomy; theory has been aibao- doned by alh the atom is known positively to be d«*omposable. It is the number o< its eorpuaelea or ions that determines the character of the atom. An atom made up of 700 corpuscle« fa a hydrogen atom; one of 11,200 cerpuscles Is oxygen, etc. But what are the corpuscles? Sir William C»ookes points out that in 1875 that daring spirit. William Kingdon Clifford, advancing upon gome vague speculations of Faraday and Sir William Thomson (now Lord Kelvin), wrote definitely, \There is great reason to -believe that .every material atom carries upon it a small electric current, if it does not wholly consist of this current.\ AT C ^ JAYNE'S, EXPECTORANT An almost, infallible remedy for dis- eases of the Throat» and Lungs, known ffi> used the world over for ,, almost a Century. ^ -nami^B The Khwl You Have Always Bought, and whi-i.T^^ in use for ove r 30 years, has borne the ¿S» it UZxWWiZ*: Allow no™«, 't, 1 ^» .All Couuterfeits, Imitations and««Jnst-as.good» ^ Experiments tliat trifle with and endanger the ** Infants and Children—Experience against Expefl^J What is CASTORIA Oastoria is a harmless substitute for Castor OIL goric, Drops aud Soothing Syrups. It 1* piw^f* 1 contains neither Opium, Morphine nor otherKwL«Jj substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroy»-w^ and allays Fcvcrislmess. It cures Diarrhoea Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Coasti ... * vunwmu- and Flatulency, It assimilates the Food, reguk2|7 Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natanJ*2 The Children's Panacea—The Mother's FrlMi, ^ CENUIN« CASTORIA ALWAtj Bears th« Signature of The Kind You Have Always Boi| In Use For Over 30 Years. THE CENTAUR OOMMNV, TT MURRAY STREET. NEW YORK OltV. hoi % s e veral ca (western death ca one iefflic is feai He disease s. je closed tbi At 0oovil ^bool since ownership o house is in « . John Bai jUoted the the top of Corn Versue Greek.^ It has long been held th«t tke ul- timate aim of education is culture. ihfeseor L. H. Bailey ot Ooroeil university »ayi, \Thert is as mue^ vtiitare in the study of oorn as there fa in ^he study'of Greek.\ Why not? Wherein does culture consist? It oonsista in an appreciation and leva of the true, the beautiful and the food. Where \will you send your children to find subjects of study that manifest truth, beauty and util- ity if they cannot be found in the study of tke atmosphere, soil, birds, insects, plants ana domestic ani- mals? Pate of a Snake Tamer. An English lady snako tamer, Ley ton, has just met a terrible death in the village of Vaehlingen, in Bhenish Prussia. She was perform- ing before the public in a menagerie with a boa constrictor, which she permitted to eoil itself round her neck and breast. Apparently the applause of the spectators infuriat- ed the reptile, wnieh tightened its toils and amid the shrieks of the public strangled her on the platform before anything could be done to as- sist her. The snake was immediate- ly killed.—London Globe. ii Hacking Cough Irritates the throat -end racks the lnngg. A remedy that will instantly relieve and quickly core Coughs, Colds, Whooping Cough, Bronchi- tis and Throat and Lung troubles generally ia invaluable.' Gray's Balaam is absolutely guar- anteed to cure those diseases. Used for years in Bellevue Hospital, New York, it is thoroughly reliable, will not dry up a cough, and Is a sale children's medicine. Price 2Scts. Stanley E. Hereon, LeBoy, N. Y. Patronize Your-H-&me Agents. Not neces ary to go from HOME to save railroad fare. Rates via Erie R. R. are as low as made by any other line. See agents of Erie about that trip. A Medicine 64o«ot. < Th« up to <&te architect when planning a bath room is almost sure to make room for a medicine closet. It is high enough to-be out of reach of childish hands, but low enough to be accessible t o the busy house- wife. In these days of telephones the medicin^ closet may seem a super- \fluttv but experience teaches .every moth« that a judicious use of its contents may obviate-too frequent oalk for the doctor and furnish the ounce of prevention which is worth a pound of CUM. Ueeful to Know. A eup of milk added to ths\water with whieh an oilcloth or oiled floor is to be washed gives it a luster like new. Hie application of a bit of soap On the point of a lead pencil to a creakjr hinge will eure its stiffness and silence its complaints. Ink stains may tie removed from linen by putting melted tallow on the m&rk and then washing the ar- ticle. The ink and grease will eome out together. Disinfecting. The following solution is found satisfactory for disinfecting vessel» and clothes used in the sick reom where there are infectious diseases, sinoe it leaves no stain and will not harm the most delicate fabrics: Dis- solve one-half dram of nitrate of lead in one-half pint of hot water and a saltspoonful of salt in a pail of cold water. Mix together, and it is ready for use. This is poisonous to drink. N0T1C B TO CREDITORS,. t'lirHnntit to an order of Hon c I • .Surrogate of Cattaraugus County, ¡¿ B hereby Riven to nil persotisliarartiwf the estate of lohh Poulriur, Itlti Town of East Otto, CattarattjmCotitt York, deceased, that they are reqnireiH seut the same, with proper voodiMt ft i 'Philbriclc, Administrator oltheoutetli ceased, at his office lit the Town of Bast N. V., on or before ihe first day of.lUvi Dated October 17th, 1903. . ' R. H. PHIlBRIClt, Admiral NOTffiB. TO CREDITOR Pursuant to an order of Hon. c. D. J Surrogate of Cattaraugus County X. ?, is hereby given to all penou UU against the estate of Deooati WhiilotJ the town of East Otto, Cattannpi Coat ceased, that they are required to pmot with proper vouchers to R. H. PhilbHtk,r or of Ihe ^rill of said deceased, it Ui the town of East Otto, N. Y., on or Ma first day-of May, 1904. Dated Sept. 14th, 1903, R. H. PHiptlCfclS THE PEOPI.E OP THE §Tmol YORK, to all persons interested in tu assigned by Robert Ernest Blak'elyloa johnson for the benefit of credilon,»« or otherwise: You and each of jou are hereVy am| quired to appear It) the County C ntrfl augtts County at the Chambers of Ike ( Judge in tVe village of Uajtoa in aH. on the 4th day o( January, im B «•< in the forenoon of that day inaikowai a settlement of the account of tie pna of ElisliaX. Johnson PS general isi( Robert Ernest Blakely should not 1* H if no cause be shown, to attend a Httfc» such account. ,-v J W ITNESS , the Hon. wlnfieWS.Thni« of said court, abd the seas fr si court this first divolDec«»— 1 J E. Ei Kefley.Ck D. E. Powell, Attorney for Assign«, Cattaraugus, N.Y, His Altered Usefulneee.^ The scorching chauffeur lost con- trol of his machine,-wh'ich dashed through the wall of a writing fluid factory and precipitated him into a tat ef finished product. '-'Well,\ he muttered as he drawl- ed out, \I may be badly' damaged, but I'm still indispensable to a well ordered office desR. • \Bow so?\ askid the surgeon. \Because'I'm n first class inky racer.\—Baltimore News, THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF p YORK, to ail persons interrale« ti1» t assigned by Clarence A. Keith .odh ! Keith as co-partners under be to •> style of Keith & Son snd aaindWMM est B. Houghton for the benefit oi WW creditors or »therwise: You and each of you are herew-j™ I quired to appear in the ContìyùjrU» LEUS County at thei OtaJ« itti forenoon 01 m»» \-J ™\#Ti tlement of the accouut of the p™»* Ernest ». Houehton u «O^fl Clarence A. Kefth and rrtU.l««fl nera under the firm name and *jle«j Son and as individual., rtwUnotKJ if no cause be shown, to attend a SCBW such accounts. . .. „ n-M WITNESS, the Hon. WinfieM ft Turn of said court, »»d [tS] court, this. D. E. Powell, Attorney for Aiip« Cattaraugus, N. «• - BEWARE OFJHE Wffl A man living near Mori« returned to that townJhjj and brought back « doiffl« boll weevils. . „«lAfti This man is playmg«tt^ might as well nave bronci Bird' Migration. The fact that flay birds liucome ! nocturnal at migralibn tiine, utter- ing notes used on no other occasion j in the year, that they fly at a speed i beyond their ordinary powers and J at heights beyond tjieir/ ordinary haunts,, leads i)r. Gnlkc to believe that they possess, in their powers] of flight and soaring some principle not employed 011 any other occasion and hitherto not taken into account i by naturalists. | Asthma \ One of my. daughters had a terrible case of asthma. We tried almost everything, but without re- lief. We then tried Ayer's Cherrv Pectoral, and three and one-half bottles cured her.\— Emma Jane Entsminger, Langsville. O. ' Ay«r's Cherry Pectoral certainly curesi; any cases of asthma. And it cures bronchitis, hoarseness, weak, lungs, whooping-cough, croup, winter coughs, night coughs, and hard colds. Thna sites: 25c., 54c., {I. All druggists. gelatin tub« full of germs from ^edo. B The plague of rabbita ^ etartedJfrom a handful of J mals that we|i imported m other land. t Everybody ^ grasses and w-fcjwj»! brought into a-eouB ^ from an insigm«g| til they have P^ ed themselves over a Our dispatch from\ J ilk . e bolf weevik arej^ which is kept tigW fc01 ne of the ^f^fl Consult your doctor. If he says take it, tben do as be aayv Tf he tells you not to take tt, then don't take It. Ilu knows. Leave it with him. W<> arS wlflln|t. J. C. AJtKH CO., LowaU. But suppose í fero .then thrown out. ^ tba develop itto |ni I weevils, wluch nf /^ Wl. weevil[looks gggg| method I simply fow a ¿¡¿Q0* I j ble creature«—^* that famous «S brough .¿Bath frót ! There is i Dennis Mc( •c® seethe go the way be fell and I I'm glad it his only < •dent. The Vari : Salamanca that town. Stories liigl ! Au India |ia arrest »ith assai .. Possibly R 1 himself. f L.W. * dan, of Nt Buffalo, WÍ day, Jan. lette's stor Friday and DO agents ' calls at hoi f Mary f Mary I \ February í \ New Albio r uctobe'r | in marriag; í with wbor ! pathway h Í She was ; indlwas f ' member oi about twel her husbai chuifch. Sister L, - assuming | tired life, ^ whenever | last sj [. came such band were home on t of their d¡ ning in I could ha' daughter to give. All tha was done ation to h her days Wédnesd; her spirit the God i Besides daughter grandchi! many fri( LJut rejoi< suffering -jndureíl Funers áay after church c Skard, a frey and' Anion] beautiful í.t.oí member. Intern twy. . GoSom Specia round tr '5th, J a , west and ' Sh.owalt ; Plate 8o frtieult Press ti

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