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the cium It in. .S Telephone Connection. nKstance ¡^g Distance Call 12A. Local Call 19- 4 «i! and gas leases for sale 1 . tf Fennei, igil ft* Kleiner , hair u .V«.\ -i ' au- con-v, that mpß- that * Thirteen cents iç. ttaeprice of the supper Saturday evening. If vôu find r man rçlio cannot in dolge in good honest laughter .Jreep your eye on him. He Is liafclito be treacherous. For rent, Hesirahiç Jiving rooms over Jewell's JïSrïïware. Inquire of N. A. Chaffer, Gowanda, N. ' Y / 3-4W. Quite a large number from, this place attended the funeral of the mother of A. J. Clark at Cherry Creek last week. The weather for the past week 4ws heen very nice aud bas, been a }i6d send to the farmers, who have been enabled to gather their crops in good shape. The person who took the carpet troiu the porch of a house on South street one night recently had better return it and save themselves trouble About twenty-hve of our young people drove up to Frank Harvej 's on Saturday evening to* eujuy a Hallow'een partj for Miss Florence Harvey. People are cautioned against leav- ing any,articles on their porches as theives are getting in their work in that line. There have been several complaints lately of articles being taken during the night Miss Cook, the trained nurse who has been with Miss Ethel Rich through her illhess, had the misfor- tune to fall down stairs on Sunday morning, and fractured her leg just below the knee. -« Two weeks ago a local appeared in THE TIMES that Levi Austin raised 150 bushels of potatoes- OB one arid a half acres of ground. It should have been one-half acre, which makes the yield a large one. We are very sorry, to announce thé death of Mrs. J. h. Clark of Cherry Creek, mother of Andy Clark of this Wee. Mrs. Clark had been ailing and bad had an opera- tion, which resulted in her death. AÏrsTClark was a lovely woman and many friends will mourn her loss. • A maq over in Riplev got a pim- ple 011 his nose, and got some medi- cine to reduce if- But the pimple continued to grow with every appli- cation, until it was as big as a tea cup. A roar to his wife deyeloped the fact UifTSe was using the wrong bottle, a^dj^d been applying his wife's bust developer. For Sale, two span of horses!, weight 2400, good roadsters and also good farm team. One team 4 and 5 and the other 9 and 10 years old. Will accept reasonable offer for cash or good negotiable note. Apply to Geo, Dietrich, three miles 52m! The Star Oil Works of Buffalo has sent to Henry Stanard, their delivery man in this -village, one 80PIAL REGISTER Hht supper at Prince ijSitorday evening. • fj'stiie now to commence think- ,\fbit yon are thankful for.\ linen's and Women's dormi- lit Alfred are filled, to over- ling thisyear. [¿rural free delivery route will Established December 1st at East iwith one carrier. [Let this be a winter fruit ful in feiiig the people of Cattaraugus ocloserfiocial relations. Jter is so wholesome and icial to man that we are some- it a. loss whom to envy most, iageortbe Simpleton.• [things are about equally divided, eiich man has money and dys- «a; the poor man, 110 purse and |god appetite. ¡President Roosevelt was 45 years ¡op Tuesday of last week. He Instlie first president of the United Ihles to celeb, ate such a youthful |Whday in the White House. Desirable business place fpr rent, 1« Main street, Cattaraugus, N. If Write W. H. Hazard, Sala- UiQrt|3 west of Cattaraugus. pea, N. Y. . tf . the powers above,\ said f ht,'\when oi bought thot divilish _ «sftfd plaster oi ¿hough tjoijjtruck Q f the prettiest horses we believe Sunday w«h friends at Stlaman^t. Mr - C - N Woench, who has been quite ill, is rfowfy convaleSLg yilkm WeidilMt B «f- falo taking medical t*atnent. Mrs. Geo. Mcintosh is spending the weik with rdative, inXeo„. Rae Austin of Salamanca was tbe guest of Miss Minnie Kopler Sun- 9av. . ..,'./ > ® • J*. and Mrs. A. F. Sigman vis- UedA. W. Watson and family near Elhcottville the latter paft of last week, . Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Eberlee spent unday at Ellicottville withF. Bar tholomew and family^ Mrs. Crampton and Cora Sigman visited in-Dayton several days last week. Mr. and Mr*. .Dennis Wachter and children of Hornellsville aye visiting relative« here this week. Mrs. Edwin James of Dualcirk is spending a few weeks Wth her cousin, Mrs. Albert Miller. Mr. and Mm. Flank T«rbox and Mrs. Mttrdwk were called to Leon Saturday night by the illness of relative. Attorney J. M. Willson found business at the surrogate'« office in Salamanca last Monday, Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Wood visited friends at Jamestown several days last week. * Mrs.-W. G. Garrett of Brookline, Mass., visited her Bister^ Mrs. L.H. Millingtou, the latter part of the week. ili^wli' j,v,' } Mt. and Mr«.- Hawks of - Protect tion, N. Y. are visiting C. E. Hol- | lerman and wife. Mr. and Mrs. L. Bartholomew are spending the week on their farm near East Otto. Mrs. B. J. Rich and sons, Percy and Stacy, of Portville visited rela- tives in town last week. Miss Broderick of Gowanda was the guest of Miss Mate Detmontthe latter part of last week. Mrs A. Austin and daughter, Nellie visited relatives in Dunkirk last week. Misses Jessie Miller, Ellen {Moil- now and M*. Ray Swartzman of Silver Creek spent Sunday with Mr. M»*«ipperiJ«i.t. 1* »5*eot«j>er pair If soft- •Ny matched. Don't forget ft bat Von will be awed by the fair daughters of Rebekah with care and politeness. ' C. JU C. The C. L. C. meets with Mrs. N ^ Whiting, on Tuesday even- ing, Nov. io, at 7:4; o'clock. illy PkOGRA\fc Quotations—Miscellaneous. Reading, »the personal character of Louis 14th\—Mrs.F.E.Johnaon. Short Talks v \Racine\—Miss Nellie Oakes, \Molfcre\-Mrs. Elliott. \J« 1 « Baptiste Colbert\—Mrs. Whiting, > * \'\ly Music. New Fail And Winter Goods. - - — — 1 •• 1 mini 1 Now itis Qenl. discussion of current topics led by Col. E. A. Na^fa. Clubbing Rates. For cash in advance we will send tor one year, the following] combi- nations; Times and Thrice-a-week World .for $1.75. 1 \ Times and Tri-Weekly Tribune for $1.80. mSc Times, Trihune Farmer and To- ledo Blade for $1.50. Send cash or checkspto T HB Tnias, 11../ Cattaraugus,N.Y I kifes 1 1 I«bargayi but now-begorrah I Know [tfrnslflnned agin.\ Stfragt^ and vigor come of good Ifcodydffly digested. \Force\ a »y-to-serve wheat and barley |M adds no burden, but sustains, Nourishes, invigorates. tf Fanners should raise more eggs. I % culture is more profitable than Eggs are now bringing 25 I «its a dozen and are scarce at that I price. The columns of THB TIMES are looted largely this week to election hatters. Hereafter the usual am- pt of local and other news will [«ppear, was ever seen in town. The horse is a dapple gray, 16 hands high and weighs about J',500. He will be a val liable, addition to help haul the heavy w^gon over the hills in dehv. ering oil., ' • L. w. Aldridge, refractory opti- cian, of No. 520 Mooney>ttilding Buffalo, wi^l be in Cattaraugus Mon- day, Ncfvi 9th, at E. M. Gil lette's store. In home office every Friday and Saturday. He employs no agents or partneis, and never calls at houses. One of che secrets of success is to have some money ahead with which OATTJlRAUGUS HIGH SCHOOL In Bj&rling 8ilver at OUR' STORE r CAlt AVO 8KB THB DESIGN. a good time to secure New Goods for fall and winter use. My stock of Dress Goods, Lining, Not- ions, Hosiery, Underwear, Umbrellas, Fancy Goods, Trunks, Suit Cases,Sat- chels, Etc., is very complete. • JfJ ^ FRESH GROCERIES TINE FRUITS # VEGETABLES * / QtVE TRADING STAMPS * B R. MO WHY Cattaraugus, N. Yr-^, ALSO GOLD AND GOLD FILLED ...WITCHES... \ Try (he 17 Jtweled Hamilton Watch None better for tk* money. WATCHJCBAIBS—GOLD & SILVER fPrpm\U.oo up. AU Stylés. E.M..GILLETTE, * (Successor tp^?. Woodward) . •'. Jeweler.and Engraver. Ten Vears Experience ...Furnitsui'e and Undertaking... When in need of Furniture call and look ov^r my line. I have a large and up-to-date stock. Prices Right. Undertaking and Funeral 0 «n *at Directing a Specialty 4 AU; calls promptly\ attended to day or night. Lady Assistant liPal female Cases. A 5 \ D: k KRI^EFI, Waslungton St. - Cattaraugus, N.Y. • / ÌH C. RICH, Pres. C, MO». Vlce-Pres. F. E. JOHHSON, Cashier and Mrs. A. L. Miller. -i latest and best ^\ Ito erasp yoUl opportunity when it Bro. Gilbert of the Little Valley comes. Opportunity' for ^makmg S\ as ,? eartn g a Patch of print- m0 tiey comes to everyone sooner or ffimk otr the ^ part of his | late r but, '\it takes nipney.to make He presented 'and if you have rt<*.leaded lithe leSson of saving, you will not be able to take advantage of youn opportunity when it conies. When you get a catalogue ^ a big mail.orderho?*, t over and see what theV wlUpay yOU for your produce; also Investigate and see what their terms of cred« are in case you do not have the reaSy cash; how mtich they will ^ ¡\off the hind [ tnaserp last, week. unique, appearance. • Two large loads of. young people K| hls VI «age went down Mo tittle v %Tuesday* afternoon to wit- r the football game betweet> the & H. S. and the Little Valley team. M iii8o »B. Morgan died at the 'Softersister, M rs ar I — C. B. Dye; «Rwanda last Thursday evening, Hw was a sister of Louis W. Mor- P 0f to« 5 Village. ' I give toward tne kcc H »'6 -r , . ! ^ \Hick'ry Farm'' vvhich v^s ! tliem how much they ^ « Rwanda la b> FHd ay by I toward the erecuon of Peo^VSis place anyhow ^ doneThis and receive a reply see If j>*; f , merchant won't do as weU. , , - Fred Waite has moved his'family to Bradford for the winter, where he is engaged.in handling alUrtbds of farm produce. V Mr. George Moench of Chifcago is visiting his parents here for a few days. Mr. John Stonehouse, who has employment a t Jamestown, is pack- ing his household goods preparatory to moving to that place, k Mr. and Mrs. F. Woodward have returned from Buffalo,, where Mr. Woodward has been taking medical treatment. He reports that ha health is very much improved, ..¡Mr Oscar Willson and his daugh- ter Mrs. Nora Taylor, are spending some time with friends in Dubuque, Mr. John A^Carlson was up from Portville on business last Saturday. Will Baker will soon be in Catt: arangustodomanotnning. Leave orders wVh Prof. Dow. « Wt it strange how ieady some people are to kick a man,or woman, their best to keep, n the \ Iffi S, when they (l0V1 ^«^Unotbe'moreman- grace, _ m!lrt . likei moreGhrist- \^' ' /litUe h ^rnext time.\ SX\-ybody has their [fiults and slip sometimes. f f finoer for the Multitudes »» A supper w ouiidmg ben Hur Hall in W* ^ ro0i . Safurday evening, Nov y casu, — - . fhe toward the keeping up of tM ; «ir his place and •u. A full house witnessed r], and all were delighted with 7th, 1903 f^-^ock andito on. A supper from 6 0 cioc* y g^, ûf the «aso^^tln and one ^ UrS 10 îltble: Fancy articles corresponding woje Come one, joyahle time promised., w ^ Stpie packed with designs. ai «* Largest assortment of DRESS GOODS ever shown in Cattaraugus. Stock of StapleDry Goods and J SHOES is compleje. Then add to ] this the newest and latest styles of Ladies &ChUdrens Furs, Winter Coats, and Men's Overcoats ...with... RIGHT PRICES and you have the facts in a nutshell. TW 8 is the Store where you find about what you yrant, or wt get it f or you on short notice. New invoice of China ^Ware next week. This is the best premium ^lan m town. Watch the paper next | week for a still more exten- ; give line of gifts. I* will be a | DANDY and you will be interested Cattaraugus, N. Y. BANK OF CATTARAUGUS, ¡Capital Stock, $33,000. Surplus, $ 2B,000i Interest Allowed on Time Deposit* , > Collections Made on all Points, ^ ¡Drafts Sold on New York v ' ' ^bp and Foreign Countries» OPEN.9 A.M. TO 2| P. M, ¡<kkhhhkh><><>o<>W^ THE CANAL But we did not wait this year for our | goods to arrive through that, source. We ; ordered early And our goods are now j; here and ready far your inspection. We ; : have a neat, up-|odate stock of... Skirts, LadSos' Tailor Made Suits, Jackets, Furs and €ape£ We also have a very neat line of Skirts and Jackets in Misses Sizes.- • gasest. u/^^E bf^O$. MM MMM»>»M»MMMilJ>M;Mi<»<i|yg JÄIS^SJL Dr. King's NewOiseovery For Cslf^ 20 *^-» -VFérfectirÉorJm^^»^ Cures Lung Trouble«. TrWBatM^. mmMMM Q ÏÏÎÏÏNB ffçtnc B«UM(i w i ßSSS^'m. BBS4JK CÚUP IJ» S HOD»» Con» A.iMi» i!*\* I>*ï»' «Fi V.O. if StumrvW n-Ult-hTwttMI. Laxative BromoHjuioloe w« «he remoäy U»t iiWM* «^M ßST SmEmm MÊm »¿tèma •

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